Daryl Comes Home

Contains: Betrayal, Cuckold, Bully, MF Scat, Humiliation

This story idea comes from a fan by the name of Danay! Hope you enjoy it, pal!

— —

Jason loved Fridays, and as he walked home he figured that’s why they named the restaurant TGI Fridays, I mean, other people loved Fridays too right? They probably didn’t like Fridays for the same reason though, of that he was sure. Other people were happy to be away from work, but Jason was happy to be away from Daryl, his bully. (Sorry about saying Friday so much.)

The weekend was a time for rest, to forget his fears, to leave it all at school. Being alone with his mom was a paradise, it was safe, it made him happy; too bad that was about to change.

As he turned the street corner, he noticed an extra car parked in his driveway. Having being hit by it, he recognized the truck as Daryl’s, and a terror filled him. Running to the house, he entered the living room, and felt his stomach tighten when his mother gave a loud groan, followed by Daryl’s voice grunting.

The sounds were coming from his bedroom, and as quietly as he could, he crept down the hallway until he reached the door. Listening closely, he could hear Daryl’s voice, straining and grunting, while his mother’s sounded muffled and full.

“You like that, bitch? How does it taste?” he moaned, grunting again before she gasped.

“Oh god-” she gushed, “you’re so bad, and I shouldn’t be doing this- but I love it so much!” she growled lustfully.

Jason could feel a weight descend into the pit of his stomach, knowing that his mother was doing something sexual, and willingly, with his bully. However, he knew he couldn’t just walk in on them, instead, he decided to sneak inside, much like the stealth characters in his video games.

Adjacent to his room was the laundry room, and in a corner was a large vent, large enough to fit through. He had discovered it several years ago, and had planned to use it as an escape if the need ever arose. Now he was planning on sneaking in, knowing the ventilation lead directly under his bed.

Pushing the filter aside, and quietly pushing his way in, he crawled through the dusty metal corridor before finally arriving at the exit. From here, the metal grate was easily removed, the carpet making it silent as he set it aside and shuffled out and underneath his own bed.

“Mmm- did you ever stop bullying  my son?” his mother asked, something wet popping from her mouth.

“No way, why would I?” he answered.

“You promised! You said If I let you-“

“Yeah, I lied, who cares, just keep eating, bitch,” he said in aggravation.

Jason’s mother became quiet again, aside from sloppy moaning and grunting. He couldn’t figure out what they were doing, but whatever it was, it was happening directly above him, just on his bed. Crawling a little farther, he was shocked to find his belongings on the floor, some of which were broken.

“What about this one?” Daryl asked.

“I think- Mhmm- that’s his favorite,” she replied, as if her mouth were full.

Just then, an expensive anime model fell to the floor, just feet from him, before Daryl’s foot came down and crushed it, breaking the figure into pieces.

“You’re such a bad boy,” she moaned before going silent again.

Just then, it occurred to Jason that he could see them through his wardrobe mirror. Angled just right, it caught their reflections and allowed him to see just over the bed. He could see Daryl’s face, sweaty, red as if he had been straining, but no sign of his mother, she was either just out of view, or below him.

Minutes passed, and Jason shut his eyes, listening to the slobbering and sloppy sounds that he wanted to see. He hated his bully, and he loved his mother, yet their union, and her betrayal, somehow hurt less than he thought it would. Daryl had always threatened to fuck his mom, but he assumed they were empty threats.

Now lying under his own bed, he wondered if they had had sex yet, since it was obvious that they currently weren’t. The bed above him moved, but it wasn’t as if they were humping.

That’s when Jason opened his eyes, and the color drained from his face. There, in the mirror, staring directly into his eyes was Daryl, with his familiar cocky grin. But just when he thought Daryl would expose him, the opposite happened.

“Tell me again what you said about your stupid son,” Daryl asked, smirking into the mirror.

“Oh god, he’s a wimp, and he deserves to get beat up by you,” his mother purred.

“What would you tell him if he walked in on us right now?”

“Oh jeez, I don’t know …”

Daryl reached behind him, and forced himself back, muffling her voice for a moment until her only noise was moans. Finally after a minute, he leaned forward and released her, it was almost like he was sitting on her face, but Jason couldn’t make sense of it.

“I’d tell him I don’t love him,” she moaned, before loud kissing sounds could be heard above him, “and that I only love you, and your big cock, and your sweaty-”

Daryl stopped her, sitting back again and silencing her words. In the mirror, Jason bit his lip as Daryl flipped him off.

“What if I beat him up, right here, right in front of you,” he asked.

All she could respond with was a moan, a muffled sloppy moan that lasted longer and longer.

“Would you like to see that, slut? See me punch your son in the face, and kick him, and hurt him until he’s crying like a baby?”

“Oh fuck, yes, I would cum just watching-” Suddenly his mother sat upright in bed, coming into the mirror’s view. Her hair was messy and her lipstick smeared, but she glanced at her watch and nearly stood up. “Oh god, he’ll be home any minute!”

Daryl smirked at Jason in the reflection, “He’s already is …”


I’d like to take a moment to promote Hargrave’s potted meat products, chocked full of peckers and lips, since 1937. (Also this is to demonstrate how serious I’m being with the story.)


“Jason! Oh my god!” His mother shouted as Daryl yanked him from under the bed, shoving him against the wall.

Jason could barely register what he was seeing. Daryl’s cock was out, and fully erect, wet and shiny from his mother’s mouth, while behind him, she was fully nude. Her large breast hung free, wet with Daryl’s saliva, along with red bite marks on her nipples, and down her plump thighs.

“This faggot likes to watch, don’t you?” Daryl chuckled, before making a fist and punching him in the stomach, and letting him fall to the floor.

“Daryl!” she shouted at the bully, shuffled off the bed and squatting beside her son, leaving her legs wide open.

“What? You just said you wanted to see it happen, he even heard you say it you dumb bitch,” he grumbled, moving over and wagging his cock in her face.

For a moment she was quiet, looking down at her son as he struggled to catch his breath. But as Daryl’s cock drooled beside her, and the truth settled, she bit her lip and felt a rush of evil pass through her, almost as if being around Daryl made her worst side come out.

“He’s been there the whole time?” she asked, reaching out for the cock beside her, squeezing and stroking it.

“Long enough to hear you say you hate him,” he answered.

“Good, then I don’t need to tell him again,” she smirked, reaching between her legs to play with herself while the large cock was guided into her mouth.

Below her, on his stomach, Jason struggled to look up at them. Inches from his face was his own mother’s wet pussy, being teased and fingered as she sucked his bully off above him. It was humiliating, but he feared to move, knowing if they saw his erection things would only be worse.

“Why don’t I beat him up again, and let you enjoy it,” Daryl said, moving around her and smiling down at his defeated victim.

“Mhmm- fuck … do it, baby,” she moaned, looking down at her son as she said it.

Before he could respond, Daryl’s foot swung into his side, kicking him repeatedly as his mother watched and laughed, still fingering herself. When Jason attempted to call out to her, calling her ‘mommy’ Daryl’s foot changed course and caught him in the face, bouncing his head backward awkwardly.

“Ooh- fuck, that looked bad,” she moaned, “ … do it again.”

By the time Daryl tired of kicking him, Jason’s face was bruised and swollen, his nose sitting at a crooked angle as tears rolled down his cheeks. Surprisingly he had not bled, but the damage was still very visible.

“Why don’t we show him what we’ve been doing behind his back,” Daryl said, stepping across the room.

“Right here?”

“Yeah, right in front of him,” he answered, pulling Jason’s pillow from the bed and dropping it beside him.

“Oh you’re so bad, yeah, let’s do it, I’m so hungry,” she moaned, dropping to her knees before laying on her back, resting her head on the pillow.

“Mommy,” Jason whimpered beside her, reaching out before she swatted his hand away.

“Shut up, loser, mommy is hungry.”

Through the tears and pain, Jason was horrified when Daryl stepped over his mother’s face, squatting and lowering his sweaty, hairy ass just over her mouth. He couldn’t fathom that his mother would do something so disgusting and horrible, but he had only a moment before it happened.

Slowly, Daryl’s puckered hole opened, before a long soft coil descended onto his mother’s smiling face. The smell was enough to make him gag, yet his mother, the same one who made him birthday cakes, tucked him into bed, and always said she loved him, was now moaning like a whore as his bully’s fat turd plopped onto her tongue and across her face.

“Ugh! Don’t worry, there’s more where that came from, baby,” Daryl laughed as she inhaled the smell, pushing her nose against his anus and scooping the mess into her mouth.

Jason had begun to cry in earnest now, distraught by the sight of his mother doing something so vile, yet loving it so much.

“Ish, sho good!” she mumbled, her eyes rolling back as her tongue swirled and she chewed, swallowing the chunky brown meal as if she was starving.

“Hear that, faggot,” Daryl said, looking over his shoulder and back at Jason, “your mom loves my shit more than she loves you.”

Finally, Jason closed his eyes, unable to watch as Daryl farted loudly, pushing more waste directly into his mother’s open mouth.

“Since he knows, I wont have to sneak over anymore,” Daryl said with a smile, “hell, I might as well move in.”

“Yesh, pleash move in! I love you scho mush, baby!” she groaned, quivering as she came and her mouth was packed full.

“Don’t worry, fag,” Daryl laughed, “nothing will change between us, I’ll keep beating you  at school, only now I can beat you here, and you can sleep in the basement from now on.”

Jason’s nightmare had become a reality, and just before he passed out from his concussion, his final thought was: “I hate Fridays.”

2 thoughts on “Daryl Comes Home

  1. Omg pls Nebic write more poop!!! This faggot’s soooo hungry for it!! This is up there with the absolute classics of scat. Your shitty stories are just so nasty, I’d give anything to suck a fat gooey turd from your beautiful boy butt while you laugh and film it and send it to my gf! Anything to be your toilet. Expose me for the shit-swallowing slut I need to be by making me sniff up your fragrant farts and gobble down your rich creamy butt-fudge on video, then send the vid to everyone I know! Reading about this shit slut and the nasty, poopy things she goes through to taste some yummy turds is such an inspiration! I swear I won’t be happy until I feel your hot sticky shit oozing into my mouth!


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