The Uzumaki Serve

Contains: Bisexuality, Urine, Flatulence, Vomit, Cuckolding, Humiliation

— —

Just in case you know nothing about the Anime, here’s all you need to know:

Naruto: Main Character

Kushina: Naruto’s Mother

Sasuke: Hokage/Leader of the entire Village + Naruto’s Rival/Enemy


Naruto sat obediently on his knees, head down, hands to himself. The erection between his legs was at full attention, throbbing painfully as Kushina gave another guttural moan. Keeping his eyes down was a show of respect, not only to his mother but to the Lord Hokage who was currently fucking her. It took every ounce of his strength not to watch, but he knew the punishment if he disobeyed again.

“Oh god! Yes! Yes! Oh please don’t stop! I’m so close!”

The room was a mess. Kushina’s clothes had been ripped apart, thrown and discarded once the Hokage arrived. The small table that Naruto served them Sake on was broken, crushed as their combined weight fell across it. The small cups were scattered, the floor was soaked in more than alcohol, and soon it would get worse.

In accordance to the Lord Hokage’s instructions, Naruto was to remain silent, respectful, and completely nude whenever he arrived. And with the exception of a humming vibrator half buried into Naruto’s backside, he was mostly able to keep his composure, apart from squeezing his thighs and wiggling his hips.

Kushina and the Hokage had become very mobile, changing positions and locations constantly. So far they had broken a table, leaned against a wall, used the furniture, and were now shuffling to where Naruto sat. Shoving Kushina’s head forward, the Hokage chuckled as she bent over, grabbing her son’s shoulders for support as the sex continued.

“Uughh! Oh my god! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!”

He could feel her breath on his face, along with the aroma of sperm. Trying his best, Naruto leaned forward, pushing back against his mother’s weight in the hopes of keeping her upright. But with each powerful thrust it became a losing battle, his mother began to shake from the orgasm, and as the Hokage thrust, she finally tumbled forward.

Naruto couldn’t stop from shouting, although his scream could almost be mistaken for Kushina’s orgasm. The flesh on flesh contact wasn’t enough to make him cum, but as she fell over him, so too did the Hokage. Trapped under their weight, he felt every thrust as his mother was literally fucked on top of him.

The friction of her stomach on his cock had become too much, and as if it wasn’t enough, the Lord Hokage had reached for his ass, finding the vibrator, and shoving it entirely inside him. The goal of being composed and respectful was gone, and as the Hokage laughed, Naruto and his mother shared an orgasm, howling and moaning like common whores.

It took a moment for them to recover, but as his mother slowly came back, she began kissing him, pecking his neck, his cheek, and everywhere else in her cum dazed state. The few times her lips met his, Naruto could taste the Hokage’s sperm, salty and strong.

Fearing to be punished, Naruto had kept his eyes shut the entire time, hoping it would be enough. It wasn’t. Shoving Kushina off, Sasuke grinned wolfishly when he noticed the Uzumaki boy’s sperm.

“Open your eyes,” he ordered.

Following the instructions, Naruto’s vision returned as he blinked away sweat. The first sight was Sasuke’s cock, powerful, shiny with his mother’s fluids. It hung between his legs, dripping precum and swaying with each little movement.

“Bad girl,” Sasuke purred, reaching down and scooping Naruto’s cum.

Knowing that punishment was coming, he held his composure no longer. Scrambling to his knees, he launched into an apology, bowing as Sasuke leaned down.

“I’m so sorry, Lord Hokage, please don’t punish me again! I couldn’t- I didn’t mean-”

It was too late, his blonde hair was gripped tightly before his head was pulled up, leaving them face to face. From the corner of his eye, he could see that Kushina had also gotten to her knees, masturbating and watching them.

“N-No, please not again,” Naruto whimpered, trembling as the fingers approached his mouth, “Please Sasuke!” he cried.

Naruto’s lips were forced open, and four fingers, all covered with his own sperm was shoved into his mouth. Naruto’s eyes rolled back, and his thighs clenched together as the Hokage began ramming all four fingers down his throat. Treating him like a toy, there was no mercy as the Uzumaki boy gagged and trembled, tears rolling down his cheeks as Sasuke pushed his fingers even deeper.

There was no dignity left in him, and like before, when Sasuke refused to remove his hand, Naruto’s body began to panic. He gagged repeatedly, twitched and jerked before wetting himself in fear, and finally, after roughly cramming his fingers deeper, Naruto’s lunch found it’s way up and out, splattering across his own stomach and chest, making Kushina giggle before covering her mouth.

“Thank you, Lord Hokage,” Naruto whimpered, his body still shaking as he dropped onto all fours, bowing his head while Sasuke stepped back.

The Hokage gave him a moment to collect himself, and when he finally sat up, he noticed the Uzumaki’s erection had returned in full, veins bulging as the tip started to drool. It was something he secretly loved about Naruto. Thanks to the Nine-Tails being trapped within him, his recovery and stamina seemed endless, meaning he could be rough and cruel without permanent damage.

“Up already?” Sasuke grinned, glancing at his crotch. “I hope you’re not thinking I’ll reward you tonight, not after you’ve disobeyed me.”

Naruto swallowed.

“If you want a reward, you’ll need to earn it now.”

Snapping his fingers, Kushina came crawling over. With a handful of her bright red hair, he guided her face around his backside, stuffing her into his ass while spreading his legs. Taking hold of his cock, he began to stroke it, shaking it and aiming at Naruto’s face.

“We can start by cleaning you up.”

Naruto was no stranger to urine, and quickly rose on his knees. His cock pointed up, and he raised his chin just as Sasuke’s piss struck his forehead. His eyes shut instinctively, and his mouth opened as the steamy stream washed the filth from him. It wasn’t long before he was drenched, and by the end, he could barely contain his smile as the warm golden liquid glistened across his body.

Attempting to get out each drop, Sasuke had continued to push when he ripped a loud fart straight into Kushina’s mouth. Hearing her moan behind him, and watching Naruto’s shocked expression, he happily pushed again, giving her one more up the nose. Kushina growled with lust, diving back into his ass and shoving her tongue inside.

“Jealous?” Sasuke asked, lifting a leg and placing it on Naruto’s shoulder, giving Kushina easier access.

“Yes, Lord Hokage,” Naruto whimpered, squeezing his thighs together again.


For several minutes Sasuke allowed her to eat his ass, kissing his cheeks and rimming the young man’s hole. It was one of his favorite pleasures, only topped by having Naruto do it.

Once he had his fill, he used the foot resting on Naruto’s shoulder to shove him back, pushing him to the floor and stepping away from Kushina, leaving her tongue out and scrambling to follow. He stepped around the room, finding another bottle of Sake that hadn’t been opened.

Returning to the piss soaked Uzumaki boy, he continued his fun. Cock in hand, Naruto quickly opened his mouth as the large purple head was placed against his lips. Not wanting to be left out, Kushina joined her son, kneeling beside him and opening her mouth, now cheek to cheek with her son.

“Kyahh … greedy, whore,” Sasuke grumbled.

Regardless he focused on Naruto, and with his mouth open Sasuke began pouring the Sake down the length of his cock, letting it run straight into the blonde teen’s mouth. As it happened, Kushina began to drink any that spilled, licking up the sides of his cock, under his balls, and even her own son’s chin, degrading herself with moans of lust and excitement.

Naruto was a known lightweight, and it wouldn’t take much to have him completely thrashed. It’s what Sasuke wanted, because despite Naruto’s broken spirit and willing servitude, whenever he was drunk he would finally fight back.

Ever since Sasuke’s rise to Hokage, no one had dared oppose him. This was fine at first, but after months of boot licking and worship, he had finally grown bored of it. Learning how aggressive his former rival would get while drunk had finally spiced things up, and tonight Sasuke wanted more.

Gulping the clear liquid while kissing the tip of his Hokage’s cock, Naruto’s head began swimming, and within minutes the edges had become soft, and his movements became fluid.

“How’s it taste, loser?”

Naruto’s cheeks flushed red, and as a smile crept over his face he lurched forward and devoured the cock before him, not stopping until his nose pressed firmly into Sasuke’s hairless, muscled stomach.

Kushina got pushed aside as it happened and quickly became unhappy. “Hey!” she growled, “share it you brat!”

Sasuke grinned and dug his finger’s into blonde hair, yanking and pulling roughly, using his throat like an onahole.

Pulling free, Naruto gasped for air while spit and slime cascaded across him, pelting his face and dribbling down his nose and cheeks.

“Had enough?”

Naruto swayed drunkenly, smiling up at Sasuke and forming signs with his hands, “Shadow Clone Jutsu!”

Sasuke smirked and stepped back as the clones materialized. Suddenly they jumped forward, each grabbing an arm and tackling him to the floor, causing Kushina to squeal in surprise. With two clones, each holding down an arm, Naruto drunkenly climbed over his Hokage, straddling his waist and rubbing their cock’s together.

“Who’sh Hokage now, shush-kay?” Naruto slurred, biting his lip and lifting his hips, placing a hand on Sasuke’s chest to help balance while preparing to sit on his cock. Giving a strong push, naruto forced the vibrator that had been shoved inside him out, clattering across the floor as it continued to hum.

Although it would be child’s play to remove the clones and stop him, Sasuke remained silent, a smile etched on his face as Naruto pushed himself down, sinking his rival’s cock deep inside him. Beginning to bounce, huffing and puffing as he leaned forward, now using both hands on his chest to stay up, Naruto rocked his hips up and down, grinding and grunting while his cock oozed onto the Hokage’s stomach.

Kushina, suddenly being left out felt the need to join. Fingering herself, she stepped over to the clone who was currently holding down Sasuke’s left arm. Drunk on pleasure and unconcerned with how her son might react, she wrapped her arm around the clone’s neck, quickly breaking it and causing it to dematerialize.

Sharing a connection with the clone, the memory, fear, and shock of having his neck broken rushed into the real Naruto, causing him to tighten around Sasuke’s cock, as well as making his cock erupt, firing cum between them, moaning and whimpering as his mother lowered her pussy over Sasuke’s left hand.

“Well isn’t that a surprise,” the Hokage grunted, shoving his fingers into Kushina without a second thought, “the loser just came from thinking his neck broke.” Twisting his right hand, he loosed the clone’s grip, quickly slipping his hand underneath and shoving his fingers into the clone’s backside, causing it to whimper and grind it’s hips, much like Kushina.

“You’re such a sissy,” Kushina giggled, watching her son ride him harder. “Shouldn’t you at least use your sexy Jutsu to please him properly?”

Naruto hadn’t even heard her, instead, his eyes had rolled back and his cock had already re-hardened. Still holding onto Sasuke’s chest while bouncing, he couldn’t stop his tongue from hanging limply from this mouth, his ahegaoed expression only making Sasuke smile more.

It was another several minutes before Naruto’s pace began to slow, his enthusiasm becoming lust, and as he made eye contact, Sasuke knew what he would try next. Not allowing it, Sasuke broke his right-hand free of the clone, catching Naruto by the throat before he could attempt to kiss him.

Lurching forward, Kushina was rolled off his arm as Sasuke pushed him onto his back. Thinking quick, she rushed behind her son, cradling his head in her lap as the Hokage lifted the teen’s legs. With Naruto’s ankles now over Sasuke’s shoulders, he began to power fuck the drunken blonde, leaning forward to kiss Kushina directly over him.

Brushing his hair away from his eyes, she continued to pet and stroke her son’s head as the Hokage fucked him without mercy. Hardly able to stay conscious, Naruto continued his whimpering and whining as his clone stayed behind, dropping under Sasuke’s ass in order to lick and kiss it.

“You’re doing great, honey,” she purred to her son. No longer getting stimulation from Sasuke, she was able to retain some of her sense, now caring for her child. Reaching for his hand, Kushina held him and smiled as she watched her son become nothing more than a hole for pleasure.

“Ugh, get ready, whores.”

“Here it comes, Naruto. Don’t worry, mommy’s going to help,” she whispered, reaching for his mouth and holding it open, his tongue flicking against her fingers.

Grunting and pulling from his stretched hole, Sasuke straddled them both, and as Kushina helped pull her son up, the top of Naruto’s head was just under her chin, allowing Sasuke’s gigantic load to rain over them both.

Shot after shot of sticky white slime was fired into their faces. Both Naruto and Kushina both held their tongues out, as did the clone who continued to rim the Hokage. Giving him as much pleasure as possible, the black haired young man was able to drench them both in his semen, plastering Kushina’s red hair along with Naruto’s bright blue eyes.

Overwhelmed with pleasure and no longer able to sustain his Jutsu, the clone quickly evaporated as Naruto’s cock fired onto himself. Squirting high and striking him in the face, his own cum struck his nose and cheek, followed by his chest, stomach, and finally gushing down his navel.

“Ooh, such a big boy, Naruto, good job, sweetie,” Kushina said sweetly, leaning down and giving her son a kiss.

With his cock now softening, Sasuke took a step back, admiring his work as mother and son began to make out, not just from arousal, but from their desire to taste more of Sasuke’s cum.

“Here, honey, you missed some,” Kushina giggled, scooping a mix of two different loads together onto her fingers, pushing it into her son’s mouth before kissing him and adding more.

“Thanks, mom,” Naruto said shyly after their kiss had broken.

Lost in her gaze, Naruto stared into his own mother’s eyes, admiring how beautiful she was, even while coated in his rival’s sperm. Then, as he made a move to kiss her again, Sasuke raised his hand, calling her over to clean his cock.

Quickly Kushina stood up, dropping Naruto’s upper half and letting his head comically collide with the floor. Getting a laugh from Sasuke, she too giggled as he rubbed his head, sitting up just in time to watch his mother lose herself in cleaning the Hokage’s dripping dick.

Seeing how easily she abandoned him in favor of Sasuke left Naruto’s chest hurting, yet at the same time, he knew he would act the same way. There was no denying Sasuke, no matter what the request. Now sitting alone and watching, nothing could stop his cock from re-hardening.

2 thoughts on “The Uzumaki Serve

  1. This was great! The cocksluttery, depravity, psuedoincest, and failed power bottoming really pushed my buttons. It reminds me of the Konoha Hospitality story by rabiator on hentaifoundry. Are there anymore Naruto stories in the works? Hinata is just begging for something now that she’s a MILF and her son is an effete, whiny, girly bitch.


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