Wake up – Break up

Contains: Actual photos, cheating, masturbation, humiliation

— —

“Hey, dude, Tiffany just showed up.”

Rick read the text on his phone as he adjusted himself in bed. His girlfriend Tiffany had stayed over, but disappeared the next morning.

“She mentioned picking something up?” he Replied.

A few minutes went by before he received another text.

“Yeah, she wanted to borrow Donna’s sweater, but now she’s talking about staying. I think she wants me. lol” Jerry sent back.

Still with morning wood, Rick quickly sent a reply. “That’s not cool, man, that’s my girlfriend … the least you can do is send me a pic. lol”

The text was mostly banter, Jerry and Rick had always joked about each other’s girlfriends, but they were only jokes. Stroking now, he waited on the next text message, quickly opening it when it arrived.

“You sure? Because she’s taking my pants off.”

Rick wasn’t sure if his friend was joking or not, but his erection and desire to cum had started controlling his brain.

“Fuck yeah let me see,” he replied.

“And you won’t get mad?”

“I bet you ten bucks she isn’t doing it.” Rick sent back.

” … uhh, well …”

The following message had a photo attachment, and Rick could barely contain his excitement. His heart revved as his dick twitched. Opening this attachment, he could hardly believe the photo on his phone.


The mixture of emotions he felt was only made worse by how hot the picture was. His girlfriend, the woman he had fallen in love with, was sucking his best friend’s balls. Without the ability to think rationally, he tried not to overreact.

“Fuck, I guess I owe you ten bucks.” Rick answered, trying to stay calm.

“Wanna bet she’ll lick my ass?”

Rick held his breath, “Double or nothing, no way she would do that.”

The bait worked, and the next photo made Rick groan, in both delight, and horror.




“Her tongue is so deep, dude.”

Letting go of his erection for the fear of climax, Rick could feel his chest tighten as conflicting emotions tore through him. He loved Tiffany, but did she love him? Was she doing this to get back at him for something, or had he been a cuckold this entire time? He wanted to ask, but before he could, Jerry sent another message.

“So that’s twenty you owe me, wanna make it forty?”

Rick bit his lip. “Might as well,” he replied.

“Good,” the message said, “give me twenty minutes, I’ll send you the pic when we’re done.”

Rick could hardly believe what was happening. Jerry was going to fuck his girlfriend, and he wasn’t going to say anything. Taking his cock in hand, he reached for a bottle of lotion by the bed, willing to wait.

It was nearly thirty minutes before another text arrived, and by then Rick was edging. Taking a deep breath, he opened the text.

“Tiffany is such a good fuck, man, I don’t think I’ll give her back. lol”

An ache formed in Rick’s heart, the idea of losing his girlfriend was not a pleasant one. “Shut up, man, where’s the next pic?” he asked.

“Don’t be upset okay?”

Rick didn’t like the sound of that. Although he had an idea of what the picture could be, he still wasn’t prepared when it arrived.


Rick felt sick to his stomach; but before he could type a reply, his cock erupted. Firing across his stomach, chest, phone, his neck, and even on his own face, it was so intense that he could barely move.

“Oh no, oh god …” Rick said in a panic. Reality had returned, and it was just dawning on him how serious the situation was.

“There’s more cum inside her too.” Jerry texted.

Taking deep breaths, Rick attempted to calm himself. Tiffany was still his girlfriend, and as long as she still loved him, they could work past this. Gathering the courage to send a reply, Rick began to type when another message came in.

“That’s forty you owe me, bitch,” Jerry’s text read, “wanna bet she’s about to break up with you?”




“Double or nothing.”


A massive pervert by nature, Nebic enjoys dark interracial stories, bullies, queers, chicks with dicks, saxophone solos, scat, writing stories that excite and disgust readers, and making lists that people think are true.

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