Contains: Cheating, Betrayal, Violence, Urine, Humiliation

— —


Peter couldn’t understand what was wrong with him. For nearly a week, his spider sense had been acting up, pounding his head for seemingly no reason. Sleeping beside MJ helped, the ache stopped, but come the next morning it would start again.

“It’s stress from your Job, Peter, it has to be,” she told him late one night, rubbing his temples as he laid across her lap.

“It’s never been this strong before. It’s like something really bad is about to happen … or is already happening and I just can’t see it.”

She leaned down and kissed him deeply, pushing her tongue into his mouth. For a moment they were silent, and when separated, Mary suggested something to ease his mind.

Climbing into bed together, the headache stopped when MJ lowered her mouth over him. It had been days since they last fooled around, work had indeed been stressful, even for Spider-man, but almost as soon as they started, Peter erupted, bringing back the headache and making him feel even worse.

“It’s okay, baby, really,” she told him, spitting his load into a wad of tissue.

Ashamed of himself, he vowed to return the favor, quickly diving between her legs. Not surprisingly, she was already sticky and wet, her pussy drooling into his mouth as he eagerly lapped and swallowed. The taste was pleasant, muskier than normal, but New York had been hot recently.

“Mmm, how does it taste, bitch?” Mary Jane moaned, making Peter smile as she brought out her dominant side.

“I love it,” he mumbled back, the headache starting to fade as his erection returned.

It was late by the time they finished, and Peter had made MJ cum nearly half a dozen times; but when he asked one more for himself, she rejected him. Still in her dominant, mean roleplay, she had Peter masturbate for her, ending with his load squirting into the trash can. He loved it.

The next morning he awoke to an empty bed, and the same nagging headache. In the spider sense, he could almost hear what was wrong; sirens in the distance, a woman crying, the whoosh of wind, white noise, it was too much to make out. With Mary Jane likely returning home to her parents, or even out for breakfast, he knew he’d see her tonight.

Being the weekend, Peter didn’t need to worry about Mr. Jameson, his boss. Instead, he needed to find the source of the headaches, the reason his spider sense wouldn’t shut up. Slipping into his suit, he vaulted from the window, firing a web behind him and backflipping onto a nearby roof.

From this height he could barely see the city. Leaping and firing another web, he used the momentum to carry himself higher, sling-shotting onto the tallest nearby building. Scampering up its side, he peaked into a few windows, smirking behind his mask when a kid noticed him.

At the top, he could finally see enough to start his search. It wasn’t often he had to focus his abilities, but with the spider sense clouding his thoughts, he had no choice but to sit and listen.

It must look odd he thought, Spider-Man sitting cross-legged on top of an air conditioner unit, with his head down and arms crossed. Forcing the random images from his mind, ignoring the blinding noise, he began to pinpoint the disturbance. It wasn’t far, a few blocks. Someone was in danger, someone he knew.

Another blinding scream and Peter opened his eyes. It was MJ. He had actually heard her voice this time, not just in his head. Jumping from the roof, it took only a few seconds before he reached the alley.

Crawling over the edge of an adjacent building, his spider sense was nearly overwhelming, his head threatening to burst as he approached. Below him, Mary Jane was backing away from three large black men.

Normally, stopping a few thugs would be child’s play for him, but the headache had started taking its toll. Choosing not to fight, he shouted, getting their attention before firing his web at them, missing two and pinning the last against the wall, face first.

In response, they drew their guns and started firing. With his sense’s dulled, he barely had time to leap away before bullets hit brick. Scrambling through a broken window, he tried to focus his senses before making another attempt, but as he did, Mary Jane screamed.

With no time to think, he leapt from the window, straight down as he fired another shot of web, pinning the second thug to the ground before landing on him, knocking him unconscious.

“Don’t you move, bitch,” the leader threatened, using Mary Jane as a shield.

Dizzy, almost numb from the throbbing, Peter blinked away sweat as the thug held a gun to his girlfriend’s head. If he tried to save her with his web, he might miss again, and she could die; leaving them alone obviously wasn’t an option, so he did the only thing he could think of: talk.

“Hey, guys, kinda early for mugging don’t ya think?” he quipped, hoping the thug didn’t notice him stumble.

“One more step and the bitch gets it!” he shouted.

“Whoa, hey, it’s cool,” he said, catching himself as he stumbled backwards, “why don’t you let the Lady go, and I’ll go easy on you.”

The thug took notice of how wobbly Peter was, quickly raising his gun. It was now or never, and as the first shot missed, Peter countered with his web. It missed the gun entirely, instead striking his face, covering his eyes and nose.

Jumping forward Peter stumbled, but successfully grabbed the gun, easily tearing it from his fingers. A light punch to the cheek and the thug was unconscious, leaving Peter gasping for air.

“You … You stopped them,” Mary Jane said in shock, looking around at the three defeated men.

“Yeah,” he winced, closing one eye as he struggled to stay on his feet, “all in a days work.” Despite saving his girl and stopping the thugs, Peter’s headache had only grown worse.


“I never thought something like that would happen to an old man like me, hell I’m not that old – Parker! Get in here! Do you have those photos?” Jonah Jameson talked fast, and wanted results even faster. Peter wondered how his large mustache could stay on after it moved so much.

“N- No, Sir, I had a rough night-”

“Then what the hell am I paying you for?! If you’re not going to bring me pictures of Spider-Man then I’ll find someone else! You’re fired!”

Peter had barely moved before J.J shouted again.

“Wait – you’re not fired, I need photos of some new gang signs that have been popping around the city!”

Peter blinked.

“What the hell are you standing there for? Get to it! And while you’re out, get me new photo’s of that webbed freak, I’ve got a great new headline: Spider-Man fails to stop robbery – New gang makes millions!”

Peter hadn’t even heard about the robbery. Two days after saving Mary Jane, his headaches had only gotten worse. He found it harder to focus, and although he loved his girlfriend, it seemed like time away helped clear his mind.

“I’ll get right on it,” he finally answered, turning to leaving the office.

“Anyway,” J.J turned to the man beside him, “hot little bombshell, red hair, stopped me on the way home and told me she wanted me! Right there on the street, damnest thing!”

Peter paid no mind to his boss’ ramblings, instead he left for the stairs, heading up and onto the roof where he could be alone. Atop the Daily Bugle there was privacy, enough to change into his suit before he stepped to the edge, looking across the bay and studying the harbor.

Diving over the edge, he shot web onto the corner of a nearby building, swinging at full speed before launching himself high into the air. Wind rushed past he ears as his muscles flexed, twisting and contorting as he flipped before launching another web and making another swing.

It felt good being away from his apartment, perhaps it was the stress of the City that had started bothering him. He didn’t want to blame MJ on the headaches, but perhaps she wasn’t to blame, being a super hero was demanding after all.

Catching himself on a billboard, Peter studied the Docks below him. Workers moved back and forth, loading and unloading giant containers full of crates. Nearby, a large, neon green marking caught his eye.

A quick leap and he was there. It was a bright green swirl, like a hypnotist might use, only it had a distinct edge to it. The spiral rotated outward, ending with a sharp turn that ran through the center of the design.

Peter had never seen it before, but as he searched around the docks, he found more and more of them, all the same. Stopping at the final one, he withdrew his camera from a brown sling on his shoulder and began snapping photos.

In the moment his mind was clear, no headache. So when the baseball bat swung from behind, he sensed it right away, ducking and kicking backwards, knocking the thug into a pile of discarded boxes.

“Ya know, it’s not nice to sneak up on someone,” he said, stuffing the camera away before dodging a different attacker.

The alley wasn’t small, but both directions now had thugs blocking the exits. Enclosing on him, Peter cracked his neck, stretching his arms and hoping on his toes. “You guys aren’t going to sell me something are you? Is this about a new type of toilet? Because my old one works fine.”

Each gang member had matching designs on their shirts, the green swirl. The men had different weapons, some bats, others with heavy chains or metal pipes. They eventually stopped, surrounding him in half circle, each with their weapon ready to strike.

“Alright fine,” he glanced around him, “I’ll take a Sham-Wow.”

The men lunged forward, hoping to strike. Instead he jumped backwards, easily avoiding damage as he stuck to the wall and fired web onto each of their weapons. With no headache and no fatigue, he felt strong again, and with one swift pull yanked all the weapons from their hands, leaving them hanging twenty feet above.

Dropping down, he easily ducked, dodged, tripped, punched, and beat them until only he remained. With most unable to talk he chose the least hurt, grabbing him by the shirt and hoisting him into the air with a single hand.

“So … this awkward but, care to explain the new fashion?” he asked, pointing to the man’s shirt.

When the thug kept quiet, Peter walked to the alleyway wall, slowly crawling up it while still holding the thug with one hand. It didn’t take long before he started screaming. The height, mixed with Peter’s grip slowly becoming loose, forced the thug to hold onto his arm, fearful of the six-story plunge.

“Care to talk now?”

“Yes! I – I’ll tell you! Just don’t-”

Just then, Peter’s cell phone began to ring, causing them both to go silent. Taking his hand off the wall, he was able to support the 200 pound man, and himself, with just his legs as he leaned back against the flat wall.

“This is embarrassing,” Peter chuckled, tilting his head at the terrified man, “I’ll just be a minute,” he said , shrugging the man off and letting him fall; but before he could reach the ground, he shot two lines of webbing, catching him just before impact.

“Go for Peter,” he smirked.

“Ooh, hey, baby,” Mary Jane answered, breathing heavily.

“Uh, hey, you,” he listened carefully to her grunts, “are … you okay?”

“I’m on the treadmill at the Gym, ugh!”

Peter smiled behind his mask, “Sounds like you’re playing with yourself to me.”

MJ laughed, “You’re awful, I just wanted to check on you – make sure … ugh, that my hero was staying safe.”

“Oh you know me,” Peter glanced down at the men struggling to walk, “Just … hangin’ around.”

For a moment nothing was said, and Peter simply listened to the hot, breathy moans of Mary Jane as she struggled with her exercise. Finally he had to speak up, “Uh, babe, whatever you’re doing, well … I’m wearing spandex.”

She laughed, “Ahh- does it … really get you going to hear me like this?”

Giving the thugs one last look, Peter leapt onto the roof, crouching behind some tall vents that billowed white smoke. “It sounds like something I’d pay two dollars a minute for,” he whispered, looking around to make sure no one could see him.

“Mm, well maybe you should find somewhere private-”

“Done,” he replied, pulling the tight red shirt up before pulling the pants down, freeing his erection.”

“You’re so bad.”

“Yeah, yeah, just keep making those noises.”

“Oh my god, you’re such a … Ohh, fuck … you’re a pervert, Peter.”

Once more nothing was said. Peter sat quietly as he listened to Mary Jane grunt and moan into his ear, stroking himself faster each time she whimpered or cursed. As he came nearer to climax, she finally spoke up. “Getting close?”

“Yeah,” was all he said, listening to her giggle.

“It’s so big, Peter,” she purred, “I didn’t think it would fit … Ooh, but he made it fit. It’s so much bigger than yours … remind me why am I still dating you?”

Peter was too close to care what she said, reaching climax, his load fired across the rooftop, splattering a foot ahead of him in long white lines. After a moment of bliss, he finally came back to his senses and managed to say, “Thanks, MJ, I needed that. Uhm, I love you-”

“I know you do,” she giggled, “see you tonight, handsome.”

With the phone and his dick put away, Peter stepped back to the buildings edge and looked down. Somehow, the thugs had managed to free their friend, and now the alley was completely empty.

“Shit,” he grumbled, unsure how long they had been gone. Despite the setback, he had plenty of time to keep searching; J.J wouldn’t need the photo’s just yet.


“The plan is coming together nicely.”

“Yes, Sir, all thanks to you.”

“Soon, Spider-Man … soon.”


The sun was setting when Peter returned to Mr. Jameson. Eager to get home, he took his payment and left, rushing so he could slip away and see MJ. The closer he came to his apartment the worse his headache grew. Swinging onto the roof, he changed out of his suit and made his way down the stairs, waving to a neighbor as they passed.

Being a teenager, hormones could often get the better of you. The prospect of being with his girlfriend fueled him, his pants already tight as he reached the door. Suddenly, a wave like disturbance struck him, as if something terrible was inside his apartment. Causiously, he turned the knob and looked inside.

Waiting on him was MJ, her legs spread, wearing nothing but a smile. His head ached, but he stepped inside anyway. Looking around the room, he found no one else, yet the sense of danger continued to hound him harder than ever. Then, as he approached her, a hand grabbed him from behind.

His spider sense erupted as he was thrown against the wall, shattering a photo of his uncle and cracking the plaster. Debris fell around him, and he looked up to find none other than Mysterio, a master of illusions and hypnosis.

“MJ, Get back!” Peter shouted, jumping to his feet and getting between them. With her behind and the Fish bowl headed Villian in front, he raised his web shooter; but before he could press the button, Mary Jane’s foot swung between his legs, catching Peter in the balls.

His headache was unbearable, but the pain below now matched it, and he screamed as he fell. Suddenly everything started to make sense; it was because she was under Mysterio’s control that his spider sense never stopped.

“Such a fool,” Mysterio laughed, stepping over and placing his foot on Peter’s chest.

Behind him, a group of dark skinned thugs entered the room, all wearing the green swirled shirts. It took a moment, but Peter recognized their faces from a few nights ago, they were the same thugs who had cornered MJ in the alley.

“Ah, good, the help is here,” Mysterio said, glancing over his shoulder, “take him to the hideout.”

Peter struggled to breath as the boot weighed heavily on him. The only thing worse was the headache, making him too weak to fight back.

“Take the girl too, she can still be of some use to us.”

Before Peter could speak, Mysterio’s large boot struck his face with enough force to break the floorboards below him. Head ringing, Peter struggled to move, horrified as the thugs walked over to his girlfriend, freely groping her naked body before the boot crashed into his head again.

“Nighty night, insect,” the green, cape wearing villian laughed. With one final stomp, Peter was finally knocked unconscious.


It was dark when Spider-Man awoke. Dark, and cold. Metal chains bound his ankles and wrist, and for the first time in a long time, his head didn’t hurt. His balls were sore, but had mostly healed.

Struggling to get up, he found himself chained to the floor. At most he could rise to his knees, but no higher. It was a metal throat collar that held him in place, the chain running through a metal ring that looped to his wrist and ankles, severely restricting his movement.

After a moment he realized he was nude, and that he was inside a concrete cellar. Small slivers of light were shining through the bottom of a nearby door, giving him a barely enough sight. As footsteps approached, he struggled to break his bonds, but they remained firm.

As the door opened Peter squinted against the blinding light, unable to see who had joined him. Only when they drew closer did he realize it was more than one person, and as they cracked their knuckles, he recognized the thugs from earlier.

“Rise and shine, boy,” said the leader, smirking before rearing back and taking a swing at Peter’s face.

Bound, but still able to move, Peter easily ducked the swing, smiling as the thug stumbled from the haymaker.

“I think you missed me,” he quipped when the leader regained his balance.

“Hold him.”

“Uh-oh,” Peter’s smile faded, steeling himself for the abuse he was about to recieve.

Taking turns, two thugs held him while the other proceeded to punch him in the face. The hit barely moved him, and Peter was able to smile again, his strength and duribility far more than avarage. But as the minutes rolled by, and an hour finally passed, the men’s hands were sore and painful, but Peter was badly beaten.

His nose cut at the top, both eyes blackened, scuffs and cuts from where they had started kicking him in the face, and finally his balls swollen where they had kicked him several times in an attempt to weaken him.

After the final blow Peter had given in, and was practically crying as he promised to do anything they wanted. The men laughed, called him a small dicked white boy, then left, leaving him alone once more in darkness.

It was half an hour before more footsteps approached, and this time he was joined by the person he wanted to see most, MJ, but behind her followed the thugs.

“Hi, Peter,” she said sensually, stopping in front of him. Her body nude, and her shaven mound in his face.

“MJ,” he gasped, “please, you have to fight it … it’s Mysterio’s mind control, it’s making you-”

But she struck him across the face, not enough to hurt, but to shock him into silence. By now the thugs were surrounding and groping at her body, squeezing, pinching, twisting, grinding, all in Peter’s face.

“Why didn’t you come get me earlier?” MJ complained, “I wanted to see you beat him up.”

Peter’s eyes grew wide, both in shock from her words, but also from the large black cock that had begun poking into view. Pushing through her thigh gap from behind, the thug’s hard-on rubbed the underside of her pussy, getting it wet as he humped her, the head aimed directly at Peter’s face.

Mary Jane tightened her legs, squeezing him harder as he began drooling pre-cum onto her feet. Shuffling closer, she giggled as the head of his cock began touching Peter’s nose, his eye’s crossing as he watched it.

“That’s what a real man’s cock looks like, Pete,” she smirked, reaching between her legs to stroke it.”

“No,” Peter whimpered, “you don’t know what you’re saying … you’re still under his mind control.”

The thug behind her laughed, squeezing her breast as the tip of his dick attached a string of precum to peter’s nose, “Hah, he still thinks you’re being controlled, what a fucking idiot.”

Peter felt his stomach drop. Looking up, MJ and the thugs smiled down at him, as if to confirm his worst fear.

“I’m sorry, pete,” MJ began, “but he’s right, I’m not being controlled.” The entire time she spoke, the black cock continued poking through her thighs, touching peter’s nose.

“N-no, that’s not true-”

“Each time we had sex, I was laughing at you; and each time you left, I was cheating on you.”

Suddenly and without warning, the thug behind her cursed and grimaced, just before his cock unexpectedly began firing it’s load directly onto Peter’s face. Thick white globs pelted him, splashing into his eyes, down his nose, cheeks, and even in his hair. MJ burst into laughter, shaking the cock and flinging droplets onto her boyfriend.

“Shit,” said the thug, “got too excited.”

“You’re as bad as, Peter,” she laughed, twisting her torso and giving the black man behind her a deep, loving french kiss.

Through a cum glazed vision, Pete watched his girlfriend make out with the same deviant who was kicking him in the face only twenty minutes ago. The resolve and hope he had held onto was crumbling, and he now hung his head, trying not to weep.

“I guess we should get started, eh?” asked a different thug.

Releasing her, the men switched places, and soon Mary Jane was being held up, her legs spread wide, and a new black cock pressing at her entrance. Peter finally gathered the courage to look up, coming face to face with MJ’s pussy, just as it was lowered onto a thick piece of meat.

“Enjoy the show, loser,” Mary Jane moaned, “it might be the last time you ever see my pussy.”

The thug holding her up stumbled forward, bouncing her on his cock, but also bumping into Peter’s face. With the collar restricting his movement, Peter couldn’t escape as the thug’s balls dropped onto his nose. Now fucking the redheaded bombshell, each bounce pressed into Pete’s face, and he began to weep.

MJ closed her eyes and smiled, losing herself in the pleasure.


“Wake up, white boy!”

Hit by a gush of ice cold water, Peter snapped back in his chains, his mind reeling as the metal bucket struck him across the head. The last thing he remembered was MJ choking him with both hands, but slowly the memories began to return.

In the haze of waking up, he began to recall everything that happened the night before. Losing the fight to Mysterio, waking up in chains, and forced to watch his girlfriend cheat for what seemed like hours. Weak from being beaten, all Peter could do was cry as MJ and the men humiliated him the entire time.

Spitting on him, pissing on him, punching and kicking his face just to make MJ laugh, it was all coming back. They had fucked his girlfriend in every position possible, most of the time doing it against his face. Peter couldn’t stop his own erection, or the shame he felt each time he reached orgasm without being touched.

His first load blew when MJ stuffed her creampie in his face, forcing him to eat it out or risk being punished again. Of course even after doing it, they still beat him for fun. Being a superhero helped, their attacks had less impact while focused on sex, but Peter’s pride was quickly being torn apart.

The second hands free orgasm made him feel terrible, since he was tricked into enjoying it so much. After watching MJ take an anal creampie, she ordered her boyfriend to close his eyes before shoving her ass in his face.

Peter did so, and once his face made contact with flesh, he couldn’t resist shoving his tongue as deep as possible. MJ moaned and cheered him on, but after a full minute it dawned on him that he wasn’t eating Mary Jane’s ass. Already at the chain’s full length, Pete couldn’t back away or escape as the black man pushed his sweaty crack harder into his face.

The smell, the taste, the humiliation, despite feeling sick, he was more shocked that even his cock betrayed him, twitching, jumping and firing an even bigger load than the first.

Peter gasped for air as the black man’s ass was finally removed, creating a juicy suctioned ‘pop’ as his lips and tongue pulled free. Sinking to the floor, the group’s laughter bore into him like a knife, and to make it worse, his cock had yet to go soft.

The night continued on, and after several more humiliating orgasms, along with more mental and physical abuse, they decided enough was enough. Most of the thugs had left the room when Mary returned to her boyfriend, crouching and smiling at him.

Peter wasn’t sure what to expect, but it shocked him little when she spit in his face. The only real shock came when she started choking him. Reaching out, her soft hands wrapped around his throat, and although he could have likely shaken her free, he simply stared into her beautiful eyes until everything went black.

With his memories returned, Peter slowly rose. Still chained to the floor, the time spent unconscious seemed to have returned most of his strength. Getting to his knees, he looked up at the oversized thug who was now aiming his cock at Peter’s face. As expected, a burst of hot piss began spraying him, helping remove the cold water.

“You like that, bitch?”

Peter smiled, but as he opened his mouth for a snarky retort the stream was redirected, catching him in the mouth and pouring down his throat. Coughing and choking, the thug laughed while his stream continued splashing atop Peter’s head.

“Drink it up, Spider-Dick … having fun yet?”

Peter had no choice but to endure as the stream continued, splashing across his face and hair, down his chest and stomach and even running over his hardening manhood. Eventually it ended, and the thug stepped as close as possible in order to shake the last drops onto Peter’s face.

“What’chu got to say now, huh?”

Peter lowered his head, staring down at the puddle of urine around him. For a moment he was motionless, leaving only their breathing and the soft click of his chains.

The headaches from Mysterio had seemingly vanished, leaving his mind clear and focused, along with a building rage he hadn’t felt before. Never one for anger, Pete had always tried to keep a level head, but today was different. Anger was what he needed.

“Thank you,” said Peter in the softest voice he could.

“What’chu say?”

“Thank you, sir,” he repeated louder.

The thug could only smile, absent minded as he played with his large flaccid cock.

“You know,” Peter began, raising his head and smiling up at him, “they say it’s better to be pissed off … than pissed on.”

Laughing, the black thug nodded in agreement.

“I don’t think whoever came up with that phrase … has had both at the same time.”

The laughter stopped as Peter’s smile changed into something animalistic. Gritting his teeth, flexing his muscles, and using his anger to enhance his strength, he began screaming as the chains around his neck and wrist snapped tight. Leaning back and pulling with all his might, the metal began to groan under the extreme strain.

Suddenly terrified, the thug stumbled backwards as Pete stared him down. In a violent pop, the chain’s strength finally gave way, breaking under the strain and freeing Spider-Man from his enslavement. Once loose, the metal collar was easily torn free, along with his ankle restraints.

“What’s wrong?” Peter snarled, “I thought we were having fun.”

Outside the room, two more goons were headed for the door when it was violently smashed down. The thug inside had dented it’s frame when thrown against it, along with the wall it collided with. Turning and running, the men started shouting for help, hoping to escape before Peter could reach them.

Above the concrete basement, MJ had just settled between another henchmen’s legs when an alarm went off. The blaring sound and flashing red lights could only mean that Peter had broken free. Panic descended among everyone, and as the goon shoved her to the floor in order to save himself, several guards began taking up arms, loading and cocking their firearms in anticipation for Peter’s arrival.

The door leading to the basement was down a hallway from where MJ sat, and as they waited, the screams of any henchmen unfortunate enough to cross peter’s path carried to their ears.

“Where’s the boss at?!” one goon shouted at another.

“How the hell should I know?!”

“I thought he was chained up? How’d he get free?!”

The floor rumbled as Peter hurled a henchmen to the ground, shaking MJ’s feet and filling her with fear. The tremors grew closer as he approached their room, the last henchmen screaming before being thrown into a wall, denting it’s thin metal.

It was clear to Pete that he was in a warehouse of some kind, the concrete floors, metal walls, hanging wires and open ventilation suggested a possible storage place for a nearby factory. However, most of what he could hear was quiet, meaning it was likely no longer being used.

With everyone’s guns trained on the only door Peter could step through, nothing happened. Mary Jane held her breath as they waited to see him walk in, expecting to watch her boyfriend die in a hail of bullets. But as seconds turned into minutes, only silence followed.

“Go check it out,” someone ordered.

“Fuck that! You go check it out!”

One after another the men started bickering, fighting amongst themselves on who would go. During the chaos, MJ picked up the faintest noise coming from above, the pop of metal in an air duct. Looking above her, she spotted a foot moving past an opening in the duct. Speechless, she watched the square metal tube contort as Peter crawled his way through it.

With the noise behind him, Peter sped up, crawling faster and faster until the small slits of light lead him to an opening, and back outside. A burst of fresh air awaited him, the smells of urine, fish, and garbage. He was never happier to be at the docks.

The warehouse he was trapped under had been one of the same marked with the gang sign. And as he memorized it’s location, he lept from the building, plunging himself into the Hudson River. No web shooters meant no fast way back home, and with Mysterio already knowing where he lived, Peter had no choice but to seek refuge elsewhere.

Swimming deep under water in the hopes of going unnoticed, Pete could only think of one person who might be able to help him: Felicia Hardy.


“Sir! Mr. Mysterio!”

“I’m busy.”

“But sir-”

“This had better be important!”

“It’s Spider-man, sir, he’s escaped!

” … ”

“Sir, what should we do?”

” … Don’t do anything. Let him go.”


“Let him run. Without his web shooters or suit he’s little more than a naked freak. We’ll have him back soon enough.”

“What about the girl?”

” … Ms. Jane has been very helpful to our cause. I think it’s time I rewarded her.”


Crawling from the river, Peter had swam at least a mile before ending up near some privately owned boats. The sun was already setting when he escaped the warehouse, and now darkness had nearly covered everything, making it much easier to sneak around nude.

Jumping and leaping from boat to boat, Peter was able to scramble away from the docks and back onto dry land, ending up in the shadier side of Hoboken. It wasn’t hard to find clothes once he started wall crawling, and half way up a complex he found a line stretched out with several shirts and pants.

Snatching the jeans closest to his size, Peter pressed his back against the brick, still several floors up as he dressed on the side of the wall.

Barefoot, but with tight jeans and a grey sweatshirt, Peter sprawled upward, heading for the roof and away from anyone who might notice him.

From up high, the city was beautiful at night. Thousands of tiny lights flickering below, and across the Hudson, somewhere near the opposite dock was MJ, equally as beautiful. Although his head no longer hurt, it seemed harder for him to think, as if his thoughts were being blocked, or filtered.

“Mysterio,” Peter grumbled, shaking his head and walking toward a ventilation stack. The metal pipe puffed white steam, but it provided warmth as Peter shivered from the cold.

“Okay, Peter,” he began, quietly talking to himself, “you’ve been through worse. If we’re lucky, we’ll spot Felicia. … If we’re unlucky, well … I can always join the circus.” A cold gust caused him to shiver, wrapping his arms around himself. “Think … what would uncle ben do?”

A sudden and vivid image forced it’s way into his mind. Ben’s tombstone stood by itself as Mary was held above it, a large black thug lifting her from behind, spreading her legs and allowing her stream of piss to arc upward before falling across the grave.

Peter twitched and shook his head, forcing away the unwanted thought. Worse still, the image had provoked a response from his cock, causing it to quickly stiffen and swell in his jeans.

“What the hell did Mysterio do to me?” he asked aloud.


For a week the newspapers covered the absence of Spider-man. No where had the web slinger been seen, along with Peter Parker disappearing from his life and job. Peter was fired from The Bugle, although it came as no surprise, and his apartment was emptied and reassigned to a new tenant.

Peter had gone into hiding, still unable to contact or run into Felicia. Staying in the shadows during the day, Peter only crossed the rooftops at night, sticking to the buildings low enough, and close enough to jump between. The lack of webshooters had severely restricted his movement, forcing him to walk wherever he needed to go.

Nearly two weeks since his capture, late one evening as he sat on another rooftop, eating what little food he had stolen, a voice from behind made him squeal.

“Is that for me, bug-boy?”

Quickly standing and turning, Peter braced himself for an attack that never came. Crouched on the building’s ledge, Felicia herself, Black Cat, smiled and winked at him. Her tight spandex suit seemed to stick to her like paint, hugging and squeezing her curves in delightfully sinful ways. Even at night, Peter could see the cold had affected her as well, causing her nipples to poke at the material on her chest.

“Whoa,” she grinned, covering her mouth for a moment, “is that for me too?”

Peter looked down at his groin, forgetting his erection.

“Felicia,” he gasped, dropping the food, “help me.”


Mary Jane laughed, lowering her tongue to the underside of Norman’s balls. Sniffing his scent, licking the sweat away, and swallowing the constant pre-cum from his cock, MJ moaned as the older man made another promise to kill her boyfriend.

“I’ll make him suffer, my dear, just the way you want.”

“Thank you, darling, nothing would please me more,” she purred, lowering her lips around his cock.

“Oohh, you’re such an evil little scamp. Why did you ever choose Parker over my son Harry?”

“I didn’t. I’ve been cheating on Peter since we got together, and Harry loves betraying his friend.”

“Good. Harry will do great things one day. But for now, I’m not too old to handle a tramp like you, and certainly not too old to kill a pest like Spider-Man.”

Norman grinned down at MJ, moving the hair away from her face so he could watch her work. Glancing to the corner of the room, his Goblin suit stood waiting, ready to be used in a moment’s notice.


Following Black Cat back to her home, she allowed Peter refuge until he could plan his next move. It was great to be out of the cold with something warm to eat, but even as he relaxed, all was not well.

“Wow, Pete, even I didn’t get this much of a rise out of you the first time we met.” Black Cat squatted between Peter’s legs, running the metal fingertips of her claws gently up the length of his exposed cock. “And you said Mysterio did this to you? Funny, I didn’t know you had a thing for clowns who wore fish bowls.”

“This isn’t funny, Cat, and don’t … ah, don’t touch it … It’s getting more and more sensitive.”

Felicia grinned, slowly wrapping her fingers around his base, “You just need a good release is all.”

“No don’t!”

Ignoring his cries, Felicia lowered her mouth over Peter’s cock, the warmth spreading into her mouth. Peter cried out the instant she touched him, and as his legs shook and his hips bucked, the few seconds of stimulation was enough to make him erupt, blowing his entire load into her mouth as she coughed and backed away.

“What the hell, pete!”

Peter couldn’t respond, doubling over as the orgasm forced his eyes closed. Shaking, twitching, Peter groaned into the couch cushions while his cock continued twitching and pumping long after his balls had emptied.

Felicia stepped back, eyes wide as she watched him struggle to retake control. Finally, after several minutes of somewhat seizure like behavior, he finally calmed down and began catching his breath.

“Holy crap,” she gushed, suddenly afraid to touch him.

“Yeah … so that’s a thing,”

“I’m so sorry, Peter, you didn’t tell me it would hurt you.”

Swallowing, he shook his head, “It didn’t hurt … that’s the problem. I can handle pain, hell, I get beat up by a different costumed villain nearly every day! This is different though, it’s not pain.”

“It actually felt that good?”

“I thought I was going to pass out again.”

” … again?!”

“Not the first time it’s happened.”

Felicia seemed awestruck, perhaps even jealous. “Wow.”

“I need my web shooters, if nothing else, I need them. I have to find Mysterio and stop this.”

“What about Mary Jane?”

Peter hung his head. “I don’t know. I’m not sure if she’s actually under hypnosis … or if she’s been this bad all along.”

“Peter,” Felicia said softly, crouching again and meeting him eye to eye, “I’ve seen you and MJ together before. No way is she bad, it HAS to be hypnosis. She always looks so happy with you … it sucks.”

Peter grinned, suddenly feeling guilty for trying to get Cat to help him.

“I’ll go get your toys back,” she said, standing and walking toward her apartment’s balcony.

“N-No! Let me come with you, it’s dangerous! If Mysterio is there-”

“I’m a big girl, bug-boy, I can handle myself. Besides, without your web shooters, you’ll only slow me down. Oh, and clean up your spunk while I’m gone.”

Leaping from the window, Peter watched her swing away, firing a micro grappling hook from her wrist, similar to his webbing. Alone in her apartment, he fixed himself another meal before his erection started it’s return. What he hadn’t mentioned to Felicia, was not only was he super sensitive, but whatever Mysterio had done to him, had also caused him to become overwhelmingly horny. Turned on by even the worst things.

Failing to fight it, Peter sat down his plate and began searching for a pair of Felicia’s dirty panties.


The sun was shining as Peter awoke the next morning. Clutching a stolen pair of underwear to his nose, he sat up on the couch and looked around, wondering if Felicia had returned yet. Standing, his morning erection bounced excitedly, practically throbbing from not being touched while he slept.

“Cat?” he shouted, “you back?”

Walking through the apartment, he found it devoid of any feline dressed super heroines. However, upon coming back to the kitchen there was something he had overlooked, a note. When he noticed it, he hung Felicia’s panties over his erection like a coat rack, lifting the paper with both hands before reading it.

Sorry, web-head, I spent all night searching but I haven’t found your toys yet. I checked the warehouses by the docks but they’re empty, so I’ll just have to keep looking.

In the meantime, there’s some money stashed under my mattress, I want you to take it. Better fitting clothes and a new mask would be a good idea if you intend on crime-fighting again.

I left the apartment key on my dresser, so lock the place up when you go out, and I’ll be back later tonight.

PS: Try not to ruin anymore of my panties.

-Black Cat

Grinning, Peter gripped his cock and began stroking himself with the fabric. The note ended with a big red lipstick kiss, and there was a sudden urge to cum on it.

Putting it down and fixing himself breakfast, Peter gradually awoke as he ate, got dressed and planned his activities. He needed better clothes, Cat was right, and a Mask would save his Identity, that was true too. But there were two more things he felt he needed, and he hopped Cat had left him enough money to buy them.

Grabbing the apartment key, Peter gave his cock a few strokes through the tight jeans before leaving the complex and heading into Hoboken to do some shopping, hoping no one would notice that he was wearing her panties.


“So we’re all in agreement?”

The shadowy figures stood in a circle around a table, their faces unseen.

“If it will bring that spider-freak down, then I’m in.”

“Me too.”


“Just to be clear, I only want spider-man out of the picture, once he’s dealt with, I want nothing more to do with you all.”


“Good, then it’s settled … we’ll temporarily join forces, and strike while he’s weakest.”


Stretching his legs felt good after sleeping on the couch all night. The t-shirt he wore was long enough to cover his seemingly permanent erection, so it was easier to move around without anyone noticing.

On his way out, Peter’s first stop was a cheap thrift store, where he eventually found less constricting pants and a few changes of clothes, including a ski-mask that he could later dye red. Being away from everyone made his mind feel clearer, but his cock still ached for attention. Lucky, Peter had already thought of a solution to that problem, and his next stop was across town, at a dirty looking sex shop.

Heading inside, he awkwardly greeted the young girl behind the counter, and wondered if he should look around or get straight to the point. With his erection demanding attention, he decided to walk around, admiring the movies, toys and sex paraphernalia. The urge to masturbate had only grown stronger inside the store, but soon enough Peter found what he had come for.

I guess the small size will work, he thought, humiliated by his own inadequacy.

Taking the two packages up to the counter, he blushed as the girl grinned at him, scanning both the chastity cage, and butt-plug. To his surprise, she said, “You know we have vibrators too,” giving him a sexy wink.

Peter swallowed, looking behind him at the wall of sex toys. Giving it a thought, it didn’t take much encouragement to walk over and pick one out, choosing a small rainbow colored vibrator, and returning to the counter.

After making his purchases, it was onto a local hardware store, and after leaving with a can of red spray paint it was time to return to the apartment and prepare.

Felicia wouldn’t be home for quite a while, which meant plenty of time alone. If Peter wanted to save Mary Jane, there was a lot of work ahead of him.

Coloring the mask was first, painting it red before hanging it out to dry. Next came changing into his new clothes, which were a much better fit and allowed for easier movement. The sex toys would have to wait for now, because even though his cock had yet to go down, Peter felt the need for exercise.

Trying his best to ignore his erection, he started with sit ups. Each crunch tapped his tip to his stomach, leaving a string of slime. Push ups were next, but they proved more difficult because of the floor contact with each descent.

The workout was ultimately a test to take his mind off things, but no matter how much he pushed himself, his superhuman body simply wouldn’t grow tired or less aroused.

Finally he turned to the toys, determined to beat Mysterio at whatever game he was playing. Taking the vibrator and cage out of their packages, Peter felt his cock twitch at the prospect of using them.

I really hope no one sees me doing this, he thought, heading to the kitchen and finding the olive oil. It was the closest thing to lube he had, and while kneeling beside the couch, peter oiled up himself, and the rainbow colored vibrator before awkwardly and slowly teasing himself with it.

I have to do this … I have to.

With the cock cage on standby, Peter took a breath and pushed the vibrator inside himself, feeling the slippery plastic brush against his prostate, causing him to twitch and release a moan. Taking another breath, he slowly pulled the toy out, before flicking the switch and pushing it back in.

This was a mistake! Peter cried out in his mind, practically falling over as the vibrations sent waves of pleasure through his body, nearly paralyzing him as his cock erupted immediately, emptying his balls into the same pair of Felicia’s panties he had been using earlier.

Gritting his teeth, he left the vibrator inside him as he reached for the cage, grabbing his cock and stroking it, nearly having a second orgasm as the first subsided.

It wasn’t easy, and it left him exhausted, but after three more orgasms Peter’s cock finally went soft enough to stuff inside the cage, locking himself up before throwing the key into another room.

“There,” he gasped, laying in a mess of his own sperm, “That’ll show Mysterio who’s boss.”


With his libido now somewhat under control, Peter was able to better focus on his goals. As the sun set, he waited on Felicia to return, sitting on the couch and ignoring the pressure his dick was exerting on the cage, trying it’s hardest to break free.

After several hours of watching TV, he began to worry that something had gone wrong. Then, just as he thought of climbing to the roof, Felicia’s land-line phone began ringing. Unsure if he should answer, he waited, letting the answering machine pick up. When it did, Peter’s blood ran cold.

“No!!” Came the Black Cat’s voice after the beep, “Peter!! Don’t listen to them! It’s a trap! Don’t-” her words were quickly muffed, making him run to the phone, picking it up.

“Hello?! Felicia?! What’s happening, where are you?!”

“Hello, Peter,” came the familiar voice of Mary Jane, “how’ve you been?”

Swallowing, his grip tightened on the plastic phone, making the plastic squeak from the crushing pressure. “MJ … where are you, what have you done to Felicia.”

There was a moment of silence before she answered. “I’ve been doing a lot to her,” she whispered into the phone, “in fact, right now I have her kissing my feet … like a good little pet.”

Peter’s cock gave a twitch, but it remained locked in it’s plastic cage. “Tell me where you are,” he ordered, nearly shaking.

“Oh I will … that’s the point.”

A scuffle in the background caught his attention, and Black Cat’s voice returned. “The corner of bloomfield and sixth street, Peter!” She was quickly muffled again, but he had heard all he needed.

“Don’t listen to her, sweetie,” Mary Jane laughed, “she’s a little confused after the beatings … we’ve moved somewhere else … somewhere nice and homey.”

“Stop this Mary Jane, please … you can’t-”

“Oops! Sorry, Peter I gotta go … your aunt May just got home, and we’ve been waiting on her.”

The phone call ended with a loud click, but her words continued ringing through his head. Letting go of the phone, Peter sprinted to the window, not waiting to open it as he dove through, exploding the the frame and glass as he snatched his mask and leaped out before the phone had even fallen to the floor.

The first stop was the place Felicia had yelled out. Climbing up the walls and leaping from rooftop to rooftop, Peter made quick time as he headed for the corner of Bloomfield and Sixth. Reaching the roof, it didn’t take long before he found a small package tucked behind some air vents.

As expected they contained his web shooters, and after equipping them he was off once more, leaping over the building’s edge and swinging through New York at full speed. Queens was nearly an hour drive away, but with the ability to leap buildings and swing past traffic it took Peter little over ten minutes before he arrived.

Landing across from his Aunt’s house, he caught his breath before studying the scene. Nothing showed signs of forced entry, nor did his spider sense tingle. Hanging onto Felicia’s warnings, Peter leapt to the ground, before wearily approaching the front door.

Looking through the windows was a no go, since the curtains had been drawn. The neighborhood didn’t seem in alarm, so it was unlikely that any masked villains had been seen nearby. Reaching for the door handle, Peter could feel a difference in how hard it normally was to turn, and just as the lock clicked, he launched himself backwards just as the entire house violently exploded.

Even leaping away, the fiery shockwave carried and tumbled him through the air. Luckily he was Spider-Man, and a quick ariel adjustment steadied himself before landing on a nearby roof.

There were screams from the neighbors, and the thought only now occurred to him, but he hoped that Aunt May hadn’t been inside the house. With no way of knowing, and wondering what he should do, the answer came when he saw Green Goblin racing away from the scene, zipping through the air on his hover bike.

“Damn you, Parker!” the villain shouted, raising his middle finger while fleeing.

“That’s a bit out of character, Norman,” Peter chuckled, racing after him.


Somehow, despite the advantage of having his web shooters back, Peter still managed to lose his target after several sharps turns into downtown queens. Perched on the lip of the nearest tall building, he listened for any screams or shouts from the people below, which amazingly were none.

“How the hell did he get away?” Peter asked aloud, nearly falling from the ledge when a voice behind him answered.

“He was never there in the first place.”

Twisting and spinning around, Peter found only an empty roof. His spider sense hadn’t warned him, and although the roof looked normal, he started to question if it was. Mysterio had a nasty habit of messing with minds, and illusions were his go-to.

“Okay,” he said, hesitating and glancing from side to side, “I’m only going to ask this one more time … where’s Black Cat?”

There was a moment of silence, and then a shimmer across the roof, as if the air itself had become hot and wavy.

“She’s right in front of you.”

As the shimmering air slowly faded, it revealed Felicia, standing in her costume across the roof as if nothing was wrong. Peter could feel that something was off, and although it looked like Felicia, he had his own way of knowing if it was.

“Cat!” He shouted, sounding happy to see her, “Thanks for the loan this morning, but did you really have to hide the money in your panty drawer?”

Felicia tilted her head, shrugging her shoulders before answering. “I thought you liked my panties?”

Reaching out with his right hand, Peter released a thick burst of webbing that struck her in the face, nearly knocking her backwards. The air shimmered again, and through the haze Peter’s spider sense flared up.

“You said this would work!” Felicia shouted, yanking away the webbing before the illusion faded to reveal Herman Schultz, AKA: The Shocker.

The spider sense Peter had felt was right, and after getting a good look at Herman, Peter Leapt from the building just as the roof was punched, sending jolts of electricity across the building that arced onto the metal structures around it.

Firing a web onto a corner allowed Peter to swing his way back up after the electricity had faded, and as he did he caught Herman’s face with another shot of webbing. This time however, there was no need to flee.

Webbing Herman’s legs together, Peter’s normally cheerful mood had starting to run out, and with a great yank he pulled The Shocker off his feet, flinging him over the edge of the building with a roar. Of course Peter secured the line to the roof, so as he fell it eventually stopped him from hitting pavement. A quick leap over the edge and peter finished webbing him to the side of the wall, leaving him upside down and unable to move.

“I’m tired of playing this game with you, fish-bowl!” Peter shouted, wondering where Mysterio was hiding, “If you want to get this over with, just tell me where to go so I can beat up all your flunkies and save my friends like I always do.”

When only silence answered him, Peter waited, and waited, but when no reply came he eventually grew sick of being teased, swinging away and heading back to Aunt May’s house, which he found shockingly unexploded.

Hiding himself on the neighboring roof again, he stared at what should have been a smoking pile of rubble.

What the hell? That was an illusion too?

“Feeling alright, insect?” Mysterio’s voice came from everywhere.

A sudden dizzy spell made Peter swoon, and his grip tightened on the roof.

“Are you having trouble with your spider sense? Maybe feeling a little … worn out?”

Standing and attempting to jump off the roof ended in failure, and as Peter’s legs gave out he tumbled to the ground before he heard people screaming. Of course they weren’t screaming because he fell, they were screaming because of the figures that were approaching him.

Was I poisoned? When did it happen? Why can’t I move? How is Mysterio doing this?

Darkness encroached on Peter’s vision, but even as things dimmed he could see the silhouettes of Doctor Octopus and his limbs, along with Doctor Conners, human, and missing his arm.

“We won’t make the same mistake twice, Peter,” Otto Octavius said, speaking down to him as the metal arms reached out to hoist him up.

“I’m sorry, Peter,” said Doctor Conners, “but this is for the best.”


There was nothing but darkness for quite a while. No memories, no pain, no ideas that anything had even happened. It was peaceful, in a morbid sort of way. The blank nothingness of Peter’s mind would be the last time he enjoyed peace and quiet, and as he slowly awoke, many of his questions were already being answered.

“A powerful but slow working neurotoxin. Doctor Conners and I spent quite some time developing it, but it seems to have worked well enough.”

“Yes, the biggest trick was finding a way to administer it. Peter’s unique super-human biology makes it difficult to poison him in the traditional sense, as most toxins are quickly removed by his body far faster than a normal human. Luckily we were able to synthesize it into a form that could be transferred through skin contact. ”

Peter recognized both voices, yet as he awoke his vision still remained black. His heart rate had slowed, he could feel it, and he was once again locked in some contraception that restricted his movements.

“Will he remember any of this?” came Mary Jane’s voice.

“Oh most definitely, a neurotoxin doesn’t affect memory. W-We’re fortunate Mysterio found a way to weaken Parker’s spider sense as well, overloading him with constant danger was the perfect way to hide- ”

“Alright, shut up already,” she scolded.

“So when do we kill him?” Otto asked flat out.

“Mysterio hasn’t decided yet,” she answered, her footsteps coming closer, “he thinks it’s a waste to outright murder him, not if we can break his mind and use him.”

Peter could hear fluorescent lights buzzing overhead, but for a moment no one spoke. He wanted to test his restraints, but with everyone so close he didn’t want them to know he was awake yet. MJ’s foot steps finally reached him, and his body involuntarily twitched as her finger ran it’s way up his thigh and over his bare ass. It became clear that he was faced away from them, and also lying on his stomach with his rump slightly in the air.

“It would be unwise to let him live,” Doctor Octopus finally commented, “we all know his annoying ability to evade and survive. Killing him now while he’s weakest would-”

“No!” MJ shouted, silencing the villain. “We’re doing what Mysterio wants. Your job to poison him is finished.”

More silence, until Otto answered: “Very well,” the tone in his voice clearly showing disgust.

“Really, Doc?” Peter finally spoke, shocking them and revealing that he had been listening, “you’re just going to let her talk to you like that?”

“Well well, how nice of you to finally join us, Peter,” Otto replied, the sounds of his metal arms whirring and clicking as he stepped closer.

“I never thought I’d see you take orders from my girlfriend,” he teased.

There was soft laughter, followed by his reply. “We share a common surprise then, for example I never expected to see … this side of you.”

Peter knew he was naked in front of them, but by now it wasn’t on his list of worries. “Looking is free, but touching will cost you.”

The remark wasn’t met with laughter, instead one of Otto’s metal arms reached out to seize Peter’s throat, the cold metal fingers tightening harder and harder until he could barely breath.

“You were saying?” Otto growled.

Struggling to breathe, let alone speak, Peter’s stubbornness still prevailed, even in the worst of situations. “Now spank me,” he wheezed out before the claw closed his throat completely.

“Release him,” came the familiar voice of Mysterio, entering from a different area.

The grip loosened, and Peter gasped for air, coughing as his windpipe slowly reopened. There were fingers around his face now, and suddenly the black mask was removed, blinding his eyes with light as they struggled to adjust.

“You’ve made more of the toxin, correct?” asked Mysterio, somewhere off to Peter’s left.

“Yes,” Conners answered, “It-It should be enough for … whatever you want.”

“Good. Your payments await you- but of course, if either of you would rather stick around to watch me solve a pest problem, you’re more than welcome.”

“You should kill him,” repeated Otto.

“Have no fear … we are sufficiently prepared this time. There will be no escape for him.”

Doctor Octopus scoffed, before the whirring of his arms revved up again, and he made his way out of the room, muttering about their foolishness. Doctor Conners never came into view, seemingly too ashamed to face Peter, since they had once been friends. He too left the room, and then it was only Mysterio and Mary Jane.

“Hi, pete,” she giggled, coming into view nude, standing in front of his face. With the platform that Peter laid upon, it put him eye level with her pussy, and what he saw shocked him.

“Hey, MJ,” he answered, his mood quickly dipping into depression as he was reminded of everything that had happened.

Mary Jane’s pussy looked far more used than it had been before, from the redness, to the stretched labia and now even a tattoo with Mysterio’s symbol. It also looked wet, shiny, and like she had recently been playing with herself.

“I’m a little disappointed in you,” she confessed, stepping closer until Peter’s nose was rubbing against her opening.

“Why? Did I make it too easy to get caught again?”

“Oh nothing like that, it’s just … well you haven’t even asked about the stray kitty we took in. You seemed so worried about her over the phone.”

Peter couldn’t believe he had forgotten about Felicia, but before he could even ask, Mary Jane was already prepared for his question.

“Yes, Pete, we have her … but she’s an awfully naughty kitty, so we’re going to have Doctor Conner’s put her down.”

Peter’s heart dropped to his stomach, and he almost felt like vomiting. Stumbling over his words, Mary Jane began to laugh as he struggled to speak, pleading and begging for Felicia’s life. It was both a relief, and a humiliation when Mary Jane slapped him to stop the blabbering.

“I’m only kidding you idiot, why would we put down one of our best girls?”


There was a moment of confusion, but as Mary Jane stepped away from his face, far behind her, through the open door walked Black Cat, still fully dressed in her costume and smiling at him.

“Who else did you think poisoned you?” Mary Jane teased.

“After you escaped the first time it was a pain to find you again,” Felicia said with a grin, slowly pulling down the zipper of her costume, letting her breast spill out and bounce as she stepped closer, “lucky for us, you were actually trying to find me. After that, it was just a matter of finding a way to apply the toxin to your skin … so tell me, did you enjoy jerking off into my panties?”

Peter simply whimpered, shaking his head as the zipper lowered to her crotch.

“Don’t be upset, web-head,” Felicia giggled, letting the tight black costume fall to the floor as she stepped out of it, “soon you’ll forget all about your problems, and you’ll be as happy as we are.”

“No! I wont let this happen!” Peter screamed, causing his body to ripple with muscle as he began straining against the restraints.

The wooden platform quickly began to creak and strain under the pressure of his strength, and in mere moments he would be free, if not for what was about to happen.

“Do it,” Mysterio ordered.

In seconds Felicia and MJ had moved around the platform, and in one swift action Peter’s strength left him completely, causing him to slump forward and begin twitching as the girls pushed a vibrator deep into his backside.

Much like when he tried it earlier, the pleasure was overwhelming, leaving him paralyzed and in a state of unwelcome bliss. Peter’s cock twitched and began swelling painfully, so much that the small plastic cage simply couldn’t contain it, popping and cracking the plastic until falling apart.

“See? Completely harmless, all without the need for killing him.”

“You’re so amazing, Master,” said Mary Jane, reaching between her legs, “are we going to scramble his brains now?”

“Yes, dear, I believe we may start the process.”

Peter had no way of fighting back. With the vibrator still humming inside him, his body was wracked with amplified pleasure brought on by Mysterio’s power. With his strength gone, Peter could only whimper and gruggle as Mysterio used his power to cast a web of illusions into his mind, and soon Peter found himself in a nightmare made real.

There was no way to tell what was actually happening, and what was an illusion. Before him he witnessed Mary Jane take her place with more hired thugs, all of which were erect and dripping with anticipation.

It pained him to see her with them. He had loved her, he still loved her, but it was clear that she had moved on. Whatever Mysterio had done to her mind seemed permanent, and as Peter watched the men take her, double teaming her slender frame right in front of him, he wondered if his own mind would end up like hers.

That’s when he saw Felicia, and she too was joining a group of men, more thugs, criminals, men who didn’t deserve a beautiful creature such as her. He could see no love in their eyes, only lust, they didn’t care for her feelings, or how she laughed, or how her hair smelled. The men were there only to ravage her, and so they did, right in his face.

The vibrator continued humming, and soon Peter lost track of time. Part of him knew it was an illusion, or at least, some of it was. It didn’t take long to lose track of how many men had come and gone, how many had fucked the women he loved most, but his own pleasure never subsided, and after losing count of his own orgasms, they still continued, his cock pumping painfully with no more sperm to release.

“How long will he stay like that?” Felicia asked, her voice both near and far.

“As long as it takes,” Mysterio replied, “he will break eventually … although since he’s stronger than anyone else … It’s safe to assume two or three days … maybe longer.”

Peter’s eyes rolled with tears now, his body twitching as he watched, unblinking, at the sight of Mary Jane and Felicia rimming a group of men who looked homeless. It couldn’t be real, but the fight had left him, and the longer it continued, the easier it became to accept.

“What will you do once he’s broken?” Mary Jane asked.

“The same thing I did with you two: make him into a loyal servant.”

A long groan was all that escaped Peter’s lips now, and in his vision things were only becoming more sinful, now watching his attractive aunt join the group of men. Aunt May was only in her 40s, and although the oldest woman in the group, her body was still sublime. Peter’s crying did nothing to stop the orgy he was watching, and with every passing moment he slipped further and further into Mysterio’s illusions.

Purring as she clung to his arm, Felicia looked up to the villain with a sinful smile. “Would it be possible to tease him? … Like we talked about?”

Watching Peter convulse on the table, Mysterio smiled behind his mask and nodded, walking over with the girls and putting themselves in front of him. With everyone’s crotch at eye level to him, Felicia and MJ dropped to their knees, putting themselves cheek to cheek with Peter as Mysterio stepped closer, already starting his villainous laughter as he pulled apart the fabric of his costume and released his cock, letting it fall and bounce before Peter’s eyes.

With him staring blankly and his tongue already hanging out, it was clear there would be no resistance from the once mighty Spider-Man, and as Mysterio’s cock was lovingly assaulted from both sides by Felicia and Mary Jane, the bulbus drooling head slipped easily into Peter’s mouth, and a long fought battle ended.

The End








It was a clear bright day above the Daily Bugle, and a very familiar superhero found himself perched atop the roof and overlooking the city. Dressed in his full costume, Spider-Man smiled as he noticed the sirens of a police cruiser racing through main street.

More than a month had passed since the incidents involving Mysterio, and Peter was in great spirits. Leaping from the building, it was only a few swings before he caught up the the speeding cars, and after landing on their roof, it was business as usual as they fired their guns through the roof trying to hit him.

Of course once their guns had been emptied and they’d hit nothing, Peter used a single hand to rip and tear back the metal roof of the car, waving happily at them before dispatching the crooks and safely stopping the vehicle.

“Sorry, boys,” Peter laughed, webbing the criminals into their seats, “Kingpin doesn’t rule these streets anymore.”

Using his web to retrieve their stolen goods, he hoisted the bags of money over his shoulder just as the police cruisers came to a screeching halt around him. With their weapons drawn and pointed at him, the cops began shouting for Peter to drop the money and turn himself in.

“Oh come on, guys, you know me! It’s your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!”

By now the onlookers had their phones out and were recording him. Although they couldn’t see the smile on his face, they most certainly could see the prominent bulge in the front of his tights, outlining his erection.

Seemingly unabashed by his boner, he simply crouched and leaped into the air, firing a web and swinging away as the cops and onlookers watched helplessly while he fled the scene, money in hand.

Returning to the home base, Peter pulled off his mask as he scampered into Mysterio’s den, dropping the bags of money where he had been told. With his blue and red tights hugging his form, the hero made a strut into the main room of the villain’s hideout.

Guests had arrived, and although things had changed, Peter could still see the fear and hatred among the villains he had once defeated. Mysterio held the high chair among them, and for good reason.

Any and all chatter also stopped as Peter entered the room, but as the villains would soon learn, they had nothing else to fear from the web-slinger.

“Evening boys,” Peter said casually, grinning at how their body language shifted as he passed.

Green goblin, Rhino, The Vulture, they all tensed up, even as he ignored them. Then, to their surprise and shock, he approached Mysterio in his throne, before dropping to his knees and taking his place like a loyal pet.

Mysterio even reached out to pat Peter’s head, leaving the other villain’s speechless as he reached for a small collar beside the throne, clasping it around Peter’s throat before attaching a small chain and keeping it in his hand.

“You … You can’t be serious,” said Kraven the Hunter, gawking at the subdued Spider-Man who was sporting a very noticeable erection that strained against his tights.

“I told you all that I had a secret weapon,” Mysterio remarked, tugging the chain, “he is completely and utterly under my control.”

“Are you … sure?” asked Vulture.

With a smile behind his mask, Mysterio sat up in his chair. “Spider-Man,” he said, looking down at the teenager.

“Yes, Master?” Peter quickly answered back.

“Why don’t you show Vulture just how obedient you are?”

Unlocking Peter’s collar, he was allowed to stand and walk over to the Vulture, who quickly backed away, raising his hands in defence as Spider-man drew closer. However, the older villain stood in disbelief as the young teenager dropped to his knees before him, looking up with a smile.

“Go on, Vulture,” Mysterio laughed, “wouldn’t you enjoy getting back at the one who has always defeated you? To put him in his place, and taste the sweet revenge you’ve wanted all along?”

Looking to the other villains, The Vulture was dumbstruck in what to do. Now feeling as if Mysterio was mocking him, he scoffed at the notion. “What are you suggesting? That I’m some old pervert who likes teenage boys?”

The group laughed, although Vulture didn’t find it funny. Looking down at Peter, his smile brought only discomfort, knowing it was the same smile behind the mask that he had given before. Feeling anger mix with his disgust of Spider-Man, Vulture scrunched up his face, making a very audible noise as he worked up a wad of spit to project at his nemesis.

That’s when Peter leaned upward, and opened his mouth.

15 thoughts on “Spider-Cuck

  1. Very good so far. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. I hope whatever is causing him to loose his focus magnifies the closer he sees her infidelity and makes him completely weak.


  2. i just realized i never left a comment on this. so here goes.
    this is very good build up. laying the ground work. a couple of sex scenes and a few hints for later on.
    i think i just realized why i love fanfic cuckold more than any other.
    it’s because i will always be closer and care more about these characters than any made up on the spot, no matter how well written the latter are.


      • just read the new chapter. really good. very cruel. can’t wait for more.
        i’m wondering if since Mysterio showed up this isn’t one big dream sequence.
        and you have other cruel things planed for peter and mj as well.

        any plans on what you’re working on next? something old? something new?


  3. Love this so far. I like the cheating done right in front of his face. I also like the abuse he has taken and MJs apparent lack of concern.


  4. I’ll admit, this story was a bit of a hit and miss for me. I absolutely loved the first part (chapters 1&2), with a sexy and potentially evil Mary Jane using Peter for his tongue and teasing him with cuckold phone sex. All the hinting that he was perhaps being betrayed , or set up to fail, by those he trusted was really hot. Maybe even by his boss, sending him out on that particular photo assignment. I was imagining Jonah Jameson and Mary going at it while Peter was getting hit by thugs, pretty great.

    The second part (chapter 3) seemed a little sudden and too on-the-nose, maybe almost rushed. I think you missed out on the chance to build more drama out of it by just having Peter suddenly captured and forced to watch Mary cheat in front of him. And I was hoping for more of exposition of what had been happening, for example, during the phone call in the first chapter. That Mary turns out to be evil and unfaithful all along was been fine (and hot), but I felt like that needed a little bit more narration of what her specific motivations actually are to make her seem a little more real (thus make her evilness that much sexier).

    All that being said, I thought the third part (chapters 4&5) was great! Peter forced to be on the run in a humiliating way, cursed in a humiliation manner, and then being made to rely on another girl that he knows to save him (and who may end up betraying him like Mary). And Mary’s development with Norman helped address some of my concerns with the chapters that had come before. Overall, I found myself really looking forward to the next chapter, whenever you might feel like writing one.


  5. Hey Neb,

    Long-time reader, first-time commenter. In anticipation of your continuation of this story and my having just recently seen the Homecoming movie, I thought I’d drop a line.

    Just gave this one a re-read, and it’s truly great. I love the abuse at Peter’s expense, and MJ seems to be deliciously evil. Still unsure if I prefer her being MC’d or not, but I can’t wait to see where you take this. I wouldn’t be surprised (nor upset) to see Felicia get in on the betrayal, as well.

    That being said – and maybe it’s just because of my prior love and empathy for the character – I find myself hoping for a somewhat happy ending for Peter, however unlikely that may be lol.

    Always enjoyed your writing and love the twists and turns you manage to sneak into your tales. I hope you continue this hobby for a long while; not sure what’ I’d do without my dose of Nebician depravity.


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