Posthumous Humiliation

Contains: Dark, Death, Murder, Cuckolding, Humor, Urine

— —

“Does anyone even care that I’m dead?”

Kurt stood watching as his wife and best friend continued fucking beside his corpse, moaning and grunting without rest. Shaking his head, he stepped over and crouched down, getting a better look at his wife’s messy pussy, and how much his best friend was enjoying it.

“Oh my god we did it, we actually killed that fucking loser!”

Kurt stood up and smiled, raising his middle finger to Jeremy’s face. Of course he couldn’t see it, but it got the message across.

“I love how you shot him in the back of the head, the faggot didn’t even see it coming!”

“Oh fuck it was great, I’ve never seen someone’s head explode like that! Not even his mom will recognize him now!”

Sherry groaned and trembled, clearly having another whoregasm. Kurt was able to study her face as it happened, watching her eyes roll back while her tongue wagged back and forth.

“You look fuckin’ stupid,” he said to her face, noticing pieces of his brain still on her cheek.

Ignoring the lovers, Kurt finally started checking his own remains. The upper half of his head was missing, most of the chunks were on the floor, but a good bit had reached the walls and celing. Blood had pooled and soaked his favorite shirt, along with his new iPhone.

“Great, I shit my pants too … way to go Kurt.”

Taking a stroll, he continued ignoring their fuck while curious about what happened next. Where was Saint Peter, where was the Virgin Mary, at this point, where was Satan?

“Oh god your pussy feels so good, baby. As soon as I cum, I want to piss on your stupid husband, let him know what I really think.”

Kurt rolled his eyes, “Whatever floats your boat, buddy.”

With the room closed off, and no way to pass through walls like he thought he could, Kurt had little choice but to take a seat and finish watching the show.

Being dead was strange, like being in a place with no sound. He couldn’t hear the cars driving by, no birds, no ambience, just the grunting, comical sex of two people he trusted.

“Ugh! Ugh! Oh fuck! Take it, baby, I want to get you pregnant!”

Kurt chuckled, “Jeremy, you don’t even have a job, man.”

After a moment, his friend’s cock pulled free, and a stream of goo rushed to the floor. Kurt couldn’t help but admire it, and dropped to his knees beside them. Sherry’s pussy was raw and red, oozing with thick clumpy sperm. As erotic as it looked, Kurt also noticed that she hadn’t wiped her ass in at least a day.

“Oooh yeah, fuck you, Kurt. I’ll have your mom licking my turds before you’re in the ground.”

“Just remember to flush when you’re done,” Kurt answered.

Jeremy had started urinating over the corpse, moaning as the steamy yellow piss splashed and soaked everything below him. After a moment, he finally finished and shook the final drops, giving Kurt a swift kick to the ribs before kissing Sherry.

Scratching his nose, Kurt crossed his legs and looked up. “Okay, listen, as fun as this is, can I get some damn salvation already? This isn’t the afterlife I signed up for.”

When no one answered, he dropped his head in disappointment. Why was he still here? Why did he have to keep watching them?

“Let me piss on him next,” said Sherry.

“You know, at this point I’d piss on my own corpse if it would get me out of here!”

It wasn’t long before the two started fucking again, leaving Kurt groaning in frustration. With nothing better to do, he crawled under them and watched his best friend invade her snatch.

Jeremy’s cock was clearly bigger than his, and Sherry seemed to enjoy it more. Several times her pussy would drip in his face, making him blink before passing right through him. If one thing remained that Kurt was thankful for, it was that he could still touch his own dick.

“Must look funny … a ghost jerking off. But what the hell else am I supposed to do?!”

Midway through the second session, Jeremy shouted and pulled his cock free, causing a splash of liquid that would have soaked Kurt’s face. Dashing to a potted plant in the corner, he chuckled and pulled out a video camera, pressing buttons to stop the recording.

“Almost forgot,” he laughed.

“You two recorded killing me? Do you even understand the concept of evidence?”

Jeremy headed for a nearby laptop, plugging the device into it. As the computer hummed and uploaded data, Sherry stepped over Kurt’s corpse to reach her lover, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and kissing him.

“The internet is gonna love this,” she purred.

“So will the police,” Kurt smiled.

As they waited for the upload, the cellphone in Kurt’s pocket began ringing, catching their attention. Stepping over, Sherry pulled the bloody phone from his shirt, wiping it’s face clean with the nearby bedspread.

“It’s his mom.”

“Fuck yeah, let me talk to her.”

Sherry passed the phone, touching herself as Jeremy answered it. Kurt huffed, annoyed that he had to relocate. Rolling over, he got to his knees and shuffled, sitting below the bed, watching his friend masturbate as he spoke.

“Hey, Donna It’s Jeremy, I’m here with Sherry. I’m going to put you on speaker phone.”

“This should be good,” Kurt chuckled.

“Remember what we were talking about yesterday? The thing that made you cum at work?”

“Oh god, that really bad fantasy?”

“That’s right, baby, remember how much you loved it?”

“What the fuck, mom,” Kurt frowned.

“Hold on I just got home, let me make sure Kurt isn’t here,” she mumbled.

Jeremy and Sherry smiled at each other, rubbing themselves faster and quietly laughing.

“Okay all clear, I’ve been thinking about your idea all day today. God it’s bad, but I’ve never been so turned on before.”

Kurt dropped his shoulders, “Well shit.”

“Which way of killing him turned you on the most, Donna,” asked Sherry.

“Fuck, even that question turns me on,” she answered.

“You’re such a bad mommy, getting so turned on when we mention killing your stupid, worthless, faggot son.”

“Oh god I am.”

“What if I choked him to death?”

Donna moaned into the phone.

“What if we stabbed him to death?

Another loud moan.

“Goddamn it,” Kurt grumbled, taking his cock in hand, “what if you talked me to death?””

“Hey, Donna,” Jeremy said sensually.

“Yes, baby?”

“What if I invited your son over, hid behind the door, and when he walked in, I took a big gun and blew his entire fucking head off.”

“Oh jesus, Jeremy, I think I’d actually do those nasty things you wanted, like all of them.”

“Really, mom? Wow,” Kurt sighed, stroking himself harder.

“Would you thank me for killing him?”

“Oh yes, baby, of course I would.”

“You should drive over here, Donna, we have a surprise for you, honey,” Sherry moaned, shoving three fingers up her loose cunt.

“Oh god, are you serious?”

“We are, honey, and you can skip wearing panties, you won’t need them.”

“Oh fuck, you two didn’t really go through with it did you?”

“Come find out. We’re waiting on you.”

With that they hung up the phone, breaking into laughter and kissing again. By now the download had finished, and Jeremy began uploading the video to every porn site he could find.

During one upload, Kurt was able to watch the entire video showcasing his own murder. It started with Jeremy setting up the camera, laughing and kissing Sherry before giving her a quick rimming.

Kurt called on the cell phone, and Sherry said to come over, telling him how horny she was. Minutes passed, and finally a knock was heard at the door. Jeremy reached for a loaded revolver and ran behind the door, just before it opened. Kurt smiled brightly when seeing his wife, fully nude with her pussy already gaping.

Three steps in, and Jeremy leaned out from behind. Quietly, without a word, he pulled the trigger, making everyone jump from the shot as Kurt’s head exploded, throwing brain matter in every direction.

“Huh … I don’t remember that part,” Kurt shrugged.

It wasn’t long before Donna was knocking at the door. Jeremy quickly ran to it, along with a blindfold. Kurt stood by waiting, watching as Jeremy slipped through and blindfolded her on the other side.

Then, slowly, he guided her into the room, groping at her chest and ass while avoiding the corpse on the floor. Still masturbating, he watched as his mother was placed on the bed, her pants removed, and Jeremy’s cock placed in her hand.

“Okay, Donna, jerk me off, I want you to thank me for killing your son.”

“Oh god, oh god, I don’t know if I can handle this.”

Sherry stepped up and began fingering herself, “You’re going to love it, Donna, you’re going to cum as soon as you see what Jeremy did to him.”

Donna moaned and began grinding her hips.

“Say you want him dead, tell us you wish your son was dead, Donna.”

“Oh god, I do, I really do, I wish my son was dead.”

“I bet that’s why dad left us,” Kurt grumbled.

Yanking the blindfold away, Donna’s body seized up in an orgasm the moment she laid eyes on her son’s corpse. Bending forward and howling, her body shook and trembled as she cried and came.

“Yeah don’t get upset or anything,” said Kurt.

Dropping to her knees, Donna placed a hand on Kurt’s body, the other hand being used for masturbation. Jeremy and Sherry knelt beside her, smiling as Donna bucked her hips and worked on a second orgasm.

“Are you going to thank me, baby?”

Donna turned to Jeremy, pulling him into a desperate french kiss. Making out with the young man for several minutes, moaning into his mouth and running her fingers through his hair.

“I’m pretty sure I saw him eating Sherry’s butthole a few minutes ago, but no, yeah, it’s … it’s fine.” Kurt dropped his head again.

Soon his mother had abandoned all her humanity, and was begging to be fucked on the back of Kurt’s corpse. Jeremy happily accepted the offer, and within moments Kurt was watching his mother take a pounding.

“Is there anyone else that wanted me dead? My dog, my boss, my fourth grade math teacher?”

Then, after his mother reached a third orgasm, a light began to appear in the room. It wasn’t a bright light, or a heavenly light, but it was a blue light, followed by a red light.

The flashing lights were accompanied by a siren, and within seconds the Police were banging at the door.

“Oh fuck!” Jeremy shouted, his dick going soft in an instant as it flopped and he ran in circles, unsure if he should try to hide the body, or grab the revolver and fight back.

“Police! Open up!”

“They sound mad,” Kurt smiled.

“H-Hide in the bathroom, girls, go!”

Donna and Sherry shuffled away into the back, closing themselves away just as the front door was violently kicked in. Swarming into the room were several swat members, all with MP5s and aiming at Jeremy’s chest.

The noise that Jeremy shouted wasn’t even words, it was a confusing attempt at explaining what had happened, while also trying to free himself of the blame. Unfortunately he forgot to lower the weapon when they entered, and within the few seconds of shouting and waving a 44. Magnum, the police opened fire, tearing his naked body to shreds in seconds.

Kurt’s smile had never been bigger, and he laughed as the women screamed in the bathroom. Jeremy’s body struck the floor beside his, lifting Kurt’s mood ten fold.

He watched quietly while his mother and wife were drug from the bathroom, both screaming their innocence while putting all the blame on Jeremy.

“He kidnapped us!” Sherry screamed.

“He killed my son!” Donna wailed.

Once in handcuffs the women began to cry, realizing that their day of fun had come to an end. It was the happiest Kurt had been since his death, which, all things considered hadn’t been so bad.

That’s when he noticed someone standing beside him, scratching their head and looking around the room. Jeremy’s ghost had manifested beside him.

“Oh you’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Kurt said, locking eyes with Jeremy.

“Uh … Hey, dude.”

9 thoughts on “Posthumous Humiliation

  1. The ending had me chuckling that he spawned right beside kurt, i enjoyed the majority of it, and how everyone wanted him dead, how much it excited his mother, a work of art


  2. yeah, really interesting story. A very unique take on this kind of story but still very hot. Well done. 🙂 Glad to see you back in action. Haven’t got around to reading Risk and Reward yet but looking forward to it!!


  3. Hi Nebic,
    love the work your doing, honestly your website is probably the first i log on to everyday anxiously waiting for an update on stories, love the darker themes and humiliation…

    a truly avid fan!!!



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