The Real Deal

Contains: Interracial, Urine, Cuckold, Cheating and Violence


“What did you say?” the young white man asked, unafraid of the taller black teen.

“I said move, bitch,” he pressed, getting face to face with the stranger while his friends backed him up. That’s when a smirk crossed the white man’s face, and he took a step back.

“How would you like to fuck my girlfriend?”

There was a moment of silence before the words registered in his head. “Say what?” he asked, confused by the sudden change in conversation.

Mike smiled wider and held back a laugh, “I asked if you guys would like to bang my girlfriend,” he repeated to their astonishment.

Mike was a young white man in his early 20s, short dark hair, with a stubble goatee and a slightly crooked nose. He was handsome enough, but lacked the muscle or size to be really attractive. Standing in the grocery store parking lot and grinning, he felt it was time to explain. “Okay here’s the deal: provided you comply with two rules, I’ll let you fuck my girl.”

“You shittin’ me, man.” The young black teen said, looking at Mike like he was crazy.

Scratching behind his ear, he shuffled his feet and tried to clarify, “Look it’s really simple: my girlfriend and I are looking for black guys to help us make porn.” This got their full attention. “But you have to agree to two things before we can consider you,” he said seriously.

“How we know you ain’t lyin’?” one teen said, getting the group to nod their heads in agreement.

“You can ask my girlfriend-” Mike said, looking in the direction of a woman coming their way.

Walking up the parking lot was Janice, an attractive twenty three year old. With shoulder length red hair, a small nose, freckles, and a tight t-shirt that hugged her C cupped breasts; her tight jeans squeezing her backside while her hips swayed and she stepped up beside Mike. “Don’t tell me you started already,” she said looking frustrated.

“I haven’t told them everything, but they’re interested,” he replied, smiling proudly as he put his arm around her waist.

“Dis yo girl?” the leader asked, his eyebrows raised as he studied her up and down.

“Yup this is Janice. I never got your name though,” Mike said.

“Jamal.” He answered.

“Well, Jamal and friends- I have some slightly bad news: We’re only looking for one black guy at a time right now. In the future we could do more, but right now Janice hasn’t worked up to it.”

“Don’t worry though, the offer is still open to each of you,” Janice followed up, giving a wink to the group.

“So what rules?” Jamal asked, a grin on his face.

“It’s really simple: First you prove you’re clean. You’ll go down to the free clinic and get tested. They’ll give you a piece of paper that shows all the STDs and if you have them or not. Prove that you’re completely clean-”

Janice cut him off mid sentence, “-and you can have your way with me,” She finished. “Remember, the offer is for all of you, but only one at a time right now.”

Jamal was an 18 year old black teenager from the rougher side of town, growing up with his grandmother, he often got into trouble involving fights and theft. His hair was closely buzzed to his skin, while his body held enough muscular to look tough. His wide nose, strong chin and high cheekbones made him look regal, almost like the prince of a foreign land.

“A’ight what’s the other rule?” He asked.

“Um- let’s talk about that over here,” Mike said nervously while Janice giggled.

Waving the group over they stepped away from the crowded parking lot, to a less populated side of the store where no one would overhear them. “Um, the second rule is you have to be open-minded.” Mike said, starting to blush to Janice’s delight.

“I’ll tell them,” she said, now standing in front of her boyfriend.

“So you know we’re making porn right?” she asked as they nodded their answer. “Well It’s kind of kinky,” she went on, enjoying the confusion on their faces. “We only want black guys because the porn is about black dominance, so you’ll need rough Mike up some.” She giggled again, to Mike’s embarrassment. “You’ll have a script with dialogue, and a little acting,” she smiled.

“So we get to beat his ass, then fuck you?” The group laughed, excited about the idea.

“N-n-not beat me up so much, a-as acting for the camera,” Mike stuttered under their laughter.

“You’ll get paid for it too,” Janice purred, giving another wink, “but we can go into more detail when you come over.”

“Fuck- where I sign?” Jamal asked, along with everyone else stepping closer to confirm they wanted to join.

“Well like we said, get the clean bill of health, then give us a call,” She smiled and reached into her pocket, fishing out a piece of paper with her cell phone number on it, pre-written for this very moment. “But we can only film with one guy at a time. So first come, first serve,” she said, putting plenty of emphasis on the word ‘come’.

After parting ways and heading inside the store, Mike and Janice returned to being a completely normal couple. The innocent people around them unaware that Mike and Janice made pornography. It was another three days before they got a phone call, and as they hoped it was Jamal who called first. Sadly the reality of the situation had started to conflict with their adult entertainment needs, since they both had jobs and couldn’t film when he called.

It took a few more days of working out their job schedules before they could set a solid date for filming. Giving him a few extra instructions a day ahead of time, such as: Don’t jerk off, take a good shower before you come over, make sure you have the clinic’s papers, and don’t bring any friends. When he accepted all their terms, they started turning their apartment into a movie set.

Janice and Mike took a shower and got cleaned up, before getting out his camera and tri-pod, along with a few other pieces of film equipment. Setting up a laptop they made a Skype call to a close trustworthy friend, who would record and watch the entire show. In the event that they were mugged, or attacked, their friend on Skype would see it and call the police; just as extra security.

Now the scene had been set, and everything was ready when Jamal knocked on their door. “Hey, Pal.” Mike said with a large grin, welcoming him into their home.

“Where Janice at?” Were his first words.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, we have some stuff to go over first.” Leading Jamal over to the laptop he asked him to look at the screen.

“What is it?” He asked. After explaining the added security and letting him know to be professional, Janice came walking out of the bedroom, wearing yoga pants and a tank top.

A smile lit crossed Jamal’s face as he started walking to her, but was quickly stopped when Mike placed his hand against his chest. “First things first: papers.” His tone serious. Jamal looked annoyed, but reached behind him and pulled out a crumpled sheet. Janice had now stopped as well, waiting on Mike to give her a thumbs up. Glancing over the paper, he took a second to inform Jamal. “You’re not the first black stud we’ve had over, so we know what the proper clinic papers look like.” Jamal seemed slightly interested, but his attention was focused on Janice.

“Yup this checks out. Clean bill.” He told his girlfriend, taking a step back and letting go of Jamal’s chest. “Wait wait! Don’t move yet.” Mike suddenly said, getting Jamal’s attention but not Janice’s. “I really love this part, I wanna get a better view.” Moving to the side, he waved Janice the go ahead. Confused to what would happen, the young black teen was happily surprised when Janice stepped up and pulled him into a deep french kiss.

“Fuck that’s so hot.” Mike said, bending his knees and grabbing himself through his jeans like a child who needed to pee. “Okay listen!” Mike announced loudly, getting their attention like a movie director. “I have a few more things to set up, so you two can fool around all you want-” Jamal was about to drop his pants when Mike spoke up again. “With one exception: Don’t cum! Save it for the film.” He laughed as Jamal nodded and went back to groping his girlfriend.

Turning his back to them, he clicked and clacked on the laptop’s keyboard, setting up a few more programs and telling his Skype friend to keep an eye out. “Holy shit!” Came Janice’s voice from behind, making him spin in place to find Jamal’s pants down, and a long black cock hanging at least 9 inches. “Oh fuck.” Mike exhaled, stepping over next to his girlfriend to get a better view. “I think you’re the biggest guy yet.” He said with a chuckle, getting Jamal to snort and smile proudly. “You know she only fucks black guys right?” Mike confessed.. “It’s a good thing I love to watch, huh?” He laughed before turning back to the camera.

It took Mike another ten minutes to set up the rest of the filming equipment and computer recording data. Every minute he glanced at them, watching their tongues twist together with lustful enthusiasm. “Okay you two, show time.” Mike said, finally finished getting everything ready. “Go ahead and put your pants back on, Jamal.”

With Janice and Jamal still standing side by side, Mike stepped over and showed them the script for today’s video. Janice was to play Melissa; bringing home a new friend to fool around with. Mike would play the upset husband who wouldn’t go along with it, and Jamal of course would be the horny black man who puts him in his place. “So you’ll enter from here, and we’ll talk here.” Mike said walking them through the scene. “Here are your lines.” Handing him a sheet of paper. “Don’t worry if you mess up, just take a second then do it again, I can edit out everything we don’t use with the computer, so don’t be nervous.” Jamal nodded. “So let’s go over what you’ll do to me..” Mike said nervously. After a few minutes of working through more details, the first scene of the porno was underway.

The living room slowly faded in from black, as keys rattled in the door and Janice stepped through with Jamal in hand. Closing it behind them and giving Jemal a quick kiss, she kicked off her shoes and dropped her purse on the couch. “Honey I’m back. I brought a friend for dinner.” The camera cuts to the kitchen’s entrance where Mike steps through, drying his hands on a dish towel. “Oh uh, hey nice to meet you.” He says nervously, shaking the much larger hand of the black teen. “Well I just finished dinner, so let’s eat.”

Now the camera fades before slowly fading back into a kitchen table, Mike on one side, and Janice and Jamal on the other. Everyone eats quietly, until Mike breaks the tension and coughs. “So uh, Tyrone. H-how do you know Melissa again?” He asks, using their fake film names. “I’m an intern where she works.” Jamal said softly, nervous about being recorded. Janice smirks at her husband, while he gives a confused smile.

Next the camera cuts to a close up of Jamal’s dinner plate, his fork picking at different food while Mike and he share a discussion about her job. Janice remains silent as the camera slowly pans down from the plate, until the view is under the table and focused on the secret hand-job he’s receiving. Her small white hand giving perfect contrast to his dark cock, the skin being pushed and pulled as she moves up and down his length.

Behind the scenes it’s actually Mike who’s under the table, moving the camera and getting different views of Janice jerking him off. The voices of them talking was recorded earlier then placed over top of the video when their faces weren’t in frame. After another two minutes of jerking his cock, and watching pre-cum leak over her knuckles the view finally cuts back to them eating.

Nervously glancing at the camera, Jamal wiggled in his seat and released a moan. “You okay?” Mike asked, acting confused. “Uh yeah, I’m good.” He replied, leaning back in the chair and smirking, before nervously glancing at the camera again, something Mike was annoyed with when later editing the video. “Well here let me take your plate.” Mike stood up and reached over the table, before the camera cut to a side view, and showed him yell when he finally noticed the hand-job his girlfriend was giving.

“Melissa what the fuck?!” He yelled, trying to act as surprised as he could. “Jim listen, it’s not what you think, I just thought-” She tried to explain, while never stopping her hand from moving. “Chill out white boy.” Jamal said, now louder and more natural. “Chill out?! Wh- you- get the fuck out of my house!” He yelled before walking around the table, hoping to be intimidating.

The camera cut again to a closer view of Jamal standing from his seat, getting in Mike’s face with his dick still hard and exposed. With Janice out of the shot, she was secretly working the camera, moving from left to right as Mike and Jamal yelled at each other, reciting their pre-written lines. Suddenly Jamal grabbed Mike by the shirt collar and shoved him back, harder than he was supposed to. Michael lost his footing while being pushed, causing him to fall backwards and crash into an upright plastic trashcan.

The plastic frame shattered under his weight as trash exploded everywhere, the entire scene on film. With the everything temporarily on hold, Janice sat down the camera and ran over to check on her boyfriend. “Holy shit, are you okay?” She asked as Mike started to laugh. “Shit. Yeah I’m fine. Damn Jamal.” He laughed, rubbing the back of his head. For a second it looked like Jamal might apologize, but he just chuckled and gave his dick a few more strokes to keep it hard.

“That was more than I wanted, but did it look good on camera?” He asked as they all stepped over and replayed the video in camera’s small screen. “Wow, that looks much better than the fake stuff we did before.” Janice said, remembering the fake fight scenes with the previous black men. With them all huddled together over the small screen, Janice reached out and took Jamal’s cock back in her hand, stroking it and rubbing it on Mike’s jeans, staining it with pre-cum.

Michael was silent for a moment, thinking of how much better the film could be if all the scenes had more realism to them. “Okay uh- take five you two I’m gonna make a couple changes with what happens next. Keep him hard -don’t let him cum.” He told Janice as he stepped away to the laptop, and clacked on the keyboard.

With the new scene set up, Janice resumed filming as they got back into place: Mike on the floor covered with trash while Jamal stood over him stroking. “You betta learn yo place, white boy.” Jamal said. The scene had started to feel comfortable to him as he stepped forward and held mike down with his boot. “Fuck both of you!” Mike yelled angrily. This scene took a bit more effort because of the cuts, but it looked much better as Mike and Janice switched between working the camera.

As mike struggled under the garbage the camera cut to an upward shot of Mike’s point of view- Janice stepping up beside Jamal to grab and stroke his cock again. With Jamal and Jan both looking down into the camera, they enjoyed saying their lines to it, and to Mike. “Look honey you need to face the facts, black men are just better than whites.” She cooed, leaning into Jamal- his cock drooling above the camera. “You gonna behave?” Jamal asked as the Camera cut back to Mike. “Fuck you!” He yelled again, spitting toward where Jamal would have been standing, had he not been behind Janice.

With the fake attempt to spit on Jamal finished, they prepared for Mike’s ‘revised’ abuse scene. “So remember, you can actually hit me- just not too hard okay?” Jamal nodded and moved back into place, as Mike settled in the trash. “Okay boys, 3-2-1- Action!” Janice squeaked as she zoomed in on the two men.

Taking his boot off Mike’s chest, Jamal reached down and grabbed him by the throat. “Big mistake white boy!” Jamal roared before cocking his fist back and sending it flying at Mike’s face. Wincing before the blow, Jamal followed his orders and slowed down just as contact was made. The light tap on his cheek followed by Mike’s acting of being hit was ghastly, completely unrealistic and phony. A few more fake punches and Mike pretended to go unconscious.

Once the camera was stopped, they reviewed the scene and openly laughed about how poor it looked. “Shit.” Mike cursed. His desire for a good, erotic porno begged him for a better scene. He knew the better it looked, the more attention their website would get, and ultimately the more money they would make. “Fuck.” Mike cursed again, before leaving the camera and stepping to the laptop. Janice enjoyed pulling on the black teen’s ball sack as they waited for whatever it was Mike was doing.

Clicking away on the keyboard, Michael was instructing his friend that they would be doing a re-shoot of the last scene. Only this time, Mike would actually let Jamal hit him. They bickered back and forth for a few minutes, discussing the safety of it, but finally agreed that it would be okay.

“Okay, man change of plans.” Mike said, stepping back to them. “We’re gonna do it again, but this time I want you to uh- actually hit me.” Their eyebrows shot up in surprise as he delivered the idea. “Honey are you sure, it didn’t look that bad before.” She said, her hand never leaving Jamal’s cock. “Just don’t give it all you’ve got okay? I don’t want to lose teeth, but I want it to look real.” Jamal was surprised, but quickly agreed with a large smile on his face.

“But he’s suppose to knock you out in the scene.” She said following him over to the trash as he laid down in it. “I’ll just pretend again- as long as he really hits me it’ll look good, just don’t kill me okay?” Mike laughed, pulling some of the trash back over himself. It was unnecessary, but before getting back into place Jamal gave Jan another french kiss.

“Okay we’re rolling, anytime you two are ready.” She said, nervous about the scene. “Big Mistake white boy!” Jamal shouted again, reaching down and grabbing Michael’s throat, this time much tighter. With no hesitation Jamal reared back and swung into Mike’s left cheek, the loud pop clearly heard by the camera. Mike immediately saw stars and felt pain explode from his face. Before he could even prepare for the next punch, it had already arrived, this time catching him over the eye, bouncing his head back into the garbage. Jamal now gave a loud grunt with each punch, the next hitting his cheek bone, followed by his eye again. Mike was nearly limp as the world started spinning and sparkles filled his vision.

The final punch wasn’t as restrained as the last few, this time Jamal enjoyed cutting loose and gave Mike one last punch against his temple, the loud ‘thwak’ echoing in the kitchen as Michael went limp and stopped moving. “Cut” Janice cried before setting the camera down and rushing to her boyfriend’s side. “Honey? Honey you okay?” She asked, shaking his limp unconscious body. Jamal stood beside her, his cock still hard at her eye level. “Fuck Jamal I think you actually knocked him out!” She said shaking with fear in her voice.

“My bad.” He said with a smirk, still tugging his member beside her. “Let me get some water.” She said, turning to find Jamal’s oozing tip nearly touching her lips. “Did.. Did you enjoy doing that?” She asked, seeing how much more pre-cum he was dripping. “Maybe.” He answered, pushing the tip against her lips and smearing the slime on it.

Suddenly cold water had splashed against his face, and the world spun into place. A powerful dull ache in his head, he moaned and slowly sat up as Jamal and Janice helped him. “Oooh shit, what happened?” He asked, unaware of what had happened or how much time had passed since he was last awake. Michael’s numb body was now regaining it’s feeling when he realised he was soaked in warm smelly liquid. “We were filming a scene, Honey.” She said, placing a bag of frozen peas on his cheek. It took another minute, but the memories slowly returned. “Oh yeah..” He groaned, slowly standing up and wobbling over to the camera. “Don’t rush yourself.” She said, helping him into a chair. “Wh-what am I soaked in?” He asked, sitting down.

Janice blushed before informing him of what happened after he was knocked out. “Well after the shot, Jamal thought it would fit the scene if he um- peed on you.” She giggled as Mike sniffed his shirt, jerking his head away from the smell.

“Hey I’m sorry, man. I hope I didn’t-” Mike cut him off. “Hey don’t worry, It’s all for the movie right?” He chucked some, his vision still a little shaken. Watching the video was strange, seeing himself get punched repeatedly in the face before being knocked out. “Shit, that looks like it hurt.” Janice said. “Of course it did!” Mike laughed. Suddenly the next scene played, the one where he was unconscious. With the camera now sitting on a tri-pod Janice was able to be in the shot without needing a camera man. It shook a little as she hit the record button, and stepped back over to Jamal getting in place.
“Oh my god you knocked him out!” She gasped, now acting surprised. Mike noticed that Jamal’s cock wasn’t hard in the scene, it was actually limp when Janice reached out and took hold of it. Shuffling slightly closer to his unconscious body, Jamal asked her to aim his cock while he gave her husband what he deserved. She giggled in response and held his cock higher, aiming as it released a torrent of clear yellow piss, splashing across Mike’s face and shirt. “Fuck you Michael!” Jamal yelled as he emptied his entire bladder soaking his clothes, Janice moaning and laughing the entire time.

“Fuck.” Mike said. Janice and Jamal waiting to see how he felt about it. “You didn’t use my stage name, man!” He said with a groan, as if the entire scene was worthless. “Oh-uh, shit man I forgot about that.” Studying the scene for another minute, Mike leaned back and sighed. “Well.. We haven’t used my name before, I guess it couldn’t hurt. This looks good for the film right?” He asked as they both smiled and nodded vigorously. Rubbing his face he exhaled and laughed a little. “Okay sure, it can stay in.”

“Wanna take a break?” She asked with one hand on his shoulder, her other squeezing Jamal’s wet cock head. “Y-yeah just a short one.” Mike moaned, pulling the chair up to his laptop before clicking away and telling his friend everything was fine. Behind him Janice continued rubbing the fat purple head that was poking her thigh.

It was another 15 minutes before Mike felt ready to shoot again, his head still throbbing he set up the scene and laid back down in the garbage in order to get his final scene over with. “Action!” She yelled as Jamal laughed at the poor limp white man, leaning down and spitting across his face. “Ready fo this dick?” He asked as the camera cut to Janice smiling and nodding her head.

One quick shower later, Mike led them through the house to the bedroom where the rest of the film would take place. “This is the moment you’ve waited for.” Mike groaned, still holding the cold peas to his face. “You two can fuck as much as you want, in any position you want, with one exception: don’t cum. Or at least if you can’t help it, cum on her face so I can get the money shot.” Sitting in a chair next to the bed, Mike held up the Camera as they got into place. “Oh and one more thing: in the event that you do cum, I expect you to have enough stamina to get hard again. Because like I showed you in the script: I want you to completely drench her in cum, even if that means jerking off on her two or three times. We really want to sell that black men are superior to whites.” He chuckled, causing his head to ache.

After the close up of Mike’s face being spit on, the scene slowly transitioned to the bedroom where they both were removing their clothes and kissing. “Oh I love how strong you are!” Janice moaned, kissing his muscled chest as he dropped his baggy pants. “White boys, got nuthin’ on me.” Jamal said, yanking her top off exposing her bouncing breasts. Pushing her onto the bed and pinning her down, they continued to kiss as Mike started panning around them, trying to zoom in and get good angles. “God I love how badly you beat up my husband.” She moaned very convincingly as Mike zoomed into Jamal’s long cock hanging between his legs, ready to enter her.

Thrusting inside, she released a shriek of pleasure as he started his conquest of ruining her pussy. For the next 20 minutes, Mike did his best to keep up while holding his head in pain, the fact not lost on him that he was filming his girlfriend, and the black teenager who just beat him up. Moving from one pose to another, Jamal enjoyed fucking her doggy style, having her ride him, tit fucking her, and even stroking himself between her ass cheeks. Lasting longer than he expected Jamal eventually announced he was going to cum, racing up beside the bed, Michael got the perfect view of Jamal’s big throbbing head, gushing and shooting white milky cum all over his girlfriend’s happy face. The load was huge, firing off six times before the rest spurted from the tip, splattering across her.

“Have fun?” Mike asked once the camera had stopped rolling. “Hell yeah!” Janice said, wearing the thick load of cum proudly. “Well don’t move, stay right there and we’ll wait for him to get hard again.” Mike smiled, and gave a thumbs up to the Laptop, his friend in the tiny window waving back. “One more load should do it. When you get hard again just jerk on her face, and I’ll splice the two scenes together so it looks like you came twice the amount.”

It only took 10 minutes before Jamal was hard again, his big black pole shiny and ready as he positioned himself over her and started jerking his cock. “Ooh yeah give me that cum!” She moaned as he came for the second time, his load nearly as big as the first. More thick ropes of cum shot across her eyes and nose, before pooling into her open mouth. “Fuck that’s nice.” Mike said, giving himself a squeeze.

“Well done people! We have one more scene, and we’re done. Jan honey you can clean yourself up now.” He laughed as she scooped the remaining cum from her face and into her mouth, moaning as she swallowed his load. The final scene was a simple shot, a side view of Mike laying in the trash, still knocked out while Janice and Jamal walked by, her leading him along by his soft cock.

“Great job you two, I think we’ve done really well with this. ” Mike said clapping a few times once the scene was finished. “I just need to edit all of this together, and we’ll have another 30-40 minute porno.” His headache had started to fade slightly, but his left eye had turned purple and was starting to swell. “Jamal I thank you for your help, I think you did great: even if you beat the shit out of me.” Mike chuckled lightly, while Jamal shook his hand and smiled.

Once dressed and cleaned up, Michael fetched his wallet and handed over 60 dollars. “Sorry it’s not a lot, but we’re still getting the website set up, everything we just filmed is for its opening, so we still need plenty of footage.” Michael had been standing up a bit longer then intended, and felt a little woozy. Sitting down he told Jamal to give them another call if he wanted more work, of course whenever their jobs allowed it. “I know I’ll get some laughs when I go into work all busted up.” He laughed, along with Jamal and his girlfriend.

There was one final bit of recording that was needed: getting Jan and Jamal together and setting the camera on a tri-pod they all smiled and waved as it recorded them. “Did you have a good time?” Mike asked him while the camera rolled. “Hell yeah.” He nodded. “Did we force you to do anything you didn’t want?” Was the next question. “Naw it was all cool.” He replied. “Were you treated fairly?” Came the last question. “Oh yeah.” He chuckled, pulled Janice closer and squeezing her ass. With those things finished, Mike shut off the camera and was finally finished for the day.

“I had a lot of fun, honey. Come back soon.” Janice said, giving Jamal a final farewell kiss, that turned into at least a minute of making out. Waving at him as he stepped out of the house, Mike got to work on cleaning up and editing the footage they had obtained. Janice replaced his soggy bag of peas with a fresh frozen steak, and sat beside him as they watched the entire porno while cutting it together.

“You excited for the next black guy we bring over?” She asked, resting her head on his shoulder. “You know it baby.” Mike said, taking out his dick and stroking it as Janice giggled and watched, reaching over and rubbing his head with a single finger, teasing her boyfriend’s small white dick.

Chapter Two

Michael clattered away on the laptop’s keyboard, he was so excited about their last film that he decided to launch the adult website early. Posting all three videos they had so far made, it was only a matter of hours before a swarm of attention flooded the website in demands for more content. “Look how many people signed up!” Jan squealed, hugging Mike’s arm. “We’ve already made a couple hundred bucks!” He laughed as the numbers came in. “Check out the comments!” She gasped while reading them. “This guy says I should take two cocks at once, another guy said her husband is loser, oh look this one is wondering if you really got beat up!” They both laughed and smiled at the screen, it was time to film again.

It had been a week since Jamal had helped them film, and so far no one else had called. Deciding to go scouting for more black men, Mike and Jan dressed up before heading out on the town. They debated what places they should check first, and where they might find attractive black men. “How about over there?” Mike pointed, slowly pulling the car into a park where four tall black men were playing basket ball. “Hell yeah.” She squeaked in excitement, reaching over to the wheel and honking the horn twice.

When all the middle-aged black men looked up from their game, Janice waved them over while shaking her chest some. These men were bigger than Jamal, older, heavier, stronger, he felt very intimidated as they crowded around Jan’s window to see what she wanted. “Hey guys, my boyfriend Mike and I were out looking for anyone interested in making some porn.” Her voice remained high and giddy as they smiled and leaned down, taking a glance at Mike who grinned back.

After giving them the standard speech: Get tested, take a shower, call us, humiliate me, fuck my girlfriend, get paid, they had pulled away from the park and were headed back home, excited about the large black men they had just met. With free time after work, Mike had thought up a bran new and exciting script for their next porn flick. As the comments rolled in from the website, Michael based his next film off what they wanted to see most. It scared him a little but he knew it could be done, he just had to trust his girlfriend and online protection buddy.

A few more days had passed before they got a call back from one of the black men: Darnell. He was the oldest of the group, 36 and built like a football player. Compared to him, Michael looked small and pathetic. Weighing at least 300 pounds, nearly all of it muscle, Darnell was very intimidating from just his presence. However looks can be deceiving, and once talking with him on the phone, he turned out to be big and gentle, with great manners and a jolly attitude

It seemed odd that such a nice guy would want to star in a porno, but they guessed it was because of how attractive Jan was, with the added bonus of free sex and being paid. Once a date was set for them to film, Michael and Janice spent their time cleaning the house, and setting up the equipment like they always had. Not even half way finished, a knock was heard at the door, and Janice ran to open it.

“Hey again!” She said with a big smile, giving the large man a hug before he had even stepped into the house. “Hey, Mike.” Darnell said with a casual wave and a smile before turning his attention on Jan. “So you two are really serious about this?” He asked, his heavy steps shaking the floor as he walked, his arm around Jan’s waist. “Hell yeah, you excited?” His cheeks were fat and wrinkled when he smiled, a slight gap in his front teeth. “You know it, so when do we start?” He asked, pulling out a neatly folded piece of paper and handing it to Janice.

She scanned the paper and her eyes lit up when she found it passed the test, handing the paper to Mike she wasted no time in pulling Darnell’s face low enough so she could kiss him. He was a little surprised at first, like most were when she kissed them, but when he looked at Michael for a reaction, he simply smiled and winked in approval. Their sloppy kissing filled his hears as he cleared the camera’s memory and adjusted the tri-pods legs.

“Okay let’s see what you’re working with big boy.” She moaned, pushing him back into the couch before dropping to her knees and unzipping his fly. “Whoa wait! I wanna see!” Mike cried, worried he might miss out on the big reveal. This made Darnell smile as Michael dropped to his knees beside his girlfriend, watching her hand disappear into his zipper before fishing out a long thick cock. “Oh hell yeah.” She moaned, along with Michael’s astonished look of envy. “You lucky son of a-” Mike laughed, leaning forward with his girlfriend to get a better look.

His cock wasn’t as long as Jamal’s had been, only near 8 inches, however its thickness was much greater, nearly the same as a can of soda, or a baby’s formula bottle. “Fuck, Darnell. You’re gonna ruin my girlfriend’s pussy with that thing.” He laughed loudly, making his dick bounce back and forth on his hairy stomach. “It’ll be worth it.” He chuckled as Jan lowered herself, starting to worship his dick by kissing and sucking it. “Don’t we need to be filming?” He asked while she moaned and slobbered across his head. “I’m not set up yet, until then you two can fool around all you want as long as you don’t blow your load, save that for the camera.”

Another ten minutes passed before Mike was finished and ready to start the show. Returning to Darnell and Jan he found them whispering to each other, Jan still fondling his large erection. “All ready to go?” Mike asked, clapping and rubbing his hands together. Jan gave a final kiss to the large black man before standing up and putting her clothes back on, a big smile on her lips. “So listen: we didn’t get to talk about it on the phone, but how do you feel about humiliating me?” Michael asked with a little embarrassment in his voice. “This is about black dominance right?” He asked, pulling Jan back on the couch and making her giggle. “Yeah It’s what our fans want.” He confirmed. “I would love to.” He said with a smirk.

“First let’s show you Jamal’s video.” Michael said, bringing up their website and starting their last movie. Darnell’s cock hadn’t been put away yet, and as such Jan continued to play with it. The laptop’s video came to life as Darnell relaxed and enjoyed his hand-job while Michael sat on his opposite side, holding the laptop for Darnell and Janice to watch. He could hear the dialog start with them entering the house and meeting each other, before sitting down to dinner.

Jan and Darnell watched with excitement as the yelling started, and Mike was thrown into their upright trashcan. “Damn!” Darnell said leaning closer, Mike blushed behind the laptops screen. “It get’s better.” He added. Now he could hear shuffling, followed by: “Big Mistake white boy!” He yelled before several loud popping sounds came through the laptops speakers, this was the scene where he was beaten unconscious. Mike could see the excitement in their eyes as Jan started jerking Darnell’s cock even faster. “Fuck you, Michael!” The video had just reached where Jamal pisses on him, and Darnell’s excitement grew higher. “Oooh shit!” He said in awe, sounding even more aroused before kissing Janice when she leaned over.

Mike blushed more, he was finally seeing how a fan would react to the film they had made. As it rolled on they watched Janice get hammered by Jamal’s long cock, before eventually skipping to the end where he cums all over her face. “Holy shit, that was amazing guys.” He said once it was finished, sounding excited to start. “I’m glad you liked it.” Mike said truthfully. It was now that Darnell noticed the marks on his cheek and eye, they were faint but still there. “Wait he really hit you?” Darnell sat up and studied Mike’s slightly red cheek and eye. “Uh yeah, I wanted the film to look real.” Michael confirmed, feeling a little stupid after hearing it.

“That’s dedication, man. Lettin’ a brotha beat you and piss on you for the world to see, that’s wild.” He laughed before standing up, towering over Mike’s much smaller self. “So what do I get to do?”

Michael then went through the process of explaining the opening of the film, where they would enter, what their lines would be, telling Darnell not to be nervous, and to add anything he felt would look good to please their viewers. After reading through their lines and setting the camera into place, they started filming the first scene.

Michael sat on the couch, flipping through a magazine as Janice vacuumed the rug in front of him. Barely hearing the doorbell, Jan shut off the cleaner and stepped over looking through the peep-hole before unlocking and slightly opening the door. With only a small gap to look through, the camera focused on Darnell’s face as he introduced himself. “Um, hi ma’am. My car just broke down and I was wondering if I could I use your phone?” He smiled at the camera, which represented Jan’s point of view. “Just a second.” She closed and locked the door in his face, then asked her husband what she should do. “He seems okay, I guess it couldn’t hurt.” Mike said.

Re-opening the door, she welcomed Darnell inside while his eyes adjusted to the darker environment. After a second he noticed the smaller white man before him, and happily introduced himself while shaking his hand. Darnell’s character now had a better view of the young woman who greeted him at the door, her bright red hair and freckles looked blazing against the window’s sunlight. A zoom into his face showed his eyes looking her up and down, undressing her with his mind. “Phones in here.” She said politely, leading him to the kitchen.

Another quick focus let the viewers watch as Darnell studied the kitchen, and noticed the glass door leading to their back porch. “Oh, thanks.” He said picking up the home phone and dialing a fake number. In fact the house phone was fake, Mike and Janice only had cell phones, making the house phone a prop. Pretending to speak with someone Darnell asked for a tow truck and talked about its price, sometimes glancing at the red-headed wife washing dishes, her tight jeans hugging her backside as she wiggled and moved around.

“Thanks a lot guys, I really owe you one.” He said stepping back to the front door. “No problem, hope your luck turns around.” Mike said with a wave. “Oh I’m sure it will.” Darnell smiled, taking another glance at Janice before leaving and closing the door behind him. “That’s a wrap.” Mike said as Darnell walked back inside. “How’d it look?” He asked, stepping beside to re-watch the video. “Looks great. Now we just wait for the sun to go down before we continue.” He said checking his watch.

The next section of film required darkness, and with no good way to edit the video to fake nighttime, all they could do was wait. Fortunately they had started a little later in the day, and the sun was already on its way down. Sitting in front of the laptop, Mike busied himself by talking with his protection buddy. “We have some more kinky stuff in mind, so don’t freak out if I get slapped around a little like last time.” He typed, as his friend nodded and typed back. “Just be careful, that guy is huge.” He replied. Mike glanced behind him, excited and aroused to see Janice on her knees again, keeping their black star nice and hard by kissing and licking his huge member.

“Don’t you miss having sex?” His friend asked, wondering how Mike could live without fucking his own girlfriend. “Not as much as you’d think. It’s such a turn on to see her doing that, way more exciting than trying to please her with my little thing.” Confessing to his friend with a laugh. “Really?” He adjusted his seat. “Yeah I know it’s weird, but I know she loves me for me; she doesn’t feel that way about him, she just likes his big dick.” Mike typed with confidence. “It doesn’t look that way.” His friend pointed out, watching them through the laptop’s camera. Turning around in his seat, he saw what his friend meant: Janice was giving his large black cock so much attention and love it really looked like she had fallen for him. “Just stay frosty.” Mike said, leaving the laptop once it had become dark enough to film the next scene.

Darkness covered the house, Michael set up his camera and pointed it at their back porch door. Turning on the camera’s night vision, everything became a dull spooky green as they all checked the room’s layout and made sure everything was in place. “The next scene might look rough, but just watch Janice she’ll let you know if anything is wrong.” Mike told his friend as he placed the laptop on the kitchen counter, giving him a view of the entire room.

“Okay let’s go over it one more time, you’ll enter from here and sneak around to this side.” Mike walked him through the script again while Janice moved some chairs around, making sure he wouldn’t bump into them in the dark. “You sure you wanna do this?” Darnell asked, glancing at the laptop, knowing his friend was watching. “I don’t wanna get in trouble for doing what you told me.” He laughed slightly. “Yeah I’m sure, the fans really seem to love it so I’m trusting you to make it look good. Janice will have my back too, if she says stop you stop.” Mike smiled as she winked at him. “Okay, places people.” Taking a deep breath, nervous about the next scene.

In the last shot, Darnell had said goodbye and stepped out the front door, now as the scene transitioned over, it was clearly night-time from the solid black windows and the lime green night-vision. The view showed the entire kitchen, almost like a home security camera as everything in the room remained perfectly still. That’s when something could be seen outside the glass door, a large man crouching and messing with the door handle. It had already been unlocked, but Darnell fiddled with it pretending to unlock it.

The door creaked open slowly as he slowly stepped into the room, his back bent, keeping himself low to the ground. It was clear that a light had just clicked on in the hallway, and Darnell shuffled into a corner before Mike stepped in, heading to the sink and getting a cup. Once the sink was hissing loudly and filling it, Darnell creeped over until bumping into a chair making it knock loudly against the table. This was actually part of the scene, for when he bumped into it, Darnell stood up and grabbed the small white man, flinging him to the floor and crouching beside him.

After a quick re-adjustment of the camera’s position, it now looked down on the two men with Janice standing just out of frame, getting a clear view of what was about to happen. For Mike’s friend on the laptop this caused a slight problem, the filming camera could see everything, but the laptop’s camera could only see their backs, Michael’s face somewhere on the other side of Darnell. “Ready?” Darnell asked, looking around and getting a thumbs up from everyone. “Okay, start anytime you’re ready. Hang in their honey.” Janice said, biting her lip.

As the camera cut from Mike being thrown to the floor, to up above them looking down, Darnell’s large hand covered nearly all of Mike’s face, except for his eyes. Keeping the hand over his face and mouth, Darnell used his free hand and started raining blows into Mike’s exposed stomach. His muffled cries of pain were ignored as Darnell took his time, using big heavy punches while Mike’s eyes rolled back. Janice covered her mouth in shock, but remembered to glance at the laptop, giving it a thumbs up to let Mike’s friend know everything was fine.

Only Michael wasn’t fine, as the punches hurt more and more, causing him to nearly black out before he felt his previous meal force its way up his throat. Twisting his head away the pain had made him vomit onto the floor, while Darnell quickly looked behind him, acting like he was worried someone else might walk in. Curling into a ball Mike groaned loudly and painfully as he lost control of his bladder, pissing himself while his face pushed against the dirty slimy floor.

Standing over the small beaten white man, Darnell was supposed to walk away and end the shot. But he had one final idea he thought would perfectly fit into the scene, waiting until Mike’s arms had moved away from his stomach, he swung his leg hard, kicking Mike’s mid section one good time before telling him: “Shut the fuck up, white boy” Both Janice, and the camera had a good view of Darnell’s crotch after he had stood up, and although his dick had been soft when he sneaked in, after beating Mike to a pulp it was clear that his cock had become fully erect, straining against his black sweatpants.

“Oh my god, baby are you okay?” Janice ran over and dropped beside him, forgetting to switch off the camera. “Mike, you okay buddy?” Darnell said, leaning down and offering his support. Mike couldn’t respond yet, the blinding pain had overcome him. He could feel how damaged his internal organs were, luckily nothing was dangerously injured, but they were at least very bruised. Now noticing the large piss spot on his pants, Janice stood up and asked Darnell to help her get some towel’s and pain killers.

Leaving the kitchen, Mike was left alone and rolling in his own mess. Mike’s friend on the laptop was shocked by how brutal it had looked, but was even more surprised when Janice and Darnell hadn’t returned after nearly ten minutes. Mike was nearly ready to force himself up when they finally came back, towels and pills in hand. Darnell poured him a glass of water and they helped him sit up as he swallowed the pills and apologized for wetting himself. “Don’t worry about it. You’re damn tough, Mike.” Darnell said, patting his shoulder and helping him feel better about himself.

“I’m so sorry honey but the camera wasn’t rolling, we need to do it again.” She said watching his eyes nearly pop out and his mouth drop open. “I’m only kidding!” She laughed, leaning down and hugging him. “Oh my god, don’t do that.” He laughed before wincing in pain. “Don’t worry we wouldn’t do that too you.” Darnell chuckled. Mike smiled weakly and looked over at the laptop, giving it a thumbs up.

After the savage beating he had received, Mike let them know that filming was currently stopped until tomorrow. Darnell told them he understood, and would be back tomorrow around noon. Once he had left, Janice had helped him into the shower and was washing him when she started feeling guilty. “Honey is this really worth doing?” She asked, her hand moving down to his groin. “Little late now isn’t it?” He laughed as her soapy hand worked over his soft cock. “I mean I know the internet perverts will love it, but this isn’t good for your health.” She smirked as his dick started to harden under her palm.

“Well I don’t think I want to get beat up anymore.” They both shared a laugh before she started stroking his short pink hard on. “You know you deserve a reward for all you’ve been through.” Lowering her self and washing the soap away from his cock, she stuffed it into her mouth and gave him a very enthusiastic blowjob. The pain from his stomach mixed with the pleasure in his dick, creating a weird feeling as he tried to hold out against her tongue, eventually cumming after a few minutes, his sperm swirling down the drain after Jan let it drool from her mouth.

The next day Mike spent nearly every second hunched over, trying to lessen the pain. His stomach had now turned blue and purple and he sat at odd angles while trying to set up the camera. “Knock knock.” Darnell said, peaking his head into the kitchen. “Jan let me in, how you feeling today?” He asked while sitting down across from Mike. “Like hammered shit.” He responded, trying to laugh some.

“Next is the bedroom scene, but we can cover the windows and still use the night vision so it coincides with last night.” Leading everyone to the bedroom, they spent 20 minutes blacking out the windows, and placing the camera in the corner, getting a full view of the bed and where Janice would pretend to sleep. “Excited?” He asked as Darnell finished with the last window. “Hell yeah!” He responded as Jan had finished her window, stepping beside Darnell before kissing him. “Hey uh, you don’t any hard feelings about this stuff right?” He ask before Jan’s tongue disappeared back into his mouth. “Haha, no I really love watching.” He replied, suddenly feeling like Darnell wanted him jealous. “So you forgive me for everything I’ve done?” Jan’s hand now stroking the bulge in his pants, giving him another french kiss while Darnell waited on Mike’s reply.

“I don’t need to forgive you because you haven’t done anything wrong, we’re cool I promise.” Mike said with a smile as his girlfriend pulled away from the large black man, and settled herself in bed. “Have fun.” Mike smirked as they turned out the lights, and the night-vision clicked on.

Back to the scene of Mike being violently kicked in the stomach, it slowly faded into the next as the view showed the bed room, the green night-vision selling the idea that it was night. As the bedroom door slowly opened, Darnell made his way inside, finding the red headed beauty he was looking for. She looked peaceful pretending to sleep, large headphones covering her ears, the main reason she hadn’t heard her boyfriend getting beaten. Slowly pulling the covers down, her nude body was completely exposed, as Darnell quickly stripped and started stroking his dick over her body.

As the view changed Darnell enjoyed playing with her soft shaven pussy lips, squeezing them and pulling them slightly. Janice moaned and rolled over, her ass now in the air. Spreading her cheeks apart the camera zoomed into her puckered little anus, Darnell’s thick black finger starting to slowly push into it. That was too much to sleep through, and Janice woke up and screamed. Climbing over her, they wrestled and knocked the headset onto the floor where it snapped apart. The headset was actually Mikes, and he hated to see it gone, but knew that with enough money from the website, he could buy another.

Pinning her down while she screamed against the pillow, Darnell placed both hands on her back as he lowered his cock to her entrance. Now one hand on her back, he reached down and felt for her wet opening, finally pushing the head in until letting his weight sink the rest of his cock inside her, stretching her open more then ever before. The scream this time was real, as she cried out from his cock’s thickness. Kicking and flailing her legs, Darnell laughed and started pumping her, working his cock in and out while she moaned and tried to fight back.

They fucked long enough that Mike could no longer wait, and pulled out his own cock in order to jerk while watching them. By now Janice had given up the fight, and was lost in pleasure as he roughly pulled her ass into him, grunting each time. “Oooh take my load, bitch!” He suddenly moaned, making Mike run closer, zooming into Darnell’s cock as it started to spasm inside of her, his shaft twitching multiple times before he slowly pulled out, a thick white trail of cum oozing out of her gaping pussy. Mike couldn’t hold back any longer, letting his little dick squirt across the floor, leaving a few white lines of cum below him.

Trying to fake cry into her pillow, she waited until Darnell had wiped his cock on her face, then left the room letting the scene fade out. “Good job you two, I’m jealous.” Mike said, trying not to stare at Darnell’s wet dripping cock as it swung between his legs. “Thank for letting me have her.” Darnell smirked. “No problem, pal.” He said trying to hide his inferior white cock, but Darnell had noticed and laughed slightly, making Mike blush.

Once everyone was cleaned up they were practically done, until Darnell pitched Mike an idea. He told him that it would fit, and since his fans liked it last time, they would enjoy it again. Mike didn’t quite feel up to it, but agreed anyway, his desire to make the best cuckold movies driving him forward. Changing the angle from the night before, Michael laid back down in the kitchen floor, curling into a ball like he was after getting beaten. The night-vision on, while Jan held up blankets to block out as much sunlight as she could, they hit record and finished the last scene.

Darnell stepped back through the kitchen, his dick swinging between his legs. Giving a small laugh at the beaten white man, he stepped past him and opened the refrigerator, getting himself a beer. Popping the top, the camera changed views again, this time waist high as Darnell turned up the beer, and held his cock over of Mike. Burping loudly Darnell released his piss, splashing and splattering across the floor until finding it’s mark and soaking Mike’s pajamas. Rolling around with pain, most of which wasn’t acting, it took a full minute before his stream stopped and he dropped the empty can on Mike’s head and the video ended.

“That looked great.” Janice said, still a little wobbly after being fucked. “Easy for you to say, you didn’t just get pissed on.” Mike said with disgust. “Oh common, it’s not that bad.”Darnell laughed, his cock still aimed at Michael’s face. After a second of no one moving, Mike looked up at Darnell from the floor. “Are you gonna-” Put his words were cut off when another stream of piss poured out, hitting him in the eyes and mouth. “Pffft, dude- wh-” Mike said angrily as the second stream only lasted a few seconds. “Sorry I had some left, I figured you wouldn’t mind.” Darnell said with a laugh.

Mike spat the foul tasting piss out, making disgusted sounds. “God, you could have at least warned me.” He scowled, Janice’s laughter not helping. “Shit, let me get a shower then we can do the last thing.” He said standing up and limping out of the kitchen, holding his aching stomach as Janice and Darnell exploded with laughter. “Fuck ya’ll, it wasn’t funny!” He yelled as his back disappeared around the corner.

Cleaned and finally finished, they set up the tri-pod and filmed themselves waving. Mike asked Darnell on camera if he had fun, and if he was forced to do anything against his will. Telling the camera how much fun it was, and how he enjoyed everything, Janice butted in with an extra question. “Was it fun beating him up?” Mike’s smile had faded slightly, not expecting the extra inquiry. Looking over at mike and patting his shoulder, Darnell gushed over how it was his favorite part. “This little dude is tough, but putting a white boy in his place: damn right it it was fun.” He laughed, getting Jan to laugh with him while Mike blushed. “Well, blacks are better after all.” Mike said, lifting his shirt to show his dark purple bruises, confirming to his fans that it wasn’t fake.

After that Darnell was paid for his service, and was invited back whenever they had time to film again. Jan was sad to see him leave, but they had a lot of work ahead of them, cutting the film together, and waiting to see how much their fans enjoyed the new movie.

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