Random Bits

Momma the Futa-bully’s cumdumpster

By – Snakewrite

Chapter 1

This all started with a text message a picture from my momma. I checked it at lunch I noticed there was a video attachment. As I prepared to check it I got slapped in the back of the head. “Hey Loser!” I heard Samantha say as she walked past me. Samantha is the biggest bitch in school she even has her own little posé. She has Long golden blonde, piercing green eyes, curvy waist, long slender legs, she was 6’2″.

She looked back at me and snatched my phone from my hand “whats this?” She said looking at the screen. “HEY! GIVE THAT BACK!” I said trying to get it back she smirked and giggled “awww it’s a text from your mooommmmy!” She said tossing my phone in a nearby garbage can. Once she was out if sight I rushed over the garbage and grabbed my phone “fuck….” I mumbled as I noticed some gum stuck to the screen. I made my way to the bathroom and grabbed some toilet paper and bunched them up and ran some water on them and wiped my phone screen off after removing the gum then I grabbed some paper towels and dried it off then put it my pocket. Deciding to check the message later as I left I sighed as I realized I was going to have a crappy day as the bell rang.

My next encounter with Samantha was at lunch as I sat to enjoy my lunch I saw her and her Posé walking towards me. They all sat down at my table they all started talking about the latest “gossip” in school I slowly started to stand up when two of Samantha’s lackeys gripped my shoulders and forced me to sit. “Going somewhere?” asked Samantha as she snickered “um….w-well…y-yeah I have to use the b-bathr-room…” I responded. “N-n….no you don’t!” Samantha responded condescendingly as one of her friends a girl named Taylor rubbed my leg with her hand.

I tried once again to stand but was forced back down “So bitch did you get anymore texts from mommy!” Samantha teased as her group laughed I noticed Taylor wasn’t laughing as hard as everyone else. I spent the rest of lunch being teased by Samantha and her posé laugh at me while Taylor rubbed my leg once lunch ended I stood up and left the lunchroom on my way to my next class when my phone buzzed I checked to be greeted by a text from my mom “how’s school baby?” It asked “not bad just spent lunch with some friends…” I responded regretting it as I sent the message.

The rest of the day was uneventful as I never encountered Samantha at all “maybe she skipped the rest of the day..” I mumbled happily. On my way home I heard a car horn as a car pulled up next to me the passenger side window rolled down “Need a ride?” Asked Taylor as she leaned over to open the door “uh….well….no….th-thank…you!” I said nervously she looked disappointed “you sure?” She opened the door and patted the seat “I’m fine…” I said walking away I heard the door close and the car drove off. When I got home I attempted to open the door but realized I didn’t have my key. so I rang the doorbell and banged on the door “MOM? YOU HOME? I FORGOT MY KEY!” I heard scrambling and stuff falling over then the door lock clicked and it opened “how many times have I told you not to forget your key?” My mom Katherine asked folding her arms and tapping her foot. “Sorry mom…” I hung my head as I walked in I looked over to her and sighed her hair was in a ponytail it was brown and her eyes a sky blue as she turned I admired her she was a bit chubby but not to chubby to be near fat her legs were long and wide with a juicy ass to compliment the legs her tits were at least a DD. “so how was school?” She asked as she walked to the kitchen “it was okay…” I said wondering why she asked when she already texted me asking about my day. “Thats great hun. Mommy’s gonna start supper.” I went upstairs and into my room closing the door as I opened my mom’s text from earlier and stared at it in shock. My mom was on her knees a big cock shoved in her mouth and she was sucking it greedily after two minutes she pulled herself off it and jerked it off till it shot all over her face and filled her mouth “thanks mithress!” She stated with the cum still in her mouth the video ended when the camera flipped over to reveal who the dick belonged to Samantha she flipped off the camera as the video ended.

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