Random Bits

So a while back, I wrote a random section of Lights Out. Now I haven’t made any more than this, but since I haven’t really given you guys anything good, I figured you could read this nasty little idea I had.

This takes place sometime further into the story, after Brandon has been blinded. This section WILL be in the final version, whenever I get around to writing it. 

So I’m happy to share this, but at the same time, I get the feeling this is gonna leave a lot of you really wanting even more.😄 So anyway, here it is.

The Following Contains: Fucked up stuff.


“Yeah! Happy Birthday you stupid virgin!” Mike laughed, somewhat slurring his words.

Brandon could tell his friends were enjoying themselves, drinking his mother’s wine while insulting him and getting wasted. The trio were known to get aggressive and lewd while drunk, but with today being his birthday, Brandon knew they would have no limits. Completely blind, he had no choice but to listen as their attitudes worsened and they began teasing him.

“Hey, Brandon,” David said, his voice several feet away, “do you remember that girl you dated back in High School? The one you really liked?”


“Yeah, that was her … damn she was hot. I must’ve fucked her a dozen times before you two broke up.”

Brandon leaned forward in his chair. “Say what?”

“You never figured that out, man? It was the day after your dad died. Summer and I were talking about you, she was lonely, I was horny, one thing lead to another and we ended up fucking in her bedroom. After that we started fucking every day after school, in fact, I think I fucked her a few times she was on the phone with you.

“After that I introduced her to Mike and John. I figured they would like some free pussy, and she was happy to give it up. Eventually she started fucking other guys, got knocked up and moved away. The last I heard she had a kid, a bunch of tattoos and was whoring herself out for money. Pretty cool when you think about it, but all that fun was because your dad kicked the bucket.”

“Speaking of his stupid dad,” Johnny said, somewhat out of breath.

Brandon could hear a metallic jar being opened, the lid clinking as they opened his father’s urn. It wasn’t the first time they had made this joke, but all the same it still upset him. Not wanting to ruin their mood, he stayed quiet as Johnny huffed and pretended to masturbate.

“Damn,” Mike chuckled, “how many times do you think each of us have cum in that urn?”

“I stopped counting, but it’s time to pour more of him down the toilet, the jizz inside is starting to clump up again,” replied David.

“It’ll be empty if we pour out much more,” Johnny laughed, stroking himself faster over the bronze mouth.

“That’s fine, we can just replace it with something else. That taco place downtown always gives me diarrhea, how does that sound, Brandon?”

“Sounds good, man, I’m sure dad would be happy.”

“Isn’t it funny that most of his ashes are in the septic tank now? At this point, even you and your mom are shitting on him,” David chuckled.

“Hilarious, dude.”

Johnny continued to ham it up, moaning and grunting while everyone encouraged him. Brandon wasn’t sure when his mom would come home, but he was beginning to miss her. The trio wouldn’t be as crude whenever she was around, Nancy knew just how to keep them in line.

“Oh fuck, come’ere, guys, I’m gonna blow my final load on this loser’s ashes,” Johnny moaned.

Brandon could feel their footsteps as they crossed the room, apparently joining John. They continued encouraging him too, laughing and cheering as he roared and pretended to squirt a ‘humongous’ load down into the grey ashes of Brandon’s dead father. Only after did the copper lid clink back in place, along with the urn being set back on the mantle.

“Good job, John, thanks again, man,” said Brandon with a forced smile, “you really put dad in his place.”

The trio laughed, moving around the room before Johnny replied, “Nah, I haven’t flushed him yet. The septic tank is his place, just ask your mom, she knows,” he chuckled.

“She had to work, how can I ask her?”

“Oh, she’s actually been here the whole time. Yeah, she’s been licking David’s ass ever since he mentioned shitting in your dad’s urn. I guess she likes the idea, huh?”