Messy Roommate 8 – 11


It was nearly sunset when Officer Mendez pulled behind the swerving blue sedan. Flashing his lights, the driver quickly moved onto the shoulder before putting it in park and killing the engine. Calling dispatch, Mendez ran the plates to find an owner, a local teenager by the name of Jim Donovan. No prior tickets on record.

“Possible drunk teen,” he said over the radio, “shouldn’t be a problem.”

“I don’t like you making stops without a dash cam, Mendez,” said the woman in dispatch.

“Shouldn’t be a problem,” he repeated.

Stepping from the squad car, Officer Mendez noticed a lot of movement coming from the driver. Being cautious, he pulled his flashlight before approaching the window. Bending to look inside, he couldn’t have expected what he saw next.

The teenager was arching his back, cock in hand while he moaned from the orgasm. Cum had been fired across the steering wheel in long white ropes, and the rest now dribbled onto his hairless stomach. It was surprising, but a full minute passed before the teenager opened his eyes, screaming in terror when he finally noticed the smiling officer.


In a panic to dress himself, Mendez watched as the boy struggled to pull up his pants. Sperm on his hands had made everything slippery, and after multiple attempts, all Jim could do was pull his shirt down. With his face turning red, he forced a smile and squeezed his thighs together, aware that his balls were still uncovered and on display.

Mendez gave himself a moment to gawk at the young man’s figure, admiring the view while lazily chewing his lip. Jim remained quiet, still aching as the last drops oozed into his shirt, leaving a small wet spot for the officer to see.

“You been drinking?”

“No, Sir!”

Jim was quick to answer, accidentally letting his hands slip. The shirt sprung free, exposing himself along with a connected string of white slime. Grabbing the shirt, he forced it down again, closing his eyes and cursing for being so careless.

“Why don’t you go ahead and step out of the car for me.”

Shuffling from his seat, the teenager needed a hand in order to make it out. Now standing, he reached for his pants when the officer stopped him.

“Take them off,” he ordered with a grin.

Jim had never gotten a ticket before, but he knew this wasn’t routine. Hesitating, Mendez tapped the large flashlight against his thigh, pointing to the ground and smiling. Nervously, he did as instructed, pushing them down and stepping out of his shoes and jeans.

“Socks too.”

Jimmy was nude from the waist down now, standing by the road and using his t-shirt to cover himself. Luckily that section of highway wasn’t very traveled, meaning little traffic. Lead to the front of his car, Mendez ordered Jim to walk the white line.

“Hey, you check that 10-55 yet,” came the voice from his radio.

Leaning into his shoulder and tilting his head, he stared at Jim’s rump as he attempted to walk a straight line. His hips swayed, and the girlish steps caused his backside to wiggle and bounce, uncovered by his small shirt.

“Checking it now.”

As the teenager made his turn, he was faced with the officer leaning on the hood of his car. Having freed his erection, it was very clear what he wanted. Slapping his thigh, he invited Jim over and pointed between his legs. With no dash cam to record it, and no traffic to see it, Mendez’s final hour on duty was a promising one.

“You know what I want.”

Jim licked his lips and dropped to his knees. It wasn’t the first time he had ever done this, but so far it had only been with Paul. Now in public, with a stranger’s cock in his hands, the feeling was very different. If he did well, he might not get a ticket. But if he performed poorly, he would be headed to jail for the night.

Cupping the man in one hand while stroking him with the other, Jim ran his nose up it’s length, opening his mouth and making eye contact. He wasn’t getting a ticket.


Shortly after sunrise the following morning, Paul arrived home and parked his truck by the road. Jim’s sedan sat in the driveway, but right behind it was a police car.

“Oh shit, that can’t be good.”

A mountain of questions began forming in Paul’s mind. Had something bad happened to his roommate, or had Jim actually called the police on him? Shutting the truck off, he slipped from his seat and headed for the door. Finding it unlocked, he stepped inside and listened carefully.

Noises came from the hallway, shuffling, mumbling. When the door to Jim’s room opened, Paul ducked behind a corner, peeking out and waiting to see who emerged. In a moment of anticlimax, Jim walked out in only his underwear. Rolling his eyes, Paul stepped out from around the corner, just as a tall police officer appeared.

Frozen in place, Paul watched the officer grab Jim by the shoulders before kissing him on the lips. Their embrace lasted a full minute, giving Jim enough time to squeeze the man’s crotch, stroking before they pulled apart. Turning, they too froze in place when finally noticing Paul, who hadn’t moved in what seemed like ages.

“You didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend,” the large man whispered.

“He’s not … he’s just my roommate.”

The officer smirked and waved, passing Paul who remained frozen and staring blankly in disbelief. Walking to the door, Jim gave the man a final kiss before saying goodbye and closing the door behind him. Turning, Jim took a strut by Paul, shaking his hips as he passed.

Looking back, he glared menacingly at his roommate. “One word … and you die in your sleep.”

Jim slammed his bedroom door loud enough to make Paul jump, and after a moment of silence Paul finally broke into laughter before shouting, “What the fuck just happened?!”

It was an hour before they ran into each other again. Paul had finished showering just as Jim prepared them breakfast. Now dressed for church, Paul sat at the kitchen table, smiling broadly as his roommate served him eggs and sausage.

“So,” Paul cleared his throat, “I’m not your boyfriend?”

Jim’s anger flashed as he looked up from his plate, making Paul lean back in his chair.

“I was getting out of a reckless driving ticket. And no, you’re Jennifer’s boyfriend now.”

Paul’s smile faded as he watched Jim poke his food. Chewing his tongue, Paul thought a moment before trying to cheer up his roommate. “That’s not true, man,” he said, reaching below the table and freeing himself, “she still loves you, dude.”

“Paul,” Jim sighed, “You had sex with her and my mom last night.”

“Wasn’t that what we wanted? Isn’t that what turned you on so much?”

“Yeah,” Jim’s voice carried a sadness, “I guess.”

Even with his roommate becoming depressed, Paul’s cock swelled from watching his pain. Rubbing himself under the table, he knew he could cure Jim’s dreariness, and it wouldn’t take much. Pulling his chair across the room, he sat beside him, openly stroking and smiling.

“I’m not Jennifer’s boyfriend,” Paul began, ” … we never even had sex last night.”

Jim looked up from his plate, surprised and slack-jawed. “What do you mean?”

“She couldn’t go through with it. She said she felt guilty about not giving you a second chance, that maybe you were just stressed from school or something.”

A flame began to burn in Jim’s heart. After everything Paul had done, Jennifer still loved him, so much in fact that she refused to have sex with Paul. It was more than Jim expected, but it raised his spirits and gave him hope. It was as if the room had become brighter, and his mood lifted along with it.

Paul’s smile widened. “We’re still friends, right?”

Turning in his seat, Jim reached for his plate and lowered it under Paul’s cock. “Yeah … we are.” The pre-cum began dripping over his eggs, swinging wildly as Paul stroked faster.

“So tell me what happened last night,” Jim asked.

“There isn’t much to tell. We took a cab to the hotel, and I banged your mom like you wanted me too. Jenny just watched.”

A familiar ache began growing, the unique, painful knowledge that Paul was ruining his life. It made him hurt inside, but his cock loved every second of it, and as long as he was horny, Paul could get away with anything.

“Enough about my night, I’m interested in that cop you kissed this morning.”

Jim could feel his face turn red. He was hoping to keep that a secret, but with Paul’s charm already taking over, there was no need in fighting it. “You mean Hector?” He’s the cop who pulled me over last night. We … worked out a deal, and it lead home.”

“That’s it? I wanted details,” Paul smirked, adjusting his hips and stroking slower.

This came as a surprise to Jim. Never before had Paul shown an interest in something he’d done. Perhaps he felt guilty for always being the center of attention, never giving Jim a chance to enjoy the spotlight. Then another idea began growing, was it possible that Paul was actually jealous?

“Really? You really want the details?”

“If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine,” Paul winked, leaning forward and squeezing the outline of Jim’s cock, causing his eyes to bulge in disbelief.


Christine had just finished setting a plate of mashed potatoes when the Priest stopped by her table. Church picnics were held every two weeks, and Christine always made sure to include herself. It was a perfect day to be outside, and as Christine finished her table, she noticed Paul and Jim, smiling and heading in her direction.

“Okay, do you remember the plan?”

Jim waved to his mom and continued walking. “I do. Are you sure this’ll work?”

Paul glanced over, “She’s your mom, if she’s half as kinky as us it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“I really hope so. Because If this backfires I’m so screwed.”

“I wont let that happen. If worst comes to worst, I’ll back you up.”

Paul and Jim stepped over the curb and continued walking, stopping to let a few cars pass.

“Just do what I told you,” Paul said when they continued, “If this works, you’ll never go soft again.”

“Oh fuck yes,” Jim grinned.

Just as he finished speaking, the two arrived at Christine’s table.

“You made it!”

Jim leaned forward and embraced his mother, hugging her tightly before stepping aside and letting Paul do the same. The gray haired man smiled once they were finished, shaking hands with the two teenagers and welcoming them to the picnic.

“Christine always makes the best dishes, I’m a little jealous you two get to eat her cooking so often,” he laughed.

“You’re welcome to eat all you want, Matt, don’t let me stop you,” Christine answered.

The four bantered a few minutes, making jokes and discussing upcoming church events. During their talk, Paul relocated beside Christine while Jim took his place beside Pastor Matthew. After running out of gossip, Jim gave his roommate a nod before asking the Priest to show him around the other tables.

Once his roommate was out of earshot, Paul put his hand around Christine’s waist and smiled at her. “I have something we need to talk about.”

Jimmy could feel the butterflies in his stomach as he walked with Matthew. He was beginning to lose focus, and within seconds the old man’s words faded into noise. It was hard to keep himself together, knowing what Paul was about to tell his mother.


The Priest’s voice shook him back.

“Uhm, what?”

“I was just asking if you thought your mother was … ready to start dating again.”

Jim felt a lump in his throat. Looking back through the crowd, he found Paul finishing his talk with her. Although he couldn’t hear the conversation, the moment Paul was finished Jim’s mother turned and stared directly at him, her face in utter disbelief and shock.

Jim chewed his lip and smiled, timidly raising his hand and waving.

“Your mother is really something else, Jim,” mumbled Matthew, “too bad about your father, he was a lucky man.”

James swallowed and began feeling dizzy, the stimulation becoming too strong. Under his pants, Jim had worn tight briefs, trapping his erection so it wouldn’t show. It had worked, but the stress from his mother, and now learning his Priest’s horny intentions to be with her was too much to handle.

“I gotta sit down,” he announced, stepping away and heading for a bench that was unoccupied.

He watched his roommate and mother continue their talk, Paul shrugging his shoulders, his mother waving her arms before pointing at Jim. It wasn’t looking good, but each time she raised her voice, Paul would place his hand on her shoulder, calming her down.

Finally, after a nervous few minutes, Christine gave up the argument and said yes, nodding her head and looking back at her son.


“She’s in,” Paul said sitting down, “I told you.”

“It didn’t look easy.”

“Well … we knew she would flip out, we planned for that. To be honest, she gave in pretty quick.”

“So she’s okay with it?”

“She sure is, babe,” Paul grinned, reaching and squeezing Jim’s noticeable erection.

Holding his breath and closed one eye, Jimmy struggled to keep his composure. He couldn’t believe his mother had actually agreed, but as shocking as that was, another issue had appeared.

“We have a new problem.”

“We do?”

“Matthew. He wants to fuck her,” Jim whispered.

Paul waited before speaking. “Are you sure?”

“Pretty sure.”

The two were silent a moment, sitting and watching as families buzzed around the collection of picnic tables. The Priest himself had gravitated back to Christine, laughing and smiling while placing his hand on her back.

“Yeah that seems about right,” Paul grumbled.

“Will it be a problem?”

Paul thought a moment, tapping his finger against his chin before wagging it in the air. “No … no it’s not, in fact it’s perfect!”

Jim was less convinced. “How … again?”

“You’re going to thank me for this, Pal, I promise.”

Standing from the table Paul left and headed for Christine, waving for Jim to follow. The two arrived shortly after Matthew had left, leaving just the three alone. Jim could barely look his mother in the eye, her disapproving scowl becoming very oppressive.

“Don’t be that way, honey,” Paul said, stepping up and putting his arm around her waist, “we’re all in this together, right?”

Christine shook her head in disappointment, still giving her son the stink eye. “I can’t believe you James.”

“Okay,” Paul started, ready to get everything into the open, “Christine, we just learned something about Pastor Matthew.”

“He wants to sex with you, mom.”

Christine’s attention shifted, looking puzzled as Paul smiled at her.

“It’s true,” Paul confirmed, “and I think this is a perfect way to start our new arrangement.”

Christine and Jim were stunned.

“Here’s the plan-”

“Wait a minute!” Christine shouted, “This isn’t what we talked about, Paul, I never said I would-”

“You said you were okay with it-”

“Only if it was you! I didn’t agree to fuck my Priest!”

Jim and Paul waved their hands and shushed her. Luckily the noise and festivities were too loud for anyone to pick up their conversation. After a moment to cool down, Paul began again.

“I never said you had to fuck him. But since everything is in the open, I think it would be good to give Jim his first show, don’t you?”

Christine looked angrily at her son, “Little pervert,” she muttered.

“I’m sorry, mom,” Jim replied timidly, hoping his erection wasn’t obvious.

“Shut up.”

Paul smiled, “Great. So here’s the plan: Jim will go tell Matthew that he needs to make some confessions, and I’ll block him while you two go inside the church and get into place. That confessional is big enough for two people, so when he steps inside, Christine will be waiting on him.

“You don’t have to fuck him, but do whatever strikes your fancy, I want you to have fun in there. The point is that Jim will be watching through that little mesh window. Now Jim, obviously you have to act stupid, so pretend like you don’t hear or see anything.”

“Got it. What do I confess?”

“Doesn’t matter, he’ll be too busy to care what you say.”

Christine and Jim both nodded, waiting a moment before Paul gave the signal to leave. Heading toward Matt, Jim stopped and spoke with him, saying he really needed to confess some things. The priest was more than happy to accept, and as they started walking Paul stepped up and stopped him.

Jim waved at Matthew and pointed inside, getting an understanding nod before disappearing. Practically racing to the confessional, he swallowed and opened the door, stepping inside and kneeling down.

Silence greeted him until he noticed his mother on the other side, she too had gotten on her knees. When they finally made eye contact, Jim worried his cock would explode before the Priest even arrived.

“I can’t believe you, Jim,” she whispered.

“I’m sorry, mom, but Paul came home and started bragging about it.”

“So your roommate has sex with your mother, and the first thing you think of is watching us do it?”

“He wouldn’t stop talking about it! All the dirty stuff you did, the nasty kinky stuff-”

“Oh my god, Jim.”

“He told me about the mean stuff you said too.”

Christine broke eye contact, staring blankly at the wall.

“Yeah … he told me all of it,” Jim confessed.

She finally bit her lip, looking back with more shame than before. ” … Did that turn you on too?”

Jim squeezed his cock behind the divider, “I fucking loved it.”

Christine scoffed and turned away again, tapping her finger nervously. Slowly turning back, she lifted herself enough to look in the mesh window, getting a glimpse of her son masturbating. Suddenly the church door opened, and footsteps began approaching.

Getting into place, Jim covered his cock while his mother shuffled back, waiting on the older man to enter. As the door swung open, Matt hesitated stepping inside, confused by what he was seeing. Reaching out Christine took him by the pants, Pulling him in and standing him by the small window.

“Father is that you?”

Matthew cleared his throat, breathless as Christine whispered something into his ear. Quickly, she unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, dropping to her knees again. Unable to see through the window while standing, he trusted the mother to watch for him.

“Ahem, yes, yes my son.”

Jim was able to see without issue. The man’s cock, even soft was thick and stubby, his balls seemed enormous, even larger than Paul’s. Christine had started to kiss it, softly around the head before working down the shaft and cupping his balls. Swallowing, Jim held his breath as his mother looked over at him, their eyes meeting as her tongue slipped under one of his nuts, bouncing it in her face.

“I have some confessions I need to make,” Jim started.

“Oohh … yes of course, please, take your time my son,” Matthew said, unable to avoid moaning.

As planned, Jim sold himself being stupid, unaware of the sucking and kissing noises coming from the other side. Still jerking below the divider, he had to stop each time he spoke, giving himself breath to speak.

“I need to confess that I had … sexual fantasies about my girlfriend Jennifer.”

“Oh fuck,” Matthew moaned under his breath, loud enough for Jim to hear. “That isn’t … oh, that is only natural, my son. At your age … Mmm, these thoughts can get the better of you. But it’s nothing to … nothing to fret over.”

Jim could see what was so distracting. His mother had lifted the old man’s balls, pushing her nose and mouth far under them. Her hand worked feverishly as she jerked him, but her tongue had ventured so far back that it was practically touching his ass.

“Thank you, father, that helps me feel better. I still have another confession … if that’s okay.”

“Oh yes … yes … don’t stop.”

Jim could barely contain himself now. His mother had moved the old man, turning him to the window and pointing his fat, drooling cock directly at Jim. Behind him, she had pushed her face into the crack of Matt’s ass, spreading his cheeks and digging her tongue deep into the smelly brown hole.

Jim thought for a moment, unsure what to confess next. Then, in a spark of devilish lust, he knew exactly what to say. Something that would not only get a reaction from the Priest, but also his mother.

“I wanted to confess that … uhm, I still miss my father.”

Matthew released a moan as her tongue pushed deeper. Her hand began to speed up, and the priest looked like he wouldn’t make it much longer.

Hearing a chuckle surprised him, and the priest began quietly laughing, soon joined by Christine who giggled before Matthew cleared his throat and began speaking again. “Yes … we all miss your father,” he said, giving another breathy laugh.

Reaching behind him, Matthew spread his own cheeks in order to open himself more. As he did this, he began pushing, trying to help her tongue go even deeper.

“Ahem, yes … he was a very good man … Ooh … I know your mother really misses him the most.”

“She does?”

“Oh yes … yes … she told how much she misses him,” Matthew and Christine gave another quiet laugh.

Jim couldn’t wait much longer, and from the huge twitching cock he was watching, the Priest couldn’t either.

“But he’s … gone … and he’s, uhm … ohh … he’s never coming back … ever. So we have to … find comfort, oh god … and move on with our … ughh, lives!”

As the priest finished his sentence his cock finally erupted, firing shot after shot against the small mesh window. Some began to seep through the tiny holes, and as Jim began firing his own load, he leaned forward and pressed his tongue against the warm liquid that leaked through.

“Thank you, father,” Jim huffed, “this means so much to me.”

Jim hid his face as Christine and Matthew checked the small window, making sure he hadn’t seen anything. When they knew he wasn’t looking, Jim’s mother helped clean the Pastor, giggling quietly and whispering something he couldn’t hear.

When Jim finally looked up, finished with cleaning himself, he was frozen to notice Matthew’s large hand in the window, the middle finger raised for only a second before his mother giggled and more whispering began.

“Uhm, ahem, is there anything else, my son?”

“No, sir. I finished.”

For the rest of the picnic, Matthew continued hovering near Jimmy, smiling obnoxiously anytime the two made eye contact. James knew how much the priest was mocking him, laughing behind his back whenever his mother disappeared.

Sitting with Paul and preparing to leave, he watched Matthew and Christine talking together. As humiliating as it had been, Paul’s prediction was right: Jim’s cock simply wouldn’t go soft.

“Ready to head home?”

Jim looked up, finishing his last bite of Christine’s potato salad.

“Yeah I suppose,” he said, staring into space. “Hey, let me ask you something.”


“Shouldn’t you be jealous … about mom, and Matthew?”

Paul glanced at them, watching Christine feed the priest like they were lovers.

“Not at all.”

Jim was surprised. “Really? Even after what they did?”

Paul grinned, putting his arm around Jim’s shoulder. “Don’t worry,” he said, “I always get the last laugh.”

Jim tilted his head, leaning as Paul whispered into his ear.

“While you three were busy, I took Christine’s potato salad and jerked off into it. Really big load, the first I’ve blown since last night.”

Jim’s eyes stretched open, looking down at his own plate, then across the field as his mother spoon fed the priest more of the same.

Jim started laughing, and as they stood up, Paul put his arm around Jim’s waist, pulling him close as they turned and headed home.


Jennifer needed to cum again. Twice in the shower simply wasn’t enough, and although she had already dressed, the urge was stronger than her willpower.

On the bed, she rolled back before lifting her knees and pulling off her jeans. Panties came next, the wetness clinging to her skin before being tossed to the floor.

Unable to keep it off her mind, Jenny laid down and began fingering herself, getting lost in the memories of each time she cheated. Paul would likely call her a ‘dirty girl’ for enjoying it so much, but the pleasure couldn’t be resisted.

Thinking back to the first time she betrayed her boyfriend, those same feelings of excitement returned. Jimmy had left her alone with Paul, something she hated at the time, but within ten minutes she was trying to make him cum.

She could feel a heat between her legs, the fast beating in her chest, and the fear of Jimmy catching them. It mixed into something never felt before, and it was intoxicating.

Paul’s cock was far bigger than Jim’s, and although she made promises that size didn’t matter, it did. His heft, thickness and smell, plus a heavy flow of precum made Paul into a monster of sexual desire. As much as it excited her, the real surprise was watching him cum. Having only ever seen Jimmy’s pathetic dribble, Jenny was in shock by the powerful jets Paul fired.

On top of making another man cum, she had also helped him tarnish Jim’s belongings. Sitting nearly three feet away, her boyfriend’s textbooks had been splattered by Paul’s chunky mess. Somehow, without understanding why, she loved it.

“Fuck that felt good,” Paul had told her, flicking his cock and throwing more droplets across the room.

Jenny wasn’t sure how to respond, but her panties were completely soaked, something Jim had never caused. Lust quickly outweighed guilt, and she thanked Paul for showing her how much he could cum.

When Jimmy finally came back, there was an overwhelming urge to laugh in his face. “I just made your roommate cum,” she screamed in her mind, wishing she could actually tell him.

Instead, she secretly helped Paul cum two more times that night. First during dinner, jerking him under the table until he unloaded a mess onto Jim’s pants; and again when she returned for her purse, giving Paul a blow-job and losing herself in the act.

It only became more fun from then on. Cheating behind her boyfriend’s back was a thrill that never got old, and seeing how far they could push his stupidity felt amazing.

Arching her back, Jenny’s fingers pushed deeper. Cumming for a third time, the bed sheets below her pussy were ruined, completely soaked over the thoughts of Paul and how great it was to betray Jim.

Catching her breath, Jenny rolled over and sat up, pulling herself to the edge of the bed. Morning was only starting, but she had a good feeling about today, suddenly wondering how much she would cum whenever she finally dumped her boyfriend.


“So you haven’t heard from her?”

Paul closed the refrigerator, carrying his bowl of cereal into the living room. Jim followed close behind, unable to look away from his roommate’s bare ass. Sitting slowly on the couch, Paul was careful not to spill his breakfast.

“No,” he said, bringing the spoon to his mouth, “she won’t answer my calls either.”

It had been a week since the church gathering, and so far Christine had gone silent. Everything else had returned to normal, including Jenny’s daily skype calls, and the bromance between Jimmy and Paul.

“Do you think she’s still upset? She seemed pretty mad about me wanting to watch.”

Paul chewed a mouthful of crunch berries, sniffing before leaning back and propping his feet on the coffee table. “Nah, she’s probably just busy with work or something.”

A day hadn’t gone by that Jim wasn’t thankful to Paul for helping him at church. Getting to watch Christine rim his priest was beyond wild, and he loved it. Ever since, the two of them had been trying to come up with new plans, hoping to find something just as exciting.

“Oh, I thought of something we could do,” Jim said, choosing to tidy up the room while his roommate relaxed.

“Oh yeah?”

“What about a three-way with Hector?”

“That cop you shacked up with?”


“Nah, that’s gay.”

Jim stopped what he was doing and crossed his arms. “What’s your point?”

Paul began slurping at his cereal bowl, loudly drinking the milk. When finished, he sat the bowl on the coffee table and rubbed his stomach, sighing with relief. “I’m not gay,” he said, grinning at Jim.

“Dude,” he scoffed, raising an eyebrow, “you let me suck your cock in bed this morning.”

Clearing his throat, Paul sat up and smiled. “Right, that makes you gay, not me.”


“Hey I don’t judge, I’m just not into guys.”

The two broke into laughter, unable to take themselves seriously any longer. Over the course of their friendship, Paul and Jim had become more than close, allowing for a very strange relationship.

“Okay then, what do you want to do?” Jim asked.

Rubbing his chin, Paul thought a moment before finally answering. “Why don’t we invite the girls over for a little party?”

“A party?”

Paul adjusted how he sat, leaning forward and smiling. “Yeah, there’s a big fight coming on tonight. If we get Jenny and Christine to come, we can drink and see what happens.”

Jim tapped his foot against the floor. “Oh I know what’ll happen: you’ll get to fool around with mom and Jenny, and I have to pretend I don’t see it, right?”

“Is that a bad plan?”

“I didn’t say that,” Jim smirked.

Paul hummed for a moment, tapping a finger against his thigh. “What if I also have a surprise planned for you?”

Jim tilted his head. “What kind of surprise?”

“Well if I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise would it?”

“Fine,” Jim grinned, “so what comes first?”

“Well … we need to invite them over. We can call Jenny through Skype, but since your mom won’t answer her phone you’ll need to go get her.”

Jim reached for his laptop, lifting it from the coffee table and handing it over. He wasn’t sure how things got so out of control, but he was okay with it. Having Hector as his fallback made it easier to give up Jenny and Christine. He still cared about his girlfriend, and was hoping they could patch up whatever damage his roommate had caused, but part of him still wanted to see them together, to feel the anguish and excitement of watching her cheat.

“You want me to call?” Paul asked, opening the laptop.

“Why not? We know she’s into you … I might as well give up, right? Like you said: I should just listen to my dick.”

Paul was momentarily transfixed by his roommate’s masturbation, seeing just how excited he was. “Shit,” he chuckled, “if you keep it up, I’ll just take everything you care about.”

“Yeah,” Jim laughed, stroking faster, “that would be so terrible.”

With them both fully erect, Paul made the call to Jenny, putting the computer on his lap and aiming it upwards. When she finally answered, she was surprised to find Paul on the screen, since the call was made from Jim’s profile.

“Hey, babe,” he said smoothly.

“What are you doing on Jim’s laptop?” she asked, confused.

“Oh that loser left it open, I thought I’d give you a ring.”

Jenny couldn’t suppress her smile, wiggling as she leaned closer. “So you’re all alone then?”

“That’s right, baby. How’re you doing this morning?”

“Horny,” she said bluntly, “and my pussy is still a little sore from that fucking you gave me.”

Paul’s eyes grew large, glancing over at Jim before awkwardly coughing into his fist. Jim’s reaction was what he expected, his mouth hanging open while he lurched forward, as if he had just been punched in the stomach.

“Oh come on,” Paul said awkwardly, trying not to look at his roommate, “that was over a week ago.”

“Well I’m ready for more, baby, I want that big cock again,” she moaned.

“Then you’re gonna like what I have planned. Tonight, around eight, Jim and I are gonna watch a pay-per-view fight, and I want you to join us.”

Jenny’s zipper could be heard lowering through the speakers. “What about my stupid boyfriend?”

“We’ll get him drunk, so when he passes out it’ll just be us … and maybe Christine.”

“His mom?” she puzzled a moment, taking a breath as her hand went down the front of a new clean pair of panties. “That could work, we can take turns distracting him.”

“Sounds great,” Paul chuckled, moving the laptop back until his cock sprang into view, “I’m ready whenever you are.”

Jim swallowed, catching a smirk from his roommate. “I knew you fucking lied to me,” he silently mouthed. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but not an unexpected one. Knowing they had sex didn’t change the situation, but it left a pain in Jim’s chest.

With nothing to do but watch, he dropped to his knees and continued masturbating as his roommate and girlfriend continued their skype sex. Talking dirty with each other, insulting him, and finally both reaching orgasm, Paul’s big load was the only thing to distract Jim from his heartache.

After they hung up, Paul moved the laptop aside and took a deep breath. Looking down at Jim, he grinned. “You’re welcome, bitch.”

“Fuck you, man,” Jim said weakly, still masturbating, “you told me she had second thoughts about it.”

Paul scooted forward, spreading his legs more. “Okay, I lied about the sex, but she really did have second thoughts.”

“She did?”

“Of course she did, man, she’s your girlfriend. I mean, I still fucked her pretty hard, but she was having doubts in the beginning.”

Jim’s stomach churned. He could almost vomit from the mix of crushing heartache and blissful humiliation, but as bad as it felt, his cock knew only happiness. Trying to focus on the pleasure, he shuffled closer, bringing himself between Paul’s legs. “Did you feel good doing it?

Paul’s smile grew. “Well … do you remember all the stuff I said your mom did? The dirty talk about your dad, about you, how she licked my ass and all that?”

Jim swallowed. “Y-Yeah?”

“She did most of it while I was nailing Jenny, so yeah it was great,” he laughed.

Looking at the deluge of sperm Paul had released across his thighs and stomach, Jim’s mouth practically watered. “She’s going to dump me though,” he mumbled, “you’re stealing my girlfriend.”

Paul used a thumb to raise his softened cock, the tip oozing a small glob of sperm. “Come on, man, who holds more blame? Sure I nailed her – and I probably will steal her from you … but you’re not a victim here.”

Jim’s heart felt heavier, as if the impending talk had been a long time coming.

“For each blow-job she’s given me, you’ve given me twice as much. Yeah she cheated on you, but haven’t you been cheating on her – with me?”

“Th-That’s different, you two had sex.”

“So what did you and Hector spend all night doing?”

Jim turned his eyes to the floor.

“Don’t get all pouty,” Paul grinned, “aren’t you happier this way? So what if Jenny ends up with me instead of you? We’re pals, I’ve got your back, man. Besides – she still doesn’t know about us. Do you really want to go back to a normal life and stop all this fun?”

“Of course I do!” Jim shouted, having given no thought to his words.

Paul frowned, reaching and grabbing the back of Jim’s head. “Right now, if you had to choose … which would it be: Go back to a normal life with her … or lick up my spunk?”

Jim’s mind froze. He had been with Jenny for years, they had shared memories, made friends together, and enjoyed being with each other. It was normal, it was familiar, it was everything he had known until Paul entered his life.

Looking down at the chunky white mess, the odor of sperm invaded his brain. What in life meant more than being happy? If his mother was happy with Paul, and Jenny was happy with Paul, then why couldn’t he be happy too? Giving in seemed easier than fighting it, so Jim pushed his tongue out, and began dragging it across Paul’s thigh, scooping up several globs of semen.

“Good boy,” his roommate chuckled, “that’s more like it.”

Jim tried not to think, he didn’t want to, yet the thoughts came anyway. Losing his mother to Paul was easier than Jenny, after all she was a grown woman, a widow, she had the right to choose who she was with.

Jennifer was different. It wasn’t easy to lose her after everything they had been through. Sure, they hadn’t been together but a couple years, but it had been the start of something.

“Do you think Jennifer was happy with you?” Paul asked.

Jim’s tongue stopped licking, leaving a long white string of cum hanging from his mouth.

“Have you given any thought to what makes her happy?” Paul smiled before pushing his cock onto Jim’s lips. “I’ll give you a hint-”


It was past 11 when Christine finally climbed out of the shower. A late start was usually something she hated, but today was different, today she was in a good mood. Being awoken with a stimulating phone call, Chris had energy to burn as she raced to get ready, preparing for her gentleman caller. It wasn’t every day she could cut loose and have fun, so she was going to make the most of it.

Sorting through a collection of lingerie, she found the matching pieces to a set she hadn’t worn in years. Laying them out on her bed, she took a moment to admire herself in the mirror. Age was catching up, but she held her figure well. A large rump that didn’t disappoint, big breasts that sagged, not from age, but from size, and best of all her muff, nearly hairless and sticky with passion.

Reaching for the black pair of panties, she jumped as the doorbell rang. A flush of excitement ran through her again, and without dressing she pranced through the house, bouncing and jiggling the entire way.“You got here quick!” she shouted.

Reaching the front door, Christine hid behind it before letting him in. Ready to surprise, she gave no thought before jumping out and into the arms of the man who had stepped into her home.


Nearly knocked backwards by his own mother’s chest, Jim stumbled before regaining his footing. An awkward moment of silence began as the two looked at each other, Christine fully nude, and her son practically drooling from both ends.

“Uh, hi, mom … is this a bad time?”

A thousand thoughts ran through Christine’s mind as she stood there. Should I cover myself? It would make little difference in the long run, since he would eventually see her with Paul. Should I yell at him? Seeing how it wasn’t his fault, but rather hers, yelling seemed inappropriate. Do I at least make him leave? With plenty of time before her lover arrived, it was needless to send him away before seeing what he wanted.

Weighing the options in her mind, the only thing she could think of, was to simply go on with her day. “Uhm, no … I guess not. Close the door, I was just getting dressed.” Feeling a little shy from her son’s gawking, she walked away and headed back to her room.

“Are you sure? It-It looked like you were expecting someone,” said Jim, following behind and staring at the way her asscheeks bounced.

“I am,” she admitted, walking into her room, “but I have some time before he gets here. What’s on your mind?”

Jim seemed completely befuddled, unsure how to react to his mother’s nudity. “Well … I guess you’re not mad at me anymore?”

Christine chewed her bottom lip, reaching for the lingerie bra and clasping it around herself. “You mean from church? No, I guess not. I’ve had time to think it over, and I guess I can’t blame you … or judge you … not after the things I’ve done with Paul.”

Pulling the dark stockings up her legs, they stretched until stopping mid-thigh, straining against the extra thickness she had gained in recent years. The panties still fit, although they were tighter than before, mainly around her plump backside.

“Paul is kinda the reason I came over,” Jim admitted, now admiring how sexy Christine looked in the black lingerie.

Her attention changed immediately. “What about Paul?”

“Oh … uh, he came up with a plan, so that we could all hang out together … and I could finally watch you two.”

Chris turned away, hiding her grin. “Oh really?”

“Yeah, but that’s not the only thing I came to talk about.”

Turning, she beckoned her son as she walked past him, heading back into the living room. Wearing the full laced setup felt better than being nude, but now she was intrigued by her son’s distress.

Sitting in the living room were two big recliners, both facing each other. They had been bought years ago, one for Christine, and the other for her husband. As they entered the room, Chris sat down in her’s, while Jim sat in his father’s.

“Okay,” she cleared her throat, “what’s bothering you?”

Jim seemed to shift in his seat, almost afraid to begin. After a moment, the words started flowing. “Back in the church … when we were in the confessional-”


“I told Matthew I missed dad.”

Christine could see the anxiety on her son’s face. “It’s okay, Jim.” Staying quiet, similar to a moment of silence for the dead, Christine eventually continued. “Why is that bothering you though? Has something happened?”

Jim shook his head. “No. Well … kind of …. “

“Just tell me, sweetie.”

Jim took a breath, rubbing his hands on his thighs. “Well I had a … talk, with Paul this morning. It got me thinking about stuff, about Jenny … about you, and where this is all going.”

Christine only listened, not wanting to interrupt her son’s admissions.

“Jenny is going to dump me for Paul,” Jim confessed, staring at his mother’s feet, “but I guess I knew that was coming – and I’m okay with it. The thing is … I’m actually happy with everything Paul’s done … and that’s the problem.”

Chris tilted her head, unsure what her son was alluding to.

“Mom … am I a bad person?”

“No, honey, of course not!” The words came before she had time to think.

“Well … spending time with Paul has changed me … I don’t feel like a normal person anymore – that’s why I mentioned the confessional, and how I said I missed dad.”

Christine leaned forward and took her son’s hand, causing her bra to heave and strain against the weight of her breast. “Why on earth would missing your father make you a bad person?”

Jim swallowed nervously. “Because I don’t really miss him, and I only said it to help Priest Matthew cum.”

Christine felt a rush of heat between her legs, quickly moistening the fabric of her panties. Her son’s words had barely registered in her brain before she replied, “Well it certainly worked, he shot a big load.”

Jim gave a soft laugh, easing the tension. “Yeah,” he admitted, “I think he liked hearing me say it. But … isn’t that bad?”

Christine now took her time answering, trying to choose her words carefully. “Maybe,” she began, “but it’s not like you hurt anyone by saying it. Sometimes it’s not easy  knowing what’s good or bad – after all, isn’t it good that we made him cum? Don’t we get points for making him happy?”

Jim thought about it, looking down and watching his mother’s toes wiggle.

Christine smiled, trying to steer the conversation into a darker place. “Did you know Matthew was always jealous of your father?”

“Really? Of Dad?” Jim looked up.

“He sure was. And he would flirt with me anytime your father wasn’t around.”

“What a great guy,” he said mockingly.

Breaking eye contact with her son, she quickly noticed the erection that had grown in his pants. Likely from seeing her nude, Chris still couldn’t deny the awkward vibe that hung around them.

“Wanna hear something crazy he did?” she asked nervously.

Jim leaned in. “Totally.”

“He actually hit on me during your father’s funeral.”

Christine searched her son’s face for a reaction, curious how he would reply. Raising his eyebrows, it seemed he was shocked more than upset.

“Wow … what a horny scumbag,” he chuckled, easing the tension even further.

“I know, right?” Christine reached between her legs, adjusting her panties as Jim watched. “I was standing beside your father’s casket when he hugged me.”

“I remember that … you pushed him away and left.”

“You probably couldn’t see it, but he got grabby with my butt,” she laughed, still feeling nervous, “I didn’t want to make a scene so I just walked away.”

“Jeez, and right next to the casket.”

“I know, right?”

Jim sat up in his seat, finally reaching between his legs and giving his cock a hard squeeze. Christine watched the entire time, until at long last, Jim completely dissolved the room’s angst.

“Instead of pushing him off … you should have given him a blowjob right there.”

Christine gave a burst of laughter, making her son smile and stroke himself. “You’re completely right, I could have made him cum right beside your father,” she giggled, now openly rubbing herself.

Jim’s laughter followed hers. “That would have been awesome, the whole family could have watched.”

Chris bit her lip and smiled, happy that her son was growing as twisted as she was. Spreading her legs, she gave him a better view when pulling her panties to the side, revealing the sticky mound below. “See? Saying that doesn’t make you a bad person,” she moaned, using her fingers to spread apart her labia, giving her son a better look, “It makes you a good person for bringing someone pleasure.”

Jim could only gasp, leaning forward and muttering his astonishment. “Jeez … wow, mom.”

“You like it?”

Nearly leaving his seat, Jim leaned even closer, causing his mother’s legs to widen. “It’s so different from Jennifer’s,” he admitted, causing his mother to feel self-conscious.

“What do you mean?”

Jim swallowed, still rubbing himself. “Yours is really puffy and thick … her’s is just … plain.”

Chris used her fingers to squeeze the sides of her pussy together, squishing and creating squelching sounds. “So you do like it?”

“I love it, mom. It looks … delicious.”

She could actually see her son drooling, slurping and swallowing before spittle could run over his lip. “How happy do you think Paul and Matthew are,” she snickered, “knowing they get your mom’s pussy for free, just because your dad is dead?”

Jim looked like he could barely contain himself, the question making him jitter with arousal. “They must be really happy, mom.”

“Are you happy too?”

Jim looked up, locking with her eyes. “I’m really glad he’s dead. There … I said it.”

Christine closed her legs, quivering as she took a breath, feeling the muscles in her pussy contract and tighten as she groped herself. “Oh god, Jimmy,” she moaned, feeling no remorse for just how twisted she had become.

“That’s the same thing you told Paul right? When you had sex with him?”

“Yes, baby, that’s what I said.”

Opening her eyes, she found her son had now dropped between her legs, a place he seemed to enjoy if what Paul said was true.

“Did you really mean it though?” he asked, nearly out of breath.

“Yes I did, honey” she sighed, “your father dying has been the best gift he ever gave me. I’ve never been happier.”

Jim groaned, unable to stop his orgasm. Desperately pulling out his cock, his balls were emptied across everything below him, primarily his mother’s feet. Twitching with each convulsion, squirt after squirt made it’s way out, landing across the floor, and the stockings that covered Christine’s legs.

“Did that feel good, baby?” she giggled, lifting her foot and tapping his cock, “Do you still think you’re a bad person?”

Jim whimpered as his orgasm subsided, leaving him weakened and drained. Sitting back, he flopped against the base of his father’s recliner, still watching his mother play with her thick, meaty pussy. “I am a bad person,” he admitted, “but … I think we’re better off with dad gone.”

“You’re right, sweetie,” she agreed, “he’s better off dead.”

Pulling himself off the floor, Jim crashed back into the chair, taking a breath as his mother wore a constant smirk. “So … what now?” he asked.

“Well,” Christine began, “to sum everything up: we are both really bad people, everyone is happy that your father died, and we’ve enjoyed everything since then.”

“Sounds right to me.”

“Oh!” she squeaked, “you were telling me about a plan Paul had?”

Composing himself, Jim began explaining the party, and how she was invited to it. Jenny would be coming as well, and they would take turns distracting him, allowing for the other person to fool around with Paul. Already revved up and horny, Christine was more than excited to join. However, the day was young, and there was plenty of time before the big fight.

Standing from her chair, her pussy left a large wet spot of drool behind as she marched off into the kitchen. Jim followed, taking his mother’s advice and getting something to drink.

Standing by the sink, Christine hummed contently. “I guess he should be here any minute now,” she said, watching Jim’s eyes light up with intrigue.

“Oh right,” he said, “you were expecting someone.”

“You should know who it is … I don’t think you’re that stupid,” she giggled.

“It’s Matthew, right?”


“Nice,” he chuckled, “did dad ever know about him flirting with you?”

Tapping her glass of water with a painted fingernail, she thought a moment before finally shaking her head. “I don’t think so.”

“Oh,” Jim said, sounding slightly disappointed, “well I’m happy Matthew finally got one over on dad.”

Christine’s grin looked fiendish. “You’re going to make me cum if you keep talking that way.”

Her son almost blushed, if he were not already red faced and flushed from cumming minutes ago. “Oh?” he smiled back, “Well I think it’s too bad you couldn’t give Matthew that blowjob beside dad’s casket. Having him blow a load on dad’s face would have been great, a real fuck you before sticking him in the ground.”

Christine’s fingers had already slipped back into her pussy, hanging onto every word her son said.

“Dad deserved it,” he added.

“God, Jimmy,” Christine finally gasped, forcing herself to stop masturbating, “you are a bad person.” With a diabolic smile, she walked on shaky legs past her son, stopping to squeeze his re-hardened cock. “I’m still way worse,” she whispered into his ear, making him shudder.

Waiting around in the living room, Christine and Jim were still at the peak of arousal, murmuring to each other about different sexual situations. Jim couldn’t resist admitting how much he liked Paul, slightly embarrassed that he had consumed more of his semen than his mother and girlfriend combined.

“Well that’s probably why Jenny is going to dump you,” she joked, “you’re getting more action from Paul than she is!”

Christine no longer kept secret what she found erotic or taboo. After learning that her son was becoming as twisted as she was, there was no need to hold back. Her main attraction so far had been the guilty pleasure of her own husband’s death. Each insult Jim dispensed toward him, whether honest or made up, sent shivers down her spine, causing her pussy to tighten and beg for attention.

“If Matt doesn’t get here soon, I’m going to end up smothering you to death with my pussy,” she laughed, being openly crude and sexual with her own son.

“There are worst ways to die,” he laughed, winking at his mother like she was his teenage crush.

Christine giggled back, catching the joke about his own father. Then, as she opened her mouth to respond, someone knocked at the front door.

“Finally!” Jim scoffed, “It’s a good thing he isn’t delivering pizza or something.”

It was now after 12, and the two had become tired of waiting. Keeping each other horny, they had devised several different scenarios that they could enjoy once Matthew actually arrived. The problem was only where to start first.

“How do you want to do this?” Jim asked as they both walked toward the front door.

“Let’s explain everything first, then see what he thinks.”

Nodding, Jim reached out and opened the door, swinging it inward while stepping away. The bright morning sun made it hard for Matthew to see inside the house, so as he entered his eyes needed to adjust to the darkness.

Once they did, the first thing he noticed was Christine, standing in the middle of the room with her hands perched on her hips and dressed in stunning black lingerie. Using a single finger to beckon him over, the older man quickly embraced and kissed her, breathing heavily as he ravenously groped her body.

Jim was able to close the door behind them without Matt even noticing, but after a minute of watching them make out, they finally finished. Unaware that Jim was standing behind him, Matthew reached between Christine’s legs to feel her sticky wetness, shocked at how ready she was.

“Oh gosh, baby,” he moaned, acting like a man who hadn’t had sex in twenty years, “you’re on fire!”

Crossing his arms, Jim held back laughter as his mother failed in her attempt to speak, trying to tell Matt that she wanted to talk. Finally grabbing him by the face, she loudly declared that there was something important to discuss. Trying to calm himself, the older priest took a few breaths and stayed quiet, now crudely tugging at the erection in his khakis.

“Last week at church,” she began, “when we had fun in the confessional.”

“Oh fuck, I loved that so much,” he interrupted.

Christine paused. “ … Tell me what you enjoyed about it.”

Dropping to her knees, the middle aged mother began unzipping his pants, undoing his belt and causing it to drop to the floor. The same thick cock Jim had seen before sprang out, oozing from it’s big mushroom as his mother began teasing it, using only her nose to stroke its length.

“Oh lord in heaven, Christine,” Matthew gushed, visibly shaking, “I-I-I loved it all,” he stammered, unable to focus as she touched him.

“Details,” she demanded, “did you like how my stupid son was next to us?”

Jim stifled a groan as his cock twitched, biting his lip before quietly sneaking across the room and ducking behind his father’s recliner.

Matt had closed his eyes, moaning into his sentence. “Mmmm-yes, I loved that. He really is stupid, just like you said.”

Christine had grinned when she watched Jim hide, now massaging the priest’s heavy ballsack. “Stupid just like his dead father,” she purred, brushing her lips over the shaft, “what did you think when he said he missed his poor daddy?”

Matthew struggled to stay balanced, becoming light-headed from the stimulation. Christine quickly noticed, and pushed him toward the same chair Jim was hiding behind. Letting the large man fall into it, it rocked backwards and collided with her son’s skull, knocking him to the floor. Luckily Matt was facing the other way, and was far too busy to notice the thump, or understand Christine’s burst of laughter.

“I thought it was great,” he groaned, lifting his right leg and propping it onto the chair’s armrest, “one loser missing another loser.”

Christine smiled devilishly. “It was great.” Leaning forward, she suddenly took his cock in her mouth. The mixture of heat and suction was divine, and his eyes rolled back as she performed several hard sucks, bobbing her head as his cock touched the back of her throat.

From the corner of her eye, she could see her son struggle to his feet and rub his head, giving a quick thumbs up before shuffling back into hiding. Continuing to suck, she dropped her left arm around the side of the chair, out of view from Matthew’s eyes, and raised her middle finger where she knew her son was.

“Aren’t you glad my husband is finally dead?” Christine asked, creating a loud suctioned pop as she pulled off his cock.

“Fuck,” he grimaced, feeling one of Christine’s wet fingers teasing his asshole, “Oh lord forgive me, I am glad … I’m so fucking glad he’s dead.”

Christine laughed, rewarding his response with another flurry of rapid sucks, forcing his length down her throat until she finally gagged and pulled away. Knowing it was easier to manipulate men while they were horny, she continued to drive the subject, enjoying that Jim was listening.

“I’m sorry I pushed you away at my husband’s funeral,” she moaned, causing his eyes to open and look down at her, “I should have sucked your cock right next to his corpse.”

“Jesus, Christine,” he moaned, “what’s gotten into you? I’ve never seen you so horny before.”

“I’ll explain soon, baby … but for now-”she bit her lip, shoving an index finger inside him, “I want to know why you were so horny at my husband’s funeral. Why did you squeeze my ass in front of everyone?”

Matthew now looked like he was being interrogated, his cock getting pumped by one hand while the other twisted and worked a finger even deeper. Clenching his teeth together as her finger pushed against his prostate, Matt could hardly keep himself together, nearing the verge of eruption.

“Oh jeez,” he groaned, “I just couldn’t control myself,” he began explaining. “I was so horny, and I thought you felt the same way.”

Christine smiled, feeling his ass tighten around her finger as his cock twitched. Slowly removing the finger, she gently let go of his cock and began rubbing his balls with both hands. “Don’t you dare cum yet,” she ordered. “I have a fun surprise for you.”

Matthew moaned, whining as Christine slapped his hand away each time he reached for his cock. “Fuck,” he chuckled, “just don’t tell me your husband came back to life. I’ve really been enjoying how worms are turning him into shit.”

Christine moaned in response.

Smiling, Matt leaned forward, lowering his leg and trying not to play with himself. “You’re really getting into it today,” he chuckled.

“Just one more,” she said, “If you could tell my son how you really felt about his dad, what would you tell him?”

From the look of delight on Matt’s face, it was clear he had no suspicions of Jim actually hearing him. Watching Christine masturbate fueled him, knowing how much it turned her on, and wanting to please her with the longest answer he could give.

“I would tell the little faggot that his daddy died like a bitch, that I hated his guts, and that I’m glad he’s dead!” Christine’s moan made him continue. “Then I would laugh in his face, tell him how much I fuck his mom, and let him know that I’ve pissed on his dad’s grave twice already!”

Christine closed her eyes, leaning back as her fingers drilled her pussy. “You’re so bad,” she moaned.

“That’s not all, I would also make him-”

Christine’s eyes snapped opened, sitting up and reaching for Matthew’s arm. “Stop! Stop! Enough, whatever it is don’t tell me – I want to save it.”

Matt chuckled. “Save it for what, baby?”

Christine got to her knees before slowly standing up, her hand still trapped between her legs. “For when you actually do it.”

“Huh? Do what?”

“Save your plans for when you actually do them to my son.”

Matthew looked puzzled, not quite believing what he was hearing. “What do you mean, babe? This is just dirty talk-”

“So you wouldn’t really say all that him?” Christine asked, acting betrayed.

“Uh, well … sure I would, but- “

“And you meant everything you said?”

“Of course I did, baby, I just don’t expect-”

“What? That I would really let you say those cruel things to Jim?”

Matthew was now starting to look around the room, suddenly wondering if he was being filmed or watched by someone else.


“Matthew,” she cut him off, “do you really want to get me hot, and make me cum like the nasty widow I am?”

“Of course, baby.”

Christine smiled, taking several steps away from the chair and crossing her arms. “Okay then … you heard him, Jim, come on out.”

Matthew’s face could not have been in more shock. With his mouth hanging open and his eyes almost popping from their sockets, he was completely speechless as Christine’s teenage son appeared from behind, walking past his chair before standing beside her.

“Did you hear all that, Jim?” she asked.

“I sure did, mom.”

“Christine, what the fuck-” Matt shouted.

“Relax, baby,” she laughed, “Jim came by to visit before you got here. We started talking, and … well he’s the reason I’ve been so horny this morning.”

Matthew could hardly believe her, looking between them both when Jim finally spoke up.

“I love what you said about my dad,” he mumbled, starting to blush as he covered his erection, “thank you for replacing him.”

As insane as the scene was, Christine moaned hearing her son’s words, squeezing her breast and grinning. “See?” she said to Matt, “you’re not in trouble.”

“You two are fucking nuts,” Matthew said, laughing in disbelief as Jim and his mother walked toward him.

“Oh really?” she grinned, “Wait until you see what we have planned.”

[Messy Side Story #1 begins here]



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