Julia’s Descent

Contains: Cheating, Betrayal, Humiliation, Violence, Urine, Cuckolding, Snuff

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It was a warm Sunday morning when Jacob’s parents drove him to church. The young 12 year old played with his toy the entire ride, already bored and ready to go home. Nothing had changed in the routine, the pastor gave his speech, the collection plate was passed, and after several grueling hours of service it finally ended. However, while his parents continued to gossip, something new happened.

“Hi there.” Wearing a long white dress, Julia smiled at the kid with broken glasses.

“Um … Hi.” Jacob’s palms were sweaty as he laid eyes on the prettiest girl he had ever seen. Hazel brown hair shined as her blue eyes stared down at him. Her most noticeable feature being her nose: short, round, and angled upward to make her look adorably piggish.

“You’re pretty cute,” Julia said playfully as Jacob’s palms began to sweat.

“I guess so,” he croaked, making their parents giggle.

“Do you have a girlfriend, Jacob?”

The First United Methodist Church was an unlikely place to meet girls, but Jacob and Julia quickly became best friends that day. His shyness pairing well with Julia’s open, shameless nature, creating a strong bond.

Inseparable throughout middle school and high school, they quickly started dating, leaving no desire for anyone else. Julia grew taller than her boyfriend as the years passed, and it was often up to her to protect him. In the gym, during class, and after school they were hardly apart, leaving the bullies to find other victims.

But as their final year at Grey Wood High School drew near, Jacob became the target of a new, vicious bully named Cody Blanche. A six foot, two hundred pound slab of angry hormones that wrecked everything in it’s way, including them.

Their first encounter with Cody wasn’t a pleasant one, his thick muscular forearm wrapped around Jacob’s throat as he tortured him for fun.

“Where’s your pig girlfriend, faggot?” Jacob’s face had turned purple as oxygen failed to reach his brain; his feet kicked and slipped against the polished white floor. “You gonna ask her to suck my dick?” Jacob could no longer respond as he blacked out, his body going limp before Cody let go.

When other students eventually found Jacob in the janitor’s closet, Cody was long gone. With no evidence but a bruise the school board could only give a warning, afraid that punishing an innocent student would cause problems for them. Jacob’s decision to report Cody turned out to be a giant mistake however, increasing the frequency of attacks.

Through the final year, things became worse when Cody’s aggression increased, even starting to attack Julia when she tried to help her boyfriend.

“Fuck you, bitch!” he yelled as his fist collided with her cheek, sending her tumbling to the ground. Jacob’s face remained beaten and swollen before Cody finally gave up, throwing him to the ground and leaving.

This outburst of aggression had come when Jacob refused to lick Cody’s piss from the pavement. His flare of anger was unexpected, prompting him to mercilessly beat Jacob before Julia attempted to stop him.

His actions were soon discovered, and although he was actually 16 he was threatened with jail time if he ever attacked, or even approached them. The school board had largely protected him until the most recent attack. With no more wiggle room, Cody’s bipolar and unstable attitude was thought to be finally restrained.

During the final weeks of school, after months of recovery from the last assault, Julia and Jacob went to senior prom. They danced together, whispered secrets, even kissed before the chaperones broke them up. The evening was going well before their worst enemy returned for a final deed.

Capturing Jacob on the way to the bathroom, Cody dragged him from the building and behind the school where the large green dumpsters were located. Being around Cody for so long, Jacob and Julia had noticed that each of his attacks had become more and more sexual, possibly coming from his lack of social skills. Cody couldn’t flirt with girls, he was too nervous and thus angrier when someone like Jacob had an attractive love interest.

His hormones manifested themselves in the form of anger and lust, using his hate to beat Jacob while taunting him with the ideas of raping his girlfriend. Knowing this could be the last time he saw them, Cody decided to go through with it. As he held Jacob down and beat him, he knew it wouldn’t be long before the girlfriend would show up.

“Have you played with Julia’s big tits yet?” Cody asked as his rested his muscles from hitting Jacob. “I think I’ll do that first,” he chuckled, holding Jacob’s face to the pavement with his boot.

Inside the gym, Julia suddenly realized that her boyfriend hadn’t returned from the bathroom. Starting to worry, she left her friends before searching for him, walking by the back door just as she heard laughter coming from outside. With only Jacob’s safety in mind she stepped outside to find him slumped in garbage, his black tux torn and bloody as he struggled to breath, twitching unnervingly.

The door behind her closed as she ran to his side, but before reaching him Cody jumped from the shadows, catching the back of her prom dress and slinging her to the wet, dirty pavement.

“Hey, bitch, glad you could join us.”

Screaming in the hopes someone would hear her, the prom’s music was simply too loud for her cries to be noticed.

“We can do this easy if you want,” Cody said as he stalked her.

Crawling backwards on her hands she ended up beside Jacob, tears running down her face as Cody unzipped his pants.

“Fuck you, asshole, you couldn’t get a date like a normal guy?”

“Shut up, cunt!” he shouted before slapping her across the face, the loud pop ringing her ears before Cody grabbed the front of her dress.

“Don’t you fight me, whore,” he barked while she struggled to get away. Pulling her white dress apart at the neck, the flower on her chest popped off, landing on Jacob’s wet lap. Julia’s breast bounced free as the dress split, her young heavy D cups falling into Cody’s hands.

“Ooh shit,” he gushed.

“I fucking hate you!” She screamed before attempting another escape, swinging and trying to hit him.

“Bitch I will kill your fucking boyfriend if you do that again!” Cody threatened, reaching beside her and punching Jacob in the face, his head bouncing off the dumpster with a sickening crunch.

“No! Please! Please don’t hurt him!” Shuffling closer, she attempted to block her boyfriend with her own body.

He smiled as he continued groping her heavy chest, It was the first time Cody had ever been with a women, his excitement fueling his erection. As every minute passed Julia wondered if anyone even noticed she wasn’t in the gym.

“You ever been tit fucked?” he asked after pulling her bra off.

Grabbing his large erection, Julia closed her eyes and began crying as he pushed her on top of Jacob, using him to prop her up so he could place cock between her pale, milky breast.

“Ooh fuck yeah,” he moaned as he crouched and rubbed himself on her. “Squeeze them together,” he commanded, grabbing her hair and yanking it.

Afraid of what he might do if she said no, Julia squeezed them together, giving Cody what he wanted. The tip of his erection pressed into her cheek each time it poked through, her head turned away as he neared orgasm.

“Oh god this is amazing, best prom ever, right, guys?”

Speeding up, he quickly grabbed her chin, moving her face as he masturbated. Changing positions caused her body to no longer block Jacob, and as Cody pushed, her face landed beside her boyfriend’s.

“Fuuuuck!” He roared, his cock erupting across everything below him. White strings of goo splatters across her face, hair, breast, and eyes. Then, as if Jacob hadn’t been humiliated enough, the final thick shots of sperm struck his face as well, dripping and drooling down his bruises.

With his overwhelming lust satisfied for the moment, Cody stuffed his cock away and realized what he had done. Panic arose when he realized there would be severe actions taken against him once people found out. His mind swirled with ideas on how to escape, but as he looked down at Julia tending to her broken boyfriend, a familiar surge of hatred arose.

Julia never saw the attack coming as she tried wiping the dirt and sperm away from Jacob’s face. As she sat and cried, wondering if Jacob would ever recover from such a brutal beating, Cody stepped up, and in one powerful kick he smashed Jacob’s skull against the metal wall of the dumpster. The loud crunch echoed from the walls as Julia looked on, completely stunned.

Cody spit across Jacob’s face before turning and running into the night, terrified of going to jail. Julia was in such shock of the brutal attack that she hadn’t realized Cody was gone before Jacob started moaning. It was the worst moment of their entire lives, yet amazingly the forces of good still managed to prevail.

Two days later police apprehended Cody who had hidden at a friend’s house, his fate decided as Jacob’s was still uncertain. Spending two months in the hospital, Jacob had multiple skull fractures along with a broken nose and a detached retina. Julia’s damage was more psychological, forcing her into a closed, reclusive state that refused to leave Jacob’s side.

Despite how their last year of school ended, Julia and Jacob soon made a full recovery. It took over a year for jacob’s injuries to fully heal, and with his help, Julia’s happy, bright personality was eventually restored. They had already been through so much, yet so much more awaited them in the years to come.

Cody Blanche was a minor at the time of his charges, and with rape and attempted murder on his sheet, he was given a minor sentence of two years in a Juvenile correctional facility. As unfair as it seemed, Julia and Jacob simply moved on with their lives, enrolling in college together while their futures remained hopeful.


Nestled in a small town near the college campus, Jacob and Julia, with help of their parents, were able to rent a small apartment. Both had picked up local jobs to help pay for expenses; Julia at the local grocery store while Jacob worked the nearest fast food restaurant. It wasn’t glamorous, but it didn’t need to be. Finishing college and being together was all that mattered to them.

Their first year of college had finally come to an end as final exams had finished, leaving their schedule wide open. Jacob had only made a few friends so far, but Julia had made several. Thanks to the love and support from Jacob, she had truly opened up and become a women.

“Jennifer wants you to join us tonight,” Julia said as she held a dinner plate over the sink to rinse it.

“Isn’t Jennifer is your best friend?” asked Jacob as he shook the water from a stack of forks.

“Yep, her and my other friends will be there too.”

Jacob dried his hands before walking to the refrigerator and getting a soda. “It’s hard to keep up with all the people you know,” he smiled, stepping behind her and kissing her neck. “So what am I joining … a cult?”

Setting the plate in the drying rack, Julia turned before touching her nose to his. “It’s just a little party. Drinks, board games, maybe truth or dare.” Being so close allowed her to speak softly.

“You know I’m not good at parties,” he leaned back and adjusted his glasses.

“It’s not a big party, it’s just friends,” Julia said before guiding his hands to her butt. “You’ll have a good time, I promise.”

Staring up at the ceiling and sighing Jacob rolled his head back and forth, “Fiiiiine,” he said jokingly as Julia giggled.

Breaking away, he popped open the can of fizzy drink before sipping it. “I got another facebook friend request from you-know-who,” Jacob said as he stepped out and walked to the living room.

“Again?!” Julia shouted when he was no longer nearby.


“Why the fuck would we want to be friends with him?!”

Jacob laughed as he plopped on the sofa. “Maybe he thinks we’ve forgiven him.”

Julia scoffed angrily, “Fuck him! The only time I  want to see him again is if he’s in a casket!”

— —

Day turned to evening as they prepared for the party. Wearing a short revealing dress, she headed for the door while Jacob carried a two liter bottle of soda for the party.

“I’m nervous,” he admitted, locking the door behind him.

“Don’t be, you’re gonna love it.”

“It’s just … ever since prom-”

Julia cut him off. “Forget about that. Let’s just have fun, you’re gonna meet my friends remember?”

The car ride was short, arriving at Jennifer’s apartment before parking behind the other cars. Jacob could the feel butterflies in his stomach as Julia made him ring the doorbell. Music thumped from inside, and as the door opened the noise got louder. The woman who came to the door was in her mid 20s, short blonde hair with a skinny build. “Julia you made it!” she shouted before noticing Jacob. “Is this who I think it is?”

Jacob’s face went red, blushing and feeling an urge to run away.

“This is Jacob,” Julia said, giving her boyfriend a quick hug.

“Well it’s about time! Julia never shuts up about you,” she laughed, waving them inside.

“I told you it wouldn’t be crowded,” she whispered, looking around the room.

Jacob counted nearly ten people, none of whom he knew. “I don’t recognize anyone,” he mumbled.

“I’ll introduce you,” she said with smile. “Everyone! I want you to meet my boyfriend, Jacob!” The group stopped and stared with only a few people awkwardly waving.

“Thanks,” Jacob frowned.

The small gathering started with drinks, music, and dancing as people moved around the apartment and mingled.

“S’up, bro!” John was a typical college douche bag. Wearing a white polo shirt with it’s collar flipped up and tan cargo shorts. John was also full of energy whenever he spoke. “Dude you should come to the frat in upstate, the parties are insane!” His fake golden necklace bouncing as he gestured with his hands.

“Amy and I don’t get out much.” Mike was another college student but more down to earth. His girlfriend Amy wasn’t very attractive but seemed sincere and honest.

It took close to thirty minutes before Jacob started to feel comfortable, finally talking to a few people, and beginning to loosen up when Julia’s best friend started shouting.

“Let’s play twister!” she screamed, unfolding a plastic mat while the party goers cheered.

Standing alone again, Jacob flinched when someone behind him spoke.

“You single?”

Jacob turned to find a well built, attractive Mexican smiling at him. Wearing loose gym shorts and a white tank top, it was clear that he enjoyed showing off his physique.

“S-Sorry … I-I have a girlfriend,” he stuttered in response.

“Whoa calm down, I’m Carlos,” he chuckled, taking Jacob’s hand and shaking it. “I was only asking because playing twister is best if you’re single, no chance of seeing your girl get groped by another dude,” he smirked when Jacob relaxed.

“Oh .. uh, I hadn’t thought of that.”

Carlos turned and stared at Julia before pointing her out. “That your girl?”


“Alright, I got your back, man, I’ll try to make sure none of the other guys hit on her.”

Jacob felt the tension ease a little. He had never had a friend stick up for him before, it was a good feeling, something he could get use to.

“Gee, thanks, man.”

Carlos just smiled, giving a nod before they joined the group again.

As the room was cleared the multi-colored twister mat was spread across the floor. “I didn’t know we’d play twister,” Julia said as she rejoined her boyfriend, “my dress is a little short.”

“So what if it is? We’re here to have fun remember?” Jacob smiled while she adjusted the front of her dress, the neck open and showing cleavage.

“So you’re not going to get upset if other guys touch me?”

“Nah, besides, Carlos said he’d watch your back. He’s gonna make sure the other guys don’t try anything.”

Julia turned and waved to him, “Well that sure is nice.”

“Yeah, I should thank him again after the game.”

“You should,” she grinned, giving Jacob’s cheek a kiss.

The music was lowered as everyone gathered around the large plastic sheet. “Okay let’s get started,” Jennifer announced. “We’ll start with Amy.”

Spinning the dial, it eventually stopped on a color and body part.

“Right foot, blue,” Jennifer instructed as Amy placed her foot on the nearest blue dot. Several turns later, and it was finally Julia and Jacob’s turn. “Right hand, red.”

Julia stepped forward and reached down, bending over at the waist causing her dress to rise in the back.

“Jacob, left foot green.”

Afraid of being awkwardly close to someone, he chose the emptiest space, which put him on the complete opposite side of the mat.

“Remember: if you fall or move away you lose,” Jennifer explained as Carlos went next. “Carlos, right hand red.”

With his foot already occupying a green dot, his closest option was the red dot behind Julia. Groaning as he stretched, Jacob watched Carlos’ head and torso disappear behind her rump. Julia’s eyes went wide for a moment as everyone laughed at the awkward position.

“Feeling kinda exposed here,” she laughed as Jacob smiled nervously.

“Is that a thong?” Carlos asked with humor in his tone.

“No! I just … have a wedgie.” Jacob’s eyes went wide as he understood just how close his new friend was.

The group laughed at the situation, even if Jacob didn’t find it very funny.

“Amy, left foot blue.”

The game continued as everyone shifted their positions, laughing and giggling as the game brought out a sexual vibe. Jacob had crouched and placed his hand on a different dot, putting his face close to the crotch of John the douche bag. “This is quite unpleasant,” Jacob said, causing the room to erupt with laughter.

“Your boyfriend is funny,” Jennifer chuckled while Julia struggled to stay bent. He had never been called funny before, giving his confidence a huge boost as everyone strained to hold themselves up.

“Left foot blue, Julia.”

Looking behind her she groaned in discomfort. “Oh god,” she laughed before reaching out and placing her leg between Carlos’ thighs, her calf pressed into his groin.

“Doing some Kamasutra?” Mike joked as Carlos and Julia were pressed together.

Jacob could barely see her with Johnny’s crotch in his face. Stretched out and bending forward, Julia had both hands flat on the floor while her backside nearly pressed into Carlos’ face. Leaning awkwardly, his strength soon gave way and Carlos tumbled face first into her; shoving her forward as she yelped in surprise, leaving everyone speechless.

“What happened?” Jacob asked while staring into John’s crotch.

“Julia almost lost her balance,” Jennifer quickly answered.

“Hang in there honey, you can do it,” Jacob laughed with everyone else.

“I’ll … uh, do my best, sweetie.”

“Left foot blue, Mike,” Jennifer said quickly. Mike’s leg squeezed between Jacob and John, blocking even more of his view.

“Um, Carlos?” came Julia’s voice.


“You about finished?” she asked, adjusting her hands.

“Why? Should I quit?”

Julia grunted as leaned back, her arm’s getting tired. “No- just … go faster.”

“Yeah please hurry, my arms hurt,” Jacob added.

Jennifer nodded and went through everyone again before coming back to Jacob. “Right hand, green.”

Moving away from John’s crotch Jacob was now looking in the opposite direction, Julia and everyone else behind him.

“Julia can you do one more?” Jennifer asked as she continued breathing heavily.

“Oh fuck … I don’t know,” she answered.

“I don’t think she can handle it, my fingers are cramping anyway,” Carlos added.

“Okay I think she’s done,” Jennifer said as Julia fell on her rump, shaking the floor slightly.

“Why don’t we call it a tie?” Jacob recommended before everyone agreed and slowly separated, limping with stiff muscles.

“Oh my god that was crazy, ” Julia gushed, her face flushed and red.

“You okay, babe?” Jacob stepped over as Carlos nodded and walked away.

“I feel so stretched,” she said with a laugh, shaking her arms and slapping her legs.

“Yeah tell me about it, it’s like crazy yoga.”

“Could you see us?” she asked, glancing back at Carlos.

“Nah, all I could see was John’s crotch before I had to stare at the wall.”

The night continued as everyone recovered and calmed down; the party’s vibe still erotic and sexual.

“You know, as long as we’re talking about it, why don’t we play truth or dare?” Jennifer suggested.

“Sounds good,” Julia said, getting a stare from her boyfriend. “What? It’ll be fun.”

Jacob rolled his eyes, still smiling as Julia left to help Jennifer get set up. He had to admit, he was actually having a good time. Hanging back and watching, he noticed Carlos heading his way.

“Hey, dude,” Jacob grinned, “I just wanted to say thanks again for what you did. It’s … rare that I meet someone cool, ya know?”

Carlos smiled and gave a nod, “No worries, man, but if truth or dare is up next, there ain’t much I can do unless I’m dared.”

“That’s true. Oh well, just do whatever you can then.”

“I’ll do my best, maricón,” Carlos said with a smile, giving Jacob’s shoulder a slap before returning to the group.

“Merry-con?” Jacob tilted his head, unsure what it meant.

— —

“So we’ll all sit in a circle and … well you know how it’s played,” Jennifer laughed as everyone gathered. “Okay, Mike why don’t you go first.”

The game started with innocent questions and harmless dares, slowly becoming more sexual as it went on. Julia and Jacob had sat together, and were whispering as the other’s took their turns.

“You worried?” Julia whispered.

“About what?” Jacob asked while Mike stood on one foot pretending to jerk off.

“What if they dare me to do something … bad.” She studied his face as he thought about it.

“I trust you. If it gets a little naughty … who cares, I get to go home with you,” he said winking.

When it came around to Jacob for the first time, he chose truth.

“Okay, Jacob what’s your biggest sexual fantasy?” Everyone turned and smiled as he blushed, chewing his lip nervously.

“Um, well …” he adjusted his glasses, “having Julia dress up … like a french maid.”

The group all chuckled sportively.

“Hey that’s not too bad,” Amy said.

“Yeah I’ve heard worse,” Mike agreed.

With the weight of stress now lifted, the turn came to Julia. “Truth, I guess,” she said as Amy thought of a question.

“What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever wanted to do?”

Biting her lip and looking at Jacob, Julia shook her head, “I don’t wanna say.”

Everyone laughed before continuing to pry. “Come on, tell us!”

Even Jacob joined their side as he encouraged her to spill the beans. “I told mine, yours can’t be worse,” he pressured.

“Well … you promise you won’t think I’m weird?”

“I promise, I mean … we all have fantasies, but they’re just fantasies.”

Everyone seemed to jump on Jacob’s side, agreeing with him.

“Yeah that’s right!” Mike said.

“Totally, bro!” John added.

Taking a deep breath she squeezed her thighs together and confessed. “Well I’ve always wanted to do something … in public.” Julia covered her face in embarrassment before the entire room was filled with noise.

“Oooooooohhh!” Several of the girls cooed at once.

“Hey Julia, want to meet in the park later?” Carlos joked as John shoved him playfully.

“I like that too,” Jacob whispered in her ear, making her smile before giving her a kiss. The game had everyone riled up, and as the turns passed things appeared to calm down before John and Carlos whispered to each other.

“I have never cheated on her,” Jacob answered another truth.

“Your turn Julia,” Jennifer said.


Carlos smiled as he leaned forward, “I dare you to tell us your most embarrassing moment.”

Julia smirked, “This moment right now.”

After everyone had a good laugh, she laid her hand on Jacob before taking a breath. “Well it was in high school, Jacob and I both had the same bully back then, his name was Cody Blanche.”

A few people looked at each other.

“Anyway, I was in the gym playing dodge ball, and for some reason I wore a loose black tank-top and no bra that day. So in the middle of the game, right as he’s walking by me, he yanks down my top right in front of everyone.”

Several of the girls gasped as the guys smiled.

“What a pig,” Amy said.

“Oh that was my nickname in high school too,” Julia added before pressing her thumb against her nose to imitate a pig.

“That’s so mean,” Jennifer said.

“Yeah, he was a huge dick, he even fractured my skull at prom,” Jacob said as Mike and John glanced at each other.

“Well let’s just keep going, huh? Amy it’s your turn again.”

The mood had changed but remained tense as the dares increased in sexuality. At last the turn made it back to Jacob, who was excited about how far the game would go.

“Okay I got one: do we have a towel?” Jennifer looked around the room before someone located a long white beach towel. “Jacob, I dare you to take the trust test.”

A few of the college students smiled.

“What’s that?” He asked.

“Well, do you love Julia?”

Jacob adjusted his glasses, “Of course I do!”

Jennifer stood up and smiled. “The trust test is when you let your girlfriend fool around with another guy … for pretend.”

He swallowed, “Just pretend right?”

She nodded. “It’s not easy though. First you have to pick the guy, then you have to sit ten feet away while we hold up the towel and Julia pretends to jerk him off.”

Jacob’s heart rate increased as butterflies filled his stomach. “So I can’t see what’s actually happening?” It started to make sense.

“That’s why it’s called the trust test. Do you trust her enough?”

Jacob turned and stared into her eyes, “Of course I trust her,” he said sincerely.

“Great! So go ahead and pick which guy you want her to jerk off.” Jennifer said as the guys started waving for his attention.

“Dude pick me!” One said.

“Oh come on, pick me!”

It was like a bunch of kids trying to get the teacher’s attention.

“Fine I choose … Carlos.”

The tanned Mexican stood from his chair and fist bumped his closest friends before walking to where Jennifer wanted him. Jacob tried to calm down, but the room was electric with excitement. Everyone but him walked across the room so they could watch as Julia took her place beside Carlos.

“We can make it look super real, you sure about this?” Jennifer asked as two girls lifted the towel into place, hiding everything from his knees to his chest.

“I trust you both,” he said as they smiled back.

Jacob swallowed as he heard Carlos shuffling out of his shorts.

“No matter how real it looks, remember it’s just pretend,” Julia said.

“Carlos is a really good actor too,” Jennifer added.

Carlos grunted softly as he untied his shorts, wiggling them down his legs and pushing them to his ankles in a big wad.

“Hey!” Jacob shouted in response.

“Shush! He’s still got his underwear on, it’s suppose to look real,” Jennifer said to shut him up.

Carlos smiled at Julia before reaching below the towel and moving his hands around. “Oh my god, Carlos,” Julia said as her eyes went wide.

“Nice try, but I know Carlos has my back,” Jacob chuckled as Julia bit her lip.

Leaning closer she reached down and started moving her hand; from Jacob’s view it looked incredibly realistic.

“Lotion?” Carlos asked before someone retrieved a bottle.

“This isn’t the first time Carlos has played by the way,” Jennifer mentioned as she walked over. Reaching behind the towel she squirted the lotion, most of which splattered on the floor. “Shit,” she laughed before Julia continued her pretend hand job.

Squishing, slapping sounds could now be heard as Jacob crossed his legs and held his breath.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” Carlos bucked his hips before winking at Jacob.

“Sure, sure,” he replied crossing his arms.

Observing the towel, Jacob could see her hand bumping against it each time she moved. He couldn’t deny how erotic the scene looked, even if it was fake.

When Carlos took notice, he moaned again before adding fuel to the fire. “Dude, she’s working me so hard.” Julia laughed and playfully slapped his chest. “Why don’t you use both hands, baby?” Carlos said swooningly.

“Should I, Jacob?” Julia asked with a giggle.

“I don’t see the harm in it,” he answered with a smirk, trying to hide the growing erection in his pants.

Having to step closer, Julia reached down with both hands before Jacob watched her shoulders move.”Fuck, Carlos, do you think your balls are big enough?!” She swooned while tilting her head for a better view.

“Bigger than Jacob’s?” he grinned as the group snickered. Jacob felt a lump in his throat as Julia smiled up at him.

“You’re bigger than him in every way, baby,” she winked at Jacob again as Carlos fist bumped John and Mike.

“Is that really necessary?” Jacob laughed nervously.

“Absolutely,” Jennifer answered.

For a fake hand job, he was surprised at how long it was taking, wondering why they needed to drag the scene out. “How long is this suppose to last?” he asked Jennifer, drawing her attention away from what Julia was doing.

“Until she makes him cum,” she said like it was obvious.

“How does it feel to jerk me off in front of your boyfriend?” Carlos asked, smiling down at her.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” she answered lustfully as Jacob ran his fingers across his erection.

“You’re a lucky guy.”

Jacob didn’t see who said it, but he felt obligated to respond. “Thanks.” Their laughter made him feel stupid as Mike spoke up.

“I was talking to Carlos.”

The slapping continued as Julia’s arms twisted and jerked.

“Think he’ll fail the test?” Carlos asked Julia.

Looking up at her boyfriend she smiled sweetly. “He’ll make it. No matter how much we say, I know he trusts me,” she said before blowing Jacob a kiss.

“Damn right I do,” he nodded with a smile.

“In that case, if you want him to cum faster you should ask Julia to use her mouth,” John suggested as he pulled out his phone and snapped photos.

The scene was impressively realistic, but Jacob didn’t know anyone he trusted more than her. “Julia … would you?”

She smiled before teasing him, “Would I what?”

The group snickered again. “Yeah we want to hear you say it,” Carlos smiled as Julia giggled.

It felt humiliating, but secretly arousing. “Julia, would you please help Carlos cum by using your mouth?” His heart raced as everyone smiled before turning to watch Julia’s head lower below the towel.

“Just the tip,” she cooed before the top of her head was seen bouncing up and down. “Ooh, fuck yeah. First a hand job and now she’s sucking my cock. Thanks, maricón.”

The group laughed again, leaving Jacob confused.

“Not sure what being American has to do with this, but sure, okay,” he whispered to himself, watching Carlos grin at him.

“Are you getting close, baby?” Julia asked in a soft sultry voice.

“Just a little more.”

Everyone continued smiling as they watched the fake scene. “How much do you think he’ll cum?” one girl asked.

“Judging by his balls, I’d say a quart,” Jennifer grinned.

“I guess it does look pretty real guys.” Jacob admitted as more people snapped photos behind the towel and Julia took a deep breath.

“Jesus, his cock wont stop drooling pre-cum. I have to keep swallowing it.” she complained.

“Oooh fuck I’m getting close.”

Finally leaning back into view Julia continued moving her hands behind the towel, the slapping and squishing getting louder. “Oh shit, I’m gonna blow!” Carlos moaned.

Jacob scoffed, “About time.”

With his legs spread wider and a look of pain on his face, Carlos grunted loudly each time he pretended to squirt.

“Oh my god, Carlos!” Julia said in amazement as her fist continued bumping the towel.

“Squeeze my balls, baby, milk out every drop,” he moaned.

In front of the towel Jacob could see tiny points of pressure hitting over and over again. “Tuck the bottom so it doesn’t drip on the floor,” Jennifer said as the girls adjusted the towel, catching any pretend sperm that didn’t fire into its face.

“Fuck what a load, Jacob never cums that much,” Julia gushed as she kept her hand behind the towel. Jacob bit his lip as he stared in shock at how realistic it had looked. “Did it feel good, Carlos?” she asked looking up at him.

“Fuck yeah, baby.”

Jacob couldn’t help but feel jealous, even if they were just acting.

Everyone waited as Carlos adjusted himself before pulling his pants back up. “Thanks, Man. Your girlfriend really drained me,” he laughed.

“Happy to help.” Jacob replied, watching as Julia wiped her hands on the towel before they removed it from the room.

“Congratulations, Jacob you passed the beginner’s trust test,” Jennifer said as everyone clapped and whooped around him.

“I still think Carlos won, though,” Jacob joked nervously.

As everyone laughed the group returned to their chairs and the game continued. “How did you make those slapping sounds?” Jacob whispered once Julia was beside him.

“I was slapping his thigh,” she winked, allowing Jacob to sigh with relief. However the game was far from over.

“Wait, what do you mean beginner’s trust test?”

Jennifer smirked, “That’s was easy mode.”

Everyone in the room seemed to agree, leaving him a little flustered.

“Okay Jacob, it’s your turn.”

Rubbing his chin, he could only think of one thing. “I dare Mike and Amy to take the real trust test.”

Jennifer chuckled, “You can’t take the real test until you’ve completed the beginner’s.”

“Oh, well the beginner test then,” he said.

The other couple agreed and Mike sat alone while he chose the guy Amy would pretend to jerk off. “Hmm, Carlos you want another hand job?”

Everyone chuckled. “No I’m good, Julia drained me.”

Jacob felt another ping of jealously and arousal.

“John then.”

Jacob was happy to be on the sidelines when a clean towel was retrieved. “What about the other one?” he asked.

“It’s covered in Carlos’ load, so we needed a new one,” Julia answered with a laugh.

“But that was fake.”

“You’re suppose to commit to it being real,” Julia whispered before Jacob nodded.

Everything appeared the same once the towel was raised. John dropped his pants but left his underwear up before Amy’s hands reached out to fondle the air. “Lotion please.” John said before the bottle was brought back.

Squirting it onto the floor again, Amy used what little she caught against John’s thigh, slapping it with her palm. The sounds were identical to when Julia gave her fake hand job. “Wow, so that’s how you did it,” he said before Jennifer jumped on him.

“Shut up you idiot, it’s suppose to be real.”

Jacob winced. “Oh right, sorry. She’s working him good, man.” he said awkwardly.

Mike just laughed as John started to ham it up. “Oooh fuck yeah.” Julia and a few other girls giggled at his acting. “Ooh shit I’m not gonna last.” Bucking his hips into the air, Amy used her finger and started poking at the towel to simulate his cum shots.

“Damn that felt good,” John laughed before pulling his pants up and the girls removed the towel.

“Have fun?” Mike asked Amy as she wiped her hands.

“Hell yeah,” she replied before kissing him.

“Pretty neat, huh?” Julia asked as they sat down again.

“Yeah, have you done this before? You seem to know the rules.”

“Jennifer taught me.”

Another ten minutes went by before the group came back to them. “Ready for another dare?” Jennifer asked.

“Sure, I’m curious about the real truth test.”

The guys in the group sat upright. “Oh honey you’re not ready for the real test,” Jennifer said tauntingly.

“Sure I am! Julia and I have been through hell together, we can pass whatever stupid test you have.”

Julia had never heard her boyfriend be so confident before, it made her happy, and a little guilty.

“Are you sure?”

Jacob adjusted his seat before nodding. With the trauma they had endured, no amount of fake handjobs would ever split them up. Julia had become even stronger after what Cody had done, and once Jacob was recovered, he too had strengthened, not just physically, but mentally.

“Well … don’t blame me if you two break up because you didn’t trust her.”

Jacob scoffed and squeezed Julia’s hand.

“Okay everyone, let’s get set up.”

Jacob took his seat a little closer as she instructed everyone to get the scene ready, bringing in a new towel as Mike moved a table across the room. “What’s all this for?” Jacob asked.

“The real test is watching her have sex,” Jennifer explained as she helped organize the room.

“For pretend right?” Jacob’s smile faded when Jennifer winked, now replaced with a worry.

“Wanna back out?” she asked.

“No, It’s fake, and I’ve dealt with worse.”

“Are you sure? Because depending on how long they last, you might be here a while.”

Jacob swallowed, “Hey, It’s pretty hot to watch, kind of like porn right?”

“Whatever helps,” Jennifer chuckled. “They’ll be acting more though, so just remember if it gets … intense.”

With everything set up, it was time for Jacob to make his choice. “Go ahead and pick who you want to me to cheat on you with,” Julia teased before giving her boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.

“Well … John looks a little pent up.”

Fist pumping the air, John shouted his excitement. “Fuck yeah! I’m gonna crush that pussy, bro!”

Everyone gathered around them as Julia tested the table’s strength. “It’s just for you to hold onto.” Jennifer winked. With everyone focused on them, Jacob managed to slide his erection down his left leg with his hand resting on top of it.

He could feel the butterflies in his stomach return as the girls held the large towel up again, blocking his view from anything good. “I can’t believe I’m gonna to do this,” Julia said before looking over at Jacob.

“Lucky bastard,” Carlos laughed.

“Hey wait!” John said as he positioned himself behind her, “I fuck better shirtless,” He laughed, peeling his popped collar polo shirt off and tossing it to Jacob. “Hold onto that, buddy.”

Rolling his eyes, Jacob smirked and used the shirt to cover his erection.

“Hey wait, what about a condom?” Julia asked.

The room went silent as they looked at each other, then from the other side, Jacob coughed and held up a Trojan.”You guys are really committed to this looking real huh?” John laughed and ran over.

“You know it bro.” He said before snatching the condom and tearing the package open.

“You know I was planning on using that later,” Jacob joked.

“Sorry, bro, but after I’m done with her she won’t even remember your name,” he smirked.

Finally John returned behind Julia, dropping his pants completely before kicking them out from under the towel. Jacob couldn’t see what was happening, but from the movements it appeared that he was lifting her dress and putting on the rubber.

“Suited up, Captain,” he laughed before looking at Jacob, “Any last words for her?”

“Have fun?”

Jennifer placed her hands on her hips, “Okay, Jacob, you said it last time without knowing you needed too, but you have to say it again.”

Jacob shrugged his shoulders. “Say what?”

“That you still trust me.” Julia’s voice was shaky as she replied.

With everyone watching him, Jacob fidgeted in his chair before taking a breath, “I trust you, Julia.”

Jennifer smiled before turning to her friend, “Remember, honey you have to give your boyfriend details on everything happening, and It’s okay to get vulgar. Really make him believe it.”

Julia opened her mouth to speak but she seemed distracted by what John was doing behind her. A loud slap and she jumped forward, John laughing as he reached back and swung again, clearly slapping her ass.

“He’s rubbing his … dick on me … it feels really big too,” she said to Jacob’s surprise.

“She wants my cock, bro.” John smirked.

“Lube?” Mike asked, extending a bottle of actual sex jelly.

“Naw, bro look how wet she is.”

Jacob swallowed as Mike leaned below the towel. “Oh shit, does cheating on him get you off that much?”

Julia bit her lip as she looked over and stared into Jacob’s trusting eyes. Shuffling closer, John bent his legs and positioned his chest flat against her back before reaching around and grabbing her throat, his forearm pressed between her cleavage as they stood up straight.

Although only pretend, the visual display was intense. From his stance, John would be thrusting straight up while standing behind her. “You ready, baby?” he moaned into her ear so everyone could hear. The room was silent as they watched and waited for the moment of penetration; then in one slow, controlled movement John pushed upward while releasing his breath. Julia’s mouth dropped open as she was lifted onto her toes, her voice cracking as she squealed and struggled to balance.

“Towel!” Jennifer barked as the girls adjusted its height so Jacob couldn’t see.

“Oooh God!” She struggled to stay composed as each loud thrust bumped her higher, his hand tight around her throat.

“Ooh fuck, I think she came as soon as I went in!”

Jacob’s mouth had gone dry as the unmistakable slap of flesh hitting flesh rung in his ears.

“Dude are you sure?” Carlos asked, leaning in while the sloppy sounds continued.

“Bro, her pussy tightened up so much, goddamn,” John exhaled into a laugh. Julia had become silent, holding onto John’s forearm as it squeezed her throat.

“Talk to us honey, tell your boyfriend what’s happening,” Jennifer said giving Jacob a quick glance.

Inhaling deeply as John’s grip loosened, the only sound she produced was a long, agonized howl.

“Fuck, her pussy feels good. Sorry dude I gotta do it,” John said before extending his arm over the towel and raising his middle finger at Jacob’s face.

Lowering his head like a threatened dog, Jacob’s hand still stroked under the cover of John’s shirt.

“Talk, Julia. You need to get it all out, tell him everything.” Jennifer ordered as Julia’s face flushed and she groaned again.

“He’s stretching my pussy! God It’s so deep! It feels so much better than-” Julia found her voice as John released her throat and bent her forward, gripping her shoulders.

“Say it!” he grunted before slamming into her again, shoving her and the table forward.

“It’s so much better than sex with Jacob!” She squealed before John started swinging his hand. Each time a loud pop was heard as he slapped her ass, causing her to twitch with each hit.

Preparing to stand from his chair, Carlos and Mike stepped over and held his shoulders down. “Relax, man it’s part of the act.”

Jacob wasn’t sure if he believed them, but he had little choice since they stood guard.

“How’s my cock, huh? How’s my cock, bitch?” John grunted as he bucked forward again, the table legs screeching as they moved across the floor.

“Oh god I love it! I love your big cock!”

John’s attitude mixed with memories of Cody, brought out deeper fears as his girlfriend quivered and shook from the fake pleasure. Despite his erection, Jacob truly wondered how they were faking such an strong scene.

“Guys this is kind of intense,” Jacob said as they looked at him.

“We told you it would be, just hang in there.”

He continued sitting in silence as Julia’s cries filled the room, the table supporting her squeaked with every thrust. “There’s nothing like fucking another guy’s girl while he watches, eh?” John said to everyone’s laughter.

“For pretend,” Jacob added.

“Sure, whatever you say,” John grunted.

Five more minutes passed of sloppy, squishy collisions before John slowed and pulled away.With her still bent over and John catching his breath, Carlos, Mike, and practically everyone else in the room crowded together to see the damage.

“Fuck, dude, you made her gape.”

“Yeah, look how stretched and open she is!”

Jacob swallowed, “Is it over?” he asked.

“No way, Bro,” John said, looking below the towel, “Condom isn’t ripped, so we’re good.”

Jennifer fanned herself as she watched. “They’re just resting a minute,” she said as Julia turned around to face John.

“Come on, tell your boyfriend,” John said as Julia’s chest pressed against his.

Turning to face Jacob, she bit her lip again. “John is amazing, Honey. He’s already made me cum twice … right in front of you.”

Jacob remained speechless. Never had he seen such believable acting before, Julia’s words sounded so sincere, so enthralled. Regardless of how he felt, his cock was having a field day.

“We’re going to fuck face to face, Jacob. She’s going to look me in the eyes while I fuck her brains out in front of you.”

He could see one of Julia’s legs disappear from below the towel, John’s arm reaching down to help it wrap around his waist.

“It’s going inside me again, baby,” Julia gasped as John pulled her close. Balanced on one leg Julia was lifted again with each thrust, their foreheads met and pressed together as he continued bucking her. “Oh god, Jacob, Oh god it feels good!” she began to moan.

“Are you going to cum again with him watching?” John’s voice was quiet and commanding, his lips nearly touching hers.

“God yes, please make me cum in front of my boyfriend.” Another deep thrust and Julia fell forward, wrapping her arms around John’s neck and back, clinging to him for support as he continued thrusting.

“Don’t worry Jacob, I’m almost done with her,” he grunted as she continued to whimper from every buck of his hips.

“Remember, this is all part of the show, maricón,” Carlos said as he left Jacob to re-join the group. Pulling out his phone he hit the record function as everyone else did the same. Jacob hardly cared by this point, his own orgasm growing closer even as Julia’s friends filmed him stroking.

“Fuck, I hope I don’t pop the condom when I nut,” John laughed, “you’ll raise my kid, right Jacob?” Everyone’s laughter surrounded him before John started grunting louder. “Fuck I’m about to blow- hurry and jump up, baby,” Julia followed the command and jumped, wrapping both legs around John’s waist.

The girls holding the towel did a fantastic job of blocking Jacob’s view, but it was obvious he was holding her up and bucking her at the same time.

“Oooh god, I’m gonna- I’m gonna-” she cried as John grunted with each bounce.

“Oh fuck she’s cumming again, goddamn she’s tight!”

Jennifer stepped closer to film Julia’s face. “Oh my god, she’s not just cumming she’s having an orgasm!”

Everyone shuffled around to stare at Julia’s drooling expression as her mouth hung open as they both cried out together, her body shaking violently as he quivered and groaned. His thrusts became long and slow before stopping completely. Jacob had also reached his limit. With John’s shirt falling off, everyone could see his load emptying into his jeans and creating a large dark spot on his thigh.

“Damn dude, I think you broke her,” Mike laughed as she became catatonic.

Jacob swallowed as he watched Julia rest her face against his neck, her cheeks puffing as she caught her breath and John dripped with sweat. He had never seen Julia fake an orgasm before, but it was the most powerful thing he had ever watched her do.

“How was it?” Carlos asked as he stepped over to ensure Julia didn’t fall when she dismounted.

“Dude, her pussy has so much grip, Jacob must have a tiny dick,” he laughed.

“Damn look how red her pussy is,” Mike said in astonishment.

“Fuck, I’m glad the rubber held up, look how much I came,” he said as Jennifer caught Julia from stumbling. “I would have knocked her up for sure, maybe next time though, eh Jacob?”

“Goddamn that’s a big load,” one of the girls gushed, “what should we do with it?”

“You’re welcome to drink it if you want,” John chuckled.

Most of the group looked at each other before looking at Jacob. “We should make the boyfriend drink it.”

Before anyone else could react, Julia had reached and took whatever was in John’s hand. The towel had obscured it, but he could see her elbow rise up, as if she was pouring something into her mouth.

Everyone was speechless, the only sound was the hurried flurry of phones snapping pictures.

“C-Can we take the towel down now?” Jacob asked nervously as everyone looked between him and John.

“No way. Look how much she soaked my briefs, I’m drenched in her pussy juice.”

Jennifer had leaned closer to look before she nodded. “The test isn’t over yet, honey,” she said as John helped Julia limp into a back room, the towel hiding them the entire time.

“It’s not?” Jacob tried to cover the stain with his hand but Jennifer had already seen it.

“You came too, huh?” she teased before shutting the door behind Julia and John.

“Well …” he tried to make an excuse, but she knew better.

“It happens to every guy who passes the test,” she assured him.

“Does that mean I pass?” His victory seemed hollow after watching his girlfriend have such an intense orgasm, even if it was fake.

“You’re very close, but there’s a little more,” she said as the group returned with smiles on their faces.

“How did it feel watching John give Julia her first orgasm?”

Jacob wiped his hands across his thighs nervously. “It was very … intense,” he admitted.

“Good, you have to be honest,” she continued, “were you jealous?” Came the next question.

“Yeah, I guess so,” he answered before Mike noticed the cum stain and chuckled.

“Do you still trust her?” Jacob tried not to hesitate with his answer.

“Yes I do.”

“Well since she just had an orgasm, it’s going to take her time to recover.”

Jacob went along with their commitment and acting.

“You never forget your first real orgasm,” Amy giggled. “I’m really glad John gave her one.”

Jacob shifted in his chair as the girls smiled at each other. “S-so what now?” he asked.

Jennifer seemed to think for a moment before answering. “I guess there’s really only one thing left.”

Jacob inhaled sharply before sighing, “Well I’ve come this far.”

The girls smiled at him. “One final test of trust, but I have to warn you, this one is the worst.”

Jacob shook his head in surprise. “Worse than watching that?!” he yelled with a laugh.

Amy left to check on them while Jennifer helped Jacob stand up, his erection still semi hard.

“Have you ever seen two people kiss in a movie?”

Suddenly he didn’t like where it was going. “Uh, yeah?” The bedroom door re-opened as John and Julia returned, slightly less breathless.

“Well it’s like that. You stand beside them and watch them kiss for one whole minute.”

Jacob’s eyebrows narrowed. “And this proves what?” he asked with a tinge of anger.

“That you trust her, idiot. A fake kiss means nothing, like in the movies, it’s just acting. If you can trust her enough to let her kiss John for a full minute or longer, she’ll know you truly love and trust her.”

Julia sighed as she stepped over to Jacob, reaching out and squeezing his hand before looking at John.

“You’ll have her back soon, bro,” John smirked.

Now out in the open and no longer behind a towel, the scene was even more surreal. It was then that Jacob realized John was wearing a new pair of pants, and a large outline of his penis was very visible.

“So are you ready?” Jennifer asked as she pushed Jacob beside them, getting his face only feet from theirs, giving him a point blank view.

“Go ahead I guess.”

John reached out and placed his right hand on her lower back before his left arm reached up to her shoulder. Julia leaned in and embraced him before their head’s tilted and moved in for the kiss. Watching closely he could see his girlfriend’s eyes glance at him just before their lips made contact. Jacob then stood awkwardly as he watched Julia moan and french kiss another man. Their tongues danced in the open, likely trying to make Jacob lose control.

No one said it would happen, but John’s hands ventured below her back, both squeezing her ass, scrunching up her dress and pulling her closer. When Jacob glanced at Jennifer she simply smiled and nodded in approval. Julia’s breath had become heavy again, gasping as she shoved her tongue back into John’s mouth and lowered her hand to his groin. “You’re already hard again.” She said between a loud, smacking kiss.

“Oooh yeah, keep rubbing it.” John moaned before leaning in and sucking her neck, something Jacob knew she loved.

He watched her hand as it squeezed and stroked the long outline of John’s cock, rubbing him faster as he moaned. “You want me to fuck you one more time?” he grunted as she squeezed the bulge even tighter.

“We don’t have another condom,” she moaned before their lips met again.

“Hasn’t it been more than a minute?” Jacob asked as the girls giggled, his own cock starting to reharden.

“So? I’ll just pull out and shoot it on your boyfriend.”

Julia giggled, biting John’s lower lip and looking her boyfriend in the eyes. “God, I really want to do it again,” she moaned, “can I, honey?”


“Can John and I go back in the bedroom and have sex one more time? Please? You trust me right?” she grinned, opening her mouth as he pulled her closer, digging his fingers into her ass.

Jacob looked to Jennifer and the group, hoping for help. When Carlos shrugged his shoulders, it was as if he was saying, “It’s your choice.”

He wasn’t sure, on the one hand, he did trust his girlfriend, but on the other, the acting had been so real it was hard to look past. If he said no, that would mean he didn’t trust her, but if he said yes, who knew what would happen behind closed doors.

“I trust you,” Jacob whispered.

John and Julia both moaned to his answer, kissing again before John took her hand and began to pull her back into the bedroom.

“Thank you, baby,” Julia moaned as John’s arms ensnared her, squeezing her thighs, “we’ll be finished as soon as we can.” With her smiling, Jacob watched her disappear as the door slammed in his face.

“Well done!” Jennifer clapped, “I’m pretty sure no one has ever passed that part.”

Jacob’s stomach tightened while his mouth went dry. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could last, but if it proved his commitment to Julia, he would do anything. He really didn’t expect them to drag it out, but as he took his seat beside the bedroom door, he reluctantly began stroking himself again, listening to Julia’s fake moans of pleasure, along with John’s grunts, and the unmistakable squeaks of bed springs.

“Her pussy is gonna be wrecked when she gets home,” Mike chuckled.

“I bet she’s in heaven right now,” Jennifer grinned.

It was at least twenty minutes before the screaming stopped, and John and Julia finally came out of the room still holding each other. Julia’s hair was soaked in sweat, as was John’s. Their clothes looked wet, and some of Julia’s makeup had actually started to run.

Bumping into him, they looked down and smiled when noticing Jacob rubbing himself. He adjusted his erection, struggling to get up and finally taking a breath. “Finished now?” he asked, trying to sound confident.

“Yeah, we finished,” Julia grinned, giving John a sinful look.

“It’s too bad you guys couldn’t watch, that second load was even bigger than the first.”

The guys bumped fists again, congratulating John and patting his back while Julia blushed.

“Did you manage to pull out in time?” Carlos asked.

“Fuck, just barely, I pulled out and shot everything onto her pussy. I think we got it all wiped up though, sorry about the bed Jennifer.”

“So … ” Jacob finally spoke up, “Is it over? Did I pass?”

“Well … did you think it was real?” Julia asked.

Jacob had to catch his own words. Part of him wanted to say yes, but that would mean he didn’t trust her. A final test? “No, I don’t think it was real.”

“Good. Because this is all … fake!” Julia broke away from John so fast that Jacob tripped backwards and fell. The group laughed and started clapping as Julia placed her hands on her hips.”And the Oscar goes too-” she raised her arms in triumph as Jacob stared dumbly.

“I told you it was intense,” Jennifer laughed and clapped while Julia turned and spit with disgust.

“B-but, you were grabbing his-”

John smiled guiltily and reached down his pants, pulling out a long blue dildo.

“It’s one of Jennifer’s,” Julia laughed.

“Shut-up, no it’s not!” Jennifer cried before nervously looking around the room.

“Oh my god,” Jacob said as he stood up and embraced her in a hug.

“Did it look real?” she asked.

“Holy shit did it ever, you really had me going,” he said as John handed him the fake dildo, laughing before Jennifer marched over and snatched the toy in embarrassment.

“Sorry I had to kiss him, and he did actually spank me, but I didn’t want to break character.”

Jacob exhaled deeply before laughing. “All things considered I’m fine with that.” Julia smiled and continued hugging him.

“So this was fun, right? Good party?” Jennifer asked before dropping the dildo to the floor and kicking it under a nearby couch.

“Great party!” Carlos shouted.

“Ten out of ten, I’d fuck her again!” John cheered as he gave Jacob a soft punch in the arm.

“I think that’s enough for me,” he said as his blood pressure returned to normal.

“Yeah it’s almost 1 am,” Julia agreed.

“Well Jacob you passed medium truth test, congratulations.”

Jacob nearly screamed, “Medium?!”

Jennifer and the group burst into laughter. “I’m only kidding, honey calm down.”

Jacob scoffed happily and waved his hands in defeat. “I’m going home,” he laughed before heading to the door.

“I’ll call you tomorrow Julia!” Jennifer shouted as they grabbed her coat and stepped outside.

“Thanks for the free pussy, Jacob!” John shouted before it closed behind them.

Getting back into the car Julia could finally breath a sigh of relief. “Holy cow,” she said with a smile. Jacob’s eyes bugged out at her, staring in disbelief at how the night had unfolded.

“Okay, I have so many questions.”

Twisting the key, the car came to life in a shuddering groan before he pulled away. “First let me say thank you,” Julia purred.

“For what?” Pushing the turn signal down the dashboard clicked while he pulled into their driveway.

“For trusting me,” she said.

Getting inside the house, Jacob dropped the keys into a bowl before kicking his shoes off. He was glad to be home, but ever more glad to be alone with Julia.

“So I guess we have a lot to talk about,” she said, removing her coat and sitting on the couch.

“So many things,” Jacob admitted as he quickly removed his pants and flung them across the room.

“Well come over here,” she said seductively, spreading her legs and leaning back. Running over he dropped to his knees in front of her, his erection already in hand.

“Okay first: Holy fucking shit! That was so incredibly hot!” he gushed while looking up at her.

“I had a feeling you’d enjoy it,” she smirked.

“I mean, oh my god, the way it looked, you made it so real!” Julia blushed and smiled.

“Please tell me what it was like, how did you do all of it?”

“If I tell you, will you eat me out?” Jacob flipped her dress up before discovering her panties were soaking wet.

“You’re drenched,” he said in surprise, looking up at her.

“You want the truth right?” She asked, using her fingers to slap the wet mound of her panties.

“Yes please.”

“Well you know how I jerked off Carlos,” he nodded as he pulled her panties off. “Well John was a bit more aggressive.”

Jacob could now see her pussy looked red and swollen, even gaping slightly, along with what looked like dried white goo around her labia. “Um, why-” he started.

“I’m sorry, Jacob, but if it turned you on, don’t you think it turned me on too?” He swallowed as his fingers danced over the red puffy lips. “He just got rough is all, with his hips hitting me, and spanking me each time to make the sounds.”

Jacob’s mouth opened. “Oh shit, let me see!” Pushing her sideways he was able to roll her until he could see her large, soft behind had red marks all over it.

“That’s part of making it look real,” she grinned after rolling back.

“Wow that’s crazy,” he said pumping his erection. “What about your orgasm?” he asked as his lips brushed against her pussy lips.

“… That was real.” she said softly.

“What?” His head popped up from below, a look of shock on his face.

“I’m sorry honey, but I told you my fantasy of being in public. All my friends were watching, you were watching, even though it was fake It was still.. stimulating.” She gave a guilty smile, “Hey you jerked off watching us! Why shouldn’t I cum too?” She teased, fluffing his hair and pushing his head back to her swollen pussy.

Even though he was slightly upset, she was right. He had cum while watching so why couldn’t she? “What about when you two were kissing, and then went into the bedroom?”

She scrunched her face. “Oh god, don’t remind me. I really need to brush my teeth.” Jacob laughed. “It was just something to make you jealous, or turn you on,” she giggled before standing up, her pussy still pressing into Jacob’s face while he sunk below.

“It did both,” he mumbled while his tongue flicked inside her.

“As far as the bedroom goes, we just made noises and jumped on the bed.”

Jacob smirked to himself, “I knew it.”

Releasing a small moan, she eventually stepped away and headed for the bathroom, leaving him with his hand. “I’m glad you liked it, because they’re gonna start teasing you now.”

Jacob prepared the bed while she brushed her teeth, ready to give her some real sex. “Tease me how?” he asked.

“How do you think, maricón,” she giggled as the faucet hissed and Jacob climbed into bed.

“Well … bring it on, I can take it.”


Jacob rolled in bed as the smell of coffee filled the room. Rays of morning sunlight beamed through the open blinds, creating a scene of light and dark bars that covered everything. Keeping his eyes shut he reached out for Julia only to find her side of the bed empty and cold.

“Yeah, I really think he enjoyed it.”

Her voice reverberated into the bedroom. Lifting his head from the pillow he listened carefully to her conversation.

“Um.. I don’t know what we have planned for the day.”

His body shook as he pushed out and stretched, groaning before his muscles relaxed again.

“Oh don’t even- I know that was your dildo,” Julia laughed.

Pulling himself to the edge of the bed Jacob squinted while his vision adjusted.

“Oh he’s awake,” Julia said with a smile as Jacob lumbered into the kitchen scratching his butt. “Yeah we had fun when we got home,” she winked as he found an empty coffee cup.

Dragging his feet to the counter-top he poured himself a cup while still eavesdropping on Julia.

“Yeah I thanked him.” Wedging the phone between her ear and shoulder she walked to the oven and slipped on a pair of gloves. “Yeah, he really wanted to keep going.” Reaching into the stove, Julia removed a large flat pan of buttered toast, dark around the edges while cheese bubbled on top. “Well it’s not like I could,” she glanced at Jacob. “Yeah you were right.”

Jacob couldn’t make heads or tales of her conversation without hearing the context. Now focused on Julia’s large, pink panty covered butt, the front of his boxers made way for his erection.

“Yeah, Jacob is up alright,” she grinned when noticing his hard-on. “Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it,” she said while pulling the gloves from her hands and walking around the counter. “I guess I really should,” she said before kneeling down in front of him. “I’m going to put you on speakerphone so you can talk to Jacob, okay?” Julia said, pressing a button and setting it down.

“Good morning, Jacob,” Jennifer’s voice crackled through the phone.

“Hey, Jen.”

Julia smiled as she reached into his boxers, cupping his balls in her hand before zig-zagging her tongue across his shaft.

“Did you have fun at the party last night?” Jennifer asked.

“Sure, I guess so.”

Julia’s wet tongue lapped against the head, making him shudder and twist his hips.

“Jewel and I were wondering what we could do today.”

Holding the side of her face, Jacob struggled to speak. “Um, yeah, it’s- whatever’s fine.” Julia closed her eyes while she held Jacob’s cock, slapping it against her face.

“I think we should get together again, maybe eat something?”

Her saliva now covered Jacob’s erection, making sloppy wet sounds as she played with his balls, pulling one from her mouth to create a juicy, suctioned pop.

“Oh fuck,” Jacob gushed with delight.

“What is it?” Jennifer asked.

“Nothing. Jacob is just being stupid.” Julia answered before pressing her nose into his ball-sack, slowly rising and rubbing against his length, loudly inhaling the smell.

“Jesus, honey,” he groaned as she repeated the action several times.

“Hell-oh!?” Jennifer’s mood had become sour, annoyed that no one was talking to her.

“Sorry I was doing something.” Julia giggled before abandoning Jacob’s cock and stepping back to the oven.

“What the fuuuuuck!” he whispered in surprise while she laughed, leaving him with his hand.

“How about a cookout?” Julia struggled to stay composed as Jacob whispered curse words at her.

Resisting the urge to cum, Jacob managed to keep himself hard while Julia finished talking with her friend. “I think a barbeque would be great,” she said, still grinning as Jacob waited. “We need to get a few things first, but yeah, bring the whole gang.” Moving the toast onto plates, Julia slid the metal pan back into the cooled oven. “Awesome, see you then.” With a digital beep, Julia ended the phone call and turned back to her boyfriend. “Having trouble?” she asked, restraining her laughter.

“Get. Over. Here.” Jacob ordered with a large smile, pointing to the floor between his legs.

“Ooh yes, Sir,” she smirked, walking back and getting on her knees. With one hand on his shaft and the other massaging his nuts, Julia bit her lip seductively. “Should I talk dirty too?” she questioned before pulling his shaft and licking the drooling pre-cum.

“Fuck, please yes,” he moaned before her hand began moving faster.

“I absolutely love how your balls smell,” Julia moaned, pressing her face against them again and inhaling deeply.

“God that’s so hot,” His teeth clenched as she inhaled again, moaning deeply.

“Carlos’s nuts were much bigger though.”

Too excited to be upset, Jacob gave a halfhearted laugh before running with it. “Was his cock bigger too?” Julia moaned again as she slide her cheek against his hard-on like a cat rubbing against a pole.

“So much bigger,” she teased with a smirk, pressing her lips against his shaft. Jacob had now started to lose his breath in excitement, eager to hear her say more.

“What about John?” Julia giggled before placing her palms flat against his thighs and lowering her mouth over him. “Oh shit,” he whimpered. Her tongue laid against the underside of his cock before she pushed deeper, the head touching her uvula before she gagged and recoiled.

As his cock popped from her mouth, long clear strands of saliva hung between her lips and his dick. “Oh god, Julia, what has gotten into you?” His voice elated as she slurped the liquid into her mouth and exhaled with a moan.

“John’s cock is bigger than yours too.” She finally answered before placing two fingers in her mouth and sucking them.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I fucking love it, baby,” he groaned before wagging his dick in her face.

“John’s cock got into me,” she winked before attempting to deepthroat him again.

“Was he good?”

Julia gagged again but didn’t move, twisting her head side to side as his dick drilled further into her throat. Placing his hand on her head he sighed before pushing down, each time she gagged her throat squeezed him tighter. When she finally pulled back Jacob’s cock was covered in thick, slimy saliva.

“He made me his bitch last night when you let him fuck me twice,” she grinned as her hand disappeared into her wet panties. Jacob had re-taken control of his dick while Julia stood up, dropping her panties so he could watch her masturbate, the spit and slime on his cock making perfect lube.

“So he owns you?” Julia nodded as she watched Jacob pleasure himself to the fantasy.

“Do you know what we did in the bedroom?” Jacob gulped air as he shook his head and reached to cup his own balls. “I told him I loved him.” Biting her bottom lip while smiling she watched Jacob’s hand speed up.

“Oh, don’t say that,” he whined breathlessly, his hand never stopping.

“I said I loved him more than you.”

Jacob squinted as he neared orgasm. “Fucking hell,” he moaned as Julia stepped beside him, whispering into his ear.

“I’m going to let him fuck me today too.” Her voice was soft and seductive as Jacob reached release, crying out and firing across the floor. “And you’re going to watch again,” she added while he convulsed, rope after rope of white lines landing below him.

After a moment to catch his breath, Julia wrapped her arms around him.”How was that?” she teased with a big smile.

“Jesus, Julia,” he said in exhaustion before laughing with her.

“I guess you like those ideas, huh?” she said before kissing his cheek.

“That’s not fair,” he chuckled, “you’re using my dick against me.”

“That’s the plan,” she winked playfully before walking back to a plate of cold toast.

Once showered and dressed, Julia and Jacob reviewed their plans for the day. “We need charcoal too.” Julia said while he wrote the list.

“Are we buying the steaks?”

She stopped and hummed while thinking. “I guess we are.”

Jacob scribbled onto a pad before following her outside.

For what the old apartment lacked in size, it made up for with a spacious, fenced in back yard. A small back porch opened to a larger grassy area with several picnic tables, perfect for a barbecue.

“How many people are coming?” Jacob asked while Julia surveyed the layout.

“Probably the same group from last night, and a few more that couldn’t make it.”

Jacob sighed before dropping his hands. “This already feels like a pain in the ass,” he said with a look of apprehension.

“I promise I’ll make it fun for you,” she smiled before walking over and pushing her chest against his.

“Oh yeah? That’s what you said last time,” his mood lifted as her hand found it’s way into his pants.

“We’ll have good food, some music, I’ll wear a pretty dress-” she reached below and cupped his balls. “-and you can invite John over to fuck me again,” she smirked as his penis began hardening.


Her fingers rolled his testicles around before pulling and stretching them playfully.

“You’re so bad,” he chuckled as her fingers traced his growing erection, “but okay, I’m on board.”

It was twenty minutes before they arrived at the super market, and Julia had teased him with ideas the entire way. Pulling a shopping cart free from the stack, Jacob followed her while they collected everything they needed.

“Soda, potato chips, steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, plastic cups, plastic forks, plastic spoons, charcoal, canned corn, baked beans, and charcoal,” Julia read off the list.

“You said charcoal twice,” he smirked.

“You wrote it twice, dweeb,” she smiled as they headed for the checkout lines.

“What about condoms?” Jacob asked while raising an eyebrow to be funny.

“Just ask John to bring some when you call him, your little size doesn’t fit him,” She quipped, leaving him speechless.


Standing in line at the check out gave Jacob time to look at his phone while Julia texted someone. After the wild sexual activities that morning, combined with the constant teasing, he was probably just getting paranoid about who she was sending messages to.

“Mike and Amy can’t make it,” she said as if reading his mind, “but Samuel can,” she said a moment later.

He expected another tease, but had to ask anyway, “Who’s Sam?”

“Another friend of mine. Big black guy,” she winked as Jacob rolled his eyes and turned back to the shopping cart.

When they finally made it home Julia left Jacob in charge of carrying all the bags while she continued texting, claiming to be the ‘party organizer’ for him. In the backyard Jacob used a metal scrubbing pad to scrape what small pieces of burnt food still remained on the grill.

The cookout was to begin at three, so after much planning and talking, Julia finally joined her boyfriend with setting everything up. Plastic sheets were thrown over the picnic tables while stacks of red party cups were placed by the sodas, along with a cooler full of ice and bags of chips.

As Jacob removed the steaks from their plastic and Styrofoam containers, Julia approached him with her phone in hand. In the rush to get everything ready he had forgotten about her teasing, and was confused when she handed it to him.

“It’s already dialed, just hit call,” she said while crossing her arms and smirking.

“Call- what are you talking about?” he asked before looking at the phone’s screen, and in big bold letters it read: John. “You’re kidding,” he chuckled as she remained firmly in place. “You really want me to do that?” She didn’t speak, her large grin was enough.

The sudden change in her sexual aggressiveness was something he loved. Her scene during breakfast was something he wanted every morning, and if playing along made that happen, he could handle some humiliation.

Pressing call, he stood silently as the phone rang in his ear. Pointing to his crotch he waved Julia over, who was more than happy to step up and start rubbing him. Her hand squeezed his groin tightly which caused his dick to swell, getting this kind of attention was a welcome change. As the line clicked and John picked up, Jacob felt his stomach get queasy.

“Hey, baby what’s up?” John answered expecting Julia. Jacob coughed slightly as her hand tightened and she smiled.

“Uh, hey, John it’s Jacob. Julia wanted me to call you and … uh, invite you to our barbecue today.” Jacob felt breathless as he spoke to her friend.

“Oh … is that right? Well sure, man I’d love to come by, what time?” John chuckled on his end of the line.

“Three-o-clock … In just a couple hours,” he answered as her hand started rubbing up and down his bulge’s length. Taking a deep breath to prepare for what he said next, Julia bit her lip and smiled as she waited to hear him ask.

“Oh, um one more thing: Julia wanted me to ask-” she slapped his chest before point to his face and mouthing the words: ‘You! You want!’ “Uh, um, I mean, I was wondering if you, uh … if you wanted, you could bring some, um, condoms too.”

John broke into laughter, making Jacob pull the phone away from his ear. “Sure, bro, I’ll bring some. The one you gave me last night was too small anyway, good thing it didn’t rip right?” he asked while still chuckling.

“Yeah … that would have been, uh, bad I guess,” Jacob attempted to laugh back before John agreed to come over. Hanging up the phone he handed it back to Julia, surprised when she hugged and kissed him.

“See, was that so hard?” she grinned while squeezing him again, making him whimper with delight. “I’m going to go put on my special dress!” she squealed before turning and running to the back door.

“You mean the expensive one I bought you?” he asked while gripping his erection and fondling it.

“Yep!” she shouted before disappearing through the doorway.

Setting his iPod stereo down beside the drinks, he flooded the backyard with energetic music while he waited on Julia to return. Although the backyard was open to everyone, their apartment opened directly into it, allowing them to come and go with ease.

Thinking it was likely that the group of people would eventually come inside at some point, Jacob stepped back into the apartment and started tidying up. Picking trash from the floor, removing empty soda cans, and hiding anything that looked valuable.

When Julia returned he was floored by how well the dress fit her. Colored a blue-ish gray with straps over her shoulder, the dress showed enough chest to be sexy, while the length blossomed open and covered below her knees. With a big dumb grin on his face, he watched as she twirled and posed.

“How do I look?” she asked before bending over and giving him a better view of her cleavage.

“You look amazing, babe,” he said in awe as his love for her rose to new heights. Now it was time for him to do something unexpected, walking over in a moment of passion, Jacob wrapped his arms around her waist before kissing her deeply. She was startled before closing her eyes and moaning, sinking into his embrace.

When they pulled apart she was shocked by how romantic it had felt, butterflies in her stomach as Jacob’s eyes bore into hers, staring at her with love. “Knock it off,” she blushed before pushing him away slightly.

“Jennifer is going to be so jealous of you,” he said while looking her up and down.”I bet she’ll be in ugly jeans or something,” he laughed.

Biting her lip as she often did, she looked away as if deep in thought before smiling, “You’re such a great boyfriend, Jacob. I’m so lucky to have you.” Pushing herself into him she hugged his shorter frame, sniffling as he held her.

“Is something wrong? You seem upset.” he asked while holding her.

Pulling away, tears glistened in her eyes before she took a breath. “I haven’t been the best girlfriend-” Suddenly the doorbell rang, causing them both to jump.

Letting her go, Jacob smiled before walking to the door. Just as he was about to open it, he turned back and winked. “You’re the best girlfriend ever, honey. Please don’t change.”

“Jacob!” Jennifer shouted with glee when he opened the door. Pushing her way into the apartment she gave him a quick hug before walking over to Julia and hugging her too. “I bought some booze, is that cool?” she asked before pulling a small six pack of tropical flavored drinks from her purse.

“Sounds great.” Julia said with a sniffle, quickly wiping her tears away and ushering her friend into the back yard.

Closing the door and walking away, the doorbell rung again, turning he strode back to find Carlos waiting on the other side. “Oh, hey man you made it.” Jacob said giving him a quick handshake. “Girls are in the back.”

One by one the guests arrived before people Jacob had never met started showing up. Susan was a friend of Jennifer’s and a local hair stylist. Chris was a feminine young teen who might have been a cross-dresser, his jeans hugging his rump tightly and causing Jacob to confuse him with another of Julia’s “female” friends.

The tall, muscled black friend Julia mentioned arrived with Chris. Samuel was at least six feet and looked like a football player, his broad chest and rippled arms made Jacob nervous before his soft, friendly personality helped relax him.

“Glad to make it,” he said with a bright smile before Jacob followed him into the back yard.

“I think that’s everyone,” Jennifer said as the group mingled and waited on him to start cooking.

Jacob had watched Julia greet all her friends with hugs before picking someone to chat with. Walking to the fridge, Jacob returned with a plate of hot dogs and hamburgers, setting them beside the grill as he prepared to light it.

“Did Jennifer tell you about last night?” Carlos asked Samuel, glancing and smirking at Jacob as the grill’s flame rose.

Halfway through cooking the dogs he could hear the doorbell ring inside the house. “Julia!” he shouted. “I think someone else is here,” he said once he had her attention, pointing inside the house.

He watched her march through the door as he pressed and flipped another burger. Looking up from the grill, he caught Julia with a big smile on her face as John walked out behind her. The man of the hour, he thought as John waved to everyone before winking and stepping over.

“I got the stuff, bro.” he whispered like doing a drug deal. Reaching into his pocket he fished out a long line of square, foil wrapped large condoms.

“Oh, good,” Jacob said sarcastically as John stepped away to join the group, laughing and joking as they begun talking about the events of last night.

Luckily the hot dogs and burgers had just finished, and Jacob was able to bring the plate to the picnic table, setting them down before bringing the lettuce and other condiments. Worried he might miss the conversation, he sat down beside Julia as everyone started putting their food together.

“So yeah, twister was fun,” Carlos said loudly after whispering to Samuel.

“What else happened?” Chris asked before spreading mustard onto his hotdog.

Carols smiled while looking at Julia before turning and re-telling the experience, “Well we decided to play the truth test,” he started as everyone’s attention focused on him. “We told Jacob the rules, and he agreed to let her do it.” Everyone smiled before looking at him, as if they were in on something he didn’t know. “So we got a towel, and Julia jerked me off right in front of him.”

Everyone made noises of excitement and awe while chuckling at Jacob’s expense. The uneasy feeling had grown as he forced a smile, feeling stupid as their smiles mocked him. It was then that Julia placed her hand in his lap and squeezed, helping him cope with their stares.

“It was great, he was smiling and watching the entire time, el maricón had no clue.” Carlos teased with a wink, causing Julia to squeeze him again.

“That was just for starters though,” John spoke up after taking a bite of his hamburger.

“Why don’t you tell everyone what happened next, Jacob?” John asked as everyone turned to him.

“Um, uh, well,” he coughed before Julia stroked him faster.

“I took the real truth test.”

“And what’s that, Jacob?” John asked.

“It’s when you let your girlfriend … pretend to have sex.”

John smiled. “And did you let her?”

Julia smirked as Jacob looked at her. “Yeah.”

“And who was the magnificent stallion that made her orgasm in your face?”

Jacob now understood what Julia meant by her friends teasing him. With his dick erect under the table, he smiled and felt confident before answering. “It was you, John. You gave my girlfriend an orgasm.”

If I act like it doesn’t bother me, they’ll eventually drop it. Jacob thought.

Everyone laughed as John raised his arms in victory, dripping mustard onto his lap before cursing and attempting to wipe it out. “Son-of-a-bitch!”

“Do you still trust her?” Jennifer’s friend Susan asked with an innocent smile, her elbows propped on the table.

Jacob answered without hesitation. “Absolutely. Nothing will ever change that.”

“Maybe they should keep testing you, then,” the large dark skinned teen smirked as everyone seemed to agree with him. “Anyone got a towel?” the group laughed at Samuel as Julia giggled with them.

“You don’t really think that’ll work do you?” Jacob said with a grin, “After what John did, I’m pretty sure none of you can top that,” he said confidently. “Julia and I met when we were kids, okay? We’ve been together for ten years now, so your little games wont work on me.” Taking a sip from his can of soda, everyone looked around and smiled.

“Is that a challenge?” Carlos said to push the topic.

“Sure, bring it on,” Jacob replied with a confident smile.

Releasing the grip on his erection, Julia stood and walked toward the apartment before turning and smiling. “I’ll get a towel,” she said before disappearing inside.

As everyone finished their meals Jacob sat rubbing his erection. He knew Julia enjoyed teasing him, it was something he had come to enjoy too. Using his own dick against him, she was able to keep pushing him into these ‘trust’ games.

“Okay I got one. Why don’t we play inside for this?” she grinned as everyone shuffled to leave the table.

Nearing the back door, John stepped in front of Jacob, blocking his path. “Why don’t you get those steaks fired up man?” he smiled down at Jacob, his popped collar and golden necklace still as obnoxious as ever.

“S-sure man.” Jacob said before turning around and walking back to the cooler. John continued blocking the backdoor as he watched Jacob pull the steaks from their wrapping before plopping them onto the fire.

Once the fire was high enough, John smirked and started asking him about their relationship. “So do you let her do this often?”

Jacob chuckled, “Oh yeah, all the time,” he answered sarcastically.

“No worries man, it’s cool if you like being a cuck. Getting free pussy from someone’s girlfriend is the best.” John replied.

“Do you know a lot of … cuckolds?”

“Sure, lots of guys are into it.”

“And they just let you … do it?” Jacob dropped another steak on the grill.

“Hell yeah, some even pay me.” John chuckled before pointing his finger lazily at Jacob, “hey maybe you should pay too,” he said with a grin.

“Nah, I’m not into that.”

John laughed and turned his back before stepping inside. “Keep telling yourself that,” he said, now allowing Jacob into his own apartment.

Stepping through the door, it took a moment for his eyes to adjust before he found everyone crowded around the couch. A queasy, uncomfortable feeling had arose in his stomach as the butterflies returned, mixing with his erection to create an excited fear that pushed him forward.

Stepping to the couch he found Julia already in place as Carlos and Samuel sat on both sides of her. “We’re really going to do this again?” Jacob asked as they adjusted the towel, testing to see how much it covered.

“What’s wrong, you don’t trust her?” Samuel asked as he pulled his edge of the towel up, covering his upper legs to his chest.

“Yeah what’s the deal.” Carlos added as he tested the edge of his towel, the long fabric easily covering all three of their laps. Raising the towel in the back took away the slack so her hands would only bump when she was on the upstroke.

“Hey I didn’t even pick you guys, I thought I was suppose to-” Jacob started.

“This is extra credit, so we get to pick,” Carlos interrupted him.

“Better check on those steaks, bro,” John said as Jacob hesitated to leave. “What? Afraid you’re going to miss her doing something?” he smirked.

Jacob laughed as John baited him, he knew their game was to tease and bother him but he wouldn’t let it work. “Fine you got me, just don’t start yet.” Rushing back outside he could hear their laughter behind him as he checked the meat, flipping them once before running back to the house.

The group had now crowded even closer, trying to watch behind the towel as it covered them very well. Jacob had noticed that Jennifer, Susan, and Chris had all taken Samuel’s side of the couch while John took the other.

“You sit on the coffee table,” Julia instructed as both her arms moved up and down under the towel. The scene was enjoyably familiar as he watched both men moan, shaking their legs while her arms moved up and down in rhythm.

“You don’t mind her jerking us both off at the same time do you?” Carlos asked while continuing to hold the towel in one hand.

“This is just sad,” he replied while the men faked their moans and exaggerated their faces. “I’ve seen better acting in third grade plays,” he laughed, crossing his arms while everyone smiled and laughed with him.

“I guess we’ll just need to do better, eh?” Carlos said with a smirk, before reaching over and placing his hand softly behind Julia’s head. Biting her lip as she descended, Carlos moaned once her head disappeared under the towel.

“Ha ha very-” Jacob started before Julia’s hand pulled away from Samuel’s crotch, snagging the towel and pulling what covered him completely off. Jacob’s eyes nearly popped from his head as he spotted the large flaccid black cock hanging free from it’s zipper.

Samuel could hardly react before Jacob leapt from the coffee table, shoving it away as the back of his legs collided with it. Everyone’s face turned to fear as Jacob’s anger exploded and he screamed at what he saw. “What the fuck?!” Everyone in the room flinched from his volume as he lurched forward in a blind rage, grabbing the towel and tearing it from her and Carlos.

What he saw was not what he expected. Julia’s face hovered over Carlos’ pants but nothing more was happening. Turning back to Samuel, Jacob couldn’t find the words for what he was feeling. His body simply shook with confused anger, unsure what had happened.

“Dude, chill! Chill!” Samuel cried out as he attempted to stuff the large black penis away. “She never even touched it, I swear, man!” he tried to explain as Jacob’s head glance back and forth, waiting on an answer.

“What in the fuck- Someone better start talking, here!” he shouted as Julia quickly stood and grabbed his wrists, trying to talk him down as the room buzzed with worry.

In his anger Jacob barely caught the last of Julia’s sentence, “-is gay!” Turning to face her his expression went blank.

“Samuel is gay, Jacob.” she said as her face wrinkled with worry. “I swear I wasn’t touching him,” she added while Jacob’s fist continued to squeeze tightly.

“Why was your dick out, man?” Jacob’s voice had lowered but still carried anger.

“I asked him to show us when you were outside,” Chris answered nervously, holding his hands together over his chest. “I-I’m sorry It’s my fault,” looking at Jacob, it seemed like he could burst into tears at any moment.

Jacob’s anger quickly melted as he came to realize his mistake. Suddenly he felt really bad about making such an uproar. “Dude, I’m … hey It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.”

“No it’s my fault, I should have known better,” Sam jumped in, trying to take responsibility.

“Hey it’s no body’s fault, okay? Let’s all just calm down,” John announced, stepping up behind Jacob and patting him on the back. “It’s just a mistake, shit, I was just as surprised to see a dick that big too,” he laughed, helping the room chuckle and lighten the mood.

“Shut up, man.” Samuel laughed before Chris stepped up behind him and took his hand, leaving Jacob to stare stupidly.

“Wait.. you two are together?”

After the confusion was addressed, Jacob returned to the steaks to ensure they didn’t burn. He had felt so stupid for not trusting Julia, and knew her friends would certainly tease him even worse now. Lifting the steaks from the grill he dropped them onto a plate before closing the lid and letting the flame smother.

Alone in the backyard he could hear laughter inside, hoping the mood had lifted after his mistaken outburst. Before walking back Julia stepped outside and grabbed his hand before pulling him around the apartment’s corner where they could be alone.

Before he could speak her arms held his face as she leaned into a kiss. It was so unexpected Jacob’s eyes remained open the entire time. When she finally pulled back he waited for her to explain herself.

“Honey I’m so sorry I let that happen.” she bit her lip and held back tears. “I promise you I wont play that stupid game any more.”

He could see how upset and worried she was after the outburst. “Oh, honey-” he started.

“No. I never want you to think I’d do something like that.” She said as her voice pitched higher with stress. “I love you too much to upset you like that.”

He was taken aback by her sudden change in attitude, smiling wide as he embraced her and rubbed her back. “Baby don’t worry about it, honestly,” he said before looking into the dark blue eyes he’d come to love so much. “It just surprised me is all.”

Leaning around the corner of the apartment he could still hear her friends talking and laughing, none of them coming to find them. “Remember what you did this morning?” he asked with a smirk as she wiped her eyes.


“Was that because of last night?”

She took a moment while blushing, “Yeah. It got me worked up.”

He smiled, “I love you, Julia. And what you did this morning was so amazing that I would do anything for you to do it again,” he admitted.

She took a moment to think before smiling and holding his hands. “Are you asking me to keep teasing you?”

Looking away he tried to hide his smile, “Well … yeah I guess I am. I know I freaked out over Samuel, but I swear, I know you would never really do it. It was just a mistake, and I don’t want you to stop doing what you enjoy,” he reached back and squeezed her ass.

Taking a deep breath Julia nodded and returned the squeeze. “You really mean it?” she asked.

“I really do. Hell I’ll even talk to John about the cuckold stuff, that might help me understand why I like seeing you tease me.”

“So you admit you like it!” she picked on him while giggling, the sour mood from before having lifted entirely.

“Hey, I still get you at the end of the day, right?” he reminded her before leaning into another kiss.

“Okay, I’ll tease you even worse then,” she sounded happily enthused.

“Looking forward to it.”

“Are you promise you won’t get mad?”

“I promise.”

Walking back inside they found the group chatting as if nothing had happened. Jacob felt the urge to apologize again, but since everyone seemed to have moved on, he thought it best just to pretend it didn’t happen.

“Steaks are done if anyone wants them,” he said while setting the plate down in the kitchen.

As Chris and Samuel walked over, Jacob stepped across the room to Carlos who was chatting with John. “Hey man, listen I’m really sorry about all that,” he said nervously.

“It’s cool, dude, no harm done,” Carlos said before smirking and giving Jacob a light jab. “I am a little pissed I didn’t get to blow my load though,” he winked as Jacob chuckled.

“You know what you should do to apologize?” John asked as Julia walked up behind them. “You should let Julia ride Carlos’ dick right now,” he smiled, “no towel,” he added.

“And how would that work?” Jacob laughed as Julia reached and held his hand.

“She’s got on that fluttery dress right? All she needs to do is sit on top of him and the dress will cover it all.”

Jacob looked at his girlfriend before she smirked and shrugged her shoulders. “Well … If it will help Carlos feel better,” Jacob laughed.

Julia moved into the middle of their group before waving them in. As each of them leaned into the huddle, she smiled and whispered, “Let’s wait for the crowd to clear out first, okay?”

The group nodded, thinking it best if they waited for most of their friends to clear out before they let the mood become sexual again. However it wasn’t long and the remaining food had been consumed, leaving little to do besides chat. With the weekend drawing closer to an end, Chris and Samuel decided to leave first, saying they wanted to spend more time together before going to work in the morning.

With an awkward handshake and another apology they had finally left as Susan decided it was time for her to leave too. With only Jennifer, John, and Carlos left, Jacob could feel the tension return as they all smiled at him.

“So you ready for us to wreck your girlfriend again?” John asked as they gathered around him and prepared to push his trust to the limits.

Knowing they would have plenty up their sleeves, Jacob suddenly felt that booze could help. Grabbing his car keys he waved them to the door before explaining his idea.

“Well shit, in that case let me drive,” John said as he walked over and snatched Jacob’s keys. “You sit behind me, cuck,” he said authoritatively before openly smacking Julia’s ass and walking out the front door.

Julia had stopped Jacob as they left the house, kissing him passionately before grabbing his crotch and smiling. “You sure you can handle this?” she asked while continuing to squeeze and rub him.

Swallowing nervously he felt his erection grow before answering, “This is going to be worse than last night isn’t it?” he asked with a hint of excitement. When Julia noticed she smirked and kissed him again. It was then he noticed an unfamiliar, sweet taste on her tongue as she pulled away.

“Trust me,” she winked before leaving his side and jumping into the passenger’s side of the car.

Climbing into the backseat behind John, the car rattled to life as Carlos and Jennifer piled in beside him, squeezing everyone together tightly. Pulling out of the driveway John announced he would drive them to the store across town.

“The Corner Mart has beer though,” Jacob said in confusion.

“Yeah, but I want more time for your girlfriend play with me,” he chucked as Jacob watched Julia turn in her seat, glancing at him with a smile before reaching across the front seat and into John’s lap. Although he couldn’t see what she was doing, it was clear they wanted to start teasing him immediately.

“I’m taking his cock out, Jacob,” Julia said as her torso hung between the seats, smiling at her boyfriend as her right hand moved to unzip his pants.

With no music playing in the car, the unmistakable sound of a zipper lowering was heard by all. “Damn, honey,” Jacob smiled when she seemed no longer worried about upsetting him.

“Oh fuck yeah, hello again, big boy,” Julia moaned while her eyes stared at his crotch. “I haven’t seen you since this morning,” she giggled. “Are you going to be upset if I suck him while we drive?” she asked while glancing at Jacob. “Not going to make another scene are you?”

Her jab had actually struck a nerve, slightly upsetting him as she smirked and continued moving her arm up and down. Keeping his hand pressed against his erection, Jacob sighed and tried to let it go. “Suck away, my dear,” he said.

Julia’s head quickly disappeared into John’s lap, leaving Jacob’s view. The sucking, sloppy sounds now filled the car as they continued to drive.

“Oh damn,” Carlos said as he pushed against Jacob, leaning forward to get a better view. “She’s trying to deepthroat him I think,” he chuckled.

“Fuck yeah she is, you love this cock don’t you, girl?” John asked before Julia’s voice gagged and gasped for air.

“I love your big cock, baby.”

“Do you love it more than Jacob’s?” John asked.

“Fuck yes, His tiny dick doesn’t come close to yours.”

John moaned as her hand moved faster, “Doesn’t it feel good to tell the truth?”

Julia purred before lurching forward and making more sucking noises that Jacob scoffed at. “She liked it this morning,” he said with a confident grin.

As Julia pulled away from John with another sloppy gasp, she leaned into view with watery slime dripping down her lips and chin. “I was thinking of John the whole time, dummy,” she moaned as everyone chuckled.

“Ooh, dang,” Carlos said as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“You should flip him off when I nut,” John moaned while Jennifer giggled and passed a handful of paper napkins to Julia, “show him how much he really means to you.”

Julia smiled before diving back into his lap, the sucking and gagging continued as they stopped at a red light. The car vibrated from the engine, but also seemed to rock up and down as Julia’s head rose and fell.

“Oh fuck, I think I’m gonna lose it,” John said while Jacob bit his lip and squeezed his erection. “You gotta swallow it so he doesn’t see it, baby,” he instructed.

Her muffled moan was enough as he started grunting. “Ooh shit, swallow it baby, drink my nut like you did last night,” he groaned as Carlos held Jacob back while he and Jennifer leaned forward to watch.

With their eyes averted Jacob could freely rub the bulge in his pants as he listened to the sloppy, gagging sounds that Julia was likely making with her fingers. “Damn,” he said when he heard something wet pop from her mouth.

“Oh my god your cum is so delicious and sweet,” she gushed before looking at Jacob stroking himself. Wiping her mouth she swallowed again to clear her throat before remembering what John had asked. “Oh that’s right,” she said, lifting her hand and flipping Jacob off as he continued to stroke. “Keep rubbing yourself, cuckold.”

“Damn it, Julia,” Jacob whimpered as he resisted the urge to cum. “That was really hot, okay? You guys happy to hear me say it?” they laughed with him as Jennifer and Carlos grinned when noticing his erection.

“Oh we have so much more planned,” Jennifer winked as Julia leaned into John’s lap again.

“Do we have anymore napkins? I had trouble swallowing it all,” Julia laughed.

Digging in her purse, Jennifer handed another wad of crumpled paper napkins forward as Jacob sighed and leaned back in his seat, staring at the ceiling.

The car ride lasted a little longer as Julia pretended to clean John up before sitting back in her seat with a content smile on her face. Once they finally arrived at the corner mart across town, they all piled out of the car and headed inside.

“What should we get?” Jacob asked as Julia followed Jennifer to the bathroom.

“Couple twelve packs I guess,” John said as they stepped back to the large glass doors that held alcohol. “You’re paying for them right?” John asked while they loaded up.

“Me? I paid for everything at the cookout!” he laughed, expecting them to be joking.

“Yeah but you’re the cuckold. You pay for us to fuck your girl, remember?” John said, reminding him of their previous conversation.

“So you bang my dream girl, and I pay you? That’s how this works?” Jacob laughed with a hint of annoyance.

“That’s right, maricón, get use to it,” said Carlos before stepping away to find snacks.

Feeling flustered, Jacob was surprised when John lowered his voice and stepped closer. “I’ll get you on the next one man,” he winked before giving Jacob’s shoulder a slap.

His relationship with John and Carlos had become a strange one, but with everything that had happened he felt the need to open up to someone. Before John could walk away with the beer, Jacob stopped him.

“Wait a sec, man. Listen, uh, can I ask you something?” he had lowered his voice so Carlos couldn’t hear.

“Sure, bro,” John’s demeanor changed as he leaned in, a serious look on his face.

“Well I just wanted to ask you, I mean, I don’t really have many other guy friends I could consult,” he started, becoming nervous as John stared at him. “I’ve been thinking for a while now, um, about asking Julia to marry me.” he finally confessed.

“Dude, bro, that’s awesome!” John gushed with a large smile on his face before jabbing Jacob in the chest. “When were you thinking of popping the question?”

“I haven’t decided yet, but after all this … teasing, it’s made me realize just how much I really love her,” he said with complete sincerity. “I can’t imagine myself with anyone else, you know?”

John straightened his back while rubbing his chin. After a moment he snapped his fingers and leaned down to whisper. “Okay. You want to surprise her right?” he asked.

“Totally,” Jacob answered.

“You should ask her when we get back.”

Jacob Blinked several times. “Wh-what? Why?”

“Because I’ll be crushing that pussy, that’s why.”

Jacob scoffed and laughed at the idea. “Dude that’s insane. Seriously.”

John smiled. “No dude it’s perfect, I swear she will never see that coming, bro.”

“You’re saying I should ask the woman I love, to marry me, while you pretend to fuck her?”

“I guarantee she’ll love it,” John smirked before putting his hands on his hips. “Listen, dude: I know you like watching,” he lowered his voice again, “You told Julia, Julia told Jennifer, and Jennifer told us,” he explained. “She said you loved it whenever she talked about cheating on you.”

Jacob could feel his face heat up as he blushed, his breathing becoming quicker. “Dude I never- I mean … goddamn it Jennifer,” he chuckled nervously.

“Dude I said it’s cool, we’re all friends here,” he glanced toward the bathroom as Jennifer and Julia had stepped out. “Just think about it for a minute: I’m fucking her brains out, you get down on both knees below us, whip out the ring, and blow her mind while I blow my load,” John winked.

“You’re a complete mad man.” Jacob laughed loudly.

John stayed silent for a moment before coming up with a final sales pitch, “You said she was super horny this morning right?” John asked.

Looking around to see how far away Julia and Jennifer were, Jacob nodded and rolled his eyes. “Well … yeah.”

Picking up the two twelve packs of beer John leaned in for one final word before walking to the cashier. “Think about how she’ll act tomorrow morning,” he winked.

The ride back was uneventful, but gave Jacob a lot of time to think. Asking Julia to marry him was no simple matter, and the idea of doing it while she pretended to fuck her friend was completely absurd, even if John was right about the following morning.

His dick provided no support as it remained stiff and unwilling to go down. The only help he foresaw being the beer he reluctantly paid for. Once back home, Jacob went about bringing the cooler inside before restocking it with ice and shoving the beer down into it.

With his bottle opening keyring, the group teased him into being their gopher whenever another bottled needed opening. With the towel still draped around the couch, John and Carlos flopped back as they watched Jacob down an entire bottle, eager to have alcohol flowing through his system.

“Drink up man, it’ll help when you watch us ruin her,” John said before smirking at Carlos and clinking their bottles together.

Julia and Jennifer had remained silent as they walked back to the bed room, whispering when they reach the door before going in. Popping the top from another bottle, Jacob had drunk half of it before pacing back and forth nervously, wondering if he should actually pop the question.

He had no doubt that she would say yes, but was it really right to do it while she pretended to fuck another guy? Walking over to the flat screen TV, Jacob reached behind it and retrieved a small felt covered box that had been hidden.

“Dude is that it?” John asked, leaning to the edge of the couch.

“Yup,” Jacob replied.

John’s voice jumped an octave, “So you’re going to do it?!”

Still pacing, Jacob waved his hands and shrugged. When the bedroom door opened, Jennifer and Julia re-entered the room just as he slid the box into his pocket.

“Ready to get started, studs?” Jennifer asked the men on the couch, smirking at Jacob when he raised his hands for being left out.

“I think Carlos needs to blow a wad, right?” Julia asked as she stepped up to Jacob who looked apprehensive. “Is something wrong?” she asked before placing her hand on the bulge he was showing off.

“N-Nah. I mean, you’re still teasing me, but I guess I don’t mind,” he chuckled as she openly rubbed him in front of everyone. “So I guess.. we’ll have a good time.. in the morning, eh?” he whispered.

“Oh you know it,” she purred before giving him another long wet kiss; the same strange, familiar taste still on her tongue. “You still trust me right?” she asked one final time.

“I really do, babe,” he answered.

Winking at him she turned and stepped across the room before dropping to her knees in front of Carlos. The large towel was lifted above her as she nestled between his thighs. Looking back at her boyfriend one last time, the towel was lowered around her, completely blocking anyone from seeing anything.

“Looks like you’re getting get sucked off by a ghost,” Jacob laughed as he stepped closer and sat down on the coffee table. A familiar unzipping was heard before Julia’s labored breathing and moans started.

“Feels like heaven to me,” Carlos moaned as he relaxed his head back and opened his mouth.

Julia’s sucking noises and meaty slapping sounds only increased Jacob’s frustration, the fake blow job lasting longer than he expected.

“You’re really going all out aren’t you?” He asked when he noticed one of her hands withdraw from under the towel, only to relocate under her dress. “Having fun, honey?” he asked, rubbing himself as she mumbled back,

“Yesh, hish dick ish sho big,” she mumbled as something pressed against her lips.

Carlos groaned as he swallowed the last ounce of beer before holding it out for Jacob to collect. Obediently he took the beer before grabbing another one and opening it, handing it back to the Mexican who was moaning from the pretend blow job.

“Oh hey, you forgot this.” Carlos said when Jacob turned his back.

“Forgot what?”

Carlos’ middle finger saluted him. “Te puto perdedor.”

“Gee thanks,” he scoffed, having no idea what Carlos had just said.

“Hey, It’s not my fault your girl loves my nuts, perra.”

“Oh, Is that right?”

Carlos moaned and adjusted his hips. “Yeah she’s been shoving her nose against them this whole time.

Jacob felt a rush of euphoric fear as the words washed over him. The beer had started to kill any brain cells he needed for good decision making, and feeling his chest rise and fall quickly, Jacob swallowed before sitting back down and leaning closer.

“Puta keeps sucking them too,” he moaned as his hand rested on top of Julia’s towel covered head.

Jacob listened carefully as the sounds of smacking and sloppy popping continued, followed by the unmistakable sound of her nose inhaling deeply before gasping and moaning with delight.

“Ooh fuck yes, come on, puta, make me nut in front of this loser again,” Carlos moaned as he pushed her head down.

Jacob bit his lip as he continued rubbing himself shamefully. However he soon realized he wasn’t the only one who had become turned on by the show. Jennifer sat beside them on the armrest of the couch, her left hand rubbing the fabric against her crotch as John stroked a large erection that bulged in his pants. Knowing that everyone else was doing the same helped him feel better, suddenly he wasn’t the odd man out. “Guess we all like it,” he said.

“Oh fuck, I’m about to blow,” Carlos announced as her head began moving faster.

Shot gunning the rest of his beer, Jacob’s mouth still felt dry while he listened to Carlos’ climax. With is mind swimming in alcohol he could feel his inhibitions lowering, wishing it was real.

“Swallow it baby, gulp it down and kiss him again,” Carlos grunted while his hips thrust upwards into her face. The towel floating slightly each time.

“You’re gonna end up swallowing as much cum as her if she keeps feeding it to you.” John laughed while stroking himself. “Don’t feel bad though, that’s normal for cucks like you.”

“Fuck,” Jacob cursed as his cock twitched and strained harder against his pants.

Julia’s mumbled moans came from under the towel as Carlos finished his climax, catching his breath for a moment while waiting for Julia to finish swallowing. The room was silent enough that Jacob could actually hear her throat make noise as she swallowed twice before taking a deep breath and coughing.

“Fuck, Carlos how do you cum so much?” she laughed before lifting the back of the towel and looking up at him.

“Put my cock away before he sees it, puta,” he scolded before shoving the towel down. “Sorry about that, technical difficulties with the cum bucket,” he chuckled.

Once Jennifer and Carlos deemed it safe, she rose back up, wiping her lips again before smirking devilishly at Jacob. “Want another kiss, honey?”

The group laughed as Jacob grabbed another bottle of beer for John, popping the top and handing it to him before collecting the empty one.

“Your boyfriend is making a good bottom bitch for us,” John laughed as Jacob blushed.

“Well, are you ready for the main course, baby?” John asked her while everyone smiled eagerly.

“Oh god I can hardly wait.” she gushed while turning her back to Jacob, reaching under the front of her dress for a moment and moaning.

“Are you ready Jacob?” John asked with a wink and a nod, signaling more than everyone knew.

Swallowing hard, Jacob took a breath and nodded, his fingers running over the square box in his pocket. Scooting to the edge of the coffee table for a better view, he wondered how Julia would pretend to have sex with John this time.

“Jacob and I have something planned, don’t we, buddy?” John winked as everyone tilted their heads in confusion. “Yeah, baby, Jacob is going to help you cum with me.”

Before she could ask, John took her hand and pulled her onto the couch with him. Jacob could feel his cock nearing it’s limit as he watched Julia lower herself onto John’s lap, her long expensive dress completely covering what everyone wanted to see.

Now facing her boyfriend and sitting on John’s lap, Julia couldn’t help but stare into Jacob’s eyes as John reached under her dress. Again the lowering of a zipper was heard as Julia lifted herself slightly, allowing room for more than his hand.

Reaching into his pocket, John pulled out the long rope of condoms, tearing one off and throwing the rest to the floor before removing the rubber and diving his hand back under her dress.

“Condom is on, baby,” he whispered into her ear before kissing her neck.

“Oh fuck, I can feel the head pushing against me,” she moaned as her hands held onto his knees. “I’m going to cheat on you again, baby,” she purred as everyone smiled. “Ooohhh fuck! Oh my god that’s big!” Crying out while her bottom lowered fully onto his crotch.

Jacob released his cock, afraid that touching it would lead to an early climax. Breathing heavily, his mouth hung open as he watched Julia’s body slowly start to bounce on John’s lap. It wasn’t long and her pace had sped up, bouncing quickly while his hands held onto her thick hips.

Groaning in pleasure, John’s hips bucked upward to match her. “I love your girl’s pussy, Jacob,” he laughed while straining, “I swear I’m going to try and fuck her every day from now on.”

Jacob couldn’t find the voice to respond, watching the girl he wanted to marry bouncing on another man was simply too enthralling. Still affected by the booze, Jacob swayed as he continued to watch his childhood sweetheart start to sweat.

“You guys are so good at this pretend stuff,” Jacob whimpered.

“Did you hear that, Julia? Your boyfriend is so stupid he still thinks this is fake,” Jennifer laughed before flipping him off and smiling.

“Oh god, Oh fuck I’m cumming!” Julia cried as her body slowed and she started to shake. Her voice becoming deep as she howled and grinded against his lap.

“Go ahead and get in place, bro,” John said as his hands started to maw her breast, something Jacob had never agreed too. Regardless of how he felt, John was now openly groping her, squeezing the large mounds and even pinching her nipples through the dress, leaving slight wet marks were her breast began lactating, something Julia had always been able to do.

In his drunken, lust fueled head he couldn’t find objection with following John’s orders. Sliding from the coffee table, Jacob dropped to his knees directly in front of Julia and John, practically between John’s legs.

Watching from below seemed even more erotic than before as Julia’s body jiggled and bounced in the dress he had bought her. Studying John’s face, he could see the pleasure he was getting from everything happening.

“Take it out, baby, jerk off for me,” Julia said while continuing to bounce. Looking down at her boyfriend, she grunted each time John slammed into her, creating a loud fleshy slap.

Jacob couldn’t resist any longer, despite how humiliating it would be, his drunk mind simply didn’t care. Unzipping his pants, he withdrew his erection with one hand, pumping it wildly while his other hand reached into his pocket, gripping the small box.

“Ooh fuck, get ready bro, I’m getting closer.” Jennifer and Carlos watched with bated breath, wondering what would happen.

Suddenly Jacob recognized her expression, mixed with the increased speed, he knew she was close to cumming again. With his dick in hand, and all logical thought being drowned out by it, Jacob took a deep breath and removed the small box from his pocket.

“Julia?” he said while her head rolled against John’s constant thrusts.

Carlos and Jennifer both gasped in complete shock as they stood from the couch, their mouths hanging wide in disbelief at what Jacob awas about to do.

As she leaned forward again her eyes snapped wide open, an expression of disbelief etched across her sweating face.

“Oooh fuck I’m getting close!” John announced as his hips sped up, the slapping growing louder.

“Jacob?” she whimpered in confusion as he opened the small box to reveal a golden engagement ring.

“Oh my god,” she gasped.

“Julia … will you marry me?”

Her eyes began to flutter as everything came crashing into her at once. “Oh my god- Oh god, I’m going to cum! Oh fuck!” she screamed. “John is making me cum again!”

Jacob had reached his own limit as his hand pumped faster. Suddenly, what he already suspected to be true finally came to be. John groaned loudly while his hands groped Julia’s body. Reaching for the opening in her cleavage, his hands gripped the fabric before tearing it down the seam, allowing her large uncovered breast to spill free.

“Ooh fuck! ” she howled as Jacob continued to stare with an open mouth.

“Fuuuuck here it comes, cuck-boy!” he roared before reaching between her legs, grabbing the dress and yanking it up to her waist and exposing the truth. “Ooh fuck, baby, here it comes, show him how much you love me!” John groaned as his hands clawed at her breast.

Julia’s red, swollen pussy was now on display for everyone to see, John’s large thick cock thrusting and stretching her as she leaned back, her legs now raised to show Jacob.

John grunted as he reached below, his fat cock popping free of her swollen pussy. Grasping at the condom, his fingers finally caught the tip before he attempted to yank it free. However the rubber simply stretched before tearing in half, freeing the upper portion of his cock as it erupted.

Jacob’s face caught the majority of his sperm, splashing across his nose first before criss crossing his eyes and splattering across the engagement ring. With his cock no longer in Julia’s pussy, Jacob could actually see her having an orgasm. Her body shook violently, the gaping hole in her pussy contracting and opening as she screamed with anguished pleasure.

“Fuck yeah, let it out, baby!” John moaned as he nuzzled into her neck, kissing her while holding her legs up.

Julia’s orgasm had melted her mind as her body gave away and trembled. The water she drank earlier now releasing itself, aimed at everything below her.

“Oh god,” were all the words Jacob could manage when his cock could no longer hold back. His load nearly equaled John’s as it fired across the floor in several powerful jets, Julia’s piss splashing into him at the same time, soaking his shirt and flooding the carpet.

Jacob continued to stare blankly as John’s lips met hers, embracing in a deeply passionate kiss before lowering her legs and holding her body against his, squeezing her large milky chest while their tongues played together.

“Say it,” John whisper to her when their kiss broke.

“I love you, John,” Julia whispered back as her hand reached below to squeeze his drooling cock.

“Holy fuck, guys,” Carlos said in shock as he and Jennifer stood flabbergasted by the scene.

Slowly lowering Julia to her feet they stood up around Jacob as he continued to stare forward without blinking. His face dripped with sperm and urine as his own cock slowly went limp and oozed his remaining cum onto the floor.

“I think we broke your boyfriend, babe.” John said before pulling her into his arms again, pressing his lips to hers and hungrily french kissing her. “Jacob? You okay, buddy?” John asked after separating their kiss.

Leaning down, John smiled before holding his middle finger to Jacob’s face, waving it back and forth as he sat motionless. ” I think he’s figuring out you’ve been cheating on him this entire time,” he chuckled.

Lowering herself to her knees with her heavy chest bouncing in his face, Julia reached out and held his hands before attempting to get his attention. Speaking to him softly, his cum covered face slowly turned and stared at her.

“Do you still trust me?”


Julia’s heart raced as her mind was filled with an intoxicating mixture of fear and pleasure. Cheating on Jacob had become a powerful and addictive drug, one she wasn’t ready to give up. Feeling John’s tongue inside her mouth sent shivers through her body, something she hadn’t felt since her first kiss with Jacob nearly ten years ago. With her infidelity fully exposed she had no reason to hold back as she looked down on her devastated, and broken boyfriend.

“Come on, bro, snap out of it,” John ordered when he became tired of waiting, giving Jacob a quick kick in the side. “It’s not that big-a-deal, lots of guys are cucks now.”

Everyone held their breath as they waited to see how Jacob would handle the revelation of Julia’s willingness to cheat on him. Slowly he began looking around the room, the cogs in his brain starting to turn again as he processed everything.

Looking up from the floor, Julia and John smiled down at him, her hand still holding the large cock that hung between his legs. With a soft and confused voice, Jacob finally asked them what was happening while he again watched his childhood sweetheart french kiss the douche-bag beside her.

“I suppose since I’ve already fucked your girl twice, you deserve some answers.” John said while his right arm hung around her neck, reaching below and squeezing her large, milky white breast.

Julia’s plan to give John one last kiss soon turned into another make-out session, lasting for another two minutes before she could finally break free and sit in front of Jacob. Reaching out and taking his hands in hers, Jacob’s eyes had started tearing up when she gave him a comforting smile.

“Before I say anything, Jacob, I need you to know that I still love you.” Squeezing his hands in hers she smiled before glancing up at John who continued to stroke his returning erection. “I love you more than I ever have.” She confessed as Jacob’s soft brown eyes searched her face.

Stepping closer, John backed her up, “She’s telling you the truth, bro.” he informed before lowering himself, his thick hard-on drooling across her cheek before she noticed it.

Unable to resist, Julia broke eye contact with her boyfriend in order to suckle the swollen, dripping head. Reaching underneath, her palm made contact with his large, heavy balls as she squeezed and fondled them. Twisting her head, she attempted to continue her conversation while looking Jacob in the eyes. “I know this must be hard for you.” she couldn’t help but laugh at her own poor choice of words while John’s cock rubbed against her face.

Giving herself a moment to play with John’s cock she lowered her mouth to his ball-sack before pressing her nose into them. Inhaling the sweaty, musky scent, she hummed as the stench filled her nostrils and sent waves of pleasure to her pussy. “Oh god.” she quivered as Jacob sat silently watching her.

“Please, Jacob, let me tell you how everything started.” she said before allowing herself another deep breath, pushing her nose underneath his nuts while her eyes crossed and the smell filled her with euphoria.

Jacob’s eyes followed her mouth as she attempted to speak, licking and suckling at John’s weighty looking scrotum. Breathing heavily while resting her face against his cock, Julia was finally able to recollect the last two days.

“Everything started when I told Jennifer you were the only guy I had been with. I told her I didn’t care about being with other men, but she wouldn’t let it go. She told me I was missing out on so much fun, so many different men who could rock my world in ways I wouldn’t believe. I resisted at first, I swear I did, but after showing me videos of what other men could do … I got curious.

“I agreed to meet one of her friends while you were at work on Friday. I was so nervous I nearly called everything off before Jennifer talked me down, telling me there was no way you would ever find out. Once I was comfortable, Jennifer invited him to our apartment and we started things slowly.

“I know it might upset you, but kissing him was the first thing we tried. I wasn’t ready to go all the way with someone I didn’t know, let alone touch his dick or let him grab me. The entire time we kissed all I could think about was how I was hurting you, I felt terrible knowing you were at work while I was kissing another man on our bed.

“Jennifer continued to push me whenever I tried to back out, saying she wouldn’t let me until I at least sucked his cock. She seemed confident that if I only sucked him, I would see just how much I was missing. So we took the pillow you’ve been sleeping on and laid it on the floor; Jennifer said she didn’t want me to hurt my knees, and I got between his legs on the edge of our bed.

“Jacob, his dick was so much bigger than yours, I didn’t know what to think. After being with you for so long, I had no idea they could get so big and fat looking. I was actually scared of it at first, but when Jennifer told me that you were just small, I started wondering what it would be like.

“Yes, I went through with it. I tried my best when I sucked him on our bed, I actually wanted to make him cum just so I could say I did. It was so thick there was no way it could fit in my mouth, but he told me worshiping it would be just as good, so I did. I kissed his cock up and down the shaft, I sucked on the helmet, and I even sucked on his balls, which were huge by the way.

“Jennifer says that’s when It happened; I discovered something that drove me crazy: his smell. You’ve always been clean, Jacob, but him, he hadn’t washed in days. The stink and musk coming from his balls did something to me, it started messing with my mind, I couldn’t think straight and I couldn’t stop sniffing them. I got so worked up that I shoved my nose under his balls and stayed there the entire time while I jerked him over your pillow.

“I couldn’t have stopped myself then, not if I wanted to, not if you walked in at that very moment. I just kept jerking him and inhaling that thick, pungent aroma before he finally shot cum all over your pillow. I was glad Jennifer was there to help me, because his stench had got me so turned on that I would have fucked him the very next minute.

“It was the next day that Jen came up with the idea of having a party. She thought up the trust game, then planned everything out so I could start cheating right in front of you. I never expected to go so far with it, but when Carlos and John learned what I wanted they promised to help me hide it from you.

“During twister, Jennifer gave you fake dots so you wouldn’t be able to see me. With you distracted by the game, I let Carlos shove as many fingers inside me as he wanted. I know that’s a leap from giving her friend a blow job, but knowing you were so close made it extra erotic for me.

“Next was jerking Carlos off in front of you, something I didn’t think would work. I was afraid you would notice something, or stand up and look over the towel, but you didn’t. Each second I spent playing with his cock made me feel more confident, stronger, I knew I was in control.

“Then you let John fuck me. Not once have I ever experienced so much pleasure before, and certainly not from you. John was the man I had been missing all these years, not for love or emotional support, but for sex. You were watching the first time he fucked me, and you know how loud I screamed when he penetrated me. I came the second his dick bottomed out on my womb, at that point it was over. I knew then that I would never go back to having sex with you, or anyone else who couldn’t stretch me the way he did.

“I know it must hurt your feelings to hear that, but it’s the truth. Sex with John has completely changed how I view our relationship, and I can’t go without him. You might have guessed that I’ve also found another kink that turns me on: teasing you. I didn’t understand it at first, but when Carlos flipped you off … it was electrifying. That feeling only got stronger when they started insulting you, calling you loser and making jokes about fucking me while you still thought it was pretend. The worse they acted the more it turned me on. Oh and that name you keep hearing? Maricón means faggot, Carlos has been calling you a faggot to your face this entire time.

“Having the cookout was my idea, though. I called John this morning, and while you were snoozing I was buried nose deep in his balls. That’s why I was so horny when you woke up.

“So that’s how we got here, Jacob. I’m never going to stop seeing John, I hope you can understand that. I know I sound like a complete bitch right now, but I truly do love you. There is no one on this earth I would rather spend my life with than you, and if you could fuck me like him then everything would be perfect, but I know you can’t.

“Please, Jacob, please give this some time, see if you feel okay with it. I know how much you like us ‘pretending’ … but we don’t need to pretend anymore. I want you watching us when we fuck, I want you to enjoy it with me, I want us to stay together. I love you, Jacob.”

Sitting silently as the cum on his face began to dry, Jacob still held the small engagement box that contained his future dreams. Part of him hoped this was a joke, that somehow it wasn’t real, that any moment now, Julia would explain how they faked it and things could go back to normal.

John had stepped closer while Jacob continued thinking, Julia’s hand never leaving his cock, pumping it enthusiastically. “Look on the bright side,” his voice trembled as Julia’s lips made loud, smacking kisses. “at least she still loves you,” he said as she buried her nose in his sack again.

Slowly turning his head, Jacob stared, transfixed as Julia’s tongue lifted one of John’s oversized balls into her mouth. The alcohol still prevalent while he struggled to sort out his emotions, leaving him nauseous and swaying in place. Despite the swirling, conflicting feelings, Jacob knew one thing above all: he still loved her.

“You’re gonna make me nut again.” John chuckled as Julia laughed and increased her intensity. “You’re about to be in the splash zone, buddy.” he grunted while she stood beside him, aiming his cock directly at Jacob’s face.

“I know how to snap him out of it,” Julia said as John stepped closer to her boyfriend, closing the distance his cock would need to shoot. “Look at me, Jacob,” she instructed, helping him turn and stare. “Do you want my answer to the ring in your hand?”

Jacob swallowed and took a breath, helping his senses return as he regained his movement. Glancing down at the sperm covered ring, he looked back at Julia and nodded. “Please,” he whispered. “Please, marry me,” he begged while holding up the box.

Spreading her fingers, Julia lowered her hand below John’s phallus as he continued stroking it. “Yes, Jacob … I’ll marry you,” she purred as he fumbled with the ring, pushing it over her finger. The cum from John’s last load made it easy to slide on, giggling as his cock now drooled pre-cum across the back of her hand.

Dropping to her knees and opening her arms, Jacob broke into tears as he reached and embrace her. Wrapping their arms around each other, the group clapped and cheered as Jacob cried. “I love you Julia, no matter what,” he whimpered, staring into her dark blue gaze.

Pulling him into a ferocious french kiss, she close her eyes while they continued hugging. Her feelings of pleasure and lust had become overwhelmed by the joyous knowledge that Jacob loved her unconditionally. “I love you too,” she moaned before kissing him again. She now had the best of both worlds.

“I told you she’d say yes,” John laughed as his erection continued drooling beside them, his fist working faster as he neared release. “You ready, baby?” he asked her.

Pressed forehead to forehead, Julia turned away from her fiance and stared at John’s cock. Biting her lip, she glanced back at Jacob to gauge his reaction.

Overwhelmed with the happiness and knowledge that Julia wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, he could only beam as she stared into his eyes. “Go ahead, honey.”

Reaching above her, Julia retook control of John’s cock, stroking it in her face as her lips opened to engulf the tip. Sucking hungrily, her hands twisted and jerked as her new shiny engagement ring pressed into John’s shaft.

“Ooh, you’re a lucky guy, Jacob,” John grunted as his cock reached climax, throbbing violently as it fired into Julia’s open mouth. Cupping her hands below her chin with anticipation, the thick white liquid quickly overflowed from her mouth, drooling into her palms as it mixed with her spit.

Jacob’s own hard-on had returned as his future wife continued milking her lover. Regardless of how much Julia cheated, how often, or how much she loved it, he knew she wanted to spend her life with him.

Swallowing the copious load in her mouth, she tilted her hands, allowing the sperm to drool onto her tongue, inches away from Jacob’s face. “I am so addicted to this,” she moaned before licking her fingers clean. When noticing her new ring had sperm on it, she slid it into her mouth, cleaning it with her tongue before putting it back on.

John sighed with relief as he squeezed his dick down it’s length, attempting to milk the remaining drops before flicking them at Jacob’s face. “Feeling better, bro?”

Still teary eyed from crying, Jacob hardly blinked as a glob of semen hit his cheek. “I think so,” he gave a dreamy smile as he stared at his future wife, still busy giving John’s balls one last cleaning.

“Being a cuck ain’t so bad, eh, maricón?” Carlos’ rhetorical question was ignored as everyone continued watching Julia.

Pushing his drooping cock back into her mouth, John held the back of her head while she cleaned him. “We still pals, right?” he asked Jacob before snapping his fingers to get his attention.

Twitching his head and looking up, Jacob swallowed nervously before nodding and giving a smile, “Y-yeah we’re … we’re good.” He had become so caught up in the moment that he never considered what would happen next. “I guess … this is my life now?” he asked with a shaky voice.

John took a deep breath before slowly pushing Julia away. “You’ll learn to love it, I promise, bro,” he answered with encouragement.

Nodding his head, Jacob was only now starting to realize how much sperm he was wearing. Lifting his arms and looking himself over, he chuckled before wiping his fingers across his face, smearing and pulling long milky strands of cum away. “God damn, John,” he laughed.

“All day, buddy.” he gloated as Julia giggled and nodded in agreement. “That reminds me,” John smirked at her. “I have a friend I want you to meet when the time is right,” he winked.

Jacob chuckled softly as John looked at him. “Jeez, you two aren’t enough?” he asked.

“You want to keep her happy right?” John looked down at Julia. “Trust me: she’ll want to meet him … I think you both will,” he smiled.

Jacob licked his lips nervously, something he had never done before, quickly realizing his error as a familiar salty sweet taste invaded his mouth.

“Well, I got my nut three times today, I think we’ll head out,” he laughed as his cock hung limply. “Wouldn’t want to spoil their evening right?”

Carlos and Jennifer nodded as they gathered their things and prepared to leave. “I’m sure you two have a lot to talk about,” Jennifer giggled as Jacob smiled and wiped his hands on his shirt.

“Bye guys, I’ll see you tomorrow, John.” Julia waved as the door closed behind them. Turning and staring into her future husband’s wet face, she smirked before reaching out and scooping John’s cum from his cheek. Opening his mouth with her other hand, she pushed the wet droplets onto his tongue before leaning forward, kissing him passionately.


Cars continued whizzing by as two people moved deeper into the grimy back alley. Unnoticed by those walking by, the female police officer dropped to her knees as she unzipped and lowered her lover’s jeans. “I shouldn’t be doing this,” she puffed as his fat erection popped free. “I’m suppose to be picking up my son from college, he doesn’t have a car.”

Leaning back against the wall, Cody ran his fingers into the officer’s hair as he guided her lower. “Forget about that,” he said sternly as her mouth glided over him. “Just keep sucking, you whore.”

Her ululation against his cock echoed in the alley, humming as she attempted to swallow his entire length. “Don’t forget who you really love,” he reminded her when she pulled away.

“You, Cody. I love you more than my stupid son,” her voice shook as the radio on her shoulder chirped. “Max here,” she moaned while pressing the radio.

“214 where the hell are you?” the radio screeched.

“Sorry dispatch, ran into a … situation. I need a few minutes,” she mumbled as Cody’s cock smeared slime across her face.

“214 we need you now, we have a situation at 107 Maple lane, attempted suicide, teenager, some kid named Ashley Spencer,” the radio hummed.

Reaching to her shoulder Maxine flipped the power, shutting it off before lowering her face to suckle Cody’s balls.

“Good girl,” he smirked.


Standing in the shower together, Julia and Jacob kissed passionately. Groping her body and giving into his lust, he nuzzled her cheek as she stroked his erection. “I love you so much,” he sighed as the water poured across them.

Breathing heavily, Jewel arched her back as his tongue stroked a vain in her neck, sending shivers down her spine. “Oh god, Jacob,” she gasped as his hand touched her tender mound. “You’ve never been like this before.”

Clumsily kissing her again he lowered himself, slowly kissing down her sternum, across her stomach, and down her labia. “I just want you happy,” he sighed with pleasure as he gripped his erection and pushed his mouth into her opening.

Tender and sensitive from John’s rough sex, Jacob’s tongue set off fireworks in her head. Stumbling back into the shower wall, she rose onto her toes as he continued to lap fervently. Holding her legs she stumbled forward, trapping his head between her thighs and forcing him to lick straight up.

Gripping his hair for support while bracing against a wall, Julia’s mouth gaped as she shut her eyes. “Ooh shit, Jacob, did seeing me get fucked really turn you on that much?” she whimpered as his tongue’s assault continued. Biting her lip and steadying her feet, Julia began grinding against his face.

Jacob stroked himself as the pressure from her pussy mushed into him. He had never considered his relationship turning out this way, but the excitement of watching Julia cheat had vastly increased the passion between them. With her agreeing to marry him, the prospect of her cheating seemed insignificant next to the stronger bond and deeper connection they now shared.

Climbing into bed together, Jacob’s erection still had enough energy to poke her thigh as they snuggled. “So … I guess I’m a cuckold now,” he sighed as they adjusted themselves and became comfortable.

Smiling and running her fingers through his hair, Julia leaned to give him a soft kiss. “Technically you’ve been a cuckold since I sucked Paul’s cock,” she smirked.

“Wait,” Jacob raised his head. “Who’s Paul?”

“Remember, I said he was the first guy Jennifer brought here?” she reminded.

“Oh, that’s right.”

“Yeah, his name’s Paul, he lives across town with a roommate I think.”

“Wait, you said he jizzed on my pillow!” Jacob laughed as he turned to study the fabric.

“Yeah, that’s sorta his thing, but I washed the pillow case dummy,” she smiled as Jacob shrugged and fell back.

Laying in the quiet bedroom, Jacob pondered the day’s events. “Honey, I have a question,” he finally said, turning to look into her eyes. “earlier, while you were … I mean after you … finished, with John, I was just wondering, why did you say you loved him?”

Julia remained silent for a moment before speaking softly, “Because I do love him, just not in the same way,” she explained while feeling Jacob’s cock twitch against her leg. “I only love him for sex, that’s all. I mean have you seen the guy, he’s such a douche bag,” she laughed. “If he couldn’t please me like he does, I would’t want to be around him, like ever.” again Jacob’s cock twitched before she reached down and stroked it with a single finger. “So when I tell you I love you, it’s because I love you for everything, honey,” she finished.

Jacob smiled, “I guess that makes sense, it just, hurts to see you kiss him and say it.” he confessed. “I mean, my stupid dick might not know the difference, but my heart does.” he said sincerely.

“I’m sorry, baby. It’s not like I do it on purpose, I get so wrapped up in the moment I just … have trouble thinking straight,” she said, giving him another soft stroke.

Inhaling, he moved closer, helping her lay her head across his chest. “No, it’s okay, I understand. I think all guys would be guilty of the same thing, I mean, watching you do those things got me so hard I thought my eyes would pop out,” he chuckled as she laughed.

“So what happens now?” he asked while they sat in a relaxed silence.

“I guess I’ll keep cuckolding you and teasing you about it. Oh, I had a question too: does it upset you when they get me to flip you off, or say mean things to you?” she rubbed his stomach as his penis leaked onto her leg.

“You’re all just doing it to cum, right? Because it turns you on?” he asked, slowly grinding himself against her.

“Oh god yes,” she giggled back.

“Sounds fine then.”


The next morning they both returned to work with renewed enthusiasm, happily slogging through their day. Julia’s job as a grocery store clerk remained as exciting as ever, swiping items across a scanner and helping old ladies bag their food. Jacob continued to work as a cook at the local Chunky Chicken, a fast food restaurant who seemed to employ mainly blacks.

Constantly teased on the Job, he had learned to brush it off whenever they pranked him or hit on Julia. Today however he was feeling especially good, laughing and fitting into the group far better.

“You proposed?” one of the young black teen asked in surprise. “Can I still hit that ass, though?” he laughed as Jacob smirked and let the joke roll off, unable to stop the image of Julia being fucked by his co-workers.

Across town Julia was nearing her lunch break, getting the signal from her manager before switching her number off. Walking through the store and headed for her car, a familiar voice caught her attention.

“Excuse me ma’am, can you help me?”

Back in the Chunky Chicken, Jacob had just finished wiping down another table when Mr. Wesley, his wide grumpy boss waddled over to him. “Hey, Jay-Jay.” he wheezed. “I need you to man the register, I gotta drop a load real fast.”

Stepping across the sparsely populated chicken joint, Jacob fiddled with a roll of quarters before breaking the paper and pouring them into the change drawer.

Two customer’s later Mr. Wesley had returned, giving Jacob a pat on the back before telling him to stay on the register. It wasn’t the worse job, but interacting with so many people always left him feeling drained. Reaching under the counter, Jacob sorted a few things before standing up to find two more people entering the store: John and Julia.

Laughing while entering the store, they quickly resumed holding hands before exchanging a quick kiss. Stepping up the the counter, smiling casually at Jacob, they spoke as if they didn’t know him.

“What do you want, baby?” John asked as he held Julia close, leaning down and kissing the top of her head.

“I’ll just pick at whatever you get.” she answered, resting her head on John’s shoulder without a second thought.

Nervous and unsure what they were doing, Jacob spoke up, “Uh, can I … take your order?” The scene was oddly upsetting to him, watching John pose as Julia’s boyfriend as if it were perfectly normal.

“Yeah give me a number three,” he said with a casual smile, Julia hugging his arm the entire time.

Taking John’s money and returning his change, Jacob watched nervously as they walked to the drink dispenser before finding a nearby table. Suddenly his happy day had become a strange one; watching them laugh, whisper, and snuggle left him anxiously nauseous.

“Table six,” someone said before setting out the food for him to deliver. Nearly shaking as he walked, he placed it softly on their table before leaning in.

“Uh, what are you two doing?” he whispered as they looked at him blankly.

“Excuse me?” Julia said with a vacant look.

“Why are you- I mean how come-” Jacob went silent as they looked at him stupidly. “Guys this isn’t funny,” he bit his lip as butterflies returned to his stomach.

“Uh, sorry, bro I think you’ve got us confused with someone else.” John said with a worried look on his face.

It was clear they were pranking him, but it wasn’t very funny. With a hurt and anguished look on his face, Jacob slowly walked back to the register, unsure how to react.

Staring at them for the rest of their stay, he watched them eat, giggle, feed each other and kiss, never once looking his way.

“Why are you staring at them?” Mr. Wesley asked.

Jacob jumped in surprise when his boss quietly walked up behind him, “Huh?! Oh, uh, no reason,” he lied.

“Hey, wait a sec, ain’t’ that your pretty little girlfriend?”

“Uh, yeah that’s what I thought. It’s not her though, it just looked like her,” he lied, relieved when Mr. Wesley believed him.

Once John and Julia were ready to leave, they stood from their booth and headed for the door. Jacob continued hoping they would look in his direction, to wink, to flip him off, to do anything and acknowledge it was a joke.

Holding the door for Julia, not once did they look back before leaving.

Jacob sighed with remorse, a feeling of heartache encroaching on him. Soon he was back to working with the food, dropping nets of french fries and chicken parts into deep friers.

Only a few minutes had passed before commotion at the window drew his attention. “Woo! Hell yeah, man!” someone cheered as everyone in the kitchen gathered around the small delivery window.

As Jacob shoved through the the group he was finally able to see a car, Julia’s car. Inside was John, smiling up at the crowd of onlookers as the back of Julia’s head bobbed over his lap.

“Hell yeah!” another black teen yelled before handing John his bag of food. Jacob couldn’t believe what he was watching, but no one knew it was his girlfriend, so some small comfort still remained.

Once the car pulled away, his co-workers never stopped talking about it. The rest of his day was filled with chatter about how some chick was sucking a guy’s dick in a car.

Humiliated, Jacob sat outside waiting on his ride when his shift ended, hoping no one recognized Julia when she arrived to pick him up. After ten minutes of being late, his humiliation had turned to anger.

Since they could only afford one car, Julia and he took turns on who would drive each day; today was her turn.

Clicking his phone, he sent Julia another text message asking where she was. After another twenty minutes it started to dawn on him that she might not be coming. “Where are you?!” he texted a final time as he prepared to walk home.

Finally, as he paced the parking lot his phone chimed. “Oh, you fucking bitch.” he growled as the image of John’s cock loaded up. In the picture it appeared that Julia was trying to make her golden engagement ring fit over his huge, drooling bulbous cock head, something that was three times too big.

“Can we trade this in for one that fits?” the message read.

The long walk home did nothing to quell his anger as more text messages rolled in; Julia sucking him, John’s balls on her face, and the worst: both flipping him off while kissing.


Julia erupted with laughter as she took another photo of John’s ball-sack before sending it. “I bet he’s jerking off so hard right now,” she said happily, excited about pleasing Jacob with their pictures.

“I’m not so sure babe, he keeps asking where we are.” John said with concern while Julia continued playing with his cock. “Maybe he doesn’t know we’re trying to help him jerk off,” he added while she stared blankly for a moment.

“Um, he’s got to know, right?” she asked, still jerking John with one hand before taking the phone from him. Looking through Jacob’s replies, it started to dawn on her that perhaps he didn’t know what they were doing. “These are kind of angry.” she said, releasing John’s cock.

“That’s what I was telling you.” John said as he sat up in bed, his erection hard but now untouched. “We shouldn’t have waited so long to send the first pictures, he’s been waiting like thirty minutes.”

“Yeah but that’s part of teasing him … right?” she asked with a worried look.

“I think it would just make him pissed.” John answered truthfully.

The front door suddenly opened before being slammed hard enough to rattle the entire house, making them both jump in surprise. “Oh shit,” Julia squeaked.


Sitting on the couch, Cody kicked his feet up as Maxine’s husband provided the foot rest, feeling the 18 year old feet on his back. “Go get me another beer.” he motioned with his hand before shoving the wife off him.

Pressing the buttons on the remote, he quickly became disinterested as the husband struggled to stay in his position. Placing his foot against his side, Cody kicked the old man hard enough to roll him to the floor.

“I’m sorry, sir!” the bruised and swollen cuckold cringed as he crawled back with his face at Cody’s feet.

As Maxine returned with the beer, she sat down beside him and gave his hand a kiss as he reached for the bottle.

“This is boring,” he sighed before sipping the beverage and spitting it at the poor man below him.

“What do you want to do, darling?” Maxine asked.

Hesitating for a moment, Cody turned and smiled in delight. “Where’s your squad car?”


“Oh, this is gonna be bad.” John said as he bolted from the bed, ready to face off against Jacob’s anger while protecting Julia. Neither of them had seen Jacob become truly angry, so they had no idea what to expect.

The second he entered the bedroom John knew he was about to be attacked. Jacob’s fists were so balled so tight his knuckles had turned white, his expression a hellish stare that invoked terror.


John could only say two syllables before Jacob’s fast stride crossed the room. Although he was shorter than John, and even Julia, they both underestimated just how strong he could be when angered.

Being smaller also gave him faster speed, and with anger fueling him, John couldn’t prepare before Jacob struck him against the face; the sound cracked loudly before staggering him, more shocked than hurt.

“Jacob!” Julia screamed before crawling backwards on the bed, terrified that he would come after her next.

Shaking his head before putting up his hands, John was unable to stop the next punch as it struck his face again. Suddenly the hit caused more damage, leaving the room spinning before a third punch collided and forced John down to one knee.

“Jacob stop!” Julia screamed as tears ran down her cheeks, still too afraid to intervene.

Realizing that Jacob wasn’t going to quit, John had no choice but to tackle him before the next punch struck. Rushing forward and slamming Jacob into the dresser, all the sundries on top exploded into the air as their bodies crashed to the floor.

Still woozy from three hits, John was able to over power Jacob and hold his wrists so that he couldn’t fight back. “Dude! Stop!” he said as the room continued to tilt.

“Fuck you!” Jacob screamed loud enough to hurt his throat, wrestling to break free from John’s overpowering size.

“Dude, please, listen to me, this is a mistake,” he attempted to explain as the pain started to set into his face. “We sent you pictures thinking you were jerking off, bro!” he said truthfully.

“Like hell you did! You show up acting like you don’t know me, get her to blow you in my car, and leave me at work!? Go fuck yourself- both of you!” he screamed as Julia covered her mouth.

Howling and forcing his body to it’s limit, Jacob managed to throw John’s naked half enough to put his foot into his stomach, shoving him off and rolling him into a wall.

Standing up, Jacob’s head snapped to see Julia’s crying visage. With tears running down his own face, Jacob stomped menacingly toward her with is finger outstretched, pointed at her face. “You! What did I do to deserve-”

Fearing that Jacob would hurt her, John dashed across the room, grudgingly punching him in the face, knocking him completely unconscious as his body tumbled limply to the floor. “God damn it!” John swore as Julia shrieked and covered her face, bawling even harder.


The engine revved as Cody pressed the accelerator, pushing the muscle car to its limit. The sirens blared above him as the vehicle reached 120 miles per hour. The mostly empty interstate was perfect for enjoying the speed, his mind overloaded with adrenaline as Maxine leaned across the console, stuffing Cody’s cock into her mouth.

“Yeeaahh!!” He roared in excitement as he enjoyed limitless freedom. The married policewoman allowing him to drive her squad car while cheating on her family.

“I love you, Cody,” she moaned as the roar of the road drowned her out.


Jacob awoke slowly, a strong throbbing in the side of his face. The room blurred at first, before he realized something cold was touching him. With his eyes barely opened, he looked beside him to find John holding a bag of frozen peas to his face, while also holding a similar bag to his own.

“Oh my god,” Julia whimpered, continuing to sob as she paced around the room.

“Shh, hey it’s gonna be alright, we just need to explain everything to him,” John said without realizing Jacob was awake yet.

“He hates me, John, I’m going to lose the only man I-” unable to finish her sentence before breaking into more sobbing.

“He doesn’t hate you, I promise he’ll understand, it’s just a big misunderstanding is all.” John reassured her.

Jacob could feel his anger still burning like a furnace, but hearing their words had started to calm him.

“He knows I’d never actually try to steal you right?” John asked.

“I-I don’t know, I guess.”

“Because I’m not that kind of guy, I mean, I like being a bull for cuckolds, but only if they’re okay with it. I thought you said he was down?”

“I thought he was, we had so much fun last night.” she walked to the bed and sat down.

“Listen I know you like being a cuckold’s girlfriend, but some guys can’t handle it.” John informed her. “To you it’s free dick and a loving boyfriend; but to him it’s no sex, and watching the girl you love cheat.” Julia bit her lip and looked at the floor.

Jacob could feel his anger starting to melt as John suddenly seemed less like a douche-bag, and more like an actual friend.

“Maybe you should go … when he wakes up-”

“I’m not going anywhere until I know he’s okay and not going to hurt you,” John asserted.

Slowly opening his eyes, Jacob took a deep breath before staring at him.

“Dude, before you-”

“I heard everything.” Jacob said as they stared at each other in a moment of silence.

“You still gonna kick my ass if I let you up?” John chuckled, trying to lighten the mood.

“Thinking about it.” Jacob smirked as the side of his face throbbed.

Julia was in such a rush to apologize that she burst into tears again, still afraid to approach him. The scene had made Jacob feel bad, he hated watching her cry, even if it was her own fault.

Slowly handing the bag of peas to Jacob, John stepped back, still standing between Julia and him. “You promise you’re okay? I don’t want to get hit anymore.” John laughed, his body tense as he watched Jacob slowly rise from the floor.

“Yeah, yeah I’m okay.” he said before wobbling and deciding to sit, rather than stand. “So … explain why-” Jacob waved his hands comically through the air.”-all this happened.”

Sitting in silence Jacob listened to them both explain how they had hoped to get him excited for being a cuckold. Teasing him at work to get him aroused, before sending him a lot of pictures to jerk off to.

Taking a deep breath, Jacob let his true feelings be known as they sat quietly and listened. “It hurt me,” he started, “to see you act like I wasn’t your boyfriend.” His lips quivered as he held back his emotions. “That was the worst thing I’ve ever been through.”

“Dude If I had known-”

“I know, I know. It’s okay, it was just a … misunderstanding,” Jacob reassured him.

After another awkward, tense hour, they were finally able to relax and laugh. The mood was still stiff, but through talking everything out they were able to come to terms with what happened.

Jacob forgave them as John complimented his ass kicking skills, promising to never piss him off again. As the mood lightened, Julia reluctantly brought up the topic of cuckolding him.

“Jacob,” she held his hand, “If you don’t like this, I’m not going to put you through it anymore.” she held her breath.

“Same here, man, I only do this for guys who want it.” he said seriously as Jacob nodded.

Sitting silently, Jacob contemplated his choices before finally speaking up and smiling. “No, I don’t want you to stop,” he said smiling at Julia, much to her shock.

“Jacob, really if you don’t-”

“Really, honey, I just … got scared when you ignored me,” he sighed. “What you two have been doing, it, well …” he smirked and turned away. “Yeah, it turns me on, okay? I still want to watch you two,” he said reluctantly.

“You sure?” John said with a surprised look. “I mean, after all this-”

“Yeah I know, but, we just move on right?” he asked.

“Only if you’re absolutely sure,” John replied.

Hesitating for a moment, Jacob swallowed his embarrassment, along with his pride before smiling and trying not to blush. “Yeah, I’m cool with it. I was actually thinking about it at work, and when you two walked in I was hoping to see something … else.”

Julia frowned, “I’m sorry, baby.” Stroking his arm she gave a faint smile. “Do you want to watch us … right now?”

“Well …” he grinned shamefully. “It would probably help relieve all this tension.” he suggested.

The mood had lifted completely as John brought in an extra chair, setting it beside the bed before stripping his shirt off. “Ready?” he asked as Jacob walked over and eagerly sat down.

With Julia and John standing beside the bed, feet from him, Jacob gave them the go ahead before watching them strip. John pulled Julia’s shirt open first, squeezing her large breast through the bra before turning to Jacob. “This is weird now,” he laughed, the mood still not quite right.

“I think it’s because you’re worried I’ll get upset again.” Jacob answered. “So don’t be, really, go all out, I’m ready for it!” he shouted, slapping himself in the face as a joke to pump himself up, quickly regretting hitting his own face.

“You’re really, really, sure? I wont hold back, I promise,” John asked one final time.

“I really mean it. I’m ready, this will be my first actual cuckold session.” he said with a nervous smile.

Shaking his arms and nodding, John took a breath before leaning into Julia and giving her a french kiss. Jacob’s cock jumped immediately as he watched them make out in front of him. Their hands exploring each other passionately before breaking the kiss.

“Don’t feel guilty, baby,” Jacob said when he noticed her hesitation. “Please, I want to see you be dirty like before, say mean stuff, really mean stuff. I know it helps you get off, and, well I kind of like it too,” he grinned as she took a breath and helped John strip completely.

“You asked for it,” she winked as John’s cock fell into her face.

“Yeah let me have it,” Jacob sighed as he released his own cock from his pants, stroking his erection.

“You want me to screw with your mind, loser?” she smirked as her lips moved over John’s quickly growing erection.

“Fuck yeah, I’m ready,” Jacob moaned back.

Stuffing John’s cock into her mouth, she took her time while sucking and slurping the large meaty pole. Popping the cock from her mouth before slapping it across her own face, she turned to face her fiance before lowering a hand to her own pussy. “Watching him punch you in the face got my pussy so wet,” she moaned, rubbing her hand across it.

Jacob stroked himself faster as John chuckled. “Yeah it really did, bro,” he agreed.

Moving her mouth to his balls she started sucking and licking before giving herself a moment to speak. “I really loved torturing you at work too, I’m not sorry at all,” she moaned before shoving her nose deeper and inhaling.

“Fuck, that’s mean honey,” Jacob replied as his dick took control of his brain.

“And now you’re going to let the guy who knocked you out, fuck your fiancee,” she laughed before giving John another kiss. “I love having an idiot for a boyfriend,” she giggled before giving Jacob the finger.

“We fooled around while you were unconscious too,” John smirked before stepping closer and masturbating near his face. “We’ve already fucked once while you were laid out.”

“Fuck … really?” Jacob asked while his hand sped up.

Julia stepped over and begun stroking John herself, laughing as Jacob leaned away from John’s cock, now drooling inches from his face.

Suddenly an idea came to her, pulling the engagement ring from her finger, Julia rubbed it against the slimy wet head of John’s cock before holding the ring over Jacob’s lap. With an open palm she dropped it into his hands before holding her middle finger between his eyes. “Hold onto my ring, loser.”

Turning back to John she kissed him passionately before smirking as Jacob continued masturbating. “He’s such a loser, you should hit him again,” she giggled before John smirked.

“You want me to hit him right now?” he asked, stepping forward.

“Yeah, baby, punch him right in the face.”

Jacob’s hand slowed on his cock as John reared back, swinging his fist at him before stopping a foot before impact. “Jeez!” Jacob flinched when John reached forward and thumped his forehead.

Julia climbed into bed, laying on her back while lifting her legs and spreading them, waiting on John.

“Dude, she’s cold on you, bro.” John smirked as he climbed on top of her, lining his cock to her pussy without a condom. “Tell him what else we did,” he moaned before leaning down and kissing her again.

“I fingered myself while you were unconscious, and I begged John to hit you more-” she eagerly awaited his cock. “-and he did. He punched you in the face three more times, just to make me cum.” Julia squealed as John pushed inside her.

“How’s your face, bro?” John grunted while smiling, watching as Jacob held the side of his swollen face, wondering if it was true.

“Goddamn it,” Jacob bit his lip, stroking himself harder, unconcerned if it was the truth.

From that moment on, John fucked Julia while the room was mostly devoid of speech. Only her wild moans and swears were heard as she came from the pleasures of John’s fat cock.

Switching poses, Jacob watched him fuck her doggy style, before making her ride him, her large breast bouncing in his face while she squealed in delight.

In the moment, being a cuckold seemed like the greatest thing he had ever enjoyed. With John nearing his limit, Jacob edged so he could cum whenever John did. “You ready, cuck?” he moaned as he and Julia slid to the edge of the bed, ready to separate at a moment’s notice.

“Ready for what?” Jacob said breathlessly.

“To know what it means to be a real cuckold,” John grunted as his thrusts slowed.

Jacob released his cock, holding it in place with a single finger, afraid it would fire too early. “Yes, please, do it, I don’t care,” he moaned as John chuckled and moved closer.

“Okay, open up,” John said before his thrusts dramatically increased in speed, pushing himself to climax.

“O-open?” He asked before John jumped from the bed, his cock being stroked inches from Jacob’s face.

“Open your mouth, faggot!” John grunted before slapping his cheek, causing him to yell with pain. Shoving his thumb into the cuckold’s maw, his mouth was held open while Julia stepped over to watch as the tip of John’s cock erupted into Jacob’s mouth.

His eyes grew in size as the hot flood of liquid filled his mouth, the familiar taste growing as each shot added more and more.

“Don’t swallow it, loser,” Julia grinned as her hand worked her pussy. Jacob’s cock twitched in excitement as his one finger continued to hold it up.

Grunting loudly, John finally pulled away as his cock flopped free. Unsure what to do next, Jacob held his mouth open when Julia stepped before him, ravishingly kissing him and swirling her tongue in his mouth in an attempt to transfer all the sperm to hers.

Jacob’s cock finally gave up, with only one finger touching, it still fired off into the air, the load splattering across his own thighs as John chuckled.

His eyes rolled back with pleasure as Julia swallowed everything she could from his mouth. Even so, Jacob had no choice but to swallow what remained.

“Fuck …” he gasped once they stood away from him, smiling in their victory. “… Okay that was really hot,” he chuckled, making them smile even more. “Can we do this every day?”

Leaning into his face, John had one final gift for Jacob. The middle finger that rose in his face wasn’t much of a surprise at this point, but the wad of spit that struck him was.

“Fuck!” Jacob recoiled in shock. “What the fuck was that, man?!” he said angrily as he wiped the spit from his face.

“That’s what I call a cuckold’s kiss, you share my load with your girl, and then I show my thanks by spitting in your face,” John’s tone seemed meaner than before.

“Hell yes we can do this everyday,” Julia moaned as her hand returned to John’s cock. “In fact, John said he’ll help me be even kinkier,” she winked.

“Oh I’ll take my ring back now.” she giggled, reaching forward and lifting her middle finger for him. “Put it on this one.” she ordered while he slowly slid the golden band down it.

“Did you have fun, baby?” her demeanor quickly changed, leaving Jacob to sigh with relief.

“Oh fuck … jeez guys, how do you keep fooling me like that?” he looked down at the cum across his thighs.

John and Julia smirked at each other, “Because you’ll believe anything we tell you, dummy,” Julia winked devilishly.


“Is that right?” Cody nodded as he held the phone to his ear. “Well I’ll be damned.” Reclining back into the bed, Maxine continued licking at his soft, expended phallus.

“Who are you talking too, baby?” she asked while looking up at him.

Sneering when she drew his attention away from his conversation, he leaned forward and yanked her hair up, pulling her face close to his. “What is your mouth for?” he growled.

Without answering she pulled away before diving back to his cock, kissing and licking before he spat at her, making her flinch.

“Yeah I’m still here,” he sighed as he leaned back again. “After all this time,” he smirked, “I can’t wait to see her again.”


Jacob awoke the following morning with a splitting headache. He had just reached for his phone when the alarm went off, the screen flashing 6:00am while blaring obnoxiously. Julia stirred in bed next to him, curling into a ball as he sat up and began rubbing his face. He had always hated mornings, but starting off with a headache seemed like a precursor for the rest of the day.

Shuffling into the bathroom, he followed his daily routine of urinating first before washing his hands and brushing his teeth. It was only after squeezing out toothpaste that he looked in the mirror, completely stunned by what he saw. The spot where John had punched him was now completely swollen and purple, the giant bruise covering half his eye and cheek in a big peanut shape.

Hearing Julia shuffle from the bed, Jacob couldn’t help but stand in the bathroom’s doorway. As she stumbled sleepily with her head down, she eventually bumped into him, causing her to look up.

“Oh my god!” she shouted, covering her mouth with both hands and gaping at her boyfriend’s face.

“Think anyone will notice?” he grinned, making light of it.

Even hidden behind her hands, Jacob could see that she was trying to hold back laughter. It hurt him some, but Julia was no longer the overly protective woman she had been in the past. She had changed, and although she still loved him, he couldn’t expect her comfort whenever he got hurt, not with their new lifestyle.

“Yeah, go ahead and laugh,” said Jacob with a smile, holding his hips and waiting.

Julia couldn’t help herself. She wasn’t sure why she found it so funny, but she began snickering through her hands until breaking into a full laugh, unable to stop even as she snorted and guffawed in her boyfriend’s face.

“That’s it, laugh at the cuckold, I’m sure everyone else will,” Jacob said, suppressing his own laughter but not his smile.

“It … It doesn’t look that bad,” Julia said before laughing more.

“Uh huh, sure,” he grinned, “how’s your sex limp from last night?”

Julia’s laughter finally began to settle, smiling as she leaned in to kiss him. After the chaos of yesterday and having their first official cuckold session, Jacob had watched her and John have sex three more times that night. Jacob had jerked off until his dick was sore, and by the end Julia could barely walk. It was a bumpy start to their new lifestyle, but at the end of the day they were happy, and that’s all that mattered.

“At least my pussy doesn’t look like your face,” she mocked.

“Oh yeah? Let’s see if you’re lying!”

Giggling as he grabbed her, they shuffled into the bathroom kissing, holding each other before he removed Julia’s panties and sat her on the toilet. Dropping to his knees, he moved in close before inspecting and playing around. Spreading her labia and licking like a dog, he enjoyed the noises she made while his cock hardened below.

“You’re gonna shower before work right?” she asked, reaching to grab his messy hair.

“Yeah,” he said between licks, “why?”

Spreading her open, Jacob recoiled in surprise when she sprayed him in the face. The hot blast of urine drenched his face and hair, a perfect hit since he was so close. Sitting back on his heels Jacob swore and wiped his eyes, all while Julia laughed again.

“No reason,” she sniggered, her stream now trickling and splashing into the white porcelain.

“Oh, it’s like that huh?” said Jacob, his headache nearly faded as Julia giggled and watched him.

“Well it’s not first time you’ve been peed on,” she said grinning.

Opening his eyes, he leaned forward to watch her finish. Then, just to scare her, he stood up and held out his cock, aiming it at her face. “Payback time!” he shouted, watching Julia squeal and bolt for the door, limping awkwardly as she attempted escape.

By 8:00am they had both showered and made breakfast, sitting together on the couch and browsing the internet with laptops. Julia had leaned into his shoulder, resting against him as they busied with social media and e-mails.

“Relationship status: Engaged,” said Julia, pointing to her facebook.

Jacob grinned, opening his own facebook page. “I don’t see a status option for cuckold,” he joked, getting a laugh from her.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure everyone knows by now, Jennifer has a big mouth.”

“That bitch,” he said, getting another laugh.

After a moment, Julia closed her laptop and twisted in place, stretching her back and relaxing before snuggling under Jacob’s arm.

“So what are you going to do at work today?” she asked, slowly rubbing his stomach.

“Same thing I do everyday: hate my boss and jerk off in the bathroom.”

Julia grinned and slapped his thigh, “I meant your face, what are you gonna say when they ask you?”

“I hadn’t really thought about it. I guess could tell them I got into an epic fight or something.”

“Unless you want to say you got beat up by your fiancee’s hunky lover,” she grinned.

Jacob was still sensitive about the subject. It was bad enough that he threw a tantrum and threatened Julia, but getting knocked out in front of her, followed by watching her have sex with the same guy who had just knocked him out; it left him filled with conflicting emotions, half angry at himself, half incredibly aroused.

“Is John coming over later?” he asked, slightly changing the subject.

“I don’t think so, but Carlos might.”

Jacob popped his jaw and sucked at his teeth, unsure how to feel about it. Carlos had yet to have sex with Julia, yet she obviously had no problem with him. He had been the first to play nice to Jacob, acting like his friend while calling him a faggot in spanish, right to his face. Carlos seemed the type who enjoyed being mean, and with Jacob an open cuckold now, he was sure the beaner would enjoy himself.

“What about lunch? You gonna come see me on your break?” Jacob asked, changing the subject again.

“Sure, I want to see what your co-workers think of that bruise,” she giggled, causing him to drop his head in defeat.

“Being a cuckold is hard,” he groaned jokingly, “no sex, I get beat up, my dream girl pees on me and even laughs about it-”

Julia was already giggling when Jacob saw a notification on his Facebook page. Checking it, his smile faded as he stared at the screen. Julia’s laughter stopped as well, biting her lip and squeezing Jacob’s hand.

Cody Blanche has sent you a friend request.


It was 9:05 when Jacob arrived at work, and as expected he began turning heads the moment he walked in. Despite the stares and gawks, he could only smile when they started asking him what happened.

“I’ll tell you later,” he promised, his job already too busy to enjoy the conversation.

Cooking hash-browns, flipping sausage patties and filling drinks had him in a rush all morning. As much as his co-workers wanted to know the details, they too were busy from the breakfast crowd. His boss continue to stare whenever he could, tongue in cheek as he rubbed his chin.

It was around 10:30 before the rush cooled off, giving everyone some time to relax. Once the last car pulled away from the drive-through, nearly everyone including his boss stopped what they were doing to find out about his bruise.

Jacob had to be careful. He wasn’t sure if he should spill the beans and simply announce that he was a cuckold, that could cause more problems than he wanted. He wasn’t exactly fond of his job, but he prefered that it remain outside his new lifestyle.

Choosing his words, he finally said, “I got in a fight,” which opened the door to more questions.

“With who,” became the most asked.

“Dude named John,” he answered.

His boss stepped closer, squinting with suspicion as he rubbed his chin. “What did John do?” he asked, causing the other teens to repeat the question to him.

“I caught him trying to fool around with my girl,” answered Jacob, testing the waters to see their reaction.

“Oohh shit, so you beat that boy’s ass, huh? That’s my man, Jay!” one of the teens shouted. But before the others could come to their own conclusion, they jumped on board with his.

Now patting him on the back and congratulating him for defending Julia, the black teens went back to work, somewhat more respectful to him. It had all gone better than expected, and now he couldn’t wait to see her reaction. There was only one problem, his boss didn’t buy it.

Pulling him from the kitchen and away from his co-workers, Mr. Wesley bent to whisper. “That’s not what happened, is it?”

Jacob’s palms began sweating as his heart rate increased. He wasn’t sure what his boss knew, but he wouldn’t admit to anything as long as he could.

“W-What do you mean?”

“That girl yesterday, the one who came in with that guy. That was them wasn’t it?”

Jacob hesitated to answer, making Mr. Wesley nod, his double chins squishing together each time his head dipped. “I knew it. And that was them in the drive through right?”

Jacob swallowed and broke eye contact. What happened next he didn’t expect.

“Listen,” his large boss whispered, putting his arm around Jacob’s shoulder, “I don’t know what caused that bruise, and I won’t say anything to your co-workers, but if that John guy is giving you problems, you tell me about it.”

Jacob looked up in surprise.

“We’ll straighten him out, along with that girl of yours too. You just let me know, alright?”

Flattered didn’t even begin to describe how he felt. Jacob had always pictured his boss as a grumpy, pissed off old man who ate too much fast food. Yet now he was acting like a father, promising to help him out, and even kick John’s ass if wanted.

From first hand experience, Jacob knew Mr. Wesley couldn’t beat John. Even with weight on his side, John would likely beat them both at the same time, and still have enough energy to fuck Julia a few times. The idea actually made his cock twitch, threatening to stiffen before he shook away the thoughts.

“Uhm, sure, but … it’s really not a problem,” he replied with a smile.

Mr. Wesley eyed him closely. “You sure?”

“I’m sure.”


Lunch time finally rolled around just as the rush picked back up. As much as Jacob needed a break, the store was simply too busy, so when Julia finally arrived he was far too occupied to go see her. Glancing out from the kitchen, he could see her sitting alone and waiting for him. He had no way of letting her know, but as he dropped another load of french fries into the boiling hot oil, he saw Mr. Wesley sitting down at her table.

A nervous, familiar feeling crept into his stomach, leaving his hands sweaty and his knees weak. Each time he looked out, the two seemed to be having an important conversation. He couldn’t see Mr. Wesley’s face, but Julia seemed calm and collected. A few minutes passed, and Jacob could see Julia laughing at something his boss said, filling him with an acquainted fear.

He wasn’t able to hear them, but even above the noise of the kitchen he picked up his name. Looking out from the kitchen again, he caught Julia and Mr. Wesley looking right at him. He only had a moment to stare before he was needed again, quickly ducking out of view and swallowing the lump in his throat.

Focused on putting together another hamburger, the area he stood in allowed a certain view of the restaurant, specifically Mr. Wesley’s Manager’s Office. Wiping sweat away, and hoping his boss didn’t see, Jacob looked up just in time to see Julia walk into his private office. Frozen in shock, Mr. Wesley followed behind her, glancing toward the kitchen just before disappearing from sight.

After that, Jacob could hardly focus on his work, his mind racing with thoughts of what they were doing. There was no need trying to fool himself though, he was a cuckold, what else could they be doing? Luckily, with the restaurant so busy no one even noticed Mr. Wesley missing, or that he was gone for over twenty minutes.

When his boss finally returned, Jacob saw that his shirt had large sweat stains under the neck and arms, his face was flushed and red, and he had the biggest grin on his fat face. Julia left without so much as a wave, heading to her car and driving back to the grocery store, clearly running late.

Jacob’s boss kept his distance for most of the day, only coming around to coach or speed up his workers. Jay had so many questions, but each time Mr. Wesley came by it was only to tell him to work faster.

“Get the lead out, Jay-Jay, hurry it up!”

When the end of Jacob’s shift drew near and the commotion finally settled, something rattled his pocket. Able to step away from the kitchen, he withdrew his phone to find six text messages from Julia, all timestamped at lunch. During the hectic, fast paced work he couldn’t feel his phone vibrate, but she had been sending him pictures from the Manager’s Office the whole time.

With the restaurant empty he walked to a table in the back, sitting down and taking a deep breath, ready to see what she sent. As he opened the first text, he was so focused that he was blind to Mr. Wesley about to join him. Grunting as he plopped down, Jacob flinched and turned his phone over, hiding the image he had yet to view.

“Have you looked at them yet?” he asked, having no reason to gloat about what happened, they both knew.

“I uh … just opened the first one.”

His boss adjusted his seat and leaned closer, wheezing as he breathed, “Let’s see it.”

Jacob was hoping that Mr. Wesley hadn’t noticed his raging hard-on, it’s not like he needed more proof that being a cuck turned him on. Slowly turning over the phone, they could both clearly see the first picture.

Surprisingly it was more tame that he expected. In the photo was clearly his boss’ cock, hard and leaking from the big mushroom tip. Julia’s fingers were wrapped around it, holding it to the side just to show off it’s length and girth, along with the engagement ring on her finger. Though simple, it still sent shivers down his spine.

Opening the next image, Jacob took a breath as he squeezed himself. The next pic was a close up, showing Julia’s puffy pink lips pressed against the large bulbous head as if she were kissing it. The background had a blurring effect, so the only thing in focus was her lips, and his cock.

“What’s next?” Mr. Wesley asked.

The third was raunchier, a full view of Julia’s face with it pressed into his crotch. Her nose had been shoved into his ballsack while his cock laid across her forehead. Jay knew she loved a man’s stink, and he was willing to bet that his boss had plenty to spare. Giving himself another squeeze, he couldn’t help but say something.

“I really like that one,” he whispered, causing Mr. Wesley to smile from ear to ear.

The following photo gave a side view, showing Julia’s face as she attempted to deepthroat him. It looked like she had nearly all of it in her mouth, only an inch remaining before the base. Mr. Wesley’s stomach was so big however, that it impeded her ability to take it all.

The fifth photo had been taken by Mr. Wesley, and it was by far one of the kinkiest things he had ever seen Julia do. Jacob’s boss had reclined in a chair, spreading and propping his legs up on what Jacob could only guess was his desk. Julia sat below him and between his legs, one hand on his cock, and the other being used to finger his ass. With Jacob’s cock already at it’s limit, it was only upon closer inspection that he realised which finger his girlfriend was using, her ring finger, the engagement ring no longer visible while her finger was completely inside him.

“Oh fuck,” Jay moaned, squeezing his thighs together as his cock threatened to erupt in his pants.

“I know,” his boss grinned, putting his arm around Jay’s shoulder, “but that’s not even the best part. That engagement ring you bought her? It actually slipped off when she was fingering me and helping me cum. I had to push it back out when she realized it was missing, pretty crazy, huh?”

Jacob bent forward, shuddering as his cock spilled down his thigh, gush after gush, moaning as his boss watched and chuckled. Taking his phone, Mr. Wesley opened the last photo, holding it for Jacob to see as he came.

The last image was Julia’s beautiful face, her mouth open, her tongue out, and a large chunky puddle of cum resting at the back of her throat.

“Your girlfriend is something else, Jay-Jay,” he chuckled, “she swallowed everything and even thanked me for it.”

Jacob could hardly speak, his body continued convulsing as his orgasm slowly faded.

“I had you all wrong,” said Mr. Wesley, “I thought … well, it doesn’t matter does it? Listen, tell Jewel thanks, okay? And if you see John, tell him thanks too.”


“Have you gotten through yet?”

“No,” Cody said, taking another hit from the blunt, “but I expect something soon. If not, I have other ways to make it happen.”

The room was dark and filled with smoke, along with the sounds of felatio. Between Cody’s legs, someone he didn’t even know was busy working his cock, trying their best to please him. Gasping for air, the girlish moans were followed by a deep breath before they dove down and continued.

“How do you think she’ll react?”

“Oh I’m sure she still hates me, they both do,” Cody laughed, reaching down and gripping the stranger’s hair, preventing them from pulling away.

“And you think it’ll work even if she hates you?”

The mumbled voice between Cody’s legs began to panic, struggling to break free as his cock blocked their oxygen. Slapping desperately at his thighs, Cody took another hit and blew smoke in the stranger’s face, watching as the fight began to slow, and their body started going limp.

“It’s because she hates me that it’ll work so well,” he grinned, feeling the throat around his cock relax before he shoved the stranger off.

Tumbling backwards, the anonymous cock sucker landed in a patch of light, revealing him to be a young blonde haired teenager with pink lips. Reaching out with his foot, Cody stomped his stomach a few times until the boy finally coughed and gasped for air, whimpering and starting to cry on the floor.

“Hm, he’s cute.”

“Yeah,” Cody grinned, “little faggot reminds me of someone.”

Standing from his seat, the young blonde teen cradled his stomach and looked up just in time to see Cody’s boot racing toward his face.


“I left it parked on row D, the keys are under the seat.”

Jacob read the text again as he walked to the grocery store Julia worked at. After an awkward moment with his boss, Jay thanked Mr. Wesley for helping Julia cheat on him. He had never seen the fat man so happy, but he promised not to say anything to his co-workers, and even let Jacob go home a little early.

The store where she worked wasn’t very far, only a mile. Getting off early meant Julia hadn’t finished her shift yet, and since he didn’t want to stay at work Jacob would simply go see her.

He had hoped no one noticed the large wet stain on the front of his pants, but there was really no hiding it. Entering the grocery store he went past several aisles before finally spotting her, she had just finished bagging groceries, and was taking a breath when he arrived.

“Hey, babe,” he said, trying to sound casual.

“Hey, you made it.”

“Yeah, that’s a long walk.”

Julia sighed, leaning against the register and pulling out her phone. Bringing up the lock screen, she checked the time before stuffing it away. “Ten more minutes,” she huffed, sounding bored.

With the manager away and no one else around, Jacob stepped up and pulled out his phone. She hadn’t been paying him any attention, but when she next looked he had brought up the photos.

“Put those away, you’ll get me in trouble!” she giggled, pushing his arm down and forcing the phone back into his pocket. “We can talk about it when we get home,” she promised, trying to hide her smile.

Jacob grinned and agreed, now standing awkwardly as they waited for her shift to end. When no one else came through her line, she eventually shut off her aisle light, and Jacob pulled the car around.

By the time they got home, showered, and finally began to unwind it was 6:15. Sitting on the couch again, they mimicked that very morning as they cuddled and checked social media. Jacob had purposely been quiet about Julia and his boss, not wanting to annoy her with constant questions. But as the evening approached, and her hand rested on his thigh, he felt enough time had passed.

“So … Mr. Wesley, huh?” he said, trying to sound nonchalant.

Julia saw through him at once, grinning and squeezing his leg. “Yup,” she answered, being as passive as possible. Ever since the trauma of their prom, whenever Jacob was close enough, she would always have a hand on him. The doctors called it a psychological safety dependance, meaning she felt safest as long as she could touch Jacob.

As her hand brushed his cock, it twitched and stiffened more. Shutting his laptop, he slowly and calmly sat it on the coffee table. “Do you … wanna talk about it?”

Julia had trouble suppressing her smile, shrugging her shoulders as if she didn’t care. Jacob swallowed and finally snapped; reaching out and playfully shaking her by the shoulders, her head bounced as he moved the laptop and pushed himself on top of her.

“Tell me what happened!” he cried out jokingly, still shaking her as she burst into laughter. Using his fingers to tickle, his hands crawled over her stomach and sides as she wiggled and twisted, squealing and trying to escape him.

Their laughter and roughhousing eventually lead to kissing, which also lead them to the bedroom. Undressed, Julia made Jay sit on the floor at the end of the bed, looking up at her while she sat on the edge, masturbating above his face. Once properly in place, she allowed him to ask his questions.

“What do you want to know?”

“Oh, well first off, is Carlos coming by tonight?”

“Nah, he said he had something important going on.”

“Good, okay so … why my boss?”

Julia and Jacob continued masturbating as they spoke, watching each other’s reactions.

“Well, when he came over to talk to me, he started asking how you got that bruise.”

Jacob cringed, “Oh right … that.”

“Yeah … well, I told him the truth.”

“Seriously? That quick?”

She smiled, “Yup. I told him you were a cuckold, that you loved watching me cheat, and that John kicked your ass to make you more submissive.”

Jacob squeezed his cock, “That’s not what happened,” he grumbled, ” … and John didn’t kick my ass … he sucker punched me.”

Julia didn’t speak, she simply allowed him to continue stroking while he thought about it. After a moment she continued, “So then he wanted to know if I’d fool around with him.”

Jacob stroked faster.

“So I did.”

“W-Wait a minute, that’s not all,” he adjusted his knees, scooting closer and bringing himself between her knees, “I saw you two laugh and look back at me, what was that about?”

Now Julia’s hand sped up, rubbing across her increasingly wet pussy. “Oh, well when I said John kicked your ass-”

“-He didn’t.”

“Your boss said it wouldn’t be hard to do … kick your butt he meant.”

“Yeah I got that, and you laughed?”

Julia bit her lip, “He was just trying to act macho … I was being nice.”

Reaching to cradle his balls, Jacob resumed stroking. “So what about your engagement ring … you didn’t actually lose it up his … I mean, he made that up right?”

“Did you look at all seven pictures? Yeah, it slipped off and I didn’t even know until we took that last pic.”

“Seven?” Jacob sat up, “I only got six.”

Stepping away from the bed, Julia retrieved her phone and brought it back, flipping through menus until bringing up the photo album. Enlarging the image, she handed the phone to Jacob and watched his reaction.

The image was of Mr. Wesley and Julia, shoulder to shoulder. His boss had reached around her back and was groping her chest, his fingers digging into the fabric while his other hand was aimed at the phone, flipping it off. Julia’s right hand was holding the camera, but her other hand was flipping him off as well. Their smiles seemed to mock him, but it only made Jacob stroke harder.

“See? The ring is missing from my left hand,” she pointed out, “it was actually up his butt when we took that picture,” she laughed, watching her boyfriend struggle not to cum.

“I can’t believe you would do that,” he groaned.

“Well you know I get turned on when a guy stinks.”

Jacob remembered the photo of her smelling his balls.

“It made me a little … kinkier,” she teased, sitting down in front of him again.

Jacob held his breath a moment, stroking quicker and making small whimpering noises. Releasing his cock and edging his orgasm, he looked up to his girlfriend with desperation in his eyes. “Can we have sex?” he begged, “please?”

Julia sunk two fingers into herself, biting her lip and looking down at him. Watching his dick twitch, drooling pre-cum onto the floor, she knew it wouldn’t take much to make him cum, he was far too close for intercourse. Smiling, and without speaking, she reached out with her foot, pressing his erection against his stomach and rubbing it several times.

“Gah! N-No!” he whimpered desperately, unable to stop himself from cumming. Removing her foot, she watched his cock squirt across his stomach and thighs, firing white lines onto her legs and the floor as he whined with tortured pleasure.

“Oops,” she grinned, watching him twitch and bend over, “maybe next time.”


Cody was breathing heavily, grunting as he jerked his cock faster and faster. Smiling, opening his mouth and spitting below, Cody finally reached his orgasm. Bucking his hips uncontrollably, the athletic young man erupted with a gigantic torrent of semen. Shot after thick shot of sperm fired down at his target, plastering and splashing as his balls contracted and pumped.

“Oh yes, baby!” Maxine moaned beside him, “give him all of it!”
Cody’s load seemed almost unending, firing nearly a dozen powerful shots before the rest gushed out. Below him, the sticky warm cum had landed across blonde hair, pretty pink lips and unblinking eyes. Cody groaned while his orgasm came to a finish, squeezing the last drops and flicking them onto the teen’s expressionless face.

Standing beside Cody, the same man from before held his cock out, aiming it at the sparkling pink lips of the teen. “Chris wasn’t bad, eh?” he grunted, releasing his piss across the lifeless boy who was stuffed awkwardly inside the 55 gallon drum, “Cock sucking little Maricón,” he laughed, soaking the teen’s body in his urine before it trickled to a stop.

Maxine moaned and stepped forward, slamming the drum’s lid closed. Sealing it tightly, she stepped over to Cody and kissed him, something he seemed less interested in. “I’ll take care of it, baby, no one will ever find him,” she purred.

“Good,” he answered, slapping her on the ass to get her moving.

“So what’s next?” the brown skinned man asked.

Cody thought a moment, squeezing his balls as his cock dripped onto the warehouse’s concrete floor. “I want to see them. Let’s set something up.”


Lying in bed together, Julia had cuddled into Jacob’s arms as he flipped through websites on his laptop. Her eyes closed, she began drifting to sleep when Jacob cleared his throat. Squinting, she adjusted her head before Jay actually said something.

“Honey, take a look at this,” he said pointing to the screen, “your friend Sam, the black guy I yelled at by accident?”

“I know my own friends,” she mumbled.

“Uh, right, well he’s been putting messages on his facebook, saying he hasn’t seen his boyfriend Chris in days.”

Julia sat up more.

“Apparently nobody knows where he is.”

Squeezing him a little tighter, Julia eyed the laptop with worry. “Nobody?”

“Chris’ facebook hasn’t had any updates in days, and no one’s seen him or heard from him, not even his parents.”

The two were quiet a moment, feeling an unsettling air around them.

“And we still have to deal with this,” Jacob said in a dull tone, bringing up Cody’s friend request.

Julia shuffled closer, wrapping one of her legs around his.

“What should we do? Keep ignoring it right?”

She swallowed, feeling an anger build inside her. Trying to keep her voice calm, she nodded and said, “Yeah, we don’t want him in our lives again … ever.”

“I agree.”


As the week rolled on, the days passed with boring repetition. With his co-workers and boss treating him better, Jacob began enjoying his job more, even when Julia came by to flirt with Mr. Wesley. He was also beginning to enjoy his role as a cuckold, something his girlfriend clearly approved of.

When the routine of work became agonizing, it was a welcome change that Friday arrived. With Julia and Jacob both getting off early, they were home by 2:00pm, and trying to decide what they would do over the weekend. Their answer came as Julia sat in the kitchen, surfing Facebook and watching youtube videos.

“Baby!” she shouted, “Jacob! Come here!”

Stepping out of the bathroom and pulling off rubber gloves, he entered the kitchen and looked over her shoulder. Carlos had sent them a message on Facebook, inviting them to a costume party he was having on Saturday.

“A costume party sounds fun,” Jay said, leaving to wash his hands in the sink.

“It looks like we won’t know anyone there though.”

When Jacob returned, he skimmed the message and began rubbing her shoulders. “John might go,” he read, softly squeezing the muscles in her neck.

“Might,” she repeated, “I text John everyday, and he’s been busy all week. I get the feeling he wouldn’t show up just for a costume party.”

Jacob leaned and raised his eyebrows, “Everyday?”

Julia smiled and ignored his question, “So do you want to go or not?”

Taking a deep breath, he exhaled slowly, drawing out his answer as obnoxiously as possible. Finally, after making blubbery noises with his lips and shaking Julia’s shoulders, he said yes, telling her it would be fun, and if nothing else they could just get drunk.

It was only an hour later that they were out shopping for costumes. The department store they chose had a varied selection, and within minutes Jacob had picked out Julia’s outfit. Pulling it from the racks, he carried it over with a giant grin on his face.

“Please, oh please, oh please!” he whined when she turned around.

“Really? A french maid?”

“Oh come on, you know it’s my favorite! Remember truth or dare? I said it was my biggest fantasy?”

Julia grinned and tilted her head, “The only thing I remember about that night was getting stuffed by-”

“-Please? You can even pick out my costume! I’ll wear anything you want, I promise!”

Julia bit her lip and smiled, “Anything?”


The following day, Julia and Jacob arrived according to Carlos’ request, getting to the party a few hours earlier than everyone else. It took them over an hour of driving to reach the house, surprised that it was so far outside the city. They expected it was his parents’ house, a summer home only used on vacations. Ringing the doorbell, Julia nearly squealed in delight, fully dressed and excited about the evening. Jacob however had become less enthused. When the door swung open, Carlos took one look before bursting into uncontrollable laughter.

Julia’s thick curvy body filled out the french maid costume perfectly. Fishnet stockings that only reached her knees, a frilly black dress that barely covered her rump, a white corset that squeezed her cleavage higher, soft white gloves, black heels, a tight black choke collar, and finally a white bow in her hair.

With the only exception being pumps instead of heels, Jacob was wearing the same thing.

“Two french maids,” Carlos laughed, “that’s just perfect.”

Spinning in place, Julia flashed her laced black panties and bounced her chest to give him the full effect. Grinning, they turned to Jacob and waited on him to do the same, only he crossed his arms and glared.

“Just get inside, putas, we have a lot to go over.”

Stepping out of their way, Julia entered first and received a hard slap on the ass, making her squeal. As Jacob entered, he wasn’t expecting the same treatment, stunned when Carlos’ hand smacked him even harder, leaving a bright red handprint. The slap stung painfully, and as Julia broke into laughter, Carlos pushed Jacob forward, bending him over to look under the dress.

“A thong!” he shouted in surprise, “no wonder I didn’t feel anything, damn, maricón. You even shaved your legs too, huh?”

Stumbling in the black pumps, Jacob tried pulling the dress lower, hoping to cover himself while also rubbing the painful stinging. When Carlos shut the front door and started walking toward them, Jay couldn’t help but say something.

“I know what maricón means now,” he scowled, aware of how non-threatening he looked while wearing the costume.

“Good,” Carlos grinned, passing him and taking Jewel by the waist, “come on then, I’ll give you two the run down.”

Julia felt guilty having already left her boyfriend’s side. She knew there would be flirting, and she had planned on fooling around with a few different men, but as Carlos pulled her away she sensed tonight would be different. She couldn’t decide if she was scared or turned on, the truth likely somewhere between.

Struggling to move, Jacob waited until their backs were turned before he kicked off the black pumps and tossed them by the door, choosing instead to walk in his stockings. Running up behind them, he followed as they entered the large kitchen.

“I expect around twenty or thirty people, most from different colleges. I also expect more bros than hoes, so that’s where you two come in.”

Julia and Jacob looked up at him, unsure what he meant.

“Jacob, you’ll be an actual maid tonight. I need you serving the boys drinks, food, anything they want. You’ll also be in charge of cleaning up after them, so if they spill something, break something, or puke on something, you’re the sirvienta who fixes it, yeah?”

Jacob looked to Julia.

“It means servant,” she grinned, squirming as Carlos’ hand began groping her butt.

“Now just wait a goddamn minute here- I didn’t agree to be a maid for your party!”

“Then why are you dressed like that?”

Clearing his throat, Jay tried to continue his argument. “I came to have a good time with Julia,” he grumbled.

“And why did you come?” Carlos asked her.

Fidgeting when his hand slipped into her panties, she bit her lip before answering, “I came to fool around with different guys.” Again she felt guilty, but couldn’t understand why. Jacob’s cuckold status was in the open now, she had no need to feel bad about cheating on him, after all it turned him on.

“You did?” Jay asked, the heartbreak clear on his face, “But you promised tonight would be for us.”

Julia suddenly understood why she felt bad. On the drive up, as Jacob whined about his costume, she tried to lift his mood by promising he would be the focus of her night. It instantly cheered him up, but from the moment Carlos smacked her ass she had completely forgotten.

When Carlos noticed them both looking dour, he stepped in to lighten the mood. “Cheer up, coño, I’ll make sure you have fun too.”



Jacob thought a moment. If Julia was planning on fooling around with other men, why should that stop him from having a good time? This was his weekend too, and if getting drunk was the only way to enjoy himself, then that’s what he’d do, Julia be damned.

“Fine. I’ll get shit faced,” he said, his sour tone directed at his girlfriend, making her look away.

“Now, Julia,” Carlos said, pulling his hand from her panties and stepping back, “just because you make a prettier maid doesn’t get you off the hook.” With them both staring he continued, “You’ll be a maid too. Just like him, you’ll pass out food and drinks, and you’ll take the empties to the trash.”

Jacob smiled as she frowned.

“You don’t have to clean up spills, but I need you to let Jacob know if you find any.”

Suddenly Julia’s phoned chirped. Pulling it from a pocket between her breast, she swiped and tapped before stuffing it away. “John said he can’t come,” she announced sadly.

Jacob was unconcerned, but Carlos grinned before turning and leaving the kitchen. “Come on, there’s more to show you,” he said.

Leading them down the hallway, he pointed out the main bathroom, already cleaned and ready for use. The tiles were polished and white, as was the bowl, the sink, and the tub. Next was a large bedroom, the king size bed made neatly and furnished with expensive looking pillows.

Walking back and looking into the bathroom, Jacob stopped and raised an important question. “Wait a second,” he said, getting their attention, “if you’re having twenty or thirty drunken people over, is one toilet really enough?”

“If the toilet is being used, I expect the others will piss in the bathtub,” he chuckled, “but that’s why you’re here, chico, in case they miss or something.”

“Okay, just hold the fuck on,” Jacob practically shouted, “what makes you think I give a shit about keeping your house clean? What’s in this deal for me?”

Carlos clearly didn’t like Jacob’s tone, and as he stepped up and backed him into the wall, he eyed him down until Jay could no longer make eye contact. “How’s that bruise healing?” he whispered, sending Jacob a very clear message.

Surprisingly, Julia came to his rescue, pushing between them and forcing a laugh to break the tension. “Come on, guys, let’s just enjoy the evening. Okay, Jacob?” Reaching behind her she found Jay’s hand, interlocking their fingers.

The anxiety drained when he squeezed her hand, smelling the coconut shampoo in her hair when she backed up. She laughed nervously, and as Jacob relaxed and began to speak, Carlos pushed himself into her, reaching down her panties and kissing her deeply. Pushing her body into Jacob’s, he was trapped watching as leaned back and moaned, sinking into his kiss and squeezing Jacob’s hand even harder.


When the first guests finally arrived, Jacob had just finished making the sandwiches. With large silver trays, he carried out giant bowls of chips and dip, along with bottles of beer and finger food. The party’s main hub was the living room, a spacious area with three separate couches along with folding chairs and folding tables. With the platters set up and more beer stuffed into coolers, Jacob wiped his hands on his dress before preparing to rest.

Julia had taken a break, sitting on Carlos’ lap while they watched him scurry to get things in order. Jay wasn’t happy about it, but he clung to the idea of getting so drunk that he would be incapable of walking, let alone serving horny wasted men.

“Hey, Puta,” Carlos snapped, getting his attention, “I don’t like the way you’re walking.”

Jay could see Julia becoming nervous again, resting her hand on Carlos’ thigh, squeezing it like she often did his whenever she became upset or unnerved. Swallowing his pride, and hoping to help Julia feel better, he stepped over and and crossed his arms.

“How should I walk then?”

“Like a Lady … swing your hips more, shake it, hermano. Right now you look like a gorrilla with hemorrhoids.”

Julia covered her mouth, feeling guilty about laughing at Jacob’s expense. However, since he was already humiliated and dressed like a woman, and he’d rather see Julia laugh than be upset, he dropped his head and accepted the request. Turning, he attempted to strut as best he could, forcing his hip sway as he walked.

“Hey, not bad,” Carlos chuckled, “just keep doing that during the party, yeah?”

Jacob nodded, thinking to himself, “Not on your fucking life.”

It was nearly an hour before the bulk of guests arrived. It was surprising, but Jacob had almost forgotten that it was a costume party. He greeted nearly everyone that walked in, getting a good look at their outfits. Fireman, Police officer, Superman and Spider-man to name a few. Some guests had went all out, wearing expensive costumes that were intricate, while others went minimal with simple masks.

The kitchen and living room were absolutely packed once everyone arrived, leaving Jacob and Julia to spring into their roles as waiters, handing out beer and offering food to anyone who wanted it. As music played and drinks were consumed, the night actually started somewhat calm. A few people had laughed at Jacob’s costume, but he wasn’t the only one dressed ridiculously.

Carlos had changed into his own costume as well, getting Julia to personally help him in the bedroom. When he returned, he had become an escaped convict, with black and white bars that covered his pants and shirt, along with a plastic ball and chain around his ankle.

Thirty minutes more and the party was in full swing. Music blared, people shouted, and already a dozen were drunk. Jacob was constantly being pushed around, shoved, and at several points he was groped and squeezed, the drunken party goers confusing him with Julia. Each time he had a chance, Jacob would sneak a shot of alcohol, gulping the burning liquid before moving somewhere else.

Carrying a handful of empty beer bottles, Jay was headed for the trashcan when he heard someone call out, “Yo! Sissy maid, dude! Need a clean up on aisle three!” Dumping the bottles, he turned and headed back into the crowd. Catching a look from Carlos, Jacob began swaying his hips, hoping he hadn’t been caught.

When he arrived at the mess, he found several frat guys cluttered around a few chairs. Someone had spilled beer and cheese dip all over the floor, but that wasn’t half as surprising as who he found with them.

“Sorry, Jacob,” Julia giggled drunkenly, “I knocked it off when they pulled down my panties.”

Julia was standing with her legs apart, the frat guy behind her grinning as his hand reached under her dress. Beside him, another frat brother chuckled stupidly, holding up her panties before sniffing and slingshotting them at Jacob’s face.

Dropping to his knees, he reached for the towel on his costume before getting on all fours and scrubbing the large stain. Looking up from the floor gave him a great view under her dress, along with the frat guy’s hand drunkenly fingering her. The slime and honey from her pussy had begun dripping down her thighs, squishing loudly as the fingers slapped into her, making her wiggle and laugh. Jacob couldn’t stop his cock from hardening, and while he hoped no one saw it, he was about to encounter a bigger problem.

“Check out the ass on this one!” someone behind him shouted.

Before he could move, a hand reached for his thong, yanking it hard enough that his knees came off the floor, giving him a massive wedgie and causing him to fall face first into the mess he was cleaning. Face down while someone held him up, he felt several hands begin to grope and slap his backside.

“Oh shit, it’s a dude!”

“And he’s got a chubby!” Someone else shouted, reaching and grabbing Jacob’s erection, shaking it back and forth to show everyone looking.

Julia and the frat brothers burst into laughter, and as Jacob flushed red, someone emptied a bottle of beer onto his head, laughing as it ran up his nose, causing him to cough and spit.

When he was let go and put on his knees, he felt a shoe press against his back before kicking him forward, causing him to fall over the mess and directly below his girlfriend.

“Don’t be so mean to my boyfriend, guys,” Julia laughed above him.

“That sissy is your boyfriend?” someone asked.

“He’s not gonna get mad at me is he?” the frat guy behind her moaned, causing Jacob to lift his head and see what he meant.

“Nah,” Julia whimpered, “he’s a cuckold.”

Jacob had gotten back on his knees just as a cock squeezed through Julia’s thighs. Openly, in front of everyone, this stranger was fucking the gap below her pussy. She continued laughing, holding up her dress for everyone to see and moaning as he rocked her back and forth, humping her from behind as everyone watched. The alcohol had clearly affected her, and as a different frat brother pulled her tits out, the guy dressed as Superman poured another shot into her mouth.

“What’s a cuckold?” someone in the crowd asked.

“I think it means he likes watching,” another answered.

Jacob could hardly find the strength to move, staring hypnotically as the big cock glided in and out between her thighs. The scene immediately reminded him of the first time he watched John fuck her, and he imagined that if he didn’t move, it would have the same end result too.

“He does like watching!” someone laughed.

He wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol he drank, or if it was the humiliation of having everyone stare, but Jacob’s cock had never been harder. As he sat back on his heels, it was obvious to everyone that he had a boner, the front of his maid outfit standing straight up.

“Are you … ugh, having a good time, honey?” Julia asked him, grunting as the man humping her became more aggressive. Thrusting his cock between her thighs faster and faster, he was clearly about to release his load across everything below him, primarily Jacob.

“Is he really not going to move?” someone behind asked.

“I hope not, I’m recording this shit.”

Only now aware that he was being filmed, Jacob looked around to find more than a dozen people aiming their phones at him, alternating shots between Julia’s pussy and Jacob’s face and dress. Stunned, and with the alcohol starting to work, he looked up at his girlfriend, watching her breast bounce as men groped her, laughing and cheering.

“Fuck! Gonna nut!” came the voice behind her.

Given a last chance to move, Jacob leaned forward. Never blinking as the cock pushed through her thighs, it began shooting its load and painting him. Shot after sticky shot crossed his hair, nose, and glasses, dripping down his cheeks and lips as the frat guy groaned and pumped a few last times before finally pulling out.

“Holy crap!” someone said as others laughed.

“You gave him a facial,” said another while fist bumping.

Aware that the night was far from over, Jacob was about to stand and leave when Julia dropped to her knees in front of him. Still drunk but smiling, she reached out to cradle her boyfriend’s face, pulling him into a deep kiss as the crowd became silently stunned.

“Love you, baby,” Julia whispered, pulling away from his lips while strings of sperm stretched between them, breaking and dripping to the floor.

“Love you too.”


The party continued, and as humiliated as Jacob felt he quickly found other party goers trying to show him up with crazy stunts. Playing beer pong, betting each other’s girlfriends and even getting into fights, it wasn’t long before everyone had already forgotten about him. When the crowd around them started to thin, Carlos dropped by to help.

“Julia, I have someone I want you to meet,” he said, helping her and Jacob off their knees.

“You do?” she wobbled, giggling as he Carlos steadied her.

“Yeah, he’s an important guy.”

Jacob watched as he aimed her toward a man wearing a creepy skull mask. Patting her on the ass, Carlos was ready to follow her when he suddenly turned back. Reaching for his wrist, he stopped Jay from wiping the cum away.

“Wear it,” he ordered, grinning as Jacob weakly submitted and put away the towel.


“Good. I’ll come get you when he’s ready, in the meantime I think I saw a couple guys heading to the bathroom, huh?” Grabbing Jacob’s chin, Carlos leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, smirking before leaving and guiding Julia away.

Jacob had never been more confused. Reaching for a nearby platter, he grabbed a shot glass and downed another swallow before someone suddenly bumped him. Annoyed by the noise and people, Jacob pulled the bottle of booze off the tray and began weaving his way through the crowd.

Looking through the people as he passed, he could see Julia dancing, shaking her hips and lifting her dress to the man wearing a skull. He was reclined in a chair, one foot resting on his knee as a smile spread across the underside of his mask.

Trying to ignore it, he staggered into the bathroom and nearly slipped as the tiled floor was soaked in piss. Two teens stood side by side as they attempted urinating into the toilet together, and with someone else passed out in the bathtub, another person had drunkenly arrived and started pissing on them. Shrugging his shoulders, Jacob stepped through the puddles of urine and approached the two teenagers.

“Fellas, you shouldn’t be-” coming within sight of their cocks, he noticed they were holding each other, laughing and having trouble aiming the streams as piss splashed across the seat and walls. “-whatever, forget it.”

Lifting the bottle, Jacob took three more slugs of the whiskey before turning and sitting beside the toilet, he had reached his first low point. He loved Julia, and she loved him, but ever since he had become a cuckold things were different. Everything now revolved around her cheating on him, and although they had their moments together, at the end of the day he felt unimportant, as if she might trade him in for someone with a bigger cock. Most of the time she seemed sincere, but with a little alcohol or the smell of a ballsack Julia lost herself to a world of sinful pleasure, ready to abandon Jacob at a moment’s notice. The idea terrified him, and maybe it was the booze making him think that way, but for now he had only one solution: getting blitzed.

With the alcohol making him warm inside, and his body becoming too heavy to move, Jacob looked up as the two teens smiled at him, redirecting their streams and soaking him in warm, golden liquid. Even as they laughed and their piss splashed and poured into the open mouth of the bottle, Jacob lifted it and swallowed more, slipping further onto the floor before his head struck tile and he passed out.


“Are you really going to do that?”

As consciousness slowly began to return, Jacob could hear voices.

“Yes, and I want you to help me.”

He felt warm, almost floating as the darkness began to spin.

“But that’s so mean,” Julia giggled, her voice echoing in his mind.

“You’ll love it … I promise.”

Jacob awoke to something stinging his face. Coughing, sputtering, his eyes began to burn as fluid filled his nose and choked him. Twisting, rolling onto his side he coughed out the steaming liquid before looking to find the source.

“Hey, it did wake him up!” Julia laughed, aiming the man’s cock as it fired a powerful stream into his face.

Crawling back to the wall, Jacob had nowhere to run as the man in the skull mask stepped closer, guiding Julia as she continued aiming his cock, letting it soak Jacob’s costume, hair, and even his mouth when he tried to catch his breath.

“Good,” said the skull man as he grinned under his mask, “don’t let him breath, let’s choke him to death.”

Julia giggled and playfully slapped at his chest, now aiming the stream into her boyfriend’s eyes. “You shouldn’t make jokes like that,” she said, unable to stop herself from laughing while still drunk from earlier, “what if he actually died or something?”

He smiled and looked down at her, “Good riddance.”

Eventually the stream began to slow, but even as it did they moved closer, trying to ensure that every drop reached some part of Jacob. When he was finished Julia shook his cock enthusiastically, shaking out the final drops while her boyfriend tried to wipe his face.

Jacob wasn’t even sure how to react. He was already soaked from before he passed out, and with his senses dulled he was hardly angry that Julia just helped someone piss on him. Carlos was standing nearby, smiling as Jewel and the skull man backed out of the bathroom.

“Clean him up,” he ordered, taking Julia by the waist and leading her out of sight.

Carlos smiled as he approached, peeling off his convict shirt before untying the strings that held up his pants. Jacob could still feel the linger of alcohol in his system, and although he had sobered some, he still had trouble standing.

“You heard the boss,” Carlos said with a smile, “get in the shower.”

Jacob could hardly refuse as Carlos took him by the shoulder, helping him stand and leading him under the faucet. It was only when he stepped inside, did Jay start to understand. Having the dress pulled off him, Carlos dropped his pants and reached for Jacob’s thong, yanking the strap hard enough to tear it off.

“Wh-what the fuck are you doing?” Jacob groaned, losing his balance and falling into the shower wall. Only on his feet because of Carlos, he struggled to move as the Mexican finished undressing, peeling off his underwear and tossing them.

Beginning to panic, Jay made an attempt to escape, but his body still contained too much alcohol. It was slowly leaving his system, but he was still too weak to fight back. With a hand on the back of his head, Jacob’s face was smushed against the wall, holding him in place as Carlos turned on the shower and blasted them both with cold water.

Screaming loud enough for everyone to hear him, Carlos laughed as he closed the sliding glass door, trapping them inside.

“You can’t wash yourself,” he grinned, “so I’m going to help you, puta.”

Suddenly Jacob had him on his back, arms wrapped around his chest as the cold water poured over them. All he could do was reach for the metal bar nearby, gripping it and trying to steady himself.

“Good, stay standing and I’ll heat up the water.”

Jay’s legs shook when Carlos let go, showing just how weak he actually was. After turning up the water it eventually became steaming, flooding the bathroom with a heavy mist. Grabbing a bar of soap, he began rubbing it around the drunken cuckold’s body, covering him in a slick, slippery sheen.

“Please, I don’t-”

“Shush,” he whispered into Jacob’s ear, moving the soap to his cock, “the last thing you want is to make me mad,” he purred.

Closing his eyes, Jacob tried to think of Julia as he felt Carlos’ hardened cock rubbing against his lower back. Still holding the bar to brace himself, the hands around his stomach drifted south, grabbing and squeezing him.

Jacob whimpered, feeling the hard phallus poking him from behind. Pushing forward, and with the help of the soap it slipped between his thighs, much like the frat guy had done earlier with Julia. Slowly grinding himself into Jacob, the contact began having a stimulating effect.

It was the closest thing to sex that jacob had had in over a week. Despite the touch coming from another man, his cock began to rise of it’s own free will. Biting his lip, he hoped Carlos didn’t notice, but that idea only lasted a second.

“What’s this?” he chuckled, his fingers wrapping around Jacob and beginning to stroke him.

“Damn it,” Jay said through gritted teeth.

“The boss said you’re not allowed to do that,” Carlos purred, tapping Jay’s cock with his finger, “so we’ll need to take care of it.”

Having another person touch him was almost too much, and although he wanted to blame it on being drunk, part of him couldn’t deny how good it felt.

“Why don’t we make it a game,” Carlos whispered, “first one to cum loses.”

“That’s not fair,” he whimpered back, his cock already being stroked faster.

“Squeeze your legs together, make it tight for me.”

Jacob couldn’t believe what he was doing, or that he would actually go along with this man’s crazy game. But the night had already spiraled out of control, he had been forced to work as a maid, cheated on, pissed on, cheated on again and pissed on again. What was one more humiliating moment in his life? At least now there we no cameras.

Shuffling side to side, Jacob squeezed his legs tightly, even pushing his ass out and making it easier for Carlos to reach around. As the man holding him laughed, Jacob could feel his cock pull out from his thighs, now starting to press against his backdoor.

“No!” Jacob whined, “Not there! Please!”

Surprisingly Carlos actually complied, only teasing the virgin hole, pressing the swollen head halfway in before stopping. “Fuck you’re tight, puta,” he grinned, shoving himself back between Jacob’s thighs.

Their rocking and bumping continued for a few more minutes, both moaning as the shower seemed to become even hotter. Somehow Jacob was able to resist his orgasm, causing problems for Carlos. Grunting, he began to speed up, each stroke causing his cock to bump into Jacob’s balls from underneath.

“Are you close yet?” he asked, leaning over his shoulder and looking down.

“Yeah,” moaned.

“How close?”

“Very close,” Jacob whimpered, momentarily forgetting everything else in his life.

“Buen muchachito,” Carlos grunted.

Cupping his hand below Jacob’s cock, he used his other hand to stroke until he finally reached orgasm. Whining as he came, Jay looked down and watched his entire load spill into Carlos’ palm. It was only after his high receded that Jacob realized carlos was no longer humping him, and that he had been pushing his hips into Carlos’ cock.

“You lost the game,” he chuckled, “but I won’t punish you too badly.”

Raising his hand, he brought the large puddle of cum up to Jacob’s lips, laughing when Jacob turned away.

“Come on, open up for me,” he ordered. When Jacob refused again, scrunching his face and turning his head, Carlos could only laugh, pulling his cock from between Jay’s thighs. “If you don’t open for me, I have a magical key that’ll work.” Pressing his cock against Jacob’s hole again, Carlos could see the terror in his partner’s eyes.

Reluctantly Jacob turned, facing his shower mate and opening his mouth. Closing his eyes, Jay’s own load was poured down this throat, the slimy, salty fluid had mixed with the shower water to become a soupy, vile tasting mess.

“Now me,” Carlos grinned, pushing Jacob to his knees and masturbating directly at his face. “Open up,” he ordered, “be a good boy for me.”

Jacob only wanted it to end quicker, so as his lips parted, he looked up to the Mexican who had insulted him, called him names, lied to him and probably already fucked his girlfriend, and began sucking at the tip of his cock.

It was such a shock to Carlos that his orgasm arrive immediately, reaching for the back of Jacob’s head and pulling him further onto the shaft before erupting into his mouth. Thrusting relentlessly, he made sure that Jacob sucked every drop out before finally moving away.

His ordeal with Carlos was finally over, but as he helped him stand, Jay was shoved against the shower wall before receiving one last thing: a kiss.

Now sitting on the edge of the tub, Jacob remained quiet as Carlos toweled him off. After a few moments of silence, Jacob willingly spread his legs to let Carlos finish.

“What time is it?”

Carlos didn’t look up, “late.”

“Has everyone left?”

“Everyone but the four of us.”

Another moment of silence.

“How long was I out?”

“Not long.”

Standing, Carlos took Jacob by the hand as they walked across a mountain of towels, all placed to soak up the urine left by teenagers. Stepping into the hallway, Jacob could finally see the devastation left behind. There were dozens of spills and broken chairs, cups, plates, and trash littered the living room, along with a few randomly discarded and half filled condoms.

Amazingly the trash ended exactly at the hallway, saving them from standing in garbage. Still both nude, Carlos suddenly dropped to his knees, reaching for Jacob’s soft cock.

“W-What are you doing?”

“I told you in the shower,” he said casually, “the boss doesn’t want you getting hard.”

Before he understood, Carlos had already locked away his dick, smiling when he stood up. “That should do it,” he grinned.

It had only just occurred to jacob that he had no idea what was going on. Waking up while being pissed on was bad enough, but being shower molested had made it even worse. He hadn’t seen Julia since she helped the skull man piss on him, and now he was being cock caged and told that ‘the boss’ demanded it.

“Can I go home? Why are you doing this to me? Where’s Julia?”

Carlos grinned and began guiding him down the hallway, leading him towards the bedroom they had seen previously. “You like being a cuckold right?” he asked, “Watching the girl you love most give herself to another guy, seeing her cum, watching her lover cum while they both deny you any attention?”

Jacob was afraid to answer.

“The boss will make all of that even better, I promise.”

“Who is he?”

Carlos hesitated to answer, “He’s your new bull, which makes him the most important person in your life.”

Jacob couldn’t believe that. There was only one person in his life that mattered more than the rest, and that was Julia.

“One last thing,” Carlos said, stopping him before they entered the room, “do everything he says … everything.”

Jay could see the seriousness in his face, and it started to scare him.


One hour earlier.

The party was about to come to an end. Carlos had followed Jacob into the bathroom, watching as two teenagers urinated across the unconscious cuckold, laughing and stroking each other. Avoiding puddles of urine, he waited on them to finish before he grabbed the teens by their collars and yanked them away, shoving them back into the living room. Rounding everyone up, he checked each room of the house to ensure no one had snuck away, and once he was sure they were all together, it was time to send them home.

Cody could hardly believe what he was watching. The french maid who now danced for him was none other than Julia herself. The same stuck up, tattletale, cock tease who had denied his feelings, who had constantly rejected him in favor of Jacob, who would never give him the love and attention she knew he needed. Now she was here, drunkenly, stupidly dancing for him.

“Alright, everyone, the party is over! You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here! So get your drunk asses out of my house!”

Julia suddenly stopped dancing, looking back to Carlos and starting to wonder if she too had to leave. Jacob was nowhere to be seen, and as the room spun and the alcohol continued working she couldn’t remember when last she saw him.

“Keep dancing,” said Cody, aware that she didn’t know who he was.

Hesitant, she looked around the room and wobbled, hoping to see Jacob passed out on the floor or standing and waving to her. “I gotta find my boyfriend first,” she mumbled, turning her back on him and walking into the kitchen.

A flare of anger struck Cody like a bolt of lightning. Standing and following her, Carlos stepped up and stopped him, letting Julia get far enough away before speaking.

“Don’t,” he said, trying to sound as submissive as possible, “Jacob is passed out in the bathroom and she’s drunk and horny. There’s no need to climax yet, it’s still early, right?”

Cody closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and nodding. “Yeah,” he shuddered, “I’ll only do it after I’ve had my fun.”

Carlos smiled, “Well let’s get started then.”

As the two men followed Julia into the kitchen, Cody stopped by the doorway and watched as Carlos approached her. She began asking where Jacob was, concerned for her boyfriend’s well being. It caused a boiling hatred within Cody’s stomach, but he suppressed it before walking over.

“Calm down, Julia, he’s fine.”

“Well where is he?”

“He got drunk and passed out, that’s all.”

“I wanna see him.”

Carlos rolled his eyes but finally agreed. Walking by Cody they turned and headed for the bathroom, stopping at the door so that she could see Jacob’s slumped, unconscious body. Releasing an audible sound of relief, she reached out as if she wanted to touch him, but was unwilling to walk through the bathroom’s urine covered floor.

With her standing and gawking at Jacob, Carlos stepped back and whispered into Cody’s ear. “Remember: smell drives her wild.”

With an understanding nod Cody left for the bedroom, shedding his clothes before finding a recliner to sit in. Spreading his legs, he lifted his balls and stroked his cock. He had never felt such a rush of euphoria before, even after all the crimes he had committed and the lives he had ruined, nothing had felt like this.

“Come on, I have a surprise for you,” Carlos’ voice could be heard coming up the hallway.

“Will I like it?”

“You’ll love it.”

As they crossed into the room Julia immediately understood what her surprise was. Giggling and excited, she twisted her costume until it eventually slipped free. Kicking it away, she was now wearing only her fishnet stockings and a black choke collar.

Crossing the room she quickly dropped to her knees, watching the masked man shudder as she reached for his cock. It was incredibly hard with a large vein crossing over the shaft, the head swollen purple and drooling a river of clear liquid. Below, his balls looked giant, great plum sized mounds that had been shaved completely smooth, now sticky with sweat.

“Oh wow,” Julia moaned, looking up at him as she squeezed between his legs, holding his dick with both hands to measure it’s size.

“Do you like it?” he asked, doubtful that in her drunken state she would recognize his cock.

“Oh fuck, I love it,” she moaned leaning forward and rubbing it across her face. Pushing the tip against her nose and teasing him, she wiped the smell of his cock onto her cheeks, biting her lip as he shivered from the contact.

“What’s your name, big boy?” Julia moaned, putting the dripping tip into her mouth.

” … Adrian,” he lied, knowing his real name could ruin everything.

“Well, Adrian,” she giggled, “I think you have the hottest cock,” she kissed the tip, “that I’ve ever used to cheat on my boyfriend with.”

Cody’s mouth hung open, his tongue dry as he reached for the back of her head. “Try these,” he moaned, pushing her face directly into his ballsack.

Lights sparkled in her vision as the sweat and stink flooded her nose. The overwhelming aroma sent jolts of pleasure directly into her pussy, and as her eyes rolled back and she pressed her nose into him harder, she could hear laughter before inhaling more of his pungent musk.

“Oh my god,” she growled, catching a breath before pushing her nose down and bucking her hips in desperation.

Cody allowed her to smell all she wanted, each giant snort making her hornier and weakening her inhibition, turning her into something else. Finally pulling her face away, he smiled and prepared to see just how deviant she could become.

“You turned on now?”

“Oh god yes,” she moaned, reaching for her pussy and twisting her hips.

“Do you like cheating on your boyfriend?”

“I love cheating on him, I love it.”

Reaching out, Cody held the side of her face while using his thumb to push her nose up, giving her a piggish look. Pulling her toward his nuts, she moaned and continued sniffing even as he degraded her.

“You’re a fuckin’ pig aren’t you?”

The stench of his musk had once again entered her mind, and as her body quivered and her pussy salivated, there was nothing she could do to fight her pleasure. “Yes,” she moaned, sticking her tongue out and lapping at his balls, “I’m a dirty piggy.”

Cody began to laugh, letting her go and reclining again. He could never have guessed that Jacob’s beloved girlfriend, the soulmate he never shut up about, would become such a stink loving whore. Confident that her mind was already lost in pleasure, he wanted to see how far he could push her.

“I hate your boyfriend,” he moaned, softly touching her hair as she pulled away from his balls and took a breath.

“You do?” she practically moaned, still uncontrollably horny.

“He shouldn’t have a girl like you.”

Julia giggled and began stroking his cock, jerking it off with both hands.

“I hope something bad happens to him,” Cody grinned.

Julia licked her lips, leaning forward and pressing his cock across her face. “Like what?”

“Something that kills him, that way I can have you all to myself.”

Shockingly Julia laughed, squeezing his cock tighter and leaning forward. “Couldn’t I just break up with him?” she giggled.

Cody released a breath of pleasure, the smile blow the mask growing even larger. “Nah, I’d be happier if he was just dead, wouldn’t you?” he chuckled, completely serious even if Julia didn’t know it.

She laughed back, lowering herself to sniff his balls again before answering. “That’s so mean,” she grinned, “he’s a really good boyfriend, he just doesn’t have a dick like yours.”

“I can be a good boyfriend too, plus you’ll have my cock everyday.”

Julia sniggered, “Are you trying to make me break up with him?”

“Is it working?”

Julia smirked, leaning forward again to kiss his cock. “Well … I guess that means I have options in case something does happen to him,” she joked.

Cody could hardly believe how easy it was to manipulate her. After the years of school and trying to win her over, after beating Jacob’s face in and hoping she’d dump him for being weak, even after nearly killing her boyfriend hadn’t worked, it seemed crazy that all she needed was the stink of his ballsack.

“Why don’t we go see him right now.”

Julia moved away and let him stand up, his cock bouncing hypnotically in her face. “What for?” she asked, now fingering her pussy as she stood and put her arm around his.

“I need to piss, and I want you to help me.”


“It’s about time,” Cody said disdainfully, staring at Jacob as he was pushed into the bedroom.

Jay wasn’t sure what to make of the scene he had walked in on. The man with the skull mask was standing in the center of the room, his legs spread apart as a woman sat on her knees below him, her face buried under his balls. Still shaken from such a rough wake up call, it took a moment before he realized who he was seeing.

“Julia!” he shouted, starting to walk over when Carlos stopped him, grabbing his shoulder to hold him in place.

“It’s alright,” Cody grinned, “he can join her.”

“On your knees,” Carlos whispered, pushing him forward.

Following the instructions, and beginning to feel like he was kidnapped, Jacob approached the threatening looking man before crouching and getting onto his knees.

Julia had just taken a breath when she noticed Jay sitting beside her, and with a squeal she turned and embraced him, squeezing him tightly before pulling back and kissing him deeply. With her tongue in his mouth he could taste whoever the skull man was, the salty musk now making him light headed.

“Baby, this is Adrian,” she smirked, reaching out to stroke his cock as he looked down on them, “we’ve been fooling around since you passed out.”

Jacob could almost feel a sense of dread coming from the man, as if he was impending doom itself. He was sure Julia didn’t feel the same way, not with how happy she was sucking his balls. Still, the man had a fearsome presence, something far different from John or Carlos.

“Hi, Adrian,” Jacob said meekly.

“How have you been, Jacob? Doing badly I hope,” Cody grinned, causing Julia to giggle.


Slapping his thigh Julia snickered, “He’s just joking around, honey,” she smirked.

“So you’re a cuckold,” he said, changing his footing and moving closer to them. Julia and Jacob were now shoulder to shoulder, and as he lowered his cock, Julia happily suckled the head only a foot from her boyfriend’s face.

” … Yeah-”

Julia pinched him.

“Ow! Uh, Y-Yeah, Yes … Yes, Sir.”

Cody broke into laughter, throwing his head back in utter disbelief. All he had ever wanted was Julia, but now he had more, he had her stuck up boyfriend down on his knees and calling him sir. It was more than he ever expected from the night, and he knew it would only get better.

“How does it make you feel,” Cody moaned, pulling his cock from her mouth, “to see her with me?”

Jacob swallowed. The truth had become blurred to him now; on the one hand, he loved everything about it, nothing had made his cock harder, that is before the cock cage. On the other hand, a new fear had taken place in his heart, the overwhelming terror that Julia might stop loving him, that all of their years together would be lost simply because he couldn’t please her.

Regardless of his internal struggle, he knew the answer Adrian wanted, “I love it … thank you for helping her cheat on me.”

The lips below the mask spread apart into a giant smile, the white teeth contrasting with the plastic skull. Squatting, Cody got onto his knees with them, smiling as he moved Julia. “Don’t lie to me, Jacob,” he said, reaching and cradling Julia’s face in his hands, “It hurts you inside, doesn’t it?”

Julia tried to turn and see her boyfriend’s face, but Cody wouldn’t allow her.

“It kills you a little, each time you see her lose control and forget about you. Knowing that while she’s with another guy, she’s not with you, and that if it happens enough, she won’t even notice when you disappear.”

Jacob’s heart was racing. He had no words for how Adrian just made him feel, but he didn’t need to speak, the terror in his eyes said enough.

“Watch closely, cuckold,” Cody smiled, “watch her forget about you.”

Pulling her towards him, Julia moaned as their lips met. Breathing heavily and kissing directly in his face, Jay could feel what Adrian meant. There was a pain in his chest, an ache, a fear and an understanding that he had just lost his girlfriend, if only for a few moments.

The two continued to kiss, making no effort to hide their tongues as they licked, flicked and moaned. It was several moments later when Cody had his fill, pulling away and allowing Julia to lean forward, kissing and licking his neck.

Cody turned and looked Jacob in the eyes, seeing the fear and humiliation he had waited on for so long. But he wasn’t finished, he wanted more, he needed Jacob to cry, to truly have real heartbreak. That’s when he had an idea.

Pulling Julia away, he instructed her to sit on Jacob’s lap and get ready for something new. She happily agreed, but as she moved to sit on him, she noticed his cock was bound in a plastic cage.

“What’s this?” she laughed, reaching down and yanking at it.

Jacob whimpered and nearly shouted, his penis desperate to swell while being completely denied. Looking closer, she could see the tip had begun dripping pre-cum, even locked up as it was.

“Pervert,” she teased, ruffling his hair before sitting on his lap.

Jacob was officially in hell. There was nothing he wanted more than Julia sitting on his cock, but with the dick cage in place, he felt the sense of arousal while unable to enjoy it. It was an itch he couldn’t scratch, and it was starting to drive him crazy.

Turning around, Cody backed his ass into them as he laughed. “If smelling my balls got you this fucked up, I wonder what this will do.” Reaching back, Cody grabbed her by the hair, lining himself up before shoving her shocked face into the sweaty crack of his ass.

Julia’s nose hit the bullseye, scrunching up against the nasty puckered hole of Cody’s ass. The squeeze of his cheeks closed around her face, and as she inhaled the rich, rotten odor, her eyes rolled into the back of her head. The orgasm she had been teasing with her fingers was now released, causing all the muscles in her body to seize up at once as she pushed harder into his rump. Her breathing became quicker, and with each snort she pulled more and more of the putrid, earthy fragrance into her body.

Jacob’s face was practically beside Julia’s and although he couldn’t see her expression, it was painfully obvious that she loved it. With her hands spreading Cody’s cheeks apart, allowing her nose to smush harder into his anus, Jacob reached around her waist, sliding his fingers into his fiancee’s fiery hot love hole.

Cody was in heaven, unable to control his laughter as Julia devolved into nothing more than his personal toilet. Looking back at Jacob, Cody couldn’t contain his happiness, and even with Julia able to hear them, he let his feelings be known.

“Fuck you, Jacob,” he moaned, “you worthless piece of cuckold shit. I could fucking kill you right now, right in front of your girlfriend, and she wouldn’t even care.”

All Jay could do was whimper, starting to grasp that he was completely at the mercy of this crazy man. The only thing he could do was continue fingering his girlfriend, feeling her pussy tighten each time Adrian mentioned killing him.

“Not even your parents would miss you,” Cody said, finishing his rant before pushing Julia back and turning around, stroking his cock in both their faces.

Jacob was now terrified. Looking to Julia, he found her nearly comatose, her eyes staring at the ceiling while her hips bucked for stimulation. Her mouth was still open, tongue hanging out and flicking against the air. Worst of all, Jacob could see a brown stain on the end of her nose, giving her a non-stop supply of stink.

Grunting and moaning, Cody stepped over them and readied to fire his load. Leaning down, he used an open palm and began slapping them both. Jacob whimpered as he was hit, but Julia’s pussy only clenched harder around his fingers.

“Tell Julia you love her,” he commanded.

“I-I love you, Julia,” he squeaked.

“Now say: please don’t kill me, Adrian.”

Jacob felt like he might piss himself at any moment, horrified by what the stranger wanted him to do. Getting another slap, Cody repeated his command, this time louder and angrier.

“Say it, Jacob!”

“Please don’t kill me! Please! Please!”

Cody closed his eyes and roared as his orgasm arrived, erupting across Jacob and Julia’s faces. Jay had also shut his eyes, now visibly shaking as cum sprayed across his girlfriend’s blank expression as well as her tits and stomach. Jacob had received nearly as much, the strings of white slime drooling down his chest and lips.

Hugging Julia tightly, he couldn’t understand how the night ended up this way. He just wanted to spend time with his girlfriend and enjoy the weekend, and now he was being cucked by a mad man, someone who had refused to let him leave and practically kidnapped him.

As Cody stepped back, he adjusted his mask to make sure it didn’t fall. When he did this, the sense of dread returned to Jacob in a massive, earth shattering wave. Now he understood why Adrian wore the mask. Like he had seen before in the movies, a killer always hid their face, it made sure no one could identify them.

As Cody looked down at the sperm he had released, he began laughing at Jacob’s terrified, ‘I-shit-my-pants’ expression. It made him feel good, great, better than he had ever felt since that night at the prom.

Then, as he admired his work, Carlos crossed the room and stood beside him.

“Ready to finish it?” he asked.

Jacob squeezed Julia tighter, no longer fingering her, he began to shake her, hoping to bring her back from the pleasure coma that Adrian had put her in.

Cody sighed, a content smile on his face. “I can’t believe how quickly I blew my load. I had so much more planned for tonight.”

Carlos only looked half amused.

Jacob could feel the tension. There was a choice about to be made, a coin flip, and he wasn’t even sure what the stakes were. Looking into Cody’s eyes, he said the only thing he could think.

“Please don’t kill me,” he whispered.

Carlos and Cody broke into laughter, as if Jacob had completely misread the situation. But as their laughter faded, the two men looked at each other, still unsure.

Finally, Cody spoke.

“This was so much fun,” he told Carlos, “and there’s still so much I can do.”



“So what’s the plan?”

Cody rubbed his chin, the skull mask still staring at Jacob.

“Get rid of him. Julia stays with me.”

Jacob’s heart stopped. “No! No please!” he cried, struggling to do something, anything, but with Julia still too drunk and in a world of pleasure she was limp against his shaking.

Pulling them apart, Carlos shoved Jacob toward the door as Cody lifted Julia and carried her to the bed. Looking back, he got one last glimpse of Adrian as he waved and the door slammed shut.

With her mind broken from the overwhelming stench, she could feel Adrian’s fingers begin to invade, sending her waves of radiating pleasure. The sounds of the world were muffled, but somewhere in the distance, behind walls, she could hear Jacob’s voice crying out, screaming her name at the top of his lungs.

Things were hazy, but as Jacob’s voice began pulling her back, she felt Adrian sit on her face, shutting out his screams and making her forget everything else.


Sunday dawned in a multitude of colors, rising over the horizon as they sparkled through the window. Julia lay motionless, her eyes opening slowly while she began to blink, her brain booting up like an old computer that was filled with dust. The purples, reds, and yellows danced across the wall as wind pushed through the trees, causing a kaleidoscope of colors that assaulted her vision.

Slowly she began to move, closing her eyes and twisting away from the light as her arms struggled to lift. Nothing in her mind had come online yet, and so she was merely acting out of instinct. Pulling her body into a ball, consciousness was finally restored as she began to question where she was.

The room wasn’t home, of that she knew. One memory chained to another, from costumes, to drinking, loud music, Jacob, Adrian, sex. When it clicked, she forced her head up to look around, confirming that she was still in Carlos’ house.

Beyond the noise of birds outside, she could hear a vacuum cleaner running somewhere nearby. The uproar of the party was gone, along with the racket of a dozen people talking at once. Her brain felt as if it were still vibrating from the loud commotion of last night, but as she sat up, a more pressing matter came to mind: Jacob wasn’t with her.

Crawling and twisting to sit up, Julia struggled at the bed’s edge, swooning back and forth as she gradually regained her balance. Now a headache had set in, as did multiple pains across her entire body. Nearly every muscle felt sore, and the more she moved the worse they felt.

Giving herself time, she waited until confident enough to stand, and then slowly made her way across the room. Each step was a challenge, but the more she awoke the easier it became, until finally leaving the room. Entering the hallway, the noise of the vacuum increased the closer she came to it, until peeking into the living room to find Carlos repairing last night’s damages.

Her presence went unnoticed with his back turned, but Julia could see just how wild the party had gotten. Used condoms, smashed red cups, a broken lamp, and stains that included beer and vomit. It looked as if a tornado had ripped the room apart, but so far he had managed to straighten most of it.

Suddenly Carlos turned, and before she could hide he spotted her leaning out from the hall. Laughing, he shut off the noise maker and removed the rubber gloves he was wearing. “Good morning, Princesa,” he said, beginning to walk over.

Julia’s first attempt to speak ended in failure. Her throat ached as much as her body, and so all she managed was a cracking whisper. Carlos noticed right away, turning into the kitchen before returning with a cup of water and aspirin.

“Sleep well?”

Gulping the water and pills, she took a moment before leaning against the cold wall and rubbing her head. “Where’s Jacob?” she asked, ignoring Carlos’ question.

Pushing air from his nose in a laugh, he grinned and rolled his eyes. “Jeez, you’re stuck to him like glue aren’t you?”

“That didn’t answer my question,” Julia grumbled, her pain slowly edging into anger.

“Just relax, I’m sure he’s home by now.”

“Where’s my phone?”

Turning away, Carlos casually returned to the kitchen, beckoning Julia to follow. “Come on, I’ll make you some breakfast.”

Swallowing the last bit of water, Julia dropped the cup on the carpet before following him. The anxiety of being separated from Jacob was already starting to rear it’s head, and although Julia knew better than to give into fear, there was little she could do to fight it.

“Do you like eggs? I can do scrambled eggs and toast … bueno para una resaca, eh, princesa?”

“Cut the spanish shit, Carlos, you didn’t migrate from Spain, you were born in America.”

Frowning, he watched her naked body plop into a kitchen chair before rubbing her temples. Slightly offended, Carlos stayed quiet as he cooked, cracking three eggs into a cup before mixing and pouring them into a hot pan.

The noise of food cooking brought a calm, as did the smell. With bread going into a toaster, Carlos continue to stir and move the eggs, stopping them from burning while allowing them to cook and thicken. After several minutes, he finally removed the pan, scooping the eggs onto a plate before adding the toast.

Setting it in front of Julia, he returned to the fridge before getting jelly and orange juice, scooping out a dollop of strawberry jam and pouring her a glass. Finally he pulled out the chair opposite to hers and sat at the table, watching as she began to scarf the food down.

“You and Adrian went at it all night,” he confessed, making her briefly pause between bites, “It’s no wonder you’re so hungry, I can’t imagine how many calories you two burned.”

“Where’s my phone?” Julia asked again, her mouth stuffed with food.

“How should I know?”

“Well … can I use your phone? I want to call Jacob.”

Again Carlos rolled his eyes. “Stop worrying about him so much, he looked fine when I stuffed him in the trunk of your car.”

Looking up from her plate, Julia’s face went from surprise to aggravation. “That’s not funny,” she grumbled, still chewing the last bite of toast.

“Well it was kind of funny,” he smiled, leaning back in his chair, “Jacob was yelling your name all the way to the car crusher… you know, before I had it turned into a little cube. He stopped yelling then.”

Wiping her mouth off with a napkin, Julia stood and made her way around the table, aware that she was still nude. “You wanna make another joke about hurting my boyfriend?” she threatened.

Carlos thought, before finally answering, “I don’t think it hurt him very much, I mean the crusher works pretty quick-”

Throwing a sloppy punch, Carlos caught her wrist and laughed. “Okay, okay! I’ll stop,” he cackled, “you’re too serious about him, jeez. He drove home this morning after sleeping on the couch, damn.”

“What about my phone?”

“If I get it will you be nice?”

Sighing, Julia nodded, being let go as Carlos left to fetch it. When he returned, he handed it over and smiled, leering at her nudity. It should have been odd, being nude with someone other than her boyfriend, but after so much had happened, it now felt somewhat normal.

“It was charging,” he said, watching her tap the phone’s surface.

Looking through her messages, she found nothing new from Jacob, no calls or texts. Bringing up his number, she let the phone dial before pressing it against her ear. Waiting, she looked over at Carlos who had started rubbing himself through his pants, getting a thick outline to form. Frowning, she dismissed him and took several steps away, still waiting for Jacob to answer.

When he didn’t, she quickly hung up and called again, tapping her foot and beginning to worry. Carlos had now crept closer, staying quiet and watching. Finally the line clicked, and Jacob’s voice came through the speaker.

“Julia?” was the first thing he said, sounding worried.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Julia turned and walked back into the living room, sitting in the cleanest spot she could find on the couch. “Hey, honey, I just woke up. How are you?”

“I’m fine, but what about you? Are you alone?”

Carlos had followed her to the couch, now removing his pants before sitting hip to hip with her, his cock swollen and standing through the fly in his boxers.

“I have a headache, but I’m okay … and Carlos is with me,” she answered, shooting him a disapproving glance as he masturbated beside her.

Jacob sighed into the phone, clearly relieved. At the same time, Carlos had reached for Julia’s free hand, pulling it onto his dick where her finger’s naturally wrapped around it. Giving him a disgusted look, he returned a smile when her hand began moving on it’s own, stroking him slowly but firmly.

“I was so worried about you,” Jacob said, giving a soft laugh.

“Aww,” Carlos whispered, overhearing him, “was your poor little boyfriend worried? Come on, jerk it faster.”

“Ugh, shut up,” Julia scoffed at Carlos.

“Wh-What? What did I say?” Jacob asked timidly, thinking her words were meant for him.

When Julia noticed her mistake, she quickly apologized, telling Jacob that Carlos was being stupid. However, after learning of her boyfriend’s safety, the relief began mixing with the deviousness of what Carlos wanted. Knowing Jacob was okay gave her peace of mind, freeing her from the anxiety she felt earlier. Now with his cock in hand, a smile crept onto her lips.

“Carlos is always being stupid,” Jacob laughed, unaware that Julia had just put him on speaker phone.

“Yeah, you’re right,” she replied, shuffling away so she had room to lay down, resting her head on his thighs while now stroking his cock in her face, “but at least he has a big dick to make up for it.”

Jacob returned a nervous laugh, “Uh, well anyway, when do you think you’ll be coming home, baby?”

“Soon,” she answered, playfully slapping his dick against her lips, “Carlos made me some breakfast not long ago, scramble eggs and toast.”

“Oh, well that’s good.”

“It was okay, but now he wants me to take care of a big sausage.”

Jacob’s tone changed as soon as he heard them both laugh, and after a moment of silence, Julia could tell he was smiling just from his voice.

“A big sausage, huh? This early in the morning?”

Loudly kissing the leaking tip, Julia giggled, “I know right? But don’t worry, as soon as I’m finished I’ll be coming straight home, okay?”

“Alright,” Jacob chuckled, “well enjoy your sausage, honey … and Carlos? Please don’t forget the key to uhm … my cage.”

“No worries, puta,” he answered, no longer hiding what they were doing, “as soon as she makes me cum I’ll go get it.”

“Okay then, have fun you two.”

Shocked by how good Jacob was doing as a cuckold, Julia tried to say that she loved him, but Carlos’ cock continued bumping into her lips, until finally he reached for the phone and ended the call, hanging up on her boyfriend without so much as a goodbye.

“I can’t believe how well he handled that,” Julia confessed, pulling away from Carlos’ dick, “I thought he’d be more upset.”

“I had a long talk with him last night while you were getting pounded. Adrian had a talk with him too, sometime after you passed out. He’s a quick learner when it comes to being a cuck, then again, Adrian is really good at making losers like Jacob learn their place.”

When Carlos tried to push her mouth back onto his dick, she resisted. “Adrian didn’t … hurt Jacob did he?”

“Ask Jacob, puta … now keep sucking … do it like your boyfriend did.”

“ … What?!”


Sitting at home alone, Jacob continued to fiddle with his chastity cage. An hour had passed since the talk with Julia, and although he hoped she would be back soon, he expected that Carlos would likely get more than a blowjob. The idea made his dick desperate to harden, but the cage prevented it, driving him crazy.

Standing from the couch, he decided to take matters into his own hands, and after walking to the bedroom he dug into the closet, finding a toolbox he never had need for. Bringing it back to the couch and coffee table, Jacob started to experiment with different tools, seeing if it was possible to pry, bend or break the cage.

Unfortunately everything resulted in failure, with the screwdriver slipping and scraping off plastic, the miniature saw being far too dangerous, and everything else being simply useless. Frustrated, he tossed everything back into the box and slammed the lid, feeling the urge to punch himself in the dick, but knowing it wouldn’t help.

Checking the time, he knew the local tool-store wouldn’t open for several hours since it was Sunday, and with nothing else to do, he chose to fuck around online. Grabbing his laptop, he began surfing facebook, checking in with everyone he knew.

John hadn’t updated his profile in over a week, likely too busy getting laid. Jennifer’s was updated almost daily, but it was nothing Jacob found interesting. Cody’s friend request still continued to appear, but like always Jacob simply ignored it, never again wanting to see the psycho, or even worse, have him discover that Julia was cuckolding him.

Then, while browsing through his recommended friends list, Jacob came across a name he hadn’t heard since high-school. Milton Willerby, one of the only friends Jacob had in high-school, and a class A super nerd. Sometime before Cody’s last assault, Milton and his family moved away, and although Jacob had kept his phone number, eventually they lost touch.

It had been a couple years since the last time Jacob had talked to him, and so with the power of facebook, he began messaging Milton, and much like he expected, the response was almost instant.

“Holy crap, man! I haven’t heard from you in ages!” Jacob laughed over the phone, shortly after getting his phone number.

“I know! It been at least twelve parsecs,” Milton said enthusiastically.

“Oh don’t pull that crap, I know what a parsec is, I haven’t forgotten ever since you bitched me out about it.”

“Hehe, well how have you been? Are you still with Julia?”

“I sure am, man, in fact we’re engaged! It’s been … crazy.” Jacob was hesitant to confess his current lifestyle, and so he omitted it. “What about you? You ever find any hot space chicks to hookup with?”

Milton chuckled, “No not yet … still got my V-Card … but I guess you and Julia don’t have that problem huh?”

Suddenly, in a flash of what Jacob thought was brilliance, he lied. “Actually we were uh … gonna wait until we were married. So we’re still virgins too.”

“Oh wow, I didn’t expect that … well cool, you’ll have to invite me to the wedding!”

“Of course, man … in fact, shit, where are you living now? I would love to hang out again sometime!”

After trading information on where they both lived, Jacob learned that Milton was still staying with his parents, but wasn’t more than an hour drive away. Overjoyed, the two friends began talks on when they could hang out together, and since Jacob had his own place, it was decided that his apartment would be perfect.

“Julia will be so happy to see you, man.” Jacob boasted, grinning behind the phone.

“Yeah,” Milton said a bit nervously, “It’s gonna be great to see you two again. We have so much to catch up on.”

“So next weekend is good right? I’ll be off Saturday and Sunday, hell you can sleep over if you want, bring some video games, soda- whatever, man, I wanna hang out like we use to.”

“That works for me, sure.”

Suddenly a glint of light caught Jacob’s eye, and Carlos’ car pulled to a stop outside the apartment. “Oh shit, Julia just got home, I need to let you go, man.”

“Sure, tell her I said hi.”

“Roger wilco … I’ll call you later.”

With two car doors slamming, Jacob hung up the phone, knowing that Carlos would be coming in with her. Grabbing the tool box, he attempted to poorly cram it under the couch, and when that didn’t work he shuffled into the kitchen, skidding it behind the trashcan before running back to the living room.

When the front door opened, Jacob was thrilled to see his girlfriend again, although it was clear she had been through the ringer. With her make-up a mess, and what looked like fresh globs of cum in her hair, she smiled and opened her arms, happily hugging her boyfriend before giving him a familiar salty kiss.

“It’s so good to have you home, baby,” he admitted, ignoring the taste in his mouth.

“It’s good to be home,” she laughed, sounding tired.

Helping her over to the couch, she flopped down and exhaled in relief. Carlos stood in the doorway smiling, holding a small key between his fingers and wagging it around. Jacob was thankful to have it, and made sure to thank Carlos again for watching after Julia.

“No problem, cuck,” he grinned, “I hope you don’t mind, but I couldn’t bring her back until I fucked her a couple times … Adrian doesn’t like to share, so I had my turn this morning right after she called you.”

Jacob felt as if his cock might break the cage right then and there, but when it didn’t, he told Carlos that he didn’t mind, and that he was welcome to come over anytime he wanted, much to Julia’s surprise. After giving Jacob a pat on the shoulder, Carlos left, and the front door was closed again.

“Okay,” she said in annoyance, sitting up and watching him walk around the couch before joining her, “what the hell happened last night? You’re acting different.”

Jacob only now noticed that his girlfriend was wearing normal clothes again, and that her french maid costume was nowhere to be seen – likely ripped off by Adrian. “Well, a lot happened last night,” he said grinning.

For nearly an hour the two talked, going over everything they could remember of last night. Julia confessed that she couldn’t remember much, likely from having too many drinks, but what she did remember was enough to make Jacob electrifyingly horny. She could only giggle and smile while giving details about her sex with Carlos that morning, watching her boyfriend fidget as she explained how Carlos had made her suck his cock on the ride home, and that he got her to swallow his cum only minutes before Jacob kissed her.

When it was Jacob’s turn for story telling, Julia didn’t expect to be as turned on as she was. Hearing how Jacob felt as he watched her cheat on him, being humiliated by other men, getting pissed on by two strangers and passing out by the toilet, Julia hung onto every word, and even began rubbing herself. She was shocked to learn about him and Carlos in the shower, but found it amusing that had happened at all.

Then Jacob brought up Adrian, and the intense moments in the bedroom that Julia couldn’t remember. Omitting the part where she had her nose stuffed into his ass, Jacob explained how frightening it was to be yelled at, and how Adrian had forced him to beg not to be killed. Stunned by what he was telling her, Julia listened as he went over the details, rubbing herself even faster when Jacob made it clear how much Adrian terrified him.

Finally he neared the end of his story, and how Carlos and he stayed up cleaning while listening to Julia have sex. He explained the speech he was given, about being a cuckold, and how her happiness should be his happiness.

Carlos had also explained that Adrian was a bull-for-hire, and normally got paid to cuckold couples like them. Apparently Adrian was highly rated in his methods, and although he might be a little crazy and intense, the women were always left very satisfied.

“Wow,” was all she could say when he finished.

“So were you satisfied by him?” Jacob laughed, staring as she continued rubbing her crotch.

“I don’t know,” she answered, sounding annoyed, “I just can’t remember.”

“Well, maybe we should invite Adrian over again? This time without drinking.”

Julia raised her eyebrows, shaking her head no. “I don’t think so, not until I heal up.”

“Heal up?”

Grabbing the bottom of her shirt, Julia peeled it over her head and went topless, leaving Jacob to gawk in complete shock. “I don’t remember what happened, but it was rough.”

Staring at his girlfriend’s stomach and chest, he could hardly take in the damage. With very red teeth marks covering both breasts, her stomach was a patchwork of fist sized bruises, along with scrapes and scratches. Julia’s nipples quickly hardened from the cooler air, and Jacob was speechless.

“There’s more below,” she told him, patting her thighs, “my legs and butt look like this too.”

Jacob wasn’t sure if he should fly into a rage, or free his dick and start masturbating. Instead he chose a middle ground. “Julia are you okay? Do we need to call the police or something?”

Taking a breath, she rubbed her chest and stomach. “I’m okay,” she admitted, “I talked to Carlos about it, and he said all the women Adrian are with get this treatment.”

“That doesn’t make it better,” he said defensively.

“I know, but I’m fine, really.”

Just glad to be home, the two agreed to take a short break from sex, although Jacob made no promises on masturbation. He also brought up his friend Milton, how he found him online and was planning on having him come over.

Julia was happy to hear it, and agreed that Jacob should have more friends beyond hers. Now with the weekend almost over, and tomorrow starting another week of work, the two spent their time together relaxing, showering together, kissing and being tender, before enjoying a late dinner and finally falling asleep.

Life had no guide, of that Jacob knew very well. The following week however brought no surprises, and he was thankful for it. Work was boring, but his boss made sure to lighten things up with dirty talk over Julia, asking when he could see her again, disappointed when he learned they were going easy on the cuckolding.

Julia had it the hardest, her body slow to recover from the bruises, leaving her sore all over as she worked. Jacob suggested calling out sick, but she pushed through it anyway, determined to show him how strong she was.

Now with Jacob’s dick finally free, he had become something of a maniac of masturbation. At work, at home, Jacob’s sexual energy had gone through the roof, all a result of being caged for a day, and from the constant thoughts of what Adrian had done to his girlfriend. Being horny all the time had it’s problems, but as the weekend drew to a close once more, his mind was reeling with ideas, and he felt it was finally time to tell Julia about the plan he was cooking up.


It was friday night, and Julia was sitting with Jacob in their backyard. The stars were out, but due to the streetlamps they couldn’t be seen. The traffic had quieted some, but it was nothing like where Carlos lived. Regardless, the two chose to eat dinner outside, and so they did. It was a nice change of pace, and while sitting at the picnic table, Jacob cleared his throat and announced a fun scheme they could enjoy.

“ … With Milton? Are you serious?”

Jacob explained that his plan was to have Milton come stay a couple days, and during his stay they could have some fun with him, some X-Rated fun.

“Why not? You don’t like him?”

Julia had already concocted her own ideas of what they could do, but teasing her boyfriend was fun, so she lead him on a little. “Jacob, when I started cheating on you, the idea was to find someone with a bigger dick, someone in better shape, hotter, sexier, more handsome and better than a loser like you.”


“I’m suppose to go up in quality, not down. Milton is a bigger nerd than you are.”

“He’s also a virgin.”

“You would be too if it wasn’t for me,” she grinned.

“Just hear me out: Milton thinks we’re both virgins-”

“Wait- Why would he think that?”

Looking away, Jacob played bashful. “Well uh, I might have, uhm, told him we were.”

Julia fought her smile, loving how much Jacob made her laugh, but knowing she couldn’t praise him too much, otherwise his head might swell up from the inflation of ego. Sighing, she rolled her eyes and waved a hand at him. “Go on then, continue.”

“Well here’s what I was thinking … how much fun would it be, if you started flirting with Milton behind my back? I mean, I was thinking that you could really get him going.”

Julia loved the idea, although she wasn’t ready to admit it. “So just flirting, or could I do more?”

“Oh much more, it would be so hot if you two fooled around behind my back.”

“What makes you think he’ll go for it? He’s your friend, right? Wont he feel guilty?”

Jacob grinned. “Milton spends more time online than I do, so believe me when I say he’s a pervert. Also, since he’s a virgin, if you start showing interest I bet you could get him to do anything.”

The more Julia thought about it, the more she enjoyed the idea of corrupting Jacob’s innocent friend. For once she would be in complete control, of Milton, of Jacob, and having full reign over their friendship. The prospect of that kind of power felt exciting, even arousing.

“Okay,” she said, watching Jacob’s face light up, “should we set some ground rules? Or are you okay with us doing everything?” Julia could see the answer in Jacob’s face, but she wanted to hear him say it anyway.

“Everything, no rules. Just don’t let him know I’m a cuckold obviously, we want him to think he’s in control.”

With her left hand already below the picnic table, it was easy to slip a hand under her dress, rubbing the soft wet cotton against her pussy, making herself shiver as Jacob grinned, knowing what she was doing. “Okay, sweetie,” she smiled back at him, “let’s see how fast I can turn him against you.”

Julia awoke Saturday morning to the chatter of Jacob on the phone. Sitting up for her was still a challenge thanks to the bruises. She still couldn’t remember how she’d got them, but she expected that Adrian had used her like a punching bag.

What kind of sicko gets off punching people? she questioned, climbing out of bed and walking to the bathroom. Skipping the shower last night meant getting one now, so instead of the toilet she went straight for the shower, adjusting the water until it was warm enough and then jumping in. Taking her time, Julia did a sloppy job of cleaning herself, choosing to pee standing up, and feeling the hot urine stream down her thighs.

After nearly twenty minutes she was finished, drying herself off and getting dressed, even wondering what Milton might like to see her in. Teasing and cheating on Jacob had become her favorite new pastime, and although she worried it might be hurting him, so far he had worked through everything.

Without question, it always left her with conflicting feelings. Part of her felt terrible about it, looking him in the eyes always being the most intense. It was like she could see into his soul, and with each thrust of another man’s cock Jacob’s soul got chipped more and more away. It felt wrong, but at the same time it was like a drug. The pain in his eyes made it wicked, cruel, and the sex was so much better because of it.

“Honey, I’m going to pick up Milton!”

Stepping out of the bedroom, Julia caught him with car keys in hand. “Already?”

“Don’t worry, It’s gonna take a couple hours to drive to him, see his parents, get his stuff and come back. I’ll text you when I’m almost home.”

“Well … okay then, drive safe.”

Just as Jacob predicted, it was nearly two hours before she received a text, and then it was only another fifteen minutes before they pulled up in the driveway. It had been almost two years since last seeing Milton, but when he walked through the door it was like nothing had changed.

Still taller than Jacob, Milton was just as skinny as she remembered. Looking pale from lack of sunlight, Milton awkwardly said hello to her as he and Jacob entered the house. When Julia remembered that she was suppose to seduce him, she had trouble not laughing.

“Hey, Julia,” he said, fumbling between a hug and a handshake, which she quickly fixed by pulling him into a hug.

“Hey, string-bean,” she grinned, “you haven’t changed at all.”

She caught Jacob with a shit-eating grin, but he quickly turned away, going to unpack more of Milton’s games from the car. “How’ve you been?” she asked, giving him a smile that was normally reserved for Jacob.

“I-I’ve been good, about the same, ya’know?”

It took some time before Milton got over his jitters, after explaining that he didn’t get out much. Since there was no rush on anything sexual happening, Julia left the boys alone to set up Milton’s video game station, watching them from afar while they caught up, talking and nerding out over movies and games.

It left Julia feeling good to see Jacob with a friend, to see that he had someone to connect with on a best-friend level. Then she thought about destroying that friendship, and a shiver crawled up her spine. The plan Jacob had was just to get Milton laid, to let him fool around with her and boost his confidence, but what if things didn’t go as planned? What if Milton didn’t handle it the way they thought? What if he attacked Jacob, or hurt him while trying to impress her?

Such a thing would be terrible, yet Julia’s hand slipped into her panties anyway. Standing behind the couch, neither of the boys could see that she was rubbing herself, and although she knew it was bad to enjoy such thoughts, they simply couldn’t be ignored. Somehow, Julia had changed.

It wasn’t until lunchtime that Jacob started winking at her, letting her know that he was ready to have something happen. Calling them to lunch, the two joined her in the kitchen as she made sandwiches. Exchanging small talk, Julia had the idea to send him away, and so she faked like she needed something from the store, asking if Jacob wouldn’t mind going to get it.

“Oh, uh, sure … I’ll be right back, man,” said Jacob.

“Should I come with?” Milton asked, looking afraid to be left alone with Julia.

“Actually,” she interrupted, “I was hoping you could show me that game you two were playing.”

“Oh, uhm, sure.”

With a grin, Jacob waved to them before leaving, and once he was gone Milton and Julia moved back to the couch, sitting together as he explained the video game they were playing earlier. Obviously not interested, Julia found it awkward to flirt with him, unsure when to try. Instead, she went a different direction, and came straight out with it.

“Milton I lied,” she said, shutting up his nonsense, “I’m not really interested in the game.”

“Oh,” he answered, looking awkward and rejected.

Julia couldn’t stop from smiling as she continued. “I interested in you, Milton.”

When he looked up, she thought he might lay an egg. “Wh-what?”

“I’ve been interested in you ever since you and Jacob were friends … and now that we’re alone … well-”

As she expected, Milton was quick to freak out, looking out the window for Jacob’s car before stuttering and making excuses. “J-Julia I-I don’t think … I-I mean you and Jacob are together, y-you can’t mean-”

“Jacob’s a loser, Milton,” the words rolled off her tongue easier than she thought they would, “I want to cheat on him … with you.”

Once more Milton panicked, likely wondering if Julia was just messing with him. To settle his fear and prove she was serious, all it took was unbuttoning her shirt and bra, and as Milton turned red, her heavy breast sprang free, bouncing right beside him.

“Please, Milton,” she purred, actually turned on by the act of seducing Jacob’s friend, “play with them, suck on them, I want to cheat on him so badly.”

Although she might have been over acting, Milton didn’t seem to notice. However, much like they thought, Milton wasn’t quick to betray his friend, and the conflict on his face was clear. To tempt him more, Julia began playing with herself, squeezing and squishing them, moaning as he watched, hypnotized by her movements.

“H-He’s my friend,” Milton whimpered, placing his hands over his lap to hide his erection.

“But he’ll never find out,” Julia promised, “  … and it’ll feel so good.”

“Fuck,” he whined, his hand shaking as it slowly lifted and hovered closer, “you swear he won’t find out?”

“I swear, baby. Jacob is so trusting and stupid, we can cheat right behind his back and he’ll never know.”

“B-But I thought you two were in love?”

Horny, and already tired of his passiveness, Julia quickly stood before turning around and climbing onto his lap, forcing her tits straight into his face. “Just shut up, Milton,” she moaned, squeezing her breast together as both nipples found their way inside his mouth.

For several minutes the two enjoyed the foreplay, which he was surprisingly good at. Resting his hands on the thickness of her ass, his mouth devoured her nipples, nibbling at sucking at them while she humped his lap, hoping to make him cum from the friction.

After a few more minutes, Jacob’s car finally pulled back into the driveway, leaving Milton freaking out once more. Stuffing her breast back into her bra and buttoning her shirt, she held Milton by the hair before kissing him, something he didn’t expect, and something that shut him up.

“We’re going to have so much fun,” she whispered, pulling away just as the front door opened and Jacob walked in.

“Made it back,” he laughed, “you two have fun?”

Milton looked more pale than usual, but Julia took the attention off him by telling Jacob that video games were dumb and for nerds. To which he defended them, saying that girls didn’t like games because girls had cooties. Everyone shared a laugh, but the wink to Jacob was enough to make him smile, and so it continued.

Throughout the day, as the three of them moved around the house, opportunities began to arise, and Julia made sure to use each and every one of them. The first was shortly after Jacob returned home, and promptly went to the bathroom.

As soon as he shut the door, Julia made her move and rushed to Milton who was still sitting on the couch. “Is it still hard?” she asked, sounding flustered, dropping to her knees between his legs.

Understandably he closed his thighs, terrified that Jacob would return any second. Julia’s desire over-powered him however, and her hands pushed them back open, rubbing up and down his legs before noticing the bulge in his pants. Milton was trembling, but Julia couldn’t help herself, reaching for the bulge and stroking it’s length over and over again, becoming speechless as it continued to grow.

“Oh fuck, Milton,” she moaned, using her hand and forearm to measure it’s length, surprised when it seemed just as long as Carlos and John’s.

Noise of the bathroom door opening spoiled their fun, and she quickly stood and ran back to the kitchen before Jacob returned. Now genuinely excited to see what Milton was packing, Julia began thinking up ways to get rid of her boyfriend, needing something that would give her more time. It hadn’t taken much, but already Jacob’s friend seemed fine with betraying him, at least so far.

Now that they were together again, Julia stood nearby and watched, grinning as Milton awkwardly tried to cover his boner so that Jacob wouldn’t see. Nearly cracking up from the thought, she cleared her throat before shouting: “Hey, loser!” causing them both to look over at the same time, and making her break into a fit of laughter.

Jacob frowned, but was clearly trying to hide his smile. “That’s not funny,” he complained.

Milton said nothing, still awkwardly avoiding eye contact. With her little joke being pulled of successfully, she set to work on crafting a plan to remove Jacob from the room. Still, making him leave again wouldn’t be easy, so instead she thought of something else, a way he could stay in the room, but that they could still fool around.

“Hey, Milton,” she called out, causing them to pause the game and look over again, “have you ever heard of the trust test?”

“Trust test? N-No I haven’t.”

“Oh come on, honey,” Jacob said, feigning annoyance, “not that stupid test again.”

“Don’t be such a wimp,” she grinned, “besides, I’m bored, and all you two have done today is play video games.”

“Ah, fine,” Jacob huffed, leaving the game paused and slowly standing, “so how do you want to do it this time? Do we have a sheet, or did you want to use a towel?”

Milton stood behind him, unsure what was happening, but his erection hadn’t fully softened, so he continued awkwardly hiding it. Julia tried not to stare, but even when she did Jacob paid no mind. “Well,” she coughed, having not actually thought out her plan, “let me go find something.”

“What’s the trust test?” Milton asked as she scurried into the bedroom, hearing Jacob explain the idea to him. Looking for anything she could use, she pulled at different dresser drawers until finding a clean bed sheet, folding it in half before walking back.

“So it’s fake? It’s just for pretend?” Milton said when she came back within earshot.

“That’s right,” Jacob answered, “but the goal is to make it seem as real as possible. Don’t worry if you can’t fool me though, I’m something of a champion when it comes to this game.”

Grabbing the clamps from a few potato chip bags, Julia opened the back door and stepped outside, pulling down a clothesline before bringing it back and searching for where to hang it. The large archway that separated the living room and kitchen was perfect, since both sides had hooks. Tying the rope off to both ends, Julia slung the sheet over before clamping it in place. The height matched what she wanted, being slightly above her waist, and as a bonus the sheet hung low enough to hit the floor, leaving no gap below.

“All done,” she beamed, standing in the kitchen as Milton and Jacob stepped over to examine it.

“Well I guess we’re doing this again,” Jacob chuckled, “I’m telling you, Julia, I’m never gonna lose this stupid game.”

“Yeah we’ll see about that, won’t we Milton?”

“Uh, y-yeah.”

Reaching behind her, Julia grabbed a simple wooden chair from the kitchen table, passing it over the sheet to Jacob as he positioned himself, sitting a few feet away and crossing his legs. With Julia’s help, Milton was let into the kitchen by pushing back the sheet, giving him room to shuffle under.

“So do you understand what we’re doing?” she asked Milton, grinning.

“We’re suppose to to pretend to fool around, but make it look real?”

“That’s right, but maybe Jacob didn’t explain it well enough. We get to do anything we want, Milton, and even say anything we want, and he’ll believe it’s just pretend. We can get kinky, we can have sex, we can even make fun of him and say the meanest stuff right to his face … but he’s not going to believe any of it, because winning the game is that important to him.”

Julia could see the fear in Milton’s eyes mix with excitement. Looking over to Jacob, they both were quiet a moment as he crossed his arms and smiled.

“Listen, Milton,” Jacob laughed, “you go ahead and try anything you want, just like she said, anything. I’ve done this trust test before, and I know Julia loves me, I trust her, so you go all out and try your best- I’m not losing, and I’m not moving from this chair.”

Julia could see that Milton was visibly shaking from being so tense, but she hoped to remedy that soon enough. I’m going to turn Jacob’s friend against him so hard, she thought, bringing an even bigger smile to her face. “Go on,” she told him, “insult Jacob, let’s see what you got.”

Uneasily, Milton looked over at his friend. “Uhm … I played with her boobs when you were gone.”

Jacob and Julia both broke into laughter, leaving Milton even more awkward than before. Jacob adjusted his seat and smiled, leaning forward as Julia attempted to help him. “It’s okay,” she said sweetly, “It’s not fair that you haven’t seen the game played before, so I’ll get us started.”

“Uhm, okay.”

“Milton has a bigger cock than you, Jacob … seriously, I’m not pretending and this isn’t a game – he actually has a bigger cock than yours.”

Once more Milton looked to have a panic attack, but when Jacob laughed it off and Julia winked at him, he slowly started getting himself under control. Julia knew a virgin like him would be nervous in such a situation,  but the real danger would come if he gained too much confidence too quickly.

“Okay,” Julia giggled, “enough slacking off, baby, take off your pants, I need to play with that python.”

Milton nearly choked, looking between them both as Julia dropped to her knees and started unbuttoning his pants. Without fear she loudly yanked down the zipper, opening his fly before grabbing the waistband and giving it several tugs. Finally the pants dropped, and Milton’s semi-hard cock nearly popped her in the face.

Already bigger than Jacob’s, Julia swooned over it’s size, watching Milton’s knees shake as her hands groped at him. “Oh fuck, I can’t believe a skinny string-bean like you has such a big cock,” she moaned, rubbing it across her nose and face. “Jacob, you really are a fucking loser, I swear everyone has a bigger dick than you … it’s no wonder I cheat so much.”

Milton’s eyes became as big as saucers, but when he noticed that Jacob didn’t seem phased, he relaxed even further. Julia had now started kissing at him, making sloppy and loud noises that kept Milton on edge, making him worry that Jacob would become suspicious. The longer it went on however, the less worried he became, and the bolder he grew, much to Julia’s enjoyment.

“Dude,” Milton began moaning, still looking down at Julia, “I can’t believe your girlfriend is actually doing this with me.”

“What’s she doing?” Jacob asked with a grin, enjoying both the arousal, and the happiness of seeing his friend have fun.

“She’s s-sucking my … you know.”

“Oh come on, Milton, we’ve been friends for a long time, you don’t have to watch your language or be shy about it- I know the types of porn you look at, get loud, be mean, give me a challenge at least.”

Julia would have smiled had her mouth not been full of Milton’s pale cock. Sucking and slurping the tip, she made no attempt to be clean about it, allowing her drool and spit to splatter against the floor, leaving a slimy mess that she would later have Jacob clean.

Pulling away from his dick with a noisy pop, Julia inhaled and laughed, looking up at him while rubbing his cock over her lips. “I can’t believe you haven’t cum yet, way to go big boy,” she praised. Standing up, she didn’t bother cleaning the spit from her mouth before pointing over the sheet and toward the bedroom. “Go get us a condom, loser,” she ordered Jacob.

With him quickly going to fetch one, Julia took the moment to unbutton her own pants, pulling them down and kicking them off, panties and all. Milton looked concerned about being caught, but when she pushed him down he stopped caring. Opening her legs, she pushed her hips forward as his face sunk into her pussy, unskillfully trying to eat her out. He obviously wasn’t as good as Jacob, but the mere act of using her own boyfriend’s friend made it far more erotic.

When Jacob returned he noticed that Milton was below the sheet, and so he gave Julia a dorky thumbs up before tossing her the condom. Now back in the chair, she pulled Milton up and returned to her knees, ripping open the package and attempting to roll it over his dick.

“Wow,” was all he could say, before realizing where he was and looking over to Jacob.

“Really? Come on guys, I’ve seen better acting from high school musicals.”

With each new event Milton’s confidence gained a boost, and by now he actually had the spine to speak up. “Oh yeah?” he said, still being clumsy but with a louder voice. “Well what if I … What if I had sex with Julia right here in front of you?”

When Julia stood, she looked over at Jacob just in time to catch a glimmer in his eye.

“You? Fuck Julia? Come on, man, no offense but I don’t think you know where the hole is.”

The jab worked as intended, and Milton’s anger made him more aggressive. “Oh yeah?” he repeated, “Well watch this!”

Julia suppressed a laugh as he quickly reached for her, only to awkwardly and softly grab her shoulders, spinning her around and desperately fumbling with his dick. Reaching behind her, she found his cock in it’s rubber sheath before lining it up to her entrance. It was a familiar moment of bliss for her, and of course she wanted to look Jacob in the eyes before it happened, savoring the small emotions he gave away before Milton rammed his cock inside her.

Despite being a nerd and a virgin, Milton’s length and anger proved a formidable duo, leaving Julia gasping and grunting without the need to fake it. Clearly Milton knew the motions, because as he held her from behind, he continued pumping her as fast as he could, quickly becoming winded and slowing his pace.

The sound of flesh on flesh filled the room, and whenever she could see Jacob he was clearly stroking the outline in his pants. Milton however had forgotten his own name, now focused on mating with Jacob’s girlfriend, and the overwhelming pleasure that it brought.

“I’m fucking your girlfriend right in front of you Jacob,” he suddenly moaned, shocking them both with his volume and choice of words. “What do you have to say now, bitch?”

Jacob was all smiles. “Sounds like the same trash talk you give people online when they beat you.”

“Fuck you, Jacob,” Milton growled, sending a very intense shiver down Julia’s spine.

The worry she had earlier about Milton gaining too much confidence was already starting to happen, and although she worried he might go too far, her brain was currently overloaded with pleasure, and she couldn’t bring herself to try and stop him.

“Whoa, hey-” Jacob chuckled, “it sounds like you’re starting to get the hang of the game now.”

For several more minutes the group shut up, apart from the moans and sloppy noises of sex. Milton focused on fucking Julia from behind, and she focused on trying not to scream. Bracing herself against the archway, Milton’s thrusts had started going deeper and deeper, helping to scramble her brain with pleasure. Then, as he gave a particularly hard thrust, Julia’s hand slipped against the rope that held the sheet up, knocking it loose and causing the entire thing to fall.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out, looking over at Jacob just as he closed his eyes.

“No!” Jacob yelled, “That’s not fair, Julia, I didn’t look! My eyes are closed, I didn’t lose the game, I’m still not looking!”

Milton had froze, but when he saw that Jacob had lowered his head and was keeping his eyes shut, his thrusts slowly started again. Julia complained, trying to make him stop while she attempted to fix the sheet, but all he did was slow down, never taking his cock out.

After a minute of fiddling around she finally had the rope tied and the sheet set back into place, letting Jacob once more open his eyes. As exciting as it was, Julia knew that Jacob had seen a little something, but obviously acted as if he hadn’t.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum I think,” Milton said after another minute of pumping her.

“Pull out before you do, I’m worried you’ll pop the condom,” Julia moaned.

Jacob meanwhile had resumed slyly stroking himself, watching as they continued bumping together behind the divider. Finally Milton gave a much longer moan and backed up a step, leaving Julia to turn around and drop to her knees.

“Go on, baby, stroke it, show me how much you cum,” she encouraged him, pushing him over the edge as he masturbated, finally jetting nearly a dozen shots into the condom, filling up a good portion of the rubber.

“Holy crap,” he chuckled, carefully pulling it off and handing it to Julia.

Oh fuck, this is gonna perfect, Julia thought, licking her lips at the yellowish, chunky white liquid. “Jacob, close your eyes,” she announced, “Milton, watch him and make sure he doesn’t open them.

Doing as they were both told, Julia snuck across the kitchen and gathered a few things. Ripping off a few paper towels, she did her best cleaning the wet nectar from her own pussy before carefully cleaning off Milton’s cock. Next was grabbing a tall shot glass before opening the refrigerator and removing a carton of eggs. Cracking one, she let the yolk and slime disappear down the sink before purposely setting the shells out to be seen. Milton was starting to understand what she was doing, and a devilish smile crossed his face.

Placing the tall shot glass onto the kitchen table, Julia turned the condom upside down and poured Milton’s thick load into it, licking her fingers and smiling before they both shuffled to get dressed again. Finally, after getting cleaned and dressed,  they removed the sheet and stepped over to Jacob who still sat with his eyes closed.

“Okay, loser,” Julia giggled, “final test.”

Having never done this before, Jacob wasn’t sure what to expect. But when she handed him the glass Milton laughed, and Jacob’s smile finally left his face.

“Go on,” Milton said, no longer sounding timid or afraid, “swallow my load, dude.”

Hesitating, Jacob brought the glass up to his lips, his nostrils opening as he sniffed the potent odor and twitched. After nearly ten seconds of not moving, Julia reached out for his mouth, prying it open with her fingers before tilting the glass up, watching Milton’s cum splash over Jacob’s tongue before disappearing down this throat.

“Holy fuck that’s amazing,” Jacob’s friend laughed.

“Yeah,” Jacob coughed, opening his eyes, “maybe for you.”

“Oh relax, drama queen” Julia teased him, “it was just a raw egg I got from the fridge … you win again.”


“So did you have fun at your little costume party?”

Cody, was standing in the shower, his hands on his hips while Maxine continued washing him, currently working on his legs. “I had a blast. Fucking Julia is something I’ve wanted to do for years, and damn did it feel good.”

The big breasted blonde didn’t look very happy at the comment, but she continued anyway. “Well I’m glad … so that means you’re done with them right?”

Grinning down at her, Cody reached for his cock before wagging it above her face, watching her eyes follow it like a hypnotist’s watch. “Not a chance, that was too incredible for a single session.”

“But you told me it would only be once,” she complained, frowning as the water continued raining from above.

“Sorry, babe, I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much. Julia rejected me the entire time I was in school, and she always rubbed it in my face that she loved Jacob. Last week was my first taste of real revenge … and I need more.”

“Well what about your clients? I had three more women call today, asking if you would come see them.” Maxine had now worked up his thighs, and she couldn’t resist nuzzling her face against his cock.

“That’s fine, I can still do them … the money isn’t bad, and Julia isn’t going anywhere.”

When Cody’s cock twitched and began to harden, Maxine giggled and worked the tip into her mouth, suckling the head right before a stream of piss gushed from it, flooding her mouth and causing her to cough and retch, falling back as Cody burst into laughter.

“Whoops,” he said, clearly not sorry, “it’s all this running water, baby.”

Leaning back onto one hand, Maxine cleared her throat, looking up as the yellow stream continued to flow, splashing and running over her chest. “It’s okay,” she cooed, “I’ve let you get away with much worse before.”

Smiling, Cody pushed his cock down so the stream flowed between her thighs. “Speaking of which, maybe we should pay your son a visit. There’s no telling how long he’ll live after the hospital takes him off the machines.”

“Not very long,” she admitted, opening her mouth before Cody’s stream began filling it up again.


By the time dinner rolled around, everyone had relaxed. Jacob and his friend had continued their games, and Julia began cooking, preparing them all spaghetti and garlic bread. With Milton coming out of his shell, he was now far more vocal, even making jabs at Jacob about how good it felt to fuck his girlfriend. Julia explained that often, after other men had played the trust test with her, they too enjoyed heckling Jacob, still trying to upset him after the game was over. To their shame however, no amount of insults or heckling ever upset him.

“I just don’t lose, man,” Jacob beamed, “It’s like I said: I trust julia and I know she would never really do it.”

Milton looked at her in the kitchen, and she smiled before winking back at him. Boys are so easy to control, she thought to herself, still excited and hoping to find more chances to cheat. “Dinner’s almost ready you two.”

A few hours after dinner, and after Jacob and Milton had grown tired of playing their game, Julia had the idea of watching a movie together. Giving a wink to her boyfriend, he knew what it meant, and they agreed to pile onto the couch. Picking a movie didn’t matter, but as the boys sat and waited on her, Julia went back to the hallway closet, withdrawing the same towel that had once been used with Carlos.

Jacob saw it before Milton, and already had his speech prepared. “Really? Again? I thought we were going to watch the movie.”

“We are,” she whined, sitting beside Milton and leaving him in the middle of the couch, “I just thought he might enjoy a little more fun.”

Jacob did a good job of acting annoyed, but Julia new better. “Jeez, see, man? She does this kind of stuff all the time when guys come over. She keeps thinking I don’t trust her.”

“All the time?” he asked, looking surprised.

Julia just smiled and draped the long towel over Milton’s lap. Maybe if I keep pushing him they’ll get into a fight, she thought, quickly shaking away the idea. Jacob was her husband-to-be, and she shouldn’t be fantasizing about watching him get beat up, let alone being turned on by it.

“So what’s the towel for?” Milton asked, although it was fairly obvious.

“Oh, I’m just going to give you a nice slow handjob, and maybe a blowjob, right beside Jacob,” she said with a grin.

“Fucking sweet,” Milton laughed, “I’m so glad I came over.”

Jacob rolled his eyes, starting the movie as Milton held up the towel, blocking his view and creating a cloth wall between them. While he did this, his pants were loudly unzipped again, and Julia’s hand fished inside before pulling out his soft, but quickly growing cock.

“Come on, guys,” Jacob complained, starting to sound more serious than she expected, “I just want to watch the movie.”

The desire Julia had to make Jacob happy temporarily vanished, now replaced with the urge to see how far she could push it. “It’s just a blowjob, honey,” she grinned, looking over the towel and smiling.

“Yeah, man,” Milton chimed in, starting to sound overly confident, “I’ll try not to get my cum everywhere, I’m sure she’ll swallow it … I mean unless you want it again.”

Julia couldn’t help but laugh, while Jacob was actually having trouble maintaining his composure. Regardless of what might happen, if he pulled the towel away, if Milton showed him, or if they continued in secret, eventually Milton would learn he was the one being played, and she hoped Jacob remembered that.

“Please, can’t we just watch the movie like normal?”

“I think he’s just afraid of losing,” Julia said, egging them on.

“I’m not gonna lose,” Jacob grumbled, pausing the movie.

“I’ll bet you,” Milton grinned.

“Name it.”

Julia had looked up, unsure what was about to happen, but what Milton suggested next surprised both of them.

“I’ll bet you my game station that you couldn’t handle sleeping on the couch all night, while Julia and I fuck in your bed.”

“All night?”

“All night. I stay in your room, you stay in here, no coming to disturb us.”

“And if I do that, I can keep your game station?”


Jacob looked at julia and smiled, nodding. “Fuck it, I’ll take that bet … just don’t complain when your game station is mine tomorrow. In fact, I’ll just stay up and play it tonight instead of watching that movie.”

Julia quickly stuffed Milton’s cock away, and after zipping up they removed the towel. “Well I guess that settles that,” she said, smiling at them both.

“You might want to wear the headset though,” Milton laughed, “because we’re going to get loud.”

“Yeah sure,” Jacob chuckled, “you’ll both get tired of pretending and just go to sleep in an hour.”

“No way,” Milton assured him, “I wanna do all the kinky stuff I’ve seen online.”

“Right, like Julia would ever do anything like that.”

Suddenly, throughout the entire scene, Julia began wondering how Milton hadn’t figured out that Jacob was letting it happen. Any normal boyfriend wouldn’t have agreed to such a thing, but Milton seemed to be eating it up. Was it possible that being a virgin made him stupid?

Then Julia had a thought that genuinely worried her: Has he known the entire time?  Did Jacob tell Milton about being a cuckold from the start, and I’m the only one being played? The idea upset her, and the more she thought about it the angrier she became. He can’t really think Jacob is this stupid.

Deciding to test him in the bedroom, Julia told Jacob they would go ahead and get started. Milton was giddy, but Jacob just waved them away, booting up the game station. Pulling him down the hall, the two entered the bedroom before he began quickly disrobing.

Turning and grabbing him by the shoulders, Julia shoved him into the door, trying to be as intimidating as possible while also getting in his face. However, before she could start questioning him Milton misread her aggression, and leaned forward, locking her into a passionate kiss that lasted nearly a minute.

When they eventually pulled apart, Milton let his feelings be known. “God, Jacob is such a fucking idiot,” he gushed, not even trying to be quiet.

Julia shivered. “Keep talking,” she said flatly, pulling him away from the door and moving to the bed.

“You were right … he’s just so trusting and stupid! I can’t believe how easy this is!”

Maybe he really is this innocent, she thought, before an idea hatched in her mind, and a sinister smile crawled across her face.

Unbuttoning her shirt, Julia made sure to leave Milton sitting at the edge of the bed. Removing her shirt and bra, she raised her arms and held them behind her head, stretching her torso and bouncing her breast. Stepping over, what she hoped Milton would notice happened almost immediately.

“Julia,” he said, reaching out and softly touching her, “are these bruises?”

“Yes,” she said quietly, trying to look bashful.

“Did Jacob do this to you?”

Julia didn’t know if she could cum from ruining their friendship, or if blaming her boyfriend for something he didn’t do would make her feel good. But as her muscles clenched and her brain tingled in euphoria, she took a sharp breath and fluttered her eyes, moaning the answer as she came. “Yes … Jacob did it.”


The house was almost completely quiet, if not for the sounds coming from the bedroom. Jacob sat and listened, mesmerized by his longtime friend and fiancée as they had surprisingly intense sex. Creeping just outside the door, he couldn’t stop from stroking his cock, listening as Julia’s moans and grunts mirrored Milton’s.

Without question it was the dirty talk that aroused him on the most, and luckily Milton had no problem being loud. Regardless of how dirty, mean or strange it became, Jacob’s cock was constantly on edge as he listened to Milton have the time of his life.

“I’m going to kick his ass for you!” the pale nerd shouted from inside the room, making Jacob smile and stroke a little faster. “I’m going to beat up your boyfriend, baby!”

“Yes, do it!”

Julia seemed to groan with every mention of them fighting, something Jacob found surprising. However, it wasn’t beyond reason, after all, he expected that her tastes might change after such a crazy session with Adrian. Even if she didn’t remember it, there had to be lingering effects. And now it sounded like Julia was getting off from the fantasy of men fighting over her. It made Jacob grin, and if he needed, he would certainly fake a fight to get her horny.

Using what little willpower he had, Jacob tucked his cock away before leaving the bedroom door, returning to the couch and preparing to play more video games. Knowing their sex would constantly distract him, he took Milton’s advice and grabbed the headset, putting it over his ears and drowning out all their noise.

Quickly losing track of time, Jacob played into the early hours of the morning, finally taking a break when he noticed it was 4am. Pulling off his headset, he took a second to listen, noticing that the sounds of sex had finally stopped. Standing, and taking time to stretch his sore legs, Jacob made a quick stop in the hallway bathroom before getting a snack from the kitchen and returning to the couch. It hadn’t been ten minutes since his bathroom break before he heard something behind him, and looking back he found Julia sneaking up the hallway, obviously trying to be quiet.

Turning around, Jacob propped himself against the back of the couch as Julia approached, still naked from the last session of sex. With a big smile on her face, she leaned in to give Jacob a big kiss, which he completely embraced.

“Thank you for this, baby,” Julia whispered, trying to stay quiet. “I can’t be gone long, he might wake up, but I have so much to tell you.”

Grinning, Jacob replied, “I heard a good bit of it … Milton isn’t exactly quiet. So what was all that moaning about him beating me up?”

Squeezing her thighs together, Julia bit her lip and grinned back. “I’m sorry,” she purred, knowing she was caught, “but can you please just go with it?”

Giving a quiet chuckle, Jacob adjusted himself and pulled her in for a second kiss. “Just tell me what you need, baby.”

Giddy with excitement, she planted one more kiss on him. “Just go with what happens, okay?”

“What do you mean? Go with what? What’s going to happen?”

Giving a wink, Julia flipped him off before prancing back down the hall, bouncing her ass the entire way until sneaking into the bedroom and slowly closing the door. Whatever her perverted mind had thought up, Jacob let it go, too tired to worry, and instead choosing to lay down and sleep. Despite the occasional lust-fueled-insanity, he truly did trust her.

When Jacob awoke nearly five hours later, he awoke to the sound of bacon sizzling. Dawn had stretched in through the windows, and his body ached from sleeping on the couch. Slow to move, he simply listened to the crackling and popping of the bacon, sniffing the air and enjoying the aroma until he heard voices.

“No,” Julia whispered, barely heard over what she was cooking, “we can’t.”

“Please?” Came Milton’s slightly louder voice.

Julia gasped, “Oh fuck, jeez … okay just hurry before he wakes up.”

Jacob’s eyes popped open like roll-up blinds, fluttering as he remained motionless, still pretending to sleep. Listening, he could hear their breathing now, and it was starting to sound more and more labored. Slowly, and as quietly as he could Jacob rolled over, tilting his head toward the kitchen.

“What if he catches us?” Julia whimpered.

“Fuck him, you’re my girl now.”

Giving them another minute to get lost in what they were doing, Jacob finally leaned up and looked over the couch’s armrest, surprised but not unhappy by what he saw. Standing at the stove, Julia was holding onto its edge for support while Milton held her from behind, thrusting away as she continued trying to cook.

At least that’s what he believed to be happening, since they had once again pulled up the sheet, blocking most of his view from the kitchen. With their backs turned to him, Jacob slipped off the couch without a sound, staying below eye level of the sheet while sneaking for a closer look.

Milton had certainly stopped caring, because the longer it went on the louder he became, and the stronger his thrusts were, now starting to slap against her ass. Still sneaking, Jacob made it to the divider without their notice, before silently standing and leaning against the archway, smiling as he watched the show.

Just as he expected, there was no pretending going on, and Julia was actually taking Milton’s bare cock. She hadn’t been kidding about it’s size, but that only served to excite him more while they continued. Occasionally Julia would glance behind her, looking toward the couch. Clearly caught up in the moment, her brain didn’t register that the blanket was empty, and that Jacob wasn’t under it.

“Where do I cum?” Milton moaned, his voice giving away how close he was to orgasm.

Then, before Julia had a chance to answer, Jacob grinned and loudly replied: “Anywhere you want, buddy.”

The two screamed and nearly fell to the floor, struggling to turn and see Jacob watching them. The look of horror and surprise on Milton’s face made Jacob giddy inside, while Julia looked utterly shocked and dumbstruck, as if she was being caught for the first time.

“Just don’t jizz on the bacon, okay?” Jacob added with a smile, loving the confusion on Milton’s face.

“Baby, It isn’t what it looks like,” Julia tried to explain, leaving Jacob to laugh out loud.

Seriously? Because I’m pretty sure Milton’s cock is out right now, and your panties are on the kitchen table.”

In the confusion and chaos, Milton reached for Julia and pulled her close, suddenly trying to be a man without understanding what was happening. “Yeah,” he said awkwardly, “It’s true, we’ve been fucking behind your back this entire time.”

“Oh my god, really?” Jacob said as dryly as he could, surprised that Milton hadn’t caught on yet.

“She’s my girl now! And I’m not gonna let you hurt her anymore!”

Frowning, Jacob looked to Julia before raising an eyebrow. “Honey, what the hell is he talking about?”

Looking incredibly frustrated, Julia’s mood soured in an instant, and she stomped her foot. “Shut up, Jacob, you’re ruining it!”

“Ruining what? What the hell are you talking about?”

“I said play along,” she growled through her teeth, tilting her head and opening her eyes wider.

Suddenly the memory from last night returned, and it dawned on him that she wanted him to act surprised. Already too late to fix the mistake, he shrugged his shoulders and raised his hands. “Oops?”

“Beat him up, Milton!” Julia shouted, pushing him forward and causing him to stumble.

When the two locked eyes, Jacob smirked while Milton quickly backed down, turning and questioning Julia. “W-Wait a minute, what’s going on?”

“I’m sorry, man, I wasn’t suppose to spoil it yet,” Jacob said apologetically.

Shut up, Jacob!”

“Oh please, the cat’s out of the bag. I’m sorry I forgot, but I just woke up!”

Milton’s cock had already gone soft, and with everything becoming awkward again he stuffed it away, looking between Jacob and Julia, wondering what was happening. Breaking the news, Jacob explained that he was a cuckold, and had known the entire time.

Milton took the news better than expected, and admitted while he had suspicions, the sex was too good to question it. Julia however was in a bad mood now, upset she couldn’t get them to fight.

“I said I was sorry, honey,” Jacob apologized again, removing the sheet and stuffing it into a corner.

“You couldn’t let me have this one thing,” she complained, crossing her arms and staring at him.

Stretching his neck out and eyeballing her, he laughed before giving his retort. “You and Milton have a full day of sex but I’m still the bad guy because you didn’t get to see him … what? Beat me up?”

“Well, she said you put all those bruises on her stomach,” Milton confessed, now looking cautious of Julia’s anger.

“She said that was me? What the hell, Julia,” he laughed. “No, those bruises are from a week ago – long story.”

Julia looked inconsolable, but since Milton still had a full day to stay, Jacob sighed and promised to make it up to her. Taking over the stove when she refused to continue cooking, he asked his wife-to-be what would make her happy, and what he and Milton could do for her.

“No,” she refused, “it’s too late, I’m not in the mood. You two nerds jerk each other off and leave me alone.”

Stomping off to the bedroom, she slammed the door and left them where they were, stunned by how upset it had made her. For the next several hours Jacob and Milton simply hung out, getting back on the game station and chatting about life as a cuckold. He brought up the stories of what Julia had done, how the original trust test had been played, and even the humiliating proposal when he asked Julia to marry him.

Milton was in awe from the stories, stroking through his pants while Jacob gave details. Even after such crazy events, he and Julia were still together. “We go through rough patches too though,” Jacob explained, nodding his head back toward the bedroom, and reminding of Julia’s current anger.

“So who gave her the bruises?” Milton asked afterwards.

“Oh, right, I haven’t mentioned … him.”

Giving his friend the short version of what happened at the party, Jacob explained that Adrian had been the one to bruise her, and that he was far more intense than what they were expecting. Milton’s reaction was close to what Jacob expected.

“That’s so fucking hot,” he gushed, “It sounds so hardcore.”

“Like the porn you watch?”

“Totally. You said he was a bull for hire right? Then just hire him! Julia was so into being dominated last night, I think that’s why she wanted me to fight you.”

“What do you mean?” Jacob asked, not fully understanding.

“I think she’s horny for that Adrian guy. All night she wanted me to get rougher with her, it was wild.”

Crossing his arms, Jacob considered the idea. Julia’s reaction this morning had shown that she wanted something more intense, and although he wasn’t keen on the idea, he wanted to make her happy.

“Maybe you’re right, man,” Jacob nodded, patting Milton on the back, “If that’s what she really wants, I’ll just pay Adrian to come by.”

Already looking ahead to the future, Jacob knew that Julia’s birthday was coming up, and what better time to surprise her with such a gift. If getting rough and kinky is what she wanted, Jacob would make sure that’s what she got.

12 thoughts on “Julia’s Descent

      • Oh man, where do I start. I think the best part of this story, and what I really loved most the first time I read it, was the the way the first two chapters develop this amazing tension. Everything and everyone in the story kept hinting at cuckoldry without actually going all the way to show it, and every time it seemed proven it was actually a fake out. Then there was the insults and the teasing, both Julia and Jacob increasing getting off on it not just in private but with other people watching. John and Carlos insulting Jacob to his face, making Jacob buy and serve beers, flipping him off (loved that) while her female friend watched. I was impressed when chapter three managed to effectively reaffirm the relationship, but just in the sexiest way possible with Julia stroking Johns cock while they talked.
        I really want to see where the story goes and I really want to know how you were thinking of introducing Cody. I’ve thought a bit about different ways that would go, and I’m really torn. I like the idea of Cody getting sort of involuntarily reintroduced into Jacob’s life, like as a coworker or neighbor or something, so that Jacob can be pressured into burying the hatchet in a way that Cody can use against him. Like maybe his boss/landlord, unsympathetic to the cause of the conflict, makes Jacob invite Cody to his place for dinner and insists that they make up.
        I love the idea of Cody being introduced by John as just a way to make the sex kinkier, with the four of them getting together to talk and Cody pretending to apologize for the past in a way that just barely comes across as sincere. In private they’d maybe have a cuckold session with the four of them, with Cody getting meaning as it went on, but using the fetish as an excuse if he’s ever called out. Julia gets really into the sex and both she and Jacob let Cody get away with more and more bullying.
        And either way, I’d love it if Jacob invites Cody to another BBQ with the whole gang again. They’ve already heard the story about Cody, so Jacob would have to justify inviting Cody to everyone, say he’s not such a bad guy. Then as the party continues, Cody would be progressively more of an asshole to Jacob in front of everyone, which Jacob has to put up with either because Cody claims he’s just playing into the fetish or because he has to play nice to satisfy his boss/landlord

        I don’t know really, you’re Nebic after all. I’m sure when you get around to this story again, you’ll know just what to write 😉


      • Love your comment! Thanks so much for writing all of it. I already have the way I want to introduce Cody, and I think you’ll enjoy it. Also I’m glad you liked the build up of tension, hinting at being a cuckold without doing it, and I want to somehow bring more of that back. I’m getting back into all of it now, so hopefully it wont be long before you get to read some.


  1. is Ashley the boy that commited suicide the from Betrayed by Everyone?and I really want to see how Cody got a cop to be his sex slave


    • “Attempted Suicide” and yes I think he is. I was just trying to do a little easter egg, cross over idea. Also I was thinking of making a spin off that would explain the how Cody got the cop. We’ll see if i have time for it. Thanks for your comment. 😀


  2. I liked the changes you made to the first chapter. I liked that you fleshed out some of the things that happened and made it less of a question of what was happening (especially during the twister and the real trust test). Can’t wait to see what chapter 4 brings!!!!


  3. I liked the edits to the first chapter, I ended up reading the whole story over again (totally worth it). I’m so excited for chapter four!


    • Of course! Like I’ve told everyone else though, I’m currently dealing with a lot at home, (taking care of my parents, their home, etc) so I’m not in the right mindset to write Julia, and I REALLY don’t want to fuck it up, so I’ve put it on hold until I can get my mind right.


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