What Friends Are For

Contains: Cuckold, snuff, Incest, Urine, MM

— —


Another hot day in the middle of Georgia, Sammy and his family have arrived at a local flea-market per usual. In ritualistic fashion they come every Sunday, looking across the multitude of tables in hopes of finding something new or cheap. Sam was an average 18-year-old teenage boy with a dirty mind, mainly influenced by his friends. Growing up around them he had developed a unique sexual character, enjoying nearly every different fetish or fantasy. It was something he hid very well, known only to his group of friends.

His father, an unremarkable man of 38 was a car salesmen for a local dealership, making a good living for his family. Although not the most intimidating, he constantly found himself pushed around by other men who would flirt with his wife, or bully his son. Recent stress from his job had caused him to become lackluster in bed, which then turned into erectile dysfunction, something Sammy’s friends found hilarious, giving him the nickname: Limp Dick.

Lastly was his mother Donna, who at 37 years old looked fantastic. A former cheerleader in high-school she had continued with enough rigorous exercise to stay fit and curvy. With dazzling green eyes, her once young and perky body had relaxed more with age, but had also filled out in the right places. Her breast large enough to bounce as she walked, a gorgeous C cup that everyone loved watching, including her own son and his friends. With a love for squats and Pilates, her legs and ass had remained toned and voluptuous, which she happily highlighted by wearing yoga pants everywhere she went, something else that didn’t go unnoticed by the people around her.

Walking behind his parents, mainly his mother, Sammy browsed the tables looking for anything video game, or comic book related. When not stealing a glance at his own mother’s spandex covered ass, he made sure to snap pictures on his phone to show his friends. He could feel his dick starting to swell at the thought of their rude comments, and what they might do to her. Trying to focus on something else, he stopped at a nearby table and searched through a box of junk until his hard on had receded. The owner behind the table stepped up to say hello when Sam noticed the large bulge in the front of his dirty sweatpants, suddenly Sam’s hard on was threatening to return.

Considered by his friends as ‘girly’ or even called ‘twink’, he Inherited his mother’s shapely backside, and enjoyed wearing jeans that hugged his rump and teased anyone that looked. Sharing his mother’s hazel colored hair and his father’s brown eyes, Sammy could almost be mistaken for a girl by the way he swayed his hips and dressed. When he caught Mr. Sweatpants looking him up and down, Sam gave a big smile that showed his pretty white teeth, then winked before leaving, feeling the eyes on his ass.

Despite the homoerotic attitude he carried, Sammy wasn’t gay. Fooling around with his friends when they were younger had made him at most bisexual, going as far as rimming one friend’s asshole in a dare. Currently single Sammy enjoyed being around his horny friends more than anything, except perhaps being around his mother’s fat behind. Sam’s fantasies had evolved over the years, now reaching an all time high with his friends pushing him into darker and dirty things, including snuff fantasies and scat. Of all the kinky fetishes that turned him on, he had no idea that one of them would become real in only a few hours.

Racing back to his parents he intentionally bumped into his mother, giving her squishy ass a squeeze. Rewarding him with a playful scolding for running into her, she never told her husband how many times her son had groped her. Sam knew his parents weren’t having sex, which meant his mother had become friskier, letting him get away with flirting with her. His devilish smile made her giggle as she walked, holding her husband’s hand. With the way she flirted back, Sam wondered if perhaps she was just as secretly kinky as he was.


The day rolled on and grew hotter before they stopped at the local refreshment area. His father standing in line for drinks, Donna and Sam sat beside each other and flirted without him knowing. Reaching under the table Sam felt up her thigh before giving it a big squeeze, to his excitement she giggled and lightly slapped his hand away. Thinking it was all she would do he jumped from shock when her hand found its way up his thigh, except she squeezed more than his leg. Unaware until she had done it, her mouth hung open in surprise when she felt her son’s stiff cock against his thigh.

“Oh wow,” she said while removing her hand and blushing, a nervous but happy smile on her face.

Sam tried to contain his excitement, but he had to at least say something. “Was that second base, or third base?” he whispered making her blush more.

After walking another hour the lemon-aid had finally caught up with them, and they decided to take a bathroom break. Sam wanted to use the old bathroom, the dirty smelly one that no one ever entered.It would give him time to be alone, and tell his friends what had happened between him and his mother. Running off to the abandoned restroom, no one noticed the shady looking stranger watching him.

Inside was poorly lit and Sam could smell urine and feces, a smell that didn’t really bother him or his friends. Walking to the very back, he found the large empty shower area. Unzipping his pants and removing his stiff cock, he had trouble trying to pee. Standing alone for a solid minute, he could hear someone else enter the restroom, their boots shuffling on the dirty white floor. He hadn’t started to worry, until he heard the stranger opening each and every bathroom stall, like he was looking for someone. Getting scared, he turned around just in time to see Mr. Sweatpants standing behind him.

“Ooh no way.” The large black man said, staring down at Sam’s erect penis.

Putting the pieces together, he understood what Mr. Sweatpants must have thought. The smile, the wink, now being alone in a bathroom with his cock out, it all made sense. Sam backed away as he walked closer, trying to explain the misunderstanding. The large black man didn’t care though, telling Sammy that he was released from prison a month ago, and had yet to get laid. Pulling down his sweatpants the huge fat cock flopped free, it’s size far bigger then all his friend’s.

Telling Mr. Sweatpants no was a bit challenging, since Sammy’s cock was still rock hard and a clear indicator that he was excited.

“Get down on yo knees.” He ordered.

Fear now gripped him, all the fantasies and kinks he had didn’t compare to the real thing, especially when he was staring down the 9″ black cock of a former criminal. Now pushed into the corner, Sammy sunk to his knees as the dick in his face started to drool and rub against his lips. He had given oral before, but it had been completely different involving his friend’s small white one in the safety of his home.

Smegma around the strangers cock was a clear picture of how long it had been since he washed, but Sam was out of options. Worried more about being beat up then sucking, he reached out to cradle the black man’s big heavy balls, while his tongue licked it’s way around the filthy head. Mr. Sweatpants was in heaven as his cock received little kisses and licks from the young white boy, whose cock still hadn’t went flaccid. After sucking, licking, and swallowing his cock clean, Sam’s kinky depraved side started kicking in. Now working harder on the fat member, he slid his tongue up and down it’s length, fitting it all in his mouth was impossible.

Nearly about to cum, he heard the bathroom door swing open and someone else walk in.

“Sammy you in here? Your mom’s ready to leave, let’s go!” He shouted, the footsteps getting closer until he walked up behind them and stared in disbelief.

Shouting curses and thinking his son was being raped, he lunged forward and grabbed the black man pulling him away from his son. Stuffing his cock away, Sam watched his father and the much larger black man wrestled back and forth, yelling and throwing punches.

Between running for help or trying to stop them, Sammy ended up only watching as his father started losing the fight. The black man’s large cock continued to drool and flop around as he brought Sam’s father to his back and started hitting him. Just as he was about to yell for help, the memory of an internet video flashed in his mind. It was very similar to what was happening in front of him: a much larger man beating down a smaller one, the video had helped Sammy get off when he watched it. The situation wasn’t helped by Sammy’s cock which if anything, had become even harder.

“Fuck you white boy!” Mr. Sweatpants yelled with a final punch, knocking his father out cold.

Standing over the unconscious body, the black man took hold of his cock and continued jerking it while catching his breath.

“Goddamn. I’m about to nut.” He said stroking faster over the beaten and bruised man, the tip drooling precum across his victim.

Sammy watched in fear, unsure of what would happen next, afraid to move or call for help. His eyes jumped between his father’s ruined face, and the black man’s heavy balls swinging like a pendulum.

“Fuck it, I’m gonna get my nut.” He moaned, taking a step forward before placing his boot on the white man’s face. Groaning and jerking wildly, Sammy watched Mr. Sweatpants raise his foot before stomping back down into his father’s head.

“Daddy!” Sammy cried rushing over and dropping to his knees in front of the black man.

“Fuuuuck, here it comes!” He moaned loudly before stomping harder into his face several more times, eventually standing bow legged with one boot on the floor and the other on what remained of the white man’s pulverized skull.

While crying over his father the black man climaxed, his big cock spitting wildly and spraying his nut across everything below him, including Sammy’s face, shirt, hair, floor and father. After catching his breath, he laughed and flicked the remaining cum onto Sam’s nose.

“Goddamn that felt good! You get your nut too?” He asked while Sammy stared at what was left of his father’s face.

“Yeah.” He sobbed, a big wet spot forming in the front of his pants.

“Fuck yeah you did, a brotha gotta get his nut you feel me?” He said stuffing his cock away, finally removing his boot from the crushed skull of Sam’s father.

“Fuuuck yeah, look at that! I actually smashed his fuckin’ brains out!” He said excitedly, getting a look at what he had done before rubbing his cock again.

For a moment everything was silent, no one outside had any clue about what had happened inside the restroom. His mother somewhere outside wondering what was taking so long.

Starting to go into shock, Sam quickly removed his cell phone and snapped three photos of his father’s annihilated skull, before turning to Mr. Sweatpants and yanking his cock back out. “What the hell you doing?” He said in surprise. Using his phone’s camera he started snapping pictures of Mr. Sweatpants’ heavy black cock. Different angles, above and below, also getting his balls and leaking tip before stuffing the phone back into his pocket. “Daaamn boy.” He said smiling.

“Hey I gotta run, don’t snitch a’ight?” He said before pulling his pants back up and running out of the bathroom. Feeling light headed, it was only a second before Sam’s eyes rolled back and he passed out from the shock.

Three weeks had passed before Donna received her husband’s ashes, the bronze urn now sat above their fireplace beside his family photo. She couldn’t believe he was gone, her only comfort now coming from her son who was there whenever she needed him. However beyond helping his mother, Sam locked himself away from the world, even his friends, until today.

As traumatizing as the event was, Sammy had been constantly fighting the conflicting feelings of it. He missed his father beyond words, and cried just thinking of him. Then on the other side of his mind, he remembers the grunts, moans, brain matter, and remembers cumming without ever touching his cock. For three weeks he’s been trying to lock away those feelings, knowing they’re wrong. Avoiding his friends has been the hardest, because he knows what they will say, and it wouldn’t help him fight those same evil thoughts.

Walking into the kitchen he found his mother bent over the sink, her yoga pants tight enough to look painted on. When she noticed him her face lit up with a smile, and seeing her smile instantly made Sammy feel better. Making himself a sandwich, his mother started talking about getting out of the house. Her idea was having dinner at a restaurant, a double date with her son and two of her friends. “I’ll be your date?” He laughed, starting to cheer up. “You bet, Handsome.” She said with a wink. It wasn’t much, but maybe getting out and doing something would take their minds off what happened.

After showering and getting dressed Sammy put on his favorite cologne, then waited for Donna to finish getting ready. Stepping out of her room and into the den, Sammy was astonished by how attractive she looked. Her short black dress hugged her waist tightly and pushed her chest up giving her cleavage. Spinning around for an examination, Sammy also noticed how tight the dress squeezed her backside making it bulge. “You look amazing.” He said making her blush. Swaying her hips as she walked, she smirked and headed for the car.

Once inside the restaurant he observed his mother getting nervous, but couldn’t blame her, neither of them had been out in nearly three weeks. Meeting her friends, Sammy shook hands with the boyfriend while Donna hugged her female co-worker. The double date was underway as they sat down to their table and started making chit-chat. His mother seemed happy again, laughing and smiling, but somehow still nervous, now fidgeting in her seat.

When their food arrive, it didn’t slow down the conversation between women. Sammy however had clammed up, eating slowly and listening to them chatter. “Having fun?” Donna asked when she caught him playing with his food. For a moment the couple opposite the table was talking, and not paying attention to her or Sammy, and she felt this was the perfect time to surprise him. “It’s gonna be okay.” She said softly, knowing he was missing his father. To take his mind off it, she reached under the table and found his upper thigh, giving is a soft squeeze.

Jumping in his seat the entire table clattered as his knee hit its underside. His mother held back laughter as everyone around them turned from their plates to see what happened. It had been three weeks since they last flirted, and Sammy thought it would never happen again. His shock was paramount only to his happiness, a big smile crossing his face before he laughed. “Sorry, just a nervous twitch.” He said after everyone had calmed down.

Now sitting with a permanent smile he waited for the couple to start eating again, before returning the favor and squeezing Donna’s big thigh. Then something happened he didn’t expect, she didn’t slap his hand away, in fact she blushed and bit her lip seductively before smiling back. Sam yanked his hand away and stared straight ahead, eyes wide, suddenly as nervous as she had been. Was this why she had been acting weird, planning on this, wanting something more to happen? With the noise in the restaurant back on high, she leaned over and whispered into his ear knowing no one else could hear it. “I’m not wearing anything under my dress.” She said softly.

His mouth fell open as she leaned back and started talking to her friend again. His mind raced and hands shook, was she actually going to do something with him? Despite his fear his cock started to grow, swelling and stretching the fabric as it hardened against his leg. “Relax.” She said when noticing how scared he was.

When the dessert finally arrived, the boyfriend of her co-worker stood and excused himself from the table. Once he left for the bathroom, Donna’s co-worker had a chance to change the subject. “Your son quite the cutie, Donna.” She said smiling at him. Sammy rolled his eyes and blushed, too nervous to thank her for the complement. “Hey get your own man, he’s mine.” His mother said jokingly while leaning against him, her hand resting in his lap. “Hahaha, I bet the girls can’t get their hands off you.” Donna’s friend said laughing as Sam bit his lip and stayed quiet.

His mother’s hand had found the bulge in his pants, and was now squeezing it every few seconds. “I guess he’s just shy.” Donna said smiling at him, their eyes locking as she smirked wickedly at him.

The rest of dinner continued without anyone noticing that Donna’s left arm never came back up, or that Sammy remained red faced and quiet the entire time. After finishing dessert it was time to leave, so they said their goodbyes while Sam tried his best to hide his boner. Once back in the car, He and Donna remained silent until the long stretch of road home. “So..” He said, trying to bring up what had happened. When she didn’t answer, he continued. “Nothing at all?” He asked, leaning forward trying to examine her while she drove.

Glancing over and smiling she used a free hand to pull the side of her dress up, showing her bare thigh and the curve of her ass. Sammy was still a virgin, and the idea of having sex with a girl, let alone his own mother was overwhelming. “Oh fuck.” He said breathlessly before reaching over and putting his hand on her. She jumped slightly, just as nervous but never pushing him away. Moving deeper into her thigh, he felt the freshly shaven stubble of her soft plump pussy, already hot to the touch. Slightly lower and his hand dipped into her sticky wet opening, making her shudder and inhale.

It had been months since she had sex last, and now her own son was getting her flustered and hot. Due to the space between car seats, he couldn’t do much at the moment expect rubbing his fingers over her soft sticky mound, making her legs shake and squeeze together every few seconds. Nearly running off the road they both snapped back to attention while she corrected the wheel. With his hand no longer between her legs, he grew curious about the taste and started sucking his fingers clean.

Donna noticed and turned scarlet, fully aware that her son was tasting her pussy. Pulling her dress back into place she suggested waiting until they were home, due to her lack of focus on the road. Sam agreed and started stroking through his pants, which she noticed immediately. “That’s really not helping me focus, Sam.” She said laughing, trying not to stare while her son playing with himself.

When they arrived home more awkwardness had crept up, leaving them nervous about what to do. Donna was the first to speak as they stood in the living room. “Give me a few minutes, okay?” She said nervously before awkwardly leaning down and kissing him, sending jolts of pleasure to his dick.

Rushing back to her room, she undressed and let her hair down as she struggled with the idea of fucking her son. True it had been a long time since she had sex, but was that really enough reason to commit incest? She knew how attractive he made her feel, and how much he wanted something to happen, but having sex would forever change their relationship, there would be no going back.

Still in the living room, Sam struggled with the same ideas. Sure his dick was hard, and he had fantasies of it, but like Mr. Sweatpants the real thing was far different then fantasy. He also knew this might be his only chance with her, if he said no it would never come up again. Down the hallway he heard her door open, and watched her head lean out around it. With one arm extended she waved him back with one finger, trying to be sexy for him, although it came off as clumsy and awkward.

His feet felt heavy as he walked, terrified and thrilled he slowly stepped through her bedroom door and soaked in the view. Sitting nude on the edge of the mattress with her legs open and her hands behind her, she smiled. “Hey baby.” She said in a motherly sort of way, somehow this turned Sam on more. He could tell she was just as hesitant as he was, but also noticed the large soaked spot under her pussy. “Ready for another taste?” Her voice sounding shaky as she opened her legs more.

In spite of his fear, seeing his mother invite him to eat her pussy made him crazy. He couldn’t help but smile as he stepped over and dropped to his knees, this close he could hear just how breathless she had become. Her heart raced as Sam looked up at her from between her legs, his pretty brown eyes reminding her of her husband. She shook away those thoughts, and smiled back at him before placing her hand on the back of his head and pulling him in.

Fireworks went off in her mind as his tongue glided across her labia and swollen clit, immediately her legs squeezed together trapping his head between her big thighs. The flavor of her pussy was new and enjoyable, but the simple act of licking his own mother’s vagina made it the best thing he had ever experienced. Sound was removed as her legs covered his ears, still licking across her slit he reached below and released his cock from It’s fabric cage.

He could feel Donna’s body shake with each pass of his tongue, eventually pushing it inside her. Falling onto her back and gripping the sheets she could no longer hold in her vocalization, and screamed loudly as she came for the first time. Sammy’s skill at eating pussy wasn’t great, nor did she expect it to be, however the fact that she hadn’t been touched in so long, multiplied by the awareness of knowing it Sammy drove her wild. Her arousal being so high when she came, that Sam was rewarded with a great gush of liquid across his face.

He had seen porn of women who could squirt when horny enough, but never imagined he would be splashed in the face by one. Jerking his cock below the bed, he continued eating her out until she eventually made him stop. Cumming and squirting twice more, she finally begged him to take a break. Leaning back from her pussy, she could see that his face and hair was drenched in her cum. “Oh my god, I gave my son a facial.” She said laughing as he smiled like a man triumphant from battle.

She thanked him for giving her such attention, then rewarded him with a kiss, this time their first french kiss. Feeling his mother’s tongue in his mouth made him light headed, he loved it. When they broke apart, she looked down to find his dick straining and twitching, the carpet below soaked in his precum. “I guess It’s time to return the favor.” She said with excitement before sliding off the bed and switching places with him. Now sitting in a pool of her pussy soaked bed sheets, Donna began rubbing his legs as she stared at his cock.

Unknown to her was just how close Sam already was, eating her pussy had pushed him to his limits. Try as he might, he knew he wouldn’t last long once she started. Donna’s pussy still dripping with excitement, she leaned forward and pushed her nose up his length, taking in the musky sent of his throbbing hot dick. This alone was almost enough to make him cum, clenching his abs and ass cheeks from the rush, he released a moan of bliss just before she devoured his entire cock.

She never wanted to tell her son that his penis was small, instead she just enjoyed being able to deep throat him, and caress his balls while she did. Now it was Sam’s turn squeeze his legs together, overcome by the pleasure his mother’s wet tongue gave him. She had only just started sucking him when he began to spasm, feeling it in her mouth she simply continued sucking and moaning. With the tip of his cock pushed against her tongue, she felt it erupt two, three, four times before she had to remove it. Once out she held it near her face while it fired off three more shots then dribbled down her fingers and wedding ring.

“Wow, what a load!” She yelled after swallowing. “Uuuughhh..” Was all Sam could say as he laid back on the bed, his balls empty but cock still twitching trying to release more.

After resting and trying to recover, Sam couldn’t get his hardon to return. He wanted to continue, and nearly begged his mother to do more, but she let him down easy. “We have all the time in the world, honey.” She explained, also telling him that they could start again tomorrow night after work. Sammy didn’t want to quit, but his dick had no life left.

Letting her son take a picture of her cum soaked face, they shared one last kiss before she sent him off to bed. It was the first night in three weeks that they both felt good, felt happy. Laying in his bed, replaying the entire event in his head, he heard his cell phone vibrate. Picking it off his nightstand, he flipped it open to find a text from his best friend Mark.

“Come on, man, we saw the news about your dad, please let us come over so we can talk,” Mike’s text read.

Feeling better about everything, Sam clicked the buttons on his phone. “Mom will be at work all day tomorrow, bring everyone,” he wrote back.


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