Random Bits

Just a little something I wrote from boredom.


“Oh my god,” Diane cackled, “your dick is so small I can barely feel it. Don’t you dare cum inside me, I’d rather die than raise your kid.”

Henry whimpered, pumping her with his four inch erection and ignoring the insults. It was his first time having sex, and amazingly he had shacked up with his biggest crush. Even if it was pity sex, it was still the best moment of his life.

Diane was laid back on his bed, not even winded as she texted on her phone, painfully uninterested in what he was doing. Being promiscuous around college, it was far from her first time; and after experiencing football and basketball players, Henry’s tiny dick simply didn’t work.

“Would you hurry up already?” she complained, “Virgins usually don’t last this long.”

“Please be my girlfriend!” Henry cried out, groaning as his body began to tense and his orgasm grew closer.

“What?! Eww! No! I don’t want to date a worm like you! Gross!”

“Ugrrhhh-” Henry moaned, his eyes crossing as he pushed himself entirely into Diane.

“Get off me you little faggot! I said not to cum in me!”

Pulling away, Diane was able to plant her foot into his stomach, kicking him hard and causing him to tumble backwards, his cock firing semen into the air as he rolled upside down and off the end of the bed.

Shaking the the floor with a crash, Diane stood and began fingering her pussy, checking to see if any of his sperm had gotten inside her. Luckily it hadn’t, instead it had sprayed over the sheets, and mostly onto Henry himself.

“God you’re a dweeb. I should have known better than be nice to you … fucking loser.”

Gathering her clothes, Henry was still struggling to regain his movement. The orgasm had nearly paralyzed him, and he now laid upside down, his knees hanging over head while his limp cock dripped over his own face, the droplets landing over his nose and lips.

“Bye, loser,” she huffed, putting on her clothes before marching out of his room.

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