Risk & Reward

Cheating, Hand-job, Oral, Humiliation, Cuckold

— —


My name is Rick, and I’d like to share the night my girlfriend cheated on me. I wont go into our full history but I can easily say that I’ve never been more passionate toward another person before. Meeting Samantha in high school she’s been my girlfriend throughout college thus far.

Samantha weighs close to 180 so she’s slightly heavy, but it’s mostly located in her butt and chest. What most guys notice first are her breasts, the heavy 34E Cup is more than enough to get any guy’s attention.

Don’t get the impression that her looks are all that matter, because I fell in love with her for more than that. She’s one of the most playful, happy, friendly people I’ve ever known, and It was practically love at first sight.

Anyway the reason I’m writing this is because a few nights ago I took her to the movies … and we ran into an old friend of hers. He had also been my friend back in high-school, but we had a falling out and lost contact some time ago. As you can imagine I wasn’t very happy to see him, or thrilled when Samantha suggested sitting together.

Sitting high up next to the back row like we planned, I was annoyed when her friend decided to sit on the other side of her. I was glad I didn’t have to sit beside him, but around 40 minutes into the movie Samantha leaned up against me and asked for more popcorn. Seeing how the movie was only spouting exposition, I didn’t mind. What I did mind was leaving her alone with the same jerk who caused me so much trouble in the past.

Standing up to leave I caught a glance of him giving me a weird look, but never thought much of it. Once I reached the concession stand I had no choice but to wait in line, causing me to miss at least 10 minutes of the movie. When I finally made it back into the theater I stood at the bottom looking up to find my seat. Samantha clearly hadn’t seen me enter, but from where I was standing it looked like she was giving her friend a hand job!

I nearly dropped the popcorn as I stared into the dimly lit theater hoping I was just seeing things. Perhaps the light was creating some kind of shadow illusion, or at least I hoped so. Unfortunately when the room was lit by explosions from the movie, her friend stood up to adjust his seat giving me a clear few of her small pale hand wrapped around his large erection.

As shocked as I was, I didn’t want them to know what I had seen. I knew if I could catch her in the act I would have more leverage for my justified anger. Walking across the bottom row I walked up the stairs on the opposite side of the big screen. Sneaking across the back wall I was able to get slightly behind without them noticing.

From where I was standing I could see Samantha openly jerking him with one hand, and every few seconds checking to see if I was back yet. I’m not proud of watching them, but after getting a better view I felt compelled to hold my tongue.

So I did, at least at first. Walking up quickly and flopping in my seat I stared straight ahead, although I could see from my peripheral vision her hand jerk away and him trying to hide his cock. I just pretended not to notice and quickly asked what I had missed, hoping to fool them. It worked, and I could tell from her friend’s sour attitude that he was upset about stopping. Samantha shrugged her shoulders at him, trying to say: “What else could I do?” It felt good having ruined their plans.

That’s when a problem arose: despite the love and commitment toward Samantha my dick didn’t want the show to end. I distracted them with small talk at first, telling them how big the line was and why it took so long. Then explained how I entered the theater on the wrong side, they had no idea I was onto them. I could see her friend slowly rubbing himself under his loose baggy shirt, hoping to have my girlfriend continue somehow.

I reclined in my seat and took a breath, I knew this was stupid but I figured we would fight about it on the ride home anyway. I put my arm around her back and pulled her beside me, letting her head rest on my shoulder. With an uneasy excitement in my stomach I leaned over and whispered into her ear. I told her that I didn’t like it; but I wanted her to keep going. Of course she acted dumb, asking me what I ment. Once I explained that I had seen her giving him a tug job she became worried, wondering if I was mad.

Of course I was, but like a fool I was listening to my dick instead of my brain. I told her that we would discuss it later, but that I wanted her to help him finish. Naturally she was a little shocked, but after a moment she kissed my cheek and accepted. The one catch to this: is that I wanted her leaning against me not him. She agreed.

Samantha didn’t know it, but by leaning my way it let me see over her back and gave a perfect view of her friend. I scowled at him of course, but as her hand reached under his shirt the look of bewilderment on his face made me crack a smile. He was about to push her hand away when he saw me nodding, non-verbally telling him that it was okay. The smug look of satisfaction on his face instantly brought back my scowl.

Now I’m not a big man, and I’m happy with my dick size, but I felt a little humiliated once I saw what Samantha had been playing with. At least two inches longer and undoubtedly thicker her small hand could barely wrap around it. With a clear string of pre-cum drooling from the tip of his cock, Samantha’s hand slowly worked itself up and down his length.

I tried not to stare the entire time, but honestly I was only glancing at the movie for a few seconds at best. Watching her stroke him gave me a nervous excitement that I can only compare with going on a blind date. Seeing him smirk made it worse: why would she even want to please him? Once he knew I wasn’t a problem he started becoming bold: pulling his pants down far enough so his balls were exposed. Moving her hand lower she softly caressed and squeezed on his nuts, which again to my shame were larger than my own.

With my dick straining against it’s zipper, I watched as his face contorted into ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ no doubt hoping to get a reaction from me. It was working, slightly annoyed at how long she was taking I moved my lips back to Samantha’s ear. Having fun? I whispered, trying not to sound flustered. So much fun, thank you baby. She replied softly, her sultry voice only making my erection harder to deal with. Looking back at her friend I felt less angry and more jealous at the pleasure he was receiving, compared to my zipper situation.

Suddenly the movie picked up, large explosions and yelling – filling the theater with light. That’s when I saw his eyes close and his mouth hang open, the same face someone makes when they’re close to finishing. Samantha glanced over as well, obviously feeling what I was seeing. Working quick my girlfriend started jerking his cock even faster, twisting her hand around his shaft, and squeezing the leaking tip. My jealously rose to new heights as she worked passionately to help that douchebag cum, meanwhile never once considering my pleasure.

The timing of the movie couldn’t have been better: with Samantha and I focused on her friend’s handjob another large explosion rocked the big screen. It was at this moment that her friend became vocal. Oooooh! Fuck yeah! He shouted, announcing his orgasm. Samantha’s hand never stopped moving as his cum shot into the air. Glinting white ribbons of thick spunk erupted across the back of the empty seat in front of him. With her hand still working I counted at least four long distance ropes of cum before a few shorter distance ones splattered against the dirty linoleum floor. Finally the last few gushes from his tip rolled over Samantha’s fingers and down his shaft. That was awesome!! He roared as she pulled her sticky hand away, getting a loud laugh from the semi-crowded movie audience. For the final time that night I felt another wave of humiliation, this time from how much cum he was able to produce compared to my own.

Cleaning her hand by smearing his cum across the back of another seat, she used what few napkins we had left to clean off the rest. What about me? He asked, looking down at his clearly stained pants. Samantha and I both laughed, as he tried to clean himself up.

Once the movie was over we all returned to the lobby, my arm around Samantha’s soft waist. Her friend followed us, trying to give me the stink eye and remind me of what my girlfriend had done for him. However I wasn’t bothered as much this time, since it was over and I had her all to myself – It felt somewhat like a victory.

Flipping him off as we departed, Samantha and I headed home. Here came the argument I thought, now that we’re alone the fighting can begin. For a few minutes we both sat in awkward silence, not sure where to begin. I was about to speak up, when she surprised me by leaning over and unzipping my pants. I couldn’t believe what she was doing, pulling my semi-hard dick out of its prison she quickly stuffed it in her mouth and started sucking me.

Samantha has never been happy about giving blow jobs, and to do it while I was driving was an even bigger surprise. The jealous anger I had felt a few minutes ago had melted away to the pleasure of her tongue swirling around my dick. And by the time we had gotten home I had already came once, before she had sucked me hard again. Perhaps letting her be adventurous with some douche from high school has its advantages, and I’m sure I’ll find out again – since she got his phone number while I was getting popcorn.


“Wait … are you serious?”

Samantha was practically speechless, and I loved it. Three days had passed since the movie theater incident, and although I had resisted, I wanted her to cheat again.

Don’t misunderstand, I still hated that douchbag from before. Lance, as he called himself, was still every bit as annoying as he had always been. But ever since she gave him that hand-job, her sex drive had doubled … and I wanted more.

The idea was simple: bring Lance over and let them fool around again. Afterward, I would reap the reward of a much hornier girlfriend.

“I know you enjoyed it,” I said, looking up from her moist, juicy pussy.

She had straddled my face while I sat on my knees, squatting and squeezing my head between her thighs. I love eating pussy, and of all the girlfriends I’ve had, none were as delicious as her.

“But you said-”

“I know … I told you I hate him, and I do.”

“Then why-”

“Because it gets you hot, baby. I’ve never seen you so turned on before. And if jerking off another guy is what it takes … well, I can handle that.”

I could feel the muscles in her pussy clench around my mouth. She might have acted surprised, but I knew how happy she was, and that made me even harder.

“So we can call him?”

I pushed my tongue as far as it would go, pressing my lips into her sopping mound. I could feel her tremble, and after humping my face she finally pulled away, leaving long strings of her cum attached to my cheeks.

“Yes, baby … I’ll let you cheat on me again.”

Samantha stayed horny the rest of the day, waiting until we finished cleaning before picking up the phone. However, using my own libido she convinced me to call, and personally invite him over.

I hadn’t planned on talking to the douchebag, lord knows I didn’t want to. But sooner or later he’d wonder if I was a problem, if I would stop him from seeing her. As much as I hated it, I had to explain everything.



“Yeah, who’s this?”

“Samantha’s boyfriend,” I said bitterly.

In front of me, sitting our bed, Samantha smiled and began playing with herself. I knew she was enjoying my frustration, but that didn’t make the conversation easier.

“The fuck you want?”

I sighed, “Samantha … and I, would like you to come over today.”

There was a moment of silence on the line, and I rolled my eyes when he asked me to repeat that.

“You heard me, fruit cake. Samantha and I want you to come over.”

“What for?”

“I want to play with his dick again,” Samantha whispered for me to say.

“My girlfriend wants to play with your-

“huge,” she added.

“your … huge dick.

His laughter sickened me, but I held it together. After all, for the hand-job he’d get, I’d get an entire week of Samantha’s overloaded sex-drive.

“And you’re okay with that?”

“Tell him you’re looking forward to it,” she giggled before catching my glare.

“Yes … I’m … looking forward to it.”


I was actually scared by the time he arrived, after all I had just invited someone to fool around with my girlfriend. To keep my head in the game I stayed horny, and anytime I got worried, I would lift Samantha’s dress and stuff my tongue into the wet mound below.

She had zero objections, but after doing it a few times, I started to wonder if I was sending the wrong signals. Munching her box one last time, she grabbed my hair and began dirty talking me, hyping me up for what was to come.

“Mmm, eat that pussy, boy. Does it taste good?”

I muffled my excited response while stroking through my jeans.

“Yeah you love it, that’s what my pussy tastes like when I’m horny and ready to cheat on you.”

My dick twitched, and by the time I pulled away my face was covered in her slime.

Once he pulled up, we took our places and I let him through the front door. The smirk on his face turned my mood from horny to sour, and to make it worse, he barely acknowledged that I let him in. He simply strolled by and headed for Samantha.

“Hold up, chief,” I said as I closed the door behind him. “Let’s lay down some ground rules first.”

By now he had placed himself beside my girlfriend, putting his arm around her waist like she was his. It annoyed me, but at this point I wasn’t sure how to react.

“You’re just here for another hand-job, that’s all.”

He was less surprised by this than I thought, shrugging his shoulders and smiling. I thought about telling him ‘no funny business’, but I had just invited him so my girlfriend could openly cheat on me, so it seemed stupid to say.

“Let’s just head to the bedroom,” he said, turning and following Samantha as she lead the way.

Leading him to a wooden chair we placed, she smiled and waited on me to say something. This was the first time I had ever done something like this, so I had no clue how to begin. Luckily, Samantha noticed my confusion and got us started.

“Why don’t you find a seat, honey,” she said pointing to the bed.

I took my place nearby, and became quiet as she turned her attention to Lance. Unbuttoning his pants, she looked to me for a reaction before tugging them to the floor.

I wasn’t surprised by his lack of underwear, but I was surprised by the size of his dick again. It had been three days since I last saw it, but it was bigger than I remembered. Knowing lance, I wouldn’t be surprised if he took penis enlarging pills.

Either way, Samantha’s hands quickly embraced it, dropping to her knees in front of him. The skin of his cock bunched up below the head before she tugged down, stretching and making the tip swell purple.

His precum had started almost immediately, rolling down the shaft and over her fingers, eventually working as lube as she continued stroking him. In the quiet of the bedroom, the squelching sounds were loud and surprisingly erotic, even if I was watching my girlfriend jerk off another man.

In my trance, I was shaken when he spoke.

“This chair sucks,” he complained, halting the hand-job and leaving us speechless.

“Uhm,” Samantha looked between us, “would you like … a cushion?”


Looking to me, she pointed to the pillows on our bed, and without thinking I snatched one and handed it over. Only after watching him park his sweaty ass on it did I realize I had given my own pillow.

“Much better.”

The tug-job resumed, but as it did I began to notice how poor my view was. I couldn’t deny how erotic it was watching her masturbate him, and since I already felt humiliated enough, I found the courage to stand and nervously find a new seat.

When they turned and looked at me, all I could mutter was, “Can’t see very well.”

Samantha smiled and patted the floor beside her, telling me it was the best seat in the house. I had reservations, after all that would put me face to face with his dick, but by this point my dick had taken control, so I obeyed.

Dropping to my knees beside her, Lance opened his legs more to allow room for us both. Shuffled and squeezed together, I was less than an arm’s length from his dick, which now looked even bigger up close.

What also looked much bigger were his balls. Large, shaved, shaped like two full-sized eggs and hanging low, they actually had the weight to bear down on my micro-bead pillow, leaving a large depression where his nuts were.

I had only started staring when Samantha reached for them, struggling to keep both eggs in her small hand while resuming the sloppy hand-job.

Shamefully my dick had never been harder, and although I wanted to pull it out and start jerking, there was no way I would give Lance the satisfaction.

“You like my dick, baby?” he asked, smiling down at her.

“Oh god, Lance, it’s fuckin’ huge,” she swooned.

“Bigger than his?”

My chest tightened, suddenly I was on trial. Samantha was quiet when she turned to face me. Our eyes met, and for a moment I could see the hesitation in her face, unsure if she would answer.

“So much bigger,” she moaned after turning away.

Lance met my gaze and grinned, sending a flare of jealously through my core. Yeah, his cock was bigger, and so were his balls, but Samantha was still mine, no douchebag could get a girl like her.

“Why don’t we do something else?”

She stopped stroking just as I spoke up.

“I said hand-job only.”

Lance shifted in his seat, adjusting the pillow and stuffing it further up his crack. “Yeah … but why? There’s so much more we could do.”

In my moment of silence, Samantha spoke up, something I shouldn’t have allowed.

“Like what?”

Now Lance reached forward, placing his hand atop one of her large, soft breast. The dress was large and flowing, yet gave everyone a supreme look at her cleavage.

“I would love to get my dick between these tits.”

Again the decision came to me. As her hand continued to squeeze his erection, and his hand squeezed her chest, they looked to me for an answer, waiting on my approval. As in the theater, my dick was making the choices, and although I shouldn’t have, I told them yes.

Still, my reward could be even greater if I allowed her more freedom, and a tit fuck didn’t seem too extreme. Skin on skin, much like a hand-job. If I could handle seeing her jerk him, I could handle a little more. I just wasn’t sure if my dick could.

Opening the dress, her oversized tits spilled into his hands. The nipples, large, dark and inverted. He found this fascinating, because he spent several minutes pulling, twisting, and pinching them as she massaged his balls.

Eventually he stood up, pulling my pillow that became stuck between his cheeks, and positioned himself over her.

“Get behind,” he said, catching me off guard.


“You can prop her up so she doesn’t fall back.”

I didn’t like him telling me what to do, this was my house, my rules … but I did what he asked anyway. I shuffled behind, catching her as she leaned against me. That’s when I realized how good my view was. My chin was on her shoulder, and I could see straight down her chest.

Squatting over her, Lance dropping his cock between the large mounds and began grinding. Taking both hands, Samantha pressed her chest together, completely devouring his cock.

Suddenly he began to thrust, and the upper half of his cock popped into view, causing me to lurch backward in surprise. I felt uneasy about his dick coming so close to my face, but after a few minutes it became routine.

Practically cheek to cheek with Samantha, I had to endure their dirty talk as he had his fun.

“Ugh, your tits are fuckin’ awesome.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Your cock is so good, I’ve never been tit fucked like this before.”

Samantha couldn’t turn to look at me, our faces were too close. Yet the way she said it was condescending, mocking even. I tried to ignore the jab, and focused on my straining erection, which again received no attention.

For a moment there was no talking, just the squishing, slapping sounds of a douchebag tit-fucking my girlfriend. It was hot, I’ll admit it, but I didn’t expect Samantha to start something without asking.

Lance’s cock was so large, that with each thrust it came dangerously close our faces, and until now it had stayed that way.

Suddenly I heard a kiss, and then another, and another. Tilting my head, I realized that my girlfriend had started kissing his dick, giving the head a smooch every other time it came in range.

I wasn’t sure if I should stop her, but after a full minute watching, I felt that my moment to speak had passed. I looked up to Lance, and he smiled back, sharing a non verbal understanding.

Now his thrusts became slower, a quick withdrawal, and a very prolonged thrust, holding his cock to her face for a few seconds, clenching his ass cheeks, then pulling back and thrusting again.

Each time, she allowed half of his swollen head to pass her lips, sucking the tip before he pulled away, essentially cleaning and swallowing his leaking pre-cum.

Now she released a little moan after each successful kiss, and as to further show her enjoyment she began leaning into each thrust, getting the entire head in her mouth. Each thrust came to a stop for a few seconds, allowing her to suckle the large purple mushroom before he pulled back and started again.

I was losing control of the situation, I knew it could get worse if I didn’t speak up, but I couldn’t bring myself to form words. I guess Lance must have noticed my unease, because I caught him staring directly at me, his mouth hanging open as he pondered going to the next level.

His brow crinkled, he bit his lip a moment and looked thoughtfully at me. I couldn’t speak, and when I gave no question to why he was looking at me, he went for it.

“Ugh, fuck it,” he grunted, turning his attention to Samantha.

Pushing forward, he pulled himself free from her tits, and without objection, pushed half his cock directly into her mouth. She muffled a moan, but her hands didn’t reach to stop him, they reached to squeeze and stroke what wouldn’t fit in her mouth.

His cock was now inches from my face, so close that I could smell it. The veins were huge and swollen, engorged with excitement as he stuffed Samantha’s mouth. Her left cheek, the one touching mine, began to bulge as he forced his cock into her mouth. Each thrust making the bulge poke against my face, yet I still said nothing.

Resolved to see this to the end, and knowing how much enjoyment my girlfriend was having, I deciding to contribute. No longer needing my hands to support her, I reached around and took hold of a breast, while my other hand slipped under her dress and found her drenched pussy.

Adding to her pleasure increased her effort to suck him, and after a few minutes of fingering her, Lance was ready to finish.

“Fuck yeah, keep sucking, baby, I’m so close.”

Everything had gone off the rails, one hand-job turned into a tit fuck, a blow job, and as I soon predicted, one giant facial.

“Oh fuck, here it comes, open up!”

I only realized I was in the line of fire when he pulled away and started masturbating, but as I prepared to move, he shouted for me to stay where I was. With my own dick still straining to be free, any logical thought disappeared.

Cheek to cheek, my girlfriend and I looked up at him as I continued fingering her pussy and tweaking her nipple. I could feel and smell her breath as she held her tongue out, and for a brief moment I considered doing the same.

Luckily, a tiny fraction of sense remained in me, and I squinted my eyes just before the eruption began. Lips closed, eyes barely open, I could see just enough to watch his cum as it blasted our faces. The warm, chunky white goo splattered into our hair, across our faces, her eyes, my nose, between our cheeks, down her chest, across her tongue, onto my lips, and rolling over my chin.

His heavy breathing was all that remained in our stunned silence. I opened my eyes to find him smiling over me, mocking me as he squeezed the last drops onto Samantha’s tongue.

I pulled away enough to get a better look at her damage, but when I did she mistook my interest as a sign to kiss. With her tongue still covered in thick white slime, she twisted her torso and grabbed my face, pulling me into a french kiss I couldn’t escape.

The salty, musky taste flooded my brain and even my nose. The stench making my eyes water as her tongue swirled the sperm around mine before pushing it down my throat. Somehow, to shame I’d rather not admit, my cock erupted in my shorts as Samantha continued to kiss, and feed me Lance’s disgusting sperm.

Once free from her lips, she hugged me and began thanking me for letting so much happen. I was in shock by this point, but if there was something I knew, it was how horny she would be once Lance left us.

Still, I remained quiet, and just nodded before she gave me another quick kiss, and turned to Lance’s shrinking cock. Giving it a few more strokes and a few quick licks, she thanked him too, and told him it was more fun than she’s ever had.

Part of that stung, but even I couldn’t deny how powerful my own orgasm was. But now that seed had been spilled, reality had returned, and I felt a familiar hatred growing.

It was time for Lance to leave, I had a girlfriend to play with.

THREE ————————————————-

“Oh my god, look how wet my pussy is.”

My jaw dropped as I stared at Samantha. I had expected the festivities to end once everyone reached climax, but that idea was quickly fading. She had stood beside me and raised her dress, exposing the stubble covered peach that I lovingly ate everyday.

She wasn’t wrong about being wet; the mixed stimulation of being fingered, while sucking another man’s cock and then being blasted with cum must have put her body into overdrive. The pink, swollen little mound was visibly drooling clear honey, enough for the stream to be constantly flowing.

Still on my knees, her pussy was practically in my face as she showed off to Lance and I. Stepping closer, she smiled down at me and opened her legs, tapping the top of her muff and inviting me for a taste. My mouth opened instinctively, but before my lips could meet her’s, Lance took a step and placed himself beside me.

“Damn, girl, you messy,” he said crudely.

I was close enough to feel the heat coming from her opening, making my head swim, drunk in the idea of eating my girlfriend’s pussy. Somehow, I had forgotten about making Lance leave, who had now overstayed his welcome.

As I leaned forward and went for a taste, I was paralyzed in shock when Lance’s hand beat me there. Without permission, his fingers sunk into the waterfall of her pussy, squishing and slapping as he gave my girlfriend half a minute of rapid, quick thrust fingering that splashed juices across her thighs, onto his hand, and even onto my face.

“Damn, boy, look how wet I got your girl’s pussy,” Lance chuckled.

“Oh god,” she groaned, her knees buckling as he fingered her.

After a full minute he finally pulled away, making room for my mouth again. Samantha smiled down at me, a sheepish, drunk look as if she was high on drugs. Reaching between her legs, she pressed her fingers against the labia, spreading the folds and showing everyone the pink inside.

He laughed and examined his hand, the webbing of liquid between his fingers like thick slime. I was still in my daze as I watched everything unfold, but when his hand returned to his cock, smearing my girlfriend’s cum over it like lube, I quickly snapped back to reality.

Somehow I hadn’t noticed, but with Lance to my left and Samantha to my right, their genitals were only a foot apart. My girlfriend held her pussy open, inviting anyone that wanted it; and Lance was stroking himself hard again, the fat, veiny cock swelling in size and aimed directly at my girlfriend’s dripping pussy.

I couldn’t allow myself to lose control again, if I didn’t put a stop to it right then, Lance would end up fucking her in front of me, I just knew it. I made a move to stand, but Samantha’s hand caught my hair, pulling me into the sweet nectar that drooled to the floor.

I had never been so conflicted before in my life. I had to stop Lance, I had to make him leave, yet the delicious pussy I was feasting on had brought back my erection, and I could feel my mind slipping away the longer I swallowed her fluids.

“Oooh, do it, baby,” Samantha purred, grinding my face harder into her muff.

For a moment I lost myself completely, I forgot about Lance, I forgot where we were, I forgot about caring and closed my eyes, spending the next few minutes just devouring her slippery, delicious cunt. She humped my face, moaning and pulling my hair as I worked my tongue like a magician, flicking her exposed clit, nipping at her labia, and shoving my tongue so deep you’d think I was trying to hit her womb with it.

As much as I swallowed and tried to clean her messy pussy, once I pulled away I discovered that I had only made her hornier. Slowly coming to my senses, I hadn’t even noticed that Lance’s cock had been poking against my face the entire time. The bulbus head smearing precum across my cheek, and once my mouth was away from her pussy, his cock fell across it, clumsily stabbing her stomach as it bounced in my face.

Looking up from the floor, I realized that Lance had been busy sucking on her titties, biting them roughly and leaving teeth marks. Samantha’s head was back, her eyes closed, but her hand had reached below and was now jerking him in my face.

My head was still fuzzy, I showed almost no reaction as she moved and pushed his cock around, hitting me several times with it. Then, the moment I feared took one step closer. I watched, dumbfounded as Samantha pulled his cock to her entrance, using the head like a toy and rubbing it through her pussy lips, teasing him without giving penetration.

Somehow I managed to move, and before anything else could happen I reached out and blocked her entrance with my hand, causing them to stop and look down at me.

“No … No, no, no … we … you can’t do this, not this,” I said, struggling to form a proper sentence.

Samantha was expressionless, but Lance didn’t like my cock block. Taking his dick back into his own hand, he stepped away and continued stroking as he spoke.

“What’re you talkin’ about, man? Come on, we’re just having fun.”

“No … I can’t let you … that’s not … no.”

Samantha was no help, and I could see the conflict in her eyes. Half wanted to be fucked, the other half knew she shouldn’t. I knew it was up to me. If I failed to say no, I’d be watching them mate within minutes.

“You need to loosen up, man,” Lance smirked, stepping over and pushing his cock against the back of my hand, trying to get to the pussy on the other side, “I bet I can make her loosen up too,” he said, making him and Samantha both laugh.

I struggled to keep his dick away, but just as I was preparing to launch an attack on his oversized balls, Samantha stopped me.

“What if I do all those kinky things you wanted?”

I swallowed nervously, and Lance removed his dick from my hand. “Wh-what do you mean,” I asked, shaken from my fear of watching them together.

“I’m so hot right now, baby,” she moaned, reaching down and grabbing my hair, “just let me have this, and I swear I’ll do all those dirty, nasty things you’ve always wanted.”

My face was pulled into her muff again, and as before my mind began swirling in ecstasy. Her voice was quiet now, and I could feel Lance’s cock tapping against the back of my neck, leaving a wet spot of precum. The intoxicating taste was melting my brain, and with my cock at full attention, I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop them much longer.

Perhaps on some level I wanted to see them fuck, but as I pulled away from her pussy, she promised that my reward would be even better than his. I couldn’t speak, and as Samantha turned her body, it allowed Lance to step in front of me.

My hand was no longer blocking him, and I watched with tunnel vision as his cock approached the pink. I had never agreed to her deal though, and some small sense still remained, however weak.

Lance smiled down at me before reaching out and ruffling my hair. “Don’t worry, buddy, you might still fit when I’m done with her,” he said, making them both laugh.

“I doubt it,” she added with a grin.

Standing over me, she lifted her leg and placed it on my shoulder, giving Lance easier access to the wet mound I so coveted. From where I sat, I had a front row seat to the show as he lined his head up to her entrance.

Suddenly, my last shred of resistance manifested, and I reached forward attempting to stop the madness. I took his large cock in my hand, feeling the weight and girth that dwarfed my own. I’m not sure if I was physically weak, or if subconsciously I just couldn’t fight them, but as I held his cock, the head began pushing past her lips.

“No, no, no, no, no, no …” I whimpered, attempting to stop him.

Then I noticed Samantha’s hands squeezing his bare ass, pulling him into her. My last little cries of resistance finally sputtered out, and I watched his cock disappear completely up the beautiful pussy that was once mine.

Using my shoulder as a prop, I could feel every thrust as he began working himself in Samantha’s small opening. I had let it happen, and all I could do was watch.
“Oh my god, Lance, fuck! It’s so big,” she groaned, grinding her hips as he worked to slowly stretch her.

I was distraught and turned on at the same time. It was the sexiest, and more terrifying thing I had ever watched. After a few minutes of opening her up, he began to fuck her in earnest. His thrusts became quicker, the slapping became louder, and his balls swung wildly as I watched her pussy, drenched in her love juice, soak his cock completely.

The sweet nectar I had come to love was running down his shaft, mixing with his pre-cum, rolling over his shaven, heavy nutsack, and dripping onto the carpet below, forming a large wet spot under them.

When Samantha’s moans became muffled, I looked up to find another shocking specticle: they were kissing. Samantha’s face still carried Lance’s chunky sperm, as did mine, and I bet she still had his cum on her breath, but none of that seemed to bother him. They kissed passionately as his cock continued invading her, and in the brief moment I was watching, he opened his eyes and caught me looking.

Shoving my head back slightly, he held his middle finger directly to my face, flipping me off before giving my cheek a few stinging slaps. Normally I would have ripped his balls off, but after everything that had happened, I barely had the energy to resist.

“Who’s pussy is this,” he asked after breaking the kiss.

“Ughh, it’s your pussy, baby,” Samantha moaned back.

“Say it louder!”

“It’s your pussy! It’s your pussy!”

Without warning Lance reached for my hair, yanking me to the floor. I landed on my back, looking up at his balls as they swung over me. Moving Samantha, he forced her down and over my face, giving me the underside view of his cock entering her from behind.

Watching him fuck her doggy style was perhaps even better than before, except now all the juice from their sex was drooling directly onto my face. Her cum, mixed with his cock and ball sweat had mingled and was now a swinging river of drool coming straight off his balls.

“Oh my god, Lance, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Stretch my little pussy more!”

Part of me wanted to cry, but as my face was dizzled in fluids, Samantha reached into my pants and finally freed my cock. Her mouth felt like fire, the heat from her tongue causing me to nearly erupt.

Eventually I couldn’t fight it anymore, and opened my mouth, giving up the idea of stopping them. The sweet and salty mixture of fluids began pouring into my mouth, and my cock twitched in delight as she teased me with little kisses.

Her pussy was visibly stretched now, and as I licked more slime from my lips, Samantha had her first orgasm, something I’d never seen before.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum! Gonna cum! Gonna cum!” Repeating it over and over again, Lance speed up his thrusts, causing more liquid to splash my face. But just as she began to scream, he pulled his cock free, giving me a clear view of her ruined pussy.

The soft, pink little petals I had loved were now stretched and red, a gaping hole between them that twitched, opening and closing as her orgasm shook her body. Unexpectedly, when the brunt force of pleasure finally hit, she screamed and started squirting like a hose.

The blast of liquid hit me straight in the face, and as she trembled and attempted to regain her composure, Lance simply shoved himself back inside her.

I’m not sure how long I watched them fuck, but Samantha had another orgasm before Lance finally reached his. Lying under them, my hair and shirt now drenched, Lance began grunting and telling us how close he was to blowing his wad.

By now I was ready, I couldn’t wait to watch his balls contract and spill his entire load into Samantha’s ruined cunt. I knew I had lost control, but at least I could be there for her, and I could watch Samantha be happy.

During his orgasm, Lance shoved himself completely against her, bottoming out and making her scream as his balls clenched, and he emptied everything inside the girl I loved.
After a moment of them grunting together and catching their breath, Lance began the slow withdrawal of his cock.

I didn’t need to be told what was next. Raising my head, my nose pressed into the underside of his cock, letting me smell his musk before the head popped out of her pussy, and the flood of thick, chunky sperm poured straight into my mouth.

Just as I expected, Samantha leaned back and planted her freshly fucked muff over my face. Her thighs blocked my ears, and I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I heard laughter as I licked, sucked, and swallowed everything from the inside of her loose, sore pussy.

Lance and Samantha had cum so much that my stomach was nearly full by the time I swallow their fluids. Struggling to breath, she eventually let me up, spinning around and sitting on my chest, pinning me to the floor with her large ass.

“Thank you, baby,” she smiled down at me, still rubbing the gaping hole that was her pussy.

“Yeah thanks, man, that was some good pussy,” Lance mocked, standing over me with his cock still dripping onto my face.

Out of us three, I was the only not to cum. I believe that was their intention, because once I came, I would regret everything that had happened.

“Listen, honey, Lance and I need to rest a few minutes,” she said sweetly, making me nod my head in agreement. “Go into the kitchen and get us a drink okay? Once we rest up I’ll do all those kinky fantasies for you, alright?”

Again I nodded stupidly, and once released, I stumbled to the kitchen and started looking through the fridge. Laughter in the bedroom caught my attention, but I was too focused on getting their drink.

I knew how screwed up the situation was, but with my dick still hard, my brain simply wouldn’t function the way I needed. My only hope was to pray Samantha was tired, and was ready to send Lance home.

Grabbing the drinks, I shuffled down the hallway and re-entered the bedroom, greeted by two sinister smiles.

FOUR (Final Chapter)


I'm just a guy trying to find what I enjoy most. Currently I like writing erotic stories, but I've been increasingly busy so I'd have little time for it.

8 thoughts on “Risk & Reward

    1. Sinister smiles? Does thst leave room for an epilogue or another chapter! My goodness ive red this like 6 times and rubbed myself to orgasm as well yum


      1. Is there a timetable for that? Im all excited ha i can only guess what may happen although i have a few ideas forming


      2. I’m currently working on … three different stories, one of which is R&R, but I haven’t started it yet. Since it rolled those two out so fast, it will be after these other two. Hopefully it wont be long.


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