It told me to.

A new button appeared on the blog’s main page, and it said to write. I figured I’d click it, write, and see where it went.

While I’m here I guess I could write something pervy and generic.

It was a cold November evening and Kevin had just disappeared from his friend. Sneaking away with Tiffany, the two ducked behind a nearby building, staying out of sight from her boyfriend.

“Kevin? Tiff?”

They snickered and laughed as he began checking the parking lot, looking behind cars, confused to how his girl and best friend managed to slip away again. It was something they did quite often, always pranking him and pretending to leave him stranded.

The sun was ready to set, and already the temperature was dropping. Shivering, he gave up the fight, guessing they would stop hiding if he didn’t play their game. Getting into his car, he pulled out his phone and started looking up porn, sure they would reappear at any moment.

Behind the building however, Kevin was far too busy to return, having just released his cock and now pissing against the brick wall. Tiffany, always helpful, had happily accepted his offer to hold it, aiming and laughing as she directed the stream for fun.

“Your boyfriend is such an idiot,” Kevin chuckled, leaning out from behind the wall just long enough to see him sitting in the car.

“I know, right?” she answered, lowering her lips to his golden stream before drinking like it were a water fountain.

“Taste good?”

“Mmhm-” she mumbled before wiping her lips, “always does.”

“Gonna kiss him again too?”

Tiffany sniggered, taking another sip from his stream before letting go. “Of course I will.”

“Has he noticed yet?”

“Nope,” she grinned, “he’s so stupid. That or he likes it.”

Kevin reached for the back of her head, lowering her mouth onto him,.”Fuck yeah,” he groaned.

It was brief, but she indulged herself in a moment of dick sucking, savoring his salty taste, knowing that her boyfriend would soon be doing the same.

“When can we fuck again?”

“Soon,” she grinned, standing up and licking her lips to clear away any piss or spit that had gathered, “I think he has to work Saturday, so we can mess up his bed again.”

Kevin grinned, stuffing his still hard cock away, “Hell yeah, that sounds great.”

With enough time passed, the two ducked out of sight, shuffling quietly between the cars, hoping her boyfriend never noticed them. Luckily he didn’t, and they were able to reach the car without him knowing.

Peaking from behind, they could see his phone dancing with images of porn, of two men double teaming some young woman, and just as he started rubbing the bulge in his pants Kevin and Tiffany jumped up beside his window, screaming and banging it, causing him to squeal in horror before dropping his phone and desperately trying to find it between the seats.

Their laughter only grew louder when they climbed into the vehicle, and with him unable to reach his phone, it continued to play, filling the car with moans and grunts, leaving him blushing for the entire 20 minute ride home.

Where the hell did this thing post too?


A massive pervert by nature, Nebic enjoys dark interracial stories, bullies, queers, chicks with dicks, saxophone solos, scat, writing stories that excite and disgust readers, and making lists that people think are true.

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