Nebic’s Stories

This is where all my personal stories are held.

Julia’s Descent    1-3                                                                  Risk & Reward

Julia’s Descent    4-6                                                                      The Uzumaki Serve

Adventures of John                                                                 Posthumous Humiliation

Truth or Dare                                                                              Santa Comes

Damien’s Domain                                                                   Mother Imperfect

Messy Roommate    1-7                                                          

Messy Roommate    8-11 – New Chapter!!

Betrayed by Everyone


The Real Deal

What Friends Are For

Daryl Comes Home

Lights Out 1 – 3

Lights Out 4 – 6 (Just preparing.)

53 thoughts on “Nebic’s Stories

      1. I personally loved julias descent and would love to read a chapter four

        prayers go out to you and your father!


  1. Hey Nebic,

    Can you do anything more on ‘Betrayed by everyone’? I loved the story so much. I read all the other parts as well. I and many others am sure would love to see a separate continuation from the original.

    Kind Regards


      1. I’ve just been busy is all. With my dad, the house, and plenty of other things. I really don’t know when I’ll have it ready, sorry. I’ll keep trying to work on it though.


      1. Ah , im sorry to hear that. Hope everything is okay! No pressure, lovvvvvved that story! I’ll keep my eyes open 😀 also quick question, do you have any stories that incorporate diapers in some way? Or any plans to in the future maybe? anyway keep up the great work! Favorited your blog 😀 And hope everything goes well for you in your personal life.


  2. Hey nebic., firstly a big thank you for these great storied. Much appreciated. Just wanted to ask will you make a story like betrayed by everyone. I read that more than 20 times. I really hope you update that. Also have you thought about doing that type of story but portraying the mother as a Conservative woman, it’s more hot and humiliating. So the family could be a traditional Conservative family and the bully corrupts the mother so sad. I am asian and know how hot this would be. I mean its taboo in my culture for women to speak to men let alone fuck their sons bully. Maybe she dresses modestly but the bully makes her wear slutty dresses.


    1. Great idea! A prim and proper mother who shows no cleavage, hardly any leg, wears long dresses, becomes her son’s bully’s whore. Suddenly wearing a thong, high heels, exposing her large ample tits with a tiny bra, and corrupting her mind so she insults her own son, and jerks off strangers on the bus, or subway while her son is beside her and watching!


      1. Exactly. A slow downgrade of a religious Conservative traditional mother. She could maybe be a devoted mother who wants her son to do well in the studies before she meets the bully. After meeting him she turns her back on her culture wearing slutty dresses, disown in her mom and dad as well as her children. If u want we could discuss so ideas

        Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s great news 🙂 so looking forward to that! I haven’t came as hard since the last time I read it. I’m very excited.


  3. I’m curious about something from Betrayed by Everyone Original in it Ash’s mother was supposed to have been passed around like a blow up doll at and started sleeping with his ex boss.If it’s not too much trouble can you make a chapter about that or maybe a side story?


  4. Just thought of a very hot scene you can use in your stories. Saw a NTR jav porn the other day that had a husband and wife hugging, and while they were the wife and her lover were kissing each other without the husband knowing. She had her head over his shoulder so the husband didn’t see the guy standing behind him kissing his wife. I’m thinking you might be able to take that and really make a great scene out of it where a wife/girlfriend and lover make out to completion all while the husband has no idea his wife is getting someone else off while he hugs her tightly.


  5. Holy shit, I haven’t checked the website in about a week and there’s been a lot of updates. This will keep me busy for a while 😉


  6. A cuckold realizing that he’s intellectually inferior to his girlfriend would be hot, especially of the bull respected her intellect as well.

    That Brad the Bully story is kind of the antithesis of what I’m saying, but frequently you have women easily duped by men despite their dominant role towards the protagonists of your stories.


    1. Not duped, corrupted. No one is saying the women aren’t smart, It’s just the bull’s cock that overrides their sense of reason. But I see what you’re saying, and it could be interesting to write a female lead who’s far more … in control of the situation. At that point however, the story shifts from a loser losing his innocent girl, to a male victim who’s girlfriend is simply evil, and plotting against him. Now that’s not a bad premise for a story, in fact I might have fun with that, but it’s just not typically what I enjoy writing. And since this isn’t a job, and it’s just a hobby for me, I simply plan on writing the things I enjoy most.


    1. Yeah I tend to do that if you ask around, I’ll stop liking something and just delete it. So I closed my profile on that site, along with the stories. I do still have the Hidden leaf belongs to the uchihas though, just not the other one. To be honest, I was having a very stressful day, and I kind of went on a rampage, it’s a good thing I didn’t shut down the blog. ;^^


    1. 😄 Sorry, Pal, writing isn’t something I can force. I mean, I could, but it would be shit. I’m also constantly busy with taking care of my parents, so it’s hard to find time, or the motivation to get into it.


    2. Dont be so fucking ungrateful. Nebic posts great content thousands of words long for absolutely free. Im sure he has real life obligations like the rest of us and can’t just constantly be pumping out stories to get you off.


  7. i like your naruto story can you do one where hinata and sakura and sakura ntr naruto with raikage killer bee jiraya ( choji or lee) that would be good thanks:)


  8. Hey man, love your stories.
    I got an idea for one for ya if your interested.
    “The friends zone”
    In which a girl you have a crush on becomes a “friend” and slowly but quite with cruelty sleeps around and breaks your heart, eventually fucking chads in the next room or the same room after inviting you to her place for a movie night when you thought it will be just you and her.
    It can start with her having a BF and you waiting for her breakup because you think she is in to you, because she keeps telling you about how much she loves sex and how tight her pussy is and gets undressed infront of you, but she says she will never cheat on her bf and than realise what a nympho she is and how she fucks everyone but you even after the break up.
    Hope you like my idea. 🙂


      1. I hope you find it, also love the Julia’s Descent story line, I know you get it allot but I cant wait for more!
        Btw, ironically that story idea, about the friendzone actually just happened to me in real life last week, as a story I think it will be super hot (if written by a talented person such as yourself) maybe because I guess anyone can relate.
        Anywho, cheer! keep up the good work.


  9. Hey Nebic I know you are going through a lot right now and things are tough, but I hope you know that your stories are really a bright fun part of my day. I think it would be best if you would create a Patreon page and start making some extra money as an erotic writer. Maintain this blog is the same level of effort and I really believe you will get a good number of donations. I check this website everyday for updates and I have money I am willing to donate to help you succeed. I am a student myself so it’s not much but if even a quarter of your readers gave a dollar a day then you would make some good money to help out not only you but your family.

    Wishing you the best and hope you make the page, if you do I will be one of the first to donate and help support you 🙂


    1. Well, what about the legal stuff of it? That’s what I’m most confused on. I mean, if I start making enough, don’t I have to file taxes on it? I don’t quite understand how that works.


      1. Here is this link where they explain the tax policy.

        Also from what I’ve seen the most successful patreons are ones where the creators (such as yourself) will have their content released to their patreon supporters a week early, then release it to the general public after that. That way you still retain a large audience while giving you’re supporters something to reward them.

        There’s a guy who makes really good ntr comics who I started supporting about two weeks ago who does this method and he went from 70 dollars a month in donations to almost 1000 from the time I supported him.


    1. I turned it back into a draft. I have too much going on right now to have ANOTHER story to work on. I’ll rework it later, and make it even better. But for now, I wanna focus on the other main stories.


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