Messy Roommate

Contains: Cuckold, Humiliation, Bisexual

— —


It was nearly sunset when Officer Mendez pulled behind the swerving blue sedan. Flashing his lights, the driver quickly moved onto the shoulder before putting it in park and killing the engine. Calling dispatch, Mendez ran the plates to find an owner, a local teenager by the name of Jim Donovan. No prior tickets on record.

“Possible drunk teen,” he said over the radio, “shouldn’t be a problem.”

“I don’t like you making stops without a dash cam, Mendez,” said the woman in dispatch.

“Shouldn’t be a problem,” he repeated.

Stepping from the squad car, Officer Mendez noticed a lot of movement coming from the driver. Being cautious, he pulled his flashlight before approaching the window. Bending to look inside, he couldn’t have expected what he saw next.

The teenager was arching his back, cock in hand while he moaned from the orgasm. Cum had been fired across the steering wheel in long white ropes, and the rest now dribbled onto his hairless stomach. It was surprising, but a full minute passed before the teenager opened his eyes, screaming in terror when he finally noticed the smiling officer.


In a panic to dress himself, Mendez watched as the boy struggled to pull up his pants. Sperm on his hands had made everything slippery, and after multiple attempts, all Jim could do was pull his shirt down. With his face turning red, he forced a smile and squeezed his thighs together, aware that his balls were still uncovered and on display.

Mendez gave himself a moment to gawk at the young man’s figure, admiring the view while lazily chewing his lip. Jim remained quiet, still aching as the last drops oozed into his shirt, leaving a small wet spot for the officer to see.

“You been drinking?”

“No, Sir!”

Jim was quick to answer, accidentally letting his hands slip. The shirt sprung free, exposing himself along with a connected string of white slime. Grabbing the shirt, he forced it down again, closing his eyes and cursing for being so careless.

“Why don’t you go ahead and step out of the car for me.”

Shuffling from his seat, the teenager needed a hand in order to make it out. Now standing, he reached for his pants when the officer stopped him.

“Take them off,” he ordered with a grin.

Jim had never gotten a ticket before, but he knew this wasn’t routine. Hesitating, Mendez tapped the large flashlight against his thigh, pointing to the ground and smiling. Nervously, he did as instructed, pushing them down and stepping out of his shoes and jeans.

“Socks too.”

Jimmy was nude from the waist down now, standing by the road and using his t-shirt to cover himself. Luckily that section of highway wasn’t very traveled, meaning little traffic. Lead to the front of his car, Mendez ordered Jim to walk the white line.

“Hey, you check that 10-55 yet,” came the voice from his radio.

Leaning into his shoulder and tilting his head, he stared at Jim’s rump as he attempted to walk a straight line. His hips swayed, and the girlish steps caused his backside to wiggle and bounce, uncovered by his small shirt.

“Checking it now.”

As the teenager made his turn, he was faced with the officer leaning on the hood of his car. Having freed his erection, it was very clear what he wanted. Slapping his thigh, he invited Jim over and pointed between his legs. With no dash cam to record it, and no traffic to see it, Mendez’s final hour on duty was a promising one.

“You know what I want.”

Jim licked his lips and dropped to his knees. It wasn’t the first time he had ever done this, but so far it had only been with Paul. Now in public, with a stranger’s cock in his hands, the feeling was very different. If he did well, he might not get a ticket. But if he performed poorly, he would be headed to jail for the night.

Cupping the man in one hand while stroking him with the other, Jim ran his nose up it’s length, opening his mouth and making eye contact. He wasn’t getting a ticket.


Shortly after sunrise the following morning, Paul arrived home and parked his truck by the road. Jim’s sedan sat in the driveway, but right behind it was a police car.

“Oh shit, that can’t be good.”

A mountain of questions began forming in Paul’s mind. Had something bad happened to his roommate, or had Jim actually called the police on him? Shutting the truck off, he slipped from his seat and headed for the door. Finding it unlocked, he stepped inside and listened carefully.

Noises came from the hallway, shuffling, mumbling. When the door to Jim’s room opened, Paul ducked behind a corner, peeking out and waiting to see who emerged. In a moment of anticlimax, Jim walked out in only his underwear. Rolling his eyes, Paul stepped out from around the corner, just as a tall police officer appeared.

Frozen in place, Paul watched the officer grab Jim by the shoulders before kissing him on the lips. Their embrace lasted a full minute, giving Jim enough time to squeeze the man’s crotch, stroking before they pulled apart. Turning, they too froze in place when finally noticing Paul, who hadn’t moved in what seemed like ages.

“You didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend,” the large man whispered.

“He’s not … he’s just my roommate.”

The officer smirked and waved, passing Paul who remained frozen and staring blankly in disbelief. Walking to the door, Jim gave the man a final kiss before saying goodbye and closing the door behind him. Turning, Jim took a strut by Paul, shaking his hips as he passed.

Looking back, he glared menacingly at his roommate. “One word … and you die in your sleep.”

Jim slammed his bedroom door loud enough to make Paul jump, and after a moment of silence Paul finally broke into laughter before shouting, “What the fuck just happened?!”

It was an hour before they ran into each other again. Paul had finished showering just as Jim prepared them breakfast. Now dressed for church, Paul sat at the kitchen table, smiling broadly as his roommate served him eggs and sausage.

“So,” Paul cleared his throat, “I’m not your boyfriend?”

Jim’s anger flashed as he looked up from his plate, making Paul lean back in his chair.

“I was getting out of a reckless driving ticket. And no, you’re Jennifer’s boyfriend now.”

Paul’s smile faded as he watched Jim poke his food. Chewing his tongue, Paul thought a moment before trying to cheer up his roommate. “That’s not true, man,” he said, reaching below the table and freeing himself, “she still loves you, dude.”

“Paul,” Jim sighed, “You had sex with her and my mom last night.”

“Wasn’t that what we wanted? Isn’t that what turned you on so much?”

“Yeah,” Jim’s voice carried a sadness, “I guess.”

Even with his roommate becoming depressed, Paul’s cock swelled from watching his pain. Rubbing himself under the table, he knew he could cure Jim’s dreariness, and it wouldn’t take much. Pulling his chair across the room, he sat beside him, openly stroking and smiling.

“I’m not Jennifer’s boyfriend,” Paul began, ” … we never even had sex last night.”

Jim looked up from his plate, surprised and slack-jawed. “What do you mean?”

“She couldn’t go through with it. She said she felt guilty about not giving you a second chance, that maybe you were just stressed from school or something.”

A flame began to burn in Jim’s heart. After everything Paul had done, Jennifer still loved him, so much in fact that she refused to have sex with Paul. It was more than Jim expected, but it raised his spirits and gave him hope. It was as if the room had become brighter, and his mood lifted along with it.

Paul’s smile widened. “We’re still friends, right?”

Turning in his seat, Jim reached for his plate and lowered it under Paul’s cock. “Yeah … we are.” The pre-cum began dripping over his eggs, swinging wildly as Paul stroked faster.

“So tell me what happened last night,” Jim asked.

“There isn’t much to tell. We took a cab to the hotel, and I banged your mom like you wanted me too. Jenny just watched.”

A familiar ache began growing, the unique, painful knowledge that Paul was ruining his life. It made him hurt inside, but his cock loved every second of it, and as long as he was horny, Paul could get away with anything.

“Enough about my night, I’m interested in that cop you kissed this morning.”

Jim could feel his face turn red. He was hoping to keep that a secret, but with Paul’s charm already taking over, there was no need in fighting it. “You mean Hector?” He’s the cop who pulled me over last night. We … worked out a deal, and it lead home.”

“That’s it? I wanted details,” Paul smirked, adjusting his hips and stroking slower.

This came as a surprise to Jim. Never before had Paul shown an interest in something he’d done. Perhaps he felt guilty for always being the center of attention, never giving Jim a chance to enjoy the spotlight. Then another idea began growing, was it possible that Paul was actually jealous?

“Really? You really want the details?”

“If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine,” Paul winked, leaning forward and squeezing the outline of Jim’s cock, causing his eyes to bulge in disbelief.


Christine had just finished setting a plate of mashed potatoes when the Priest stopped by her table. Church picnics were held every two weeks, and Christine always made sure to include herself. It was a perfect day to be outside, and as Christine finished her table, she noticed Paul and Jim, smiling and heading in her direction.

“Okay, do you remember the plan?”

Jim waved to his mom and continued walking. “I do. Are you sure this’ll work?”

Paul glanced over, “She’s your mom, if she’s half as kinky as us it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“I really hope so. Because If this backfires I’m so screwed.”

“I wont let that happen. If worst comes to worst, I’ll back you up.”

Paul and Jim stepped over the curb and continued walking, stopping to let a few cars pass.

“Just do what I told you,” Paul said when they continued, “If this works, you’ll never go soft again.”

“Oh fuck yes,” Jim grinned.

Just as he finished speaking, the two arrived at Christine’s table.

“You made it!”

Jim leaned forward and embraced his mother, hugging her tightly before stepping aside and letting Paul do the same. The gray haired man smiled once they were finished, shaking hands with the two teenagers and welcoming them to the picnic.

“Christine always makes the best dishes, I’m a little jealous you two get to eat her cooking so often,” he laughed.

“You’re welcome to eat all you want, Matt, don’t let me stop you,” Christine answered.

The four bantered a few minutes, making jokes and discussing upcoming church events. During their talk, Paul relocated beside Christine while Jim took his place beside Pastor Matthew. After running out of gossip, Jim gave his roommate a nod before asking the Priest to show him around the other tables.

Once his roommate was out of earshot, Paul put his hand around Christine’s waist and smiled at her. “I have something we need to talk about.”

Jimmy could feel the butterflies in his stomach as he walked with Matthew. He was beginning to lose focus, and within seconds the old man’s words faded into noise. It was hard to keep himself together, knowing what Paul was about to tell his mother.


The Priest’s voice shook him back.

“Uhm, what?”

“I was just asking if you thought your mother was … ready to start dating again.”

Jim felt a lump in his throat. Looking back through the crowd, he found Paul finishing his talk with her. Although he couldn’t hear the conversation, the moment Paul was finished Jim’s mother turned and stared directly at him, her face in utter disbelief and shock.

Jim chewed his lip and smiled, timidly raising his hand and waving.

“Your mother is really something else, Jim,” mumbled Matthew, “too bad about your father, he was a lucky man.”

James swallowed and began feeling dizzy, the stimulation becoming too strong. Under his pants, Jim had worn tight briefs, trapping his erection so it wouldn’t show. It had worked, but the stress from his mother, and now learning his Priest’s horny intentions to be with her was too much to handle.

“I gotta sit down,” he announced, stepping away and heading for a bench that was unoccupied.

He watched his roommate and mother continue their talk, Paul shrugging his shoulders, his mother waving her arms before pointing at Jim. It wasn’t looking good, but each time she raised her voice, Paul would place his hand on her shoulder, calming her down.

Finally, after a nervous few minutes, Christine gave up the argument and said yes, nodding her head and looking back at her son.


“She’s in,” Paul said sitting down, “I told you.”

“It didn’t look easy.”

“Well … we knew she would flip out, we planned for that. To be honest, she gave in pretty quick.”

“So she’s okay with it?”

“She sure is, babe,” Paul grinned, reaching and squeezing Jim’s noticeable erection.

Holding his breath and closed one eye, Jimmy struggled to keep his composure. He couldn’t believe his mother had actually agreed, but as shocking as that was, another issue had appeared.

“We have a new problem.”

“We do?”

“Matthew. He wants to fuck her,” Jim whispered.

Paul waited before speaking. “Are you sure?”

“Pretty sure.”

The two were silent a moment, sitting and watching as families buzzed around the collection of picnic tables. The Priest himself had gravitated back to Christine, laughing and smiling while placing his hand on her back.

“Yeah that seems about right,” Paul grumbled.

“Will it be a problem?”

Paul thought a moment, tapping his finger against his chin before wagging it in the air. “No … no it’s not, in fact it’s perfect!”

Jim was less convinced. “How … again?”

“You’re going to thank me for this, Pal, I promise.”

Standing from the table Paul left and headed for Christine, waving for Jim to follow. The two arrived shortly after Matthew had left, leaving just the three alone. Jim could barely look his mother in the eye, her disapproving scowl becoming very oppressive.

“Don’t be that way, honey,” Paul said, stepping up and putting his arm around her waist, “we’re all in this together, right?”

Christine shook her head in disappointment, still giving her son the stink eye. “I can’t believe you James.”

“Okay,” Paul started, ready to get everything into the open, “Christine, we just learned something about Pastor Matthew.”

“He wants to sex with you, mom.”

Christine’s attention shifted, looking puzzled as Paul smiled at her.

“It’s true,” Paul confirmed, “and I think this is a perfect way to start our new arrangement.”

Christine and Jim were stunned.

“Here’s the plan-”

“Wait a minute!” Christine shouted, “This isn’t what we talked about, Paul, I never said I would-”

“You said you were okay with it-”

“Only if it was you! I didn’t agree to fuck my Priest!”

Jim and Paul waved their hands and shushed her. Luckily the noise and festivities were too loud for anyone to pick up their conversation. After a moment to cool down, Paul began again.

“I never said you had to fuck him. But since everything is in the open, I think it would be good to give Jim his first show, don’t you?”

Christine looked angrily at her son, “Little pervert,” she muttered.

“I’m sorry, mom,” Jim replied timidly, hoping his erection wasn’t obvious.

“Shut up.”

Paul smiled, “Great. So here’s the plan: Jim will go tell Matthew that he needs to make some confessions, and I’ll block him while you two go inside the church and get into place. That confessional is big enough for two people, so when he steps inside, Christine will be waiting on him.

“You don’t have to fuck him, but do whatever strikes your fancy, I want you to have fun in there. The point is that Jim will be watching through that little mesh window. Now Jim, obviously you have to act stupid, so pretend like you don’t hear or see anything.”

“Got it. What do I confess?”

“Doesn’t matter, he’ll be too busy to care what you say.”

Christine and Jim both nodded, waiting a moment before Paul gave the signal to leave. Heading toward Matt, Jim stopped and spoke with him, saying he really needed to confess some things. The priest was more than happy to accept, and as they started walking Paul stepped up and stopped him.

Jim waved at Matthew and pointed inside, getting an understanding nod before disappearing. Practically racing to the confessional, he swallowed and opened the door, stepping inside and kneeling down.

Silence greeted him until he noticed his mother on the other side, she too had gotten on her knees. When they finally made eye contact, Jim worried his cock would explode before the Priest even arrived.

“I can’t believe you, Jim,” she whispered.

“I’m sorry, mom, but Paul came home and started bragging about it.”

“So your roommate has sex with your mother, and the first thing you think of is watching us do it?”

“He wouldn’t stop talking about it! All the dirty stuff you did, the nasty kinky stuff-”

“Oh my god, Jim.”

“He told me about the mean stuff you said too.”

Christine broke eye contact, staring blankly at the wall.

“Yeah … he told me all of it,” Jim confessed.

She finally bit her lip, looking back with more shame than before. ” … Did that turn you on too?”

Jim squeezed his cock behind the divider, “I fucking loved it.”

Christine scoffed and turned away again, tapping her finger nervously. Slowly turning back, she lifted herself enough to look in the mesh window, getting a glimpse of her son masturbating. Suddenly the church door opened, and footsteps began approaching.

Getting into place, Jim covered his cock while his mother shuffled back, waiting on the older man to enter. As the door swung open, Matt hesitated stepping inside, confused by what he was seeing. Reaching out Christine took him by the pants, Pulling him in and standing him by the small window.

“Father is that you?”

Matthew cleared his throat, breathless as Christine whispered something into his ear. Quickly, she unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, dropping to her knees again. Unable to see through the window while standing, he trusted the mother to watch for him.

“Ahem, yes, yes my son.”

Jim was able to see without issue. The man’s cock, even soft was thick and stubby, his balls seemed enormous, even larger than Paul’s. Christine had started to kiss it, softly around the head before working down the shaft and cupping his balls. Swallowing, Jim held his breath as his mother looked over at him, their eyes meeting as her tongue slipped under one of his nuts, bouncing it in her face.

“I have some confessions I need to make,” Jim started.

“Oohh … yes of course, please, take your time my son,” Matthew said, unable to avoid moaning.

As planned, Jim sold himself being stupid, unaware of the sucking and kissing noises coming from the other side. Still jerking below the divider, he had to stop each time he spoke, giving himself breath to speak.

“I need to confess that I had … sexual fantasies about my girlfriend Jennifer.”

“Oh fuck,” Matthew moaned under his breath, loud enough for Jim to hear. “That isn’t … oh, that is only natural, my son. At your age … Mmm, these thoughts can get the better of you. But it’s nothing to … nothing to fret over.”

Jim could see what was so distracting. His mother had lifted the old man’s balls, pushing her nose and mouth far under them. Her hand worked feverishly as she jerked him, but her tongue had ventured so far back that it was practically touching his ass.

“Thank you, father, that helps me feel better. I still have another confession … if that’s okay.”

“Oh yes … yes … don’t stop.”

Jim could barely contain himself now. His mother had moved the old man, turning him to the window and pointing his fat, drooling cock directly at Jim. Behind him, she had pushed her face into the crack of Matt’s ass, spreading his cheeks and digging her tongue deep into the smelly brown hole.

Jim thought for a moment, unsure what to confess next. Then, in a spark of devilish lust, he knew exactly what to say. Something that would not only get a reaction from the Priest, but also his mother.

“I wanted to confess that … uhm, I still miss my father.”

Matthew released a moan as her tongue pushed deeper. Her hand began to speed up, and the priest looked like he wouldn’t make it much longer.

Hearing a chuckle surprised him, and the priest began quietly laughing, soon joined by Christine who giggled before Matthew cleared his throat and began speaking again. “Yes … we all miss your father,” he said, giving another breathy laugh.

Reaching behind him, Matthew spread his own cheeks in order to open himself more. As he did this, he began pushing, trying to help her tongue go even deeper.

“Ahem, yes … he was a very good man … Ooh … I know your mother really misses him the most.”

“She does?”

“Oh yes … yes … she told how much she misses him,” Matthew and Christine gave another quiet laugh.

Jim couldn’t wait much longer, and from the huge twitching cock he was watching, the Priest couldn’t either.

“But he’s … gone … and he’s, uhm … ohh … he’s never coming back … ever. So we have to … find comfort, oh god … and move on with our … ughh, lives!”

As the priest finished his sentence his cock finally erupted, firing shot after shot against the small mesh window. Some began to seep through the tiny holes, and as Jim began firing his own load, he leaned forward and pressed his tongue against the warm liquid that leaked through.

“Thank you, father,” Jim huffed, “this means so much to me.”

Jim hid his face as Christine and Matthew checked the small window, making sure he hadn’t seen anything. When they knew he wasn’t looking, Jim’s mother helped clean the Pastor, giggling quietly and whispering something he couldn’t hear.

When Jim finally looked up, finished with cleaning himself, he was frozen to notice Matthew’s large hand in the window, the middle finger raised for only a second before his mother giggled and more whispering began.

“Uhm, ahem, is there anything else, my son?”

“No, sir. I finished.”

For the rest of the picnic, Matthew continued hovering near Jimmy, smiling obnoxiously anytime the two made eye contact. James knew how much the priest was mocking him, laughing behind his back whenever his mother disappeared.

Sitting with Paul and preparing to leave, he watched Matthew and Christine talking together. As humiliating as it had been, Paul’s prediction was right: Jim’s cock simply wouldn’t go soft.

“Ready to head home?”

Jim looked up, finishing his last bite of Christine’s potato salad.

“Yeah I suppose,” he said, staring into space. “Hey, let me ask you something.”


“Shouldn’t you be jealous … about mom, and Matthew?”

Paul glanced at them, watching Christine feed the priest like they were lovers.

“Not at all.”

Jim was surprised. “Really? Even after what they did?”

Paul grinned, putting his arm around Jim’s shoulder. “Don’t worry,” he said, “I always get the last laugh.”

Jim tilted his head, leaning as Paul whispered into his ear.

“While you three were busy, I took Christine’s potato salad and jerked off into it. Really big load, the first I’ve blown since last night.”

Jim’s eyes stretched open, looking down at his own plate, then across the field as his mother spoon fed the priest more of the same.

Jim started laughing, and as they stood up, Paul put his arm around Jim’s waist, pulling him close as they turned and headed home.



A massive pervert by nature, Nebic enjoys dark interracial stories, bullies, queers, chicks with dicks, saxophone solos, scat, writing stories that excite and disgust readers, and making lists that people think are true.

8 thoughts on “Messy Roommate

  1. Wow that church scene was AMAZING, easily worth waiting for although it does make me want more, I love Matthew as a character and if you ever felt like giving someone in one of your stories a spin off I’d vote for him, he just lends himself to all sorts of nasty and filthy scenarios, keep up the good (perverted) work 🙂


  2. Very good! Enjoyed this newest chapter! I liked the idea of the mom instigating the cruelty that Mathew was showing Jim. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I hope that his girlfriend stay ignorant of all that is going on so that Paul and his mom can make fun of Jim the more she betrays him.


  3. Aw, you glossed over the scene we’d been waiting for for months. The one with Paul and Christine. *Especially* if mean things were said. I’d rather have kept the behind-his-back theme from the previous chapter going, rather than making the mom cuckold thing open. But I can see some people like it this way and it got you writing again, so fair enough.


    1. I’m sorry, pal, It’s been so long since i’ve written anything on it, that I had forgotten all of it. I had to come up with something new to keep myself interested in writing it.


  4. I’m curious , is Paul and Jim’s friendship(sex aside) genuine since while it’s clear that Jim cares about Paul,Paul’s thoughts are unknown


  5. I would say that with his mother converted to Paul’s side that she should help continue to corrupt Jim’s girlfriend. For the ending I think that the promise that Paul would tell his girlfriend that he lied if Jim kept going along with it can be broken, and his girlfriend can finally come out saying how much she hates Jim and show him that she is marrying Paul. The mom can be at the wedding to support Paul and demean Jim even more. She makes Jim be the Best man for Paul and he is forced to see them make their vows and kiss to the cheers of everyone.


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