Risk & Reward

Contains: Cheating, Cuckold, Humiliation, Urine, Rimming

— —


My name is Rick, and I’d like to share the night my girlfriend cheated on me. I wont go into our full history but I can easily say that I’ve never been more passionate toward another person before. Meeting Samantha in high school she’s been my girlfriend throughout college thus far.

Samantha weighs close to 180 so she’s slightly heavy, but it’s mostly located in her butt and chest. What most guys notice first are her breasts, the heavy 34E Cup is more than enough to get any guy’s attention.

Don’t get the impression that her looks are all that matter, because I fell in love with her for more than that. She’s one of the most playful, happy, friendly people I’ve ever known, and It was practically love at first sight.

Anyway the reason I’m writing this is because a few nights ago I took her to the movies … and we ran into an old friend of hers. He had also been my friend back in high-school, but we had a falling out and lost contact some time ago. As you can imagine I wasn’t very happy to see him, or thrilled when Samantha suggested sitting together.

Sitting high up next to the back row like we planned, I was annoyed when her friend decided to sit on the other side of her. I was glad I didn’t have to sit beside him, but around 40 minutes into the movie Samantha leaned up against me and asked for more popcorn. Seeing how the movie was only spouting exposition, I didn’t mind. What I did mind was leaving her alone with the same jerk who caused me so much trouble in the past.

Standing up to leave I caught a glance of him giving me a weird look, but never thought much of it. Once I reached the concession stand I had no choice but to wait in line, causing me to miss at least 10 minutes of the movie. When I finally made it back into the theater I stood at the bottom looking up to find my seat. Samantha clearly hadn’t seen me enter, but from where I was standing it looked like she was giving her friend a hand job!

I nearly dropped the popcorn as I stared into the dimly lit theater hoping I was just seeing things. Perhaps the light was creating some kind of shadow illusion, or at least I hoped so. Unfortunately when the room was lit by explosions from the movie, her friend stood up to adjust his seat giving me a clear few of her small pale hand wrapped around his large erection.

As shocked as I was, I didn’t want them to know what I had seen. I knew if I could catch her in the act I would have more leverage for my justified anger. Walking across the bottom row I walked up the stairs on the opposite side of the big screen. Sneaking across the back wall I was able to get slightly behind without them noticing.

From where I was standing I could see Samantha openly jerking him with one hand, and every few seconds checking to see if I was back yet. I’m not proud of watching them, but after getting a better view I felt compelled to hold my tongue.

So I did, at least at first. Walking up quickly and flopping in my seat I stared straight ahead, although I could see from my peripheral vision her hand jerk away and him trying to hide his cock. I just pretended not to notice and quickly asked what I had missed, hoping to fool them. It worked, and I could tell from her friend’s sour attitude that he was upset about stopping. Samantha shrugged her shoulders at him, trying to say: “What else could I do?” It felt good having ruined their plans.

That’s when a problem arose: despite the love and commitment toward Samantha my dick didn’t want the show to end. I distracted them with small talk at first, telling them how big the line was and why it took so long. Then explained how I entered the theater on the wrong side, they had no idea I was onto them. I could see her friend slowly rubbing himself under his loose baggy shirt, hoping to have my girlfriend continue somehow.

I reclined in my seat and took a breath, I knew this was stupid but I figured we would fight about it on the ride home anyway. I put my arm around her back and pulled her beside me, letting her head rest on my shoulder. With an uneasy excitement in my stomach I leaned over and whispered into her ear. I told her that I didn’t like it; but I wanted her to keep going. Of course she acted dumb, asking me what I ment. Once I explained that I had seen her giving him a tug job she became worried, wondering if I was mad.

Of course I was, but like a fool I was listening to my dick instead of my brain. I told her that we would discuss it later, but that I wanted her to help him finish. Naturally she was a little shocked, but after a moment she kissed my cheek and accepted. The one catch to this: is that I wanted her leaning against me not him. She agreed.

Samantha didn’t know it, but by leaning my way it let me see over her back and gave a perfect view of her friend. I scowled at him of course, but as her hand reached under his shirt the look of bewilderment on his face made me crack a smile. He was about to push her hand away when he saw me nodding, non-verbally telling him that it was okay. The smug look of satisfaction on his face instantly brought back my scowl.

Now I’m not a big man, and I’m happy with my dick size, but I felt a little humiliated once I saw what Samantha had been playing with. At least two inches longer and undoubtedly thicker her small hand could barely wrap around it. With a clear string of pre-cum drooling from the tip of his cock, Samantha’s hand slowly worked itself up and down his length.

I tried not to stare the entire time, but honestly I was only glancing at the movie for a few seconds at best. Watching her stroke him gave me a nervous excitement that I can only compare with going on a blind date. Seeing him smirk made it worse: why would she even want to please him? Once he knew I wasn’t a problem he started becoming bold: pulling his pants down far enough so his balls were exposed. Moving her hand lower she softly caressed and squeezed on his nuts, which again to my shame were larger than my own.

With my dick straining against it’s zipper, I watched as his face contorted into ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ no doubt hoping to get a reaction from me. It was working, slightly annoyed at how long she was taking I moved my lips back to Samantha’s ear. Having fun? I whispered, trying not to sound flustered. So much fun, thank you baby. She replied softly, her sultry voice only making my erection harder to deal with. Looking back at her friend I felt less angry and more jealous at the pleasure he was receiving, compared to my zipper situation.

Suddenly the movie picked up, large explosions and yelling – filling the theater with light. That’s when I saw his eyes close and his mouth hang open, the same face someone makes when they’re close to finishing. Samantha glanced over as well, obviously feeling what I was seeing. Working quick my girlfriend started jerking his cock even faster, twisting her hand around his shaft, and squeezing the leaking tip. My jealously rose to new heights as she worked passionately to help that douchebag cum, meanwhile never once considering my pleasure.

The timing of the movie couldn’t have been better: with Samantha and I focused on her friend’s handjob another large explosion rocked the big screen. It was at this moment that her friend became vocal. Oooooh! Fuck yeah! He shouted, announcing his orgasm. Samantha’s hand never stopped moving as his cum shot into the air. Glinting white ribbons of thick spunk erupted across the back of the empty seat in front of him. With her hand still working I counted at least four long distance ropes of cum before a few shorter distance ones splattered against the dirty linoleum floor. Finally the last few gushes from his tip rolled over Samantha’s fingers and down his shaft. That was awesome!! He roared as she pulled her sticky hand away, getting a loud laugh from the semi-crowded movie audience. For the final time that night I felt another wave of humiliation, this time from how much cum he was able to produce compared to my own.

Cleaning her hand by smearing his cum across the back of another seat, she used what few napkins we had left to clean off the rest. What about me? He asked, looking down at his clearly stained pants. Samantha and I both laughed, as he tried to clean himself up.

Once the movie was over we all returned to the lobby, my arm around Samantha’s soft waist. Her friend followed us, trying to give me the stink eye and remind me of what my girlfriend had done for him. However I wasn’t bothered as much this time, since it was over and I had her all to myself – It felt somewhat like a victory.

Flipping him off as we departed, Samantha and I headed home. Here came the argument I thought, now that we’re alone the fighting can begin. For a few minutes we both sat in awkward silence, not sure where to begin. I was about to speak up, when she surprised me by leaning over and unzipping my pants. I couldn’t believe what she was doing, pulling my semi-hard dick out of its prison she quickly stuffed it in her mouth and started sucking me.

Samantha has never been happy about giving blow jobs, and to do it while I was driving was an even bigger surprise. The jealous anger I had felt a few minutes ago had melted away to the pleasure of her tongue swirling around my dick. And by the time we had gotten home I had already came once, before she had sucked me hard again. Perhaps letting her be adventurous with some douche from high school has its advantages, and I’m sure I’ll find out again – since she got his phone number while I was getting popcorn.


“Wait … are you serious?”

Samantha was practically speechless, and I loved it. Three days had passed since the movie theater incident, and although I had resisted, I wanted her to cheat again.

Don’t misunderstand, I still hated that douchbag from before. Lance, as he called himself, was still every bit as annoying as he had always been. But ever since she gave him that hand-job, her sex drive had doubled … and I wanted more.

The idea was simple: bring Lance over and let them fool around again. Afterward, I would reap the reward of a much hornier girlfriend.

“I know you enjoyed it,” I said, looking up from her moist, juicy pussy.

She had straddled my face while I sat on my knees, squatting and squeezing my head between her thighs. I love eating pussy, and of all the girlfriends I’ve had, none were as delicious as her.

“But you said-”

“I know … I told you I hate him, and I do.”

“Then why-”

“Because it gets you hot, baby. I’ve never seen you so turned on before. And if jerking off another guy is what it takes … well, I can handle that.”

I could feel the muscles in her pussy clench around my mouth. She might have acted surprised, but I knew how happy she was, and that made me even harder.

“So we can call him?”

I pushed my tongue as far as it would go, pressing my lips into her sopping mound. I could feel her tremble, and after humping my face she finally pulled away, leaving long strings of her cum attached to my cheeks.

“Yes, baby … I’ll let you cheat on me again.”

Samantha stayed horny the rest of the day, waiting until we finished cleaning before picking up the phone. However, using my own libido she convinced me to call, and personally invite him over.

I hadn’t planned on talking to the douchebag, lord knows I didn’t want to. But sooner or later he’d wonder if I was a problem, if I would stop him from seeing her. As much as I hated it, I had to explain everything.



“Yeah, who’s this?”

“Samantha’s boyfriend,” I said bitterly.

In front of me, sitting our bed, Samantha smiled and began playing with herself. I knew she was enjoying my frustration, but that didn’t make the conversation easier.

“The fuck you want?”

I sighed, “Samantha … and I, would like you to come over today.”

There was a moment of silence on the line, and I rolled my eyes when he asked me to repeat that.

“You heard me, fruit cake. Samantha and I want you to come over.”

“What for?”

“I want to play with his dick again,” Samantha whispered for me to say.

“My girlfriend wants to play with your-

“huge,” she added.

“your … huge dick.

His laughter sickened me, but I held it together. After all, for the hand-job he’d get, I’d get an entire week of Samantha’s overloaded sex-drive.

“And you’re okay with that?”

“Tell him you’re looking forward to it,” she giggled before catching my glare.

“Yes … I’m … looking forward to it.”


I was actually scared by the time he arrived, after all I had just invited someone to fool around with my girlfriend. To keep my head in the game I stayed horny, and anytime I got worried, I would lift Samantha’s dress and stuff my tongue into the wet mound below.

She had zero objections, but after doing it a few times, I started to wonder if I was sending the wrong signals. Munching her box one last time, she grabbed my hair and began dirty talking me, hyping me up for what was to come.

“Mmm, eat that pussy, boy. Does it taste good?”

I muffled my excited response while stroking through my jeans.

“Yeah you love it, that’s what my pussy tastes like when I’m horny and ready to cheat on you.”

My dick twitched, and by the time I pulled away my face was covered in her slime.

Once he pulled up, we took our places and I let him through the front door. The smirk on his face turned my mood from horny to sour, and to make it worse, he barely acknowledged that I let him in. He simply strolled by and headed for Samantha.

“Hold up, chief,” I said as I closed the door behind him. “Let’s lay down some ground rules first.”

By now he had placed himself beside my girlfriend, putting his arm around her waist like she was his. It annoyed me, but at this point I wasn’t sure how to react.

“You’re just here for another hand-job, that’s all.”

He was less surprised by this than I thought, shrugging his shoulders and smiling. I thought about telling him ‘no funny business’, but I had just invited him so my girlfriend could openly cheat on me, so it seemed stupid to say.

“Let’s just head to the bedroom,” he said, turning and following Samantha as she lead the way.

Leading him to a wooden chair we placed, she smiled and waited on me to say something. This was the first time I had ever done something like this, so I had no clue how to begin. Luckily, Samantha noticed my confusion and got us started.

“Why don’t you find a seat, honey,” she said pointing to the bed.

I took my place nearby, and became quiet as she turned her attention to Lance. Unbuttoning his pants, she looked to me for a reaction before tugging them to the floor.

I wasn’t surprised by his lack of underwear, but I was surprised by the size of his dick again. It had been three days since I last saw it, but it was bigger than I remembered. Knowing lance, I wouldn’t be surprised if he took penis enlarging pills.

Either way, Samantha’s hands quickly embraced it, dropping to her knees in front of him. The skin of his cock bunched up below the head before she tugged down, stretching and making the tip swell purple.

His precum had started almost immediately, rolling down the shaft and over her fingers, eventually working as lube as she continued stroking him. In the quiet of the bedroom, the squelching sounds were loud and surprisingly erotic, even if I was watching my girlfriend jerk off another man.

In my trance, I was shaken when he spoke.

“This chair sucks,” he complained, halting the hand-job and leaving us speechless.

“Uhm,” Samantha looked between us, “would you like … a cushion?”


Looking to me, she pointed to the pillows on our bed, and without thinking I snatched one and handed it over. Only after watching him park his sweaty ass on it did I realize I had given my own pillow.

“Much better.”

The tug-job resumed, but as it did I began to notice how poor my view was. I couldn’t deny how erotic it was watching her masturbate him, and since I already felt humiliated enough, I found the courage to stand and nervously find a new seat.

When they turned and looked at me, all I could mutter was, “Can’t see very well.”

Samantha smiled and patted the floor beside her, telling me it was the best seat in the house. I had reservations, after all that would put me face to face with his dick, but by this point my dick had taken control, so I obeyed.

Dropping to my knees beside her, Lance opened his legs more to allow room for us both. Shuffled and squeezed together, I was less than an arm’s length from his dick, which now looked even bigger up close.

What also looked much bigger were his balls. Large, shaved, shaped like two full-sized eggs and hanging low, they actually had the weight to bear down on my micro-bead pillow, leaving a large depression where his nuts were.

I had only started staring when Samantha reached for them, struggling to keep both eggs in her small hand while resuming the sloppy hand-job.

Shamefully my dick had never been harder, and although I wanted to pull it out and start jerking, there was no way I would give Lance the satisfaction.

“You like my dick, baby?” he asked, smiling down at her.

“Oh god, Lance, it’s fuckin’ huge,” she swooned.

“Bigger than his?”

My chest tightened, suddenly I was on trial. Samantha was quiet when she turned to face me. Our eyes met, and for a moment I could see the hesitation in her face, unsure if she would answer.

“So much bigger,” she moaned after turning away.

Lance met my gaze and grinned, sending a flare of jealously through my core. Yeah, his cock was bigger, and so were his balls, but Samantha was still mine, no douchebag could get a girl like her.

“Why don’t we do something else?”

She stopped stroking just as I spoke up.

“I said hand-job only.”

Lance shifted in his seat, adjusting the pillow and stuffing it further up his crack. “Yeah … but why? There’s so much more we could do.”

In my moment of silence, Samantha spoke up, something I shouldn’t have allowed.

“Like what?”

Now Lance reached forward, placing his hand atop one of her large, soft breast. The dress was large and flowing, yet gave everyone a supreme look at her cleavage.

“I would love to get my dick between these tits.”

Again the decision came to me. As her hand continued to squeeze his erection, and his hand squeezed her chest, they looked to me for an answer, waiting on my approval. As in the theater, my dick was making the choices, and although I shouldn’t have, I told them yes.

Still, my reward could be even greater if I allowed her more freedom, and a tit fuck didn’t seem too extreme. Skin on skin, much like a hand-job. If I could handle seeing her jerk him, I could handle a little more. I just wasn’t sure if my dick could.

Opening the dress, her oversized tits spilled into his hands. The nipples, large, dark and inverted. He found this fascinating, because he spent several minutes pulling, twisting, and pinching them as she massaged his balls.

Eventually he stood up, pulling my pillow that became stuck between his cheeks, and positioned himself over her.

“Get behind,” he said, catching me off guard.


“You can prop her up so she doesn’t fall back.”

I didn’t like him telling me what to do, this was my house, my rules … but I did what he asked anyway. I shuffled behind, catching her as she leaned against me. That’s when I realized how good my view was. My chin was on her shoulder, and I could see straight down her chest.

Squatting over her, Lance dropping his cock between the large mounds and began grinding. Taking both hands, Samantha pressed her chest together, completely devouring his cock.

Suddenly he began to thrust, and the upper half of his cock popped into view, causing me to lurch backward in surprise. I felt uneasy about his dick coming so close to my face, but after a few minutes it became routine.

Practically cheek to cheek with Samantha, I had to endure their dirty talk as he had his fun.

“Ugh, your tits are fuckin’ awesome.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Your cock is so good, I’ve never been tit fucked like this before.”

Samantha couldn’t turn to look at me, our faces were too close. Yet the way she said it was condescending, mocking even. I tried to ignore the jab, and focused on my straining erection, which again received no attention.

For a moment there was no talking, just the squishing, slapping sounds of a douchebag tit-fucking my girlfriend. It was hot, I’ll admit it, but I didn’t expect Samantha to start something without asking.

Lance’s cock was so large, that with each thrust it came dangerously close our faces, and until now it had stayed that way.

Suddenly I heard a kiss, and then another, and another. Tilting my head, I realized that my girlfriend had started kissing his dick, giving the head a smooch every other time it came in range.

I wasn’t sure if I should stop her, but after a full minute watching, I felt that my moment to speak had passed. I looked up to Lance, and he smiled back, sharing a non verbal understanding.

Now his thrusts became slower, a quick withdrawal, and a very prolonged thrust, holding his cock to her face for a few seconds, clenching his ass cheeks, then pulling back and thrusting again.

Each time, she allowed half of his swollen head to pass her lips, sucking the tip before he pulled away, essentially cleaning and swallowing his leaking pre-cum.

Now she released a little moan after each successful kiss, and as to further show her enjoyment she began leaning into each thrust, getting the entire head in her mouth. Each thrust came to a stop for a few seconds, allowing her to suckle the large purple mushroom before he pulled back and started again.

I was losing control of the situation, I knew it could get worse if I didn’t speak up, but I couldn’t bring myself to form words. I guess Lance must have noticed my unease, because I caught him staring directly at me, his mouth hanging open as he pondered going to the next level.

His brow crinkled, he bit his lip a moment and looked thoughtfully at me. I couldn’t speak, and when I gave no question to why he was looking at me, he went for it.

“Ugh, fuck it,” he grunted, turning his attention to Samantha.

Pushing forward, he pulled himself free from her tits, and without objection, pushed half his cock directly into her mouth. She muffled a moan, but her hands didn’t reach to stop him, they reached to squeeze and stroke what wouldn’t fit in her mouth.

His cock was now inches from my face, so close that I could smell it. The veins were huge and swollen, engorged with excitement as he stuffed Samantha’s mouth. Her left cheek, the one touching mine, began to bulge as he forced his cock into her mouth. Each thrust making the bulge poke against my face, yet I still said nothing.

Resolved to see this to the end, and knowing how much enjoyment my girlfriend was having, I deciding to contribute. No longer needing my hands to support her, I reached around and took hold of a breast, while my other hand slipped under her dress and found her drenched pussy.

Adding to her pleasure increased her effort to suck him, and after a few minutes of fingering her, Lance was ready to finish.

“Fuck yeah, keep sucking, baby, I’m so close.”

Everything had gone off the rails, one hand-job turned into a tit fuck, a blow job, and as I soon predicted, one giant facial.

“Oh fuck, here it comes, open up!”

I only realized I was in the line of fire when he pulled away and started masturbating, but as I prepared to move, he shouted for me to stay where I was. With my own dick still straining to be free, any logical thought disappeared.

Cheek to cheek, my girlfriend and I looked up at him as I continued fingering her pussy and tweaking her nipple. I could feel and smell her breath as she held her tongue out, and for a brief moment I considered doing the same.

Luckily, a tiny fraction of sense remained in me, and I squinted my eyes just before the eruption began. Lips closed, eyes barely open, I could see just enough to watch his cum as it blasted our faces. The warm, chunky white goo splattered into our hair, across our faces, her eyes, my nose, between our cheeks, down her chest, across her tongue, onto my lips, and rolling over my chin.

His heavy breathing was all that remained in our stunned silence. I opened my eyes to find him smiling over me, mocking me as he squeezed the last drops onto Samantha’s tongue.

I pulled away enough to get a better look at her damage, but when I did she mistook my interest as a sign to kiss. With her tongue still covered in thick white slime, she twisted her torso and grabbed my face, pulling me into a french kiss I couldn’t escape.

The salty, musky taste flooded my brain and even my nose. The stench making my eyes water as her tongue swirled the sperm around mine before pushing it down my throat. Somehow, to shame I’d rather not admit, my cock erupted in my shorts as Samantha continued to kiss, and feed me Lance’s disgusting sperm.

Once free from her lips, she hugged me and began thanking me for letting so much happen. I was in shock by this point, but if there was something I knew, it was how horny she would be once Lance left us.

Still, I remained quiet, and just nodded before she gave me another quick kiss, and turned to Lance’s shrinking cock. Giving it a few more strokes and a few quick licks, she thanked him too, and told him it was more fun than she’s ever had.

Part of that stung, but even I couldn’t deny how powerful my own orgasm was. But now that seed had been spilled, reality had returned, and I felt a familiar hatred growing.

It was time for Lance to leave, I had a girlfriend to play with.

THREE ————————————————-

“Oh my god, look how wet my pussy is.”

My jaw dropped as I stared at Samantha. I had expected the festivities to end once everyone reached climax, but that idea was quickly fading. She had stood beside me and raised her dress, exposing the stubble covered peach that I lovingly ate everyday.

She wasn’t wrong about being wet; the mixed stimulation of being fingered, while sucking another man’s cock and then being blasted with cum must have put her body into overdrive. The pink, swollen little mound was visibly drooling clear honey, enough for the stream to be constantly flowing.

Still on my knees, her pussy was practically in my face as she showed off to Lance and I. Stepping closer, she smiled down at me and opened her legs, tapping the top of her muff and inviting me for a taste. My mouth opened instinctively, but before my lips could meet her’s, Lance took a step and placed himself beside me.

“Damn, girl, you messy,” he said crudely.

I was close enough to feel the heat coming from her opening, making my head swim, drunk in the idea of eating my girlfriend’s pussy. Somehow, I had forgotten about making Lance leave, who had now overstayed his welcome.

As I leaned forward and went for a taste, I was paralyzed in shock when Lance’s hand beat me there. Without permission, his fingers sunk into the waterfall of her pussy, squishing and slapping as he gave my girlfriend half a minute of rapid, quick thrust fingering that splashed juices across her thighs, onto his hand, and even onto my face.

“Damn, boy, look how wet I got your girl’s pussy,” Lance chuckled.

“Oh god,” she groaned, her knees buckling as he fingered her.

After a full minute he finally pulled away, making room for my mouth again. Samantha smiled down at me, a sheepish, drunk look as if she was high on drugs. Reaching between her legs, she pressed her fingers against the labia, spreading the folds and showing everyone the pink inside.

He laughed and examined his hand, the webbing of liquid between his fingers like thick slime. I was still in my daze as I watched everything unfold, but when his hand returned to his cock, smearing my girlfriend’s cum over it like lube, I quickly snapped back to reality.

Somehow I hadn’t noticed, but with Lance to my left and Samantha to my right, their genitals were only a foot apart. My girlfriend held her pussy open, inviting anyone that wanted it; and Lance was stroking himself hard again, the fat, veiny cock swelling in size and aimed directly at my girlfriend’s dripping pussy.

I couldn’t allow myself to lose control again, if I didn’t put a stop to it right then, Lance would end up fucking her in front of me, I just knew it. I made a move to stand, but Samantha’s hand caught my hair, pulling me into the sweet nectar that drooled to the floor.

I had never been so conflicted before in my life. I had to stop Lance, I had to make him leave, yet the delicious pussy I was feasting on had brought back my erection, and I could feel my mind slipping away the longer I swallowed her fluids.

“Oooh, do it, baby,” Samantha purred, grinding my face harder into her muff.

For a moment I lost myself completely, I forgot about Lance, I forgot where we were, I forgot about caring and closed my eyes, spending the next few minutes just devouring her slippery, delicious cunt. She humped my face, moaning and pulling my hair as I worked my tongue like a magician, flicking her exposed clit, nipping at her labia, and shoving my tongue so deep you’d think I was trying to hit her womb with it.

As much as I swallowed and tried to clean her messy pussy, once I pulled away I discovered that I had only made her hornier. Slowly coming to my senses, I hadn’t even noticed that Lance’s cock had been poking against my face the entire time. The bulbus head smearing precum across my cheek, and once my mouth was away from her pussy, his cock fell across it, clumsily stabbing her stomach as it bounced in my face.

Looking up from the floor, I realized that Lance had been busy sucking on her titties, biting them roughly and leaving teeth marks. Samantha’s head was back, her eyes closed, but her hand had reached below and was now jerking him in my face.

My head was still fuzzy, I showed almost no reaction as she moved and pushed his cock around, hitting me several times with it. Then, the moment I feared took one step closer. I watched, dumbfounded as Samantha pulled his cock to her entrance, using the head like a toy and rubbing it through her pussy lips, teasing him without giving penetration.

Somehow I managed to move, and before anything else could happen I reached out and blocked her entrance with my hand, causing them to stop and look down at me.

“No … No, no, no … we … you can’t do this, not this,” I said, struggling to form a proper sentence.

Samantha was expressionless, but Lance didn’t like my cock block. Taking his dick back into his own hand, he stepped away and continued stroking as he spoke.

“What’re you talkin’ about, man? Come on, we’re just having fun.”

“No … I can’t let you … that’s not … no.”

Samantha was no help, and I could see the conflict in her eyes. Half wanted to be fucked, the other half knew she shouldn’t. I knew it was up to me. If I failed to say no, I’d be watching them mate within minutes.

“You need to loosen up, man,” Lance smirked, stepping over and pushing his cock against the back of my hand, trying to get to the pussy on the other side, “I bet I can make her loosen up too,” he said, making him and Samantha both laugh.

I struggled to keep his dick away, but just as I was preparing to launch an attack on his oversized balls, Samantha stopped me.

“What if I do all those kinky things you wanted?”

I swallowed nervously, and Lance removed his dick from my hand. “Wh-what do you mean,” I asked, shaken from my fear of watching them together.

“I’m so hot right now, baby,” she moaned, reaching down and grabbing my hair, “just let me have this, and I swear I’ll do all those dirty, nasty things you’ve always wanted.”

My face was pulled into her muff again, and as before my mind began swirling in ecstasy. Her voice was quiet now, and I could feel Lance’s cock tapping against the back of my neck, leaving a wet spot of precum. The intoxicating taste was melting my brain, and with my cock at full attention, I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop them much longer.

Perhaps on some level I wanted to see them fuck, but as I pulled away from her pussy, she promised that my reward would be even better than his. I couldn’t speak, and as Samantha turned her body, it allowed Lance to step in front of me.

My hand was no longer blocking him, and I watched with tunnel vision as his cock approached the pink. I had never agreed to her deal though, and some small sense still remained, however weak.

Lance smiled down at me before reaching out and ruffling my hair. “Don’t worry, buddy, you might still fit when I’m done with her,” he said, making them both laugh.

“I doubt it,” she added with a grin.

Standing over me, she lifted her leg and placed it on my shoulder, giving Lance easier access to the wet mound I so coveted. From where I sat, I had a front row seat to the show as he lined his head up to her entrance.

Suddenly, my last shred of resistance manifested, and I reached forward attempting to stop the madness. I took his large cock in my hand, feeling the weight and girth that dwarfed my own. I’m not sure if I was physically weak, or if subconsciously I just couldn’t fight them, but as I held his cock, the head began pushing past her lips.

“No, no, no, no, no, no …” I whimpered, attempting to stop him.

Then I noticed Samantha’s hands squeezing his bare ass, pulling him into her. My last little cries of resistance finally sputtered out, and I watched his cock disappear completely up the beautiful pussy that was once mine.

Using my shoulder as a prop, I could feel every thrust as he began working himself in Samantha’s small opening. I had let it happen, and all I could do was watch.
“Oh my god, Lance, fuck! It’s so big,” she groaned, grinding her hips as he worked to slowly stretch her.

I was distraught and turned on at the same time. It was the sexiest, and more terrifying thing I had ever watched. After a few minutes of opening her up, he began to fuck her in earnest. His thrusts became quicker, the slapping became louder, and his balls swung wildly as I watched her pussy, drenched in her love juice, soak his cock completely.

The sweet nectar I had come to love was running down his shaft, mixing with his pre-cum, rolling over his shaven, heavy nutsack, and dripping onto the carpet below, forming a large wet spot under them.

When Samantha’s moans became muffled, I looked up to find another shocking specticle: they were kissing. Samantha’s face still carried Lance’s chunky sperm, as did mine, and I bet she still had his cum on her breath, but none of that seemed to bother him. They kissed passionately as his cock continued invading her, and in the brief moment I was watching, he opened his eyes and caught me looking.

Shoving my head back slightly, he held his middle finger directly to my face, flipping me off before giving my cheek a few stinging slaps. Normally I would have ripped his balls off, but after everything that had happened, I barely had the energy to resist.

“Who’s pussy is this,” he asked after breaking the kiss.

“Ughh, it’s your pussy, baby,” Samantha moaned back.

“Say it louder!”

“It’s your pussy! It’s your pussy!”

Without warning Lance reached for my hair, yanking me to the floor. I landed on my back, looking up at his balls as they swung over me. Moving Samantha, he forced her down and over my face, giving me the underside view of his cock entering her from behind.

Watching him fuck her doggy style was perhaps even better than before, except now all the juice from their sex was drooling directly onto my face. Her cum, mixed with his cock and ball sweat had mingled and was now a swinging river of drool coming straight off his balls.

“Oh my god, Lance, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Stretch my little pussy more!”

Part of me wanted to cry, but as my face was dizzled in fluids, Samantha reached into my pants and finally freed my cock. Her mouth felt like fire, the heat from her tongue causing me to nearly erupt.

Eventually I couldn’t fight it anymore, and opened my mouth, giving up the idea of stopping them. The sweet and salty mixture of fluids began pouring into my mouth, and my cock twitched in delight as she teased me with little kisses.

Her pussy was visibly stretched now, and as I licked more slime from my lips, Samantha had her first orgasm, something I’d never seen before.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum! Gonna cum! Gonna cum!” Repeating it over and over again, Lance speed up his thrusts, causing more liquid to splash my face. But just as she began to scream, he pulled his cock free, giving me a clear view of her ruined pussy.

The soft, pink little petals I had loved were now stretched and red, a gaping hole between them that twitched, opening and closing as her orgasm shook her body. Unexpectedly, when the brunt force of pleasure finally hit, she screamed and started squirting like a hose.

The blast of liquid hit me straight in the face, and as she trembled and attempted to regain her composure, Lance simply shoved himself back inside her.

I’m not sure how long I watched them fuck, but Samantha had another orgasm before Lance finally reached his. Lying under them, my hair and shirt now drenched, Lance began grunting and telling us how close he was to blowing his wad.

By now I was ready, I couldn’t wait to watch his balls contract and spill his entire load into Samantha’s ruined cunt. I knew I had lost control, but at least I could be there for her, and I could watch Samantha be happy.

During his orgasm, Lance shoved himself completely against her, bottoming out and making her scream as his balls clenched, and he emptied everything inside the girl I loved.
After a moment of them grunting together and catching their breath, Lance began the slow withdrawal of his cock.

I didn’t need to be told what was next. Raising my head, my nose pressed into the underside of his cock, letting me smell his musk before the head popped out of her pussy, and the flood of thick, chunky sperm poured straight into my mouth.

Just as I expected, Samantha leaned back and planted her freshly fucked muff over my face. Her thighs blocked my ears, and I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I heard laughter as I licked, sucked, and swallowed everything from the inside of her loose, sore pussy.

Lance and Samantha had cum so much that my stomach was nearly full by the time I swallow their fluids. Struggling to breath, she eventually let me up, spinning around and sitting on my chest, pinning me to the floor with her large ass.

“Thank you, baby,” she smiled down at me, still rubbing the gaping hole that was her pussy.

“Yeah thanks, man, that was some good pussy,” Lance mocked, standing over me with his cock still dripping onto my face.

Out of us three, I was the only not to cum. I believe that was their intention, because once I came, I would regret everything that had happened.

“Listen, honey, Lance and I need to rest a few minutes,” she said sweetly, making me nod my head in agreement. “Go into the kitchen and get us a drink okay? Once we rest up I’ll do all those kinky fantasies for you, alright?”

Again I nodded stupidly, and once released, I stumbled to the kitchen and started looking through the fridge. Laughter in the bedroom caught my attention, but I was too focused on getting their drink.

I knew how screwed up the situation was, but with my dick still hard, my brain simply wouldn’t function the way I needed. My only hope was to pray Samantha was tired, and was ready to send Lance home.

Grabbing the drinks, I shuffled down the hallway and re-entered the bedroom, greeted by two sinister smiles.


Thinking back on it, I still can’t believe things went as far as they did. I had allowed Lance full access to the girl I loved, like some kind of cheap thrill ride. A douche bag like him shouldn’t get such treatment, I imagine the best he could get would be a hand job from a tranny, but even that is more than he deserved. And it was about to get worse.

Now here I was, horny from watching them fuck, and adding to my own stupidity by serving them drinks like a maid. Fully erect but hidden, I shuffled back into the bedroom with two bottles of my favorite beer, and some fruity pink alcohol that Samantha liked.

The look on their faces made me feel even more stupid than I already was. They grinned, giggled, and thanked me as I handed out the drinks; but when It came to the beer, Lance took both, thanking me for bringing him two bottles.

“Whatever,” I thought, “It’s my turn for some kinky sex.” Sam promised that she would do all my freaky fantasies, and boy did I have some.

“So when do we get started?” I asked, eager to begin.

“We can start right now if you want,” Sam smiled, “I think we’ve rested enough.”

I cocked my head to the side, giving my trouser snake a quick rub before asking, “What about him?”


“Yeah, isn’t it about time he headed home?”

I couldn’t help but give him a shit-eating, smug look of satisfaction, hoping to rub it in his face that I was going to get all the kinky fun for myself. Sadly, about three seconds after opening my mouth, whatever smug look I had quickly vanished.

“Why would he go home, baby? We’re going to do all those kinky fantasies you wanted.”

I blinked several times, still not understanding. “Uhm, right, we are.”

That’s when Samantha understood my confusion, and happily corrected me while subsequently crushing my dreams.

“Wait … did you think I was going to do them with you?”

I distinctly remember my expression drooping when she laughed at me.

“No, baby,” she laughed, “when I said I’d would do them all, I meant with Lance, not you.”

I was almost at a loss for words. Almost.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!”

It must have been obvious that my erection was starting to soften, because they both stood and tried calming me down. I’d be damned if I was going to watch my girlfriend do all my nasty fantasies with that jerk. Those kinks were mine, and there was no way I’d ever agree to it.

“I’ll never come back or bother you again.”

I stopped in my tracks, looking at Lance and running his words through my mind.

“Never?” I repeated.

“Never, I swear. I will never call, I won’t text, and you’ll never see me again.”

I’ll be damned if Lance hadn’t piqued my interest. As much as I disliked him, and as much as I hated the idea of him enjoying all those kinks with Sam, the idea of never seeing him again was glorious. In the long run, I figured this would open Samantha up to doing all the kinks with me once he was gone, and from there it would only be us, something I’d be happy about.

“What do you say? Is it a deal?” Lance pressured.

I hated to agree, but he had me by the balls. If this would rid me of him forever, I couldn’t say no, I had to think of the future between Sam and I. Reaching out, I took his large hand and shook it, squeezing as hard as I could.

“Alright, sweet, It’s a deal.”

Sam smiled at me, looking a bit too happy. “I’m glad that’s settled,” she said.

“Okay then,” he grinned, taking a deep breath, “let’s get started.”

This brings me to the final leg of my story. What happened over the next few days changed who I was, and made me reconsider how I view relationships. I know some of you will judge me, others will laugh, and I’m sure a few will enjoy it, but know this: If I knew what would happen, If I could have changed it … I would have. It’s too late to dwell now, but I should have never let Lance leave.

“So what’s first, baby?” he asked her.

Sam smirked at me, rubbing her pussy while she thought. I had told her all my fantasies, even the more depraved ones in the hope that she might like it, but the best I had ever gotten was cumming on her face, and even then I got scolded because it went in her hair. I felt embarrassed knowing Lance would learn all my fantasies, but that was overshadowed by the fun he’d have.

“There are so many … why don’t we let Rick pick the first one.”

It sucked being put on the spot, but It was worse trying to decide which pleasure to bestow onto that douche bag, Lance. Thinking through my options, I tried to pick something tame.

“Spanking,” I finally answered.

Lance grinned, turning up his bottle of beer and finishing it, “Nice … okay, baby, bend over my lap. Daddy has to spank you for being a bad girl.”

I could see how excited they both were to live out my fantasies, and I hated it. Still, my stupid dick popped up to watch, so at least I had that.

Samantha’s big, bouncy ass looked absolutely beautiful as she laid over him. Raising it into the air, she whipped her hair back seductively before looking at me, waiting for the first slap.

Licking his palm, Lance returned my smug, shit-eating grin before popping my girl across the ass, leaving a red handprint that slowly started to fade. Sam jumped as it struck, squealing in pain before breaking into giggles. Hit after hit she would flinch, her squeals slowly becoming moans. By the tenth or fifteenth hit, her backside was nice and pink, clearly stinging as Lance took his time to massage and grope her.

Meanwhile, the only option I had was to pull up a chair and watch, gently rubbing my sad, lonely erection.

“Okay, I think that’s enough,” he said, winking at me.

“Fuck, that turned me on more than I thought it would,” Sam giggled, sliding over and sitting beside him again.

“So what’s next then?” he asked, stealing a free kiss from her before winking at me again.

For a moment she thought, looking between him and I, wondering what perversion to try. Finally, she licked her lips and smiled at him. “Rick has always asked me about doing pee stuff.”

I wanted to bury my head and hide. Of all the tame kinks I had asked her about, she brings up one of the kinkiest.

“Rick! You dirty dog!” Lance laughed.

“Is that something we can do?” she asked him, biting her lip.

“Absolutely, baby, that beer went straight through me.”

“So what do we do?”

Lance looked down at me, smirking as he weighed his options.

“Okay, I got it,” he said, standing from the bed and helping her down, their groins now in my face, “both of you get in the bathtub.”

I had a feeling he might include me, but with my dick hard I never even put up a fight. Standing, I followed them into our bathroom, pulling back the shower curtain and removing the towel that hung overhead. Stepping inside, we both held onto Sam as she stepped over the lip, giddy with excitement.

I wanted to fight with her, to bitch about how she never did these fantasies with me, but the moment quickly passed as we both dropped to our knees. Now facing each other, we could both see the leftover sperm that Lance sprayed our faces with earlier.

“You two ready?”

“Yes, sir!” Sam chirped with enthusiasm, leaving them waiting on my answer.

“Just do it, goddamn it,” I grumbled, trying not to look up at Lance or his fat ugly cock.

“What about your clothes?”

I had been so focused on watching them, I had completely forgotten that the shirt I was wearing had been soaked in their sex fluids. My pants too were wet, but I had at least hidden my cock right after they fucked. Seeing no point in it, I shrugged my shoulders.

“You better just take them off, honey,” Sam suggested, “or they’ll be dripping through the house.”

I hated that she was right, but what I hated more was the humiliation that came next. Slowly, I removed my shirt, flinging it to an opposite corner of the bathroom. Standing, I hesitated in removing my pants, which brought on more shame.

“Hurry it up, loser,” ordered Lance, making me give him a death stare.

“He’s just embarrassed, that’s all,” Sam giggled.

Every part of my being was hoping she would shut up, that she wouldn’t continue talking and just let me be. Of course that didn’t happen, she knew what she was doing.

“He’s shy about how small his penis is,” she snickered, leaving me flushed red.

I couldn’t even look Lance in the face, but looking down meant looking at Sam, and even that was hard. Lance didn’t speak, but I could feel his eyes on me, mocking me, laughing inside at the knowledge that he had beat me in practically every way. Before I could try to defend myself, Sam reached for my pants, yanking them down with all her might.

“Oh shit!” Lance gushed.

Sporting a full boner, my cock popped free for all to see, slinging pre-cum as it bounced in Sam’s face. As I’ve said before, I don’t have a small dick, It’s at least average, but no one in the room would have listened, not with Lance’s thick, oversized monster hanging a foot away. Compared to his cock, mine simply looked small.

“Damn-” he started before I cut him off.

“Shut it!” I barked, angrily pulling my jeans from my ankles and tossing them away, “I don’t want to hear a word.”

Surprisingly he obeyed my command, but though he didn’t say it, his smile said everything else. Samantha seemed a little upset, guilty that she had just humiliated her boyfriend. I liked seeing her upset, it felt like revenge, but it didn’t last.

Pushing closer together, we made an easier target for him to piss on.

“Ready, baby?” he grinned.

“Ready,” Sam answered.

“Oh, sorry, honey I was asking, little baby dick.”

I made a move to stand and Sam stopped me, reaching for my cock and stroking it before catching me with a kiss. I still hate how easily she controlled me, it wasn’t fair. With my dick finally receiving some attention, my anger softened, and everything continued.

“I was only kidding, bro,” he smiled. We both knew he wasn’t kidding.

Resolved to get it over with, and still excited to watch Samantha get pissed on, I swallowed whatever pride I had left.

“Just piss on us already, okay?”

With that, the waterworks began. Side by side, nearly cheek to cheek, we both looked up as the stream started. Instinctively I closed my eyes and turned away, which was good, because he had been aiming straight for my mouth and eyes. I caught a good few seconds of his salty, stinging hot piss, but once it moved I opened my eyes, and watched Samantha receive the same treatment.

I couldn’t hide my boner anymore, but by this point I didn’t care. I was at full mast, drooling and twitching as I watched my girl take another man’s piss. Her head was back, her eyes closed, and she rolled her fat tits around in circles as the yellow stream continued. My hand went for my cock, and in an instant I was jerking off, mesmerized by how sexy it looked.

I hadn’t planned on enjoying it so much, but when Samantha’s mouth opened, and she began gargling a mouthful of his piss, I couldn’t hold back. I was determined to cum, and as I jerked I began rubbing my cock against her thigh, hoping she would notice.

“Give the man some attention, babe,” Lance said, noticing my predicament.

Closing her mouth, Sam’s cheeks puffed out as she held everything in, looking down as my hand stroked against her leg. The stream of piss moved to her chest, splattering over her nipples and down her stomach, curving through her thighs and over her pussy.

Sam reached between her legs, playing with herself while I breathlessly watched. Leaning closer to me, she opened her mouth again, giving me a better view as her tongue rolled around, gargling his urine again before spitting it out and across my chest.

I was so close to orgasm that Lance must have noticed, because as I made the stupid, horny decision to french kiss Samantha, Lance aimed his piss for the head of my dick. The stinging hot stimulation was enough to push me over the edge, and I practically fell into Sam’s arms as I came, shooting everything I had across her thighs.

To this day it is still one of the best nuts I’ve ever busted.

With his stream finished, and my senses returning to me, everyone seemed unsure what would happen next. Covering my shrunken dick, and afraid of more shame, I suggested that we shower off. With no objections, I turned on the faucet, and began washing as much of the urine away as I could.

“Hey, this is one of the fantasies,” Sam said behind me.

“Washing piss off you?” Lance laughed.

“No,” she giggled, “having sex in the shower.”

I wasn’t happy to hear that. And although Lance’s cock was ready to go again, mine still needed time. Hoping to stall, I tried talking my way out of it, but they both insisted that we cover everything. Stepping out of the shower, Lance took my place while I dried off.

I was quiet I moment, watching them both grope and squeeze each other while my anger and hatred began to remanifest. Before much more could happen, Sam turned to me.

“Honey,” she tried to say as sweetly as possible, even while Lance was busy groping her chest and kissing her neck, “I think Lance might need to spend the night. We have a lot of your fantasies to do.”

I could feel my teeth grinding together, but I held my tongue.

“Go get us some food … pizza maybe,” he said without looking at me, “you won’t miss much.”

With that, he turned and pulled the shower curtain closed, blocking my view. For a moment I stood there, listening to their moans and kissing. It would be the perfect time to grab a big knife and do them both, but I knew I didn’t have the heart for it, besides, once Lance was gone, I’d have Sam all to myself.


It took half an hour to drive to the closest pizza place, meaning I had plenty of time to collect my thoughts. Samantha was my one true love, that wouldn’t change, going forward, that was constant. Part of me hated seeing her cheat, but that part was shrinking smaller and smaller. I couldn’t deny how much it turned me on, and if not for Lance, I could probably enjoy it more.

The real problem was simply Lance. Picking up the Pizza and driving back, I had more time to consider everything. Although he and I had once been friends, I couldn’t see us ever being that way again. Our personalities were just too different, and nearly everything about him pissed me off, from his douche bag hair and clothes, to his “I’m Black” attitude.

I knew Samantha was having the time of her life though, which was starting to scare me. Say Lance left, how would she feel with only me around? Although I still hate to admit it, he was pleasing her far more than I ever had. The excitement of cheating had pushed her limits high enough to try all the kinky things I had ever wanted, only with him instead of me. With him no longer in the picture, how long would it be until she got bored again?

I had no answer at the time, but I had run out of time to think. Pulling up at home, I carried in the pizza boxes and brought them to the kitchen.

“Food is here!” I shouted down the hall, trying to sound as cheery as I could.

Trying to be happy seemed like the right thing to do, at least at the time. The easier the night went, the sooner I’d be rid of Lance. I also loved seeing Sam smile, and the more I tried to cope, the happier it would make her, or at least that was the idea.

“Hey, babe,” she said, skipping up the hall wearing only a loose t-shirt, her shaved pink muff completely exposed, “get some plates and bring them to the bedroom, okay?”

I forced a smile and said okay. Watching her ass bounce back to the bedroom, I began wondering if Sam would ever leave me. The idea felt like an iron ball in my stomach, weighing me down with fear. Taking my time, I fixed the plates, shaking the terrible idea from my mind. Sam loved me, I knew she did, but the college like slutiness had scared me. Deep down I knew better, so I gathered everyone’s food and headed for the bedroom.

In my absence, Lance had turned on my computer in order to access the internet. Stepping into my own bedroom, I was greeted by the obnoxious rap music he was so fond of. Still nude, he laid back on my bed, smiling as Samantha danced for him, trying to twerk and laughing when she couldn’t.

Just looking at Lance made me angry, but I ignored the feelings, handing him a plate before giving Sam hers.

“Alright, that’s more like it,” he said, sitting up to eat.

Sam took her place beside him, squeezing close as I turned down the music. It was mostly quiet as we ate, aside from Lance allowing her to take bites from his slice. It suddenly dawned on me that I had to put up with him until tomorrow morning, something I wasn’t sure I could tolerate. Eventually we finished eating, and Sam was the first to resume our debauchery.

“So we’ve been talking about those kinks you like,” she said, leaving me feeling exposed.

“You’re a freak, dude,” Lance laughed, causing Sam to laugh with him, “Luckily your girlfriend is too.”

“We’ve narrowed the list down to just a few more things, okay?”

I could feel my spirits lift, fewer was good, it shortened Lance’s stay. Nodding, I sat up in my chair, finally excited to getting it over with.

“Before that though, I have a fantasy of my own,” Sam grinned, piquing my interest.

“Oh … uhm, okay,” I muttered like an idiot.

“I want to see you two compare dick size,” she giggled, hiding her face with her hands for a moment.

“Fine with me,” Lance boasted, “we already know who the winner is.”

I hated the idea, so I tried to run with what Lance said. “Y-Yeah, honey … I mean, we already know, so … ”

She didn’t buy it.

“I don’t care, I wanna see them side by side.”

This is another memory I wouldn’t be upset about losing. Undressing, Lance and I walked to the center of the room, and although his cock had swollen from watching Sam dance, I hadn’t had a chance to get excited. I could feel my own face turning red, blushing like a bitch as I held out my flaccid, small dick. Stepping closer put Lance and I nearly face to face, and our cocks side by side.

Samantha dropped to her knees below us, giggling as she took us both in hand. Lance’s cock while hard, was four times as long as my soft one, and had three times the width. I looked pathetic beside it, and the anger and hate I felt earlier was completely dominated by embarrassment, along with a strong urge to run away.

“Holy crap,” Sam gushed, “I can’t believe I had that all the way inside me.”

It was another reminder I didn’t need.

“Oh my god, I didn’t even notice how much bigger your balls were.”

I hated standing there, waiting on her to finishing gushing over how much bigger he was. The humiliation was beginning to get familiar, and I didn’t like it.

“Okay, that’s enough damn it,” I snapped, pulling my soft dick from her hand and stepping away.

“Awe, It’s okay, honey, yours is really cute, and I love it just as much.”

I don’t think I’d ever seen Lance smile so big in my life. ‘Cute’ was NOT what a man wanted to hear about his dick, and even if Sam didn’t know it, she had just hit me in the stomach.

“Let’s just move on, okay?” I grumbled, trying to get past my soft dick.

“Sure,” Lance said, looking down at Sam, “which of his kinks should we do next?”

“Well we have … ” Sam looked up, silently counting on her fingers, “four more we wanna do.”

“Three of those could almost roll into one,” Lance answered, putting his hands on his hips while she began fondling his cock.

“Yeah you’re right, so I guess we should do the other one first?”

I didn’t like the way they were speaking to each other, as if they had come up with a plan. In the next few moments, I found my worries to be justified.

“Okay, honey,” Sam giggled and smiled, “Lance said you can have the next one, but the last three are all his, okay?”

I hadn’t expected to join the action, but getting attention from Samantha was something I just couldn’t turn down. I quickly agreed, and she ordered me onto my back. Laying flat, she positioned herself over me, lowering herself down until I was face to face with the pussy I adored. Already she was wet, no doubt thinking of whatever came next with Lance, but I didn’t complain.

“I gotta get you nice and horny first, okay?” she said, plopping her pussy on my face and sending me into a dizzying swirl of pleasure.

My cock responded immediately, stiffening and straining as she wiggled her hips over my face, smothering me and helping my tongue dive deeper. Something I had noticed during my time eating her, was that the tight hole I often licked, was now much more open, clearly stretched by Lance’s stupid fat dick. I tried not to think about it, and just kept eating until she was happy.

“Ready for what’s next?” she purred, sitting on my chest and pushing the wind from me.

I nodded, and smiled as I looked up at her. That’s when she leaned back, and punched me in the balls. I swear I saw stars after the impact, and with her ass holding me down, my struggles to move went in vain. I coughed, and tried to speak while Lance laughed, but all i could do was groan and twist my head.

Another punch before I was ready, and the stars came back. My knees closed together and lifted from the floor, I squealed pathetically in a voice much higher than my own, causing more laughter from them both. I couldn’t understand why she would do such a thing, and then-

“Do you like it, baby?” Samantha giggled, “I remember you showing me that video, of the guy cumming from a lady punching his nuts?”

I wanted to kill myself for being so stupid. She was right, I had showed her the video, but I had never even flicked myself in the balls, let alone let a woman punch me. It was a fantasy, nothing I intended to come true. My arms were free after the second punch, and I desperately waved for her to stop. I could feel myself becoming nauseous, and if I took another hit I was sure my pizza would come up.

Instead she began massaging me, rolling my eggs around in her fingers. I can’t honestly say if it helped or not, because in the next moment she tightened her grip, squeezing them tightly in her fingers. I couldn’t even scream, I tried, I arched my back and let out what was suppose to be a blood curdling howl, instead my voice was reduced to a high pitched, breathy crackling noise.

There was only one thing that crossed my mind, the only way to stop her, and that was to hit her. I balled up my fist, and in one fast movement, nothing happened. In the blinding waves of my agony, Lance had taken hold of my wrists, stopping me from fighting back.

“It’s not working,” she said confused, freeing my balls and taking hold of my cock, “does it feel good yet?”

I wanted to hate her, but she was completely innocent, and was genuinely trying to help me enjoy it. Lance knew better, and his smile never faded. Surprisingly, with her stroking my cock, the pain and pleasure started to meld together. Don’t get me wrong, the pain overpowered the pleasure by a hundredfold, but it was still there.

Enough time passed and I was finally able to speak again, quickly telling her it was enough. She seemed upset, but removed herself from my chest, and I was finally able to cradle my balls.

“Was it like you expected?” she asked, moving back to the bed and sitting down.

Easily, I answered yes, It was exactly what I expected. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, even after everything I still loved her, and I reminded myself that tomorrow would be better, tomorrow things would go back to normal.

Getting hit in the balls isn’t something you quickly recover from, and once Lance explained that all she was doing was hurting me, she quickly apologized. The sharp pain from earlier had now been replaced with a steady ache, and I knew it wouldn’t go away anytime soon. I told her it was okay, that she didn’t know, even though Lance could have stopped her, and I told her to continue with whatever she wanted.

So desperate was I to be rid of him, that I still encouraged my own girlfriend to cheat on me, all for the sake of removing Lance from our lives. Now despite my sore balls, somehow I managed to keep an erection, which was vital to keeping my sanity.

“Lance and I have decided to do the last three kinks together, okay?”

I sat on the small wooden chair beside the bed, nursing my balls and slowly stroking myself as they got into position. “Okay, what are they?” I asked.

“Your favorites,” Lance beamed, “but before we start-”

Moving closer to me, they brought their lips together right in my face, forcing me to watch them kiss. Before their lips could touch however, I objected.

“What the fuck, Samantha, is this something I want to see?” I complained, quickly getting shut down by them both.

“Oh come on,” she whined, “this is Lance’s last time here. He’ll never come back after this, shouldn’t you be a little nicer to him?”

“Letting him fuck my girlfriend isn’t nice enough?”

“Chill, dude,” Lance said in his stupid, monotone voice, “I’ll be gone in the morning, and you’ll still have your hot babe.”

Taking a breath, I reminded myself that he was right, I was in the final stretch of things, tomorrow things would be better. Nodding, I gave up control, and gave into their wishes.

“Fine, go nuts, you two do whatever you want, but tomorrow,” I pointed to Lance’s stupid face, “you’re gone.”

“No need to be so hostile about it, bro, we know you’re gonna like this,” he laughed, pointing to my cock which I hadn’t stopped stroking.

Shutting my mouth, the two moved back into place, purposely kissing in my face, taunting me with their lust. Below them, I shamefully stroked my cock even faster, watching as Sam briefly pulled away to bite his lip, or to suck his tongue, passion she had never once shown me.

Their breathing and moaning alone had worked my cock into a frenzy, and after several minutes of their passionate make out session, I had to let go of my cock to stop from cumming.

Finally they broke apart, now worked up and ready to begin whatever kinks they picked out. Just as Lance said, they were my favorites, starting with facial abuse. For months I had begged Samantha to let me be rough with her, showing her videos and telling her how much it would mean to me if I could treat her like the women in the videos. Of course it was far too degrading and evil for her, she got mad with me and told me I didn’t respect her.

It wasn’t true, I loved her, and being allowed to get rough with her would only make me love her more. Now I sat and watched, as Lance began by spitting straight onto my girlfriend’s face, making her moan and rub her pussy. My jealousy skyrocketed, as did my cock.

“Filthy bitch,” he growled, slapping her across the face before spitting again, “you’re a nasty slut aren’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she moaned, making my cock twitch from her voice alone.

“Who do you belong to?”

“You, Daddy.”

“Who do you love?”

“You, Daddy, I love you,” she moaned.

Lance turned and smirked at me.

“Goddamn it,” I grumbled, taking my dick back in hand and stroking quickly.

“You gonna do what I want?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“All of it, bitch?” he growled, slapping her face again and leaving a slight red whelp. Shockingly she only moaned louder.

“Oh god yes, yes, Daddy I’ll do it all.”

With that, Lance shove her between my legs, her head facing away from me. Squatting and bringing his cock to her level, he grabbed her hair by the fist full, ramming his cock into her mouth and making her gag. I was awe struck, stroking my cock against the back of her head while Lance face fucked her against me.

“Take it you dumb bimbo!” he laughed, smacking her face while she tried to suck him.

Again I had to release my cock for fear of cumming, but after several minutes of watching Samantha get face fucked, they finally moved away and toward the bed. By now her chin had become slathered in her own drool, along with her face still dripping with Lance’s spit, which he happily added more whenever he wanted.

I was surprised by Sam’s gag reflex, although she had spit up plenty of slime, she had managed to keep down her dinner. At this point, I was too engrossed in their passion to complain about anything they did or said, so as Lance laid back on the bed, I was practically giddy to see what came next.

Samantha was hesitant at first, something that made me smile since she had been so gung-ho until now, but as Lance lifted his legs and presented his ass, I had to stop myself from grabbing the back of her head and shoving her face first into his sweaty hole.

“Do it, bitch, lick my shitter,” he ordered.

This was, without a doubt, one of my top kinks. Nothing could turn me on more than watching a woman lick a man’s ass. I know, it’s sick, it’s disgusting, but that’s exactly why I loved it. I had always hoped to watch Sam go down on me, to feel her tongue invade my ass like I had often done for her, but for now it was Lance, and my cock couldn’t tell the difference.

Committed, Sam leaned in, puckering her lips and kissing up and down his nasty crack. I couldn’t stop myself from getting a better view once she started. Leaving my chair, I dropped to my knees beside her, stroking below the bed as I watched her tongue glide over his asshole, making it twitch with each contact.

“How does it taste, whore?” Lance asked above us.

Samantha pulled away, only now noticing I was beside her. Grinning, she answered, “I love it, Daddy,” before turning and putting her face back into his ass.

My brain was in a fuzz as i watched her, my hand a blur as I jerked and shuddered. Leaning closer to her ear, I began making suggestions, such as rubbing her nose up his crack, telling her to kiss the hole, and seeing how deep her tongue would go. She obeyed everything I said, and after a solid minute of shoving her tongue as deep into him as she could, she finally pulled away and turned to me, forcing a deep and passionate kiss on me that I hadn’t asked for.

My head swirled, and I dropped my cock to stop from exploding. However, what she said next forced me over the edge without touching myself. The long, sloppy french kiss of ours finally broke, and in a lustful giggle she whispered to me.

“My tongue won’t go all the way inside him, it keeps hitting something.”

I could see the look of sinful delight on her face as she giggled, moving back to Lance’s asshole and forcing her tongue back inside. Below the bed my cock erupted, I reached for it only after the first shot, jerking and stroking myself like a madman as she continued frenching his asshole, stopping only to kiss it.

The floor below me was sprayed in semen by the time I finished, easily making it the best orgasm I’ve ever had. I was out of breath after that, and luckily Lance was satisfied by the ass licking my girlfriend had given him. Pulling her up and onto the bed while leaving me below, he announced the last kink.

“Alright you dumb, bitch, time to get your ass stuffed.”

Anal. I had never thought of it as that dirty, but it was the one act that Samantha had always reacted the worst too. She had explained to me, over and over again, that she would never, ever, take it up the ass. Now, as Lance poured olive oil over both his cock, and my girlfriends ass, I sat and prepared to watch him steal my girlfriend’s anal virginity.

What happened next wasn’t sweet or tender. Lance had manhandled her until face down, mushing her face into the bed while her ass stuck into the air. Guiding his cock slowly inside, he began pumping in and out, making sure the oil had spread far enough to make everything nice and slippery. Sam was clearly in pain, the act of being fucked in the ass wasn’t always fun the first time.

“You like it, bitch?” he asked, slapping her butt hard enough to leave a bright red handprint.

Samantha couldn’t answer in words, instead simply groaning and biting the pillow below her. Soon after working his cock to the base, his speed increased, and within a minute the gentle start was gone. From that point on, I watched Lance rape my girlfriend in the ass. He wasn’t nice about it, he simply fucked her as hard as he wanted, spanking and spitting on her as she cried, still biting the pillow.

My cock was back in form shortly after he began, so for the next fifteen minutes I stroked as my girlfriend was raped. I guessed it was a final parting gift, seeing how he would be leaving in the morning. Part of me loved the idea, since it likely hurt her enough that she wouldn’t want him coming back.

Then, nearly twenty minutes after he began, and after changing positions twice, Lance prepared to unload. Moving to the edge of the bed, he raised Sam over him, holding her up under her knees while his cock continued to pound her ass. Sitting at the edge of the bed, I parked my chin onto the mattress just below them, giving myself a front row seat to the show.

“Ugh, here it comes, bimbo! Take my load you bitch!”

I was hypnotized as I watched his cock begin pumping into her, his large balls contracting and emptying themselves while my own load fired onto the floor again. However much I came, it was only half as much as what poured out of Samantha’s ass. With his cock removed, a thick, chunky river of white gushed from her gaping hole, running over the bed and onto my chin before I could move.

Rolling her off and letting her slump against the bed, Lance removed himself from the room, heading for the shower while I tended to my sore, exhausted girlfriend.


Now we come to the end of my story. The experience with having Lance stay the night was certainly the craziest thing I’ve done thus far in my life, I just wish it had a happier ending.

After cleaning myself up, kissing Samantha goodnight and feeling generous, I submissively told Lance he could sleep with Sam in my bed, and that I would take the couch. He smiled and agreed, before pushing me from the room, flipping me off, and closing the door in my face.

Whatever good feelings I had for him were killed after that. I had hoped me might show a little respect, and be thankful that I was giving him so much, but just like always, he was no more than a douche bag dick head.

Making my bed on the couch, I laid awake another hour listening as they fucked again, rap music thumping the walls while Sam screamed his name. I was more than jealous, I wanted to watch again, but my balls still hurt, and my dick was completely spent. Instead, I was just happy to be over with it, and fell asleep excited about tomorrow.

I woke up to silence. Searching the house, I found not Lance, nor Samantha. Several of her clothing drawers had been emptied, along with some personal belongings such as my laptop and expensive headphones. I couldn’t understand what had happened at first, but the longer it sunk in, the more I began to understand.

My story doesn’t have a very fulfilling ending, because as far as I can tell, Lance fucked Samantha good enough to make her leave me. I awoke to nothing, and to this day I still haven’t heard from them. I never imagined I’d lose my girl in such a way, but I only blame myself for letting it happen.

It keeps me up at night, thinking of how I allowed her to cheat on me, and even knowing what a bastard Lance is, I still let him use my sweetheart like a cheap whore. On the nights I don’t masturbate thinking of them, I simply cry, hating myself for being so stupid.

I wish I could talk to her, I wish I had a second chance to make things right, to try and fix my mistakes. But it’s too late, even as I write this, Samantha is likely nose deep in his ass, doing all the things I begged her for.

There’s nothing left that can be done now. Even reaching out to her parents brought me no results, since they either hate me and won’t tell me, or they don’t even know. Hopefully she’ll come back to me one day, and even if she’s stretched and used, covered in grime and filled with other men’s semen, I’d still take her back.

I miss you Samantha, please come back.


12 thoughts on “Risk & Reward

    • Sinister smiles? Does thst leave room for an epilogue or another chapter! My goodness ive red this like 6 times and rubbed myself to orgasm as well yum


      • Is there a timetable for that? Im all excited ha i can only guess what may happen although i have a few ideas forming


      • I’m currently working on … three different stories, one of which is R&R, but I haven’t started it yet. Since it rolled those two out so fast, it will be after these other two. Hopefully it wont be long.


  1. This is why you’re my favourite writer. So much to love in here. The fact that she talked him into letting her act out all his filthy fantasies with a guy he hates right in front of his face is so good. I think my favourite part was where she kissed him after licking Lance’s ass and whispered “My tongue won’t go all the way inside him, it keeps hitting something.”. I always love in your stories when the girlfriend who is adored and respected by the boyfriend just debases herself for the asshole and submits completely. Stories like this are easily worth the wait.


  2. I kept meaning to leave a comment about how happy I was to see this story receive another chapter (and a final ending) but I’m bad at remembering to do things I mean to do. In any case, loved it! This is one of my favorite of your stories, I really like stories where the girlfriend is moderately (if progressively less and less) loyal to the protagonist guy and both the protagonist and the girlfriend fall into increasing depravity at their own expense. Chapters two and three, where Rick actually proactively pushes his girlfriend to cheat again and then lets Lance push the envelope farther and farther (and sacrifices the cleanliness of his pillow) are just amazing. The interactions between Lance and Rick (gotta love that face slap) and how indifferent Samantha becomes to Rick’s concerns are just… THE BEST.

    So I was really happy to get to read a final chapter that finally resolved the reason for those ominous smiles! Reading about Lance getting to act out all of Rick’s fantasies right in his face was great. I loved how Rick just went along with it, got right into the tub and let Lance piss all over his face on the flimsiest of justifications. I would have preferred an ending in which Samantha keeps her relationship with Rick intact, maybe with Lance moving in with them and sleeping in the master bedroom or something, but I still have to laud what was a great and enjoyable story overall. Looking forward to whatever you write next, whenever that may be.


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