Lights Out

Contains: Cheating, Bukkake, Urine, Humiliation, Violence, and Betrayal.


Winter had swept into the simple suburban neighborhood like it always had, laying trees barren while snow descended across the state.

Sheltered from the wind and the cold, Brandon Ellis and his friends had taken refuge in a local bowling alley, throwing a birthday party for his mother.

In the back, roped off from the rest of the building, festivities were being enjoyed by the large group, laughing and enjoying the alcohol as the weather outside grew worse.

“You boys are terrible.” Nancy giggled, attempting to finish yet another beer as the group cheered her on. Among them stood nearly two dozen young men, along with several older men, some of whom were fathers. However, the only woman in the entire crowd, was Nancy.

“Chug, Chug, Chug!” the group chanted, watching the golden liquid pour pass her lips, spilling over and running into her cleavage where it soaked her white blouse.

Nancy had retained her youthful appearance over the years, giving birth to Brandon when she was only 16, making her the youngest, and most attractive, mother in the town of Greywood. With the other mothers jealous of her looks, and no female friends to join her birthday, she remained surrounded by the opposite sex.

Gathered together in the front of the crowd stood her son’s three best friends: Mike Choi, a short, black haired Asian boy; Johnny Cook, a tall, lanky, red haired geek; and finally David White, the muscular, athletic, blonde haired leader of their group.

It had become clear to the gang that Nancy was wasted, slurring her words and staggering as they each attempted to help her walk, groping her through the crowd, squeezing her whenever Brandon wasn’t looking.

“You okay, Ms. Ellis?” Mike asked, grabbing a handful of her ass while helping her into a nearby chair.

“Here, let me help you with that.” Dave suggested, reaching out and opening the top button on her blouse, exposing more of her wet, ample cleavage.

When she giggled and opened another, the entire group gained a collective smile. Quickly whispering to each other, Mark, Johnny, and Dave pushed through the crowd, finding Brandon lost in the back.

“Hey, dude, do you mind running home real fast?” David asked.

“What for?”

“Your mom spilled some stuff on her shirt, she wants you to go get her a dry one.”

“Yeah, Mike will drive you.” Johnny laughed, shoving him forward.

“Dude, why me?” Choi complained.

“It will only take a minute, man.” Answered David.

Grumbling, they headed for the exit, glancing back at the large group that surrounded Brandon’s mother, still laughing and clapping.

The old El Camino bounced and shook as it drove through the white, snow covered streets, the gusts of wind nearly pushing them from the road as they approached Brandon’s home.

Jumping out of the car, he headed for the house when Mike shouted, “Dude I’m almost out of gas, I’ll be right back, okay?”

Giving a thumbs up, Brandon made his way inside as Choi turned around in the driveway, backing over a garden gnome that was half covered with snow.

Speeding back to the bowling alley, Choi rejoined his friends, laughing when they asked where Brandon was. “Stuck at home like a dork, no way he can walk back in that weather.” he chuckled as the wind rattled the doors.

Pushing through the group, the trio finally rejoined Nancy, smiling broadly as she came into view. With her blouse fully removed, her luxurious, melon sized breasts were hanging free.

Most of the young men had already freed their cocks, moaning as she clumsily stroked them, moaning each time someone came, rocketing their sperm across her chest or face.

“Holy shit,” Choi gushed, “Wh-what if the owner catches us?” he worried.

“See for yourself.” John said, pointing out the oldest, balding fat man beside Nancy, grunting as he sprayed a thick, yellow load across her arm and shoulder.

“Fuck, I’m next then!” Choi laughed, rushing to get in line.

“Hold up.” David said, grabbing him by the shirt and keeping him close. “Johnny and I were talking, and we’ve come up with a plan.”

Choi tilted his head and adjusted his erection, “What do you mean, what plan?”

“When you were gone, Nancy dropped some pretty big secrets.”

“She did?”

“Come on, she’s drunk, I bet she’ll tell us again.”

Now as confused as aroused, Choi followed them closer to Nancy, where another teenager had just ejaculated across her chest, adding to the already soaked, voluptuous mounds.

“Hey, Ms. Ellis, tell us about your son again.”

Sitting inside his house, Brandon stared out the window, still waiting on Choi to return. Pulling out his phone, he quickly punched the buttons and sent a text, asking Choi where he was.

“Ran out of gas, be back soon.” the reply came after two minutes.

Shrugging, Brandon retired to his bedroom, turning on his xbox and preparing to play Call of Duty. Suddenly his phone buzzed again, this time a text from David.

“Where are you two?” he asked.

“Choi ran out of gas, I’m at home waiting.”

“Okay, the party is almost over anyway.”

“That’s okay, I’m not into crowds.” Brandon sent the final text, tossing his phone on the bed before booting up the game.

Fist bumping each other, the boys smiled before watching David stuff his phone away, leaning closer Nancy as her mouth hung open to catch an older father’s cum as it shot across her nose.

“Tell us about your son again.” David asked, smiling as the she pressed her breast together, watching sperm drool down the crack before dripping onto her skirt.

“You mean that mistake I named Brandon?” she hiccuped and swayed in place, giggling as another boy stepped up and placed his drooling cock in her palm.

“Yeah, don’t you love him?” David winked at Choi, waiting on her response.

“No!” she huffed, “I didn’t want him!” her left hand squeezed harder than intended, causing the teen to squeal and stand on his toes, begging to be released.

“Oh shit.” Choi chuckled.

“I never wanted to be a mom.” she complained, flinching when another teenager ejaculated across her face, leavings long white lines in her messy disheveled hair.

“Okay guys, let’s finish up, I think we need to get Ms. Ellis home before her stupid son starts wondering where she is.” Johnny announced to the complaints of everyone else.

Within the final twenty minutes, the gang had finished firing their loads, leaving Nancy drenched in their sperm, not unlike a Japanese bukkake. Everyone with a phone had taken pictures of the final result, posing with her, smiling and recording her as she played with her sperm drenched chest. Luckily for the trio, nearly everyone had drove themselves, so when the scene eventually cleared, only them and Nancy remained.

Only now did they see just how drunk she was, leaning back in her chair, she struggled to stay upright. Taking out their phones, the boys made sure to record as much of her as they could before actually helping.

“We can’t take her back to Brandon.” Johnny said, lifting her skirt and poking his finger against her cotton covered pussy, getting no reaction from the drunken mom.

“What about a hotel?” Choi suggested as he returned from the Bowling Alley’s bar, a small towel in his hands.

“Too expensive, and we need to get her back to Brandon in at least a couple hours. We don’t want him getting suspicious.” David said.

Using the towel, they attempted to clean her chest and face off, smearing her already ruined make-up before re-buttoning her shirt.

“Let’s just take her to my house, my parents should still be at work.” Johnny said.

“Dude, why didn’t you say that in the first place?!” David scolded, slapping him across the back of the head, three stooges style.

Slightly cleaner, but with her white blouse still soaked and sticking to her chest, her nipples were clearly visible as they helped her walk through the bowling alley. Everyone, including the owner, got more than an eye full as she stumbled and laughed, dragging her feet before finally making it outside.

Back home, Brandon paused his game when his cell phone buzzed with another message.

“Dude, Is it okay if I just go back to the party without you? Samuel just  told he needed a ride home.” the text read.

“Uh, yeah that’s fine, just let me know how mom’s doing, she looked like she was getting drunk.” he texted back.

It was another ten minutes before he got a reply, “Yeah she’s pretty drunk, but we’re keeping a close eye on her.”

“Okay thanks, try not to let those old guys hit on her. lol”

“No worries.”

Choi hit send before he closed his phone, shutting his eyes while Nancy leaned over his lap, sloppily sucking at his erection as they drove to Johnny’s house.

“I can’t believe how slutty she is.” he moaned.

“Well you heard her: she never wanted Brandon, she’s just a party girl.” David laughed, fist bumping Johnny.

When they arrived at the two story home, they practically carried her inside, the alcohol leaving her nearly immobile. With her eyes shut, they sat her on the couch where she quickly passed out, slumping against the armrest.

“Fuck, now what?” Choi asked.

“I’m starting to feel like we’re in over our heads here.” Johnny agreed, staring at the unconscious woman on his parent’s sofa.

“You two just calm down,” David said confidently, “we’ll just get her cleaned up, dry her off, and have a little fun, nothing to worry about.”

Removing her blouse proved to be a hassle, leading them to not attempt anything else. The stains on her skirt would remain as they ran her shirt under the bathroom sink, ringing it out before throwing it in the dryer.

Returning with a wet wash cloth, they wiped and cleaned as much sperm from her chest and face as they could. The dried cum in her hair was impossible to remove, so they ignored it.

Now mostly clean, the youths stood around her, groping and squeezing her breast, pinching the nipples and leaving red bite marks everywhere they could.

“I told you being Brandon’s friend would pay off eventually.” David smirked, stepping beside Nancy’s face, rubbing his cock against her cheek and using the friction to pleasure himself.

“I can’t believe he still thinks we’re his friends.” Johnny laughed, pushing her skirt up so he could inspect her pussy.

“How do you think she’ll act when she sobers up?” Choi wondered, still groping at her chest.

“Uh, guys, slight problem.” Johnny squeaked, pointing to Nancy’s crotch.

Everyone crowded closer, pulling her skirt even higher as they watched a trickle of urine fill her white panties before the volume increased, gushing piss across the couch, soaking her skirt and thighs.

“Fuck yeah, that’s awesome!” Choi cheered, stroking faster as Nancy wet herself.

“Dude, fuck you! This isn’t your house, my parents are going to be home in a few hours!” Johnny cried.

“Chill, dude, just.. get some paper towels.” David said, his eyes still glued to the heavy flow of urine as it seeped over the couch and spilled into the carpet.

With Johnny running into the kitchen, Choi and David fist bumped again before leaning closer, pulling her ruined panties aside to watch the stream slowly stop, puddling around her ass.

Moaning and shifting in her seat, the drunken mother was gradually coming around, causing the boys to freeze in their place. Slowly her eyes opened, glancing lazily around the room before noticing her son’s friends below her, inches away from her wet, exposed pussy.

“Okay, guys, I got some paper-” Johnny froze when he ran back in, Nancy’s eyes staring directly at him.

“Uhh-” was all he could utter before a cell phone started ringing, causing them all to jump.

Searching pockets and checking phones, their mouths hung open when they realized it was Nancy’s. Before anyone could move, she answered the call.

“Hello?” she said sluggishly, her free hand pushing between her legs and re-covering her pussy.

“Hey mom, is the party about over?” Brandon asked, causing Nancy to roll her eyes in disgust when hearing his voice.

Looking up at his friends, admiring their exposed erections, Nancy blinked unevenly before smirking. “Not yet, honey.” she answered.

“Will it be much longer?”

When the trio noticed she wasn’t upset, they smiled and stepped closer, putting their cocks within grabbing distance. Reaching out with her free hand, David was the lucky choice as she squeezed and stroked him.

“I just need to finish… a few things.” she answered, still swaying slightly.

“Oh, uh okay then, I guess-” Brandon’s voice was silenced as she ended the call, tossing the phone to the other side of the couch.

“So tired of that little shit.” she slurred angrily, pulling David closer so she could wrap her lips around him.

Holding the back of her head, David groaned as Choi waited his turn. Johnny meanwhile had sunk to his knees below them, attempting desperately to mop up the urine soaked carpet.

The snow storm outside had continued to worsen, rattling the windows as the wind gusted harder, snow threatening to encase them inside.

Taking her time, Nancy performed oral on all three young men, giving them each equal treatment while they enjoyed her skills in cock sucking. By the time each of them had cum, Nancy had begun to sober up, gaining enough balance to stagger to the bathroom.

Waiting in the living room, Johnny resumed scrubbing the carpet as Choi and David paced around the room, attempting to capitalize on the situation.

“I got it!” David said, slapping his fist into his palm.

Choi and Johnny looked up at him, startled by the shouting.

“We have a sleepover with Brandon.” David beamed.

The other two looked at each other, unconvinced of the idea.

“What about Brandon though?” Johnny asked.

“You leave that to me.” Nancy said, stepping out of the bathroom topless, smiling devilishly as she dropped her wet panties to the floor.

“Ms. Ellis?” David could barely respond.

“Call me, Nancy.” she said, walking across the room as her chest bounced hypnotically.

“N-Nancy, ma’am, you’re okay with this?” Johnny looked up as she sat on the dry side of the couch.

Moaning and settling into her spot, she smiled at the young men before opening her legs. “You three are just using my stupid son, right?” she smirked when seeing the surprise on their faces.

“I know how perverted and twisted you are, I’m not stupid.” she said, pinching one of her large nipples. “Lucky for you I’m just as bad.”

“You mean you knew the whole time?” Choi asked, his eyes wide in astonishment.

Nancy shifted in her seat, giving the teens a better view of her exposed crotch. “Of course I did, I love the way you three look at me. You didn’t see me as some old woman with a kid, you saw a- what is it called?”

“A sexy Milf.” David answered quickly.

Nancy’s face lit up from the compliment, opening her legs more as she leaned forward. “I’m so tired of Brandon stopping me from having fun, always complaining when I go on dates, or whining when I try to bring men home.”

“Brandon’s a fucking loser.” David announced loudly, grinning when Nancy moaned and reached for her pussy.

“Yeah, we prank him every chance we get.” Johnny admitted.

“Remember when you broke his arm?” Choi laughed, lighting jabbing Dave in the shoulder.

Nancy gasped loudly, clamping her hand to her pussy before sitting up. “You did that?!” she shouted, “He said he fell!”

“He did fall,” David admitted, “after I shoved him out of the tree.” he smirked.

“Yeah, Dave said it was an accident, and Brandon believed him.” Johnny added.

Standing from the couch, Nancy quickly stalked David, causing him to step back before she grabbed his shoulders, kissing him passionately.

The boys looked at each other, the light bulbs above their heads turning on.

“Nancy, can we beat up that faggot you call a son?” Choi asked excitedly.

Rubbing her pussy again, Nancy broke the kiss with David and growled lustfully. “How bad will you hurt him?” she moaned.

“Let us sleep over.. and we’ll show you.” David whispered into her ear, making her tremble before forcefully kissing him again.


Shutting off his Xbox, Brandon wandered casually through the house, peeking out the windows, watching the snow level rise while his friends and mother remained away. I might not get another chance. he thought, smirking as he dashed into his mother’s bedroom.

Digging through the different drawers, he eventually came across her collection of panties. Pink, white, blue, even a black that seemed expensive with intricate designs.

Grabbing the simple white pair, he rushed back to his room, booting up his computer and dropping his pants. As porn loaded, Brandon covered his erection in his mother’s undergarments, stroking himself while watching actresses pretend to be naughty mothers.

I bet the guys would kill to get a pair of mom’s panties. he thought, cupping his balls and sighing as he started masturbating.

When his phone chirped, Brandon hardly noticed, however the second time caught his attention. Flipping the phone open, he was stunned to find a picture from David, a close up of a dripping wet pussy.

“Holy shit, who’s that?” Brandon texted quickly, stroking himself to the image.

“Your mom. lol” David’s next message said, sending a shiver through Brandon’s cock, however the following text confirmed what he already expected.

“Just kidding, Samuel from the gym broke up with his girlfriend, and sent me that pic.”

“Nice.” Brandon texted back, taking one last look at the picture, admiring how plump and soaked it looked. Turning back to the computer, he continued stroking himself before his phone started ringing.

“How’d you like the photo?” David asked when Brandon picked up.

“Fuckin’ hot, dude.” he replied.

“He loved it.” David whispered.

“Where are you guys?” Brandon asked, still slowly stroking himself.

Breathing heavily into the phone, David moaned before answering, “We’re a little snowed in, ugh, but we’re almost finished.” he grunted.

“What are you doing?” Brandon laughed.

“We’re gang-bangin’ your mom, what about you?” David chuckled.

For as long as Brandon and the trio had been friends, they had constantly joked back and forth about each other’s mothers. Nearly all punchlines ended with someone’s mother, and even now, at 18 years old, the jokes continued.

“I’m getting a blow job from your dad.” Brandon laughed, increasing the bite of his joke.

“At least I have a dad, bitch.” David shot back, moaning again as he spoke.

Hiding the pain of his friend’s insult, Brandon waited a moment, listening to his friend grunt and growl before speaking again.

“So uh,” Brandon stroked faster. “How’s mom doing?”

“Don’t worry, she’s loving it.”

Being aroused, Brandon couldn’t help himself, “So a gang-bang, huh?” he chuckled nervously.

Grunting into the phone, David laughed, “Hell yeah, after they guys at the party drenched her in jizz we brought her to Johnny’s place.”

“Oh shit, then what?”

“Well she pissed herself, so that was cool,” Dave chuckled, high fiving Choi loud enough for him to hear.

“Damn, dude.” Brandon sighed.

“That’s not the half of it.”

When David passed the phone to Choi, he groaned before answering, “Your mom’s a slut, dude, she even takes it up the butt.” Choi grunted, causing Brandon to stroke faster.

“Oh yeah?”

“She’s been telling us how much she hates you, too,” Choi admitted, laughing when he heard Brandon moan, “Dude are you jerking off?”

“No,” he replied, “your mom is helping me.”

When the entire group laughed, Brandon knew he was on speaker phone, adding a touch of humiliation to his situation. Still gripping his mother’s panties, the fabric had started rubbing him sore, and increasing his desire to finish.

Johnny was handed the phone next, speaking clearer than the rest, “Did you know Nancy is great at sucking cock,” he asked rhetorically.

“Nope,” was all he could respond.

“She’s licking my balls right now, and if she keeps it up I swear I’ll cum on her face again.” he laughed.

“You should s-send me a picture.”

More laughter erupted from the group, helping push Brandon to his limit, “Wh-what? You should.”

“Nah, that would ruin our fun, but we’ll put a bunch of them online later.” Johnny snickered.

Turning his volume up, he could distinctly make out the sounds of slapping and moaning, adding to his arousal.

Nearly in a trance, Brandon had become silent as he listened to his friends pretend to fuck his mom, grunting, moaning, laughing and cracking jokes at him. Watching the big, busty housewife on his computer get fucked, Brandon put his phone on mute as he came, squirting into his mother’s soft cotton panties before taking a deep breath.

“So after you guys cum, can you bring her home before it gets dark?” he chuckled, now relaxed after his orgasm.

“Sure, buddy, but only if we can sleep over and bang her again.” David said as he retook control of the phone.

“That sounds awesome, we can try to beat the zombie map again, and I’m sure if your mom doesn’t mind, mine won’.” Brandon said with excitement.

“Sounds good, dude.” David grunted as the phone was passed back to him.

“Almost finished?”

“Ugh, fuck, yeah I’m gonna nut.”

“Just don’t knock her up,” he laughed, still going with his friend’s fantasy.

“No promises,” David cried, roaring into the phone as he finished his grandiose performance.

After a moment of silence, he finally returned to the phone, huffing and puffing, “Whew, man that felt good.”

“Yeah yeah, just let me talk to her, dweeb.” Brandon scoffed.

“He wants to talk to you.. Oh okay- sorry, man, she says she hates you.” The trio laughed behind the phone.

“Very funny.”

“Here, she’ll tell you herself.”

Static rattled the phone as it was passed between hands, then, after a moment of silence, he could hear breathing.

“I hate you, Brandon.” whoever spoke sounded like they were rubbing a finger across their lips, causing a blubbery, comical voice.

“Really? That’s the best impression you can do?” he laughed.

“Well, Choi and Johnny are about to cum, and think your mom is too, so we should be back pretty soon.”

“Okay sounds good, oh hey, I have something cool to show you guys when you get here.” Brandon beamed, staring at the cum drenched panties.

“Cool, see you soon, dude.”


The trio burst into laughter as the phone call ended, reveling in Brandon’s ignorance. Grunting, moaning and thrashing against her, Choi released his load just as he pulled out, spraying her blubbery backside with fresh, warm spunk.

Above her face, Johnny had reached the same climax, squealing as her tongue flicked across his tip, causing him to rocket across her face, splashing sperm against her nose and eyes, moaning as he finished and stepped down from the couch.

“Goddamn, that was good.” Choi remarked as they stared at the middle aged mother, now dripping with their semen.

“I guess we should get you cleaned up then.” said Dave as he smiled.

Still tipsy, Nancy was helped into the bathroom as the boys returned to the living room, basking in their victory. Glancing outside, it clear the storm wouldn’t stop, and soon they wouldn’t make it home if they waited much longer.

“Do you think Brandon will notice anything?” Johnny asked when they returned to watch Nancy shower.

“We just need to get her inside, then she can go to her bedroom and lock the door.” David answered.

“Yeah, shouldn’t be hard, one of us can even distract him.” Choi suggested.

Nancy didn’t take long to wash, cleaning only what she needed before the boys each used towels to dry her off, spending extra time trying her breast, ass, and pussy.

“Oh shit, my parents!” Johnny cried when his phone rang. Nervous, they held their breath as he answered it.

“Uh, hey, mom,” he whimpered, “you and dad on your way back?” Johnny went silent as faint mumbles were heard from the phone.

“Really?” his attitude perked up. “Yeah I’m home, everything is fine.” John gave a thumbs up, leaving everyone to sigh in relief.

Once off the phone, Johnny sat on the toilet as he calmed himself. “They’re both snowed in at work, so they can’t get back yet.”

When Nancy was dressed, they decided to leave before the storm made it impossible. Piling in the car, the El Camino pushed through the thick snow, forcing it’s way down the abandoned streets. Brandon only lived a few blocks away, but with the weather, it still took thirty minutes before they pulled into the driveway.

Knowing it would be some time before they could play together, Nancy gave each boy a quick kiss on the lips before they fought against the snow and wind, pushing their way inside the house.

“Hurry.” David whispered as they shook off the white powder.

Staggering down the hall, Nancy waved quickly to her son as she passed his room. Fumbling into her bedroom, she managed to close the door before Brandon could investigate.

“You guys finally made it, eh?” he laughed, pulling his headphones down around his neck as he stepped into the living room.

“Well we couldn’t fuck her all night, right?” Choi winked playfully.

Brandon smiled and walked into the kitchen as the group followed him. Shuffling into the chairs that sat around the kitchen’s table, Brandon poured himself a glass of tea before joining them.

“So how did her birthday party go, she enjoy it?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, she got a little drunk, but I think she liked it.” David answered.

Johnny adjusted himself before smiling, “She said she missed you though.”

“Yeah, it’s okay, I got her a present.” he nodded.

The group smiled and nodded with him before David tapped his palm against the table, “Oh, didn’t you have something to show us?”

Looking behind him, Brandon leaned in his chair and stared down the hallway. “Let’s wait until mom goes to bed, okay?”

As the group warmed up, Brandon helped fix everyone something to eat before they retired to his bedroom, piling onto his bed and grabbing one of the many video game controllers.

Nancy’s bedroom shower could be heard as the TV blasted gunfire and explosions. Between play sessions, the groups camaraderie continued like always, poking fun at each other between making jokes about Nancy.

“Turn that down, boys!” her voice shouted when another rocket exploded loudly on the screen.

“Yes Ma’am!” Brandon shouted back, leaning forward and lowering the volume.

As the sun began to set, the trio called their parents to let them know where they were staying, and with everything settled, the group’s young, perverse minds began hungering for sexual activity.


Nancy dropped the towel when she finished drying off, standing in front of the bedroom’s full length mirror. Turning sideways, she stared at her own curves, pressing her hips out and cupping her breasts sensually, smiling when she noticed the multiple teeth marks around her nipples.

Listening to  the teenagers shout and laugh, she allowed herself a quick rub, spreading the lips of her pussy before circling her finger. Nearly sober, Nancy crossed the room and opened her panties drawer, noticing immediately that someone had been rummaging around in it. The obvious culprit was her son, causing her to pause and consider its meaning.

Does he fantasize about me? she wondered, Is that little loser actually attracted to his own mother? The ideas brought new feelings into her stomach, contorting her face into a disgusted grimace, before changing to a concerned worry.

That would explain why he doesn’t want to share me- The revelation came to her as she smiled joyously: –he wants to fuck me.

Outside her room, Brandon glanced toward her door, checking to see if it was still closed. Sneaking to his bed, he dropped to his stomach and began crawling underneath, much to the amused stares of his friends.

“Look, he wants anal, just like his mom.” David laughed as they stared at Brandon’s round ass, raised high into the air as he struggled to reach under the bed.

“Twenty bucks a ride.” he replied jokingly, opening a shoebox and reaching inside.

“Twenty? Are you crazy,” Johnny scoffed, raising his foot and placing it on Brandon’s butt, “your mom was free!” they shared a laugh as Brandon struggled to wiggle out.

“Well I can’t help she gives it up that easy, I have some standards.” he laughed. Free from the bed and now squatting beside it, Brandon held up a stained pair of white panties.

The boys all knelt down, inspecting the perverted trophy, smiling at each other as Brandon bragged about stealing it. Outside his room, Nancy’s door could be heard opening, and in a flash, the soiled underwear was quickly stuffed under his pillow.

When Nancy stepped into his room, she could feel each boy, including her own son, eye fucking her when they noticed what she was wearing. The long, oversized T-shirt slightly covered her thighs, creating the illusion that she was nude from the waist down.

In a motherly tone, she asked, “Would you boys like something to eat?”

“Yes ma’am.” they answered collectively, all thinking the same thing: You.


Nancy smirked as she removed a pack of bacon from the fridge, setting it on the counter-top before grabbing the mayonnaise, lettuce, bread and two large, red tomatoes.  

Throwing a tiny pad of butter into the frying pan, Nancy placed a hand on her hip as she rolled it around the surface, spreading it out before laying strips of bacon down, the sizzling, popping sound pulling the teens away from their game and into the kitchen.

“Okay, guys, why don’t you help me out.” she said sweetly before glancing over her shoulder, winking at David when Brandon turned his back. “Slice up the tomatoes, tear off some lettuce, and put the bread in the toaster.” she ordered, watching the four teens push their way around.

The kitchen wasn’t big enough to accommodate five people, so each time someone pushed passed her, they secretly groped her, pinching her ass or sliding a hand up her thigh, making her shiver.

With Brandon busy making everyone’s toast, Choi and Johnny helped block his view in case he turned around, Giving David enough time to hug Nancy from behind, squeezing her breasts and giving her a quick french kiss.

After a few minutes the bacon was finished and Nancy assembled the BLTs together, setting them on plates before pouring drinks for everyone. Sitting opposite her son, Nancy was flanked on both sides by David and Choi, while Johnny sat grudgingly beside Brandon.

“So did you enjoy your birthday, mom?” he asked as everyone crunched into their sandwiches.

Taking a sip from her tea, Nancy smiled sweetly at him, “I did, baby, thank you for planning it.”

“Great, but I’ve got one more present for you.” Brandon said, pushing his chair away and standing up. “Be right back.”

Watching him leave the kitchen, David shuffled his chair closer to Nancy’s so she could reach his lap, giving his crotch a squeeze.

“I hope it’s condoms.” he said in a low voice, making everyone snicker.

Nancy grinned, “Why? We won’t use them.” she said, leaving the trio speechlessly jubilant.

As Brandon returned, he passed a small gift wrapped box across the table, smiling as the group gawked at it. Carefully unwrapping the present, Nancy pulled the cardboard top off to find an expensive, silver necklace with a unique water splash design, complete with an aquamarine gem in the center.

“Oh my god, Brandon!” she gushed, holding it up for everyone to see.

“Jesus, dude!” David remarked as John and Choi sat stunned, staring with open mouths at the expensive jewelry.

“Brandon,” Nancy’s eyes grew wide as she stared at her son, his smile still as big as ever.

Standing from her chair, she stepped around the table and hugged him tightly,  closing her eyes as she pressed her face into his neck. “You shouldn’t have bought something so expensive.” she said, her words muffled against him.

“Well, I love you mom, and I wanted to get you something nice.” he blushed, knowing his friends were watching.

“I love you too, baby.” she said, giving him another quick hug before kissing him on the cheek.

Turning around, she handed the necklace to her him so he could wrap it around her neck, smiling as everyone silently stared. Once around her, she thanked him again and bit her lip, rubbing the blue gem between her fingers as she returned to her chair and stared lovingly at him.

“I’m glad you like it, mom.”

“Honey, I love it.” she said, pulling it away from her neck so she could admire it again.

“Here, let me throw that away.” Brandon smirked, grabbing the empty present box and stepping out of the kitchen.

When the back porch door opened and the trio knew he was out of earshot, they stared at Nancy, waiting to see how she would actually react.

A worried expression crossed Johnny’s face as he stared at her. “Did that little fag just win her over?” he whispered.

Nancy, seemingly lost in thought while staring at the pendant, snapped out of her daze when David placed his hand on her shoulder, giving her a confused and worried look.

“I don’t know if-” Nancy started to speak, causing the trio to lean closer, however the porch door slammed, and Brandon rejoined them, causing her to go silent.

“Shit.” Choi cursed quietly, sneering at Brandon behind his back.

“So guys, do you want to go play some more call of duty?” he asked when he noticing their empty plates.

With everyone but his mother staring angrily at him, Brandon chuckled before putting his hands up in confusion. “What?” he asked.

In the next moment, a deep boom could be heard in the distance, followed by everything in the house shutting off at once. The wind appeared to howl even louder with no power, and it was clear that the storm had caused a transformer to blow, knocking out electricity for the entire neighborhood. Suddenly their evening had become pitch black, blanketing everything but the snow covered windows in absolute darkness.

“Awe, shit,” Brandon cursed as everyone remained silent, “do we have any candles?”

“Yeah I think they’re in the hall closet.” Nancy replied, causing her chair to squeak as she stood from the table.

Bumbling around in the dark, he pushed his way out of the kitchen, feeling his way down the hall in search of anything that produced light.

With Brandon temporarily away, David took the opportunity to confront the slutty mother. “Nancy?” he whispered, being even quieter since nothing had power, leaving the house eerily silent. “You’re not having second thoughts are you?”

No one could see her face, or anything else for that matter, but as David’s hands groped blindly, eventually finding the soft, large melons, her hand quickly stopped him, pushing away before she left the room, remaining totally silent.

“Dude, what the fuck!” David whispered angrily, leaving Choi and Johnny to wonder what happened.

Slowly rising from their chairs, Dave explained what had happened, leaving them completely shocked. Bumbling toward the kitchens exit, they stopped once reaching the door frame, still nothing but darkness before them.

Then, from the end of the hallway came a sudden burst of light. Cracking and popping a small glow stick, the trio stared as their eyes adjusted to the green illumination.

“Brandon.” Nancy’s voice drew their attention, watching as she confronted her son.

The trio stared in utter disbelief as she embraced him, pulling Brandon into her chest before kissing him passionately. His eyes fluttered while reaching for her ass, lifting the long t-shirt and sinking his fingers into the blubbery backside.

“I love you, mom.” he moaned when their kiss broke.

Reaching below his waist and cupping him, Nancy pressed her lips to him again before breaking free and whispering: “Come to my bedroom after your friends fall asleep.”

“What the fuck!” David whispered angrily again as Choi and John raised their arms in frustration.

“Dude, this is not fucking happening right now.” Choi growled.

John placed his hands on top of his hand, spinning in place. “Maybe, maybe she’s-”

“Shh!” hushed David.

Standing their ground, Brandon and Nancy jumped with fright when they walked into the group, unaware of their presence until right beside them. Laughing, Brandon held up a small box full of glow sticks, instructing everyone to take a few.

In the darkness, barely lit by several colorful glow wands, the trio could see Nancy’s face, her eyes gazing deeply at her son while he cracked more glow sticks, placing them in different rooms for illumination.

“This blows.” Choi said loudly, catching everyone’s attention.

“It’s not too late, they might get the power fixed in a couple hours.” Brandon replied, ignorant of the death stares the trio were giving him.

“Plus we have a gas furnace, so at least we won’t freeze.” Nancy said, giving the boys a brief but cold smile.

Conversation remained minimum as the hours passed, with exception to her and Brandon. Now in the living room, sitting side by side on the couch and snuggled together under a blanket, they passed the time by playing twenty questions.

Upset and frustrated, David stood from the leather recliner to stretch. “Got room for one more under the blanket?” he laughed jokingly.

Studying Nancy’s face, the group’s young leader nearly stepped away when he caught the defensive, angry look on her face, visually telling him to keep back.

“Nah, kind of a two person blanket, man.” Brandon laughed softly, pulling it up to his neck as his mother leaned into him, resting her head on his shoulder.

It was only thirty minutes before David noticed they had fallen asleep together. Snapping his fingers lightly, he caught Choi and Johnny’ attention before waving them into the kitchen with him.

“How can she do this to us?” Johnny asked.

“She said she hated him!” Choi growled quietly.

“Maybe we’re missing something?” Johnny suggested.

Standing in a tight circle, using a single glow-stick to see each others faces, David furrowed his brow.

“She was drunk.” he whispered coldly.

“What?” they responded.

Looking at both his friends, David’s sudden realization felt like a blow to the stomach.

“We had her drunk when everything happened.”

Choi’s eyes grew wide, leaving Johnny to shake his head in confusion.

“So what does that mean?” he asked.

“It means she didn’t really feel that way, she was just drunk,” Choi answered, punching the air in frustration. “Son of a bitch!” he grunted.

“But how can that be? She was flirting with us right before the power went out!” Johnny remarked.

Staying quiet for a moment, David broke the silence as he balled his fist, “I’m gonna kill that faggot for ruining this.” he scowled as the other two nodded in agreement.

Stepping back to the kitchen’s exit and looking into the living room, they froze when noticing movement on the couch. Quickly hiding the glow stick so they couldn’t be seen, they watched in faint light as Nancy’s left arm moved up and down over Brandon’s lap, causing the fluffy blanket to bounce with each stroke.

“He’s a dead man.” David said behind gritted teeth just before everything in the house flickered back to life, flooding everything with light.

Hiding their anger, the trio pretended to see nothing as Nancy withdrew her hand and Brandon adjusted himself. Calling for more video games before it got late, the group retired to his room where they sat and played, passing time until it was time for bed.

With everyone laying down, and all the lights turned out, the trio knew Brandon’s plan to visit his mother, but before enough time had passed, David announced his need to shit, giving him an excuse to leave.

Stepping from Brandon’s room and closing the door behind him, he quickly snuck down the hallway, finding Nancy’s door slightly ajar. Pushing his way inside, she jumped in fright when finally noticing him.

“You mind telling me what the fuck is going on,” he whispered, “I mean what the hell was all that?”

Sighing, Nancy appeared intimidating as she walked over, raising her hand and making him flinch before she quietly shut her door. Removing her expensive new necklace, she dropped to her knees before pulling her long t-shirt off.

Purring while lowering David’s pants, she asked: “You want to know what I was doing?”

He swallowed nervously, nodding as his cock hardened in her palm, “Y-yeah.”

Wrapping the small, silver chained necklace around his throbbing erection, she placed him between her breast before reaching for a bottle of lube that sat on her dresser. Dripping the clear liquid onto him, she pressed her chest together tightly, wrapping his cock between her pillowy tits.

“I want him to fall in love with me,” she confessed, moaning as David’s cock now fucked her chest, “I need him too.”

The sensation was new to the young teenager, sending his mind into a swirl while he attempted not to ejaculate.

“The more he loves me,” she moaned, leaning down to lick his cock head each time it popped up, “the harder I can stomp on his heart later.” she giggled, opening her mouth as David’s sperm shot upward, striking her eye before splattering against her tongue.

“Holy shit,” he moaned, “you’re pure evil, baby.” Pulling his spent cock from her chest, the precious jewelry Brandon had bought now dripped with David’s thick semen.

“Is that too much for you,” she asked, “do you wanna back out?”

Shaking his head, David smiled brightly, “Fuck no, I wouldn’t be upset if we killed him.”

Watching Nancy moan and work her pussy, he smiled and thought: Tomorrow will be amazing.



A massive pervert by nature, Nebic enjoys dark interracial stories, bullies, queers, chicks with dicks, saxophone solos, scat, writing stories that excite and disgust readers, and making lists that people think are true.

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  1. Nebic plz continue this story! I am so hyped for this pay off! And I’ve loved almost every version of this story. You’re the best man.


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