Brad the Bully, Section 1

All characters are 18 or older. Written by Bottom_all_the_way

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Chapter 1: Welcome to high school.

My first year in high school was rough. I had to change schools 3 months into the season when my mom and I moved to a new city, and I had to join mid-season without knowing a single person. I was quickly singled out as being the ‘different’ kid, and it didn’t help that I was shy and quiet and kept to myself. Before long, my school mates began to think of me as weird and I didn’t have any friends. This made it easy for Brad and his group of bully friends to single me out. At first it was just little practical jokes they’d play on me; telling me I had to report to the wrong classroom, or setting their backpacks and books on my chair during lab class so I would have to stand for the whole lecture. Brad would trip me in the hall in front of all the other students. He really did a good job of making sure my life in in school was hell. When they noticed I was too shy to say anything or stand up for myself, the jokes started getting worse.

The other students thought it was hilarious. They stopped seeing me as the new kid at school, and started seeing me as the school joke. Nobody wanted to be associated with me, so most of my school lunches were spent sitting at the end of the cafeteria table alone.

P.E. Session was the worst, though. The gym teacher didn’t pay much attention to the class. He would tell us to ‘get some exercise’, then he’d sit back in his coach chair reading a news paper or even taking a nap. Some of the kids would play basketball on the court, others would sit on the bleachers or the theater stage playing on their phones. If I was lucky, Brad and his friends would toss a football to each other, ignoring me while I sat alone on the bleachers. If I was unlucky, Brad and his gang of athletes would decide to bully me. This meant shoving me into the back theater stage room, which is a private little area with vending machines and theater chairs, completely out of view of the coach (not that he ever paid attention to us anyway). Once they got me alone, him and his friends would take turns messing with me. They’d shove me against one of the vending machines, mess up my hair, and call me names. “I can’t believe how much of a loser this kid is!” would snip one of the bullies, and another would reply with “I know! I bet he’s never even been laid.” then a third would add “Laid? Heck, I bet he’s never even touched a girl. Except for maybe his mom!” They’d all laugh together as Brad would frog punch my arm, ruffle my hair, then shove me into the corner.

This was a reoccurring event for me. Every day I’d have to deal with the harassment. I just kept my head down and did my best to try and avoid them. “Always return hate with kindness”, my mother would tell me. With that in mind I never fought back or stood up for myself (not that I could stand up to Brad or any his friends). Three and a half years of high school left. 1,219 more days. It seemed like an eternity to me.

But despite the constant bullying, life wasn’t all bad. Even though I didn’t have any friends, at least I had a safe home to return to each day, and a beautiful mother who was always sweet and kind to me. Everyday when I got off the school bus and smelled her cooking, it was like all the troubles of my life dissipated behind me. There were a few good things at school, too. Or at least, one good thing: Mrs. Hunter, the math teacher. I liked her quite a bit. Whenever I was being bullied, I would try to escape to her class room where she’d let me stay if I helped out by cleaning the chalk board, or sweeping her class while she graded papers. She was always kind to me. I’d talk to her about my favorite TV shows or books. It was my only reprieve from all the harassment during school hours. It helped that she was very beautiful. I have to admit, she wasn’t just beautiful. She was downright sexy as hell. She had blonde, straightened hair, often pulled into a tight ponytail. She would always wear her traditional teacher uniform: A sexy white buttoned-up blouse that perfectly fit around her large breasts and thin waist. You could never see any cleavage with that blouse, but you could tell her breasts exquisitely voluptuous. Paired with her red skirt that ended just above the knees and her matching red heels, she had a body most guys would kill to get. You can tell she took time each morning to apply her make-up. A small amount of red lipstick pulling attention to her puffy lips. A tiny bit of eyeliner, accenting her dark green eyes. It was no secret I had a crush on her. All the kids knew she kept me out of the reach of Brad’s bullying during school breaks and lunch hours.

But that all changed one day. When I showed up to her class, Brad and all his friends were already there. It was unusual for them to show up to class early. As I walked to my desk, I noticed them snickering and looking at me. Something was definitely wrong, but I didn’t know what. But class seemed to go normal enough, except that Mrs. Hunter was not making any eye contact with me. And she never called on me for a single question. Once, when I raised my hand to try and answer a difficult math question, she avoided picking me, instead asking if anyone else knew the answer, before finally giving the answer herself. What was going on? Why was she ignoring me?

When the bell rang and all the students started leaving, Mrs. Hunter told me to stay behind. Brad and his friends chanted together: “ooo you’re in trouble!” before going to their lockers, leaving me alone with Mrs. Hunter. As soon as the door shut, her attitude changed dramatically. “WHAT were you thinking, leaving me a note like this?”

She had a white letter in her hand.

I was speechless. A note? I tried to ask her what she meant, but she just cut me off. “That was so inappropriate of you, young man! I aught to report this to the principle. Take this sick note and leave. I do NOT want to see you in this class room again unless it’s class time, or you’re being escorted by the school principle. Do you hear me?!” I was shocked. My favorite teacher scolding me and kicking me out of her classroom. Before I could reply, she threw the letter at me and yelled for me to leave. I picked it up and walked out before examining it. I hadn’t written it, but it was signed with my name, and addressed to Mrs. Hunter. I skimmed it, and to my horror, I saw things like “Your legs are so sexy” and “I get a hard-on every time I’m in your class”. I felt the blood drain from my face and my heart skipping beats when I read those words. Line after line, sentence after sentence of inappropriate, vulgar words, with my name signed at the bottom. I stood in the hall way outside of her class, dumbfounded, when I heard laughter. I looked up to see Brad giving his friend a high-five. “She bought it, that was so funny! Look how pale his face is!”

I was horrified. I almost instinctive ran back into Mrs. Hunter’s classroom to escape, when I realized I could no longer go in there. They’d ruined my one special place in school.

Chapter 2: Bathroom punishment

Not knowing what to do, but desperately wanting to escape Brad and his friends, I ran to the bathroom. This was not a smart move, as Brad and his friends followed me in. When I realized there was nobody else in here and I was alone with Brad and his friends, I turned around to try and leave but they blocked the exit.

“That was so rude of you to write that letter to Mrs. Hunter” one of them said to me.
“I didn’t write it!”
“Yea right, you little pervert. Let’s see what it says” and he snatched the letter from my hand. He looked at writing on the paper. “Wow you’re even more perverted than I thought! Listen to this, guys!” and he started reading a few sentences out loud for his friends to hear: “Mrs Hunter, I masturbate to you every night, and I dream about sucking on your giant sexy titties.” I tried to defend myself by shouting “I didn’t write that!” but he spoke over me, reading off another line: “I want to bury my face in your ass”. As I heard him read these words, I was horrified. Mrs. Hunter read those words, and thinks I wrote them for her. How could I ever face her again? But before I had time to ponder my situation, Brad spoke up.
“I can’t believe the little perv wrote those things to Mrs. Hunter. We really should teach him a lesson for that.”

“Yea” added another, “that kind of disgusting behavior needs to be punished”. Before I had a chance to answer, Brad grabbed a fistful of my hair and started forcing me into one of the bathroom stalls. One bully lifted up the toilet lid, while the other grabbed my shoulders and forced me to my knees in front of the open toilet. The boy’s room toilet at a high school is not a pretty sight, even if it had been cleaned the day before. I tried to protest and struggle, but I was completely helpless as Brad dunked my head into the gross toilet bowl. As my face and hair was submerged into the water, the toilet flushed and the water flowed all over my head. “Now, say you’re sorry for writing that dirty letter” Brad ordered. I tried once again to tell him I didn’t write the letter, but he ignored me.

“Wrong answer.”

Another dunk into the toilet, another flush. This time he held my head in it longer as the water swirled in and the bowl filled. Water went up my nose and I couldn’t breath, and I’m sure I swallowed some of the water as the toilet filled around me. He finally pulled my head out. “Now, say you’re sorry!”

I did not want to get dunked again, especially not if he held me in even longer this time. I might drown. I did what I had to do. I swallowed my pride and quietly murmured “I’m sorry I wrote that dirty letter.”
“What?” asked Brad, “I couldn’t hear you.”

I spoke up a little louder: “I’m sorry I wrote that dirty letter.”

“Louder!” he snapped.

“I’m sorry I wrote that dirty letter!” I practically shouted the words.

“Hmm, that’s better. But I don’t think he’s really had a proper punishment for something so dirty. What do you think, boys?” His friends laughed in agreement. “Keep your head there, or I’ll dunk you in that toilet bowl so long you’ll have to drink the whole thing to avoid drowning. You hear me, loser?”

“Yes!” I replied loudly, keeping my head over the toilet bowl, face planted sideways against the rim. I kept my eyes closed since there was toilet water all over my face and I didn’t want it to get in my eyes. My nose burned from the water, and I had to keep my mouth open to breath. I didn’t see anything, but I heard the sound of pants zippers being unzipped. The three bullies surrounded the toilet.

Without anymore warning, I felt Brad’s warm stream of piss land on my face. First it hit my cheek, then he directed it into my mouth. It splashing all over my face. I still had my mouth open, and before I shut it and looked away, a large spray of his piss landed on my tongue. I turned my head down, facing the toilet water, as he continued to piss on the back of my head, all over my hair. A moment later, I felt the second and then third stream of piss hit the back of my head. The three boys thought it was hilarious, laughing loudly as Brad asked me again if I was sorry for writing the letter. I answered with a “yes”, trying not to open my mouth too much since I didn’t want anymore piss to splash into my mouth.

“I can’t hear you. You better turn around and answer.”

I had to turn my to the right, allowing the bully on my right a full-on open target of my face. He aimed at my eyes (which I kept shut tight) and noise, and when I opened my mouth to apologize, he targeted his stream of piss directly into my lips. I reactively closed my mouth, but then I felt Brad kick my back hard, saying to continue apologizing. I tried to say “I’m sorry for writing that dirty letter!” but the moment I opened my lips, the bully directed his stream of urine into my mouth, giving me a mouth-full of his urine and garbling all the words. It tasted awful. “I’m sorry” *spit* “I wrote” *gurgle* “that dirty” *swallow* “letter!”

The three boys laughed as they finished pissing on me, each giving me a kick in the side, and then told me I deserved it. They washed their hands and left the bathroom just as the bell rang for the next class to start. I didn’t have time to change or clean up. There were no showers in the bathroom, so the only alternative was to give myself another head-bath in the toilet, flushing the toilet and hoping it got most of the piss out of my hair. Toilet water was still better than urine, right? After I bathed in the toilet and washed my mouth out in the sink, I dried myself with paper-towels as best I could and combed my sticky hair down. I then hurried to the next class.

As I walked into class, one of the girls said “Eww he smells like urine!” another student added “I bet he pissed himself!”and a few others chuckled. I hurried to my usual desk, but the girl sitting next to mine said “No don’t sit near me, urine breath.” The teacher finally piped in “Alright, alright, students, that’s enough.” He then looked at me, and directed “You can stand in the back corner for today, but get yourself straightened before class tomorrow.” Brad and his friends eyed me with huge grins. Would this day never end?

Chapter 3: Brad, meet my mom.

But the day did end, thankfully. After the last class, I dropped my books in my locker, grabbed my school bag, and went to the parking area to get picked up by my mother. She didn’t work Thursdays or Fridays, so she would pick me up after school on those 2 days. When she pulled up in the minivan, I ran over to her, ready to escape my awful day at school.

On my run over there, I heard Brad comment “Wow, his mom is actually really hot!” I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to see him on the sidewalk with two of his buddies. Were they talking about my mom?

They were all looking at my mom’s minivan, but they must have noticed me stop. One of them said “Oh he didn’t like hearing that. I guess he wants her all to himself?” I looked down at my feet and resumed walking, hoping they’d take more notice of it. I did not want to encourage them to prod fun at my mom. I heard Brad boast loudly “Oh no, it’d be a waste for a milf like that not to be used by plenty of guys!” I finally reached the van and climbed inside. My mom noticed the group of bullies by the sidewalk laughing and pointing, and asked me “Are those some friends of yours?” My mom knew I didn’t have many friends at school, but I didn’t want her to know just how big of a loser I really was. I decided to play it off as if they were friends giving me a hard time, instead of bullies making my life hell.

“Yea. Just Brad and some of my other friends. Can we go home now?”

My mom looked back at them for a long moment, before telling me “You should invite them over some time. You never have friends over after school, and I think it’d be good for you to hang out with them.” My stomach churned at the thought of it. “Yea. I guess I could invite them over some time.” My mom kept persisting. She really did want the best for me, and thought having friends over would be good for me.

“Well, tomorrow is Friday. Why don’t you invite them over after school? We have that big pool that’s never being used.”
“Uhh.. I, uhh… I have a lot of homework, I don’t think this weekend would be good” I lied to her.

She could see through it, but thought I was just being shy. “Come on, you have all weekend to catch up on your homework, you can spare one afternoon. Roll down your window and invite them.”

I could see there was no talking my way out of this. I’d dug myself in too far, and now I had to go along with it. My mom drove up close to where they were standing and rolled down my window. I faced Brad, the bully who had just pissed in my mouth 2 hours ago, and I said “Brad.. My mom would like to know if you and the guys would like to come over to my house tomorrow night after school, to go swimming in our pool?”

“And stay for dinner!” my mom whispered, which I then repeated to Brad. “And stay for dinner?”

The smirk on Brad’s face was gigantic as he realized exactly what was happening. He cooly walked up to the window, leaned into the car, and said “that’s so nice of you, Mrs.. What was your name again?” and my mom giggled. “Oh you don’t have to call me Mrs, I’m not married. You can just call me Becky!” she replied to him cheerfully, trying to be the cool fun mom so my ‘friends’ would want to hang out with me more often.

“The pool sounds so fun.. Becky! We’d love to come hang out with your son!” hitting me with a playful, but very hard frog-punch in my arm as he said it.
”Can you pick us up after school tomorrow?”

“Yes that’ll be fine, there’s plenty of room for all of you in my van!”

Brad replied with a playful “Oh I BET there is!” giving me another painful punch in the same bruised spot. My mom did not quite pick up on the joke, but I remembered his comment earlier and knew what he was implying.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Becky!” he said, shooting her a wink and then stepping away from the car. As we started driving off, I looked back and saw Brad thrusting his hips at me, making a motion like he was fucking a woman. I felt sick in my stomach. “Brad seems like such a nice gentleman” my mother said as we drove off. “Yea. He’s really nice.” I replied, gazing at my feet. What had I gotten myself into?”

Chapter 4: The school bus sing-along

I woke up the next morning hoping that the previous day had been nothing more than a nightmare. It seemed almost possible that it never happened as I ate the scrumptious pancakes my mom had made me for breakfast.

Since she didn’t work on Fridays, mom would only wake up to cook me breakfast, and wait until after I left to shower and dress for the day. As such, she often wore her nightgown as she ate breakfast with me. She asked about my day, and I told her about my homework, or my favorite TV shows, anything to avoid talking about the events at school.

When the bus showed up, I grabbed my book bag and ran outside. But half way to the bus I heard my mom call for me, saying I forgot to grab my notebook and homework. I turned around and saw her standing in the doorway with the papers. I heard a cat-call from behind me. I looked back and saw Brad sitting in the bus with his window down. Him and his friends were gawking out the window, checking out my mom.

Her nightgown was meant for intimacy and comfort, not modesty. It was a white, partly see-through sheer gown that stopped several inches above her knees. Everyone on the bus could see her naked legs, the curves of her sexy body, and the outline of her large, enticing breasts. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra under the gown, and the cloth puffed out around her nipples. She walked a few feet onto the porch to meet me, and the sun lit up her dress as she did. The sunlight made the thin cloth very see-through, and everyone on the bus could see the dark outline of her nipples through the white fabric, and her entire pussy was on display. The outline of her pussy-lips were clearly visible, and you could see that her pubic hair had been freshly waxed off.

I quickly ran and grabbed the notebook and papers from her hands, running as fast as I could to try and minimize the amount of time that everyone on the bus got to see my mom’s body on display. Since my house was one of the last stops on the school bus route, the bus was always full of students when it reached my driveway. Today it seemed nobody was missing school. Every seat on the bus (except mine) was filled, and every student on board was looking out the window, getting an eye-full of my mom’s almost-naked body. The only open seat for me was on the aisle in front of Brad and his buddies. I had no choice but to sit in it.

As we started to drive off I looked back to see my mom still fully visible as she was walking back inside, the thin nightgown barely hiding her full, erotic ass to all the boys on the school bus.

Brad boasted loudly: “Oh man I got some great pics with my phone!”

“Let me see!” asked another boy, and Brad passed the phone around the back of the bus. All of the boys swiped through the phone images and ogled my mom’s body with lust.

Most of the boys were silent as they looked their fill of the pics, some of them never having seen a naked woman before. Not that my mom was naked in any of the pictures, but her outfit was so revealing that they could clearly see all the outlines and curves of her body, and her nipples and pussy. In some ways, it was almost more scandalous than if she had just walked out fully naked.

As the boys silently looked at the pics, Brad would make lots of jabs, saying things like:

“Look at those big dick-sucking-lips, you can tell she sucks a lot of cock.”

“Did you see how she was swaying her hips when she walks? That means she’s desperate to be fucked. I bet she’s shoving a huge dildo in her cunt right now, and watching a porno of a gangbang.”

“See the shape of her breasts? You can tell they’re fake. She’s probably already had surgery 2 or 3 times to get them that big.”

“I watch a lot of porn, but I’ve never seen a pornstar who is this slutty.”

My ears burned as he talked about her like that. Finally I turned around and said “She is NOT a slut!” The boys turned their attention from the phone and onto me.

“Wow Brad, looks like you really hit a nerve”

“Yea man, it looks like you’re really making him angry, haha”

Brad took the remarks as a challenge to further provoke me. He stared me dead in the eyes and said “You looking to get another bath in the toilet, wimp?”

I couldn’t match his stare and turned my head meekly to the floor. My mom always said I should treat my schoolmates with respect, and the fear of being pissed on again made it very easy to say the words “No, sir” to Brad after he threatened me. The bullies laughed when I called Brad, my classmate, ‘sir’.

“Sir! Yea, I like that! From now on, it’s Sir, or Mr. Brad whenever you speak to me. Got it, wimp?” I couldn’t bare the humiliation, and turned around and sat in my seat without answering. Brad flicked my ear and said “I asked you a question, wimp.” I meekly turned around, my face still staring at the floor, and answered “Yes Sir”. Then I turned around and sank into my seat, wishing the bus would swallow me up.

But the bus didn’t swallow me up. The drive to school that morning felt like it lasted an eternity. Brad and his friends kept ogling the pics, with Brad making increasingly lewd comments to try and provoke me.

“Notice the way she’s standing? That stance means she always puts out for guys on the first date.”

“See how her legs are waxed smooth? She keeps them waxed, so men will know that she is an easy lay.”

“You can see part of her pussy in this picture. See how big and swollen it looks? That means her fuck-hole is stretched out from all the whoring she’s done. Now she probably has to use a gigantic, rough-ribbed dildo to get herself off.”

“Notice how she’s got her hand on her hips in this picture, and her lips are parted? That means she will tongue your asshole if you ask her to.”

“Wow, really?” asked another boy.

“Yep!” replied Brad, “And see how she is pushing her ass out in this picture while she walks? That means she prefers when men fuck her in the ass.”

The other boys were mesmerized by the pictures as they listened to Brad, believing every word he said.

For the rest of the drive to school, the boys started to sing the chorus to the popular song “Stacy’s mom has got it going on!” except they replaced the name ‘Stacy’ with my name. I was utterly humiliated. The bus finally arrived at school and I ran inside, away from all those lewd insults.

Chapter 5: Brad the hero student

The first few classes of the day were uneventful. I actually started to dread that the day was coming to an end, because it meant I would have to face Mrs. Hunter. It also meant that soon Brad and the rest of my bullies would be coming over to my house, to hang out with my mom and swim in our pool. Ugh.

When it finally came time to enter Mrs. Hunter’s class, I stalled for time, fiddling around my locker room, mingling outside the door, trying to delay the inevitable. But when I peaked inside her classroom, I saw something strange. She was standing by her desk, hugging Brad. What was going on? Why was she hugging Brad?

I opened the door and walked in, it was still a few minutes before class and there were no other students in the room yet. Mrs. Hunter, the incredibly sexy, young teacher that I had a crush on, stopped hugging Brad and turned to face me.

“Brad here was just telling me he found that awful, disgusting note you wrote about me.”

I knew I could not defend myself. I had no ground to stand on. She would think I was lying, especially since I went this long without bringing it up. I just looked down at my feet, without saying a word.

“But lucky for you, he’s was overly generous to you and came to me instead of reporting it to the principle, or even the police. He was just apologizing to me that someone could be so awful to me. Brad is such an exemplary student, he’s so kind and respectful. A true gentleman, unlike you. So from now on, we agreed that he’s going to tutor you on being a better student.”

Oh great. What could be better than this. Mrs. Hunter instructed that from now on, whenever I needed something from any teacher, I was to go to Brad first. If he felt it was necessary, he would bring it up to the teacher for me. She was going to talk to the principle and other teachers at the faculty meeting that afternoon and make sure they all knew that I would be going through Brad for all issues or questions I had. Any homework I have to turn in, I’d have to give to Brad to read over first to make sure there are no more inappropriate notes written in it.

I was trapped. I had no escape. Once again, Brad was coming out on top. Mrs. Hunter was praising him for reporting the note (that he wrote!). She said he’d be taking my desk at the front of the class, and I’d be moved to the back corner, so that I couldn’t perv on her. During the rest of the class, I sat in the back, never raising my hand or answering any questions. Meanwhile, Brad sat up at the front next to my crush, Mrs. Hunter. She would often stand close to his desk, or walk past him placing a hand on his shoulder. Whenever he asked a question or made a statement, she would gush and dote on him. Once while she was lecturing she sat partially on his desk, with her ass resting against his arm. I was so jealous! She’d never done anything like that to me!

Half-way through the class a pencil rolled off of Brad’s desk and onto the floor. “Oopsies!” He said. Mrs. Hunter chirped up “Oh don’t worry sweetie, I’ll get it for you.” and walked in front of his desk, turned around and bent over. Brad had a full, close-up view of her perfect heart-shaped ass, hugged tightly by her short red skirt as she bent over. I always knew she had a great body, but I’d never noticed just how perfect it was until I saw her bending over like that.

After what seemed like an eternity, she stopped bending over and stood up, turned around and placed the pencil in his pencil case on his desk. A few minutes later, I noticed Brad take the pencil out of the box, and purposely toss it on the floor. “Oh I’m so sorry Mrs. Hunter, that pencil jumped on the floor again!” Mrs Hunter laughed at his joke, reassured him it was no trouble at all, she would get it for him. She had been standing on the left side of his desk, and the pencil fell on the right. Instead of walking around the desk to pick it up, she leaned down over the desk, reaching to pick up the pencil while her breasts rubbed against arms. She turned her face directly towards his as she reached for the pencil, her red lips only inches from his, their eyes locked. I heard another student whisper “Wow, Mrs. Hunter is such a nice teacher!”, the other replied “Yea, that’s so great of her to pick up a students pencil for him like that. She’s so kind.”

She couldn’t quite reach the pencil this way, so she backed up, got on her knees and leaned across Brad’s chair. Brad sat back in the seat as Mrs. Hunter lowered her chest on his lap so she could grab the pencil. Her breasts rubbed against his trousers, giving his dick a nice feel of her luscious, full tits.

After she stood back up and returned the pencil to his case, she stroked his cheek and said “there you go, Hun. Don’t you worry about it at all.” Ugh, some guys have all the luck. After class we get a 15 minute school break, but I no longer had anywhere to hide. I couldn’t return to Mrs. Hunter’s class room like I used to, so I decided to try and sneak off to a bathroom stall.

Chapter 6: Promise, promise, pinky promise!

Brad had no more reason to give me a swirly, so I figured it would be safe to hide in the bathrooms. I waited until I was sure nobody was looking, and snuck away into the bathroom. As I walked to the first stall, it opened and one of Brad’s friends walked out. One of the guys who pissed on me yesterday. I quickly put my head down and pushed my way into the open stall next to him, hoping he didn’t see me. But when I tried to pull the stall shut, his arm slide in the way, and stopped it from closing.

I knew it was pointless to try and resist, so I let the door swing back open. “What are you trying to do, hide?” Before I could answer I heard Brad from the doorway saying “Who are you talking to?” The other bully replied “The little wimp is in here, trying to hide.”

“I wasn’t trying to hide, I just had to use the bathroom” I lied to him.

The next moment Brad was standing in the stall doorway next to his friend. “Why are you trying to hide from your ‘friends’? Isn’t that what you called us yesterday?”

I stuttered for words, but nothing came out.

“We pissed in your mouth yesterday, and you repay us by inviting us over to your house for dinner. I guess that means you really liked us pissing on you, doesn’t it perv?” He was toying with me,and I had no answer or defense. I searched for words and stuttered but nothing came out, I didn’t know what to say.

“He’s stuttering. I think he’s trying to ask us for more piss. You’re thirsty for our piss, aren’t you?”

I finally found words. Or one word, at least: “No!” I shouted.

“I’m not convinced. You invited us over after we pissed on you, after all. I think you really liked it.”

“No, please Brad, not again!” I pleaded

“Don’t you mean, Mr. Brad?” he mockingly asked me.

“Mr. Brad. Yes, sir. Sorry. Please don’t piss on me again, Mr. Brad.” I was practically begging.

His friends get such a laugh when they hear me calling him Mr. and Sir. Especially since Brad had only just turned 18, and he was a few months younger than me. But he was definitely bigger, and the fact that he played on the football team meant he was a lot stronger than me, too.

“OK, since you asked so nicely, we will skip your piss-shower for today.”

I was so relieved when I heard Brad say this. But after a moment I realized they were still standing there, and my torment hadn’t ended yet. After a long pause, he added: “If…”

“If?” I asked, slightly confused.

“Yes. If. We’ll skip your piss shower, if you promise to do something for us.” There was malice in his voice.

I desperately didn’t want to get pissed on again. My mom didn’t seem to notice or was too polite to mention if she smelled piss on me last time, but if I get in the van smelling like piss again, I’m sure she’ll start to ask what’s going on. “OK Brad. I mean, Mr. Brad. I’ll promise, what is it you want me to do?”

“We liked those pictures of your cum-hungry slut mom. But the pics were taken from so far away, they aren’t great quality.”

I hated hearing him talk about my mom that way, but I was in no position to argue. I was an inch away from another piss soaking, and I desperately wanted to avoid it.

“We want more pictures of her. Better quality pics, close-ups. And you’re going to get them.”

I knew that I had no choice. If I disagreed, Brad and his friends would give me another piss shower, right then and there. And probably another one on Monday. Probably daily after that. And he now turned in all my homework for me, so he could really destroy my life here. He really had me over a barrel.

My voice went horse. I spoke very quiet. “I’ll take more pictures of my mom this weekend, and send them to you.”

Brad ruffled my hair, messing it all up. “That’s a good boy.”

His friend chimed in: “Is he really a boy though? I don’t think he has any balls.”

“Haha, you’re right. You’re not really a man, or even a boy, are you. You’re a little wuss. A little pansy-wuss.” said Brad, grabbing a handful of my hair and jerking it side to side, hurting me.

“A milksop!” added his friend.

“Yea, a milksop. I like that.” Brad responded. “So, milksop. Did your mommy ask about me after you drove off, yesterday?”

I was so beaten at this point, I couldn’t think of a lie. The truth just rolled right off my tongue without thought, as did the sir. “Yes sir. She said you seemed like a nice gentleman.”

“And what’d you say to her, milksop?”

“I said yes, you’re a really nice guy.”

“Good!” Brad continued, “and next time she asks about me, I want you to tell her more. Tell her that I’m super nice to you. That I stand up for you in front of your other, mean schoolmates. Really build me up in front of her. Tell her that you think I’m the greatest guy at school. You’ll say that to her, won’t you, milksop?”

With that he really tugged on my hair, making me squeal out in pain.
“Ouch! Yes! I mean, yes sir! I’ll tell her I think you’re the greatest, nicest guy in school! I promise!!”

I didn’t quite know why he wanted me to say those things to my mom. Maybe he wanted to be able to use the pool more often? Or maybe he thought it would just be another fun way to humiliate me. Either way, I thought it would be harmless to say those things about him to my mom. It’s not like she would ever sleep with a guy like that. And I knew it would be unwise to cross Brad and risk him doing all the things he could to destroy me. I’d already told 1 lie to my mom about Brad. I guess a few more wouldn’t hurt. After they left me alone in the bathroom, I fixed my hair and went to the next class.

Chapter 7: The pool-house MILF show

It was three PM when the final school bell rang, and I went to the parking lot to meet my mom. I felt sick when I saw Brad and his friends standing on the sidewalk, waiting for my mom. I knew it would be weird if I was standing by myself when she drove up, so I went and stood by them.

Brad started with the insults as soon as I stood next to him.

“So when’s the last time your mom had a real man in the house? I bet she couldn’t wait to invite me over, huh?”

“I bet she wants to have another breast enhancement surgery, doesn’t she? Get her huge fake balloons up another size? I’ve never met a woman who’s had her breast size increased four times. She must be a real air-headed bimbo!”

“Did you hear her moaning in the bedroom last night? She was saying my name while she masturbated. I bet she’s a really loud moaner, isn’t she?”

“It must have been awful for her when she got pregnant with you. Not many guys want to fuck a fat, pregnant slut. I bet she ended up paying guys cash to come over and fuck her. I bet you had a lot of semen pumped onto you while you were inside her.”

“She still seems pretty young, for a milf. She must have gotten knocked up during high school. Probably in the men’s bathroom during a football game. I bet she has no idea who the dad is. She probably couldn’t narrow it down past 15 or 20 different guys, half of whom she didn’t know the name of.”

I stood there and listened to insult after insult about my mom. I couldn’t face him, I just kept staring down the road, doing my best to ignore him. I finally saw my mom’s minivan drive up. She pulled up next to us, and I was about to climb in the front seat when she said “Hun why don’t sit in the back with your friends, and let one of the other boys sit up front?”

Brad pushed me out of the way and climbed in. Great. I climbed in the back with the other two bullies. Mom and Brad talked the whole drive home.

“So how did you two meet?” She asked him.

“Oh, he was lost. Apparently some jerks at school told him to report to the wrong classroom as a joke. I found him in the halls and helped him get to the right class.”

“Awww, that’s so sweet of you Brad.”

“Oh no, it was nothing. Anybody would have done the same. I just hate that some school kids can be so mean.”

My mom reached across and squeezed his shoulder, and stroked his arm.

“That’s not true, honey. You’re a great guy. I’m so glad you go to school with my son.”

Ugh. My mom called him honey. And stroked his arm! I was feeling very uncomfortable. Just then one of the bullies in the back whispered in my ear “Your mom is flirting with Brad. She really is a cock-starved slut, isn’t she?”

“No…” I whimpered. But just as I was trying to convince them – or perhaps convince myself, that she wasn’t flirting with him, she stopped at a red light, and I saw her place her hand on his thigh, squeezing it.

“It’s so rare to meet such a great guy like you. I’m so glad you’re coming over for dinner.”

Was she flirting with him? No.. She couldn’t be. Not with this mean, awful boy, who’s made my life hell and turned everyone at school against me.

“Miss… I mean, Becky. You really are one of the nicest, coolest girls ever! Are you sure you’re not actually my age?”

My mom laughed with glee. She wasn’t old, but definitely wasn’t high-school age, and she lapped up the compliment. Her hand did not move off of his leg. “Oh you’re such a charmer, too! Why can’t I get a guy like you in my dating life? Haha!”

The light turn greened. She slowly moved her hand off his leg and back onto the steering wheel. I had a cold feeling in my stomach.

We finally arrived home, and mom announced that the roast for dinner would be ready in a few hours. “You boys should go swim in the pool while it is still sunny out.” A few minutes later and we were in our swim trunks outside. I noticed that with our shirts off, all three of my bullies were significantly better built than I was. They worked out every day for football, and it showed. I felt quite… Umm.. wimpy.

As soon as we were outside alone and the door was shut, Brad started boasting “Wow did you see how horny that tramp is? She was trying to touch my cock on the drive home.”

“Yea, you were right about her! She’s like a bitch in heat, super desperate to be fucked!”

I kept quiet as they jeered at my mom. “It must have been a long time since she’s had a good fucking, and now she’s absolutely starving for one. She was basically throwing herself at me in the van, and we’ve barely met.”

“I bet she’s in her bedroom right now masturbate to me. I bet she’s using that huge, rough-ribbed dildo, shoving it up her gaping fuckhole!”

“I knew she was an easy lay, but damn, I didn’t think she would beg for dick the first time meeting her!”

I didn’t participate or play with them at all. I just sort of sat in the shallow end of the pool, while they swam around laughing and talking about my mom. After half an hour, the back door to the house slid open, and my mom stepped out… Oh.. My.. God… She was wearing the smallest two piece bikini I’ve ever seen. The royal-blue colored top barely covered her large breasts, and it looked like it had an elastic string connecting it between her cleavage, pulling the top together tight and pushing her breasts up, making them appear even larger than usual. The back was tied together with a string.

The bottom piece was a matching royal-blue color, which covered less than an inch around her pussy lips. The top of the bikini was designed so it dipped low between her legs, and revealed a large amount of flesh between the top of her cunt and her belly button. It was obvious she had waxed off all her pubic hair very recently. The bikini narrowed to less than half an inch around the sides, then widened a bit in the back, covering less than half of each ass cheek. All the boys jaws dropped when they saw her walk out, including my own.

As if to mock the fact that it was a swimsuit, she also wore a pair of tall, open-toe royal-blue heels, which caused her back to arch and pushed her already-bulging breasts out and made them really strain against the top.

“I thought I’d get a little sun tan while I wait for the roast to cook in the oven. You boys don’t mind, do you?”

“No Becky, not at all!”

“But, Mom!” I tried to protest, but Brad cut me off.

“Hey, don’t be rude. She just wants to lay out and enjoy the sun.”

“That’s right Brad! Thank you!” she cheerfully piped up.

She walked slowly to the sunbed, strutting her ass side-to-side in a very feminine way, emphasizing her swinging hips more than she ever does normally. Then she bent over (without removing her heels) and adjusted a towel on the sunbed, giving all of us a view of her sexy, bikini-clad butt. She took her sweet time adjusting the towel, wiggling her ass at us as she did. She couldn’t see us, but the pool was dead silent as we all stared. The three boys drifted to the edge of the pool closest to her so they could get a nice look. Then without glancing back at the pool, she slipped her heels off lay on her back on the sunbed, one knee bent but the other leg stretched out. She put her arms behind her head, causing her breasts to resume the pushed-out, strained-against-the-tight-top position, and making her cleavage really spill out. She closed her eyes and rested like this. She was extremely erotic eye-candy for all three of my ‘friends.’

The guys were entranced, and I knew better than to protest or say anything. After a few minutes of this ogling (and me sitting quietly wishing it would all end) she opened her eyes and grabbed the sun-lotion off the table next to her sunbed. She squirted a bit in her hand, rubbed her hands together, then stretched one of her amazingly long legs into the air, toes pointed out. She started at her feet and worked her way up her leg, giving everyone a show as she rubbed the lotion thoroughly into her tan skin. She worked up her ankles, calves, knees, thighs, then into her upper thighs… I heard the boys gasp as she spread her legs slightly, and worked the lotion in all round her inner thighs and groin area. When she was done with her smooth legs and stomach, she did the same routine starting at her arms, until she was at her collar bone and upper chest. She massaged the lotion into her cleavage, then slipped her fingers an inch under her bikini topand rubbed the lotion onto her breasts.

The three boys stayed motionless, arms over the side of the pool, watching my mom erotically apply lotion on her body. Finally, one of the boys piped up “I have to go to the bathroom!” and climbed out of the pool, towards the pool-house bathroom. I noticed he had a very large boner in his swim trunks. My mom stayed relaxed with her eyes closed, so she must not have noticed him, and the other guys were too fixated on my mom to notice their friends boner. He went into the pool house, and then I saw him standing by the window, staring at my mom, his hands out of sight. His body was making slight jerking movement as he watched my mom. This lasted a few minutes, and he finished whatever he was doing and came out of the pool-house. His boner was gone and he looked a bit lethargic.

He plopped back into the pool next to Brad and his other friend, and then whispered something in their ear. He pointed at the pool house. Seeing the opportunity to spy on my mom from privacy, they both started moving towards the poolhouse. Brad said “No, me first!” and the other guy stopped as Brad hopped out of the pool and went inside. When Brad exited the pool I saw that he was rocking a large boner as well. His cock really made a tent out of his shorts, and it was obvious that he was well endowed.

The next thing I saw was him standing at that same window, staring at my mom. He was making the same jerking movements. Oh my gosh, he was jerking off to my mom! And just at that moment my mom decided she better apply another layer of lotion. She wanted a moisturized tan, after all. She repeated the process of applying the lotion in an erotic, sexual way, while Brad was jerking off watching her. But this time as she applied the lotion to her stomach, she slid her slippery wet fingers down into her bikini bottom. First just a fingertip slipped into her bikini, then she pulled it back out, then slid it back under her bikini. 2, 3, 4 fingers sliding down into her bikini, to her pussy. I looked back at Brad who now had 1 hand on top of the window sill, the other one furiously jerking off. He was no longer trying to be discrete about it. He was full on jerking over my mom, and she was giving him the show of a lifetime.

Her hand only lingered under her bikini bottom a few moments, but her fingers were flicking back and forward against her pussy. I turned around and saw Brad spewing squirt after squirt of cum against the pool window. My mom pulled the fingers out of her bikini bottom, and I could see a sticky clear liquid on them, I don’t think it was lotion.

Brad came walking out of the pool house, his boner was gone, and he gave the thumbs-up the next guy to head in. After the other bully went into the pool house to jerk-off to my mom, my mom got up to adjust her towel. She bent over again, this time positioning herself so her ass was facing the pool-house window. All of her moving and stretching had caused the back of her bikini to become ruffled and slide deeper up her ass crack, which meant more of her gorgeous bare ass was on display. I looked at the window to see my third bully masturbating to my mom while she gave him a jiggling eye-full of her sexy, almost-naked ass. She must have been having trouble with the towel, because she stayed bent over adjusting it for a long time.

After he finished pleasuring himself to my mom, she told us the roast was about done cooking and we should dry off and get ready to eat while she went to take a shower. I started to follow her inside but Brad grabbed my shoulder. “Hold on there, pussy-wimp”

“What? I mean, yes sir?”

“Haha, good! You’re starting to learn. We’re about to go in there to eat with your mom, but I think you have some cleaning to take care of.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well me and the guys just dropped three huge loads of man-juice in your pool-house wall back there. If you don’t clean it now, it’ll dry and stick. Do you really want to explain to your mom, why there’s a bunch of dried seaman on the wall, by the window?”


“She’d probably think it was you, jerking off to a neighbor or something. Or worse, jerking it to your own mom! I bet you do that, anyway!”

“No I don’t!”

“Sure, sure, wimp. Either way, I think that you’ll agree, it’s much better for you if you go start cleaning now, while we eat dinner with your mom.”

“But.. She’s expecting me inside for dinner”

“Don’t worry, we’ll tell her you had to go to the bathroom. You were clutching your stomach and looking sick on the drive over here, after all. I’m sure she’ll understand.”

Damn him. He was right. If I don’t go clean up that mess they made, she’ll see it and think it was me. And there’s probably so much of it, it’ll look like I’ve been going in there to jerk off to her for weeks. I slunk my head and walk to the pool house, grabbing the rags, cleaning spray and sponges.

“That’s a good little milksop!” Brad jeered at me as the three of them walked into the house for dinner. “I’m sure your mom’s juicy roast will be great!”

Chapter 8: Dinner and a porno

The sight in the pool house was awful. My three bullies had obviously given no care about making a mess. They could have easily turned to the side and jerked off into the toilet, but instead they spewed their cum all over the wall. There was cum dripping down the wall, some on the window sill, and floor boards. And of course a few large gobs of it on the window pane, where Brad had spewed his load. The old wooden walls of the pool-house would make cleaning it extra difficult, since the cum seeped into all the cracks and crevices.

I filled the bucket with soapy water, grabbed the rag and sponges, and started soaking and scrubbing their cum. As I was cleaning, I could look out the pool window and into the kitchen area. I saw my mom laughing as Brad told her a story. I couldn’t see very well between the two windows, especially with the setting sun reflecting off the kitchen window, but it looked like they were all 4 having a very fun time together. Mom sat in the chair closest to Brad.

The sun was almost fully set by the time I finally finished cleaning their disgusting mess off the wall. I was starving and very ready to eat some of my mom’s delicious cooking.

I opened the back door to the sound of laughter. Whatever they were talking about, it sounded like they were all having a good time, especially my mom. When I saw them sitting around the table, I almost gasped. I saw the plates of half-eaten food, 2 empty bottles of wine on the table, and Brad was filling up my mom’s glass with a third bottle. Each boy had a glass of wine in front of their plates, mostly emptied. But none of that is what shocked me as much as what my mother was wearing.

The boys were still in their swim shorts, but my mom had changed into a very skimpy evening dinner dress. It actually looked more like a club dress than a dinner dress.

The black dress had a deep cut V-neck which started below the neck, but ran all the way down to just above her belly button. It barely covered her nipples and left a large amount of her fleshy breasts exposed in the middle. It had a platinum-covered belt fastened around her chest just a few inches below her breasts, which kept the whole dress from swaying open and exposing her full, uncovered tits to everyone at the table. The belt also served the purpose of making her waist appear thin and tight below her giant breasts. The dress was fitted to follow her curves, thin around her waist, then widening around her hips. Every inch of the dress hugged her body tightly, but the V-cut allowed everyone a delicious view of her front chest, including half of each of the large globes of her breast’s.

The black skirt of the dress ended just a few inches below her ass, but it had a smartly-cut slit on each side of her hips which allowed the dress to spread open when she sat down and displayed the sides of her legs all the way up to her hip-bone. Her pussy and ass were covered by the dress (but the shape was very well displayed), but it was so short that every time she’d sit down, stand up, or move her legs in the slightest, you could get a glimpse of her fire-red g-string panties. The dress looked like something a college girl would wear to a bar if she was trying to pick up guys. The whole dress screamed “I’m here to get laid!”

If her panties ever showed, the bright-red color really stood out against the black dress and caught the eye of everyone in the room. She wore bright red lipstick, smokey eye-shadow, and large loop earrings. She wore a tall pair of black pumps. Her hair was done up in a loose bun. Her legs were crossed, and she had a hand on Brad’s shoulder while he topped off her wine glass.

I was visibly upset at her choice of outfit. I didn’t even know she owned such a dress, I’ve never seen her wear something so revealing. It was made much worse after hearing Brad and the other bullies talking in the pool about her being a horny, desperate slut.

“Mom! What the heck!?”

“Oh there you are, honey. All done using the… bathroom?” she let out an unintentional giggle.

“Obviously I am, but WHAT are you wearing?!”

“What’s wrong, honey? I thought it would be nice to be dressed up for our guests. You don’t think I look good?”

“No. I mean, yes. You look amazing. But it’s so revea- ” My mom cut me off before I could finish, a big smile on her face “I’m so glad you like it! Brad was telling me earlier he thinks I look good enough to be a model, or even an actress! That’s always been a dream of mine.”

“Yea” Brad said with a dirty smirk on his face “I know just the type of videos you would star in, too.”

My mom was beaming from the attention of the boys. I think the glasses of red wine she drank were helping, too. “Hun, why don’t you help yourself to the rest of the roast, it’s on the stove.” Then she turned away from me and looked back at Brad, rubbing her hand on his shoulder, and asked him if he really thought she could be an actress.

As I walked up to the stove to get a closer look, I realized the food was completely gone. There was nothing left in there to eat. Oh well. I’d just get a glass of water, instead. I didn’t have much of an appetite after all the events.

“Yes, a very special kind of actress. One who specializes acting in scenes with men. They’re sort of like action movies. I think a woman like you would specialize in scenes that included a large group of men, sometimes around 10 or 12 of them. But don’t worry, the camera would always be focused on you, you’d be the star of the whole scene!”

My mom looked a little confused, she wasn’t quite understanding what type of movies that Brad was talking about. She chalked it up to the red wine making her muddled. She was just flattered to be thought of as a possible actress, and the main star no less!

“Now how about some dessert? We have a new container of ice cream in the freezer. What do you boys say?”

“That sounds delicious, Becky.” replied Brad.

“Hun while you’re up there, why don’t you get out some bowls, spoons and the ice cream for everyone?” my mom asked me. I pulled out the bowls and spoons, and took out the container of my favorite flavored ice cream. When I set the bowls for everyone and then set a bowl for myself, my mother chimed in “Oh no Hun. No ice cream if you haven’t had any dinner. Especially if you were feeling ill.”

I wanted to punch the giant grin off of Brad’s face as he heard that I wouldn’t be getting dinner or dessert. I watched them eat, with a glum look on my face. My mom noticed me sulking and said “If you’re just going to sulk, you might as well make yourself useful and clean the dishes, young man.” I knew she was not playing when she called me ‘young man’, so I went about collecting the dirty dishes, piling them in the sink, then washing them, while my mom and my bullies enjoyed my favorite ice cream.

“Whoops!” I heard my mom shout. A glob of ice cream had dripped off her spoon and landed directly in the cleavage of her breasts. “I’m so careless. Would you mind, Brad?”

Brad was all too eager to help. I watched silently as he placed his fingers between my moms breasts and scooped up the ice cream, then held it to her lips. She parted her pouty red lips and closed them around his fingers, sucking on them as he slid them out of her mouth. “Mmm that’s such good ice cream” she purred. He scooped the last little bit of ice cream from her cleavage, then fed it to her again. She coo’d and mmm’d as she sucked his fingers clean. Then she grabbed a napkin and wiped the wet remains from her chest.

I finished the dishes while they finished their ice cream. “We don’t have to go home for another hour or two. Why don’t we watch a movie?” asked Brad.

“Oh that’s a great idea. I’ll let you pick the movie” she said to him, and the 3 guys and my mom hurried off to the living room. I followed shortly after. My mom was sitting on the couch with Brad on her right, and another bully on the left. The third boy was sitting on the recliner chair, leaving nowhere for me to sit. Brad picked out the movie “Fifty shades of Grey”, a very adult movie about a women who gets locked in highly sexual love affair with a powerful man.

I sat on the floor in front of the couch, but my mom decided the movie might be too adult for me to see. “I think you should go upstairs and play on your computer while we watch this grown-up movie, hun” she said to me. “But before you go, could you grab us a blanket? It’s a little chilly tonight.”

I brought her a blanket and the three of them snuggled up together, then I went upstairs to play video games while they watched the sex-filled movie. About half way through the film, I ventured downstairs to get a drink of water. I don’t think my mom heard me as I entered the living room. She was still sitting between the two boys, but I saw one of her high-heeled feet sticking out of the right edge of the blanket, and her other foot sticking out of the left side of the blanket. It could not be comfortable for her to sit like that, with her legs so far spread. She must have had 1 leg stretched out over each boys lap. The blanket was pulled up to her neck, so I could not see what any of their arms or hands were doing, but my mom’s mouth was open and she was breathing heavily.

The scene on the television depicted a woman on her knees blindfolded and naked, while a man was feeling her up and making her rub him through his pants. It was a very explicit scene, it looked almost worse than some of the porn I sneak and watch when I’m on my computer.

Between my mom’s heavy breaths, she would let out quiet moans. “mmm.. ohh yes.. ohhhh! mmm.. oh that feels so good.. mmmmmmm…”

Brad didn’t seem to be focused on the movie at all, instead he was looking at my mom’s face, and her open mouth. He pulled one of his hands out of the covers and had a clear liquid on his fingers, which he inserted into my mom’s gaping lips. “Taste it” he said as he slid the fingers into her mouth. She closed her lips around his fingers immediately and started to suck on them ravenously. He withdrew his fingers, reached them back under the blanket and into my mom’s lap, then fed her another finger-helping of that liquid.

Maybe they decided to get more ice cream? Maybe my mom had a bowl of ice cream in her lap, and she spread her legs because it was cold. That’s probably why she was moaning, because it tasted so good.

I continued walking to the kitchen when I noticed her fire-red g-string panties were sitting on the floor, next to the couch. I wonder why she took those off. Maybe she got hot under the blanket, or maybe they were uncomfortable. Huh, weird.

When I was in the kitchen getting a glass of water, I heard loud kissing sounds, like two people really making out. It was probably from the television. As I started to return upstairs with my water, I heard my mom whispering to Brad “You sure you can’t stay the night, babe? I’ll let you do anything.” Wow, she called him babe. She never even calls me that. I really did not like how it sounded. “Not tonight. But I have a feeling I’ll be coming back to see you again, soon.” he whispered back to her.

I walked through the living room and noticed the red lipstick smeared on my moms face, and a little bit of red smeared on Brad’s face, and on his friend’s face who was sitting to mom’s left.

I returned upstairs and an hour later, heard the movie ending. I came back downstairs to see the blanket removed, and the lights turned on. The platinum belt that was around my mom’s waist had been removed, and her dress looked like it’d been stretched wide open, then quickly pulled back in place to cover her nipples. Her skirt was flipped up, but her legs were squeezed tightly shut to prevent her pussy from showing. There were small drips of water running down her legs, and the couch seemed to be soaked around where she was sitting. Her make-up was all smeared over her face, and her hair was a complete mess.

“I’m just about to drive your friends home, honey. I’m just going to freshen up real quick first.”

My mom stood up and I caught a glimpse up her skirt. She was not wearing any panties. I saw her naked, shaven, glistening pussy for only a half second before she was standing and her skirt fell back down, covering it. She walked into the bathroom to tidy up, leaving me alone with my tormentors.

Brad was the first to break the silence. “Wow, your slut mom really liked those BDSM scenes in the movie. Did you know she was such a sex-freak?”

“Uhm.. No..” I responded honestly.

“You should have seen how quickly she dropped her panties when the movie started. I think she made it like 15 minutes into the film before she took them off, spread her legs, and started fingering herself.”

I refused to believe it. “No way, you’re lying” I told him.

“Believe what you want. But it took less than 20 minutes for that sex-starved slut to spread her legs, take off her belt, and have all three of us shove our fingers into her honey-pot. And I got some nice playtime with her giant fake balloons, too. Mmm, they are nice.”

I didn’t tell him he was lying this time. I wanted to, but the words wouldn’t escape my mouth and I just stood there, listening to him.

“The first thing I noticed was how loose she is. Most girls I’ve been with, I can barely work one finger into their cunt. But your mom’s sloppy pussy was so loose, I easily shoved 3 fingers inside her right off the bat without feeling any resistance. And then the dumb floozy had to ask if my fingers were inside her yet, haha. We all finger-banged your mom while we took turns making out with her, like she was some cheap college party-slut. How does it feel knowing all three of us finger-fucked your mom? She loved it. Her snatch was leaking like it was a waterfall. While I was fondling her big fake tits, I told her they were a little small. Which of course is a lie, since she has the biggest, fakest tits on the planet. But it was hilarious seeing her get so self-conscious about them. She asked me if I thought she should get bigger implants. I told her yes, no question about it. A few sizes bigger, at least. She seemed to agree with the idea. Haha, what a dumb bimbo.”

I didn’t know what to believe. I knew Brad was a liar, but also couldn’t tell if some of what he was saying might be true. Or maybe all of it was true.

“The funny part is, I didn’t even have to try to seduce your mom. She is the one who came on to me! She begged us to stay the night so we could go in to her bedroom and fuck her. You know that’s why she wore that dress, right? Because she wanted all three of us to fuck her. When the movie ended, she told me that her front door – and her back door – were always open to me. Who knows, wimp. I might start coming by here more often. Wouldn’t you like that? Haha.”

My mom came out of her bedroom. Her hair was combed, her make-up was fixed, and her dress was re-assembled. “Brad was telling me how he’s been tutoring you at school to help you with your classes. That’s so great of him. I told him you’d invite him over during the week, so he could continue to tutor you here.”

“No that’s ok mom, I don’t want to bother him after school hours” I really did not. After what he’d just told me, how he was going to fuck my mom, I hated the thought of him coming over throughout week.

“No no” chimed in Brad, “I insist on coming over to help. School’s important, after all.”

My mom smiled at his generosity. “There, you see? So it’s settled. OK boys, ready to head home?” As they walked out to the car, Brad turned to me and said “Don’t forget about those pictures you have to take!” and then he mouthed the words “milksop” to me. My mom asked, what pictures? And Brad said he’d fill her in on the car ride. I was left home alone, and suddenly I was feeling ill again.

Chapter 9: Sleep Well

I was asleep when my mom returned home from dropping off my three bullies to their homes. I didn’t sleep very well, though. I had this awful nightmare of Brad and all the other guys on the football team standing in a circle around my mom. She was on her knees naked in the middle of them, and they all had their dicks out. She was furiously sucking each of their dicks, one at a time, while both her hands were busy pumping another 2 guys shafts. She’d suck on one big cock for a few seconds, deep throating it, then pull her face off his dick, and shove herself down on another guys cock until it was gagging her throat. Her lips stayed sealed tightly around whoever’s cock was in her mouth at the time. Whenever one of the guys had enough and was ready to come, she’d stop sucking, stay perfectly still with her mouth open and tongue out, and let the guy shoot his spunk all over her face, wherever he pleased.

A lot of the guys would shoot their cum into her open lips and on her wanting tongue, but others would spray their loads in her hair, on her breasts, or over her eyes… My mom would retaliate by lovingly kissing the tip of the guy’s cock after he shot his spunk all over her. Between her legs there was a giant rubber dildo with thick ridges, and my mom was bucking up and down on it. The dildo widened near the base, and my mom was sliding her pussy up and down the huge toy, struggling to sit down on it as far as she could. Her pussy lips were wrapped tightly around the dildo, and every time she lowered herself over another ridge, I could see her pussy straining as it stretched open to new widths.

During the dream, Brad stepped in front of my mom with his hard dick in his hands. His dick was massive, which I know to be true after seeing his boner in his swim shorts earlier that day. He held his huge cock above my mom’s face, and asked her if she wanted a shower to help clean her up. She gleefully told him she would LOVE a shower from him. My mom resumed her cum-receiving stance, sitting still with her mouth open and tongue out, and Brad started to piss on my her. She didn’t flinch or close her mouth, instead she moaned a yummy-sounding “mmm” while Brad pissed all over her face, hair, breasts, and PLENTY into her open mouth. With her head tilted back the way it was, her mouth began to fill up like a pool with Brad’s piss, and every time the pool was full, she would close her mouth and swallow it all, letting out an extra satisfied sounding “Mmm!”

When Brad was finally done pissing on her, my mom was covered in a disgusting mess of semen and Brad’s urine. It was all over her hair, face and body. Brad shook the last few drops of urine off his cock onto her face, and my mom told him “Thank you so much for that wonderful shower, Brad. I love the way you and your friends treat me.”

Just then I woke up from that awful nightmare. Oh god, it was terrible. Thank God that my mom would never act that way in real life! Brad was starting to ruin my life at home, and now even my dreams. I had to get up to clear my head of that awful image. I guess going to bed without dinner probably made my dreams worse.

I went downstairs to the kitchen to get a snack. As I passed by my mom’s room, I heard a loud buzzing sound coming from her room. I stopped to listen for a moment. It was a lot louder than I’d imagine a vibrator should sound. If it was a vibrator, it must have been a very large, high-powered one. I heard my mom’s voice behind the door, accented with loud moans. “Mmm ohhh Babe, I love the way your cock feels. Mmm… Yes babe, you can use me any way you want. Ohhh… Oh that’s good. Ohhhh! Uhhh! Unnhhh! Yes! Right there! YES! Give me that huge dick! UGHHH!! OHHH YESSS! OHHH BRAAAAD YESSSSSSSS!!” my mom almost screamed as she said Brad’s name. Then the vibrator stopped and I heard her breathing very heavily in her bed, but no other moans or noises. I guess she finished whatever she was doing.

I continued on to the kitchen and got some toast with jam. As I was going back up the stairs to my bedroom, I heard her powerful vibrator switch back on. I guess my mother wasn’t done for the night after all. I went up to my room and fell back asleep for the night, hopefully without any more nightmares.

Chapter 10: Saturday morning


It was Saturday. Thank god! No abuse from Brad, no teasing from his friends, no more kids from school ogling over my mom like she was a first-rate porn star. Saturday. A break from all of it.

I enjoyed a delicious breakfast with my mom – hot fluffy pancakes with strawberry jam. We spoke a little about the previous day as we ate. I wanted to tell her all the nasty things Brad had said, but I knew better. The only thing she said about the whole thing was “I definitely had a bit too much wine last night. But it was nice that you had some friends over, for a change. I think you should invite them over more often. It’s good for you to socialize a bit, and those boys are so nice.” Neither of us brought up anything about the pool or the movie. I was happy to avoid the subject.

As we talked and laughed together, I knew that those dirty things Brad said last night could not have been true. My mom was sweet and caring, and I was sure every word he spoke was a lie. He got her drunk and she acted overly flirty. He may have even tricked her to take her panties off. But that’s as far as the whole thing went. The more we spoke together, the more sure I felt. Even my awful nightmare started to fade from memory. I was feeling a lot better!

Then my mom brought up something else about the previous night: “Hun, Brad was telling me last night about those photo’s you’re supposed to take.” My tongue went numb as she said this. I tasted fear in the back of my throat. What did Brad tell her? Did he disclose the whole arrangement to her, that I had to take explicit pictures of my mom and send them to Brad, so he and his friends could jerk off to her? I was terrified to hear what she’d say next.

“He told me that you’d been assigned a project for sociology class, and you were supposed to document modern day woman’s fashion.” I felt a huge wave of relief wash over me. So my mom didn’t know the awful truth. Thank God for that. She thought I just had to take pictures for a school assignment. I have to admit, even though it was a perverted, awful thing I had to do, it was pretty clever how Brad played it off as a school project.

“He said that you’ve been too shy to ask to photo any of the girls at school, and you’re starting to fall behind on the project. Is that true?” It wasn’t true, of course. It was a fake story Brad had made up, but I had no choice but to go along with it. I couldn’t tell my mom the truth, and I couldn’t deny Brad the pics I promised, and risk getting daily piss-baths and toilet dunking.

“Yea mom, Brad’s right. I am supposed to take pictures of woman wearing different styles of clothing, showing off the many fashion styles of today. But I haven’t found any girls to photo yet.”

“Well why didn’t you tell me, Hun? I stay pretty current with the latest trends and styles. You could take the pictures of me! Hey, we could even make a little game out of it. You know I’ve always dreamed of being a model, right? It might end up being fun. How does that sound?”

I felt pretty awful lying to my mom about what I was doing with the pictures. But I knew I really did not have a choice. I was backed into a corner, and the only option I had now was to play along with the game that Brad had set up. I’d take the pics, send them to Brad, then be done with the whole ordeal and move on with my life. It wouldn’t even be that bad, it’s not like I was going to be sending him any nude pictures or anything. It would just be pics of my mom modeling in different outfits.

After we agreed that she would be the model for my fake school assignment, she mentioned that she had to go to the bank and do some grocery shopping today. I opted to stay home, claiming I had homework; but really wanting to play video games. Also, having the house to myself meant some nice time alone to hop on the internet and have a nice, long jerk-off session.

After breakfast, mom put on an outfit that was a more tasteful than the black number she had on last night, but she still looked quite sexy.

It was a white sleeveless spring dress with blue flower patters. It still showed a little cleavage, but had straps that ran over her shoulders keeping the dress pulled snug around her breasts and back. It had a six-inch light blue ribbon wrapped around her waist just under the breasts. It gave her waist a tight, thin appearance. Beneath the blue ribbon, the dress formed around her hips and narrowed around her thighs, with the skirt ending a few inches above her knees. The dress gave her body a strong hour-glass like appearance, which was topped off by the little glimpse of her cleavage. Her shoulders and neck were fully bare except for the thin blue straps holding the dress on.

Her finger and toe nails were painted hot red, and she had on some white strapped open-toe heels to match the dress. My mom always did a great job of picking her high-heels so that they gave her posture strong curves, arching her back and enhancing her sexy hour-glass figure. They made her ass stick out, and her breasts appear larger. Her hair was worn down, falling in waves over her bare shoulders, and she’d done a careful job of applying her natural looking lipstick and a touch of eye-liner. All-in-all, she still looked incredibly sexually appealing, but it was more of a natural and innocent look rather than the attention-grabbing dress of last evening.

“OK honey, you be good and take care of some homework, and I’ll be back in a few hours!” she said before kissing me on the cheek and leaving. I watched her as she walked to the car, her ass slightly swaying side to side. I never thought about her body very much, but after all the comments from the mean boys at school, I started to realize how curvy and sexy her body really was.

I was feeling in such a good mood this morning, after talking to my mom and remembering that there’s no way she’d give it up to a guy like Brad. She loved and cared about me. I didn’t even make an attempt to start on my homework. The moment I heard my mom’s car leaving the driveway, I was at my computer, opening the ‘private’ browser and looking up something spicy. A moment later and my pants were unzipped.

I was really getting into the moment when I heard my phone beep. I didn’t get many texts, since I didn’t have any friends at school, so I thought it was my mom and knew I better answer or she’d worry I was playing video games and neglecting my homework.

I looked at the phone. It wasn’t from my mom. It was received by an unknown number, and it read:

“Hey urine-breath. It’s your favorite classmate, Brad.”

Ugh. This is not what I wanted to see today. A message from Brad, on my Saturday. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to think about him again until Monday morning. The phone beeped again.

“You don’t want to ignore me. You have a promise to keep, remember?”

Damn him. I did want to ignore him, but I knew that if I didn’t respond, the consequences would be more than I could take. My boner quickly started to shrivel as I wrote a message back to him.

“Yes Mr. Brad, I haven’t forgotten. I’ll try to take the pictures today.”

His reply: “No. You WILL send them to me today, got it?”

My reply: “Yes, Sir. I’ll send you the pics today.”

He then wrote back with instructions for me to download this popular picture app and link it with his e-mail address. The app made it so when I took pictures, it instantly sent them to his computer. It also got rid of that annoying “click!” sound the phone usually made when I snapped a picture.

After I set up the app and synced it with his e-mail, I wrote him to let him know it was done. He wrote back: “Where is the pair of sugar-tits right now? I want to test the app.”

I hated how Brad referred to my mom. He knew her name was Becky, why couldn’t he just call her that? She’s a loving, kind, sweet woman. When Brad calls her nothing more than a ‘pair of sugar-tits’, it felt so degrading. I replied back: “She’s grocery shopping, and won’t be back for a few hours. I’m at home doing homework.”

“Homework, huh? You have to be the biggest loser in school. Well, I’m going to help you out, dork. When sugar-tits gets back, tell her that you want to invite your best friend over tomorrow to help you study and go over your homework. And don’t forget to mention how highly you think of me, pussy-boy. If I don’t hear back from you by this afternoon, you’ll be licking the bathroom floors clean on Monday. Understood?”

Brad had managed to completely ruin my jerk-off session. My computer screen was still opened with a beautiful topless model, but as I held the phone in my hand texting Brad, I couldn’t even think about sex. My dick was completely shriveled and the knowledge I’d have to deal with photoing my mom this afternoon further lowered my libido.

“Yes, sir” I replied to him, before closing my phone, exiting the internet browser, and starting on my homework. It felt bad enough knowing I was lying to my mom about doing homework, but now risking Brad’s wrath too, I decided I better start on the assignments. I was in zero mood to jerk off, anyway.

I managed a full hour of homework, though my focus was constantly interrupted with images of my mom’s sexy body, and the thought of trying to take pictures of her today.

I heard the downstairs door open as my mom returned home from shopping, and I quickly went downstairs to greet her. The routine was that she’d do the shopping, and I’d carry and put away the groceries. As I was putting groceries away, I knew I had better bring up what Brad said. I meekly said: “Mom, do you think I could invite Brad over again? I enjoy having him over so much, and he offered to help me study tomorrow.”

I felt like a puppet, and Brad was pulling my strings. My mom was beaming when I asked her. “Oh yes, he seems like such a great guy! I would love to have him over again, and tomorrow night is perfect. Oh, tell him he can come over earlier if he wants, to use the pool! Tomorrow’s Sunday after all!”

I grabbed my phone and wrote to Brad that he was invited over tomorrow night for the pool. He replied a few moments later with: “I’ll see you tomorrow then, pussy-wimp. Now, why don’t we try out that app to make sure it’s working? Take a pic of the hot MILF. Make sure you include her pair of plump sugar-tits.”

Ugh, I wanted to punch him in the face for talking about my mom like that, but I knew I had no choice but to comply. I turned the phone cam and took a pic of my mom while she was putting up groceries. I had her lined up in the camera sights to take a pic, but I wasn’t used to the App camera button, so it took me a moment before I found the button to press. When I found it and snapped the pic, my mom had changed positions…

She was bending over picking up a loose grocery bag off the floor, and I captured the pic as she was leaning forward, her tits hanging forward loosely in the dress, and her face looking into the camera.

The camera made no noise, and my mom didn’t even notice that I took the photo. Instantly, without me pressing any other buttons, a message popped up on the phone saying “Picture sent to computer”. A few moments later and I got a text from Brad:

“Good news, wimp. The app worked perfectly, and now I have a nice HD pic of your whore-mom’s sugar-tits. Isn’t that great?”

I knew he was toying with me, but he had me by the balls and I had no choice but to play along with him. “Yes Sir” I wrote back. After putting away the rest of the groceries, we had some lunch.

Chapter 11: An innocent photo shoot

When we were done eating, I got another text from Brad: “Hey loser. Is your mom still home?”

“Yes, sir. We just finished eating lunch.”

“Good, that’s real good. Excellent timing, because I’m feeling horny. Tell the whore that you’re getting worried about the school project, and say you want to take some pics now. And hurry up, I want to jerk-off.”

I told my innocent mom that I was feeling worried about the project, and shyly asked if she would mind if I took a few pictures of her. She quickly agreed, and seemed quite eager to play-model for me. “How does my dress look? Is my hair okay?” She was still wearing the tight little flower dress, with her hair down. She looked stunning. She always looked stunning.

“You look gorgeous. Like a model!”

She loved hearing the compliment. After a few minutes we were inside, and she chose a blank, white-wall in her bedroom to pose for the pics. “There are no paintings or anything on the wall, so it will look like a real professional shoot. I want you to get a good grade, honey!”

She stood in front of the wall and put both hands on her hips, twisting her body slightly. “How’s this?” Even though she was wearing a modest dress, she looked sexy as hell posing for the camera. I could tell that she’d practiced modeling poses before, probably by herself in front of a mirror.

I snapped a few pics, and Brad wrote me a message. “Good. But her hair is covering some of her cleavage. Tell the fuck-meat to brush her hair back, so I can see more of her tits.” I told her, and she obediently complied, brushing her hair back so the camera got a full view of her cleavage. She thought it was so I could see more of the dress.

“Your mom has me hard already. Tell her to put her hands behind her head, while I jerk my cock.” I asked her to put her hands behind her head, and she giggled while she complied, causing more of her cleavage to show. I kept snapping the pics. “Oh yea, that’s good! I’m already stroking my dick. Zoom in on her boobs, I want some close-up tit-pics.” I took a step closer to my mom and zoomed in on her breasts. They were covered by the white-and-blue flower dress, but the dress was pulled tight around them, showing their round shape. The way she was standing with her hands above her head really pushed out a lot of cleavage out, too.

My mom thought I was taking full pics of the dress. She couldn’t see that I was just zoomed in on her breasts, snapping pic after pick of them as she twisted her body this-way-and-that with her hands behind her head. She was having fun with it, blowing kisses into the camera and making sexy faces.

“That’s nice! Your mom’s big melons are really making me hot. Tell her to lean forward, I want you to take pics down her top. Include her face in the pics, too. I want everyone to know who they’re looking at when I show them the pics.”

I asked my mom to lean forward a little, and she did. She placed her hands on her knees and bent forward at the waist. Her dress was very tight when she was standing but when she leaned forward, it loosened a bit and fell forward, allowing a glimpse of her purple bra. I took a few close-up pics of her breasts as they hung forward, careful to include my mom’s full face. She winked into the camera, and then kissed her palm and blew the kiss into the lens. I captured all of it with pic after pic.

“Wow, your mom is trying to make me blow my load. This is way more fun than jerking to internet porn. Now tell her to sit. I want some shots of her legs.”

My mom hurried over to the bed and sat on the edge, crossing her legs and bouncing her open-toed, high-heel covered foot up and down. I snapped pics of her sitting like that as she stretched both her arms back on the bed behind her, rocking a coy and sexy smile. I hate to admit that I felt my own dick getting hard in my pants. Brad on the other hand, he had quite the arrangement. He was able to rub his dick freely while getting pic after pic of close up, high definition shots straight to his large computer desktop.

“Get down on your knees to get a better angle, then tell the slut to uncross and recross her legs, and keep taking pics the whole time she does it. Don’t forget to include the pornstar’s face in each shot.”

I got on my knees, and my mom did as instructed. While she was uncrossing her legs, I snapped two full pictures of her uncrossed, slighty-spread legs, with her exposed purple panties in view.

As she recrossed her legs, she had no idea that I was snapping photos the whole time. The camera was silent and my mom was assuming I would wait until she was posing before I snapped the pics. “How’s that?” she asked once her legs were fully crossed.

“That looks good.” I replied guiltily, knowing I’d just betrayed my mom’s trust and snapped pics up her skirt for Brad. The phone message confirmed it: “That was a nice upskirt shot, I got a great view of her juicy, hungry pussy. Her cleavage and face are in full view in the shot, too. I think I’ll set this one as my computer wallpaper.”

My mom asked: “Do you think I should lay down on the bed, and you can get some pics of my full dress like that?”

I could tell my mom was getting into it and having a lot of fun ‘playing model’. I replied partly without thinking, partly because I didn’t want to let my mom down, and partly because I wanted to see her laying out on the bed all sexy: “Yes, that’s a good idea! I can get really good angles of the dress that way!”

As the words left my mouth I realized what I was doing, setting her up better for Brad. My dick was hard, and I was using it to think instead of my brain. My mom was already getting in position, excitedly fluffing the pillows and leaning back on them.

She was laying on her back with her feet crossed at the ankles. The pillows were propping up her back. She looked amazing. She looked like the intro to one of those Porn scenes, where the sexy woman is laying on the bed waiting for a guy to get out of the shower. I hesitated snapping pics, but knew I had no choice. I regretfully clicked the button.

I can only imagine the satisfaction it gave Brad when he saw that my mom decided to pose suggestively on the bed all on her own, without any prompting from him.

I didn’t receive a message from him right away. He must have been too busy, enjoying the pic I just sent. I snapped another. Then a third. My mom asked “How does it look? Should I try it with my hands behind my head again?” and without waiting for a reply, she moved her hands back behind her head. I kept taking pic. I had no idea how modeling was supposed to work, but my mom seemed to know, and she was having a lot of fun with it. She rolled on her side, one arm draped over the pillows and the other arm on her hips, posing like Cleopatra.

Brad messaged: “Damn, she’s is a real attention starved hussy. She’s been practicing all the signature pornstar poses. I can’t wait for her to wrap those duck-sicking lips around my asshole and stick her tongue up it while, she gives me a hand job. I might even let you kiss her when she’s done.”

Ugh. The thought disgusted me. My mom rimming Brad’s ass, french kissing it, then kissing my mouth. I knew she’d never do that, but Brad’s messaging was still getting to me and painting the image in my mind.

My mom smiled at me from the bed. “Do you think it’s enough pics for the first shoot?”

Before I answered her, I lied, and said I would look at the assignment notes on my phone. I texted Brad, asking him if she was done posing. He wrote back:

“No way. I’m not ready to cum yet. Tell the bimbo pornstar that you need pics of the back of the dress, too. I want some close-ups of the slut’s rear. She can stay on the bed, though. I like her there. It really adds to the ‘I am a gangbang pornstar’ look.”

I told her that the notes said I need pics of the dress front and back. She seemed to accept that. She hopped up on her knees, staying on the bed, and turned her back to me. She looked back over her shoulder, and brushed her hair out of her face. “How’s that?”

Damn. She looked sooooooo amazing! The dress followed all of her curves and hugged her tight-ass. “Great!” I said as I snapped the pics, and my mom put her hands on her hips and twisted her body a little more, her breasts now in view of the camera as well as her ass.

Brad messaged me: “See how she’s moving on the bed? That’s because her pussy is hungry for a large cock. Go ahead and tell her to put both hands on the mattress and arch her back. Like she wants to be fucked doggy style.”

I asked her to place her hands on the mattress and arch her back. I thought up an excuse as I relayed the message: “I want to try and get close-ups of the dress from different angles, and I’ll edit them until I get the best shot.”

My mom smiled as she heard how serious I was taking the assignment. I knew my high grades were important to her, and she liked hearing how much effort I was putting into this. She cheerfully put her hands on the mattress, on all 4’s like a dog, and arched her back. As she did, her dress really rode up her back-side.

She reminded me of another porn scene; the part of the video where the porn star just finished sucking a guy’s hard dick, and then bent over, impatiently waiting to be fucked.

“My skirt isn’t up too high, is it? You can’t see my panties, can you?” she asked. Before I could answer, I eyed another message from Brad: “I want close-ups of her from behind. NOW.” I felt a sense of urgency. I knew he would unleash hell on me if I disobeyed him.

“No, mom, your panties aren’t showing at all. And even if they do show, I’ll just edit it out or delete those pics.” My mom relaxed with that reassurance. She felt safe, like she really had nothing to worry about. I walked around to the foot of the bed, so I had a full shot of her backside. I had a great view of her bent-over ass with her skirt pulled up to just below her ass cheeks.

As I snapped pics of her butt, I saw another message pop up on my phone. “Get close and put the phone between that sluts legs. I want a few nice, full up-skirt shots of her hungry pussy while I blow my load. And HURRY.” It was straining my mom’s neck to cock her head around to see me, so after a moment she had relaxed, looking at the pillows ahead.

I took the chance and extended the camera forward, placing it between her spread legs, so that it captured full, close-up images of my mom’s purple panties between her spread legs. I didn’t get to see anything, but I knew Brad must be getting an eye full. I snapped picture after picture of her up-close pussy and ass.

I took about 6 quick shots, then quickly and silently pulled my phone back. “OK mom that’s perfect, I think I got all I need. Thanks for helping me with this.”

My mom turned around, bouncing on the bed, walked over to me on her knees and kissed me on the cheek with a big smile. “Oh that’s no problem honey, I had a lot of fun!” She looked like a little girl playing grown-up. She had no idea that instead of an innocent, fun school assignment, she had actually just been degraded to a sex-show cam-girl. She’d given Brad an explicit private show, with all her fleshy private parts exposed to him while he degraded her and jerked-off relentlessly. And now Brad had all the pics saved to his computer, too.

As I was leaving the bedroom, I noticed I had another message from Brad. I discreetly read it. “That sex-doll has a body made for fucking. Damn she gave quite a show! I can’t wait to fuck her in her tight ass tomorrow night.”

Chapter 12: A satisfying dinner

It was still early afternoon when we ended the picture session, and I wanted to get the thought out of my mind. I couldn’t concentrate on homework, so instead I went upstairs to play video games until dinner.

Once I was alone in my room, I decided to take a look at the pics. I wanted to see how bad the damage was, so to speak. I have to admit that I ended the photo-session with a raging hard-on, and I really wanted to look at her sexy pics.

But as I opened my phone, I was met with disappointment. None of the pics were saved to my phone. The app was designed to save camera-space, so the pics were only saved to the computer. In this case, Brad’s computer. So even though I took all those pics, I was left without a single one.

My hard-on started to shrink. Looks like Brad got his rocks off, and now I was left with blue-balls.

Once again, I miss out, and Brad won. I turned on a video game to try and forget everything. After numbing my head by playing video games non-stop for a few hours, my mom called me down for dinner. It smelled scrumptious! Grilled chicken with garlic salt, some boiled rice and a side of green veggies.

As we ate dinner together, my mom was quick to bring up the picture session. “It was such fun! I don’t mind posing in a few of my other dresses, too! To help you get a good grade, that is. How did the pictures turn out?”

I played with my food as I tried to think up the correct answer to this situation. “Uhm.. Yes, they turned out great. Really great. I’ll have to edit some so it shows more of the dress and shoes, since the assignment is about the fashion.”

“That’s wonderful, Hun! I’m so glad you’re taking this so seriously. I know fashion isn’t really your thing, but school is about learning all different aspects of life, so I’m glad you’re giving it your best.”

I took a small bite of food, somewhat silently. I wanted to change the subject, but didn’t know what to change it too. I just sort of nodded in agreement, and hoped she’d pick another topic.

She did.

“So are you excited to have your friend Brad over tomorrow?”

Not the topic I was hoping for. It seems like the harder I try to make things better, the worse they get! Oh well. No backing out of it now. I’d already said I thought he was great, and if I didn’t continue talking him up now it would seem strange.

“Yes, I’m so excited to have him over. He’s such a great guy.”

“I agree! Remember that he’s taking time out of his day to help tutor you and go over your homework, so I want you to have all your homework done before he gets here… It’s so generous and good of him to help. I hope you are really appreciative to him.”

“Yes, mom, I am…” I was staring at my food, poking it with the fork. I was pretty hungry when I smelled the dinner, but now my appetite seems to have left me.

“Does he like cake?” she asked

“What? Why?”

“Well it’s so nice of him to give up his Sunday afternoon to tutor you. I thought it’d be nice to bake him a cake when he gets here. Do you know what his favorite is? Can you ask?”

I put down the fork since I wasn’t eating anyway. I texted Brad: “Sir, my mom would like to know if you have a favorite kind of cake.”

He wrote back “Chocolate will be great. Thx loser.” Ugh. Somehow the ‘thanks’ was more insulting than if he’d just called me loser.

After relaying the message to mom and finishing up dinner, I went upstairs to start on some homework. My mom did the dishes, took a shower, and then settled in to watch her evening TV series.

Chapter 13: Brad gets greedy, but I keep paying him.

I’d been doing homework for a few hours. It was evening, almost bed-time. I was in deep concentration solving a math equation, when the phone beep interrupted me. It was another message from Brad. Couldn’t he leave me alone yet? Hadn’t he had his fun?

“Hey pussy-wimp. I was just looking through these smut pics of your mom, and it’s got me horny again. You know what that means, right?”

“Umm, no sir. What does it mean?”

“Haha, I forgot you are slow. It means you’re about to send me another helping of sex-pics of your mom.”

He could not be serious. Could he? I already took the pics for him. I snapped like 200 shots. Is he really about to ask me to take more? I thought I was done!

Me: “I already sent you the pics I promised. Now I’m doing my homework.”

Brad: “Wrong answer. When I say I want pics, you’re going to send me pics. It doesn’t matter if you’re busy, or you don’t want too. If you think about disobeying me again, remember that I have all those pics you sent me. I’ll bring them over tomorrow and tell your mom you sent them to me. How will you explain that? Then I’ll tell all the teachers at school you’ve been cheating on your homework, and that I’ve found more dirty notes about Mrs. Hunter. Who are they going to believe, you or me? When I’m done with you, you’ll be chained up by the gym bathroom urinals with your balls in a vice and your mouth propped open, swallowing piss from every guy on the football team. So whenever I’m feeling horny, you’re going to stop whatever you’re doing and send me fresh pics of your mom’s slutty body, bending over and spreading her legs for me. And if one of the guys from the football team messages you, you’ll do the same for them. And you’ll do it with a smile, while encouraging your cum-dump mom to show off more of her fake tits. Got it, bitch?”

My heart-rate quickened as I read the threat. I knew he wasn’t bluffing. He had me by the balls and bent over a barrel. I knew it, and he knew it. And now he has a ton of ammunition – all the dirty pics I sent him – to use against me.

I thought he’d leave me alone after I sent him the pics, but it seems that now he wants more, and all I can do is say “Yes sir” to him. I was quite scared by the threat, so I added an additional: “I’m sorry, sir. I won’t stall again.” I didn’t want to risk him following through on any of the threats.

I went downstairs. I knew she’d just taken a shower, so I was hoping my mom would be wearing something like full-length fleece pajama pants and and a sweater. I was wrong.

It was a warm spring night. After her shower, she’d slipped into a comfortable, short, see-through purple nightgown with matching purple panties. I don’t blame her for the choice of outfit, it was probably cool and comfortable for her, and she wasn’t expecting anyone to see her in it.

The purple gown was sleeveless, and had straps that went over her shoulders to hold the dress up, similar to the day dress she had on earlier did. But unlike the day dress, her evening gown was not made to cling close to her body. It was loose and airy, about as thin as a mosquito net and just as see-through. Her panties were on full display through the gown. The only parts of the material that weren’t see-through were the straps and a thick purple area that covered her breasts, similar to a built-in bra (but not as restricting). The hem of the sleeping gown was a purple fluffy fuzz, and the dress ended roughly at the bottom of her ass-cheek, but even lower when she was sitting. She looked like a seductive, sex temptress!

She was bare-footed with her legs up on the couch.

There’s no way she was going to agree to getting photoed. I casually sat on the recliner, pretending to be interested in the TV show, and I texted Brad. I was careful to remember the Sir’s and Mr’s when I texted him.

“Mr. Brad, I don’t think my mom will allow me to take a photo-shoot now. She’s wearing her skimpy pajamas and I doubt she’ll want me taking any pics of her.”

A few moments passed, and I thought I might be off the hook. Then I got his message.

I had to give it up for Brad. As much as I hated him, he was persistent and came up with an ingenious plan. It sounded quite realistic, and I might have believed it myself if I were in her shoes. After I read his message, I obediently recited it to my mom.

“Mom, I’m still a little worried about the fashion-assignment. The pics of the dress came out well today, but I’m actually still pretty far behind on the assignment.”

“Oh Hun, you shouldn’t have waited so late into the school year to bring it up to me! We’ll definitely take some more pics tomorrow, OK?”

“Well…” I continued with Brad’s plan… “I was thinking, it might be a good idea to take a picture of sleeping outfits as well as day fashion. I could show a comparison between the two, and write up the differences and similarities. My teacher might even give me extra credit for that.”

My mom seemed to be buying it, but still didn’t seem keen. That’s when I dropped the final part of the bait. “And you don’t have to worry about anyone else seeing them, because the pictures are turned in to the teacher in private. She’s a nice teacher, Mrs. Hunter. She grades them in private so none of the students or other teachers see the pictures.”

I felt shame as I told my mom the lie, but I really had no choice. She was put at ease when she heard that.

“Hun, I think it’s a great that you’re giving this so much thought. And they’re just going to your female teacher? Of course, I’ll be happy to help you with it!”

Wow. She bought it. Hook, line, and sinker. Brad’s scheme had worked, and now he was about to get another smut-show of my mom while he jerked off. A much more sexualized one this time, since my mom was wearing sexual lingerie, and now she was thinking it was a very private photo-shoot.

Chapter 14: Becky’s first lingerie porn shoot

“Should we head to the bedroom wall again? The lighting is so much better in there, and the wall really makes it look professional.” asked my mom.

I agreed, reluctantly. As we were walking to the bedroom, she told me: “Hun this outfit is a bit more… Delicate. It’s possible that something accidentally slips out of place while I’m moving around. So, don’t take any pictures while I’m moving. Wait until I’m fully posing and ready before you take any, ok?”

“Yes mom, of course” I lied back to her. I knew that Brad would have me taking pictures every second, especially as she changed positions. After his threat, I dared not disobey even by an inch. I would just have to hope that nothing slipped.

When we got into the bedroom, she started getting excited as she turned on the lights and prepared the photo shoot wall. “One minute, let me just do my make-up” she said as she went into the bathroom. Even though (she thought) it was just a private, educational photo-shoot, my mom still wanted to do her make-up.

While she was in the bathroom, I saw the message from Brad:

“I’m getting annoyed from waiting.”

I felt worry as I read the text. I did not want to test him. “I’m sorry, sir. My mom agreed to do the photos. She is just doing her make-up now.”

“Good, I like her looking like a painted whore. It matches her personality. I can’t believe she bought the lie you told her. She’s not very smart, is she? But at least she makes up for being it by having such a banging-hot body, and putting out so easily.”

My mom walked out of the bathroom. Her lips were pink and full. “There, ready hun?” she asked as she walked to the wall. There was a cheery, musical tune to her voice. She looked so sexy. I was hating with jealousy that Brad was about to get another sex-show while he jerked-off.

She stood in a sexy starting pose: her hands on her hips, a sexy smile on her face, hair draping down her shoulders, one barefoot flat on the floor while the other was only toes to the ground. One naked leg straight, the other one slightly bent, purple-panties fully visible beneath the thin gown, her belly and chest showing, her shoulders uncovered except for the tiny straps. Her body was gently twisting, swaying left and right in a tempting, flirty manner. I no longer cared that she was my mom. She was oozing with sex appeal, and I was madly turned on by her. I wanted to fuck her with all my strength! I snapped the pics as soon as she stood against the wall, and continued to snap as she posed and rocked her body.

She didn’t wait for prompts this time. She remembered the moves from earlier, and she put her hands behind her head. As she lifted her arms, besides making her breasts plumper, she also caused her gown to raise up a few inches.

“Hell yes, she’s a hot piece of fuck-meat. She was born for guys like me to play with!”

I kept snapping as she twisted and turned, bent and stood, shifted and teased. Lots of pouty kissy-faces, blowing kisses into the camera, and winking. She was really getting into it.

Brad kept sending messages, directing me what to do, which I obeyed.

“Zoom in on her fun-bags. Good. Now zoom in on her fuck-hole. Good. Keep taking pictures of it while she dances around.”

I still couldn’t get used to how Brad spoke about my mother. I hated every time he did it. I kept snapping pics of her, while my mom teased and danced around in different poses for him.

“I want some pics of her tight ‘fuck-me’ ass. Tell the cum-dumpster to turn around and face the wall.”

I asked her to turn around so I could get some pics of the back of the gown. Of course, the gown wasn’t what I was taking pictures of. I stepped nice and close, and zoomed in and snapped pic after pic of her tight, sexy ass, concealed only by the tiny, thin purple panties.

She shifted the weight from her legs left-to-right, which made her ass bob and move in different angles.

“Fuck, this slut is going to make me blow my load again! I can not WAIT to fuck that tight ass tomorrow! Get her on the bed. Be quick about it.”

“Mom, those pics of the dress really turned out well when you were on the bed. Can we try that again?”

“Of course, honey!” she said in a musical voice. Play-modeling really brought something out of her.

I snapped pic after pic of her ass as she waltzed over to the bed and climbed on it. She fluffed the pillows and hopped playfully onto her side, one elbow on her hips, the other on the pillows, resuming her Cleopatra pose. As she did, the straps on her shoulders became unbalanced by the movement of her arms, and caused the right-flap covering her breast to lay away from the chest, loose. Paired with the way she was laying, it caused half of her nipple to be revealed out of the top.

I had already taken about 4 pictures before I noticed the wardrobe malfunction, and I knew that Brad had received the pics showing part my mom’s tit. I paused shooting for a moment, afraid to send Brad more nudes of my mom, when he sent a threatening message:

“Keep shooting, wimp. DO NOT STOP.”

I felt the text message, as if Brad was standing behind me breathing down my neck. I nervously kept snapping pics. My mom asked me “It’s not too revealing, is it Hun?”

“N-no” I lied, reassuring her that the gown was fine as I kept taking pics. She shifted and slightly re-ositioned her arm, causing the strap to completely slip off of her shoulder. The front of her loose dress slid off her breast toward the bed. Her full right-breast and nipple was revealed.

The dress was so airy and loose already, and it was such a warm night, my mom didn’t even notice her breast was fully on display. I took picture after picture of her, with her right-breast fully nude. She lay there for a few moments, then blew a kiss, holding her pouty lips in a kissing position while I took pics. It looked like she was laying on the bed half-naked, inviting someone to walk up to her and slip their cock into her full, pink, kissy-lips. I was hard and horny for her. I wanted to jump on the bed and slide my cock between her hungry-looking lips, grope her nude breast, and then spread her legs apart and shove the full length of my cock into her hot pussy.

“Oh, oops!” she said as she noticed the dress malfunction. She sat up and fiddled with the top, trying to cover it, but unable to even-out the top. To fix it she stood on her knees and leaned forward, so that the dress – and her breasts – hung forward, and she could re-position the dress. As she leaned forward, her loose dress falling freely away from her large, hanging breasts, I captured pictures of her fully exposed, nude breasts. I could feel Brad’s words. “DO NOT STOP SHOOTING” I clicked away pic after pic of her naked tits. I have no way of reviewing the pictures, but I knew from the image I saw through the phone that it was capturing all of her round, hanging jugs, complete with both nipples on display.

Brad’s message came up: “Look at those huge udders. Brings back memories of when she had me squeeze and pinch them last night. I can’t wait to see how big they are after I have her get larger implants.”

My mom fixed her dress and laughed, “You better not have pictured any of that! I’m kidding, I know you didn’t.”

“No, I didn’t.. Of course not…”

“Oh yea, I almost forgot” she said, as she got on all fours, doggy style. “You wanted pics of this angle, right?”

She arched her back. Oh god, she looked so sexy! Her short gown slid all the way up her lower back, uncovering her ass (besides the tiny purple panties, it was fully naked).

I knew I’d have to get close-ups of her ass, so I might as well make it painless on myself and do it without Brad sending more rude commands.

I stepped to the foot of the bed, and snapped pics like I did earlier – this time without the skirt covering her ass and pussy. All of it was revealed, covered only by the tiny panties. My mom turned and looked back at me as I snapped the pics. Her hair long wavy hair flowing down towards the bed covers as she smiled.

“Is that good, Hun?” she asked. As if answering her question, I saw a text from Brad:

“Fuck. The little minx just made me blow another huge load. Too bad you’re not here to clean-up again, haha. Maybe we’ll fix that soon. Tell her she’s done – for tonight.”

“Yep, I got all I need, thanks again mom. I’ll make sure to edit out or delete any of the ones that look too revealing or aren’t right for the assignment.”

“Great, time for us to both head to sleep!” She walked over to the bathroom, with a skip in her step. As I was about to leave the bedroom, I saw another message:

“HOLY SHIT! Don’t say anything. I just noticed one of the pictures. Your mom’s giant dildo is by the bed. I want you to take some pics of it.”

I gasped. I was hoping he was lying. Maybe he’s pulling a prank on me. I peaked by the bed.

Resting on top of the night-table was a large, plastic, pink vibrator. It had a thick, main shaft sticking up with a round ball on the end. About 6 inches below the shaft was another, thinner shaft that stuck out about 4 inches and also had a rounded ball-tip on the end. It looks like each of the balls were vibrators, and probably designed to slide one in the pussy, and the other in the ass. I had never seen such a contraption before. I could not believe that my mom would use something like that. I must have taken pictures of it without realizing, while my she was strutting to the bed.

While my mom was in the bathroom, I snapped pics of it. I felt shame as the pics were sent the to Brad.

I got his message back: “Damn, her holes must be really stretched out to use something that big. I hope her ass is still tight enough around my thick cock. If not, I’ll just use her mouth to get me off tomorrow.”

I stared at the large sex-toy. I wanted to disappear from everyone. Another message: “She laid it out by her bed. She is planning on getting herself off tonight. How does it make you feel to know your mom is about to shove that huge dildo in her holes? I bet she has another one in the drawer, that she uses to choke herself while she stuffs that huge one up both her holes. Give her something to think about before she goes to sleep: Tell her how you can’t wait to have me over tomorrow night.”

Ugh. I hated Brad. It was quite late, and I was VERY ready for the day to end. My mom was brushing her teeth when I obediently told her “I sure can’t wait to have Brad over tomorrow night.”

She stopped brushing mid-stroke. A moment later she purred a “Meeeeee too!”

Chapter 15: The second nightmare

I stopped by the kitchen to get some toast before going to bed. I didn’t eat much of the garlic chicken for dinner, and I didn’t want to go to bed on an empty stomach and risk more nightmares. While walking upstairs to bed after eating, I heard the loud vibrator switch on in my mom’s bedroom. Looks like it was a repeat of previous night.

The toast did not help. I had another nightmare.

“Mom, can I please take more pictures of you for Brad? He’s horny and wants to get off to you again.”

“Ohhhh yes, I’d love that. Let’s not keep him waiting!” she purred as she walked into her bedroom. She was wearing her white spring dress from earlier the day, the one that showed her cleavage and stopped just above the knees.

In her bedroom, she walked to the photo-shoot wall. “Is this enough cleavage?” She asked as she slid a finger between her breasts, grabbing the dress fabric, and pulling it down – revealing her bra-covered tits.

“No, the dress is still covering too much” I told her. She grabbed the dress with her other hand, and pulled it down, wrapping it beneath her breasts. Both her breasts were fully out, only her purple bra covering them. “How about now?”

“Yes, I think that looks better.”

She then walked over and sat on the bed, her breasts still hanging out. Her skirt hem was resting at her thighs. She reached down grabbed the hem of her skirt with both hands, and slowly pulled it further up her leg. “I’m not wearing any panties, so tell me before I pull the skirt up too far.” As she pulled the skirt up, her legs started to spread.

Her pussy became visible. I didn’t say anything. “It’s not too short, is it?” she asked, as she kept pulling the dress up. “No, you should keep going.”

She kept pulling the skirt higher, fully revealing her ass and pussy.

“It’s not showing too much, is it?” she asked as she pulled the dress up to her belly, fully revealing her spread cunt and ass. She was not wearing panties. “No not at all” I told her as I took pictures of her fully exposed private parts, her breasts still hanging out of the dress.

“I can’t wait for Brad to use both these holes tomorrow. Mmmm… Just the thought of him is making me horny!” She slid her hand into the drawer next to the bed and pulled out the large dildo. I continued to take pictures as she placed the shaft at the opening of her pussy. “You can’t see anything under my skirt, can you Hun?” she asked as she massaged the tip of the dildo over her spread pussy, her dress still pulled up to her bellybutton, completely revealing everything. “No, your skirt is covering everything” I told her. She then pushed the dildo inside her hole. I watched as the round-ball tip of the dildo slid into her hole, her pussy stretching tightly around it as it disappeared inside her. She spread her legs wider. The lower shaft of the vibrator pushed against her asshole.

“I need to loosen my ass for Brad’s huge cock. I really want him to fuck my ass tomorrow, but I’m afraid his giant thick cock won’t fit.” As she said that, she shoved the second part of the dildo into her tight asshole. I saw it strain to fit, but she kept spreading her legs and wiggling until the large tip slipped inside her. The rest of the dildo was slightly narrower than the tip, and slid inside her with ease. She clicked on the vibrator. The base of the dildo shook and vibrated.

Once the vibrating dildo was buried deeply in her ass, she began to withdraw it. She pulled it out until the large, ball-tipped end was straining to escape. I could tell it was tight and hurting her ass. She pulled the ball until the thickest part popped out, then she pushed it back in. The thick, vibrating ball-tip was stretching her anus open. As soon as the tip slid back in, she began to pull it back out.

“Ohhh I really need to stretch my ass open for Brad. His dick is so thick, I felt it when I gave him a handjob on the couch during the movie.”

She continued working the thickest ball-part of the dildo in and out of the opening of her tight ass. The larger part of the dildo was still shoved deep into her juicy, sloppy, wide pussy.

She pulled at the bra covering her right breast. Once she got her nipple exposed, she grabbed it and started twisting it back and forward, rubbing it between her fingers while she simultaneously worked the large dildo in and out of her pussy and ass.

“My new fake boobs are going to lose a lot of sensitivity. That means Brad can be rougher and crueler to my tits. It’ll still hurt, but they’ll be able to take much deeper punishment from him.”

The dildo was glistening with her juices as she pushed it in and out of her holes, the vibration working hard, thoroughly stimulating her deep inside her pussy. “Ohhhh goddd” she moaned as she masturbated. In the dream, the phone was acting as a video recorder, and I was sending a live video to Brad.

I read Brad’s message: “Let’s give the bimbo something to think about. Tell her about my boner you saw at the pool.”

While my mom was working the dildo and playing with her breast, I told her “I saw Brad’s dick by the pool yesterday. He has a very large, very thick cock. One of the biggest I’ve seen.”

My mom fell onto her back on the mattress as I mentioned Brad’s large cock. She was furiously working the dildo into her snatch, squeezing her breast, and moaning. “Remember when he was by the pool with his shirt off? All the girls at school want him. He’s really going to stretch your hole out tomorrow when he fucks you. His huge cock is going to drill really deep inside you.”

She worked the dildo harder and faster, her whole body was bucking on the bed as she fucked herself. “I saw him blow his load, too. He blew a HUGE load on the pool house window. Squirt after squirt of cum.”

“Ohhh yessss!” she moaned, her body spasmed as she shoved the dildo deep inside her one last time, holding it as the vibration hummed inside her cunt, then she let go of it, letting it fall freely out of both holes and onto the floor. Her whole body relaxed.

She was panting super hard, her body relaxed on the bed when I woke up.

Ugh. What a nightmare. I hated having nightmares like that, but for some reason, my cock was super hard and I had pre-cum leaking on the mattress.

Taking pics for Brad all night must have really messed with my head. He was taking full control of my life, and I hated it. But I knew I had to keep playing along, for now. There were only 3 years of high school left. I just had to keep my head down and keep doing what Brad says until then.

I knew my mom wasn’t really going to let Brad fuck her tomorrow. She loves me, and she’d never let him – someone so awful, someone who treated me so bad – enjoy and defile her warm, sacred body. I was sure she’d see through his awfulness and kick him out of the house, telling him never to come back. But for now I had to keep playing along and building him up in front of her.

I was dreading tomorrow afternoon, when he’ll be coming over to my house to ‘help me study’. I tried not to think about as I rolled over and attempted to sleep.

Chapter 16: Sunday

In the morning, I went downstairs to join my mom for breakfast. I hadn’t slept very well. I kept running over the events in my head. I’d get turned on thinking of my mom posing in her sexy sleeping gown, and then I’d remember that Brad was coming over and get filled with dread. Then back to the sexy images of my mom, then the terrible things Brad said. My brain was so confused; it was an off-and-on session of sexual lust mixed with fear.

Breakfast was pleasant enough, but my mom did bring up the fact that Brad was coming over today. She reminded me that she expected all my homework done before he got here. He was going to help tutor me, and she said it’d be rude if I didn’t have my homework completed for him to go over with me. Like I actually needed his help at all!

When we were done eating, mom said she was going to do some spring cleaning before baking the chocolate cake for Brad. She wanted to reward him for being so great, and treating me so well – looking out for me at school, helping me out with my homework, standing up for me in front my classmates. At least, that’s what she thought was going on.

It was a warm day, so my mom changed into something comfortable to wear before cleaning. She slipped on a pair of tight white shorts. They were quite short, and might even be considered ‘booty shorts’. The top of the shorts started an inch and a half below her belly button, and were held shut by a little gold button just above the zipper. The shorts ended at the point where the back of her thighs began to shape into her ass, and if she bent over, you could see a large part of her ass cheeks showing. The shorts ended roughly at the same height in the front, hugging each leg tightly.

The shirt she was wearing was a long sleeved plaid button-up. It was an older shirt and was too small for her, so she didn’t mind cleaning in it and getting it dirty. Instead of buttoning any of the buttons, she’d rolled the bottom half of the shirt up to her ribs, wrapped it like a bra under each of her breasts, and then tied it in a knot in the middle. The end result was a huge amount of cleavage. About a quarter of each breast was visible at the base of the knot, but the shirt widened all the way up to her neck. The knot rested between my mom’s tits like a centerpiece.

Her full waist – from the top of the shorts below her belly button, to just below her breasts – was completely naked. The sleeves were loosened and rolled up to her elbows, and she had on a pair of comfortable white sneakers. Her hair was tied in a bun. God, she looks good. Even though she’s wearing something simple and dated, just to clean in – she wore the outfit in a way that screamed ‘sexy sexy sexy!’ I had to go start on my homework, but it was going to be very difficult to concentrate with that image in my mind.

“No more stalling – you have lots of homework to do, and I want to start getting some of the attic storage cleaned out.” she told me.

I went upstairs and started on my homework. Math. An English essay. A science diagram. Ugh. It was going to take quite a lot of time, a couple of hours at least. The vacuum cleaner ran as my mom cleaned downstairs. An image of her wearing that outfit popped back in my mind. This was not going to be easy.

After a few hours of homework, a sandwich for lunch, and a few more hours of homework, I’d finally finished. I went downstairs with a few minutes left before Brad was due to arrive, and found my mom putting on some make-up in the mirror. Moisturizer on her arms and legs, a full set of natural looking foundation on her face, dark mascara, eye shadow, bright fire engine red lipstick, followed by lip-gloss and a few sprays of perfume. It seemed like she was a bit overboard, just for an afternoon of chocolate cake. I just chalked it up to my mom being my mom – always wanting to look her nicest. Still, it did seem like a bit much, especially since she didn’t take the time to change out of her small, loosely tied cleaning top and white booty-shorts.

I then noticed one other part of her outfit had changed: she was no longer wearing the white sneakers, and had instead slipped on a pair of tall white pumps. It didn’t match the casual cleaning outfit at all, but damn if it didn’t make her appear sexy as fuck! I kind of liked that she dressed so sexy – I knew my mom would never put out for Brad, so the outfit would just serve to weaken and frustrate him a bit. It’d make him want what he can’t have, and would knock him down a peg or two.

Chapter 17: A warm welcome for Brad, and a warmer drink for me.

I was just about to relax in my room and enjoy some free time playing a video game when I heard the doorbell ring. My heart sank. I knew it was Brad. We weren’t expecting anyone else. I went down the stairs just as my mom was opening the door. “Hello Brad, it’s so nice to see you again sweetie!” my mom said to him gleefully.

“You too, Becky! You’re looking beautiful today!”

“Aww, in these old clothes? You’re just being courteous. But that doesn’t mean to stop!” she replied to him jokingly as she struck a pose, showing off the ‘casual’ outfit.

I was standing at the living room entrance watching. I wanted to interrupt, but I wasn’t sure if I should. I didn’t want to risk giving Brad a reason to bully me. I decided to just stand out of sight and wait until they were done.

He laughed along with her, and then gave her another compliment: “No, I mean it! You’re prettier than any of the girls at school. And a lot more fun to hang with, too!”

It was obvious mom was loving the compliments: her right heel was slightly lifted off the ground, her right leg bent, her finger playing with a loose strand of her hair. It looks like he was making her feel younger.

“You know all the right things to say to a girl! So what are those papers you have with ya?”

“This is some study material from school. I thought it’d be good to go over with him, maybe it will help prepare for the final exams.”

“Awww Brad that’s so thoughtful and sweet of you!” said my mom as she leaned forward and softly squeezed his shoulder. “You’re one of the greatest guys ever, Hun. And I have your favorite type of cake in the oven right now, too, to show how much we appreciate you.”

I couldn’t take it. I hated watching my mom dote upon Brad. I was about to interrupt when I heard her say: “Well why don’t you head up to his room now. He’s been working on his homework, but he should be done with it by now. And when you two are ready for a break, come on down for some warm cake, or a dip in the pool. It’s a nice day for it!”

Upon hearing that, I slinked back upstairs without either of them seeing me. I figured it would be less humiliating if Brad doesn’t realize I witnessed the flirting.

A minute later and my door swung open with no knock. Brad walked right in. “Well look what we have here, it’s the school’s private smut photographer. Happy to see me, milksop?”

It’s hard to describe how I felt when I saw Brad. It was a combination of dread, anger, and hatred, but also humiliation and vulnerability. However, of all the things I was feeling from seeing him, “happy” was definitely not one of them. I wasn’t going to give him that satisfaction, but I also wasn’t stupid enough to tell him no, so I just said “Hello, Mr. Brad.”

“I just finished getting a big hug from your mom. She really is a hot piece of ass, you know that? She has a body that’s just MADE for taking cock.”

I remained silent at the insults, and he walked up to my desk and dropped a pile of notebooks and papers on it. When he did, a few full-size pictures spilled out of one of the binders. I recognized the pics right away: pictures of my mom. He made no attempt to hide them. After they spilled out of the notebook, he started to separate them apart and turn them to face me. I couldn’t help but look at them, and my eyes must have widened when I saw them – the pictures looked so much worse than I thought. There were lots of close-ups of my mom’s cleavage, with her face in view, and the way she was standing and the different angles made it all appear as if she had been posing for some sort of explicit skin-mag shoot.

“Good job on taking these pics, you sick little pervert. This one is my favorite.” he said as he pulled out one of the pics. The photo showed my mom in her purple lingerie, during her dress malfunction – her right strap was slipped off her shoulder, and her full breast was on display. She was attempting to fix it by pulling the cover back over her breast, but it didn’t look that way in the pic. It appeared as if she purposely slipped the gown off, and was fondling her breast, looking dead into the camera. Worse still was that she was smiling!

“I think I’ll hang this one up in the football locker room. I have a few copies, so I could put one in each bathroom stall, too. Or better yet, I’ll put a different picture in each bathroom stall! I have plenty of different ones to choose from, and I can make a game of it – a different picture in each stall and people can vote on which MILF pose is their favorite!”

I could not believe this was happening. It felt like reality was about to give-way all around me, and I was going to fall into some hole and wake up in the twilight zone. I couldn’t believe the pictures I was seeing. I couldn’t believe the words I was hearing. I couldn’t believe my mom’s face would be plastered in each dirty bathroom stall, next to the toilets. I couldn’t believe the guys would be making a game – a mockery – of my mom’s private, sensual body. I couldn’t believe any of it! I started talking, without thinking:

“No! Brad, you can’t!” I half shouted, half pleaded. Brad started at me incredulously, the picture still in his hand.

“What did you say to me, you little shit? Did you just say that I ‘can’t’?”

I was stunned. Brad just told me he was going to degrade my mom into a bathroom toilet decoration, and now he was upset at me for saying the word ‘can’t’. I was completely lost for words. Did he expect me to roll over, and just be okay with it?

But still, I knew I couldn’t say no to Brad – he was responsible for turning in all my homework for me, he had all the teachers trust, all the kids at school liked him, he was bigger and stronger than me, he was on the football team, and my mom adored him. And, now, he had tons of pictures to use against me, too. But I still couldn’t sit there and tell him it was okay to use my mom’s pictures that way.

I was stumbling over my words: “No! I mean.. I only meant, you know.. It’s too much… I mean… Uhhmmm.”

“You want me to go downstairs RIGHT now, and show your mom all these pics you took? And tell her you showed them to me, bragging about how you tricked her into them? Do you have any idea how screwed you would be? I think I’ll do that. I think it’s time you really learn your lesson.”

He started shuffling the pictures back into the binder, acting like he was going to take them downstairs to show my mom. I didn’t know if he was bluffing, but it didn’t matter. I was so scared of him showing mom and saying those things, I got out of my chair and started begging: “No Brad! I mean, Mr. Brad! Please don’t! I’m sorry! Please don’t tell my mom!”

Brad stopped moving towards the door. “Fine, I won’t show her. But you need to be taught a lesson for talking back to me. Someone like YOU, telling someone like me, that I can’t? It’s unacceptable. You really need to learn your place.”

I did not like his tone. I did not like how the conversation was going. But he was inches from going downstairs and showing my mom those pics, and I had to play along with whatever he wanted. I remained silent as he thought up what to do.

“I’ll make this real simple. We told you at school that if you didn’t play along with what we wanted, we were going to give you another piss-shower at school. Well since none of the other guys were here to see you disobey, and you did give us those pics we wanted, I’ll make it easier for you. You can take just one piss-shower, from me. Right now.”

He paused for a moment, then said: “And think careful before you answer, loser. You know what the alternative is.”

Was he serious? He was going to humiliate me again, by urinating on my face? And this was supposed to be him making it easier on me? Ugh. I guess it is a better choice than having it happen at school, by him and all his friends. At least here I can shower and change my clothes. I didn’t have a choice, anyway. It was easier if I went along with what he wanted. The more I tried to fight or get out of it, the worse that everything ended up.

“Okay…” I agreed, very unenthusiastically.

“Okay what?”

“Okay, Mr. Brad, I’ll take a piss-shower.” I must have sounded so defeated as I said those words. Brad seemed to love it.

“Good. That wasn’t so hard, was it? Now then…” He placed the binder back on my desk, and then unzipped his pants.

“What, here? Not in the bathroom?” I asked

“Yes, that’s what I said. Right here.”

“But – the carpet, the desk, my computer – it’ll splash everywhere!” I tried to reason with him. As usual, it was pointless.

“You should have thought of that before you ran your mouth. It’s not my problem it’s going to get everywhere.”

“Please, Mr. Brad… My mom will see it…”

“And? That’s not my problem.”

“But.. I won’t be able to clean it… Please, sir… I’m begging you.”

“Okay, okay, fine, you little pussy-wimp. Because I’m feeling generous, I’ll help you out. Instead of pissing on your face while you apologize to me, I’ll let you drink my piss instead – like you’re drinking from a straw. That way it won’t get everywhere.”

“Wha…. What?” I asked him, full of disbelief. Was he really suggestion I drink his urine straight from his dick? And put my lips around his cock? There was no way…

“It’s up to you, loser. I was just trying to be nice and offer you a solution. If you’d rather my urine get all over your carpet and computer instead that’s fine. Either way, get down on your knees, I’m going to piss.”

I felt dizzy. I couldn’t believe the position I was in. I hurried to my knees, and a thousand thoughts were blazing through my mind. He pulled his large cock out of his pants. He wasn’t hard or erect, but still his penis appeared so large! It was bigger in its current soft form – both the thickness and length – than mine is, when I’m fully hard. I felt so humiliated on my knees in front of it.

“OK here it comes, don’t move too much!” he taunted. My mind was rushing, trying to figure out ways to escape this, to get out of it. But when I heard him say those words, I knew my time was up – he was about to start pissing, and I was going to get covered, as was my room. I opened my mouth, and put my lips around the tip of his cock. Just as I did, I felt his warm, gross piss gush into my mouth at high velocity. Every impulse in my body was telling me to jerk my head away, but I knew the moment I did that, the urine would go everywhere – splash off my face, douse my clothes, cover my floor, probably ruin my computer. I fought back against every instinct, and kept my lips sealed around his cock while he urinated.

It was warm and bitter. I felt disgusting. His piss was shooting straight onto the back of my tongue and throat, and quickly filled up my mouth. I started swallowing in gulps – just like I was drinking from a straw. I wasn’t looking up at him, but I could feel him looking down at me, fully enjoying himself as I swallowed gulp after gulp.

“This is kind of gross for me, letting your mouth touch my dick. You’re lucky I’m such a nice guy, letting you do this.” He mockingly said to me as he continued pissing. As if this was gross for HIM, when I am the one on my knees drinking from his cock like it’s a water hose.

I kept gulping down his urine, until he finished pissing. When he pulled his cock out of my mouth, he said: “That’s nice, I don’t have to shake the last few drops off, because you sucked it all out. I might have you do this more often. Now, I think you owe me an apology – and a thank you. Let’s hear it.”

I wiped my lips with my sleeve. My stomach was full of his urine, and my mouth tasted awful. I said what he expected: “I’m sorry for talking back to you, Mr. Brad. Thank you for letting me drink your piss.”

Chapter 18: Brad helps me with my homework

“You’re welcome, milksop. Now, your mom said that you did all your homework before I got here. Is that right?” he asked me. Why did he care? It’s not like he was actually going to tutor me in school. I’m fairly sure my grades were better than his, anyway. He focused more on football and sports than academics. So why was he asking to see my homework?

“Yes sir. I just finished the last of my homework before you got here, and was about to take a break and play video games.” I told him, the taste of his urine still bitter in my mouth.

“Let me see it. You know, to make sure you didn’t write anymore dirty notes to that sexy Mrs. Hunter.”

I pulled the different papers from my desk and showed him the completed work.

“See? I finished writing the last report just before you got here.” I said as I showed him the essay.

“Good,” he replied, “it looks like you didn’t write anymore notes this time. Mrs. Hunter will be pleased to hear it; IF I decide to turn it in for you.”

Oh god. He was taunting me, but the threat was very real – he could deny turning in my homework, and I’d be screwed. The teachers would believe it, too. I’m usually pretty good about turning in everything, but there were a few times in the past where I’ve forgotten or just blown it off and played video games. But this late in the season, I knew it was imperative I turn in every assignment. I managed to get my grades back up to A’s (thanks to my mom pressuring me), but I could not afford to miss turning in homework again.

Mom’s already told me that she couldn’t afford university tuition for me. She was counting on me getting a scholarship. That means I’d have to keep my grades up. Unlike Brad, whose parents would pay for him to go to the most expensive school in the country if he decided to. Not that he’d need it, he was already pretty much guaranteed a scholarship from his football playing. He didn’t care about his grades. But my future depended on keeping mine high.

So when he threatened to not turn in my homework, I was quite worried. The teachers would talk to my mom, who would assume I blew it playing video games, and I’d be in deep water.

“Please, sir. I can’t afford to miss any more homework. I’m desperate to have it turned in, please don’t do this. I’ll take more pictures of my mom. Anything you want!”

Brad had a huge smirk on his face during my begging. I was still on my knee’s which must have made it look even more pathetic. Before he could answer, we both heard my mom’s voice calling from downstairs. “Boooyyys, the cake is ready! Why don’t you take a break from studying and come eat?”

“You hear that, wimp? Your mom is calling for me. As for your homework, as long as you keep playing along, I’m sure Mrs. Hunter and the other teachers will get it tomorrow.”

“Thank you, sir. I’ll keep ‘playing along’ with whatever you say.” I hated saying that. It made me sound even more desperate. I felt like I was digging myself deeper into a hole, further widened by the spectrum of things he could boss me around with. But I didn’t see any alternative, and a little begging was better than no scholarship, no university, and possibly worse.

“Good. We can start right now! I’m going to go downstairs and enjoy some delicious chocolate cake with your mom; and you’re going to stay up here and do a bit more homework.”

“What?” I was confused. Was I missing an assignment? That’s when he opened the other notebooks he brought, and pulled out some pages.

“I haven’t done any of my assignments yet.” he said as he plopped several pages of homework on my desk. Sheets of math equations, essay instructions, and a book report. It looks like Brad hadn’t even touched his homework since Friday or even Thursday, and it was now Sunday afternoon! It would take the whole rest of the day to finish!

“You’re going to sit up here and do my homework for me, while I hang out with that hot piece of tail downstairs. I think she’d rather be alone with me, anyway. She was flirting with me as soon as I entered the door. But don’t worry, before the night’s over, I’ll give her the fucking that she needs so badly.”

Maybe it was from the taste of urine, but my mouth went completely dry as he said that. He expected me to have all his homework done tonight, and he was going to be hanging out with my mom, uninterrupted by me, all evening. I know my mom isn’t a slut. But I’ve seen how woman act around him at school, they can’t seem to help themselves around him – always flirting, touching him, trying to get his attention. I was worried about the effect he was going to have on my mom.

He continued talking: “And I expect A’s for each assignment. If you don’t finish one of them in time, then you can just erase your name from the assignment you did, and put my name instead.”

We heard another call from my mom. “Guys, are you coming down? The cake is ready!”

Brad started to leave the room, shouting “Have fun doing my homework, loser!” before shutting my door and going downstairs.

I was left stunned as he shut the door. It took me a few long moments just to process everything that was happening. I just drank a bladder full of Brad’s urine, and now I was doing his homework while he flirted with my mom uninterrupted all evening.

I looked over the assignments, and it made my cottonmouth even worse. He had so much homework piled up for me to do. I didn’t know where to begin. And here I was thinking I was all done for the evening.

As I looked at the papers on the desk, I realized he’d left the binder with my mom’s pics on the desk. The thought crossed my mind to destroy the pictures. But then I realized how stupid that would be. Brad obviously had them saved to his computer, and destroying them would do nothing more than make him angry – something I desperately wished to avoid.

Also, I’m fairly sure he left them there intentionally. He did it to taunt me. He knew I wouldn’t be able to resist looking, and he knew I also had a ton of homework to do. If I didn’t start on his homework now, I’d be at it late into the night. I might not even get it all finished, and have to turn mine in as his instead. But I couldn’t help it. I just had to look at the pics.

Besides, Brad would never find out. I glanced once again at my door, half expecting him to burst in again as soon as I opened the binder. The door was shut tight, no sound coming from the other side. I cracked open the binder.

Chapter 19: Chocolate Cake

Whatever dry mouth I was feeling before, it was cured when I looked at the pics. Page after page of large HD print-outs. The first ones I saw were of my mom wearing her spring dress. She was standing against the wall, bending forward like she was proudly showing off her cleavage, turned around showing her ass, sitting on the bed with her legs uncrossed and a view of her panties, laying on the bed with her hands behind her head… Every picture seemed worse than the one before it. Then finally, the last few had her on all 4’s on the bed, the shot taken from behind. Damn she looked sexy. Then there was the pic where I held the phone between her legs. She was wearing the purple panties, thank god, but you could still make out every detail. Everyone was going to know the exact width, length, and shape of my mom’s pussy.

I was no longer peeking through the cracked binder. I had the whole binder open on my desk with half the pics pulled out. I felt my cock harden in my pants. I couldn’t help myself. The pics were so sexual and explicit. They were turning me on and making me quite horny.

And that was just the first binder. The second binder was way more explicit! She had on the purple next-to-nothing nightgown. She was posing in most of the pics, blowing kisses, shaking her ass, lying on the bed. Then of course there were the nudes, too. Both my mom’s jugs were on display, some with her looking into the camera smiling as if it was intentional. The thought of these plastered at the school locker room made me sick, but my dick continued to grow and strain against my underwear.

That’s when I thought of her downstairs alone with Brad. The thought of him hanging out with her, while she was wearing that easy-to-take-off and revealing outfit, filled me with jealousy and worry. I knew you could see a lot of her breasts in that outfit – I knew, because I caught myself checking them out after breakfast. I knew I had a mountain of his homework to do, but the feeling of jealousy while he was alone with her was making me sick.

I decided I’d head downstairs, just to get a listen, and maybe a quick glimpse.

I crept quietly downstairs. I could hear them in the kitchen. I stayed well out of view and close by the staircase, so I could tip-toe speedily upstairs if they came into the living room.

“Of course you can have another piece, help yourself to as much as you want. I baked it just for you, darling.” Ugh. My mom called him darling. The words stung my ears. The smell of warm chocolate cake filled the whole house. While Brad was eating the tasty cake, I still had the taste of urine – his urine – in my mouth.

She continued on: “I’m aggravated he didn’t finish his homework. I told him to have it done before you got here, but I bet he blew it off playing video games again. Definitely no cake for him today.”

I cringed. He lied, and told her I didn’t do my homework? He is such an asshole!! And I couldn’t do anything but sit in the stairwell and listen.

“There was a lot to do this weekend, too. Looks like he didn’t even start on it. I went over the material with him, so at least he knows what to do. I finished all mine Saturday morning.”

“That’s so diligent of you, Brad. You’re so mature for your age and…” her voice sort of trailed off for a moment, then she carried on:

“Mmm… Big. After that movie we watched together, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. Sorry. Listen to me, I must sound so silly. I’m not usually like this!” What was wrong with my mom? She didn’t sound like herself. She sounded a little silly, almost like she was nervous.

Brad replied to her: “That’s ok babe, I’m used to it. I think what you need, is to watch another movie with me. I’ll go upstairs make sure little lazy-head is still busy with his homework, and then we can cuddle up and watch something? Just the two of us this time.”

Hearing Brad call my mom ‘babe’ made me nauseated. Worse still was her response to it: she giggled like a flirty little schoolgirl, and then said “That sounds won-der-ful! You must be reading my mind, because you always know exactly what I’m thinking.”

I couldn’t see in the kitchen, but I heard a chair sliding against the floor, then what sounded like kissing noises! I crept toward the kitchen to get a look…

I barely peaked around the corner, but I probably could have been standing in the middle of the kitchen and they still wouldn’t have seen me. They were sitting next to each other, and Brad was leaned over to my mom kissing her, his palm was placed on the back of her jaw with his fingers wrapped around the back of her neck. She wasn’t resisting his kiss at all. After a moment of their lips together, I saw her open her mouth and welcome his tongue into her mouth.

Her lips looked so soft and delicious. The smell of warm cake filled the air. He pulled his lips away from hers, and she let out a very small but wanting moan: “mm..” Then he pushed his lips back to hers and she opened her mouth again to meet him.

I watched as Brad’s tongue violated my mom’s open mouth over and over, and she kept returning his kiss each time, letting him kiss her as often and as deeply as he liked. After they kissed – made out is more like it – for a long, uninterrupted minute, Brad moved his mouth to her neck and pushed his lips and tongue against it. She closed her eyes and turned her head to expose more neck to him. “Oh yesss baby” she said as he kissed her neck, and then she ran both her hands through the back of his hair, pulling his head into her. He worked his face down from her neck down to her shoulder, then upper chest…

My mom was still wearing that small, unbuttoned plaid shirt tied just beneath her breasts, and as such, her whole chest and upper breasts were exposed for him. She didn’t stop him as his lips found their way into her cleavage, instead her hands pulled at the knot on the shirt, untying it and letting it spill open for him. Brad had full access to her full, round, naked breasts. I watched with jealously as he closed his hand around one, fondling the large jug in his hand, while his lips closed on the nipple of the other. As his lips touched her nipple, my mom’s legs shot apart like they were on a coiled spring, and she leaned her head back, letting out a moan. She looked like she was in ecstasy. “Ohh Brad I’ve been waiting for this since Friday night!!”

Brad pulled his lips off her nipple. “I bet you have. I can tell what you need.”

He sat back in his chair, his hand still on her breast. His fingers grabbed her right nipple, and he pinched it, then shook it side-to-side. It looked rough, like it hurt her.

“Ouwch!” she yelped and leaned forward a little.

“Now why don’t you be a good girl and put on the movie I brought, and I’ll go make sure lazy-head doesn’t come annoy us.”

My mom’s grimace turned into a playful smile as he let go of her tit, and she let out a little giggle. “You’re such a bad boy! I’ll put the movie in. Hurry back to me!” she told him.

I was quickly hurrying up the stairs before Brad even stood up. When I got back in my room, I realized I hadn’t even started on his homework yet, and the pictures were lying all over the desk.

I had only a few moments, so I quickly sorted the pictures back into the binder. I didn’t have time to put them back in order, so I just crammed them and grabbed the closest homework piece I could find – a sheet of math equations – and I sat down and started working on the first problem.

The door opened without a knock, and Brad walked in. “Hey piss-drinker. I thought you might be getting thirsty from doing my homework, and need another drink of urine. What do you say, perv?”

My head was still downstairs, with the image of Brad molesting my mom’s mouth and breasts. I couldn’t focus on the answer. “N-no sir… I don’t need any more right now, thanks…” Did I really just say thanks, to Brad offering me to drink his piss? Ugh, I was so distracted I wasn’t thinking straight.

“Look at that, you’re on the very first math problem. You haven’t even started it yet. You’ve been distracted, haven’t you? You were ogling those pics of your mom, weren’t you?” He mockingly asked me as he opened the binder on my desk. I knew he’d be able to tell the pics were out of order, so there was no reason to try and deny it. “Uh.. Yes sir. I was looking at the pics.”

“Tsk tsk tsk. That’s really perverted of you to be checking out sexy pics of your mom. I guess I should have expected as much, from someone who wrote such a dirty note to Mrs. Hunter.”

I was so ashamed. I didn’t write that note of course, but I had been looking at the pics. I kept quiet.

“Don’t worry, wimp. You can keep looking at the pics. And while you’re going through them, remember that I’ll be downstairs, getting the real thing.”

That thought scared me. Especially because I was starting to realize it was true.

“I have your mom warmed up and eating out of my palm, just the way I want her. After she felt my dick Friday night, she’s been drunk with lust. She’s a real bitch in heat. She took so little work to spread her legs for me, it was almost pathetic.”

I was staring blankly at my lap. I couldn’t look him in the eyes. I knew that at least half of what he was saying must be true. I knew my mom acted differently around him. I knew he was going to go downstairs and watch a movie with her – perhaps more – and I knew I’d be up here doing his homework while it happened.

“She’s not much for brains or personality, so she’s lucky she has such a banging hot body. With her fat dick sucking lips, her giant fake knockers, her tight “fuck-me” ass, and her long slender legs that she’s so quick to spread for every guy that comes around.”

I was feeling very uncomfortable sitting in front of Brad, alone in the room, with the taste of his urine still on my tongue.

“Don’t worry, when I’m done with her tonight, she’ll still be plenty fuckable – just a bit looser! And I have a lot more fun in mind. I’m gunna fix her up real good. Implants, tattoos, and plastic surgery, she’s going to be the ultimate little fuck toy. A woman with that kind of body deserves to be shared and passed around. Don’t you agree, loser?”

I kept staring at my lap, listening to his words. After what I’d seen so far, each word he spoke felt completely true. I didn’t want to accept any of it, of course. But I knew Brad had it all set up. He had me sitting in the chair so obediently. It was as if I was strapped to the desk by the balls. And he knew how to play my mom. He had her eating out of his hand. He had the evidence and the position at school. The only thing I could do now was keep playing along, and hope that somehow something changed. Maybe my mom would change her mind about him (which didn’t seem likely), or Mrs. Hunter would catch him somehow (also didn’t seem likely, she was all over him) or his friends ratted him out (very unlikely). I would just have to keep waiting and hoping.

I obediently answered his question about my mom being passed around: “Yes, sir.”

“Haha, good boy. Or should I say, bitch. Yea, that’s fitting! Have fun doing my homework, bitch!”

Chapter 20: Brad finally scores


With that he left and went downstairs, but he didn’t shut my door this time. It was like he wanted me to hear what was going on downstairs. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction I stood up to shut the door, but when I got to the doorway, decided to leave it open a moment – just for a moment – and listen.

“Therrrrre you are, big-boy” I heard my mom purr as he walked down the stairs. “All taken care of up there?”

“Yes, he was blowing off his homework by playing a video game. I made sure he knocked it off and got back to homework. He’s impossible!”

Brad walked into the living room, I assume to sit on the couch, probably next to my mom. I heard her reply:

“Yes I know! I’m so glad he’s got a guy like you in his life now, to help keep him on track!” Hearing my mom talk to Brad like that was humiliating. Especially since Brad is younger than me, and my mom was talking like he was some sort of man of the house, keeping me disciplined!

“I told him I didn’t want the movie to distract him, so I had him put on some headphones and listen to music. So he can’t hear any noises we make. And I have a feeling we’re about to make plenty!”

My mom replied: “Oh, hehe… Oh!” then I heard a loud kissing sound, and my mom let out another “Ooo!!” followed by more, loud, wet kissing noises. I couldn’t bring myself to shut my door. I was filled with jealousy and humiliation as I heard the sounds. Jealousy got the best of me, and I decided to leave the door open and listen.

I didn’t dare go downstairs and spy, and risk them seeing me. Besides, I had a whole ton of homework to do. I sat down on my desk and started on the first assignment.

Downstairs, my mom was still wearing the plaid shirt, but it was untied and spread open. Her pumps were lying on the floor. She was sitting on the left side of the couch, with her back against the arm-rest, and both her legs were wrapped around Brad. He was on his knees on the couch between her legs, smooching his mouth against her open lips, violating her with his tongue while his hand roamed up and down her bare leg.

She still had on the shorts, thank god. But even so, her legs were still pulling his hips into hers, as if they were dry-fucking. She broke the kiss off for a moment, long enough to ask “Are you sure he can’t hear us?”

“I’m sure, you naughty little girl.” he told her before returning his lips to hers. My mom didn’t resist. She gave in to the kiss, then a deeper kiss, then she started full-on making out, and her hands started pulling his shirt off.

My heart sank as I heard my mom hungrily kiss him. When his shirt was off, she dug her hands into his back, and rubbed her hips against his crotch. She then broke the kiss off, loosened her leg grip around his thighs, and started unbuckling his pants. “Oh babe I’ve been thinking about this nonstop since you left Friday night” she told him as she yanked at his belt, unbuckling his pants with urgency.

As soon as the belt was undone and his pants were unbuttoned, she slid her hand down his boxers. “Oh YEA babe, this is what I’ve been missing!” she said as her hand disappeared down the front of his boxers. She pulled her hand out of his pants, climbed off the couch, and pulled Brad’s pants off. Then, as Brad sat back on the middle of the couch wearing only his boxers, my mom grabbed the front of his boxers and carefully pulled them up-and-under his dick revealing his full, erect boner. My mom’s eyes widened as she saw it.

Brad was huge! The shaft was straight and hard, sticking straight up between his legs. A full 9 or 10 inches of hard dick. My mom seemed stunned as she stood there looking at it. She leaned forward, wrapped her hand around the shaft, her fingers barely able to close around it. She slid her hand up and down his huge shaft as he sat back on the couch cushions.

“Have you ever had a blowjob, babe?” she finally asked him.

“Yea” Brad replied, confidently. I had no doubts he was telling the truth. Even before high school, girls have always been all over him. There’s even a rumor at school that any time a cheerleader joins the cheerleader squad, she has to go through an ‘initiation’ by having sex with Brad in the storage room by the gym. I was sure such a rumor was exaggerated, but it did lend credit to idea that he’s probably had plenty of blowjobs already.

My mom did not seem deterred by his reply. “Well that just means I’ll have to do an even better job!” she said before winking at him, and then ripping the plaid shirt off, dropping to her knees, kneeling in front of the couch between his legs, placing her hand back around his cock.

She stroked his shaft a few more times, staring at it like a little girl with a brand new toy. “Oh my god, you’re so big, I’m in love with your cock” she told him before lowering her face to it. She planted a kiss on the underside of his shaft. Then another kiss. Then another. Lots of small, loving kisses, up and down his cock, starting from the bottom of his shaft, kissing up to the top, circling over the tip, then kissing back down the other side – peck after peck after peck of gentle kisses. I was mad with jealousy – my mom’s loving lips, that she’s kissed me with numerous times on the cheek or forehead, were now worshiping Brad’s huge dick.

After covering it with kisses, she opened her mouth and put it over the tip of his cock, lowering her mouth down the shaft, her hand wrapped around the lower shaft, stroking and milking it while she sucked and bobbed her head up and down the tip. She then pushed her head down far – about half way down his large cock – until she gagged and pulled her head off, a large amount of saliva covering his cock. “How was that, babe?” she asked him.

“It’s nice Becks, but I’ve had girls who could take it deeper.” Brad was a monster. He’s getting a blowjob from my mom, letting her deep throat his cock until she gags, and all he can say is that it’s not deep enough.

My mom didn’t answer. Instead, she took a deep breath, and put her mouth back over his cock, this time lowering her head down even deeper. She must be trying to prove herself to this mean, selfish, awful bully. My mom lowered her head down his cock until she gagged, then kept her head there a long moment until she pulled her head back, gagging and coughing a little. There were tears coming out of her eyes, and saliva dripping off her chin with a large strand hanging between her lips and the tip of his dick.

After she sputtered and coughed, she asked again. “How about that?”

“Pretty good. It still wasn’t all the way down, but it was better.”

My mom closed her hands around his cock, her hand gliding smoothly up and down his soaking wet cock. She spoke to him as she jerked him off “You’re just so big, babe! I’ve never seen such a large dick! I don’t think I can go all the way down.”

As soon as she said the word “down”, she put her lips back around his cock, and attempted to deep throat him again. It was impressive how deep she took his cock. She would have been able to swallow my whole thing easily, probably without even gagging. But she was truly struggling to take Brad’s cock, and she still wasn’t able to take the full thing.

Once she had her head down on his cock as far as she could, she held her head there and pushed her tongue out of her mouth, massaging his cock and trying to lick his balls. After a moment, she choked, pulled her mouth off, and coughed. Her make-up was ruined, her eyes and mouth watering. Her hand resumed stroking his cock as soon as her mouth was off.

“I can’t go any deeper, babe. But I know a place where I can take the whole thing. And I’m absolutely dying to feel it inside me there.” she said to him.

“I bet you are, you filthy girl.” Brad was outright degrading her, but she didn’t object or say anything. I guess he knew he had her far enough along he could start talking to her like that.

He continued: “But you have to earn it, first. Why don’t you keep working with your mouth, while I watch this movie? Don’t forget the balls, too” he told her.

“Yes babe” she said before moving her mouth to the bottom of his shaft, licking it while her hand stroked it.

He grabbed the remote off the arm cushion and pressed unmute, and that’s when I heard what ‘movie’ they were watching. It’d been on this whole time, but muted. It was a straight up porno. I heard the loud moans from the TV as Brad watched what must have been a very rough and explicit scene.

Brad relaxed back on the couch watching the degradation of the porn star, while my mom stayed busy between his legs, sucking his cock, licking the shaft before thoroughly sucking each of his balls while her hand continued to jerk him off. Her hand unbuttoned her shorts and she worked her left hand in them, furiously rubbing in small circles over her clit.

My mom stayed on her knees, working diligently on Brad’s dick, her tongue always out, always touching some part of it as she moved her mouth around his shaft, balls, and tip, her lips closing over different parts, kissing and sucking him, then bobbing up and down, trying to deep throat him.

My mom’s make-up was a mess – mascara all over the place, lipstick smeared half way down her cheek, her hair was tossed and wet.

That’s when Brad said to my mom “OK slut, you ready to get your hole stuffed?”

My mom pulled her mouth of his cock and looked up at him. “Oh yes babe, I want it so bad!”

An instant later she was standing, slipping the tiny, tight white shorts down her long legs. She stood in front of Brad and paused for a moment, wearing only a maroon colored thong. She teasingly thumbed the side of the thong, and rocked her hips left to right. “You ready to have this body, stud?” she playfully asked Brad.

“Hell yea, take those panties off, let me see that juicy pussy” he told my mom, who was all too ready to comply. She made such a show of it. She turned around so her back was to Brad, then carefully placing a thumb under each side of the thong, she bent over, lowering her panties as she did, removing them all the way down to her feet in one fluid motion.

The view she gave Brad was exquisite. He got to watch as she bent over for him and slid the panties off, revealing her naked ass and pussy. Once she stood back up, she looked back over her shoulder, gently tapped her toned ass cheek, and said “come and get it!”

Brad stood up and picked my mom up off the ground, then tossed her naked body stomach-down on the couch. My mom was giggling the whole time, and Brad tossed her like she weighed nothing. As soon as she was on the couch, Brad placed one knee on the cushion behind her, grabbed both her hips, and pulled them up towards his dick. My mom climbed up on her knees to comply, until she was on all 4’s in front of him. His right hand was on her slender hip, holding her in position, while his left hand held his dick.

He slid his cock over her naked, puffy pussy. Not penetrating her, just teasing her, sliding it back and forward over her cunt. “Ohhhh” my mom moaned, “oh please Brad, put it in me, it’s so big, ohh pleeease babe. Ohh you tease, put it in, I need it so bad!” She was rocking her hips back and forward, as if she was trying to slip his cock in herself, but he kept it planted firmly against her cunt, massaging it.

I was trying so hard to concentrate on a difficult math equation as I heard my mom downstairs, begging for Brad’s cock. If 7 is the factor, the lowest common denominator would be… My thought was interrupted by my mom’s voice downstairs:

“Pleease shove your dick inside me! My pussy is burning for it!”

I tried hard to ignore it and focus back on the math problem, my cock growing hard, the taste of urine in my mouth, the bedroom door still open. I couldn’t bring myself to shut it, even though the noises downstairs were heartbreaking.

Brad positioned just the tip of his large member inside her swollen, wet pussy, then he grabbed both her hips, held her tightly, and thrust. In one huge thrust, he shoved his entire cock into her willing pussy. She howled as Brad’s huge cock thrust inside her. “OHH MYY GODD!” she screamed, and my bully did not let up – as soon as he’d thrust his full cock inside her, he pulled back, then shoved it back in, fucking her deeply and hard.

The loud “slap slap slap” of Brad’s thighs smacking against my mom’s ass filled the air. My mom was howling with delight as Brad fucked her. “Ohhhh yes, yes, fuck me, fuck my pussy!! Keep fucking me babe!” I couldn’t finish a single math problem. I heard a loud “SLAP!” as Brad slapped my mom’s ass while he continued to fuck her on the couch. “Ouuww yesss babe, you’re going to make me cum with your huge dick!”

I heard the couch starting to squeak as it rocked against the wall in the living room from the hard thrusting.

“Oh yes! Oh Brad! Yes! Right there, honey! Keep going, you’re right there!” shouted my mom as Brad kept fucking her pussy.

“Uhn, Uhn, Uhn, Uhn!” she moaned as Brad fucked her cunt, loosening it with each thrust.

“Oh babe, I’m falling in love with your cock! You’re going to make me cum, please don’t stop” my mom begged him. Brad smacked her ass a few more times while he fucked her, and that’s when my mom came – I could tell by how loud she moaned. She clenched the couch cushion, stopped moving, and planted her hips firmly in front of Brad’s cock as he kept thrusting, her head on the couch-arm cushion, her mouth open.

“Uhhgnnn yesss” she moaned as she came, then squirmed a little against Brad’s cock. He stopped thrusting and instead kept his dick planted deep in my mom’s pussy while she came all over it. I was so jealous of Brad as he made my mom cum. He didn’t thrust, instead let her enjoy it – he was enjoying it too, being the huge stud that made my mom’s panties drop and then made her cum. Just as she seemed to be fully relaxed, enjoying the moments after her orgasm, Brad smacked her ass, interrupting her relaxing afterglow. “Ouuww” squealed my mom and flinched from the hard smack, sliding off Brad’s cock.

I was shattered.

“I’m not done yet, little girly” he said to my mom. A coy, sexy smile crossed her face after he smacked her. “You’re suuuuch a stud, babe! Let me finish you off!” she said as she turned around to face him.

“Hang on” Brad said to my mom, sitting back on the couch, getting more comfortable, and watching the rough action on TV.

Once he was sitting comfy against the cushions, my mom crawled towards him and lowered her head between his legs. I heard the loud “suck, suck, suck” noise as she bobbed her head up and down on his hard cock.

I could only imagine how good it must have felt for him to get that blowjob from my mom while he watched the porno. He wasn’t even giving my mom the respect of looking at her. He was just using her for a blowjob while he watched the porn. My mom kept going, sucking him as sensually and tenderly as she could.

I heard Brad grunt, and my mom let out a loud, long “mmmmmm” as Brad came in her mouth. She kept bobbing up and down, milking his cock while he groaned and came. After a moment, my mom pulled her head off his cock, smiling proudly. “Was that good, babe?” she asked him lovingly.

“Yea, giving head is definitely one of your stronger suites” he told her. The comment seemed degrading to me, but my mom didn’t seem to think so. “Aww that’s so sweet of you, babe! You’re definitely the real champion here, though.” she said, and idly ran her finger over his chest, cuddled against him. They both lay cuddling for a minute, then my mom piped up: “Babe, let me get you some more cake? You stay seated, and I’ll go fix you a plate.” She hopped up off the couch, grabbing her shirt, heels, and thong off the ground and walking into the kitchen.

Chapter 21: Brad enjoys a well-deserved victory

I was able to make good progress on Brad’s homework as he enjoyed another piece of cake with my mom.

Twenty minutes later, I saw Brad coming up the stairs. I was about half-way done with his assignments, and my bedroom door was still open.

Brad had a smug, victorious smile on his face as he walked into my room and plopped himself down on my bed.

“How’s the homework coming along, bitch?”

“Good, sir… I’m half way done.” I told him. My voice cracked a little as I spoke, and I had to fight back from bursting into tears. I know Brad could tell I was on the verge of breaking into tears, and it seemed to delight him. He seemed to key in on it, and wanted to push me further.

He sat up on the bed and leaned forward towards me. “Did you like what you heard, little bitch?” he asked, his voice was quiet and sinister.

I didn’t answer. I kept fighting back the tears, and accidentally let out a little sniffle.

“Did you like hearing your mom begging me to fuck her? She’s a real slutty whore, isn’t she, pussy-boy.”

I couldn’t hold back the tears. Everything Brad was saying was true. I’d heard all of it. I started to cry, which seemed to encourage him to keep going.

“I showed your mom my large cock, and she changed from a lady, into the dirty, cum-hungry, cock-desperate, begging little slut that she is. And you know, bitch? I’m not done with your mom, yet. I’m going to come over here and fuck her again. Often. I’m going to have her tattoo my name over her pussy, make her get bigger breast implants, and fuck her on a regular basis. And she’s going to love it, because your mom is nothing more than a sex-starved, filthy little fuckhole for me to use. And every time I come over to use her, I’m going to bring my homework for you to do.”

I couldn’t stand up for myself to Brad. I couldn’t even turn to face him. I kept staring at the homework, the pencil in my hand, as tears were running down my face. I knew Brad was victorious. Just like he was at school – first he bested me in front of Mrs. Hunter, now he fucked my mom. I was just hoping he wouldn’t decide to beat me up now.

“Go on, wimp. Say it. Tell me what your mom is.”

I knew it was easier if I went along with Brad, than if I resisted him. I choked back my tears long enough to say the words:

“My mom is just a filthy little fuckhole for you to use.” It hurt me saying those words, but I knew I had no choice. Brad was calling all the shots from here on out.

Just then I heard my mom’s voice call upstairs “Brad, are you ready to head home? I’ll give you a ride back!”

“Sure, Becks! Be down in a sec!” he shouted, then leaned over my desk. “I want all my homework turned in to me tomorrow morning, on the school bus. And while you’re finishing up the last half, I’m going to get road-head from your mom. She’s going to pull the car over the side of the road, and give me a blowjob in the car before dropping me off at home. Something for you to think about, while you finish my assignments.”

Then as he was walking out of my room, he turned around once again and said “See you tomorrow morning, homework bitch. Don’t stay up too late, haha.”

Before they walked out the front door, I heard my mom saying “That’s so sweet of you to help him with his homework, babe. You’re an angel.”

Then I heard a loud “Slap!” as Brad spanked my mom’s ass while she walked out the door. She let out a little yelp, followed by loud laughter.

They shut the front door and were gone.

I felt so torn inside knowing my mom had given up her body to my bully. I also knew, it was largely my fault. If I hadn’t lied and started this all, none of it would have happened. I could just hope that soon my mom saw through Brad for what he really was. A selfish, awful, disgusting, mean bully.

I wiped my tears, brushed the taste of urine out of my mouth, and continued on his homework. I felt the urge to cry a few more times, but I managed to fight it back. It was only a 15 minute drive to Brad’s house, so when the clock ticked past 30 minutes, I started to worry. Was she really giving him another blowjob? I tried not to think about it, and kept on the homework. 40 minutes passed. 45.. Then after 50 minutes, I finally heard the door open.

I still had a lot of Brad’s homework to do, and I didn’t think I could face my mom anyway, so I didn’t go downstairs to see her. She probably thought I’d already gone to sleep, because she didn’t say hello or anything, just went to her room to go to sleep.

I don’t remember exactly what time I finished, but as soon as it was done I collapsed into bed and passed out immediately.

Chapter 22: The third nightmare
Unfortunately for me, I did not sleep very well. My night was interrupted with more nightmares. I dreamed that I was at school, in Mrs. Hunter’s class.

She was giving a lecture when my mom knocked on the classroom door. Mrs. Hunter didn’t seem surprised to see her. My mom was wearing her same outfit from today, including the white pumps and her full make-up.

“Sorry to interrupt, Mrs. Hunter, but Brad sent me a text that he was feeling horny, so I left work and came straight here.”

“Oh that’s okay Becky, why don’t you use my office chair.”

Brad got up and sat in Mrs. Hunter’s chair, and my mom knelt in front of Brad, pulled out his cock, and began hungrily sucking on it in front of the class. Mrs. Hunter continued the lecture as if nothing was happening, while my mom kissed and sucked on Brad’s dick in front of everyone. I heard one of the guys comment “Wow, Becky really does put out easily!”

After a few minutes of blowing him in front of everyone, he said to my mom “OK slut, I’m tired of your mouth. Now I want to fuck your gaping pussy.”

“Oh yes sir, thank you!” my mom replied before kicking off her pumps and then stripping off the shorts. She was still wearing the tied plaid shirt like it was a loose bra. The classroom gasped as my mom pulled off her thin maroon thong. She then turned around to face the class, and sat in Brad’s lap. She was sitting ‘reverse-cowgirl’ in Brad’s lap, and lifted up her legs, placing both bare feet on Brad’s knees. Everyone had a crystal clear view of her spread pussy that she was flashing to the entire class.

The classroom went quiet as they watched my mom position her cunt opening over the tip of Brad’s large 10-inch cock. He held his dick steady with one hand, as my mom got her cunt in position, then dropped the full weight of her body onto it. Everyone, including me, had a clear view of Brad’s cock as it penetrated my mom’s pussy, splitting it wide open. Mrs. Hunter continued teaching as my mom bounced up and down on Brad’s thick cock. She was moaning wildly, like a slut in heat, while she was getting fucked.

Brad reached his hand up and pulled at the knot holding my mom’s shirt on. The knot came undone and the shirt fell loose, revealing my mom’s naked breasts to everyone. Her large jugs bounced up and down as she rode his cock, and the whole class seemed entranced.

Once my mom’s tits were revealed, Brad grabbed them with each hand. He squeezed and kneaded them, played with them, grabbed the nipples and pulled while my mom continued to bounce. Mrs. Hunter didn’t even seem to notice as my mom howled even louder from the tit-grabbing. “Brad, I love your cock, please keep fucking me, I’ll do anything!” my mom moaned as she bounced up and down on his massive, straight cock again and again.

I saw some of the classmates next to me pulling out their cocks and jerking off while they watched my mom bounce on Brad’s massive pole. I even saw Chelsea – one of the school’s hot brunette cheerleaders – slip her fingers into her skirt and masturbate. Her quiet moans subtly complimenting my mom’s loud ones.

Brad’s balls started to retract and pull as his cock throbbed, and we all watched as his large balls emptied inside my mom’s body. My mom sat all the way down on his cock, her eyes rolled back, her hands embracing his, squeezing them into her large tits while he came deep into her womb.

“Ohhh baby, yes, give me all your cum!” my mom hissed as he emptied his balls inside her pussy.

Mrs. Hunter took a break from the lecture. “That was very hot, Brad. If any boys would like to stay behind and take a turn with Becky, they can drop their homework off at the pervert’s desk for him to do. Three boys with her at a time. Also, any girls that want to stay back and give Brad another blowjob, they can drop off their homework as well.

I watched as my mom went into the large classroom closet. There was a table and chairs in there. Every boy and girl in the class made a line, dropping their homework assignments off at my desk, then going to their respective spot – the guys lined up outside the closet door, three of them going in at a time – I saw my mom sitting on the table, completely naked with her legs spread, a big sexy smile on her face as she wiggled her finger, welcoming them in.

The girls, however, knelt down around Brad, still sitting in his office chair. There were only three girls in Mrs. Hunter’s class, but each of them was on the cheerleader squad. Although it was arguable which was the most beautiful, Victoria was definitely the most popular. Her parents were wealthy and saw to it that she always had the most stylish clothing and apparel. Her blonde hair was cut and styled weekly, and her nails always appeared professionally manicured. Added with her light-blue eyes, confident (and bossy) personality, and her position as head cheerleader, she rocked the school as the most popular and sought after girl.

The second girl was named Claire. She was a quiet girl, especially for being a cheerleader, but she was well known by everyone at school because of her long, fiery-red hair. Her round face appeared young and sweet, and her skin was pale but unblemished. Her 30b breasts were slightly below average, but that was diminished by her long and muscular legs, which captures every boy’s eyes whenever she does her full splits during school game half-times.

Then of course there was Chelsea, the brunette. Although all three girls were around the same age, Chelsea looked older. Her facial features were strong, giving her a mature university-girl look. Her brown eyes nestled beneath dark eyebrows and full eyelashes, and she worked year round to keep her skin bronzed tan. The real eye-catching attribute of Chelsea, was not her brunette hair, her brown eyes, nor her sexy, narrow face – it was her large, D breasts, each which had a full and perfectly round shape.

The three high school girls were in their absolute prime. They were eighteen years old and very fit from the constant exercising required for cheerleading. They were wearing their school uniforms – white blouses with traditional plaid skirts and white stockings.

All three of the long-haired angels knelt around Brad, who put his hands behind his back, relaxed, and said “Lucky for you girls I’m ready to go again!”

The girls looked at him with awe as they got on their knees and huddled around him. Victoria was the first to act – she reached out, grabbed his cock, and leaned in to give it a kiss. The other two girls were quick to follow her lead – they huddled around him and started kissing his shaft and tip of his large member. Soon they were taking turns sucking on his balls, licking both sides of his shaft at once, sucking on his tip, and constantly looking up at him with willing, submissive eyes.

The popular blonde in the middle, the competitive brunette on his right, and the innocent but fierce red-head on his left.

I had a mountain of homework piled on my desk. As I was staring with jealousy and awe at the scene, Mrs. Hunter walked over to me and smacked my fingers with a ruler. “Stop drooling and start on your homework, you dirty little pervert.”

My fingers stung from the swat. I started doing the assignments while the girls kept triple-blowing Brad. After a few minutes, the closet door opened and three boys walked out, their trousers loose, hair a mess. They high-fived each other. “That is one dirty slut!” they laughed, as three more boys went in. I got another glimpse of my mom before the door shut – she was on her knees now, and there was a bit of cum on her lower lip. Her legs were slightly spread, and her pussy looked wet and gaped open. I heard her ask one of the boys “Which hole do you want first?” before the closet door swung shut.

Just as the closet door fully closed, I awoke from my nightmare. I was covered in sweat, and my dick was rock hard. Thank god it was all just a dream! I couldn’t imagine ever seeing my mom used like that. I knew I’d be exhausted if I didn’t get back to sleep, so I ignored my hard cock once again, rolled over, and closed my eyes.

Chapter 23: Monday

I awoke from a deep sleep to the loud buzzing of my alarm clock. I was tired. Dead tired. I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in a few days; every night was riddled with nightmares, and the lack of sleep was catching up to me. I struggled as I took a shower and put on my school uniform. Then, as if I was stung by a jolt of electricity, my entire body perked up to life as I saw what was on my desk: the binder filled with pictures of my mom, with one picture hanging out. I saw the sexy picture revealing my mom’s round ass as she bent over on all four’s in front of the camera, wearing the purple see-through gown.

The sexual energy came quick and sudden as I gazed at her ass and tan thighs. I hadn’t had a good jerk-off in a few days, and was in fact left blue-balled more than once, so my libido rose quickly when I saw the sexual picture. I knew it was wrong to think about my mom in such a sexual context, and I tried to tell myself I wasn’t enjoying it as I slid the picture out of the binder to get a better look.

The memories of last night came rushing back to me. My mother bent over the couch and moaning, “Ohhhh yes, yes, fuck me, fuck my pussy!!”, as well as the loud slapping of huge nuts on a wet clit. I could hear her voice in my mind almost as if she were moaning the words all over again.

My cock began to stiffen in my pants as I looked at the picture, and heard her voice again, “oh please Brad, put it in me, it’s so big, ohh pleeease babe!”

I didn’t want to get turned on, but I couldn’t stop gazing at the pic as I heard her voice in my mind. My eyes were fixed on her purple panties, tracing them as they perfectly outlined her wide pussy lips. I imagined her calling Brad’s name as he enjoyed that warm, tender hole. I knew his large cock must have filled her entirely, her pussy gripped every inch of the thick penis as it slid in and out of her, stretching her to her limit with his over 10 inch dick as his even larger head rammed all of the way to the end of her dripping pussy that had become a near waterfall.

My boner was raging in my pants when I heard my mom’s sweet angelic voice calling from down stairs: “Come on, sleepy head, or you’re going to miss breakfast before the bus gets here!”

I would have been perfectly fine with missing breakfast. I was rocking a full-on boner (although it didn’t compare to Brad’s. Even when his dick was soft, it still out-sized my hard dick in length and width. I knew this detail too well.) I would have loved the opportunity to play with myself right then and there, enjoying the plethora of explicit photos that Brad had left.

But I knew I couldn’t do that right now. Mom was waiting for me, and the bus would be there soon. I packed the pictures back in the binder, stacked it with the homework assignments I’d finished for Brad, and then repositioned my large boner so it was concealed in the wrinkles of my pants before I went downstairs. I say it was a large boner, because it was quite large for me; but after seeing Brad and his friend’s erections by the pool, I think referring to it as a ‘little boner’ is probably more accurate.

“Blue-balled, again”, I thought to myself. I double checked the binder, making sure no photos would slip out, then I went downstairs to eat breakfast.

My mom was already dressed for work when we sat down for breakfast. She had a part time job working as a newscaster for a local TV station. She didn’t have a very large role; she would often cover smaller segments of less important events – things like a new animal added to the zoo, or a local restaurant getting selected for a “top-100 fish dishes” list – filler news, that just took up air-time until the real news anchors came back on. Sometimes when things were particularly slow, they’d even have her promote a sponsored product before cutting back to the weather or traffic – usually a woman’s cosmetic product.

I’ve seen a few of her news shows in the past where her segment was nothing more than a blatant sponsored advertisement – “Do you or your loved one suffer from dry hair? Well, worry no more! The brand new Moroccan Oil Treatment is now supplied at..” bla bla bla, on and on.

Since her air-time segments were often short and finished early in the morning, the rest of her day at the office was spent doing secretarial type work. She’d fill the ‘real’ news anchor’s coffee cups and answer their phones, or fetch their notes or briefcases for them. Whenever the producer’s had a meeting, she’d fill their water glasses and take notes for them.

If there were ever important channel directors, advertiser clients, or board members showing up, my mom was often given a more presentational type of task. She’d carry around a tray of toffee or chocolate candies, and offer them to the guests and staff. When nobody was interested in the candies, she would stand a few feet away, holding the tray, and always smiling.

When things were slower, it wasn’t uncommon for her to get tasked to run personal errands for some of the staff. She never complained, because she felt it was more important to stay on the staff’s good side. It was tough for a single mom to make it in the world, and she was just happy to have a well-paying job. She’d drop off or pick up suits at the dry cleaners, vacuum their offices, heat up their lunch for them. Innocent little personal favors.

Nevertheless, my mom always takes her job very seriously. It was no hidden secret that her looks were an important part of her job. Since she was given such uninteresting subjects to report, she often had to rely on her looks to keep the viewers’ attention while she blabbed on and on about cute zoo cubs, restaurant foods, or woman’s cosmetic products. She always made sure her make-up was meticulously applied. She’d sometimes spend two full hours before a shoot making sure her eyebrows were trimmed perfectly, make-up was touched up, and every hair on her head was in place. The outfits she wore were always professional, but appealing – and a little bit eye-catching.

Today was no exception. She was wearing a red button-down cardigan over a low cut black blouse. The cardigan allowed a partial view of the low-cut blouse, and she was wearing a string necklace with a cluster of six low-hanging white pearls, resting just above her breasts. She had on a black pencil skirt that ended just above the knee, and a pair of professional looking closed toe round-tipped high heels.

The outfit was quite professional, and by no means immodest – long sleeved cardigan and knee-length skirt – but the bright-white pearls stood out against her skin and pulled attention to her visible cleavage, tightly wrapped under the black blouse. Her red-lipstick matched the red skirt, and her white teeth matched the pearls each time she smiled. She looked so beautiful. I was still upset by her actions last night, but as I saw her smiling while she served me a plate of warm scrambled eggs, my anger quickly faded.

I couldn’t be upset at her. She really was a caring angel, and just the sight of her made me feel warm inside. I felt a little movement inside my pants as my eyes roamed slowly over her cleavage. “Here you go honey” she said as she placed the plate in front of me, and then leaned over to kiss the top of my hair. She seemed to be in a very happy mood today. I was a little worried she’d scold me for not doing my homework yesterday – but she didn’t even seem to remember.

“Now eat quickly, you’re late and the bus will be here soon.”

I wolfed down the food before the bus came by. I picked up all the homework – all my assignments, all of Brad’s, and the photo binder. I was extra careful not to let anything drop on my way out – especially the photo binder.

Chapter 24: Homework turn in

The school bus was full, with the only seat empty being the same one as last time – the one in front of Brad and his friends. It seemed this was becoming my permanent seat on the bus.

As I walked to the seat, Brad’s buddies were leaned around him, looking at his phone as he swiped the screen. I remembered the cruel bullying he’d given me the night before after fucking my mom. I was filled with fear and shame from crying in front of him as I walked to my seat.

“Well there’s the little momma’s boy now” Brad said with a mean tone as he looked up from the phone. “Got something to give me, homework bitch?”

The boys on the bus were a bit taken back when he called me bitch, some of them holding their breath to see how I’d respond. Speaking to someone like that in high school would usually lead to a brutal fist fight. Instead violence, I meekly replied, “Yes, sir”, and the kids exhaled with laughter. “Haha, Brad, you have him so whipped! What a pussy!” they jeered as I stared at my feet, offering Brad’s homework to him.

“Yea I do, I have him whipped, just like his mom – isn’t that right, pussy-boy? Tell them what me and your mom did last night!”

I felt so ashamed standing in the middle of the bus isle in front of them, holding out Brad’s homework. I kept my eyes glued to my shoes, and said very quietly “Brad made love to my mom last night on the couch.”

I felt the tears trying to return to my eyes as I said that, but I fought them back. The kids laughed even harder, Brad joining in this time before adding, “Is that what you call it? Making love? Haha! I bent the slut over like a two dollar whore, and screwed her from behind while spanking her ass! Then I had her lick her own pussy-juice off my dick. The funniest part is, I didn’t even look her in the eyes while she sucked my cum down – I was too busy enjoying the hot porn star on TV.”

The boys seemed fascinated by Brad as he talked about using my mom’s body. “What did it… You know.. What did it feel like?” one of the kids asked.

“As you guys know, I’ve slept with a lot of woman before, but never one as old as her. The first thing I noticed was how loose her pussy was. It shows that she’s taken a lot of cock in her aged body. I slid my dick right into her with ease. She loved it, though. You should have heard how loud she moaned when my dick entered her! I preferred using her mouth, though. She is VERY experienced at giving blowjobs. She’s probably given blowjobs to even more cocks than she has taken in her cunt.”

Brad’s friends were entranced as he carried on. “Were her boobs soft?”

“They’re okay. They’re very fake, though. She let me squeeze them as much as I want. It was fun to twist her nipples. I could tell it hurt her when I pulled them, but she didn’t stop me. When I was done hurting her tits, she got down on her knees and licked my balls.”

Another boy interrupted, “Eww, she licked your ball sack?”

“Not just licked it! She sucked on it. She took each of my nuts fully in her mouth, and closed her lips around them, gently sucking and tongued them. It’s like she was in love with the cum inside them, haha!”

I could feel Brad’s eyes burning into me as he spoke. He was watching my face, seeing the painful, shamed reactions I was making as he spoke about desecrating my mom’s face and body. I thought about her this morning, looking so beautiful in her work outfit, her bright red lips were smiling so wide that her teeth showed. Then I remembered how he violated that mouth with his tongue, and then further desecrated it with his cock. She lovingly kissed, licked, and sucked on all of his male parts as he spanked her ass, choked her throat, spoiled her makeup, and treated her like a whore. I remembered how he ruined her relaxing afterglow of her orgasm by abruptly smacking her behind.

“Wow, I would love to have her suck on my nuts” said one boy, and another added in “Yea! And make her take my dick down her throat, too!”

“Yea,” answered Brad, “she’s not as pretty or as tight as the girls here at school. But she puts out a hell of a lot easier, that’s for sure. And she’ll do way grosser stuff, too. She’s definitely good for a fuck now and then.”

The boys were quiet, their imaginations running wild. I was still staring at my feet, holding Brad’s homework. “Hey bitch, I think you should be more respectful when you offer me my homework.”

I looked up at him incredulously. “Sir?”

“Yea. I think you should get on your knees, when you offer me the homework. You know, like you were on your knees last night. Remember?”

I did remember. I’d tried to forget and push it out of my mind, but how can I forget something like that? Especially when my whole evening was interrupted with the taste of his urine.

I very much wanted to avoid a repeat of it, so I complied, getting on my knees as I held out his homework, with the picture binder underneath. He didn’t take the homework, instead he flipped open the top notebook while I held the stack of papers in front of him like a desk. He turned through the notebook, page by page, inspecting the work while I stayed in front of him on my knees.

“Hmmm. Oh yes, this looks good. This one is well written, I’ll definitely take credit for that. Good, you did the bonus question sheets, too.”

As he was flipping through it, one of the boys interrupted, “He does all your homework?”

“Yea, he does it while I’m downstairs screwing his mom.”

“Wow, that’s so cool! Could you get him to do my homework, too?” replied the boy.

“Yea, me also!” said another.

“Yea, I could probably arrange that, but only if I’m getting something out of it. Let’s say.. You pay me 5 dollars per homework assignment.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Was he really offering to have me do their homework, while he collected money for it? And I was stuck on my knees, with no say in the whole arrangement.

“Just for regular assignments, nothing too big. About an hour’s worth per 5 dollars. I don’t want to overwork him. He needs sleep so he can continue to get A’s on all my assignments. But on weekends, we can really load him up with a lot of homework.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Brad was going to have me doing his friends homework, while he collected five dollars per hour for it. And I knew I wasn’t going to see a penny of it.

He reached under the notebook, ruffled my hair and said “You don’t mind helping out my friends with their homework all weekend, do you, little pussy bitch?”

“No sir” I replied to him obediently. He then grabbed all the notebooks and put them in my school bag. Then he grabbed the binder. “What’s that? Are THOSE the pictures?” someone asked. “Oh don’t worry about this. You’ll have to wait and see.” he replied as he placed the binder in his backpack next to the homework.

I hurried off my knees and sat in the chair, humiliated and defeated.

Chapter 25: Another day at school

A few minutes later and we arrived at school. I’d always been quiet and shy at school, but today was even worse. I avoided opening my mouth to even make a peep. I wanted to disappear. I sat as far back as I could during each class. I couldn’t retain anything the teachers were saying – my mind was always on my mom. She was probably at work right now, dolled up with a ridiculous amount of make-up, going from office to office and offering to fill up everyone’s water or coffee cups.

While I was sitting in one classroom waiting for the lecture to begin, I saw the boy in front of me pull out his phone. His ‘unlock’ screen was unmistakably a picture of my mom! She was wearing the white and blue flower dress, standing in front of the camera with her lips puckered, blowing a kiss. After he unlocked the screen, his phone background was even worse – she was wearing the same dress, but it was a close-up picture of her full cleavage and face, winking into the camera. I didn’t even know this kid. I don’t think he was on the football team or friends with Brad. How the heck did he have a picture of my mom??

I felt sick as he opened a message and started nonchalantly texting away, the picture of my mom’s large cleavage and face still visible behind the chat box.

School continued on, and I was safe for the next few hours as Brad never got a chance to get me cornered alone. There were no breaks early in the morning, and then later in the day he had football practice while I had advanced poetry studies, so we didn’t cross paths for most of the day. That is, until it was time for physical education. My least favorite time of day. As usual, the coach said something along the lines of “you kids do some laps and get exercise” before sitting back in his chair and pulling out the daily newspaper. Kids yelled and threw dodge balls at each other, or sat around the bleachers playing on their phones.

The football gym served doubly as the theater auditorium. There was a large stage built right next to the basketball court, with large dusty curtains hanging over it. To the side of the stage, was the old theater storage room. The storage room was mostly abandoned by the faculty, who used the newer-built back stage area for all the props and play preparations.

As such, the storage room served as a sort of hang-out for some of the kids. Brad and his friends used it regularly. There was a theater prop mattress in the room, and it was rumored that whenever a girl joined the cheerleader squad, she would have to be ‘initiated’ by going into that room and having sex on that mattress with Brad. The rumor seemed a bit far-fetched, but I also knew that some of the cheerleaders were quite promiscuous.

I thought of the story of Cheryl. Cheryl was a quiet, conservative girl. She was always nerdy and shy in school, but she really blossomed when she reached high school – her braces were removed, her breasts grew full, her acne dried up leaving a clear, cute face. I remembered shortly after she joined high school, the cheerleaders took her in. She didn’t seem like she fit in with them – quiet and academic, surrounded by their outgoing and flirtatious personalities, but she tried to fit in with them. They even convinced her to try out for the cheerleading squad. But then a few months later, she dropped out of school pregnant.

I started to wonder if the rumor was true. I could imagine Cheryl, the new girl just joining high school, wanting to be accepted with the popular cheerleaders, being peer-pressured into sleeping with Brad. “Come on, Cheryl, all of us did it too! It’s part of being one of the group!” they told her, pressuring her to do it. I can imagine her walking into that room with her new womanly body and beautiful face, following Brad to the bed. She removed her panties and lied on her back, spreading her legs for him, offering up her virginity. She lied missionary style on the old mattress in the dirty, dim room, while Brad slid his huge cock painfully into her un-touched pussy, popping her cherry.

This was over a year ago. She’s probably at home now, raising her child as a single mom. I thought of the parallels between Cheryl, and my own mother. My mom was also knocked up around that age, left to raise me by herself. I wondered if Cheryl would grow up in a similar way, maybe give herself over to her son’s bully as well. I shuttered at the thought.

Just as I was pondering the legendary rumor, I felt a painful whack on the back of my head. It was Brad’s hand smacking me. “Hey pussy-bitch, you’ve got some work to do during P.E. Today.”

The thud hurt. I didn’t want another, so I quickly replied. I could only imagine he meant homework, probably for one of his friends.

“Yes, sir?”

“Yea. Some cleaning needs to be done, and we figured – why should we bother the janitor, when we have a little milksop bitch to clean for us right here?”

Ugh. I was way too defeated at this point to try and do anything other than comply. I knew there was no getting out it, and I there was no use trying.

“Yes, sir. What would you like me to clean?” There was a respectful, obedient tone to my voice.

“Haha, that’s a good little school-bitch. Come on.” and he grabbed me painfully by the ear, jerking me over to the side of the stage towards the abandoned storage room. I was horrified by what I saw. There was a sign that read “Porn Star Becky’s Sex Shop – Come see the biggest loser in school’s mom as she models topless!” in large letters on the door, and one of Brad’s friends standing outside like a bouncer with a stack of dollar bills in his hand. Under the large letters was a cost sheet:

“One Jerk-off session (up to 10 minutes): 2 dollars.”
“A HD copy of Becky’s porn photo’s – 4 dollars”

He was running some sort of sex business! There was a line of a few students outside the door – some of them I’d never even seen before.

Just then, a boy came out of the room and said “Totally worth it!” to the next person in line. He walked off and Brad pulled me by my ear to the front of the line. “Wait up until the cum-janitor finishes cleaning!” he said, before opening the door and pushing me into the room.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were pictures of my mom posted all over the wall – starting out in a line by the door with her wearing her full dress and each picture becoming more and more explicit as you looked further down the room. About half way down the line of pictures, it switched from her spring dress to her purple see-through night gown. The pictures continued around the room, my mom blowing kisses, winking, laying on the bed, posing very seductively. Then finally, the last wall was covered with the most explicit pictures: My mom lying on her side with her tit out, (unaware it was showing) blowing a kiss at the camera. Her spreading her legs on the bed. Her sitting on her knees while grabbing her breast and smiling. Her on all fours, bent over with her ass in view. Then the last two pictures – The close-up, up-skirt shot of her pussy was sitting next to a picture of her huge double-dildo. A note was written in large red letters under the two images, which read “Becky stuffs this toy into both of her holes, and turns the vibration up to full blast. Every single night!

There was another blank wall that only had one page taped to it, which read “Visit the website to see more exclusive pics of Porn Star Becky, coming soon! Dirtier, raunchier and sexier than ever!”

I was breathless at the display. Brad had created a degrading, lewd sex-show of my mom and was charging classmates to come look at it. Under the image was a link to a website with my mom’s name.

And what’s worse still, is on the last wall – the one with all the nudity and explicit posing – there was a large dob of cum dripping down the wall.

Brad handed me a roll of paper towels, and an empty bucket on the floor – “Here you go, cum-janitor. Get to work. I want every drop cleaned for the next customer. Be quick!” Then he shut the door.

I walked over to the cum-splattered wall, and got down on my knees and pulled off a piece of the dry paper towel. I started to wipe and sop up the sticky cum with the paper towel. It felt somehow like a just punishment for me – on my knees, below the pictures of my gorgeous mother, cleaning up cum. I felt like I somewhat deserved it for putting her through this. I felt guilty for taking all those pics and sharing them with Brad.

Chapter 26: Mom’s busy day at work

I looked up at the picture of my mom, blowing a kiss at the camera, and wondered what she was doing right now. It was still mid-day, so she must have just finished her on-air time. Her two hour make-up session would have her looking like an alluring doll as she begins her secretarial tasks.

“Great job talking about the new hair coloring products, Becky. The camera really captured some great angles. How would you feel about moving to a new position, where you’ll get more air-time?”

Mom’s face lit up as her boss asked her that. “Oh I’d love to! You know I’ve wanted to make it as a real anchorwoman! More air-time would be a dream come true!”

“Great, Becky, well we’ve been talking to the producers, and we think you’d connect better with some of the later-night viewers. We want to move you from the morning broadcast, to an evening one. It’ll mean working later hours, but you’ll be getting more air-time.”

My mom was no stranger to compromise. She never fulfilled her dream of modeling, but somehow, news casting gave her a similar joy. She was excited at the prospect of upgrading to more air time. She imagined being a respected, valued anchorwoman, and working evening hours seemed like a tiny price to pay!

“Absolutely! What kind of stories will I be covering? The 8 PM political rundown? The 9 PM daily recap?”

“No, Becky, actually it’ll be a little later – you’ll go on air at 11 PM. You’ll be covering local nightlife, including up-and-coming club and bar hot spots!”

It didn’t feel like the breaking anchorwoman promotion she was hoping for. It almost didn’t feel like she’d be reporting news at all, just promoting local businesses. But she was eager to excel, and it would mean more time at home during the day to spend with me.

“Since the air-time is only an hour, you’ll still continue all your other job duties – cleaning around the offices, running errands for the staff, and making sure the ‘real’ news anchors have everything they need. And if we have an important client or producer coming by, we’ll have you come in early – so you can still serve the refreshments.“

It was starting to look less and less like a step up for her career, but she knew she couldn’t turn it down and risk looking unmotivated. “Thank you so much for the opportunity, sir! I can’t wait to start!”

“And we haven’t forgotten about your product placement ads! You have a real knack for pushing those products to our customers. The camera seems to love you, so we definitely want to keep you doing that. So one night you’ll cover local nightlife and every other night your on-air hour will be spent promoting a product.”

My mom hated the product ads. It made her feel less like a respectable newscaster, and more like cheap eye-candy. And now he was saying there would be even more of it – a full hour dedicated to it every other night. My mom knew she better agree to it, though. She loved her job, and didn’t want to risk messing anything up. “Thank you for the compliment! I’ll continue to do my best!”

“That’s great to hear, Becky! I knew we could count on you! You really seem to hit your stride when talking about woman’s cosmetic products, so most of your advertising segments will be focused on that area – you know, things like fake hair coloring, make-up styles, perfume brands, dieting pills – that type of stuff. I think you’re going to be great at it! Just remember to keep a huge smile on your face the whole time!”

“Thank you so much for this opportunity, sir!”

“You’re welcome, Becky! I knew you’d love this new position! You take the rest of the day off, rest up a bit, and we’ll start you tomorrow night. Get with Sarah before you leave, she’ll fill you in on the new outfit requirements.”

“New outfit requirements?” she asked, slightly confused by the statement.

“Well, yea. Of course. It’s a local club and nightlife broadcast, so you’ll be connecting with a younger crowd. You’ll need to wear something a little younger and stylish looking. Something a bit more fun, and a bit less… Professional.”

It made perfect sense, but my mom felt a little let down. After she thanked the director for the new position, she went to find Sarah to ask about the new outfits. Something less professional? She was feeling more and more like she was taking a step further from being an anchorwoman, but she knew sometimes to go forward, you had to step backward.

She would be spending more time pushing woman’s products, while wearing a less professional looking dress, and her ‘news’ hours would be talking up local clubs. It didn’t feel like she was reporting news at all. It didn’t feel like her dream of modeling either. Models were the highlight of the show, people coming from all over to see them – they showed off fashion, set the trends, owned the scene. This, on the other hand, felt somehow cheap and demeaning, like she was desperately trying to push a product and using her body to help sell it.

To top it all off, she would still continue her other job tasks – answering phones, serving candy, heating up meals. Oh well, she was happy she still had her job. And at least the later hours would give her more time off during the day. She could maybe even get a part time job somewhere!

“Hi, Sarah, I was just sent here to ask about my new uniform requirements for the evening position.”

“Oh hey there, Becky” replied the uppity set designer. “Yes, we’ll need to adjust your outfits just a tiny bit. The evening segment is a lot more casual and fun and you’ll need to dress to reflect that. Since the topics will mostly be nightclubs and party hots-pots, you’ll have to start wearing more party-girl type of clothing, to make it seem like you’re enthusiastic and fit in with the crowd. You know – dress less in office type clothes, and start wearing more things like slip dresses, halter crop tops, miniskirts, party heels.. Have a little fun with it!”

“OK, I think I got it. I have several little numbers in mind that should be perfect. But on days where I’ll just be advertising – I’ll wear my regular office outfits on those days, right?”

“No-no, we want to keep the style of the show consistent, so you’ll need to wear the same types of outfits on the advertising nights, too.”

My mom was very disappointed with the news. She’d be seen less as a career newscaster, and more as an evening news entertainer. And the worst part was nobody mentioned anything about a pay raise. She thought it would seem tacky to bring it up, so she waited until someone else mentioned it. But it seemed the new position would be the same pay. So much for an ‘upgrade’.

Chapter 27: Text messaging

Meanwhile, I was on my knees in the “Porn Star Becky’s Sex Shop”, cleaning the cum off the wall. I wiped the last bit of it up, put the dirty paper towel into the bucket, and exited the room. Brad had me stand by the door as the next boy paid the bully bouncer, and went in to jerk off. A few minutes later and he left, having pleasured himself to my mom, and I went back in to clean. Student after student used the jerk-off room and after each one, I had to go in and clean up the cum.

I had been blue-balled so many times the past few nights that I was brimming with sexual frustration. Each time I was sent into the room to clean another jizz-load, I would get excited from seeing the seductive images of my mom. Her eyes, her lips, her ass, her cleavage – my body reacted each time I entered the room, making my cock stir in my pants. I’d get on my knees below the explicit wall, clean up the cum, then leave and wait for the next boy to finish.

What worried me most was the empty wall with the sign advertising more pics, and the website.

It meant Brad would have me taking more pics of my mom soon. “Dirtier and raunchier” implied something sinister, too. I didn’t imagine it could get much worse than the pics I’d already taken, though. When P.E. class ended, Brad and his buddy had racked up 60 dollars from the jerk-off booth and picture sales. I’d cleaned up about a dozen loads before the school bell rang.

As I was leaving the gym, I got a text message on my phone. It was from my mom! I was so uplifted, just what I needed after such a dirty, humiliating task. The message read: “Great news, sweetie! I just got upgraded to a new position at work, and they going to let me out early today. Want me to come by and pick you up after school, so you don’t have to ride the bus? Maybe we can get some ice cream to celebrate?”

The message felt like a gift from God. My spirits rose as I wrote back a reply: “Hi mom, that sounds great! I wou-” as I was typing, Brad snatched the phone out of my hands. “What’s this? Is the pussy-wimp writing to his MILF mom?” he asked as he read the phone message. I tried to grab it back from him, but he shoved his open palm into my chest, pushing me 3 steps backwards and causing me to fall on my butt. I fell in front of his bully friend – Cody – who took the opportunity to ‘accidentally’ walk into me – one foot stepping on my dick, causing immense shooting pain, while the knee from his other leg came crashing into my cheek. The force of his knee smashed into my face, causing it to jerk and fly back while he kept walking, twisting and grinding his foot into my crotch as he stepped away. “Oops” he said as he stepped off me and kept walking, while I lay back on my side with my hands clutching my groin.

My cheekbone was bruised and bleeding, and my lip was split. I lay on the ground, hearing the laughter from the other kids as they stepped around me. I heard the coach yell, “What happened?” and one of the other kids replied “butter-feet slipped and fell!”

To which the coach replied, “Well quit just lying there and get to your next class!”

I stood myself back up to my feet, and walked on to my locker. There was a little mirror hanging on my locker door which I used to examine the cut – my cheek and lip were partly swollen. I grabbed my books and proceeded to the next class – Mrs. Hunter’s class.

I walked in to see Mrs. Hunter standing beside her desk, leaning on one arm, talking to Brad. She had a beautiful smile on her perfect face. Her make-up, as always, was carefully applied, lips painted red, dirty blonde hair pulled back in a tight ponytail.

As I walked past, I heard a little sample of their conversation:

“Sports aren’t really my husband’s thing, so I don’t think he’ll go. But of course I’ll be there to support you! I wouldn’t miss my favorite student’s big game!”

“I hear that it’s good luck to get a kiss from a teacher before each game.”

Mrs. Hunter let out a warm laugh as she playfully pushed Brad’s shoulder.

I walked toward my designated desk, at the back corner of the room. I noticed the three cheerleaders from my dream the night before: Victoria, Claire, and Chelsea. Victoria was sitting in her desk, while Claire and Chelsea stood on either side of her talking. They looked just as beautiful – more so, if that’s even possible – than they did in my dream the previous night. I knew I didn’t have a chance with a girl of their league.

I continued walking to my desk, and found my phone sitting in my chair. I opened it up slowly, dreadfully. The messages were all there for me to see – they hadn’t been deleted or tampered with. I read over them with horror, starting at the beginning:
“Hi mom, that sounds great! I would love to. Do you mind if I invite Brad? I wanted to thank him for standing up for me today.”

“That sounds great, honey! I’d love to have him along! Standing up for you? What happened?”

“Some jerks at school pushed me during P.E., and called me a few bad names. Brad saw it and stepped in. He’s so big and strong, the boys ran off when he stepped in. Then, he and his friend Cody both hung out with me the rest of the class.”

“Awwww, that’s so sweet of them! I’m glad those big strong guys are there to take care of you. Tell him Becky insists he joins us for ice cream after school – my treat!”

“Thanks mom! I probably shouldn’t tell you this because it’s a little embarrassing, but…”

“What is it, honey?”

“Brad and I were talking about you during gym class. He said some of the nicest things about you. He told me how beautiful he thought you were, how he’d never met a woman so intelligent, and so kind.”

“Awwwwww! Did he really? What else did he say?”

“He said how he’s always dreamed of meeting a girl like you. I felt so happy, hearing that Brad liked you. I’m really glad you two get along. I know he’s a little younger than me, but I really look up to him!”

I couldn’t believe the messages I was reading! Brad had made it sound like I was gushing over him, trying to set him up with her!! And now he was invited along for ice cream!! I was seething as I looked up to see him still flirting with Mrs. Hunter. I knew he didn’t really care about my mother at all, it was all a ploy. Mrs. Hunter was still leaning on the desk, but was standing a few inches closer to him than she was before. I read the last few messages:

“I’m glad to hear that too, Hun. I think it shows a lot of maturity of you to look up to him, despite his age. He’s really great, and so grown up. I’ll see both of you after school, OK honey?”

“OK mom, love you, bye!”

“Love you too. Tell Brad I can’t wait to see him!”

Time after time, Brad keeps pulling one over on me. Now he had put words in my mouth – almost literally – by texting my mom from my phone. It sounded like I was giving her the go ahead – no – like I was actively encouraging her to date Brad. I couldn’t believe what he’d done! As I finished reading the last message, Mrs. Hunter spoke up, “Everyone in your seats. Before class begins, I’d like to remind you all that the Spring Flower Dance is coming up this Friday! There will be free food and drinks for students, but guests will have to pay $10 dollars each. It’s not mandatory, but all students are encouraged to participate. If you haven’t found a date yet, worry not! There will be music and fun games for everyone to enjoy!”

The Spring Flower Dance. A little festival held each year by the school to try and promote school spirit. A lot of students went together in pairs, and sometimes students would invite their childhood friends or dates from other schools. I looked at the three cheerleader girls, and for a moment, entertained the thought of taking one of them. It’d be the happiest moment of my life if one agreed to go with me. But I knew I had a better chance of inviting the queen of England, than one of them saying yes. They were so far out of my league! They were high school goddesses, and I was the class loser. No, I wouldn’t ask anyone, even the unpopular girls wouldn’t be caught dead going with me. I’d skip the event, and spend the Friday at home playing video games alone, or watching a movie with my mom.

Mrs. Hunter began with the lecture. Just like last time, she pretty much ignored me as I sat in the back corner. How badly I wished I could tell her about all the bad things Brad did, how he wrote the letter, not me. To get back on her good side, continue hiding in her class and helping clean while she graded papers, talking to her about this and that. I’d always had a pretty big crush on her; she was the sweetest teacher I knew. I watched with jealousy as she leaned against Brad’s desk as she taught class.

Chapter 28: Disciplinary Action

As the class came to an end, Mrs. Hunter made an announcement for me and Brad to stay behind after class. I had no idea what the reason could be, but I was not looking forward to finding out. The school bell rang and all the kids left save for me and Brad. I stepped in front of Mrs. Hunter’s desk, next to my tormentor. It felt somewhat disciplinary as she had us stand there, though Brad did not seem to be worried. I stood stiff as Mrs. Hunter gazed at us, like she was thinking about what to do. Then she spoke.

“Brad says he went to your house this weekend to help with your homework. Is that true?” she asked me. I did not like where this was going! I had no idea what Brad had said to her, or what I was expected to say, but I knew I had to ‘play ball’ as Brad put it. I answered her, “Yes, Mrs. Hunter.”

“And he tells me, today on the bus you turned it in to him to give to me, is that also true?”

“Yes, Mrs. Hunter.”

“And then today during P.E., he was looking through it, and he found another dirty letter you wrote, calling Brad an assortment of vile names, and also writing more perverted things about me. Is that right?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Brad was saying I wrote even another note? Why!? And now I had to admit to it. I eyed Brad before answering, which probably made me look guiltier. Brad just stared me down.

I stuttered as I replied, “Y-y-yes, Mrs. Hunter.” I was nervous, angry, but also vulnerable. I knew I had to go along with it.

“You slipped it in your homework, thinking Brad wouldn’t check it because of all the time he’d spent going over it with you the day before. You tried to take advantage of him because he’s so trusting. You’re old enough to know better, but you did it anyway. You’re such a vile, perverted young man, and I don’t know what I’m to do with you.”

Brad added in, “I was so angry when I saw the things he wrote about you, I pushed him down on the walk in. He landed in front of Cody who accidentally hit him with his knee while he was walking.”

“Don’t worry Brad, I don’t blame you. I think it’s sweet that you wanted to stand up for me, but pushing a student during P.E. Isn’t the way to go about it.” I was still standing there, but I could no longer look any of them in the eye. I was staring at a little book on her desk as she turned her attention to me. “It’s clear you haven’t learned your lesson. My first thought was to go straight to the principle, but Brad asked me not to. He said after spending time working with you on the weekend, he thinks he can help you. I don’t know, but Brad has such a good heart, so I’m willing to give him a chance. I won’t go to the principle this time.”

“Th-thank you, Mrs. Hunter.”

“No. You should be thanking Brad.”

I turned to Brad as if on command, and said quietly “Thank you, Mr. Brad.”

Mrs Hunter continued on, “Good. But I’m not going to allow your behavior to go unpunished. So, Brad and I have come up with an idea. Pushing you down during P.E. was not appropriate, even though it was justified. If you agree to accept appropriate punishment for your actions, right here and now, then I’ll allow you to continue coming to school with Brad’s guidance. If not, then I’ll report it to the principle right now, and have you removed from my class – and most likely, the school.”

She was giving me an ultimatum, and the choice was clear. If I said no, I’d be kicked out of class. My hopes of a scholarship would be thrown out the window. I’d possibly even be removed from school, have to explain it to my mom, and who knows what else. The choice was simple.

“Yes Mrs. Hunter, I’ll accept the discipline from you right now.”

“No no. Not from me. Brad has offered to help, since he feels like it’s his responsibility now. But no more pushing you down in gyms, it’s going to be proper, appropriate school discipline. You are to drop your trousers, and put your hands against the desk while Brad gets the switch.”

Could she be serious? As if I was humiliated enough, now I was going to be paddled, by Brad, in front of Mrs. Hunter! With my pants down, no less!

“I said, drop your trousers, and put your hands against the desk. NOW!”

I looked at the door to see that it was unlocked, and the door-window was open. Anyone walking past the hall might look in to see what was happening! I was beyond humiliated as I unbuttoned my trousers, lowered them down to my knees, and put my hands against her desk. My back was to the door, so I couldn’t see if anyone looked in. Brad had grabbed the switch from the corner of the room. It was a thin, long piece of bamboo.

“Underwear, too.” ordered Brad as he walked behind me. I looked at Mrs. Hunter for objection, but she didn’t offer any. She just looked at me with stern eyes. I lowered the back of my underwear to just below my ass. My dick was still covered behind the fabric but my ass cheeks were still on display. I placed both hands on the desk.

Brad let the first one fly! The thin piece of bamboo landed against my bare ass with force, and I let out a screech of pain as it hit. “Don’t be so dramatic. You’re not going to get out of your punishment by acting. Hit him again, harder.” she commanded as Brad pulled back and then let another one cut through the air. “Oucchh” I cried as the bamboo landed. Each strike left red puffy welts across my butt. Brad pulled back and swung again and again.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as Brad spanked me in front of Mrs. Hunter. I stepped forward after the fifth strike, and it caused my underwear to rise up my ass, covering half of it. Brad reached out, grabbed the hem by my hip, and pulled it down to my knees. My cock and balls were on full display. I saw Mrs. Hunter look at my cock and let out a loud chuckle before quieting herself by covering her mouth with her hand. Brad continued spanking me, the little piece of bamboostung with each hit. I must have looked so pathetic in front of my crush, Mrs. Hunter. I was crying, my pants were down with my cock in full view, and I was getting spanked by a fellow student, one who’s even younger than me. I am self-conscious about how small my dick is, and I knew that Mrs. Hunter could see the whole thing.

I’d always known that I would never get with Mrs. Hunter. Not only was she married, she was older than me, and a teacher. But I’d still fantasized that it would happen. And now I knew that any hope of it was beyond possibility. Even my fantasy of it was ruined knowing she’d seen me like this. I looked at Mrs. Hunter. She was in her office chair, sitting just a few feet from me. Her legs were crossed, and her hands folded on her knee as she watched Brad administering the punishment. She spoke, “Quit acting, hoping that Brad eases off you. I bet you even hurt your lip on purpose when he pushed you, to try and get him in trouble. Brad, I still think he needs a few more before he learns his lesson.”

I fought back the yelps, but the tears were still flowing down the side of my face as Brad happily carried out a few more painful blows. Then Mrs. Hunter said “That’s enough for now, it’s time for you both to get to your next class. Before you go, I want you to thank Brad once more for helping with your discipline.”

I turned around to face Brad. I was still leaning against the desk with my pants down. “Thank you Mr. Brad, for spanking me.”

As I said that, I looked towards the door to see Chelsea’s face looking through the window watching with Claire standing next to her. Both girls seemed to be laughing as I apologized to Brad. I realized I was standing in front of everyone with my pants down and cock out. Quickly, I grabbed my trousers and pulled them back up. My underwear stung as it touched my raw ass.

Brad stood there with a smug, victorious smile as I apologized to him. The bell rang for the next class, and the girls ran off. I could hear their giggling through the door. I walked to class, step causing pain as my underwear brushed against my ass. I heard a kid in the hall say “First Brad spanked the sexy MILF and now he spanked her loser-son, too! He owns that family, haha!”

I walked into the next class to see Victoria sitting in her desk, with two sexy cheerleaders excitedly telling her what happened. The three paused as they saw me, all three looking at me for a moment as I stood in the doorway. Victoria let out a laugh, and both her girl sidekicks joined in. I walked to my desk and took a seat. My ass stung as I sat down.

After class ended, I dropped my books off in my locker. I took a moment to examine my lip in the mirror. It was swollen a bit more now, very noticeable. My cheek had dried blood on it, too. I decided to stop by the washroom to wash it in the sink before heading outside to meet my mom.

Chapter 29: Ice cream and kisses

It was a few minutes past when I made it to the school parking lot. I saw my mom’s van already parked. As I walked over to it, I saw something shocking. Brad was sitting in the front seat, making out with my mom! He was leaned over, his hand behind her head, thrusting his tongue into her open lips. She was still dressed in her work outfit – the red cardigan and black blouse, with the pearl necklace. I knew her make-up must have been done perfectly before before Brad helped himself to her open mouth.

Brad pulled his lips off hers. He then put his hand under her chin with his fingers around her cheeks. He gently squeezed, causing her to open her mouth wide. Then he returned his lips to her open mouth, his tongue pushing deep inside her. Neither of them saw me as I walked up to the van. But I wasn’t the only one who noticed them. I saw several students who were standing by the sidewalk waiting to be picked up, and they were all watching as my mom made out with Brad. They were actually putting on quite a hot show for the other students as they hungrily made out. I did not find it so hot though, knowing that it was my bully and my sweet mom.

I walked to the van and opened the side door, pretending like I hadn’t noticed their make-out session. My mom quickly broke off the kiss, pulling away from Brad as I opened the door. “Oh hi honey, there you are!” she said as innocently as she could muster. She flipped open a mirror and quickly started to fix her makeup, removing the smudged lipstick with her finger as best she could.

“Brad was just telling me about how he saved you from those awful kids. I can’t believe they did that to your lip! I’m so glad he was there to intervene!”

Mom asked me the usual stuff about my day, but I felt embarrassed answering with Brad sitting in the front seat. I brushed the questions off with simple answers as best I could while we drove to the local ice cream parlor. I didn’t mention anything about the ‘disciplinary punishment’ Brad gave me, and I was happy he didn’t bring it up either.

When we were ordering ice cream, mom commented on my lip. “It’s really swollen and split, I don’t think sugary ice cream is a good idea. How about some sugar-free frozen yogurt, instead?” We then sat down at a booth. I sat on one side by myself, while Brad and my mom sat on the other. “Mmm this is some good ice cream!” said Brad as he licked it in front of me. The sugar-free frozen-yogurt that I was eating tasted a bit chalky and bland. My mom excitedly told us about her new ‘promotion’ while we ate.

“That sounds great, Becky! If you want, maybe I could even help you practice for your new position. We could have a fake interview or something at home, and film it?” said Brad.

“Oh that sounds like a great idea! That would be fun! But, it is a school night. I wouldn’t want to keep you up too late.” Mom said to him, as she rubbed his shoulder. Then she seemed to have an idea.

“What if.. What if you spent the night at our place, tonight? That way you wouldn’t have to be up too late, and I could even drive you to school tomorrow morning, so you wouldn’t have to get up so early for the bus.”

I really did not like hearing that. I stared at Brad intently as I waited his answer. He had a big smirk on his face. “Are you sure that will be okay, Becky? I’d feel bad putting you out.” Brad seemed to be enjoying the moment, and was stretching it out.

“Oh darling, it would be no problem at all! We’d both love to have you over! After how great it was having you over last night…” my mom’s voice went soft, almost dreamy as she spoke “I’ve really wanted to have you back over.”

Brad was still sporting that large smirk, eyeing me tauntingly as he told her, “That would be great!” he told her. My mom clapped her hands together as he said that. “Perfect! Now you’ll be helping with his homework, and with my career, too! You’re our hero!” she told him as she reached below the table, squeezing his leg. I did not like it one bit.

After our ice cream, we drove home. Mom and Brad spoke about her career as they drove. She told him about the different extra jobs she did for the other employees, about the new later-night show and about the new outfits she’d be required to wear. Brad offered to help her pick out new outfits, and even offered to go shopping at the mall with her. She loved it.

Chapter 30: Mom’s vibrator


When we got home, mom said she’d just placed the video camera up in storage when she was cleaning. It was a nice, expensive camera, and would be perfect for the mock-interview they’d be doing in the living room. As she went out back to the storage shed to unpack it, Brad sneaked off into her bedroom. I did not trust him being alone in my moms bedroom, so I followed him in.

“So this is your mom’s sex-room, huh loser?” Brad asked as he walked into her room. I knew I had no choice but to reply.

“Yes, sir.”

“I bet she’s brought a lot of guys in here, hasn’t she?”

I’ve never thought of my mom as promiscuous, but she is a single woman. She’s dated a few guys in the past, mostly short term. I don’t know how many actually slept over, but I know a few had. They’d stay over late after I’d gone to bed, and then either leave early morning, or still be around when I woke up for school. I wasn’t about to admit all that to Brad, though. I just kept quiet, and let him continue on with his insults, hoping he’d get bored and stop.

“They probably see her at bars or clubs, and introduce themselves because it’s obvious she’s an easy lay. Then one or two drinks later and she’s already inviting them back here. Once they’ve left the bar, they already know it’s a sure thing. She’s going to spread her legs for them and let them fuck her any which-way they like. Just like she did for me, last night. When the guys are done with her and leave, they probably pass her number around to their friends. ‘she’s an easy fuck’ they probably tell them.”

I remained quiet as Brad dished out the abuse.

“I want to take a look at that huge dildo she uses!” he said as he walked over to her desk. I hurried over to try and minimize whatever damage he was going to do.

He pulled the drawer open, and there laid the huge, double-tipped dildo. “I bet you come in here and fantasize about it when you’re moms away. Don’t you, freak?”


“Yea, I bet you do! I bet you want to kiss it!” he mocked as he picked up the large toy.
“No I don’t!” I tried to protest, as he grabbed the back of my neck and brought the dildo to my mouth.

“Come on, kiss the used dildo!” he mockingly said as he brought the large ball-tipped shaft to my mouth. I tried to back away and move my face, but his grip was strong on the back of my neck and he squeezed painfully as he pushed it against my lips. I opened my lips as he squeezed and pushed it into my mouth.

It slid past my lips, onto my tongue. I had to open my mouth wide to accept the whole thing. Brad was laughing as he pushed it in. He kept forcing it back, until I fell back onto my mom’s bed. I felt disgusting as my mom’s used dildo slid around in my mouth. It tasted strange, almost sweet. I could tell my mom had washed it after use, but it still had her taste on it. Then Brad said “There’s still the other tip, too. You know she puts that one up her ass.”

He withdrew the large tip from my mouth. His hands still clamping behind my neck, he turned the dildo so the smaller shaft was at my lips.

“No Brad, please” I tried to beg, but he pushed the appendage into my open mouth as I spoke. “Here you go bitch. Say ahh!” he said as it entered my lips. It tasted strong and bitter as it hit my tongue. Brad moved and wiggled it around in my mouth, rubbing it across my tongue again and again. “We’ve got to make sure the dildo is clean before I use it on your mom’s ass tonight!”

We heard my mom moving in the living room, and Brad let go of the dildo. “Time to interview the porn star!” he said as he walked out of the bedroom. I quickly wiped the dildo off with my shirt and put it back in the drawer.

My mouth tasted gross and my whole body felt violated and disgusting from sucking on my mom’s used dildo. I am just glad she had no idea that it happened. I closed the drawer and followed Brad out to the living room, where my mom was holding the camera and tripod. “Found it!” she said proudly.

She was still wearing the sexy business dress, but Brad suggested she change into one of her ‘party outfits’ that she’d be required to wear for the new position. He went into the bedroom to help her throw together an outfit, while I set up the camera.

Chapter 31: My mom’s first porn movie

They were in there for about an hour, but I was kept quite busy setting up the camera. The tripod was needlessly complicated, and then the camera had so many settings to mess around with. The battery was dead so I had to find the charger and plug in the camera, too.

I set the tripod up so the camera was facing the couch. When they finally came out of her room, my mom was wearing the outfit Brad had picked out for her. It was a bright red one-piece dress. The top of the dress began a few inches below her breasts, and would have left her completely topless if it weren’t for two thick straps running up the middle. The straps covered her breasts, narrowing near the top, then crossed over each other just above her breasts before connecting behind her neck. The crossed straps left a large amount of her cleavage showing in the middle, and a tiny bit on her sides, too. Her back, shoulders, and arms were completely uncovered. The dress hugged her hips snugly, and ended high up on her thighs. I was afraid it would rise up too far when she sat down, and show the bottom of her underwear.

Her makeup had been applied heavily from her work today, but she had obviously touched it up again. It looked fresh and flawless, and her hair was down, her thick locks lying on her naked shoulders. She had on gold loop earrings, and of course, high heels. It was a pair of red slip-on heels, and they were taller than she usually wore. The seam along the back of the dress ran straight down her ass crack, causing the fabric to pull around each cheek and actually into the crack, perfectly displaying the shape of her round ass. Her left arm had three thin silver bracelets wrapped around her forearm.

“What do you think?” she asked me as she turned around, showing me the dress. As I saw her perfectly formed ass, I couldn’t help but think about the dildo I had just sucked on, which had been inside her.

“You-you look so gorgeous, mom. But did you change with Brad in the room?”

“Yes but don’t worry, he closed his eyes the whole time. He’s got quite the talent for picking out nice outfits!”

Brad sat down on the couch, and she sat next to him. Her short skirt slid up her thighs as she sat down, and I caught a glimpse of her black thong before she crossed her legs. Even with her legs crossed, the skirt was so high up her thigh you could see part of her ass cheeks. Her long naked legs were on full display, and they were gorgeous.

“Are you sure this outfit isn’t too revealing, Brad? I don’t know if it’s appropriate for live news TV. Should I really wear this on air tomorrow?” she asked him once she sat down.

“Don’t worry, I think you’re just being over critical on yourself. I’ve seen a lot of news anchors wear way worse. It look’s gorgeous on you, and it’s actually not that revealing at all.”

My mom looked at me and asked “What do you think? How does it look on the camera?”

I checked through the display on the camera. It looked so revealing! Her long legs were fully displayed, her cleavage was bursting open, her upper thighs were showing. It wasn’t something you’d wear out to dinner, and definitely didn’t look appropriate for TV unless, of course, it was an adult channel. I knew I had to comply, though.

“It looks fine mom. Brad is right, it’s not very revealing at all. The camera makes it look even seem even better. I think you’re just being overcritical.”

My mom seemed to relax when she heard that. “Well okay, then! This is going to be fun!” as she said that, she let her shoe slip off the heel of her foot. The heel hung off her toes as she bounced her foot up and down.

Since the camera was positioned on the tripod, I really didn’t have a large role to play. I felt a little dorky standing there with my hands to my side, and I didn’t like Brad hogging all my mom’s attention, so I thought I’d try to join in on the interview.

“The camera’s all set up and recording, so there’s really no need for me to operate it. Maybe I could help out with the interviewing too?” I asked.

Brad answered, “It would probably be distracting if there were two interviewers. It’s probably better if there’s just one, so she can focus on her answers and expressions.”

“Brad’s right, honey. But it’s sweet that you want to help. I’ll tell you what, I’ve had a long day at work walking around in heels, and my feet are killing me. How about you help by giving me a little foot massage, while Brad interviews me? That would put me at ease and really help me focus on my performing!”

Of course I couldn’t say no to my mom. It seems that once again, I’d tried to make the situation better, but only ended up worse. I sat down on the floor in front of mom, but low enough so I didn’t block the camera’s view. My mom slipped off her high heel and held her foot out for me. Her feet are so well pedicured and sexy. I took her foot in my hands and started to gently knead and massage it. I was very delicate with each touch, not press too hard, but also not so soft as to tickle her. She sat back on into the cushion as I massaged her. “Mmm, that feels really nice” she purred.

Brad scooted in closer to her, his arm stretching out on the cushion behind her. She didn’t back up or seem to mind at all as he got close to her while I rubbed her feet. His arm slid down the cushion behind her neck, his hand closed on her shoulder. I kept rubbing her feet while she cooed “Mmm, this foot massage is putting me in such a warm mood”. Brad squeezed her shoulder. His face was only a foot away from hers as he started the interview by asking her “So this is your club, right?”

She seemed to snap back to reality as she realized the interview was on.

“Yes that’s right! Becky’s spot!” she replied with charm and music in her voice.

Brad treated the living room as if it were a club. “Yea I’ve heard it’s a hot club! Do guys come in ‘Becky’s spot’ often?”

She giggled, then continued, “Oh yes, it’s the hottest place in town!”

“Is there a cover charge?”

“Oh no, and I don’t want to keep away customers! My door is always open and everyone is welcome!”

“Wow, so it sounds like Becky’s spot is very easy to get into.”

Brad winked at the camera as he said this. My mom didn’t seem to be picking up on the strong innuendo’s Brad was dropping. She was deeply focused on her expressions and answers, trying to practice being charismatic for her air-time tomorrow. I kept rubbing her foot as Brad continued on with her.

“Absolutely, very easy!”

“Can guys use your backdoor, too?”

My mom must have thought Brad was talking about the pool. She was mainly focusing on her delivery, and she wasn’t really analyzing the questions.

“Yes, my backdoor is popular among a lot of the younger guys. It’s always open for them to use.”

“What about cleaning up, when the night is over?”

“Guys don’t have to worry about that! They can come in Becky’s Spot-

Brad interrupted her, “You’re spot.”

“Right! Guys can come inside my spot whenever they want, make a mess, and leave when they’re done. I’m happy to clean up any spills they make!”

My mom’s voice seemed to get a little mellow. I was still rubbing her feet, and Brad’s arms were snugly around her, embracing her.

“Tell me about this couch. Is it a popular place when people cum in Becky’s spot?”

“Yes, this couch is a popular hang-out area.”

“I remember hanging out here last night…” he moved his face closer to my moms, just a few inches away. His arm was still around her shoulder, but now he placed his other hand on her bare thigh. My mom didn’t move or speak, she was just staring dreamily into his eyes. After a long moment of my mom snuggling with him while I massaged her feet, Brad looked at me and said, “I think it’s time for you to go to bed.”

“What? But it’s not even 6 o’clock. We haven’t even had dinner!” I tried to protest, but my mom cut me off. She sounded frustrated and impatient as she said “Don’t talk back to Brad. He’s right, you need an early night and Brad and I have some more interviewing to do.”

She didn’t even break her gaze from Brad as she said it. It felt so unfair! I was getting sent to bed just because my mom wanted to be alone with Brad. I sulked for a moment, but my mom didn’t even seem to notice. She was giving Brad the hottest “fuck-me” eyes I’ve ever seen, while wearing that amazing knock-out dress. Brad’s hands were roaming up her leg. She uncrossed them to give him better access farther up her thigh. The video camera was recording the whole thing.

My cock swelled up in my pants as I watched. At least there was one good thing about being sent up early: I would finally be able to take care of my aching blue-balls! It’d been a few days since I’d jerked off, and I was ready for some relief! I got up and started walking towards the stairs. Brad called to me when I reached the stairs, “Hey dork! There’s some homework in my backpack. Why don’t you take care of it before you go to bed?”

I could not believe the nerve of Brad! He called me dork and ordered me to do his homework, in front of my own mother. I thought Brad might have finally slipped up. I didn’t think my mom would stand for that kind of treatment towards me. I quickly protested, “Mom, did you hear that? He called me a dork!”

My mom replied, her voice sounded frustrated, “Honey he’s only playing around. Don’t take things so seriously. And I think after all the time Brad’s spent helping with your homework, you can return the favor and do some of his homework, just this once. Now hurry up stairs!”

I felt so betrayed as I heard her take his side. It was unfair. I knew Brad was about to fuck her again, but this time I helped butter her up for it by sensually massaging her feet. I wanted to protest more, but I could hear the impatience in her voice and knew I shouldn’t press the issue any further. I sulked as I grabbed Brad’s backpack and went upstairs. As soon as I was out of view, I heard sounds of deep, wet kissing mixed with my mom’s moaning echoed up the stairwell. “She couldn’t even wait until I was in my room”, I thought to myself.

I toyed with the idea of leaving my bedroom door open once again. I wanted to hear if mom was going to give herself to Brad again, or if she would wise up and stop herself this time. There wasn’t a lot of homework assigned, only about 40 minutes’ worth. I’d take care of it, and then help myself to a much needed, long overdue jerk-off. My poor blue balls would just have to wait a little longer, I told myself. I left the door open and sat down at my desk.

When I opened the backpack and pulled out his homework, my heart sank. There was his homework, but there was also three other boy’s homework in the bag. I knew Brad had been paid for it, and now I was expected to do it. I’d be able to do the last few assignments quicker, since some of the problems were the same, but a lot of the questions were different. There was my homework, plus Brad’s homework, and three other sets. Forty minutes just turned into about 3 hours’ worth of homework. My cock shriveled in my pants as I looked over the assignments. Damn him! Somehow he knew I would be up here all night doing homework while he would be downstairs plowing my mom.

I knew I’d better get started right away. There was a lot of work to do and no time to waste. As I started on the first assignment, mom was sucking on Brad’s tongue. She pushed him back against the couch and straddled his body. The camera captured her backside as she climbed on top of him. He reached his hands around and squeezed her ass with both his hands. He then pulled at the hem of the dress, lifting the tight-fitted skirt up to her hips, revealing her thong-covered ass to the camera.

Once her ass was fully revealed, he squeezed her bare cheeks with both his hands. The loud sounds of kissing were picked up by the camera mic. Brad then smacked her bare ass cheek with his hand. “Ooommm” she cooed as he spanked her. Her hands reached down between her legs, and started to unzip his pants. “Come on honey, give me that cock, I need it.” my mom whispered as she tugged at his pants.

Even though she spoke softly, the sound carried up the vacant stairwell and into my open room. My computer was off and no music was playing, so my room was silent. It allowed me to hear every noise they made.

My mom pulled his cock free then lowered her face to it. She started to get on her knees on the floor, but Brad grabbed her body and moved her to the side, so she was lying on the couch with her face in his lap, rather than on the floor in front of him. This meant she couldn’t look up to see his face, but it also meant her face (And his cock) were in full view of the camera.

He then placed his hands behind her head and guided her lips onto his cock. The camera captured it all. She put her lips on the tip of his large 10-inch cock, and allowed him to control her movement. He bobbed her head up and down shallowly on his dick. She sucked fervently as he did, and her tongue rubbed against his cock each time it entered her mouth.

“Suck it, bitch!” he told her as he then pushed her face further down, until his cock touched her gag reflex and caused her to cough. I remembered Brad calling me a bitch numerous times, and now he was calling my sweet mother a bitch, too. And she responded by choking herself on his cock. I felt so betrayed. I tried to ignore it and focus back on the homework problem.

Brad allowed my mom to breath for a moment then lowered her back down on his large cock. This time he kept pushing past her gag reflex, into her throat. My mom coughed and gagged, which caused her to swallow and Brad kept pushing her down, his large tip shoved deep in her mouth. As she instinctively swallowed, it allowed his cock to go even deeper into her throat, more so than she took it last night! She tried to push off his cock, but Brad held her head down. “That’s a good slut!” he said to her as held her.

She fought and struggled, until he let her lift her head up. She coughed and choked, and a large amount of her saliva was dripping down his large dick. “One more time.” he commanded as he guided her head back to his groan. She still hadn’t caught her breath, but complied as Brad firmly pushed her head back down. She took a breath as Brad pushed her head onto his cock.

She obediently complied: Mouth open. Cock enters. Lips close. Cock slides in. Tongue massages it. Cock slides in deeper. Throat relaxes as tip pushes against it. Gag, choke, swallow.

Brad managed to slide a whole four fifths of his large dick into my mom’s throat before she pulled off. The camera caught the whole thing. My mom rose up and sat on the couch as she coughed. Her lips and chin were covered with her spit. Tears and mascara were running down her face as she took large gasps of air. She looked similar to how she did last night, except she’d taken an even more brutal punishment this time. And the night had only just begun.

“How do you like my dick, slut?” he asked her. They were both sitting in the middle of the couch where the interview took place. My mom’s face was looking into the camera as she replied, “I love it, babe! You’re dick is so huge!”

“I know what you need now, you little cunt. But first, stand up. You don’t want to get that dress dirty before the big interview tomorrow night, do you?”

“Definitely!” my mom answered as she stood up. Brad stood up beside her, his large cock still exposed through her pants. My mom reached out and started stroking his erect cock as he undid the dress strap behind her neck.

The straps loosened and then fell forward, uncovering both of my mom’s large breasts for the camera. Her face and topless chest were fully captured on the video. Brad held the sides of the tight dress and started pulling it down and my mom shimmied her body to help it slide off, stripping for the cam.

Her dress fell to her bare feet then Brad spun her around and pushed her forward onto the couch. She caught herself with her arms, and was left with her feet flat on the floor and her hands on the couch seat cushions. She was fully bent over at the waist and her thong-covered ass was facing the camera. Brad placed his hand onto her right ass cheek and rubbed small circles over it with his open palm.

“Do you want my cock, Becky?”

“You know I do!”

“Let me hear you beg for it.”

“Brad, please put your cock inside me!”

I was still holding my pencil against the paper as I listened to mom’s words. I had been writing an essay for Brad, but now I held the pencil still. My mind was completely focused on the noises downstairs. I was imagining how my mom must look, and I was pretending it was me she was talking to as she begged to be fucked. My cock was swollen and hard in my tight pants, but I knew I had to finish the essays and equations before I took care of my ‘problem’.

The noise of Brad and mom was making it difficult to focus on the current essay, but I could not bring myself to shut the door. I just held the pencil and lost myself in pleasant fantasies and painful thoughts as Brad took my mom just a few feet outside my door.

“You can beg better than that, Becky.”

“Oh god you know how to press all my buttons! Please, Brad, I’m begging you, please put your beautiful, amazing, HUGE cock inside my pussy!”

Brad didn’t say anything back to her. Instead, he lifted his palm off her ass and then smacked it back down against her bare ass cheek.

“Ouch! Brad, please fuck me now, I’m so desperate for it!”

Brad lifted his hand and then gave her another firm spank before saying “Keep begging for it.”

“Uhn! Please babe, I need your dick inside me! I need it now!”

My own cock was straining painfully against my pants as I listened. Brad was making my mom plead and beg to be fucked, and it was all on camera. He was playing her like a musical instrument, and she was letting out all the correct sounds he wanted to hear. I was pressing my pencil so hard against the paper it was starting to make a hole in it.

“Tell me how much of a slut you are, and maybe I’ll give it to you.” He gave her another hard spank on her reddening ass cheek.

“I’ll be a slut for you, babe! I’ll let you fuck me whenever you want!”

“You can do better than that, slut. Tell me what you really are.” After he told her that, he pulled his hand back and then let it fly through the air with strong force. It certainly wasn’t his full strength, but it was significantly harder than his previous slaps, and my mom was not prepared for it. His palm landed against her red ass, and she jolted forward onto the couch, catching herself with her knees then climbing fully onto the cushions. She was still bent forward at the waist, but now both her knees were on the seat cushions, and her arms were draped on the back cushion.

“Oh god, Brad! I’m a little fuck-slut for you! I’ll do anything, please fuck me with your giant cock! Please put in me!”

Brad didn’t spank her this time. He seemed pleased with her answer, and started undoing his belt while asking her another question, “That’s better. Do you want to be my little fuck-toy?”

Mom eyed Brad’s massive, hard cock still poking through his open fly. She started getting excited as she saw him undoing his pants. “Oh my God, yes! I want to be your little fuck-toy, Brad! Yes, yes, YES!”

My pencil tip split open from the pressure of pushing down on it as I listened to my mom beg to be Brad’s fuck toy. I loved my mom with all my heart, and now she was giving herself completely to my mean bully. I knew that whatever hope I’d been holding on to for my mom to ‘see through’ him was now lost. She was past the point of return. Brad was starting to show his true colors to her, and she no longer cared. She wanted him. She would probably say yes if he asked her to marry him.

“I guess since you asked so nicely, I’ll fuck you.”

“Ohhh hurry hurry hurry! Your little fuck-toy needs your big cock so bad!”

Brad took off his t-shirt, the last article of clothing he’d been wearing. He grabbed my mom’s black thong and pulled it down until it was around her knees. She was still kneeling on the couch, but she scooted her knees forward towards the back cushion and lowered her pussy and ass down to his cock.

As Brad stepped in behind her bent over body, he blocked the camera’s view of her. All the camera picked up was Brad’s naked back and ass, with my mom’s bare feet on each side of his hips. He grabbed my mom’s hips with his strong hands. My mom was silently waiting with burning desire to feel his cock enter her drenching wet pussy. He put the large tip of his cock into folds of her labia.

Mom moaned a loud “OHHH!” as she felt the tip touch her pussy. She was instinctively moving her hips back towards the large cock, trying to get more inside her, but he held her hips firmly.

“I want you to moan so loud, your loser son hears you through his headphones.”

“But, darling, I don’t wa-”

Brad interrupted her by thrusting his hips forward with all his might. His large, 6-inch round cock drove into her pussy at full speed, and didn’t stop until all 10 inches were buried inside her, and her ass pressed against Brad’s thighs.

My mom whaled as Brad gave her what she’d been starving for the whole day. “Ohhh Goddddd Braaaad!”

Brad pulled his cock out until just the tip was resting inside her dripping, burning-hot pussy, then said to her, “Louder, slut. I want your bitch-boy son to hear what a whore you are.”

My mom tried to resist him once more. “Honey, I don’t like when you talk about him li-”

Brad interrupted her once again by thrusting forward. The move was very effective; my mom stopped talking mid-sentence, and her words were replaced by a loud “Uhnnnn yes!”

Brad rocked his hips back then thrust in my mom a third time, then a fourth, fifth, sixth – rapid, strong thrusts with the full length of his cock inside her, over and over! My mom moaned as she felt his massive cock stretching into her hot, dripping-wet love spot. Saliva was dripping out of her gaping mouth. Her hands were gripping the back cushions so tight that her knuckles were turning white.

“Louder! I don’t think he can hear you!”

My mom answered his cruel command by shouting loudly, “Brad is fucking me, and I love it!”

“Louder! Tell him what a whore you are!” he kept thrusting into her pussy as he taunted.

“I’m a dirty, slutty fuck-toy! I want to be fucked like a filthy whore! Oh God please don’t stop fucking my pussy!”

Her voice was loud. Obscenely loud. If I had been wearing headphones, even with the volume set high, I would have been able to hear her shouts. I knew my mom expected me to hear. She wanted me to hear it, for Brad. Once again, he got exactly what he wanted. He won, but he wasn’t finished yet.

Brad slowed down his fucking after getting my mom to shout the degrading obscenities. Even with his stamina and experience, he was getting close to finishing. But he wasn’t ready for his fun to end yet.

“Please don’t stop, baby! I want you to cum inside me!”

“Don’t worry, my little cum-whore. You’re going to get my huge load, but you’ve got to work harder for it.”

Brad pulled his dick out of her fuck-hole. Her cunt was stretched from the rough treatment, and it was slightly gaping open after his cock left it. Brad put his arm around her body and repositioned her. She complied with his movement obediently as he positioned her how he wanted her – both elbows on the armrest, her knees on the seat cushions, and her ass sticking up. He had her posing in a nice side-view for the camera with her face looking into the lens, and he was behind her.

“You ready for me to cum, fuck-toy?”

“Yes babe! I want your cum so bad!” my mom replied, her face now looking into the camera.

“Good answer. You don’t have to yell so loud this time, but something tells me you’re going to anyway.”

Just as my mom was asking “What do you mean?”, Brad positioned his cock against her tight, freshly waxed asshole. She felt the tip putting pressure against her opening and let out a responsive “Ohhh!” I thought for sure my mom would stop Brad when she realized what he was about to do, but instead she reacted by scooting her knees forward a few inches, then reaching behind her back and grabbing both ass cheeks with her hands. She spread her cheeks, giving Brad better access to her hole.

Brad’s cock from tip-to-base was well lubed up from my mom’s saliva and pussy juices, but he still had to push quite hard to penetrate her tight hole. My mom felt the tip forcing it’s way half an inch into her backside, and told him, “That’s it babe, don’t stop!” Just as she said that, she felt the whole tip slip inside her ass, and her hole sealed behind it, clenching tightly around his shaft. It hurt her, but my mom said, “Ow! Oh Brad you’re so good to me!”

With the tip of his cock implanted in my mom’s ass, Brad started to slowly slide his large shaft deeper inside. There was pain in my mom’s voice as she spoke, but she didn’t stop encouraging him, “Oh God you’re so huge! Keep going Hun, momma can take it!”

I winced as I heard her say that. She was always saying such endearing things to Brad. And now, as he was sliding his massive 6-inch round cock painfully up her ass, she called herself ‘momma’ for him. I knew Brad would find that incredibly hot. I thought about the website that Brad had advertised, and I wondered if he was going to put the video on it. I didn’t like the thought of all my classmates seeing my mom with her ruined make-up covered face, bent over on the couch taking a huge dick up her ass from a student, while calling herself momma. I don’t think I’d ever live that down!

Brad slowly slid the remaining inches of his shaft into her backside until his pelvis bone was against her ass and his balls were hanging against her cunt. My mom was still spreading both her ass cheeks open for Brad, which allowed him to shove his cock deep inside her.

“I can feel your whole cock up my asshole, ohhh I love being your bitch!” my mom said to him with a mixture of pain and pleasure. He withdrew his cock slightly quicker, until just the head of his cock was embedded inside her.

“You like that, slut?” he asked as he started to slide it back in.

“Oh my god, yes!” my mom answered in a high pitched squeal.

Brad fully inserted his dick once again then withdrew it with haste. My mom’s ass was in pain from the large cock sliding in and out, but it was starting to adjust to his size. Brad quickened his pace, sliding his shaft in and out of her. Mom let go of her ass cheeks, placing one hand on the armrest to steady herself while Brad started fucking her ass more forcefully. She placed her other hand between her legs and started fingering her clit.

Her clit was hyper-sensitive from Brad’s giant cock, and she was getting very close to cumming. Brad kept up the pace, fucking her ass deep and hard, while my mom’s orgasm built up. Brad remarked, “You’re a great little fuck-doll.” which caused my mom’s orgasm to release, and she felt the huge wave of pleasure cover her body. She moaned loudly as she came from the finger and ass-fucking, but Brad didn’t stop pounding her even while she orgasamed. “Oh honey, honey I’m cumming!” she said, hoping Brad would slow his thrusting. Instead of slowing, he started spanking her ass harshly with his hand.

The rough treatment caused my mom’s orgasm to stretch out for longer than she’d ever had. She truly felt like a fuck-toy. Just near the last wave of her explosive pleasure, Brad thrust his cock deep into her ass and started cumming. My mom kept still as Brad came inside her. She was bent over, obediently receiving Brad’s entire cum load up her ass.

It filled her with pleasure as she felt his balls throbbing against her backside, and felt the warmth filling inside her. “Oh babe that is so good!” she said to him as he withdrew his large cock from her body. She collapsed on her side and reached her hand down to her gaping asshole. “Was I a good fuck toy?” she asked the question playfully, but she was secretly yearning to hear his approval.

“Yea you’re pretty good, Becks.” replied Brad as he sat back on the couch. He didn’t sound very enthusiastic or praising as he said it.

“Thank you, babe! You’re so amazing! Now, let me clean you up.” she said as she hopped off the couch and went to the bathroom to get a towel.

Chapter 32: Bedtime

Brad stood up and walked to the video camera. He ejected the tape and placed it in his pant pockets. He then pulled out a fresh blank tape from the camera bag and inserted into the feed, hit record, and sat back down on the couch.

My mom came back wearing some fresh gray panties, and carrying a warm damp towel. She knelt between Brad’s legs and started wiping his cock and balls clean, planting gentle kisses on his balls when she finished. “I’m in love with your cock, you stud!” she told him after the soft kiss.

After cleaning up, my mom offered to cook Brad some dinner while he watched TV. Meanwhile, with the action finished downstairs, I was able to focus on the homework. I got a fresh pencil, slipped on some headphones, and got a pretty good amount of the assignments finished while Brad and my mom showered and ate. After an hour or so, my mom came up the stairs.

I took my headphones off as she entered my room. She was wearing a silk bathrobe, and her smeared make-up was removed. “Hi honey, I thought you might be hungry after doing so much homework.” she said as she placed a plate of spaghetti on my desk. “Great, thank you.” I said to her. The hour I’d spent doing homework had really calmed me down, and I was able to act semi-normal as I spoke to her.

“Did you.. Did you hear anything, Hon?” she asked. I felt my face go warm when I heard that. I tried hard to act casual. I did not want to talk about the extremely loud, rough sex session her and Brad had just shared. She was studying my face as I replied, “What? Hear anything? What do you mean? Sorry, I’ve had my headphones on all night, and the music was pretty loud.”

She seemed relieved when she heard me say that. “Good! It’s nothing. After the interview practice, we watched a scary horror movie, and had the volume up quite loud. There was lots of scary screaming, and I was worried we interrupted your studying, that’s all. Nothing to worry about!”

It was easier with her thinking I didn’t know. If I told her the truth, I knew how embarrassed we both would be. And worse, she may even start being open with Brad in front of me. I really did not want that to happen. I was still hoping I could somehow tear her away from him and get out of this situation, but I knew that would be impossible if she started openly dating him.

“I’ll let you get back to studying, now. Brad’s downstairs watching the game, and I’m going to join him.” she said before leaving my room. Even though I was angry and hurt, I couldn’t help but imagining what was under that silky robe. Was she wearing any underwear, I wondered to myself. Was she about to let it drape open, and snuggle against Brad? I was jealous.

I ate the tasty food, knocked out another hour of homework, and then brought the plate down to the kitchen. The TV was off and living room was empty. My mom was in the kitchen grabbing something out of the fridge. The lights were off, but I could see she was wearing the purple translucent sleeping lingerie from the evening before. When she turned around from the fridge, she was holding a carton of strawberries and some whipped cream.

“Hi honey, I’m just getting a little snack before bed.” she said as I carried the empty dishes to the sink.

“Where’s Brad, isn’t he sleeping on the couch? Did he go home?”

“No no, he’s still here… I thought it’d be rude to make a guest sleep on the couch, so I told him it’d be fine if he slept in my bedroom tonight. My bed is so big and roomy, there’s plenty of space for us both. And it’s much more comfortable than a lumpy couch, don’t you think?”

“Well… Yea…” I mumbled a bit, unable to think of an excuse to get him out of her bedroom.

“So you go on to bed and get some sleep before school tomorrow. Don’t forget to brush your teeth.” she said as she hurried back to her bedroom. As she opened her bedroom door the light from her bedroom spilled onto her see-through gown, and I realized she wasn’t wearing the purple panties that go with the outfit. I didn’t notice it in the dark kitchen, but she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all!

Inside the bedroom, I saw Brad lying shirtless in the center of the bed with his arms behind his back. The covers were pulled up to his waist. My mom turned around in the doorway, still holding the strawberries and whipped cream, and said “Good night!” to me before pulling the door shut.

Damn I was jealous. I still had a few more pages of homework to do before sleep, and Brad was about to enjoy some dessert with my mom. The best kind of dessert. I rinsed the dishes, brushed my teeth, and then finished up the last of the homework. Whatever sexual energy I had been feeling earlier, the homework had zapped it dry. When I was done with the last problem, I fell in my bed and passed out. “Please no more nightmares!” I thought to myself as I rested my head on the pillow.

Chapter 33: The fourth nightmare

I wasn’t asleep for very long when the nightmare began.

“Becky, we have an important producer coming to the studio to watch your first evening broadcast.” my mom’s boss said to her. Mom was wearing the red dress that Brad had picked out for her, but she’d forgotten to put on her panties. Typical nightmare!

“Yes sir, I’ll do my absolute best on the show!” she excitedly replied to her boss.

“Actually Becky, we’re going to have Melissa take your place doing the interview. She’s a lot more professional and intelligent, and the viewers respect her. We just want you in the background showing off your big tits and fat ass.”

“Yes sir, whatever I can do to keep the job!”

Melissa sat behind the desk wearing a professional business woman suit. Next to her sat Brad. Mom was given a wooden stool to sit on next to the desk. She found it difficult to cross her legs while sitting on the tall narrow stool, so she instead just kept her legs closely together so the viewers couldn’t see up her skirt. Without any panties on, it would be very bad for my mom’s reputation if the camera caught up her skirt on live TV.

The important producer walked up to my mom, and she stiffened with respect. “I want to make a few adjustments to your dress before we begin filming” he said to her.

She sat still as the businessman revealed some scissors. He then cut a little slit up the middle of the skirt. The tight dress caused the fabric to spread instantly. My mom pulled her legs closed very tight to keep her pussy from being displayed through the now gaping open skirt.

“That looks great, now let’s fix-up the top.” said the producer. He grabbed hold of both the straps that were tied behind my mom’s neck, and cut it with the scissors. He was still holding them so they didn’t fall off her chest and reveal her breasts. “You better take hold of these before I let go.” he said to her.

My mom quickly lifted her hands behind her head and grabbed the cut straps, one with each hand. The producer let go of the severed straps, and my mom was left holding them with her hands stuck behind her neck. Her pussy was almost on display, her hands were stuck holding her dress behind her head, and she was trying to keep her balance on the uncomfortable wooden stool.

She wobbled a little bit and her legs spread, causing her pussy to be fully displayed to the camera for a split second before she snapped her legs shut. Her boss interjected, “Don’t forget to smile!”

My mom resumed smiling as she sat in her skimpy outfit, working to keep her balance.

“Great! We go on air in 4, 3, 2..”

Melissa, the news anchor, began her speech: “Good evening, thank you for joining us on channel 9 news! Tonight we’ll be talking about the new local strip club called “Single Mom’s”. With us today is the owner and manager, Mr. Brad. Thanks for joining us.”

“Thanks for having me.” replied Brad.

“So tell us, what makes “Single Mom’s” special?”

“Well one of the great things about it, is that all our strippers are single mothers. This means that on top of stripping and dancing to earn tips, they’re usually very eager and desperate to find ‘Mr. Right’.”

“Oh that does make things interesting! Does that mean customers go in there for a strip dance, but end up leaving with a possible date?”

“That’s exactly right! Not only do the girls strip and dance for very low tips, they also usually go home with any customer that asks!”

“Wow, that sounds like quite the set up! No wonder your place is popular! What happens then? Do the girls end up finding their true love?”

“From what I hear, the girls usually invite the guy back to their place, so they can show off their cooking skills, and prove that they’re real wife material. They have dinner, and often spend the night together. But in the morning, the guy’s often decides they don’t want something long-term.”

“Ahh, well you can’t blame a guy for that.”

“That’s right! So then the girl returns to work that evening, and hopes to find another guy.”

“Wow, that sounds like a fun place! I heard one of our very own staff is looking for a day-job. Isn’t that right, Becky?” the anchorwoman asked as she turned to my mom, still holding her dress behind her head.

My mom kept up her big smile as she answered, “Yes, I sure am!”

“Maybe you could work at the ‘Single Mom’s’ strip club! What do you think?”

“That would be so great, I would love to!” answered my mom, slightly losing her balance and letting her legs spread for a brief moment before snapping them back shut.

“What do you think?” Melissa asked Brad.

“Hmm, let’s take a look at you. Why don’t you stand up and spin around.” he replied.

My mom carefully stepped off the stool, and the front of her dress slid open as she stood. Even as she kept her legs tightly pushed together, part of her pussy was visible through the split skirt as she stood up. She hoped the camera didn’t show it.

She slowly turned in a circle, displaying herself to the businessman, the camera, and all of the audience.

“Yea, I think you’d be great working at the strip club. I think you’d end up going home with a lot of different guys!”

“Thank you so much for the compliment, sir!” replied my mom.

“In fact,” added Mr. Brad, “I might take you home on your first ‘date’ right now. How does that sound?”

My mom was beaming with the pride as she said, “I’d absolutely love to! You can come over to my place, and I’ll prepare you a nice big meal! Then you can watch the game before coming to bed with me.”

Melissa spoke to the camera, “Wow, well there you have it! Seems that Becky is going to fit right in working at ‘Single Moms’! If any guys out there are interested in taking her home for the night, or just watching her strip, be sure to stop by the club! Join us next time to hear as we interview her about the date!”

Just as strange as dreams can be, this nightmare was no different. Suddenly she was at the club, dancing on stage. Perhaps dancing isn’t the right term, but she was definitely putting on a show. She was completely naked, except for a tall pair of black stripper heels and a matching black thong. She would spread her legs on stage, grab the black thong and tightly pull it up into her crotch, burying it in her pussy lips for all to see.

Then she’d get down on all fours, groping her breasts for the customers, then turning around and spanking her own ass. The guys in the crowd were a mixture of my classmates and some strangers.

“I’ll take you out on a ‘date’, Becky!” said someone from the crowd.

“You would? I’d love to!” replied my mom.

She climbed off the stage, and the middle-aged man took her arm.

“Let me just change and then we can go somewhere nice and romantic.” said my mom.

“Nah no need, we can just go into my van for something quick.” replied the stranger.

“Okay sure, I can be fun and spontaneous!” said my mom, trying to impress him as he brought her outside to his van to fuck.

The man wasted no time in getting what he wanted. My mom tried to talk and get to know each other, but the guy just opened the side door, had my mom bend over the seat, and then slid his dick into her.

My mom kept bent over as the guy pumped his cock into her and squeezed her tits. She felt so used and violated, but she knew she had to tough through it as the guy used her. He came quick, blowing his entire load in her pussy.

When he was done, he told her, “That was great, but on second thought, I don’t think I want anything long term.”

My mom was disappointed when she heard that. “Are.. Are you sure?”

“Yea. Well I better get home now, see you later flo.” said the guy before getting in his van and driving off. My mom went back inside, cleaned herself, and then went back on the stage to ‘dance’.

“I’ll ‘date’ you, slut!” said another guy. “Oh great, I’d love that!” replied my mom as she climbed off the stage to meet another stranger.

I awoke to my mom following another guy to his van. What a weird, awful nightmare! I turned over and tried to go back to sleep, but the image of Brad laying in my mom’s bed right before she shut the door was burned in my mind. I remembered her turning to me and saying “Good night!” before shutting the door. I drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 34: Tuesday

“Beep Beep Beep Beep!” buzzed my annoying alarm clock. Another day of school. I was worried about running into Brad as I went downstairs for breakfast. I didn’t know what he’d been up to with my mom last night after I went to bed, but I knew it couldn’t be good.

I entered the kitchen to find it empty, with no breakfast cooked. I saw my mom tip-toe out of her bedroom, quietly pulling the door shut behind her.

“Mom? Where’s breakfast? What about Brad?” I inquired. I was fully showered and dressed, with my shoes on and backpack of homework ready to go. My mom was wearing her silk bathrobe.

“Good morning, sweetie. There are some pop tarts in the cabinet for breakfast. Brad’s still asleep.”

“But what about school?”

“I know. He had a very late night. I kept him up for a while, interviewing… Practicing for work tonight. So I thought it’d be nice for him to sleep in.”

“But the bus will be here in a few minutes!”

“I know, I told him I’d drive him in to school a little later, so he could sleep in longer. He’ll just skip his first class, it’s not a big deal. I’ll explain it to his teacher. Now you hurry and eat your pop tarts, so you don’t miss the school bus!”

Wow, this was so unfair! I was the one who needed to sleep in! I was up late doing his homework, and now I’m stuck riding the bus while he gets to come in late. The silver lining is that I don’t have to deal with him during the bus ride.

Mom tip-toed back into the bedroom quietly while I ate the dry pop tarts.

On the school bus, I overheard some of Brad’s friends talking to each other. “Wow, did you see the pic Brad sent, of that loser’s mom?”

“Yea! He said you can watch the whole video if you sign up on the website!”

“His message says she takes it really rough!”

“I’m going to check it out when I get home tonight!”

I sunk low in my seat as I heard them talking about me and my mother. They knew I could hear, but they didn’t care.

“Good morning, students!” Announced Mr. Corbin. He taught my first class of the day, and I always found it a struggle to pay attention as he raddled on about economics. I was sitting in the back, trying to stay out of everyone’s attention.

“I’d like you all to give a warm welcome to our new student, Ms. Vanessa. She just transferred here and I expect you all to help her find her way around.”

Vanessa was standing in the front of the class. Wow, she was quite a pretty. Not like the other girls in school who boasted a flashier, sexy pretty – Vanessa had more of a natural beauty. She was a young, thin Latina girl, 18 years old with pretty hazel eyes, a round face, and long dark hair. Her dated jeans and yellow jacket weren’t fashionable or stylish.

Victoria, the head cheerleader, stared at her with a somewhat stern, unwelcoming look. Not because Vanessa had done anything wrong, but her naturally large breasts and big round Latina ass were definitely going to steal attention from the guys away from Victoria and her posy of popular cheer girls.

Vanessa let out a shy “hello.” before heading back to sit in an empty chair – an empty chair which happened to be next to my desk.

I must have been staring at her harder than I thought, because Victoria made a joke as Vanessa sat next to me, “It looks like Brad’s servant boy is in love!”

I quickly stared down at the ground as I realized my staring was noticeable. I didn’t like being called Brad’s ‘servant boy’, but it was definitely better than some of the other names I’d been called recently. Vanessa did not seem to pick up on what the joke meant, or that she was talking about me. I felt quite happy that Brad slept in with my mom instead of coming to class this morning.

Although Brad wasn’t quite sleeping in right at that moment. After I’d gotten on the school bus, my mom had woken him up by climbing under the blanket at the foot of the bed and giving his oversized morning wood a wake-up blowjob!

And now, at the same moment I was being humiliated by Victoria, my mom was laying on her back in bed. She had her legs spread and her hips lifted up, and she was allowing Brad to violate her holes. He would rotate between her pussy and her asshole, thrusting his cock in one hole a few times then swapping to her other hole. My mom loved the feeling as he used her curvy body however he liked.

“Hi” the new student whispered to me as the teacher began lecturing. I almost checked behind me to see who she was talking to. I wasn’t used to being treated like a human at school. I whispered back a hello and introduced myself. I’ve never been “Mr. Smooth” when it came to the ladies, but my introduction seemed to go somewhat normal, and it helped that Vanessa didn’t know I was the biggest loser in school.

The rest of the morning went by pretty quietly. I didn’t share many more comments with Vanessa, but at least there was no sight of Brad, and no lewd comments about my mom. I did notice a few of the hot cheerleaders giggling at me in the hall at one point. I wasn’t sure why, until I saw a drawing hanging on the wall. It was a poorly drawn character of me bent over, getting spanked by Brad. My dick was circled and the words “baby sized” were pointing to it. I quickly tore it off the wall and threw it away. My biggest fear was that Vanessa had seen it, although there was no sight of her around.

About the same time as I was taking down the picture, Brad was releasing his second load of cum this morning into my mom. The first time she milked his cum out with her lips and tongue. This second time she was using her hot pussy. Brad was lying back in the bed while my mom was riding his cock in cowgirl style, with her hands on his pecks as she ground her hips against his. His large cock was planted firmly inside her warm cunt as she slid her hips back and forward, building up his orgasm.

“How does that pussy feel, babe?” she asked him as she rode him gently.

“Fucking great!” he replied as he grabbed her hips, pulling her body against his cock.

“Cum inside me, honey. My body is all for you to use.” she said as she kept rocking, bringing him closer to cumming.

She quickened her movements on his cock, and he responded by digging his heels into the mattress and pushing his hips into her pelvis. “That’s it honey, give me your hot cum!” whispered my mom as she felt his orgasm tipping. “You’re cock is so wonderful, oh god, give it to me!” she said as her pussy tightened around his throbbing cock, and spurt after spurt of hot virile cum filled her pussy.

After milking every drop deep into her pussy, she collapsed on top of him, resting her body against his and kissing all down his chest.

Meanwhile, back at school, the girls were giggling at my embarrassment as I threw away the humiliating drawing.

I quickly buried my head into my locker trying to hide from everyone in sight. I could overhear the girls speaking as Claire, the red-head, asked, “Did you check out that new girl?”

Victoria responded, “Yea, did you see what she was wearing? She’s such a poser.”

“Yea. Totally!” added Chelsea. The brunette had the appearance of being the oldest girl, but she acted like the youngest. She always followed Victoria around everywhere, and agreed with everything she said.

“A girl like that is a dime a dozen. Always giving off an ‘I don’t care’ attitude, but really they’re desperate for attention.” continued Victoria.

Just then Vanessa came walking down the hallway, and Victoria said out loud, “Nice jeans. I hope you washed them before you took them home from the Salvation Army”

The other cheerleaders laughed as Vanessa sighed with disgust and went to her locker, next to mine.

I was getting accustomed to being bullied, but I didn’t like seeing the cruelness done to Vanessa. Girls had a different way of bullying than guys did. It’s less physical, but just as painful. Girls don’t just put someone down. They spread rumors, completely shun people, and gang up on them in packs, and Victoria and the other cheerleaders were very experienced at it. Once they set their sights on a new target, there was little that could get in their way.

All the guys were enamored with the popular cheerleader clique, and they were quick to take their sides with things like this. High school can be a cruel, cruel place.

It was clear to Victoria that Vanessa was a threat to her and the other girls – Vanessa’s huge natural breasts and thick round ass paired with her natural pretty face would draw plenty of attention from guys without her even trying. She was the anti of everything Victoria stood for – expensive clothes and shoes, professionally styled hair and nails, and perfect makeup.

“Just ignore them. They’re just idiots.” I said to Vanessa as she looked though her locker.

“Every freaking person at this school is awful!” she replied fiercely.

“I-I know, I’m sorry.” I said shyly, before putting my face back into my locker.

“No.” answered Vanessa, “I’m sorry. You’re not awful. I’m just mad that those stupid cheerleaders. You’re the only decent person here.”

I don’t know if “love-at-first-sight” is real or not, but I was definitely feeling a rush of emotions towards Vanessa from just those two short encounters. She treated me like an actual person, and it felt refreshing – no, amazing.

We both continued to our next classes, and the morning went by pretty quickly. In fact, I was actually feeling something I hadn’t felt in a long time – optimism.

Chapter 35: A visit from Mom

All was going well, until around noon. I was walking to the school cafeteria for lunch, when I saw my mom in the hallway! She was walking towards the principal’s office, wearing a red-white striped slip on dress, tanned heels, and her hair was in a bun. The dress was nice and short, showing most of her tan, smooth legs and she had a pair of flashy-red sunglasses on top her head which made her look young and catchy.

“Mom? What are you doing here!” I shouted loud enough for her to hear. It was a mistake, because two classmates from the football team stopped and looked. I heard them say, “Is that the MILF that Brad was talking about? The one who puts out very easily?”

“Yea I think it is. Wow, she’s a freaking hottie! I heard she does anal, too. I think I’ll introduce myself!”

My face reddened as I heard them. My mom turned around to see me, and I quickly hurried over there to get out of earshot of those two athletes.

“Oh hi honey!” said my mom. She seemed to be in quite a good mood – her voice was cheerful and melodic, and she was chewing a piece of pink bubble gum.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her.

“I just dropped Brad off, and I’m heading in to see the principal. I wanted to explain how it was my fault Brad was in late today, and make sure he didn’t get in any trouble for it.”

Just as my mom finished talking, the two football players walked past either side of me and introduced themselves to my mom.

“Hi there, I’m Scott and this is Cody. We’re friends with your son. You must be Becky?” they said, slightly pushing me out of the way and standing between me and my mom. They introduced themselves as my friends, but they definitely were not. Numerous times they’d joined in with Brad picking on me. I remember receiving a gross ‘wet-willy’ from Cody during class, and another time, Scott and Brad had taken turns giving me knuckle punches in the arm while another bully held me down.

“Hi! It’s so nice to meet more of his friends!” she said as she held her hand out to them.

“It seems like every guy in this school is so handsome and strong!” she said as she let each boy squeeze her hand.

“Yea, well we do have the best football team in the region! You should come watch us play.” boasted Scott as he held my mom’s hand for an extra-long moment.

“If all the football players are as handsome as you two, I think I’ll have to!” answered my mom flirtatiously.

Just then the principal stepped out of his office. “Hello there Becky! Sorry about the wait, I’m ready to see you now!” he said to her. She went into the office, and Scott said, “Wow, I’m totally going to end up banging her!”

“You and me both, you see how flirty she was? I’m definitely getting inside those panties, and soon!” they said as they pushed past me.

I just hoped my mom left soon. The thought of all the guys ogling her here made me sick. I knew she wasn’t a slut, but she did have a tendency to dress very promiscuously. I didn’t want her spending hours around a bunch of horny 18 year old guys.

The second half of the day went by pretty quickly. The first football game was coming up next week, and it had most of the class abuzz. The life-shattering events of yesterday in the gym seemed to be forgotten about by everyone. (except me of course). Life in high school can be funny in that way – one day your whole life feels like it’s over, and the next day you forgot anything was wrong.

Most of the football players were kept busy practicing and training. I saw Brad briefly during lunch to turn in his homework, but that was pretty much it for the whole day. It seems that football holds a higher importance than academics, both for students and faculty members.

I noticed Vanessa sit at a lunch table with a few other girls, and they all got up and left as she sat down. I felt so bad for poor Vanessa. I wasn’t sure if sitting next to her would make things better or worse for her, but I hated seeing her like that so I sat beside her.

Maybe it was the feeling of being the only two ‘losers’ in school, but we both hit it off pretty well. It felt nice having someone to talk to during lunch, and she seemed to enjoy my company. I even made her laugh once or twice.

She sat by me during the other classes we had together, and the day seemed to go wonderfully. Even during Mrs. Hunter’s class, Brad and a few other students had been excused to run play practices with the coach. It was the best day I’d had all year.

After school, I met my mom at the parking lot. My mom seemed so proud when I got in the van. “Hi honey! How was your day? I never realized you had so many friends!”

She was talking about Scott and Cody of course – two more of Brad’s friends from the football team. And me, not wanting to appear like a loser in front of my mom, went along with it, telling her that they were good friends of mine.

I then mentioned the new girl, and my mom seemed very interested in that. She always could pick up on my moods, sometimes better than I could, and it was clear to her that I’d caught feelings for the girl, even though I tried to downplay it. My mom seemed quite thrilled with it all – apparently she’d had a wonderful morning, met some of my friends, and now it seemed like I might even be easing towards a girlfriend, finally!

“Maybe you should ask her to the Flower dance coming up this weekend.” she hinted.

“Moommm! We’re not dating or anything. I barely know her!” I replied, embarrassed. But the thought did sink in.

I don’t think I’d ever seen my mom as cheery as I did on the drive home. She was singing along with the radio, tapping on the steering wheel, shaking her shoulders and dancing during red-light stops. It was nice seeing her so happy, something had really gotten into her!

Chapter 36: Invitation from Brad

When we were home, she had a few hours before she had to head in to work. It seemed like it was becoming a regular thing that I’d be massaging my mom’s feet after school each day. She mentioned she was feeling nervous about her first shift with the new evening crew, and subtly commented how relaxing the foot massage made her last night. I was quick to offer her another, and soon she was sitting on the couch with her shoes kicked off, watching a ‘Sex and the city’ episode while I knelt in front of her, rubbing her feet.

I kept massaging her feet through the whole 30 minute episode. When it ended she grabbed the remote and clicked on another episode, then sat back comfortably without asking if I needed a break.

I stayed on the floor dutifully massaging her feet as she watched the second episode. Near the end of it, her cellphone rang. She hit mute on the TV before pulling out the phone and answering.

“Hiii sweetie!” She said, before holding her hand over the receiver and whispering to me, “It’s Brad,” then she spoke back into the phone, “It’s so nice to hear from you.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet of you. Of course, I’d love to go with you!” she said excitedly into the phone. I couldn’t hear what Brad was saying on the other end of the line, and I stopped massaging my mom’s feet as I strained to listen.

She let out a whispered “Uhh! No, you were the incredible one.” into the phone. She shot a glance down towards me and I felt a little guilty trying to listen in, so I sat back and resumed massaging her feet.

“It’s all I could think about all day. I don’t know if I can even wait until Friday night!”

I kept gently massaging her feet as she squirmed on the couch while talking to my bully.

“Yes, I will! I’m even going to go shopping to buy a new dress for it!”

Then a moment later she said, “Yes, of course you can. Any way you want it!”

A long moment past as she listened deeply into the phone. I don’t know what Brad was saying, but my mom started breathing really heavily as she listened.

“Fuck. I can’t wait for Friday. You too, bye!”

It was quite out of character for my mom to curse. She didn’t use slang words, and I’d never heard her say the F word in front of me (except those times she was with Brad of course, but she didn’t know I could hear.)

She unmuted the TV for a long moment, then hit mute again as if she’d remembered something. She then looked down at me and said, “That was Brad. He said he wanted to thank me for taking him to school this morning, and invited me to go to the school dance with him this Friday! Isn’t that sweet of him?”

“Uh… Y-yes.” I stammered.

She giggled a little and said, “I know it’s a little odd, but he’s just trying to show his thanks for the ride to school this morning. And it’s not like it’s a date, of course. You don’t mind, do you honey?” she asked.

I knew it wasn’t really a question, and there was only one answer I could give, she just wanted the assurance of hearing it.

“No… I don’t mind.” I answered sheepishly. I was lying, of course. I hated the thought of my mom showing up the school dance with Brad. Every student would see them together.

“That’s great! It’ll be fun! Now, I better get ready for work.”

Mom headed into her room to put on that sexy, slutty dress that Brad picked out for her. It somehow looked even more revealing than I remembered it. The hot red slip on dress with straps covering each breast, a huge amount of her cleavage showing, the short-short skirt, and the seam running down her ass, pulling the dress inward and showing the full shape of her buttocks. Paired with the tall heels, she looked incredibly sexy.

“Okay Hun, I better run to work. Thanks so much for that massage, I feel great and ready to rock!”

I watched as she left the house, my eyes fixed on her swaying hips. God she looked hot!

Chapter 37: Butthole whore Becky’s first porno

This was the first time I’d had a chance to jerk-off all week, and I was aching for it! As soon as mom left the driveway, I hurried upstairs and opened my computer. I saw an e-mail, from Brad.

Subject: “Your mom’s porn video”

Hi fuckhead. I thought you’d like to have a little peak at your mom’s porn video while you jerk off. I edited out the tits before sending it to you. Can’t have the loser perv jerking to his mom’s tits, right? But don’t worry, all the other kids at school get the full, unedited copy. Enjoy watching me fuck your slut mom up the ass, shit-brains!

P.S. If you’re really desperate to see the unedited video, you’ll have to buy a membership at the website. It’s 35 bucks a month and the money goes straight to me.

My hands started shaking uncontrollably as I read the e-mail. At the end there was a link to the website, and an attached video labeled “Butthole whore Becky takes rough anal pounding – edited for sissy losers.”

I started downloading the video then clicked on the link to the website.

The website was all flashy and sleek looking, with pictures of my mom plastered in front of the pink background.

There was a short biography written about my mom. It told a very depraved story about how she’d always dreamed of being a porn star, and that there were no limits to what she was willing to do.
Underneath the biography, it had a little box that said “Favorite type of sex: Anal, DP, and gangbangs.”

There was a member’s section and a free tour. I clicked on the free tour. It showed the video of the mock interview Brad had given her last night, except it was edited in a way that it looked like my mom was talking to the camera man, and Brad was cut from the scene. All of Brad’s words had been recorded over to make it seem like he was asking my mom different questions.

“I hear you love Anal sex. So much so, that the guys around here even have a nick-name for your backdoor? What do they call it?”

Then my mom replied the lines from last night, “Yes that’s right! Becky’s spot!”

“Wow, that’s pretty hot. Do a lot of guys fuck you in the ass, then?”

“Oh yes, it’s the hottest place in town!” she replied proudly.

“Do you have any size limits, to how big of a dick you’ll take?”

“Oh no, and I don’t want to keep away customers! My door is always open and everyone is welcome!”

“When it comes to your dating life, I’ve heard some of the locals say you have a reputation for being an ‘easy-lay’, would you agree with that?”

“Absolutely, very easy!”

I felt sick watching it. Brad had twisted her words from the mock interview last night, and was making it seem like she was advertising herself as an easy, cheap fuck-slut.

“I hear one thing that makes you popular is that you’re not sheepish about having sex with a younger guy, as long as they’re 18 or older. Is that true?

“Yes, my backdoor is popular among a lot of the younger guys. It’s always open for them to use.”

“That’s really hot. You sound like a real cum-hungry whore.”

“Right! Guys can come inside my spot whenever they want, make a mess, and leave when they’re done. I’m happy to clean up any spills they make!”

“I think we all know what you mean by ‘cleaning up’ the spills, haha.”

The video ended with a link to sign up and watch the full sex video, with the promise of “more coming soon!” I was appalled! My mom would never act like this. I hated how Brad was twisting her words.

There was no way I was going to sign up to see the full video. I still used my mom’s bank card and the purchase would show up on her statement. Besides, I didn’t like the idea of funding Brad as he exploited my mom’s loving nature.

The video was done downloading, so I opened it. Brad had edited out all the parts, except for two – the first part showed my mom fully dressed, leaned over Brad’s lap, slurping and sucking his massive cock. I was so anxious to jerk off, and the view of her choking and kissing Brad’s cock, and sucking on his large balls was having a strong effect on me.

My cock was hard, and I didn’t hesitate whipping it out and stroking it while I watched. The whole depraved scene was there as my mom gagged and struggled on Brad’s long pole. When the scene ended, and my mom stood up to let Brad take her dress off, the scene stopped – just before her dress fell off! I was bitterly disappointed, but then the second scene started. This scene was almost more disappointing, because I didn’t even get to see my mom’s face. It was the part of the scene where my mom was bent over the back of the couch, with Brad standing in front of the camera.

All I saw were my mom’s feet on each side of his hips, and his ass moving back and forward as he fucked her. That bastard. He only sent me the parts that didn’t show my mom’s naked body. I watched and listened as Brad fucked and spanked her, while I played with my cock.

He made my mom scream and moan so that I could hear. I had the biggest orgasm I’d ever had in my life. It wasn’t the ideal situation – my mom was moaning Brad’s name, all I could see on the camera were the soles of her feet next Brad’s naked muscular ass as he thrust into her, but I could not help myself. The sound of my mom being fucked by him made me crazy hot!

After I finished playing with my pathetic cock, Brad was still going hard in the video. It’s no surprise I didn’t last as long as him. I felt sick after I finished, as Brad kept fucking her while she called herself his fuck toy.

After experiencing the largest orgasm of my life, I was shot. I collapsed into my warm bed. For the first night in a while, I had no homework – none was assigned to me, and Brad hadn’t unloaded any on me, either. I was able to pass out nice and early, and get a full night’s sleep.

I thought about Vanessa as I drifted off, and I felt warm and happy. I slept through the night without even a nightmare!

Chapter 38: Wednesday morning

Mom had cooked a delicious meal of waffles with fruits and whipped cream for breakfast. She was wearing a black silk sleeping gown when I entered the kitchen. Her left leg was bent, her toes resting against her right ankle as she took the waffles out of the iron. I looked at her ass and hips as I thought about the video last night, remembering how Brad rammed his cock into that sexy tight body all evening. God, was I jealous! All I got to do was massage her feet before he fucked her.

As we ate, mom told me about her first shift – how she felt a little uncomfortable in that dress, but the evening crew director said it ‘perfectly captured the look they wanted for the show’, and how spot-on Brad was for picking it out. “He really has a great eye for it!” she told me.

Before I left for the bus, she said “When you see Brad, tell him I can’t wait for our date this Friday!”

I didn’t like that she called it a ‘date’, specifically after telling me they were just going as friends. “Oh well, it’s just lingo” I told myself.

When I stepped on the bus, I saw Brad and his friends sitting at the back. I took my seat in the isle in front of him, and instantly felt his finger flick my ear painfully.

“Ouch!” I said as I turned around.

“Don’t you owe me a thanks, for the porn video of your mom I sent you?” he said to me menacingly. I knew I had to play along.

“Yes, sir. Thank you.” I muttered out to him.

“No, no. That’s not good enough. Say what you’re thanking me for.”

“Uhh… Thank you for sending me the porn video of my mom.” I muttered even quieter.

“Hmm, no. Still not good enough. Try again, this time say the name of the video.”

I couldn’t remember the exact name of the video. I just remembered it said ‘edited for sissies’ at the end of it. I didn’t want to say it, but I also knew the more I dragged it out the worst it would be, so I gave it my best shot.

“Thank you for sending me the porn video of my mom, edited for sissies…” I responded shamefully.

“Close, but not right.” he said as he opened his phone, then showed me the text on his phone.

The phone read, “Butthole whore Becky takes rough anal pounding – edited for sissy losers.”

I gulped as I read it, and Brad said, “Now, try again. This time nice and loud, so we can hear you.”

“Th-thank you, for sending me the video ‘Butthole whore Becky takes rough anal pounding, edited for sissy losers.’” I said loud enough for him and the kids sitting around me to hear. The boys lost it. They broke into a fit of laughing, and Brad joined in. I turned back around in my seat and sunk into it as deep as I could.

Brad spoke up, “Part 2 will be coming out this Friday, featuring everyone’s favorite slut begging to be boned as I spank her ass raw!”

“Hahah, can’t wait!” cheered one of the other kids.

“Think I can get a piece of that tail? I heard she puts out easy.” asked one of the boys sitting in the back.

Brad answered him, “Yea, she does! In her school they used to call her ‘easy rider’. Practically any guy would hook up with her when they were horny. But I want her ass to myself for a few more days, but after I’ve tapped it a couple more times I’ll start letting the other guys take a turn with her. But don’t worry, there will be plenty of more videos coming soon. The little pussy-wimp is going to help with that, aren’t ya, milksop?”

Brad ruffed the top of my hair three times before grabbing a handful of it and yanking back.

“Ouch! Yes, sir!” I shrilled before he let go and resumed in mocking laughter with the other students.

Chapter 39: I learn to be a better cuck servant

As bad as the drive to school was, my day brightened quite a bit once I sat down in my first class and saw Vanessa. She took her seat next to me and whispered a good morning, and I felt butterflies in my stomach. After such humiliating treatment, it was heavenly to hear her sweet voice talking to me like a normal person. I’m glad she didn’t take the same bus route as Brad and I, and didn’t witness any of the humiliating action I endured each morning.

It didn’t take long for Brad to become captured by the sports talk with his friends, and I didn’t receive too much attention from my tormentors. Vanessa and I continued to hit it off throughout the day, and during lunch I asked if she’d heard of the Spring Dance.

“Yea, it sounds stupid.” she replied.

“Yea, I think so too… But, my mom is going as a chaperon, so I have to go. Maybe you could come along with me, so I have someone to hang out with?” I asked her. My heart was racing as I spoke.

“Sure, I’d like that.” she answered. I was overwhelmed with joy! I had a date!

The rest of the day flew by like a dream. I was still on a rush from asking Vanessa out, and everything seemed to meld away.

Since my mom no longer worked night shift, she was able to pick me up each day after school. With Brad staying after school to practice football, it meant I didn’t run into him or his friends in the parking lot. I waved goodbye to Vanessa before climbing into my mom’s van.

“Hi hun! Is that Vanessa? Wow, she’s so pretty!” she said as I sat down in the front seat.

“She’s going to the dance with me!”

“Aww, that’s great, honey! It’s like we’ll be going on a double date!”

I didn’t enjoy the phrasing of that. It certainly did feel like a date with me and Vanessa, but my mom and Brad? He was obviously too young for her, and they were just going as friends anyway. But I could tell my mom was excited, and I’m sure she only meant it playfully.

“I’ll tell you what. I was planning to go to the mall tomorrow to shop for a new dress to wear. Why don’t you come with me, and we’ll get you a new outfit to wear too?”

I liked the sound of it. I would be able to help pick out a conservative outfit for my mom, and I’d also be getting a new outfit out of it too. I readily agreed to it and we headed home.

That night after dinner, I gave my mom her evening foot massage while she watched TV. “Now that you have a girlfriend, it’s important you learn to treat a lady correctly. Foot massages are an important part of that.” she said to me as she kicked off her shoes and put her feet in my lap.

“On top of foot massages, you always need to treat her like a lady. You should always open doors for her, carry her books and bags, and help her with anything that she asks. We can practice tomorrow at the mall!”

I never had a real girlfriend before, so I was thankful for the advice. I listened carefully and tried to remember each detail. I was starting to have strong feelings for Vanessa, and I didn’t want to make any beginner mistakes and risk losing her.

“It’s equally important” she continued, “that you aren’t overly clingy or needy. Girls need their space, and there’s no bigger turn off than a jealous, controlling guy. Always make yourself available when she wants something, but also know when to step back and give her space. A pretty girl like Vanessa probably gets lots of attention from guys, especially with her… Body type. And there’s nothing wrong with that! At the end of the day, you’re her boyfriend. So there’s nothing wrong if she enjoys a little attention or flirting from the other guys.”

My mom must have noticed how uneasy that last comment made me, because next she said, “Aww don’t worry sweetie. Everything’s going to be fine. I just don’t want you to come off as overly jealous or anything.”

I thanked her for the lessons. After her hour and a half long foot massage and TV shows, she went to get ready for work. She mentioned that the news channel was covering a ‘sports’ night at a club, and the studio had already picked up an outfit for her to wear. As such, she just threw on some shorts and a t-shirt before heading off.

I was happy to have another night alone. I was relieved when I didn’t have any new e-mails from Brad, but a part of me was also a little disappointed. The video he’d sent me last night made me so hot, I was kind of hoping for more. I looked at the downloaded video once again. As I saw the title, I remembered saying it out loud for Brad and his friends on the bus. “For sissy losers.” I felt the humiliation, and decided I wasn’t going to watch it again. I wasn’t a ‘sissy loser’. I pulled out my boner and started looking at ‘real’ porn of sexy models posing seductively.

Chapter 40: The slutty sports girl


About this same time, my mom was getting changed for her ‘news’ segment at work. It was less like my mom was covering any news and more like she was promoting the event on TV. Since it was a sports night, the studio thought it would be fitting for my mom to wear a pseudo-tennis player uniform.

My mom was in the changing room alone with the female stylist, Sarah. On a chair sat a white tight-fitted tank top, sports bra, and a matching white tennis skirt. Leaning next to the chair was a blue and white tennis racket, and on the dressing table sat a visor with the club’s name printed across the front.

My mom felt a little uncomfortable undressing in front of the stylist – in the past she’d always put on the outfit at home. But my mom didn’t want to appear unprofessional, so she slipped off her clothes and started getting dressed.

Unfortunately, the studio must have mixed up her size, because the outfit was two sizes small. My mom had to struggle to get the sports bra on, and the tank top barely stretched to fit over it. Tennis skirts have a tendency to be short when fitted correctly, and this one was meant to be ‘sexy’, so it was even shorter than usual. Paired with the fact that it was two sizes too small, the short skirt barely covered the front of her panties! The white top was so small fitting, that if Becky tried to pull the skirt down a centimeter lower, her belly would start to show.

She quickly realized that she would have to very careful when she walked or moved her arms. If she started to walk too quickly or sway, part of her panties would be visible from both the front and behind. The outfit itself didn’t include any panties, so she was still wearing the ones she had on at home. She hadn’t given any thought to them when she put them on at home, but now she was regretting that she chose to wear a black pair of French high-rise lace panties.

“Oh my, this won’t do at all.” commented Sarah as she circled my mom examining the outfit.

“Yea, it’s a little too small. Is there a larger size available?” asked my mom.

“No, the studio only ordered it for this event. And there won’t be time to find, purchase, and change into a new one before the show goes live.” responded Sarah.

The stylist pinched at the side of the tank top. “It’s not big enough, and the sports bra is poking out on each side. You can’t go on set like this.”

My mom was starting to get worried. This was only her second day at her new job, and the first time she was actually going to a club to cover it live, and it was sounding like she might not even get to do it. It clearly wasn’t my mom’s fault the wrong size was ordered, but it still would not look good on her to have to cancel her first event coverage.

“What if I wore my other bra, from home? It’s smaller and might not peek out at the sides.” offered my mom.

“No” replied Sarah, “The black will show through the fabric. We could try removing the bra altogether.”

“Go braless, with a sports tank top?”

“Well it’s not like you’ll actually be playing any sports. As long as you’re just covering the news and not jumping around, I think you should be fine. Let’s just try it.”

My mom hesitantly removed the white tank top, careful not to stretch it. She then slipped off the tight sports bra and then pulled back on the tank top. She had to admit to herself, it felt a lot better without the uncomfortably tight sports bra on. She would have an easier time focusing on the prompter. “There. I think that looks fine. Problem solved!” boasted the stylist before pulling Becky’s hair back in a long, tight ponytail. My mom wasn’t so sure, but the stylist seemed confident and so my mom decided to just go with it. She was relieved she wouldn’t have to cancel her first evening news segment!

Meanwhile, back at home, I was furiously stroking my cock. I was clicking through image after image of sexy, revealing women. Gorgeous, 10 out of 10 models posing nude. I was trying to get hot for the pictures, but none of the girls were doing anything for me. I kept thinking about the video. How my mom worshiped Brad’s cock. How quickly she spread her legs and let Brad fuck her deep and raw, in both her pussy and her asshole. How she’d bent over and offered up her most intimate body parts for him to enjoy.

My eyes glanced over the title, ‘edited for sissy losers’, and I fought against the urge to open the video. I refused to let Brad win yet again. I kept looking through the galleries of hot women.

Sarah finished up the final touches of my mom’s makeup and hair. It was just under an hour before the shoot would begin, and Becky and the camera crew still had to drive to the club. Becky admired herself in the mirror. She looked great. The sporty tank top and visor made her look like a real tennis player!

“Don’t forget these.” Said the stylist, as she held out a pair of caged white high heels. The straps on the heels were thick, and the shoes came up high above the ankle.

“But.. Heels? I thought I’d be wearing tennis shoes or something?”

“Don’t be silly! You’re going to a dance club, not actually playing in a tennis match! It’s important you still look dressy and stylish!” answered Sarah, somewhat amused by Becky’s naive presumption.

“Oh yea.. Of course that makes sense.” Answered my mom, somewhat worried. The stylist hurried Becky as she put on the shoes, so they didn’t risk making the crew late to setting up the set outside the night club. As such, mom didn’t have time to examine herself once more in the mirror after putting on the heels. When she stood up to walk out the door, she felt the arch caused by the heels, and she knew it must be causing her short skirt to rise up an inch or so higher. She hoped her panties weren’t too much visible under the extra-short skirt.

Her heels sent a loud “clop clop” noise echoing down the hallway as she walked toward the crew room. She felt quite on display in the outfit, and she became very aware of the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She fiddled with the tennis racket in her hand, twirling it nervously as she walked through the main studio room. She couldn’t see anyone checking her out directly, but she felt like every eye in the room was on her. She fought the urge to try and adjust the skirt.

The evening crew was mostly made up of men. The camera operators, director, and set-up crew were all men. In fact, other than Becky, Sarah was the only female on the whole crew. My mom didn’t realize just how high the skirt rested with the heels. When she was standing still, it rested just above the bottom of her ass cheeks, allowing her panties to show at all times. But when she walked, the skirt swayed up even higher. Becky didn’t know, but every guy in the studio was getting a delicious eye-full of the bottom half of her round ass cheeks any time she turned around.

The front was a little better. The hem of the skirt rested just even with the lowest part of her panties, so the black lace was just barely visible. But only if she was standing perfectly still. Every time she swayed, took a step, or moved her arms, the skirt revealed even more. And she was moving a lot.

“You look great, Becky! You’re ready for the camera!” said the director.

At home, I was unable to control my urge. The vanilla porn I was looking at was no longer setting off any of my bells, and all I wanted to see was the video of my mom with Brad.

I wanted to see the full video, but I knew I couldn’t buy the 35 dollar membership. Instead, I opened the video Brad sent, “Edited for sissy losers”. Oh well. I could watch it one more time. I felt like Brad was winning once again, but then again, he would never know I jerked off to the video multiple times.

I opened the video. I was disappointed there was no nudity (except for Brad’s cock), but at least I got to see my mom in action. I watched as she worshiped the huge member. Her lips closing around each of his massive balls, sucking and pulling at them. I furiously jerked my cock. It felt tiny in my hand compared to the view of Brad’s massive dick. My mom looked like she was filled with pure, raging lust as she lavished Brad’s cock with large licks and loud sucking. “Oh God, I want this thing inside me!” panted my mother as she serviced his dick. Brad was just sitting back on the couch as my mom worked to please him.

I watched closely as her lips slid down his large dick. I was burning with jealousy as I imagined how good it must feel. I wanted nothing more than to see her fucked. I wanted it bad. I skipped ahead on the video, to where Brad grabbed my mom’s hips and thrust his cock inside her. I couldn’t see it, of course, since it was hidden from the camera by his back, but I listened as she howled with pleasure. I watched her toes curl as his ass flexed and thrust into her. My tiny cock spurted into the napkin as my bully rammed into my mom’s pussy. Once again, I’d cum to Brad fucking my mom. Once again, he lasted a lot longer than me.

The crew had set the shooting area up in front of the club. They would start the promotion off in front the club, with several hand-picked party goers trickling inside, especially ones who’d dressed up with sports jerseys and outfits.

My mom stood square in front of the camera. The light outside the club was dim, so the crew turned on the camera flashlight to capture better footage. The camera light was very bright, more like a small spotlight than a flashlight. My mom was nearly blinded by the light, so they angled the camera down and zoomed out a bit so that Becky’s full outfit was on display from her knees up. The spotlight was focused directly on my mom’s chest. The small white tank top stretched tightly over my mom’s huge breasts, and with the bright light shining on them, the pink circles of her braless nipples were slightly visible through the fabric.

Mom felt quite self-conscious that her belly would be showing, so she quickly reached down and adjusted the skirt once more a few seconds before filming started. She pulled it up a centimeter higher, and by doing so she inadvertently caused more of her crotch to be displayed to the camera. She held her tennis racket nervously with both hands.

“We’re live in 4, 3, 2…”

The camera started rolling as my mom began reading from the prompter. In the van nearby, the director watched the scene as it was sent out to a live audience. My mom’s nipples were visible through her top and her panties were displayed. She had a big smile plastered on her face as she read off how much fun the dance club is. A large smile crossed the director’s face as he thought about what a huge cash-cow my mom was going to be for the studio.

The director wasn’t the only one watching. Among the large audience tuned in to the broadcast were a few of my schoolmates, including Brad. Brad had spread word about my mom’s new evening appearance, and after seeing the outfit she wore on the previous night’s showing, lots of horny guys were staying up late to see what my mom would do next. They were not left disappointed as they saw my mom’s revealing outfit and her bouncy braless tits on display.

As if the porn video wasn’t enough, now my schoolmates were getting a live broadcast of my mom to jerk off too.

But guys weren’t the only ones in the audience. Victoria and her two cheerleader friends were watching, too. The three girls were best friends, and often got together for late night ‘study sessions’ as they told their parents. Victoria had heard of my mom’s slutty appearance the night before, and wanted to see it for herself.

“Oh.. My.. God..” said Victoria as she watched on her bedroom TV with the other two girls. She continued on, “What a slut! She basically has her crotch hanging out on TV, and her tits are showing!”

Most of the guys entering the club were staring over at my mom’s behind as she talked into the camera, and one even let out a loud cat call.

The prompter changed after the catcall and my mom kept reading it aloud, “As you can hear, it sounds like they’re calling me over to the dance floor right now! I’m going to head inside, and we’ll see you in there after the commercial!”

The show cut to a commercial for an adult talk hot line, as Chelsea eagerly agreed with her friend. “Yes, I can’t believe it! I heard she makes porn videos. I believe it, with how she was showing off her fat cow tits on live TV!”

“Yea… Speaking of fat cows, can you believe her kid is going to the dance with that ugly Latina bitch?”

Claire spoke up, “Oh goodness, don’t get me started on her. She pisses me off with her whole fake ‘I don’t care’ attitude.”

“Girls.. I think I have an idea, to help really put her in her place.” announced Victoria, as the TV channel swapped back to my mom inside the club.

Meanwhile, I’d finished cleaning up my mess and was getting ready for some much needed sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about Vanessa as I lay in bed. I remembered the lessons my mom had taught me. That Vanessa would probably get lots of attention from guys and I should give her plenty of room for that. I thought about the dance this Friday, and wondered if maybe I’d finally lose my virginity. I knew it was too soon to expect that, but things did have a way of moving fast in high school, and I knew that most guys usually did end up getting laid by their girls after school dances. My lucky might just be changing, after all!

Chapter 41: Thursday

Thursday was not a good day for me. It started off with finding a note on the downstairs table from my mom.

“Hi sweetie, I had a late night last night. Some of the crew from work took me out for a few drinks after filming, so I am going to sleep in this morning. Make yourself some cereal for breakfast. Have a nice day at school!”

The day got a bit worse when I got on the bus and took my seat in front of Brad.

As soon as I sat down, Brad started talking to one of his friends, but he was being intentionally loud so I would hear. He knew it always got to me when he spoke about my mom, and he did it intentionally now just to get to me. His friends always ate it up, too. They loved hearing about all the raunchy things my mother did, and they believed every word he spoke.

“Did you see what the MILF wore on TV last night?”

“Yea, I can’t believe she let them film her like that!”

“That’s not all they did. After each show, she goes back to the studio and lets the whole crew take turns railing her.  It’s the only way they let her keep her job, but she would have probably let them do it anyway.”

“Do they really?”

“Yea. That’s why she wore such a slutty outfit. Sometimes she even does it in between filming, during commercial breaks. Did you notice how she started looking worn out near the end of the show last night?”


“That’s because, during each commercial, the little hussy was sneaking out to the van and letting one of the camera guys pork her in the back seat. Sneaking probably isn’t the right word… The whole club probably noticed as she went out to the van with a different guy every 20 minutes.”

I knew what he was saying couldn’t be true. My mom would never act like that. She was innocent. My face probably started turning red with shame as the other boys listened to Brad with amazement. Brad must have noticed my face reddening, and this seemed to encourage him further.

“Notice that she wasn’t wearing here little visor in the last scene, and seemed a little out of breath? That’s because she was bent over doggy style in the back seat, and the guy was pulling on her long ponytail like a leash while he fucked her. The visor fell off and she didn’t even notice. She had both her hands pressed against the window and her tits hanging out. I heard some of the party members even got a few pics of her. I heard one even took a video of it. She had her mouth open, her tongue was hanging out, and her giant-sized silicone tits were swinging freely as the cameraman pounded her little fuck hole. She had her eyes closed, so she didn’t even notice all the flashes from the cameras, or the guys standing in front of the window videotaping her.

Luckily she was wearing that tiny skirt, so she didn’t have to undress herself for each guy. She just slipped her panties off, or scooted them to the side, and then bent over for the next big cock. When they were done using her, she scooped the cum out of gaping snatch, licked as much of it into her mouth as she could, then slipped her panties back on went back to filming.”

“Wow, I can’t wait to watch the show again tonight!” replied one of the boys very enthusiastically.

My day didn’t improve any at school. I barely got to say two words to Vanessa during the day. For P.E. class, they made everyone run track. Since we had to shower in the gym showers afterward, they had boys and girls run separately. Brad, me and the other guys ran in the morning, and then the girls would run after, while we ate lunch.

This meant two things. One, I wouldn’t be able to see Vanessa during lunch. And second, it meant I would be forced to spend a lot of time unsupervised around Brad and his other friends. The group of kids running was large enough to where the coach didn’t notice as Brad or one of his other friends would stick their leg out to trip me or knee me in the ribs.

After our laps around the field, we had to shower and change back into our school clothes. I was very shy in the gym locker room. All the guys were getting undressed and heading into the shower stalls, and I was shyly sitting on one of the benches hoping nobody was looking. I decided I’d stall by going to one of the toilets. Maybe the guys would all be in a shower stall when I got out, and I could quickly undress without anyone noticing, then sneak into one of the shower stalls and lock the door.

I even played with the idea of not showering, but I was sure I would get in some sort of trouble for that. My hair and face were dirty from falling down in the track so many times.

Chapter 42: Dirty Bathroom stall jerk-off material

When I arrived into the bathroom stall, I was appalled at what I saw. I didn’t come out to the field gym often, it was mostly used by the football players. I hadn’t been to it in weeks. Inside the stall hanging above the toilet was a picture of my sweet, innocent mom, wearing her white and blue flower spring dress, bending over towards the camera with her tit’s hanging down and her purple bra in view. She was smiling into the camera, and I remember taking the picture last week.

Written in red marker on the wall underneath her picture were the words “cum score”, and then there was a tally mark of how many times the guy’s had cum to the picture. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I counted the marks, and there were seventeen. Seventeen times one of the guys had been emptied their load to the picture of my mom!

I quickly checked the other stalls, and to my horror, I found a different picture in each stall, with the ‘cum score’ underneath each one. In each picture, she was wearing her spring dress. It seems Brad didn’t hang up any pics showing nudity. I was glad for that, at least. But, the pictures were still quite explicit. One stall had a picture of my mom laying seductively on her bed with her long legs draped over the blankets, looking like a Porn star waiting to be railed. Another stall had a picture of her bent over with her hands against the wall and her ass sticking out, while she looked back into the camera smiling. She was still wearing her heels.

Every picture had the ‘cum score’ underneath, with a different tally. Nine, fourteen, fifteen… The highest scoring picture had twenty-two marks! It was the picture of her sitting on the bed, uncrossing her legs, with her panties clearly visible. Her face and upper body were also in the pic. The picture, like a lot of the others, had graffiti written on the wall around it. A lot of them drew a little cartoon chat bubble to make it look as if my mom was speaking, and they wrote things like “I love tossing salad” or “My son does Brad’s homework while Brad does me!”

Other parts of the graffiti just said things like, “Brad’s Bimbo”, “11 PM cam-whore”, “I bet she could fit two cocks in her ass at once. We should test it out.”, or “Anyone else sees her porn video? Fuck, that was hot when Brad did her up the ass!”

A particularly mean one read, “Most girls her age are already married to a good man. But not Bimbo Becky! She’s still dating students and attending school dances.”

My tongue went numb as I read the markings. They were obviously playing some sort of game with it, seeing which picture could get the highest ‘score’. The pictures must have been hanging up for a while. So much for any hope, I was holding on to that some of the guys might not have seen my mom. Now, she might as well be labeled the school’s official ‘jerk-off mascot’.

I considered tearing the pictures down, but I knew Brad would punish me for it. So, I left them up. Even though Brad was watching, I left the pictures hanging up. It was humiliating, it felt as if Brad had me trained to obey.

When I got back to the locker room, I was pleased to find it nearly empty. Most of the boys were already in a shower stall, and the rest were too busy dressing to notice me. I quickly slipped out of my clothes, careful to keep the towel wrapped around my body so my small cock didn’t show. Drawing attention to my cock size was the last thing I needed.

Chapter 43: Cold-shower blackmail

I was lucky, there was only one shower stall left empty, and I quickly hurried in. The stalls were set up so you hang the towel in a little basket above the door to keep it from getting wet. I turned on the water. Damn. It seems that all the other guys showering had used up all the hot water. I guess that’s what I get for waiting to shower last. I stepped into the cold water, then I heard a creek coming from the door. I turned around to notice something was wrong.

The reason this stall had been empty was because the lock on the door was broken. It still shut, and the lock turned, but it didn’t actually hold the door closed, and gravity was pulling it back open. I quickly pushed the door shut, but not quick enough, because someone said, “Hey, milksop’s in the broken stall!”

I heard the other guys laugh. It seems they all knew about ‘the broken stall’. I sat in the cold water, dead silent, with my hand holding the door shut.

A moment later, I saw someone reach over the door and snatch my towel out of the basket.

“You don’t need this, milksop!” said Brad from the other side of the door after swiping my towel. I started panicking.

“Give it back!” I pleaded, as I slowly cracked the door open to look outside, one hand covering my private’s. In the walkway, I saw Brad and the two bullies who’d pissed on me in the toilet last week, and who’d come over to my house and made out with my mom on the couch.

“Here, come and grab it!” taunted Brad as he dangled the towel a foot in front of the door. I opened the door, then jumped forward to try and snatch it, but slipped on the wet floor and fell down in front of the three boys. My cock was visible, and this elicited laughter from my three bullies as they saw the size of it.

“Wow, that little thing is a dick? Are you sure you’re 18? You look more like you’re the size of a two-year-old!” jeered the mean bully, named Jeff.

“God, can you imagine if his girlfriend Vanessa saw that little thing? I can’t imagine the look she’d have on her face,” said Toby.

Brad added in, “Yea, that’s a good point. Maybe we should show her, so she doesn’t let you stick it in when she’s drunk or something. Jeff, why don’t you go grab your phone out of your lock so we can take some pics.”

Oh my god, the horror! I am incredibly self-conscious of my dick size, and the thought of them taking pictures and showing it to Vanessa terrified me. The thought of them spreading it around school scared me even worse.

“No! Brad, please!” I begged as Jeff ran to his locker. I was still sitting on my knees naked under the cold shower water as I begged, and both the boys had towels around their waist.

“Woah, you really are pathetic. I think Vanessa has to see this. It’s for her sake.”  taunted Brad, as Jeff returned with the phone, ready to take pictures.

I tried to cover myself, putting both hands over my privates as Jeff snapped the first picture of me on my knees, but Brad wasn’t going to allow it. “Tsk tsk, hands at your side,” ordered Brad, his voice was calm but serious. I looked down as I moved my hands to my side, completely defeated.

The whir and click of the camera shutter sounded out from the phone as Jeff snapped pictures of me. Brad made comments during the camera clicks.

“I’d probably kill myself if I had a dick that small. Good luck ever getting laid with that little thing. I hope you like using your hand because that’s all the action you’re ever going to get.”

“Click click click!” went the camera as the cold water beat down my back.

“Can you even jerk off that tiny dick? Do you have to use two fingers?”

I snapped back, “Yes I can! It’s just that the cold shower is making it worse!”

“Oh, you hear that, guys? It’s because the water’s cold. I think we should help him out, by giving him a nice warm shower.”

I couldn’t believe it was coming again. I practically asked for it this time, too. I sat there defeated on the shower floor as Brad reached behind me and turned off the shower. The boys then removed their towels. Once again I was about to receive another piss-shower from my bullies. I looked up at the three football players, each with a much larger cock than me. The shower stall was large enough for all three of them to stand in, and I kept my mouth and eyes shut tight as they started to urinate on me once again.

The stream hit my face, chest, and shoulders, and I felt their nasty urine stream down my entire body.

Brad asked, “Hey, Milksop, guess what?”

And without thinking, I stupidly asked “what?”, and felt a large amount of urine pour into my mouth as it opened.

The three boys laughed at my stupid mistake. “He walked right into that one! I bet you can’t get him to open his mouth again!” said Toby as they continued dosing me with their urine.

Brad accepted the challenge, and asked me another question, “Do you want me to send those pics of you to Vanessa?”

I didn’t want to open my mouth, but I also thought if there was any chance of Brad not sending those pics to sexy, voluptuous Vanessa, I had to take it.

“No,” I answered quickly and sharply, trying to open my mouth as little as possible to avoid too much urine entering my mouth.

“No, what?”

“No Sir,” I replied. All three boys were aiming directly for my mouth now, making a game of who could get the most piss in my mouth when I spoke.

He continued taunting, “Maybe I’ll show her the picture, then whip out my own cock and show her what a real man looks like. That chick’s got some nice titties and a thin little waist, I definitely wouldn’t mind hitting that. What do you say?”

“No… Please! Don’t show her the pics, Mr. Brad!” I begged. I didn’t even care about the fact that all three boys were now readily pissing into my mouth, I was too scared of losing Vanessa.

I don’t know which boy stopped pissing on me first, but slowly their streams died down. I still kept my eyes shut tight, and my entire body (and mouth) was covered in their nasty disgusting piss.

“Hmm… I’ll tell you what. Since I’m such a nice guy, I’ll give you a chance to work for it. If you do a good enough job, I won’t send the pics to your little bimbo girlfriend. I’ll even let you take her to the dance. I can’t promise that I won’t fuck her though, haha. But that’s her fault for having such a big rack, and a big round ‘fuck-me’ ass.

I was almost ready to cry at the thought of Brad humiliating me in front of Vanessa, then going on to fuck her. I’d been dreaming all night about having sex with her after the school dance. I might finally lose my virginity, and to such a hot girl, too!

“Please, Brad. I mean, Mr. Brad. I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Haha, that’s the spirit! It’s simple, really. I know your mom is taking you shopping for a new dress for the dance. All you have to do is help her pick out a nice outfit.”

I didn’t like where this was going. I could already tell what was coming next. I sat, soaking in Brad’s piss as I listened.

“I want to really show off her hot body at the dance. I want all the guys to see what a huge bimbo she is! And I don’t just mean something revealing. I want her wearing something so slutty, and so revealing, that every guy – and girl – at the dance will be talking about what a slut your mom is. Something that’s going to make all the guys jealous knowing that I’ll be boning that fine piece of tail after the party.”

“But… Sir… I don’t think my mom would wear something like that…”

“That’s not my problem, wimp. She wears it tomorrow night, or I send the pics to Vanessa. It’s that simple.”

I was desperate. I had no idea how I would pull it off, but the alternative was too great to handle. I agreed with him, and then he made me thank him for being so nice before throwing my towel on the piss covered floor and walking out. I placed the towel back in the basket, and then washed off as best I could in the cold shower before hurrying out to get dressed and proceed to lunch.

Chapter 44: Vanessa the dirty cheergirl

I wish I could say that Vanessa was having a better day than me, but she wasn’t. The three cheerleader girls had devised a devilish plan to ‘bring her down a peg’, and they were acting out the first part. As I ate lunch, the girls ran their laps around the football field. Everything seemed to be going fine for Vanessa as she finished her run and went into the showers. She took off her tennis shoes, slipped out of her sweaty gym shorts, and pulled off her work-out top before wrapping the towel around her large breasts.

After taking a nice hot shower, she turned off the water, wrapped herself back up in the large towel, and stepped out of the stall.

It felt quiet. Too quiet. All the other stalls were empty, and there was no noise in the whole shower room. “Perhaps I took longer than I realized,” thought Vanessa, and she hurried to her locker room to put on her clothes. The girl’s locker room was empty as well, and when Vanessa opened her locker, she gasped when she realized that all her clothes, both the dirty gym clothes and her normal day outfit. She looked around in a panic, but there wasn’t a girl around. Thankfully, her phone and wallet were safe in her book locker inside the school.

She tried opening the other gym lockers in a panic to search for something to wear, but they were all sealed with metal padlocks. Then she felt a huge rush of relief when she saw an outfit laying out on a bench on another isle. It was a cheerleader outfit, but Vanessa didn’t care. She had no clothes and only a bath towel to cover herself with, and she was desperate to put something on.

“One of the cheerleaders must have left it.” she thought to herself as she checked the size of the cheerleader outfit. The school’s cheerleading outfit was made up of a blue sports crop top that covered the girl’s breasts and ended at the center of the ribcage, displaying the cheer girls flat stomach and belly button. The shorts were made of black spandex and had the school’s signature cat paw printed on the left thigh.

The school’s sports team were named the ‘wildcats’, and their mascot was a wild black bobcat. As such, included in the cheerleader’s outfit was a black bow-tie ribbon that the girls wore on top their head, which slightly gave off the appearance of cat ears. I always thought made the girls look like they were an incredibly appealing present, waiting to be unwrapped by some lucky guy on the team.

Included in the small pile of clothes was a matching white cotton bra and panties.

She was quite hesitant to put it on. Not only did the outfit belong to someone else, but she also was not on the cheerleading team, and the outfit was very out of character for her. However, the feeling of panic and a desperation won her over. She rationed to herself that she’d often seen some of the other girls wearing cheerleading outfits around the school during classes. And once she found out who’s outfit it was, she could explain how someone stole (or accidently took) her clothes, and then offer to wash the outfit before returning it.

“Yes, that’s what I’ll do.” she thought to herself as she fastened the bra around her large tits. It was a little bit small for her. Not obviously so (like the outfit my mom had worn on TV the night before), but it was definitely made for a smaller body. Vanessa was blessed with a pair of breasts larger than any girl on the cheerleading team, and the crop top pulled tight around them.

The top was not made to show cleavage, but after stretching around Vanessa’s large breasts, a crevice was starting to show at the top. Vanessa fiddled with it for a moment, minimizing the amount of cleavage that showed, before slipping into the spandex shorts. They were tight, and she felt them pull snugly around her ass, but at least they seemed to fit well enough that nobody would be able to notice they were too small.

After finalizing the outfit by putting on the white tennis shoes, (Vanessa decided to skip putting on the ribbon), she hurried out of the field gym to get her phone out of her book locker.

She hurried through the school hallways to her locker as the school bell rang, signaling all the students to get ready for their next class. Vanessa opened her locker and felt a wave of relief when she saw her phone and wallet sitting on top her books, untouched. She quickly opened the phone and dialed her mom’s number.

What Vanessa hadn’t noticed before putting on the outfit, was the back side of it. The words “Dirty Cheer Girl” were written in bright pink letters across the back of the sports top, and the words “Spank me!” were printed in matching pink on the back of the shorts, directly across her plump enticing ass cheeks. Vanessa had assumed one of the cheerleaders had left the outfit out unintentionally, and didn’t expect the outfit might have been tampered with in such a way.

Girls have a different way of bullying than guys did. It’s less physical but just as painful.

After the bell rang, the other guys and I started to cycle out of the school cafeteria. The noise picked up in the hallway, and Vanessa leaned into her locker to try and hear the phone, but also to try and conceal herself the slightly embarrassing outfit.

But of course, this meant her entire backside was revealed to anyone walking in the hall, including the “Dirty Cheer Girl” and the appealing “Spank Me!” message across her butt.

Most guys just eyed the outfit, laughing amongst themselves and pointing it out to their friends. But it didn’t take long for an overly sexed-up 18-year-old school boy to darling spank her juicy behind, just like her shorts commanded.

“Smack!” went his open palm against the thin fabric of the shorts, causing her ass cheeks to jiggle for all the guys. Vanessa was still bent into her locker with her ear against the phone when she felt the shocking spanking on her ass. Her mouth dropped open and she turned around to try and angrily let into whoever spanked her. But as she turned around with her mouth agape, she heard her mom answer through the receiver on the phone, “Hello? Vanessa? Why are you calling during school hours? Is everything okay?”

Vanessa quickly turned back around, hiding her face in her locker as she spoke to her mom, “Hi mom, I’m sorry to bother you.”

The guys weren’t sure how to take Vanessa’s reaction. She turned around only briefly, and her mouth was open like she was angry, but then she promptly presented her ass to them again. It could even be mistaken that her face was playful, not angry.

It didn’t take more than a couple of moments to pass before the next guy decided to try his luck. “Here you go, dirty cheer girl!” he exclaimed proudly for his friends before slapping both his hands palms-up on Vanessa’s ass cheeks. “Yea mom, I was wondering if you-ouch!” she said into the phone receiver before turning around swatting at the guy’s arms. She saw who did it this time and sternly said “Stop it!” before turning back to her locker. “Sorry, some guy was messing with me. No, it’s fine, just a stupid school joke. Anyway, my outfit is all muddy from falling down on the track…” continued Vanessa. She was lying to her mom, trying to cover up the fact that someone stole her outfit. She would try to play it off like someone had lent her the cheerleading outfit because hers was too dirty. Her mom worked hard, and Vanessa didn’t want to worry her with silly high school drama, she just wanted her to bring a clean outfit.

The guys took the message that despite what her shorts said, Vanessa was in no mood to be spanked. The problem is that her locker was in the middle of one of the busier school halls, and all the guys were walking past her as they left the cafeteria. It wasn’t long before another daring guy walked past, not having witnessed her little outburst, and decided to try spanking her ass.

“Smack!” went his palm against my girlfriend’s ass. She turned around only to see the crowd of boys walking past, and she had no idea who did it this time. She didn’t understand what was going on, or why three different guys had decided to spank her, and she was starting to worry. She tried to keep her ass backed against the locker so nobody else could spank her, but this encouraged a few rude comments from the guys.

“Loving the look, Cheer girl!” said one, then another added in “That top looks a little small for those big hoo hoo’s, Nessa!”

“What was that?” her mom asked, and Vanessa started panicking. The last thing she needed was her mom hearing some crude comments from the rowdy boys.

“Nothing!” she said as she turned back around, leaning into the locker to block out the noise. “And no, mom, I don’t need to be picked up. Could you just bring me a fresh change of clothes?” Vanessa asked just before another guy gave her plump ass another spanking. She bit her lip to avoid yelping into the phone once more.

Word was spreading fast down the hall and into the cafeteria. I overheard one guy saying “the new girl is dressed like a cheerleader, and she’s letting all the guys spank her ass!”

Vanessa was rushing to the bathroom to hide from the torment, but her outfit had drawn a crowd around her and she was having to push her way through the group of crude guys. The horny men were taking full advantage of the situation as she squeezed past them, trying to sound upbeat on the phone. The guys took the ‘Spank me!’ message as an open invitation to play with her rear, the spankings were turning into pinches and full-on open palm squeezing of her ass cheeks. The thin black spandex shorts stretched tightly around her ass offered very little protection as the guys squeezed and spanked her sexually appealing ass.

“Yea mom, everything is fine.” she said into the phone as the guys grabbed their fill of her behind, and whistles and catcalls filled the hallway.

Tears were starting to form in her eyes when she pushed her way out of the crowd and found herself standing in the center of the three cheerleader bullies, who had put her up to the whole thing.

She started at them for a moment as she hung up the phone. Claire was holding her clothes from the gym, and Victoria had a large towel.

“Leave her alone!” shouted Victoria to the group of guys, before wrapping the large towel around her shoulders.

“Are you okay, honey?” she asked as she wrapped the towel around Vanessa and started escorting her to the bathroom. “We found your clothes laying in a garbage bin and thought something might be wrong.” Victoria was lying to her, but Vanessa was eating it up. She felt relieved and comforted as the girls brought her safely to the bathroom, and guarded the door against anyone while Vanessa changed and fixed herself up.

The cheerleaders blamed the whole thing on a younger girl in school who was overly jealous of popular girls and must have targeted Vanessa, and the promised that they would help take care of her. “Nobody deserves this. You’re one of us now.” lied Victoria as she combed Vanessa’s hair and wiped the tears.

Vanessa felt so guilty for blaming the cheerleaders. They had been a little mean at first, but that’s almost expected when you’re in high school. They didn’t actually have bad intentions.

Of course, the cheerleaders really had been the ones to set the whole thing up, and now they were exploiting the situation to gain her trust. It was just another part of the plan they’d put together – along with Brad – to completely ruin Vanessa, and it was coming together perfectly for them.

Chapter 45: A date with my mom

After school, my mom picked me up to go shopping for an outfit.

I remembered Brad’s words, “I want to really show off her hot body at the dance. I want all the guys to see what a huge bimbo she is! And I don’t just mean something revealing. I want her wearing something so slutty, and so revealing, that every guy – and girl – at the dance will be talking about what a slut your mom is. Something that’s going to make all the guys jealous knowing that I’ll be boning that fine piece of tail after the party.”

I was terrified of him sending the picture of me in the shower to Vanessa, so I knew I’d have to play along.

After parking in the mall garage, my mom turned off the engine and turned to me, saying “Honey, since things seem to be going so well with you and Vanessa, I think it’s time we have a chat about something important.

I know you’re responsible, but I want to make sure you’re practicing safe sex.”

Gag! I hated having these talks with my mom, it always made me feel so awkward and embarrassed.

“I know what it’s like to be young and in love. Sometimes things move fast and heated when you least expect it, so it’s important to always be prepared. So, after we go shopping, I want to stop and get a couple of condoms for you to keep on you. I’m not saying anything is going to happen, but it’s important I know you’re prepared in case the time comes.”

I couldn’t make eye contact with her as she spoke. I knew about the sex she was having with Brad, and the topic was making me very uneasy. Part of me was also thinking that if anyone needs a talking to about safe sex, it’s her! But of course, I knew better than to say that. I just swallowed hard and said, “Okay mom, thank you.”

She carried on, “I also remember my promise to help teach you to treat a lady correctly, so you’re more confident when you’re with Vanessa, in case you two go out on a date or anything. So from now, no more spoiling you – I want you to practice acting like a gentleman while we shop for our outfit’s to wear to the dance. Pretend you’re taking Vanessa out on a date! Why don’t you start by getting the door for me?” she said as she sat back in the driver seat, waiting for me to act.

I quickly hopped out of the van, happy to end that awkward conversation about condoms, and hurried around to open the door for my mom. “Good. You should never keep a date waiting,” she said as she stretched her long, smooth leg out of the car and planted her black high-heel boot on the pavement.

My mom has always been big on fashion, and she tended to dress up even more than usual when going shopping at the mall. And with a body like hers, she didn’t have to dress up much to look great! Sticking with the spring fashion trend, she wore a thin white one-piece dress that came down to her lower thighs. The top didn’t show any cleavage, but the thin fabric left little to the imagination for her breasts – it was easy to make out the round shape and large size under the tight, thin bra and shallow fabric. The top had small diamond-shaped cuts on each shoulder, and the entire outfit was so white and clean that it was clear she took a lot of time air-drying and preparing it.

Her black calf-high boots gave her a sophisticated, mature look, and she had a small, expensive, marine-blue designer purse by her side. Her long hair was done in a loose ponytail that looked casual and messy but was actually prepared with great care.

I couldn’t help but think how lucky a guy would have to be to actually take her out on a date. She looked smart and gorgeous, with a drop-dead sexy body to go with it. As we walked into the mall, I noticed a lot of guys sneaking looks at her, trying not to get caught by their wives or girlfriends as they checked her out. I couldn’t blame them, either. Especially when she laughed. Her voice was so melodic and attractive, I think every guy in the mall wanted her.

I felt lucky. Of course, I was only with her because I was her son, but it was fun pretending to be on a date with her. I dutifully held the doors open for her and stood patiently while she looked through shop windows. Some guys would blatantly check her out when she wasn’t looking. They didn’t seem to care when I caught them looking, they just kept checking her out. I guess when there’s a hottie like my mom around, guys don’t care very much what her son thinks, as long as the sexy milf doesn’t notice.

We walked past a few stores, but none of them were ‘sexy’ enough for what Brad had wanted. They were mostly casual clothing shops or formal ‘prom-dress’ type stores. My mom would stop in front a few displays and check out some of the dresses. “What about something like this?” she’d ask, as she bent over to read the tiny price tag behind the store window.

A guy sitting on the bench behind her waiting on his wife to get out of the shop would casually lean to the side, observing her tight ass under the white skirt as she leaned forward. “Uhmm. Yea, it’s nice. I don’t know if it’s right for the dance.” I said as I shot the guy a dirty stare which he completely ignored as he continued checking out my mom’s legs and ass.

“Hmm. Yes, you’re right, we’ll keep looking” she answered before moving on.

Chapter 46: The red dress temptation

Eventually, we came across a store called “Fantasia clubwear.” It wasn’t as classy  as the other stores, but I could tell from the front display that if any dress fit Brad’s order, it would be found here. The store had advertised fun, party-girl type club clothing, but also had an assortment of highly sexualized outfits. On the front display, there was a full-length dress that had a slit running down the length of the skirt, and the mannequin was posing with her leg sticking out of it in a suggestive pose. Another mannequin had on a ‘devil’ costume, with a black micro skirt, thigh-high stockings and a little pitch-fork and black horns.

“Maybe something in here?” I asked as we walked in front of the store.

“Hmm. You think so?” she asked as she eyed the long slit-skirt mannequin up and down. Then, as if making up her mind, she said “Well, we haven’t found anything yet. It can’t hurt to take a look.”

I was partly relieved. It was absolutely imperative that I get her to wear something overly slutty and revealing for Brad, and I was happy how easy it was coming along. But I was also slightly disappointed at how quick and willing she was to wear something slutty for the mean bully.

Inside the store, there was a large variety of way more revealing outfits. Some were blatantly meant for intimate sexual hook-ups, like the pink see-through miniskirt with a fluffy bunny tail. But a few of the outfits actually looked like real clubbing dresses, although they had strong sexual styles.

“Hmm, I don’t know. Most of these outfits are inappropriate, but I guess some of them seem okay. What do you think?” she asked as she ran her hands over a shiny gold colored stretch-latex one piece dress.

I knew I’d have to be crafty and smart to get my mom wearing a sexy, slutty enough dress to pass Brad’s ridiculous standards.

“Most aren’t meant to be worn to a dance, but it looks like a few of them are,” I said slyly as she ran her fingers over a few of the dresses, feeling the fabric with intrigue. I felt like a slimy salesman as I tried to persuade my own mom (who trusted in me) to wear something inappropriately sexy to please my high school bully. I dropped another crafty line to my mom as she checked out the outfit.

“Actually, a lot of these aren’t that bad at all. I’ve seen pictures of the dance from last year, and most girls wore dresses like these, and some even worse.”

“Really?” she asked as she held up a skimpy dress that was stylized to be shaped like a C, with the fabric only covering the breasts, hips, and one side of the torso.

I could tell my mom wasn’t buying it, but I kept trying, “Yea. You know how school is these days, girls wear a lot of adult type clothing.”

I could tell my mom believed me, but she didn’t seem convinced. She was browsing through some of the club outfits when she pulled out an incredibly sexy, overly scandalous halter mini dress. It was perfect. It plunging cowl neckline, held up by a chain of tiny gold rings that went behind the neck. The back was fully exposed, and the skirt was made to wrap snugly around the ass and hips.

My mom held the dress with a fixed fascination, her eyes roaming up and down the dress as she imagined herself wearing it. I knew this was the closest I was going to get, so I said something to tip the scale. I regretted it as I heard the words leave my mouth, but I knew I had no choice – I could not risk Brad sending Vanessa the humiliating picture of me under the cold shower water, fully exposed on my knees.

“I think Brad would really like it…” I said as she considered the slutty outfit.

“Aww, that’s so sweet of you! You want me to look nice for your good friend Brad,” she said sweetly before looking back at the dress. She seemed to lose herself as she gazed at the ultra-tiny outfit, and I saw her bite her lower lip before asking me, “You think he would, huh?”

“Yea, absolutely. I bet it would drive him crazy!” I answered deftly, encouraging her to dress sexy for him, “You should at least try it on.”

It seemed to work. My mom had a coy smile on her face as she checked the size before asking me, “Well if I’m going to dress up for him, I might as well do it right! Do you know what his favorite color is?”

I told her truthfully that his favorite color was red, and after picking through the sizes, she went excitedly into the dressing room. I could see underneath the wooden dressing room door as she slipped out of her black boots, then I saw the white dress fall down around her feet. A few minutes later and she walked out of the stall, and took my breath away. It looked so hot!!!

The flashy red dress was held up by the gold chain behind her neck, and the middle of the dress was an extra-deeply plunged neckline. Extra deep is actually an understatement. The neckline was so deep, it actually hung all the way down below her belly button, fully revealing the middle of her chest and stomach, including the middle of her two large breasts. The fabric hung loose and free, and it looked that if she moved too much, the fabric would swing to the side and reveal a glimpse of her perfect tits. I could not imagine what might happen if she got on the dance floor.

Her sides and back were fully exposed, except for the tiny micro skirt which wrapped tightly around her ass. She had carefully picked out the perfect size – any larger and the dress would have hung loosely off her ass, any smaller and it would have shown a glimpse of her ass. As it was now, it perfectly wrapped snugly around the top and bottom of her round ass.

“So what do you think?” she asked as she turned side to side. She was still barefoot, and I could only imagine how much better her ass and breasts were going to look once she slipped into some of her carefully selected high-heels.

“Wow…” was all I could muster out, and my mom seemed to love the compliment.

“You think Brad’s gonna like it?” she asked as she playfully put her hands behind her head, bunching up her messy ponytail behind her head. ‘She’s such a naturally-born model’, I thought to myself as she rocked her hips from side to side, showing off the outfit to me.

I felt my cock throbbing in my pants as my mom teased and winked at me. All I could mutter out was “Yes”, “Wow”, and “You look so beautiful!” as I gawked at her. I could tell she was enjoying herself. Of course, her intentions weren’t to turn me on and tease me, but she was enjoying watching the effect she was having on me, and she liked the reassurance that she “still has it,” so she kept up the playful game a few moments longer. “You think Brad will like the back of the dress, too?” she asked as she turned her skimpy-covered back to me, and shifted her weight from one leg to the other.

I think I let out an accidental moan as I said “Yes, you’re so beautiful!”

Deciding she better stop before things go too far, mom turned back around. She had a large cheerful smile on her face and was obviously pleased with herself. She was feeling a huge boost of confidence after hearing me babble and trip over words trying to say how gorgeous she was.

“I guess we found the right dress!” She said cheerfully as she went back into the dressing room to change back into her white dress. I watched under the door with burning lust as her bare feet tiptoe side to side as she shimmied out of the little dress.

After buying the dress and leaving the store, she handed me the bagged dress, saying “A gentleman should always carry the ladies bags. Remember that for when you’re with Vanessa.”

She then said, “Wait here a moment. I saw something I want to grab real quick.” before walking back into the store alone. I was super curious what else she could be buying, so I peeked through one of the windows to see her pulling an outfit off one of the racks. It was the tiny pink see-through teddy, with the fluffy bunny tail attached! She then grabbed a matching pink and white bunny ear headpiece. “What could she be buying that for?” I thought to myself as I watched her pay for it.

“Here,” she said as she rolled the small plastic bag tight so I couldn’t see what was inside, and then tucked it deep into the larger bag that I was holding. “More boyfriend training: you should always respect a girls privacy. Girls love to keep secrets, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You should respect it by always being trusting when a girl wants to keep something hidden, and don’t just keep supporting her.”

I loved when my mom gave me valuable tips like that. I was willing to do whatever it takes to keep Vanessa, so I took it to heart when my mom gave that kind of guidance.

Chapter 47: An easy pick-up

Buying my outfit was much quicker. We found something nice and stylish, and I tried it on. As I was changing into my outfit, I heard my mom talking to a guy outside.

“What’s a beautiful lady like you doing here? Your boyfriend isn’t keeping you waiting, is he?”

I stopped dressing and leaned my ear lower to the gap to listen.

“Haha, you’re too sweet! No, I’m just here helping my son get a new outfit for his school dance.”

“I quickly buckled up the new pants and stepped out to see my mom sitting on a waiting bench, with a young guy putting the moves on her. “A gorgeous woman like you, with no boyfriend? That’s unheard of!” said the young man smoothly as he sat on the bench next to her. She scooted over slightly to make room for him, but she was smiling and appeared flattered.

I interrupted the guys flirting by saying, “Mom, I have on the outfit, I think it fits.”

The male suitor didn’t like the interruption, and without looking away from my mom’s face he abruptly said “Good job, kid. It looks great.” then in a softer voice, continued talking to my mom, “My name’s Mark. You got any plans Friday night?”

“I can’t this Friday, I have to escort my son to the school dance.”

“Him?” he asked as he motioned to me, his words sounding somewhat aggravated. “Can’t he just go alone, or get a friend to drive him or something?”

“Haha, you’re an ambitious one! No, I already promised I’d go.”

I really did not like how he was talking about me, but my mom appeared flattered by his forward approach, and within the next minute she was writing her phone number down on a piece of paper and handing it to the young stud.

I’d been completely ignored, standing there in my new outfit as they chatted. My mom was feeling incredibly confident and pleased and turned to me with a big smile after Mark walked away. She must have noticed the disappointed look on my face, because she said, “Oh, wipe that frown off your face. It’s just a phone number. It doesn’t mean anything! Besides, you know that sulking is a turn-off, and you’re supposed to be practicing being on a date.”

When you’re with a woman as desired as my mom, I guess you have to expect guys to fight for her attention. And she was right, a phone number isn’t a big deal. I decided I should get used to it, especially since I expect to be going on dates with Vanessa, and I didn’t want her to see me sulking just because she gives out her number to some guy.

I was quite proud of the outfit I ended up buying. I never dressed up, and it felt nice having a new and stylish outfit. I was actually feeling excited to wear it to the dance tomorrow, even though it meant my mom would be there wearing her tramp outfit, dancing with different boys from school.

Chapter 48: Size DOES matter

Then the awkward part came around. “Now we just need to get you some condoms, and we can head home.”

Gulp. I followed shyly with my head down as she led to a small cosmetic and beauty store near the middle of the mall, where they also sold condoms. I was still carrying all the bags, mom only had her little purse strapped around her shoulder.

The automatic door slid open as we approached, and I had a minor panic attack when I saw who was working behind the counter. It was Chelsea, the sexy (although somewhat immature) cheerleader. Unlike Claire and Victoria, who both had wealthy parents, Chelsea had to work a part-time job to help pay for all the expensive stylish clothes and shoes that the girls liked to wear.

My mom had no idea who she was, but she recognized me immediately.

“Hi, I’m here to pick up some condoms for my son.” my mom said confidently as she walked up to the counter. I trailed behind, carrying the bags, wishing for this to end.

“Oh, really? He’s got a big date, huh? It’s very smart to be prepared!” Chelsea said with a big mischevious grin as she saw me standing next to my mom with my head down.

“Yes, exactly!” agreed my mom before asking me, “What size do you think, honey?”

“Umm… Medium.” I answered. I knew the real truth was a size smaller than medium, but I was far too embarrassed to say that front of Chelsea.

My mom, however, didn’t let it slip by. “Honey, now is not the time to exaggerate. It’s extremely important to get the right size, or else the condom’s can slip off during sex. It can be very painful for the woman if that happens, and can lead to other accidents as well.”

When you live alone with your mom, it’s only natural that you accidently see each other naked at times. Sometimes you forget to lock your bedroom door while your mom is changing, or your swimming trunks slip off when you jump into the pool.

In my case, it was something much more intimate and happened only a few weeks ago. I heard some guys saying that they shaved the hair off their cock and balls, and how much the woman preferred it. So, thinking I might have a chance with a woman sometime, I decided to shave my own privates at home one night. Everything went fine until a few days later when I had an ingrown hair. I had no idea what it was and my mom was insanely worried when I told her about it. She wanted to rush me to the doctor but finally agreed she’d inspect it herself first.

After pulling down my pants, she fondled my cock and balls, examining it closely, before laughing as she realized what it was and then going to buy a simple cream for it. I’ll admit that feeling her soft hands against my cock made something react, and I’m sure she felt it. I didn’t get fully hard, but it was enough for her to get more than an idea of how small my cock was, even when fully erect.

Mom had no idea Chelsea went to school with me, and Chelsea did appear much more mature for her age, so my mom thought she was just a professional young worker, and there was nothing to try and hide.

She pulled a box of small sized condoms off the rack. I saw Chelsea crack a cruel smile at me as my mom examined the box.

“There’s no reason to be shy and lie about it, I’ve seen you naked plenty of times. What do you think, small, or extra small?” she asked as she pulled off another little box from from the rack, with the words “extra-small” written across it.

“Umm… Small…” I replied sheepishly.

“Are you sure?”

“Y-yes, I think so.”

“OK, we’ll get the small and a box of the extra small, just in case.” she said as she put both boxes on the counters.

I was ready to die. I knew the three cheerleaders were best friends, and probably told each other everything. I just hoped the word didn’t get out, especially not to Vanessa.

I was burning a hole in the floor with my eyes, trying to avoid any humiliating eye contact as Chelsea rang up the condoms. Then, thinking I wasn’t looking, my mom discreetly grabbed another box off the rack. I caught a glimpse as she placed the box of “Magnum, extra-large sized xxx condoms” and placed it on the counter, whispering “These are for my date night.” She then shot a wink at the brunette cashier before discreetly placing the box in her purse and then handing me the bag containing the small and extra small boxes of condoms.

I was eager to leave the mall after such a humiliating trip, but my mom said she had an appointment with the mall beauty salon before leaving. She wanted to look her very best for the date, so she set up an appointment to get a fully body Brazilian wax

I wandered around, checking out the video game and electronic stores as I waited for mom when I ran into something very unexpected.

Claire and Vanessa were walking through the mall together, shopping. When I confronted them, Vanessa explained the whole situation. She told me how some ugly girl had played that cruel prank on her, and how the cheerleaders stepped in and saved her. She then explained that Claire was taking her shopping, helping her pick out a nice outfit for the dance since Vanessa rarely ever dressed up. Vanessa’s family was rather poor, but Claire insisted on taking her out and even paying for a new outfit for her to wear. “It was the least I could do after such a cruel thing happened to her today.”

I could hardly believe it, but I guessed I must have misjudged Claire and the other girls. Maybe they really were decent people.

Vanessa refused to show me the dress, saying it had to be a surprise the next night. I felt quite excited after the brief meeting with them. Vanessa seemed excited, and she was picking out a dress to wear – for me! I thought to myself, there might be the possibility of losing my virginity tomorrow night after all!

As the two girls walked off, I noticed them heading into the store where Chelsea worked. I saw Chelsea’s face light up as they entered. She looked excited and eager as if she was just dying to share some piece of  juicy and scandalous gossip. My heart sank.

After my mom’s appointment, I was eager to leave the mall. My mom was still getting looks from guys as we walked to the van. I just hoped the dress I persuaded mom to get would be good enough to get Brad off my back.

During the drive home, my mom said, “It’s been such a busy day shopping, I’m definitely going to need a long foot massage when we get home.”

Chapter 49: Day of the Dance

When I entered the bus on Friday morning, Brad was showing something shiny off to his friends. As I got a better look, it appeared to be a thin gold choker collar, solid in the front and fastened with a chain in the back, and the letters “B B” were engraved on the front.

He took the choker out of the white gift box and showed it to his friends as I took my seat.

“I’m going to have her wear it to the dance tonight, so everyone know’s who owns her” he was saying to his friends as he flipped it over so they could read the back. I discreetly peeked at it and saw the words “Brad’s Bimbo” engraved along the reverse side of the “B B” letters…

The kids on the bus were so impressed with Brad. He was so smooth with the girls (in and out of school), and the way he treated my mom like a bimbo sex toy while he had me doing his homework and chores just further added to his reputation.

During school, it was strange to see Vanessa hanging out with the cheerleaders. She would group up with them at the lockers between each class, and she was always laughing at their jokes and following their lead. Popularity is a very addictive thing, and Vanessa was liking the taste of it. She still stood out from them. She was still wearing her regular style of simple jeans and a simple shirt, and it was obvious she wasn’t quite ‘one of them’ yet, but they let her tag along even sit with them during lunch.

I was a little disappointed when I had to sit at a table by myself, but she reassured by saying we’d have time together at the dance, and that she just wanted to ‘get to know them’ better, and how she owed them after they stood up for her yesterday, plus the fact that Claire did buy her a new outfit…

She made no mention of whether Chelsea had mentioned the whole condom ordeal, but Chelsea was shooting me a wicked grin the whole time. I felt quite uneasy around the three girls, it always felt like I was walking on their turf, and I had to watch myself and play by their rules whenever I was around them.

On the table next to theirs, some guys from the football team were sitting together. Thankfully, their attention was too focused on Brad to notice me. He was showing the choker off, and announcing how he was going to make “Becky the Bimbo” wear it to the dance, to prove what a ‘delicious little fuck-bunny’ she is.

The guys were having quite the laugh at it, and I think half of them didn’t believe she really would really wear it. I knew my mom wouldn’t wear it, although it did strike me as odd how she acted around Brad.

Despite being so intelligent, sexy and desired, she tended to act somewhat dumb and ditsy when she was with Brad. I’ve heard it said that intelligent women can be intimidating to guys, and I wondered is she acted like a ditzy airheaded bimbo around him for that reason. I hope she didn’t act that way at the dance, around all his friends.

Despite how ditzy she presented herself around him, I knew she still had high standards for herself and would not agree to wear something that said “Brad’s Bimbo” around her neck.

After school, my mom picked me up from the parking lot. She had become well known around the school for the news channel, the fieldhouse bathroom stalls, and all the rumors Brad spread around. When I went to the van, I heard a few guys from another class say “Look, it’s that porn star, right? The one who specializes in anal, and getting gangbanged? What’s her name… Becky, I think?”

My ears burned as I hurried into the van to head home. “Hi sweetie! I’m so excited for the school dance tonight!” she said as I sat down in the passenger seat.

“I was piecing together some shoes to go with the outfit, and I have to say, I’m really pleased with the dress we picked out. And more importantly, I think Brad is really going to like it. Don’t you think?”

“Yes, mom.”

“I can’t wait to wear it for him tonight! And it’s so sweet that you want me to look nice and pretty for him. I think you’ll be happy to know I found a great pair of shoes to go with the dress. They’re really classy gold colored high-heels and the heel is thick enough that I’ll still be able to dance easily enough!”

I picked up on the word ‘gold’ instantly. Was it a coincidence, or did she somehow know about the degrading piece of gold jewelry that Brad had bought for her? Did she agree to wear it, and she was wearing gold shoes to match it? I hoped not…

Chapter 50: Getting ready for the dance

The Spring Flower Dance didn’t start until 7:30, so we had a few hours to get ready. My mother decided that since I had a girlfriend now, it was important I start learning more ‘boyfriend-type activities’ to do with her.

“Girls love doing activities like painting nails, so I think it’s important that you learn to do it so you can spend time with her doing something she enjoys. I want you to take interest in things she enjoys. There’s no way I’m going to let my son turn into one of those guys who ignores his girlfriend to watch football and drink beer every evening!”

The truth was, I was happy to learn to paint nails. I knew I wasn’t equipped well enough ‘down below’ to keep a woman around, and my looks and charisma wouldn’t hold a girl for long, either. If I wanted to keep a girl as pretty as Vanessa, I knew I was going to have to work for it. I’d have to treat her right – pay for all our dates, hold doors open for her, carry her bags, and generally be a perfect gentleman for her. Painting her finger and toenails seemed to fit this bill perfectly.

I think my mom realized this too, which is why she was encouraging this type of behavior. I know my mom has been with plenty of bad apples before, so she knew the kind of behavior I should avoid.

The heels she chose to wear to the dance tonight were open toed, so she wanted her nails painted a shiny red to match the color of her dress.

Between Brad’s bullying and my mom’s ‘boyfriend’ lessons, it felt like I was starting to become a little well-trained cuckold servant. My mom showed me some basic nail-painting techniques, then she sat back on the couch watching her favorite scandalous TV shows while I sat on my knees in front of her painting her nails.

“Do a good job, and don’t get any nail polish outside the lines. It needs to look nice and pretty for Brad, remember?” she said as I carefully painted her nails. The last thing I needed was for Brad to give me another spanking at school because I messed up something as small as my mom’s toenail polish. It felt emasculating to be painting my mom’s toenails for her date. It was definitely not something any real man would do, but I knew I would have to do these types of things if I were to keep Vanessa.

After finishing up and blowing on her toenails, mom said I did such a good job that she was going to have me do her fingernails, too. There was still plenty of time before the dance, so she sat back watching another episode of her show.

After an hour of having her nails carefully touched up, my mom went into her bedroom to change into her outfit and do her hair and makeup. I changed into my new outfit, which I was quite proud of. It was definitely the nicest outfit I owned, and it was new, crisp and sharp. “Vanessa’s going to be very impressed with her date,” I thought to myself as I admired my outfit in the mirror.

When I went downstairs to head out to the van, I was blown away by what I saw. My mom was completely dolled up, and she looked amazing! She had on the shiny red dress with the fabric draped down over her breasts, showing off a daring amount of cleavage. The cloth hung down loosely from the gold chain behind her neck and hung so low that her belly button was visible. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

The extra-tall gold colored high heels gave her back a sexy arch, and they were open toed, showing off the bright red toenails that I’d painstakingly painted for her. She had spent a lot of time in her bedroom working on her hair. It was curled and stylized to the max. She was wearing dark smokey eye shadow and her lips were painted a shiny red and matched the color of her dress and nails.

She’d had her legs and body freshly waxed and moisturized at the mall the night before, and it made her skin look smooth, healthy and… absolutely delicious. She had on a pair of dangling gold earrings peaking out of her glamorously done-up hair. A small maroon red purse was by her side, hanging off her shoulder by a thin leather strap.

It took my breath away. I’d only recently started to openly think of my mom as sexy, and tonight she looked hotter than I’d ever seen her in my life. She was prom queen material. Hell, she was on a whole nother level altogether!

“Ready to go, Hon?” she asked in her sweet alluring voice as she put the last earring in her right ear.

Fuck. I could not believe that she would be going out with Brad like that. He was the luckiest damn guy on the planet! I started hoping and wishing somehow he wouldn’t turn up, and I’d get to fill in as my mom’s date to the dance. Oh, how great that would be!

“Yes, mom! I’m ready!” I answered energetically as I took in the outrageously sexy image in front of my eyes.

“Great. It’s been a while since you’ve had any practice driving, and I think it’d be a good idea if you drove. It might impress Vanessa to see you in the driver seat, too.”

I liked the sound of that!

Chapter 51: Chauffeuring around my Bully and his date, my mom

We hopped in the van and started driving. It had been arranged for the four of us to drive together. Brad still didn’t have a car of his own (his parents had promised him a brand new Ford Mustang in his favorite color red when he graduated), and Vanessa’s family just had one vehicle that her parents shared, so the deal was that we’d pick them both up.

Since Brad lived close by and Vanessa lived on the other end of town, mom had me drive to his house first. It still felt weird knowing my mom was attending a dance with a bunch of highschoolers.

“Remember all the things I’ve taught the last three days. Don’t forget to hold her door open for her,” my mom reminded me on the drive to Brad’s house.

She had volunteered to sit in the back seat with Brad so that Vanessa could sit up front with me. As we pulled up to the driveway, my mom pulled a little make-up mirror out of her purse and started to gussy up her hair, making sure every strand was perfect.

“Why don’t you go knock on the door and get Brad, while I fix myself up. Be a doll and open the side door for him, too. It can be tricky to open sometimes” she said as I parked the van.

Brad answered the front door. His phone opened in his hand. “Well well well, if it isn’t the little milksop. Did you get your mom all dolled-up for me to fuck?”

“Yes, sir. She’s in the backseat waiting for you now.” I replied obediently and submissively.

“Good, I just might not have to send this pic to Vanessa after all!” he said as he tilted his phone for me to see, showing the picture of my tiny cock and shriveled balls as I knelt in the shower. “Vanessa” was written in the “to” line, and all he had to do was press ‘send’.

“Oh please don’t, Mr. Brad. I convinced my mom to wear the sluttiest dress I could find, and even got it in your favorite color, red.”

He seemed amused that I’d gone so far as to even get the dress in his favorite color. He had a malicious smile on his face as he said, “Mmm, I like the sound of that. I haven’t had sex in two days, and I’m looking forward to emptying them into your mom’s nice ass again.”

He grabbed the white rectangular gift box from a table beside the door, and we walked out to the van. I eyed his phone nervously as we walked, worried he might accidently bump it and hit ‘send’. As we approached the vehicle, I could see my mom’s face as she made the last few adjustments to her hair and then snapped the make-up mirror shut.

I opened the side door for him and the bright interior lights turned on and lit up my mom. She was sitting back with her legs crossed, head tilted to the side, and her hand was idly twirling a strand of hair next to her ear. Her short skirt rested far up the thigh of her long outstretched leg, and she had her left shoulder tilted forward which showed off more of her middle-cleavage.

Her voice was energetic and joyous as she beamed, “Hi Brad, it’s so nice to see you!”

I stood by the side holding the door open as Brad enjoyed the sight presented before him. He had a satisfied, hungry smile on his face as he clicked out of the message on his phone. I exhaled with relief as I saw him close the message.

“Come give me a hug!” she said as she pulled her hand away from her ear and stretched it out along the back of the seat.

The back of the minivan had one seat removed to allow access to the back of the van, so the middle section only had two seats pressed side-by-side with no divider between them. My mom was sitting by the window and Brad would sit in the middle, directly beside her.

“Good job, kid,” he said as he ruffled my hair fiercely, ruining the style and undoing all the work I’d put into it an hour prior. He then stepped into the van, placed the gift box on the floor, and slid into the seat next to my mom. His arm reached out behind her back and closing it around her shoulder, his other hand interlocking his fingers with hers.

“This is so exciting!” she said as I closed the door and the interior lights switched off.

The drive to Vanessa’s house felt like it lasted for hours. Brad and my mom sat in the back cuddled up together the whole drive. My mom giggled liked a little girl as Brad whispered things in her ear.

She doted on how handsome he looked and said how she was going to have to fight all the girls off him on the dance floor.

It was dark in the back seat so I couldn’t really make out what was going on, but during stoplights, I would try to peek through the rear-view mirror to catch glimpses. I couldn’t make out very much in the dark interior, but they seemed to be sitting very close together. I think their arms were around each other. My mom kept laughing as if she was being tickled, and was saying things like, “Nooo! Hehehe, you naughty boy!”

They both seemed to be enjoying themselves quite a lot.

Chapter 52: Vanessa’s dress

When we pulled up to Vanessa’s house, they both stayed in the van while I went to knock on the front door. I’d only taken a moment to fix my ruffed-up hair as best I could, and I hoped it looked presentable enough for my date.

When Vanessa opened the door, she looked stunning. She was wearing a Latina-style mini-dress with flounces and a Carmen neckline. The short skirt ended mid-thigh, and her lovely tanned shoulder and neck were uncovered. The style was modern and revealing, but not nearly as slutty as my moms. She had a pretty red flower pinned to the side of her wavy, dark hair.

The whole outfit was a bright red color, and she had on a pair of closed-toe, matching red slip-on heels. Her hair was worn down and wrapped around her pretty face.

She gave me a hug after our greetings, and her skin was delightful and warm against mine. “You look amazing!” I told her proudly

“You like it?” she asked as she twirled around, and I noticed just how tightly the dress hugged her perfect, round ass. The top of the dress draped below her neck, showing off her lean shoulder blades. Before I responded, she said, “Claire said you’d like the color red. What do you think?”

Her words caught me by surprise. Red was as fine a color as any, but it wasn’t my favorite. Did Claire say that on purpose, knowing it was Brad’s favorite? Was there some kind of cruel intentioned meaning? Or, was it just a coincidence? I didn’t want to dwell on it, I told Vanessa that I loved it and she was absolutely stunning.

“You look great, too!” complimented Vanessa as I led her to the van. I’d kind of fantasized that she’d take my arm like in the movies, but we just walked side-by-side casually instead. I was quick to open the door for her. I looked in the back to see Brad was still cuddled next to my mom with his arm around her.

I climbed around to the front just as mom was introducing herself to Vanessa. This was their first time actually meeting, and Vanessa seemed to have a surprised but understanding reaction to how close Brad and my mom were sitting. She didn’t know if they were ‘together’, and it must have appeared strange to see my mom on a date to a school dance with an 18-year-old student.

“It’s nice to meet you too.” she was saying as I sat down.

I was about to turn the key ignition when Brad said, “Before I forget… Becky, I got you something.” and he flicked on the interior lights, then picked up the white gift box off the floor.

My mom sat with her hands in her lap, and she looked eager and excited as he opened the box to show her the gold choker.

Her eyes lit up at the shiny gift. “For me? Oh, Brad, you’re so sweet! What does it say?” she asked as she picked it up and examined it, reading the engraving. I’d seen it on the bus that morning and I knew it read “Brad’s Bimbo” along the back side.

My mom read the words without showing it to me or Vanessa, then let out a pleased laugh and said, “Hehe, it’s perfect! I’ll wear it to the dance tonight!” as she slipped it against her neck and held up her hair so Brad could connect it in the back.

The choker hugged snugly around the front of my mom’s neck, and the letters “B B” were displayed. “What does B B stand for?” inquired Vanessa as she read the engraving, and my mom seemed lost for an answer, stammering out a long “Ummm…” as she stalled for time.

“It stands for Brad and Becky!” announced Brad proudly. “Yes! Brad and Becky!” answer my mom as she gave Brad an enthusiastic hug and kissed his cheek.

I felt Vanessa squeeze my hand and whisper to me, “Aww! Brad’s so sweet!”

“Uhh… Yea, he’s a… Umm… Great guy…” I finally answered with defeat.

I noticed Vanessa looking back longingly at my mom and Brad cuddled together. I turned the ignition. This night was not going how I planned.

The drive to the school was short, and Vanessa, Brad, and my mom spoke together the whole time.

Chapter 53: The parking problem

When we arrived at the school, the parking lots were full. Half the parking lot was sectioned off for little carnival games and stalls, and the buses were also parked overnight, taking up several spaces. To prepare for it, the school had sectioned off the of the empty field nearby as a temporary parking lot.

As I was about to turn into the field, my mom piped up from the backseat saying, “Oh Honey, I don’t want to walk through the grass and dirt in my new heels. Why don’t you let us out here in front of the building before you park?”

“Yea! I think I can handle escorting in two girls!” Brad jokingly added.

“Just stop here,” said my mom as I drove in front of the gym, where the main part of the dance was taking place. There were several couples and groups of students walking into the building.

“Uhh, okay,” I answered as Vanessa, Brad and my mom all climbed out of the van. “This is going to be so fun!” my mom said excitedly as she took Brad’s left arm. I watched as he then held out his right arm for Vanessa, who eagerly latched around.

I watched with burning jealousy as Brad walked proudly into the school dance area, with my mom and my girlfriend both hanging around his arms wearing the revealing red dresses. Vanessa in the modern Latina-styled minidress with the red flower in her hair, and my mom in the slutty, falling-off-the-shoulders, barely-there bimbo dress with the gold choker around her neck.

I tried to hurry and park, but the area was backed up with everyone arriving and getting into the parking space took time. I thought of Brad with my girlfriend during every second.

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