Betrayed by Everyone Original

Contains: Urine, Betrayal, Cuckold, Cheating, Bisexual, Group, Humiliation and Violence

Our story opens at a local grocery store, far in the back of the produce section. The protagonist is a young man named Ashley, or Ash for short. He’s a 19-year-old with a few close friends, a cute girlfriend, an attractive mother, and a dick for a boss. Ashley doesn’t know it, but soon events will transpire that will lead to his life becoming completely ruined.


A trickle of sweat runs down his cheek as Ashley works frantically to stock his produce, his boss standing behind him. Trying to move fast, Ash is unaware that his boss isn’t watching his performance; he’s watching his ass. Wearing tight khakis that hug his feminine backside, Ashley has always had people staring at him. From his close friends, to his girlfriend, and now even his boss enjoys the show as his butt wiggles back and forth. Coming to a finish Ashley places down the last crate of produce, then takes a breath.

“Good, Good. Go up front and help Debbie she needs a bagger.” His boss says, smirking as he turns around. However Ashley is able to catch his boss’s eye, and knows he was staring at his ass. Had his boss not been such a controlling dick head, Ashley might have enjoyed the attention. Saying nothing he turned and left for the checkout lines, swaying his hips as he walked.

With shaggy blonde hair and bright blue eyes, Ashley was nearly as attractive as this 38-year-old mother. Slim and athletic Ash took his personal health very seriously, jogging every morning to stay in shape. Often his mother would join him, and turn heads as she bounced and jiggled next to her son, her large bust and curvaceous body catching everyone’s gaze. Earlier this morning Ash’s boss had seen them running, shocked by the curves and features of them both.

“Hey wait! I forgot something!” David- Ash’s boss shouted. Stopping and walking back, Ashley’s face carried a look of annoyance. “I saw you and your mom running this morning.” He said with a cocky smile, his eyes scanning Ashley up and down like a pervert. Ash’s face became a scowl as he crossed his arms and shifted his weight to one leg, making himself look like a feisty teenage girl. “I didn’t know she was such a fox! Does she fuck on the first date?” He chuckled, watching Ashley’s face become red and flustered. Laughing loudly Ash’s boss waved his hand dismissively before turning and leaving. Swallowing hard Ashley cursed him under his breath before trotting back to the cashiers.

The day wore on as the hours passed, and soon it was time for Ashley’s break. Leaving his post he retired to the break room, and sat down at a small table. Pulling out his phone he clicked and pressed buttons bringing up his text messages. Most were about stupid memes or sex jokes, but one text from his girlfriend excited him. She mentioned being free for the weekend, and that her parents would be out of town. Ashley’s dick responded quickly, standing up eager for attention. Still a virgin, Ashley’s sex drive was always on max, often leading to embarrassment.
“Oooh she’s a hottie!” A familiar voice said. Looking behind him his boss stood over his shoulder staring at the phone’s small picture of Ash’s girlfriend. Snapping the phone closed Ashley’s anger boiled over, standing up and getting in his boss’ face, his full height only came up to David’s shoulders. “Dude what’s your problem?!” Ashley growled as he pushed his chest into his Boss’. However his boss was much bigger than him, and only smiled back. “Whoa easy, Pal. Just thought she was attractive, that’s all.” He said, bumping his chest and pushing him back. Ashley’s look of anger remained as he tried to stand his ground against his bigger enemy.

“So she’s free this weekend huh, maybe I’ll drop by.” He said, trying to get a reaction from Ashley, which worked. Ashley’s timid voice raised higher as he started throwing insults at his boss, saying anything he could to defend himself. By now everyone in the break room was watching, wondering what would happen. “Easy there, sweet cheeks! You know I can fire your girly ass right?” He responded, causing Ash to quickly shut up and bite his lip. With a smile of victory on his face, his boss gave Ash a quick pat on the shoulder before turning to leave. However he had one final jab intended to mess with Ashley’s mind.

“Think you could please her with that tiny thing?” He asked, quickly leaving before Ashley could reply. Realizing the tent in the front of his pants, Ashley blushed and tried his best to hide it. But by now everyone in the break room had watched Ashley yell while his small dick strained against his khakis. Hating his boss even more, Ash sat back down and pulled out his phone. Clicking away he replied to his girlfriend’s text: telling her he couldn’t wait for the weekend.

The jab from his boss was already working though, and doubt started to fill his mind. Ashley didn’t have the biggest dick, and the thought of not pleasing the girl he loved filled him with fear. Even worse was the thought of his boss fucking her, making her moan and orgasm while he wore the same cocky smile that Ashley hated. Shaking the thoughts from his mind, he waited for his break to end.

With his shift over Ashley breathed a sigh of relief, ready to leave his job. Finishing his last customer, he noticed something across the store that worried and angered him. His mother had walked in and bumped right into his boss. He couldn’t make out what they were saying, but his mother giggled a few times, before his boss pointed at Ashley and she became angry.

Ashley’s boss was great at talking shit about people, lying and tricking others into believing anything he wanted. This also made him a smooth talker around women, letting him talk his way into their pants. That’s what worried Ashley now, watching his boss put his hand on her shoulder as she laughed and smiled at him. Soon they departed, and his mother stood alone waiting on him.

With no car of his own, Ashley was currently working to save up enough money to buy one. For the time being however he had no choice but to rely on his mother for transportation. He wasn’t far from having enough money, but things would soon change that. Now ready to leave Ashley walked over to his mother, expecting to be in trouble because of his boss. “What the hell is wrong with you, Ashley?!”

“Wh-what are you talking about?” He stammered, trying to understand why he was being yelled at. His mother explained how his boss had just told her about the way Ashley cursed him out, and threatened him in the break room. Trying to explain how his boss was a liar only made things worse, as she told him to be quiet and get in the car. Leaving the store Ashley glanced back to find his boss laughing at him, before making a vulgar thrust with his hips.

Once home Ashley did the only thing he could: he locked his door and got on the computer looking for internet porn. With lotion in one hand and his other working the mouse, he browsed for any and all porn that would help him reduce his foul mood. His mother’s voice yelled across the house, telling him dinner would be ready in an hour. Plenty of time to get off.

Clicking on a MILF site he enjoyed watching older moms being fucked by all kinds of horny men. Jerking his lotion covered dick he started to notice a few things that upset him: The first being the size of their cocks, all were bigger than his. Although in porn they hired men with big dicks on purpose, so he let that slide. Next was his own fascination with seeing the moms getting fucked by random men, some how he felt like his boss’ words were effecting him subconsciously making him want to see his mom get fucked. He quickly closed the site, trying to find something else.

Sitting for a moment with thoughts whirling in his head, he decided to type in something else he normally wouldn’t look up: Teenage girls and older guys. Soon he was watching a young 18-year-old being fucked by an older man in his late 20s, plowing her roughly as she moaned and screamed in enjoyment. Biting his lip he tried to ignore his boss’ words as they raced through his mind, taking his cock in hand he started pulling it. As the movie reached its climax, so did Ashley: Shooting a few small strings of cum into an old dirty shirt as the older man painted the girl’s face with a much bigger load.

Leaning back and turning off the movie Ashley’s phone started ringing, it was his close friend, Mark. Excited to chat with his buddy, his excitement quickly turned to worry as his boss came up in conversation. “Listen: I dropped by the store to get a few things, and he was hitting me up for all kind of info!” His friend said. Ashley’s fears increased as his friend recounted the things his boss asked about. “Uh well, he asked about you, your mom, your girlfriend, that kinda stuff. Dudes kinda whack, man.” He said. Ash struggled to get more information out of his friend, but he sounded drunk or high.

Mark was never the best person to keep a secret, which would make it easy for his Boss to get his girlfriends address. “Did I tell him where your girlfriend lived? I don’t know man, It’s all kind of a blur.” He replied, making Ashley worry more. Frustrated he said goodbye to his friend and started cleaning the cum off his hands. Once finished he left his room to eat dinner, but felt uneasy about everything he had learned.

Now worried about the conversation his mother had with his boss, he decided to probe her for information. “What did you and David talk about when you came to pick me up?” She seemed reluctant to share, trying to avoid the question. “Besides you swearing at him, n-nothing.” Something felt wrong, he knew there was more she wasn’t saying. “Yeah right, common mom tell me.” Part of him wished he had never asked the question, because her answer gave him a terrible feeling. “He asked if I was free tomorrow night, so we’re going on a date.” Frantically he tried telling her what a jerk he was, but she wouldn’t listen. “Ash it’s been nearly a year since your father and I divorced.” She argued, bringing up the point that she hadn’t been on a date in months. He wanted to stop her, but she remained firm on keeping her plans.

“Just make some plans with your friends, it’s only a dinner date after all.” She said, trying to calm Ashley down as he pouted. That’s when he remembered his girlfriend being free this weekend, suddenly he felt better knowing David couldn’t be at both places at once. If his boss went on a date with his mom, Ash could lose his virginity to his girlfriend.

With the weekend only being a day away, Ashley’s spirits soared as he ran to his room eager to call her. Punching her number into the phone, he sat and waited as it continued to ring. Ashley’s girlfriend Amanda was a perky 18-year-old with small breasts and a skinny figure. They had dated through high school and remained in love through it all, making them very close. “What am I thinking? David could never get Amanda, she loves me too much to even consider such a thing.” The phone went to voice mail, but he quickly ended the call and redialed. “So he might know her address, big deal.” Once again the phone went to voice mail, a sinking feeling started to creep up as he dialed again.

Finally after another six rings she finally answered, but before letting her talk he explained how excited he was about tomorrow and how he couldn’t wait to be with her; his happiness at an all time high. Then he noticed something: she wasn’t her normal perky self, her voice sounded labored, her breathing was heavier, almost in pain. After asking her if something was wrong, her reply caused his hands to shake and his heart pound with fear.

“Uh.. Baby, sorry I-uh.. Mm, I don’t think we can- ah, get together this week- ugh! Weekend. Something has uh, um, come up.” She struggled to speak to Ashley’s horror, he had watched enough porn to know the sounds of a girl being fucked. Turning up his phone’s volume he could hear another man’s breathing in the background, along with his laughter.

“I’m uh- really busy right now though, I love y- Ugh! Fuck! I gotta go!” She squealed, rudely hanging up on Ashley. Tears started to form in his eyes as he sat and stared at the phone; it couldn’t be true he thought, no way could his boss be fucking his girlfriend. He couldn’t go without knowing for sure, holding his breath he dialed his boss who picked up on the first ring.

“Hey, loser what’s up?” He asked, grunting as he said it. Ashley tried to ask if he was busy, but his voice continued breaking with sobs. His boss meanwhile continued grunting loudly, clearly having sex. “Shhh! Hang up! Mmm- Oh god.. Please don’t tell him!” Amanda’s voice was a whisper but Ash could still hear it, making him weep loudly. “Holy shit are you crying?” His boss laughed between grunts and moans. “A-are you, wi-with Ama-” Ash choked out before David butted in.

“Damn right I am! Did you know her parents left a day early? She was gonna tell you, but after I spoke with her -uh! She decided to lose her virginity to someone with experience, like me. Boy she is tight too, her pussy wont let me go! Get use to being a virgin, loser, because she belongs to me!” Ashley sat heartbroken as moans poured from the phone, his girlfriend having the time of her life. Crying louder Ashley listened as his boss continued fucking her, moaning more before announcing his orgasm. “Fuuuck! Take my load, bitch!” Hearing his girlfriend squeal and beg for it only made things worse as Ash’s dick became stiff and throbbing to the familiar pornographic sounds.

“Oooohh!! I’m sorry Ashley, It feels so good!” She moaned loudly followed by his boss’ grunts. Dying to know what it felt like, Ashley gave in and stroked himself, cumming almost instantly to the sounds of his boss and girlfriend sharing an orgasm. Dripping onto the floor, he was ready to hang up when his boss spoke again. “Ooooh that was great! Sucks for you though, Virgin.” His boss laughed, before ending the call. Now defeated and alone, Ashley sat on his bed quietly sobbing, his entire world crashing down around him. After a few minutes of silence his phone buzzed, and buzzed, then buzzed again: three text messages. All with photos attached, opening them up, he wept as the first image showed David and Amanda sharing a deep loving kiss. The second showed his cock stuffed into her pussy, cum drooling out around it.

The last photo was taken by Amanda, and made Ash feel even worse than he could believe. It was a full body picture of his boss, nude, his dick no longer hard but still far larger than his own, the tip coated in wet sex fluid, his middle finger pointed at the camera and the same arrogant smirk on his face. Below the photo was a message: “I wont stop with Amanda, I want your mom next.”


“Please believe me! Mom I even have proof!” Ashley wept to his mother, handing her the phone. There was no mistaking the photos, clearly Ash’s boss was screwing his girlfriend. Ashley thought If he had taken his girl, there would be no way he could take his mother too. Showing her the text messages was the only way to prove he wasn’t lying or making it up. His mother studied the pictures closely, reading the final message while Ashley continued to sob beside her.

“Honey I’m so sorry, I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I promise: I wont date him.” She said softly before giving her son a hug. Ashley felt relief that his mother knew what a jerk David was, suddenly things started looking better for him, even if his now ex-girlfriend was currently fucking his boss. She held him close and rubbed his back while he sobbed: at least the nightmare was over.

Giving Ashley as kiss on the cheek his mother told him not to worry, and that everything would be okay. In fact his birthday was in a few days, and she promised to make it the best he has ever had. It wasn’t much but it started to cheer him up, there would be other girls he could date, he wouldn’t always work under his boss, things would get better. Thanking his mother she picked up her phone and made a call to her job, asking if she could get time off for her son’s birthday. Ashley returned to his room with a smile, and sat quietly on his bed.

Despite his mother’s loving words, the sounds and thoughts of his boss and girlfriend still filled his mind. It had only been a short time since he heard them on the phone, meaning there was a good chance they were still fucking at this very moment. The thought caused his heart to ache again, so he opened his cell phone and sent a reply text to his boss.

“You’ll never get mom, she knows what you’ve done.” He smirked, sending the text to his boss’ phone. For a moment Ashley felt like he had won, then the reply text popped into his phone. It was another photo, taken in the last few minutes: His girlfriend’s pretty green eyes stared up into the camera, her mouth open wide with his boss’ dick laying across her tongue, thick globs of cum stained her face and hair. Despite the heartache he felt, his dick gave a jump at the pornographic image. It tore at his insides, knowing she was with David. He couldn’t even fathom how he had talked her into sex so quickly, or why she had given in. Typing a reply, Ash sent off another text.

“So? I don’t care.” He sent back, lying. He did care, he couldn’t believe how quickly he had lost Amanda to the same jerk he hated. It took even longer for the reply this time, finally his phone chimed and Ashley eagerly accepted it. This time it was a recorded video message, quickly closing and locking his door, Ashley turned down the volume on his phone and hit play.

Images came to life on the screen, slightly dark with a lot of movement. He could hear his girlfriend giggling and his boss laughing, pain filled his chest as he felt the urge to cry again. His stomach twisted in a knot and his dick re-hardened once the video’s picture became clear, it was his girlfriend. She was just as beautiful as ever, even with his boss’ cum across her face. She waved and smiled to the camera, before it panned down to reveal her soft shaved pussy. Using her own fingers she played with herself, moaning loudly before the camera panned back up. A brief moment of shaking meant the camera was changing hands, his boss was giving the phone to her.

“Sex feels so good, Ashley. I’m sorry you’re still a virgin. I didn’t want to do this, but-” She said apologetically, the camera now focused on his boss’ ass. “Do I really have to do it?” She asked with uncertainty in her voice. “Please, baby. It’s for his own good.” David answered with a cool, smooth and persuading voice. “Ashley I’m sorry, but I have to break up with you. I know it hurts, but it’s better this way.” He couldn’t believe his eyes as Amanda leaned forward, her tongue stretching out as it disappeared into his ass crack. Now moaning his boss reached back and grabbed her head, pushing it deeper into his ass. The camera shook changed hands again, now pointing at his boss’s face. The same face Ashley had grown to hate, with the same evil smirk.

“You think I can’t get your mom? Just you wait and see, Virgin.” The word virgin dug into Ashley, stabbing at his pride. “See you Monday, faggot.” His boss enjoyed flipping him off, before the video ended. No way he could get his mom, she knew what a horrible person he was, it wouldn’t happen. To his shame however he replayed the video, and re-watched his girlfriend fingering herself. Stroking faster he felt humiliation each time he replayed the video, seeing his boss flip him off again and again started to wear on his mind.

It was only made worse when he got closer to cumming, his hand shaking hard he tried to cum while looking at his girlfriend’s pussy, only his finger hit the wrong section of the video, the paused screen stuck on his boss’ smiling face and erect middle finger. Cumming hard he shot across the floor, his humiliation at a new high as reality returned and a deep sadness filled him. Throwing his phone across the room, he closed his eyes and tried to forget.

For the rest of the weekend he avoided all contact with nearly everyone, except his mom. Still worried that his boss might try something, he listened in on all her phone calls. Luckily none seemed to be with David, and Ashley’s hope slowly returned. Later that day, his mother let him know about the party she was throwing for him at a local bowling alley. Excited he decided to call his closest friends and invite them, having them around could cheer him up. After speaking to each of his friends, they had all agreed to join, but something felt strange. It was in the way they spoke, like they were hiding something, perhaps they knew what had happened between his girlfriend and boss. “So you’re sure you can come?” Ashley asked his best friend Mark. “Oh yeah, wouldn’t miss it.” He snickered.

Ignoring it, he took a shower and prepared for the party. The sky was becoming cloudy as he finished dressing, it looked like rain. Walking into the living room, his mother seemed upset. “Honey I’m so sorry, work just called.” She said sincerely, grabbing her car keys. Ashley didn’t remember hearing her phone ring, but he was in the shower. “Is the party off?” Ash asked. “No I just wont be able to drive you, you’ll have to ride your bike.” She said before hugging him tightly. “I’m sorry honey, it really shouldn’t be long. I’ll meet you there as soon as I’m finished. Your friend Mark texted me and said he’s bringing the cake, so they should already be there.” She said, giving his cheek a kiss.

Watching her leave upset him, but he hoped it wouldn’t ruin his birthday. He still had friends waiting on him, so he jumped on his bike and started riding. The bowling alley was only a few miles away, so it took him 30 minutes before he arrived. Walking in, he found the bowling alley empty, no cake, no friends, only the old man behind the counter. Surprise party he thought, walking around, waiting for his pals to jump out. After no one surprised him, he started thinking they just hadn’t arrived, so he sat down and waited.

The low rumble of thunder could be heard outside as he stared at the ceiling. Getting frustrated he decided to text his best friend. “Dude, are you coming?” He sent the message. No reply after five minutes, but just as he was about to try again, the phone buzzed. It was from Mark, but his text seemed odd. “Yeah I’m about to cum lol.” The text read. Now it had been nearly an hour, and still no one had arrived. Getting a sick feeling in his stomach, Ashley texted a different friend. “Hey where are you?” He sent, again it took a few minutes for the reply. “I’m in line waiting my turn, lol” Came the reply.

Panic descended on him, what were his friends doing without him? With his hands shaking, he ran to the bathroom and sat in a stall, he could hear rain starting to fall outside the bathroom window. His mouth going dry, he decided to text two more people, terrified of what they would say. First his mother. “Mom, are you done yet?” His hand shook in fear, worried how she would respond. It didn’t take long for her to respond, but her answer didn’t help him. “We’re about to finish, honey.” She replied. His heart raced, unsure if she was talking about her co-workers, or much worse, sex with his friends.

With one choice left, he texted his boss. “What’s going on?” He sent, waiting to see how his boss would react. Maybe it was nothing, perhaps it was just a silly misunderstanding about what time they should arrive. The idea of his boss fucking his girlfriend flashed through his mind, and made his dick jump. His phone buzzed loudly in the toilet stall, echoing against the walls. “Having a party, you?” Came his boss’ reply. Ashley felt a familiar panic inside himself, overcome with fear he clicked his phone’s buttons even faster demanding an answer for where his friends were.

There was no reply for at least five minutes while Ashley sat alone on the cold seat. Finally his phone buzzed, from his boss, it was another video message. Shaking his head, he could already feel his stomach twisting into a knot. The message under the video read: Happy Birthday. Swallowing and taking a deep breath, Ashley hit play.

It was what he feared. The video came to life, blurry images flashed, while loud noises filled the bathroom. Once the camera had become still and focused, Ashley’s jaw dropped at the scene. Down on all fours, on top of a low-cut table was his girlfriend, being fucked from both ends. The table rocked back and forth as her moans barely passed the cock in her mouth. What happened next was even worse, the camera backed out and gave a clear picture of the entire room. “Say happy birthday to Ashley everyone!” His boss yelled, getting everyone’s attention. Ashley broke into sobs as he noticed all his friends clustered around his girlfriend. They all shouted drunkenly and waved, beer in their hands.

Ashley’s best friend was currently being sucked off, while another friend continued to fuck her from behind. Suddenly the camera moved, and panned over to something square and blue. It was his birthday cake, already half eaten. “Don’t worry we’ll save you some, Virgin.” His boss laughed. “Oooh fuck, yeah!” His girlfriend screamed across the room, the cock in her mouth recently removed, now squirting across her face.”Ashley just texted me and asked if I was coming!” Mark yelled, the entire room roaring with laughter. “See they were going to go to your gay little bowling party, but I promised them free pussy and beer.” David said, confidently. “I’m just upset your mom didn’t come.” He added, giving Ashley a huge sigh of relief, despite the stream of tears running down his cheeks. A familiar problem had also occurred, Ash’s dick had become hard from watching their orgy. “Hey listen.” His boss said, now whispering into the camera where no one could hear him. “As drunk as your friends are, I bet they would gang bang you just as hard.” He said with a wink before walking back to the group.

“Well I’m next, Virgin. Everyone tell Ashley bye!” He shouted, getting everyone’s attention again. Again they waved, until his boss held out his middle finger. It was a chain reaction, suddenly all his friends, including his girlfriend aimed their middle finger at the phone his boss held. “Bye!” A few shouted before the video cut off. Ashley gave into his pain, and wept loudly in the stall.

Even after ten minutes of crying, he still felt empty, and still had a hard on. “Fuck.” He sobbed, grabbing his cock and hitting replay on the video. The rain was pouring outside now, the sound covering most of his sobs and moans as he re-watched the video and jerked off. Nearing his edge, the noise from the rain muffled the sound of the bowling ally, and the owner entering the bathroom. Huffing and puffing, Ashley leaned back on the toilet, closing his eyes as his small cock spit across the stall, hitting the door. It was a temporary enjoyment before his orgasm began to fade, and he opened his eyes to find the owner standing in front of him with the door open. Unaware that the door didn’t lock, Ashley turned bright red in embarrassment and stuttered trying to explain himself,but the owner wasn’t amused.

“Get the fuck out you little faggot!” He shouted shoving Ashley out of the bowling alley, and into the pouring rain. His pants half down, Ashley slammed into the muddy earth, now covered in thick brown muck and discarded cigarette butts. With no choice, he jumped on his bike, and started pedaling home, his tears mixing with rain. The soggy earth made it harder to petal, and so Ashley rode for nearly an hour before getting home. Unlocking the door and stepping in, his phone buzzed. “Just finished work, I’m driving as fast as I can.” His mother’s text read. “I’m at the house, please come home.” He replied before peeling his dripping wet clothes off and walking to the shower.

Monday came and went, Ashley refused to go into work. His mother fully understood, after seeing the video she couldn’t believe how awful things had become for her son. Tuesday came and went, Ashley still refused to go into work. One more day and he would be fired, but his mother didn’t want that. “Honey don’t let them fire you, it’ll look bad. Just go in, work one last day and tell them you quit.” She said sitting next to him on his bed. He tried to convince her to change her mind, but she wouldn’t. “Just one day, and you’re done.” She said, hugging him tightly, her large breasts pushing into his face.

Wednesday arrived, and Ashley went to work. Dropping him off outside, she made sure not to let his boss see her. She didn’t want anything to get worse for her son, she loved him dearly. As he walked into the building, one bye one, eyes started tracking him. They knew what had happened, and based on the smiles they liked it. Looking around, his boss was nowhere to be seen, until his palm popped Ashley on the ass. “Hey, Virgin.” He said with a big smile. Ashley wanted to hit him, to spit in his face, to kick him in the balls until he cried as much as he had. “What’s wrong, rub yourself raw watching those videos I sent?” His boss spoke softly so the customers couldn’t hear. “Don’t worry, I’ll make one with your mom too.” He said, smirking and adjusting his dick.

“Die!!!” Ashley screamed, lunging forward, kneeling his boss in the balls. Falling to the ground, Ashley’s knee continued to raise and fall, smashing into his boss’s nuts over and over again. Reaching out, hands wrapped and around his throat, Ashley choked his boss with all the strength he could muster while everyone watched in shock. “Get to work.. Virgin.” Suddenly Ashley snapped back to reality, his mental fantasy crashing around him. Giving his boss the worst look he could create, he swayed his hips all the way back to produce.

Luckily work was busy, so there wasn’t a lot of stares or anyone bothering him. Just when Ashley felt like the day would turn out okay, his cell phone buzzed in his pocket. A text from his boss. “Come to my office, I have a deal for you.” Ashley tried to control his rage, but it nearly boiled over as he walked to the back of the store. Without knocking he attempted to open the door, but found it locked. “Who is it?” His boss asked. “Ash.” He answered angerly. “Whoooooo?” He asked again, wanting Ashley to answer with a different name, one his boss, girlfriend, and friends were now calling him. “Ash-ley!” He said nearly shouting. “You’re no fun.” His boss answered, unlocking the door. Walking into the office, his boss walked back to his chair and sat down. “Lock the door behind you.” He ordered. Rolling his eyes and locking it, Ashley adjusted his stance to that of an angry teenage girl. His hand on his hip, fingers tapping his thigh.

A big smile crossed his boss’ lips before he spoke. “I have a deal you might like.” He started. “Spit it out, asshole, I’m quitting at the end of the day.” Ashley sneered, wrinkling his face. “Oh is that right? Just wait till you hear my deal.” Standing from his desk, the first thing he noticed was his boss’ cock, hard in his pants, pushing against the fabric. “You want me to leave your mom alone, you want me to leave YOU alone, and you want to quit.” He said, taking a few steps before sitting on the edge of his desk. “How about this: I promise to leave your mommy alone, and not bother you anymore, and even promote you to assistant manager, if you’ll do two little things for me.” Ashley was curious. “What two things?” He said, still angry and pouting.

“Just suck me off, and let me play with that fat juicy ass of yours, and I’ll never bother you or your mom again.” He said shrugging his arms in a “that’s all” sort of way. Ashley, scoffed, then laughed, then laughed harder thinking it was a joke. After a moment of silence, and his boss’ unchanging expression, he knew he was serious. “Y-you’re not kidding?! Y-you want me to, and let you..” He stuttered, before gathering his thoughts and speaking again. “..You swear you’ll leave me and my mom alone?” He asked pointing his finger, his face becoming serious. “I swear.” He shifted his weight to the other leg. “And you’ll promote me?” He asked, still shocked. “I need a new assistant manager, and you’re an easy choice.” He said, appearing strangely normal.

He actually had to think about it. Turning away from his boss, he weighed his options. Never having fooled around with another guy, this was a scary idea. Sucking a dick? He had no idea how to do that. Letting his boss ‘play’ with his ass, what did that even mean? As heavy as those ideas were, the thought of never having to deal with his boss, or have him hit on his mom, and getting promoted seemed very tempting. “How long will it take?” He asked without turning around. “An hour? Depends on how fast you make me cum.” Ashley could feel the excitement in his words.

“Okay fine, but after this you never-.” He said turning around, surprised to see his boss’ cock already out and leaking. Ashley bit his lower lip, his emotion quickly changing from angry, to scared. “Come over and get on your knees, Virgin.” He said devilishly, wagging his cock side to side. Taking tiny steps, Ashley slowly worked his way across the room, butterflies in his stomach. The reality of what he was doing hit home when he dropped to his knees, his boss’ cock only a foot away from him. It was then that he noticed just how big it was, seeing it’s size only humiliated him more. “Well? Put those pretty lips to use, girly.” He said reaching out to grab Ashley’s hair. Suddenly jerking away, Ashley scowled at him, trying to hide his fear.

Laughing, his boss continued holding his hand out until Ashley finally came close enough. Being gentle, he softly pulled Ash’s head closer until contact was made. Shutting his eyes and locking his jaw, he turned his head away, not in disgust, but in embarrassment. “Suck my cock, Virgin.” His boss now demanded, tired of waiting. Ashley stared up at him, defiance in his eyes, until his boss’ cock started slapping him in the face. Holding his head in place, the drooling tip of his cock smeared its way across Ashley’s cheek and lips, a string of precum still attached as his dick pulled away. “Do you WANT me to fuck your mom?” He asked, getting Ashley’s attention.

Remembering why he was doing this, he opened his mouth. Closing his eyes, he pushed forward letting his boss’ dick slide into the back of his throat. “Oooh that’s better!” He moaned, running his fingers into Ashley’s blonde hair. Trying his best he sucked the fat veiny dick, the oozing head pushing against his uvula. Thinking of what he had seen in porn, he pushed his tongue out, and tried licking the heavy balls sitting under his chin. However doing this caused his throat to open more, and his Boss pulled him down, stretching Ashley’s throat as his nose pushed against his stomach.

Ashley had never been this close sexually with another person, and now for the first time in his life, his enemy was balls deep in his mouth. Immediately he started gagging, his saliva building up around the shaft. ‘He’s choking me!’ His mind screamed as he tried pulling away. But each time he pulled away, his boss allowed him to get half way before shoving his head back down again. Now being throat fucked, his eyes had started to water, and fear that he would pass out started building. Luckily his boss let go, causing him to fall back onto his hands, coughing and gasping for air. “Holy shit, boy. You’re better than your own girlfriend!” He laughed, smiling down at Ashley as slime drooled down his chin and over his shirt.

“Ready for more? Or should we get your pants off?” He asked, rubbing the head of his cock. Getting the compliment that he was better than his girlfriend made him strangely happy, it was the first time he had ever been praised for something sexual. Getting back to his knees, Ashley leaned forward and opened his mouth. “More.” He said before giving control over to his boss. The fat cock disappeared down his throat again, this time easier, but was still overwhelming. Suddenly his boss pulled away, and laid his cock across Ashley’s face. With one eye covered, he looked up in wonder of why they had stopped. “One more request.” He said, slowly smearing his cock across Ash’s face. “Let me film a little.”

“Are you insane?!” Ashley yelled, making his boss quickly cover his cock and balls, fearing an attack. “N-noo, listen It’s just for me, I swear, I swear!” He said, actually worried that Ashley might leave. “Just this?” He asked, wiping the slime from his lips. “A-and what comes after this. But that’s all!” He said, sounding desperate. “I’ll kill you if you show anyone.” He said, leaning forward and taking the dick in his hands. Reaching across his desk he picked up his cell phone, pressing a few buttons Ash watched the red light come on. “Common baby, tell me your name and what you’re doing.” He asked, Ashley’s pouty face looking up at him. “Please?” His boss added.

“Fine. My name’s Ashley Miller, and I’m- um, sucking my boss’ dick.” He said, starting to blush. “Daaaamn, you are such a hottie. Do you like sucking it?” He said with a smile. Ashley looked away before answering. “I-I don’t know, I guess.” He said quietly. “Looks like you love it.” He said, holding the phone lower, getting a shot of the tent Ashley had pitched in his khakis. “Fuck off. Whatever, lets just do this.” He said, leaning forward and stuffing the cock back into his mouth. “Mm, work it boy.” He moaned as Ashley bobbed up and down, now using his hands to squeeze and jerk while he sucked.

This went on for a few more minutes, making Ashley frustrated that his boss hadn’t cum yet. “Listen, let me face fuck you again, and I’ll nut I promise. Then we can move on, and be done.” Pulling away from his dick, Ashley nodded and scooted back as his boss stood up. Setting the phone down on the table, the red light continued to shine. “Mind if I ask for one more favor?” He said, standing over Ashley. “Oh what the hell is it now?!” He yelled, glancing at the phone. “Could you give my asshole a kiss?” He said, trying to hold back laughter. Ashley started to stand with his fist raised when his boss started to explain. “Whoa whoa whoa-wait a minute! It’s the last thing I swear, I swear! You don’t want to break our deal right?” He said, reminding Ashley of what he was trying to accomplish. Ashley’s embarrassment grew as he had little choice but to accept, afraid of breaking their deal. “Just one or two; maybe three kisses, right on my hole. That’s all.” He said dropping his pants completely. “Is that all?!” He asked angrily. “Last thing I’ll add, I swear.” Turning around with his ass to the camera, Ashley’s boss leaned forward and spread his ass cheeks, his brown sweaty asshole clearly on film.

Ashley tried to hold his breath, but he couldn’t. Closing his eyes, his face cheeks pushed into his boss’ ass cheeks before he felt his lips touch. He couldn’t believe he would do something like this, but if it meant getting his boss away from his mom, it was worth it. Puckering up, he gave the first long kiss. Trying not to lick his lips, he pushed forward and kissed again, the red light beside him capturing the entire show. The final kiss was the shortest, but his boss didn’t complain. “You really love your mom.” His boss chuckled. Ashley was becoming fed up with the run around, he wanted to finish this. “Just face fuck me and get it over with.” He said, opening his mouth and shuffling closer.

“You got it, Virgin.” He said, getting an angry look from Ashley but it didn’t last long. Grabbing his head and forcing his cock in fast, Ashley gagged and tried to push away, but couldn’t. With nothing to hold, nothing to support him, all Ashley could do was reach out and grab his boss’ legs as he was throat fucked. It was almost a solid minute before it was over. Ashley’s eyes had started rolling back when his boss announced he was cumming. Finally pulling out, he roared while his cock sprayed jizz across Ash’s face. Gasping for air, he barely noticed the load on his face.

“Now strip.” His boss commanded, suddenly in a rush. Ashley stood and turned his back to the camera, unaware that’s what his boss wanted. Wiggling his butt back and forth, he slowly peeled the ass hugging khakis down, and then his boxers. A new level of shame dawned on him when he turned around, Ash’s little 5 inch cock stood straight up, drooling from the excitement. His boss said nothing, only smiled and grabbed the phone. Ending the video and starting a new one, he shoved Ashley’s back, pushing him into the desk and bending him over at the waist. “Look at that ass!” He moaned, slapping and groping it. Ashley’s cock had been pushed down between his legs instead of against his stomach. So not only could his boss’ camera see his bare ass, he could also see his balls and dick drooling down the side of the desk.

“J-just hurry up.” He said, unsure what would happen next. Sucking two fingers, he pushed them against Ash’s Virgin hole. Squirming from the invasion, he bucked his hips as the fingers sunk inside him. Ash let out a moan that could only be comparable to a whore as the fingers went deeper. His boss laughed before leaning down and kissing his hairless cheeks, his index and middle fingers now starting to drill in and out. Ash’s legs shook from the new feeling, pain mixed with an odd pleasure he couldn’t explain. “Gonna nut for me?” He asked, speeding up his drilling.

Ashley tried to answer, but all that came out was another low-pitched moan. Now with the phone’s camera getting a close up of his ass and cock, his boss’s fingers worked even faster. It was only another minute before Ashley gripped the table and shook violently, bucking his hips against the desk as his small cock started spitting against the desk and floor. It was the most intense orgasm Ash had ever experienced, and it came from his boss.

Sinking to his knees beside the desk, his back against it he tried catching his breath. “N-now are we done?” He said breathlessly, looking up at his boss who towered over him, his flaccid cock still bigger then Ash’s semi-erect one. “Almost, Virgin.” He said leaning down. With the phone beside them both, and being face to face, Ash’s boss winked at the camera before spitting a thick load of saliva into Ash’s face. Now covered in sweat, cum, and spit, his boss laughed when Ash didn’t have the energy to respond. “How about one more.” He said, leaning down again, working more saliva up before spitting into Ashley’s eye. “Oh hell why not.” He said before spitting one final wad into his face.

“See that mom? See what I did to your son? It’s okay, go ahead and cum. Then when you want this cock, call me.” He said, zooming into Ashley’s face while tears rolled down his cheeks. “Oh, and you’re fired, faggot. Now get out.” He said shoving Ashley over with his foot before ending the video.


The events of the last few days had become a nightmare. So far his mother had learned about him being fired, but didn’t know what his boss had done. Terrified that the video would be seen, Ash constantly stalked her. It was now Thursday and his mother had taken a day off work to spend with her son, hoping to cheer him up. Now sitting on his bed, waiting on his mother to finish her phone call, the vivid memories of what his boss had done came rushing back from the day before:

Having trouble standing, he gripped the desk and managed to pull up his khakis. Face dripping with different kinds of slime, he started to cry as his boss watched him struggle. Using his sleeve to wipe the cum and spit from his eyes, he slowly stumbled to the room’s exit. Just as he opened the door, his boss rushed over. Ashley didn’t expect help, nor did he receive it, for when his boss stepped up behind him he raised a foot and kicked Ashley in the back, causing him to tumble and hit the floor. “Get out, virgin.” He said, venom dripping from the words as he smiled and slammed the door.

Limping as fast as he could, Ashley fled out the back where fewer people would see him. Sadly he still ran into co-workers, who seemed to understand what had happened. None offered him help, only disgusted angry looks that humiliated him further. Luckily behind the store was a faucet, which Ash was able to wash his face with before limping the rest of the way home. With this mother at work the rest of the day, it gave him time to come up with a lie, and regain his ability to walk correctly.

He had lost his girlfriend, his best friend, all his friends, been humiliated, finger fucked, throat fucked, and spit on. There was only one thing left they could take from him: his mother.

So far the day had turned out nice, sunny and warm as Ashley and Samantha stepped outside to each lunch. She rose his spirits by talking about a vacation, somewhere nice that he might want to go. Ash confessed his love for a cruise, wishing he could ride across the ocean on a ship the size of a stadium. His mother nodded along and thought it was a great idea, time away from everything that had happened.

Lunch had gone smoothly and Ashley was already feeling much better, with the exception of his mother’s phone getting texts every few minutes, the buzzing getting on his nerves. After eating they decided to watch one of his favorite movies, making popcorn and getting soda ready for the epic adventure fantasy. The movie was long, and although Ash loved it, they started getting bored after the first hour. While the characters marched across grassy fields on the screen, Ash’s phone rang: it was the grocery store’s number.

“I don’t wanna answer it.” He said, ready to put it away. “Here let me.” His mom said, reaching over and grabbing the phone before Ashley could react. Suddenly worried it could be his boss, he struggled to wrestle the phone away from her but was too late. “Hello?” She answered angrily, sounding ready to chew someone’s head off. It actually made Ashley smile. “This is his mother. Yes. Oh. Well- Yeah I guess. I’ll let him know.” Hanging up his phone, she handed it back and smiled a little. “That was a girl named, Debbie. She said you didn’t pick up your last check.”

Ashley was conflicted, he certainly never wanted to go back, but he could already tell his mother wanted him too. “Mom please don’t make me go.” He asked. “You just have to walk in the door, Ashley!” She laughed. “Besides, we can use the money to help fund that cruise.” She said, turning off the movie and standing up.”Fine, but can we at least get something to eat on the way back?” He asked hopefully before being shot down. “Actually honey I was kinda hoping you would ride your bike so I could do a report for work, I am missing a day after all.” She said grabbing a notebook, skimming the pages and guilt tripping him into it. “How about I fix your favorite dinner instead?” She smiled, giving him a little excitement for coming home.

It was lucky that they only lived a mile from the stores, mostly downhill Ashley coasted his bike feeling the warm air against his face. As he pulled into the large parking lot, he locked the bike into a rack and headed past the automatic doors. He noticed a lot of familiar faces turning and scowling at him, and suddenly felt nervous. Walking up to the new assistant manager he asked where to find his last check. “Debbie had it with her, but she went to the loading bay. Just head back.” He said, seeming distant and cold.

He suddenly had a bad feeling about this, it seemed like their hateful eyes were following him as he walked. He tried not to shake his hips, but it had become such a habit that he couldn’t help it. Walking through the big floppy clear plastic wall that divided the store and the loading bay, he started looking for Debbie. Finally he asked someone where she was, and they pointed him to an empty poorly lit section of the loading bad, giving Ashley’s spine a chill.

“Uh- you know what I don’t really need the money.” He said starting to walk away when two nearby men grabbed him and covered his mouth, dragging him into the empty section where no security cameras could see. “We don’t want you here, faggot!” One of them growled, suddenly punching Ashley in the stomach. “Fuckin’ queer!” The other said throwing him to the concrete floor before kicking him in the side, a wave of pain flooding his body.

These men were large and powerful, and for some reason hated him. Crawling to escape, he was quickly pulled back and felt their boots stomping his chest and head. After a third dock worker stepped over, it was clear that things would only get worse as Ash’s nose was hit under the next stomp. Wailing, screaming and crying like a girl, he pleaded for the men to stop, but was silenced when a strong kick to the gut knocked the wind out of him. “Shut up, goddamn it!”

It was obvious these men enjoyed what they were doing, when one would get tired they would step back to catch their breath, and give their dick a happy squeeze and a few rubs. “Fuck you, faggot.” They grunted, as more men joined the mob, stomping and kicking Ashley as he moaned in pain and curled into a ball. Between the groups legs, he could barely see someone standing and watching behind them. Unknown to Ash, it was Debbie, smiling and tearing up his final check before tossing it into the air, the pieces fluttering down to the concrete.

The entire beating lasted 15 minutes, half a dozen men kicking and stomping Ashley’s small feminine frame until he was motionless on the floor. “Don’t you ever come back here you faggot.” One said, spitting on Ashley’s swollen face before leaving. One by one the crowd dispersed, until only Debbie remained, biting her lip and smirking at his bruised aching body.

Ashley had been beaten badly, but it wasn’t life threatening. He would end up with a black eye, a broken rib, a busted lip, cuts, scratches, and multiple bruises across his entire body. Lying in the floor for an untold amount of time, he was finally awakened when Debbie stepped over and squatted over his face, pulling her panties to the side and emptying her bladder, the loud hissing sound of her piss splashing into his cuts and scrapes. “Now get the fuck out and go crying to mommy you virgin.” She said before kicking him violently in the gut, making him whimper more. “Why?” He thought as his entire body ached and Debbie’s foul piss stung the cuts and scratches.

Crawling, wobbling, dragging himself out the back loading bay, he found his bike smashed to pieces. With no other choice, he made the long walk back home, up hill as cars honked at him while passing, each step like a knife in his ribs. He had tried to call 911 after leaving, but found that they had stomped his cell phone to pieces as well. His only hope was his mother, the one last ray of happiness in his life.

Fumbling through the front door Ash’s shoe hit the door’s lip, causing him to tumble and fall into the living room. The pain in his sides and stomach flaring up as he moaned, hoping that any second now his mother would come save him. “Mooooooom!” He cried, waiting for her to appear. After lying motionless on the floor for what seemed like minutes, he started to wonder where she was. Dragging himself up, he found the living room and kitchen empty, along with his room and the bathroom.

At first it didn’t register in his brain, the faint sounds coming from his mother’s bedroom. As he limped closer to it was clear that the noise was music, in fact it was Ash and his mother’s favorite song. It was clear now why his mother hadn’t heard him, the song was too loud. Another ten seconds of listening, slowly limping closer to her bedroom, and the sound grew louder.

The physical pain he was trying to endure now took a backseat to a much more intense and nauseous feeling in his stomach. Suddenly Ash felt like a child again, afraid of what he might see if he looked through the door. Why was it closed in the first place, and why would she have the music that loud, she never worked with music on before. With his curiosity driving him crazy, he took a leap of faith and pushed the door open, stepping inside.

Ready for the worst he turned his gaze to the bed, and was slightly shocked. His mother, sitting in bed under the covers with the sheets up to her chest, the work journal in her hands as she bobbed her head to the music. The unbelievable rush of relief that he felt could almost be compared to an orgasm, he couldn’t wait to feel his mother’s loving embrace. Once she noticed him, her eyes grew wide and her hand slapped across her mouth in shock of Ashley’s bloody bruised appearance. “Oh my god.” Her muffled voice said behind her palm.

Expecting her to rush after him, he was surprised when she didn’t even budge. That’s when he noticed her eyes: they were darting between him, and her bedroom’s bathroom in terror. Ashley didn’t know what to make of it, why was she afraid? It was in this moment, that Ashley would last remember feeling happy. “Okay baby are you ready to fuck again? He wont be gone much long-” David stepped out from the bathroom completely nude, his large erection standing tall like a ship’s mast when he froze and smiled wickedly at Ashley. “It looks like the guys at work didn’t stall you long enough.”

Like the cogs of a clock slowly grinding to a halt, Ashley’s brain couldn’t comprehend his worst nightmare brought to life. Time and sound seemed to slow as he took in the full scene: a slo-motion David had crossed the room and pulled back his mother’s bed sheets, unveiling her curvaceous and completely nude body, still slick with sex sweat. His mother tried to protest, and explain how it was all a big mistake: she never wanted Ashley to find out this way. Trying to run and turn off the music, his ex-boss intervened by grabbed her hips, pushing her forward and over the bed, her eyes locking with her son’s.

Her words distorted by the slowed appearance of time, she cried out as David penetrated her without warning. Her eyes growing wide as her mouth opened in shock, lurched forward from his thrust. “David! Stop!” Her words came out like they were dragged through syrup, each syllable lasting several seconds.

As time slowly started moving again, Ashley felt light-headed. “Oh god! David don’t!” His mother yelled, terrified that her son was now watching them having sex. Under normal circumstances it would be bad enough, but they both knew how much worse it was, since it was Ashley’s worst enemy. “Mommy?” Ashley said weakly, his mind crumbling under the stress and reality of what he was seeing. His mother’s large breast swinging forward as she was roughly fucked from behind, the steady tempo of Ashley’s favorite song mixing with her gasps.

“N-no, pl-please don’t- don’t look!” She said breathlessly, trying to hide her shame and betrayal. The situation was only made worse when David announced that he had no intention of stopping, even with her sissy son watching. Still being rocked back and forth from David’s constant assault of her pussy, her words were half-formed moans and cries as she tried to stop him, reaching behind and swatting at him like a mother would scold a child.

Breaking down Ash fell to his knees, a burning pain in his chest as he broke into sobs, hiccuping every few seconds, making his broken rib ache more. His mother felt terrible, knowing what she was doing was completely wrong, but with each thrust her willpower was slowly eroded. “Nuh- No, pla-please-” Biting her lower lip, the pleasure overcoming her shame, a pleasure she hadn’t felt since her divorce. “Oooh yeeah.” David moaned, reaching forward and pulling her off the bed. Still slightly bent but now standing, Ashley’s ex-boss had grabbed both of her large heavy breasts and were squeezing them, moving them around in circles, pinching and pulling them as she quivered and released deep grunts of pleasure.

Her urge to stop had completely faded, and now through watery eyes, Ash watched his mother forget he existed. “Ooh fuck that feels good.” David moaned, slapping her large ass with an open palm, the loud pop making Ashley jump. “How many times have I fucked you?” David suddenly asked, slapping her ass and staring into Ash’s eyes. “S-seven times..” She moaned, opening her eyes long enough to see her son weeping in front of her, revealing the truth that this wasn’t their first time. “Since when?” He ordered, becoming excited as Ashley’s hopes died around him. “Say it!” He yelled, gripping her breasts hard enough that she squealed.

“Since his birthday party!” She groaned, trying to hide her face from her son’s horrified gaze. “Remember the video I sent you, faggot? She did show up, and we passed her around like a blow up doll!” David announced, a wicked smile on his face as sweat dripped down his muscled stomach. Ashley began rocking back and forth like a small child, the truth felt like someone had stabbed him in the heart, thinking back to his mother’s text telling him: “We’re almost finished, honey.” She had been at the party the entire time while he waited at the bowling alley, his mother and friends having an orgy while he jerked off in a bathroom stall. “Don’t worry I filmed it for you.” He chuckled with the same arrogant smile.

For the first time, Ashley could see just how attractive his mother was. He knew what everyone else had thought, but now seeing her shine with sweat, her thick bouncing body and large jiggling breasts, her open-mouthed sex face and the way she pushed back into David’s cock, Ashley’s own dick stiffened at the beautiful woman who was now his ex-boss’ favorite fuck toy.

David was now getting rougher, his hips slapping into her backside at feverish pace while Ashley continued to watch. He could feel himself becoming nauseous as the smell of sex hit him, only now realizing that he had also smelled it when he walked in the house a few minutes ago. As his mother’s moans became louder and louder, suddenly reaching a higher pitch with each breath, he knew she was having an orgasm. “Oooohh fuucck!” She screamed, legs shaking violently as she fell forward on the bed, David’s cock never leaving her.

Ashley had never even heard his mother swear before, and now she was in front of him having an orgasm, brought on by the same evil man who had destroyed his life. “I told you I’d get her!” He laughed, giving her ass another loud slap as she quivered under him and gripped the bed sheets, howling with pleasure as her son cried in agony.

Ashley could feel himself getting dizzy as the room spun and his mother’s eyes started to roll back, overwhelmed by the pleasure of David’s cock. Suddenly yanking her off the bed, he spun her around before putting her onto her back. Her legs now on his shoulders he re-inserted himself into her wet convulsing pussy, before grunted and wrapping his hands around her throat. “Mommy likes it rough!” He laughed, watching Ashley’s shocked expression. “Uughhhh!!” Samantha moaned animalisticly as her air was cut off and her pleasure was intensified.

“You gonna do what I said?” He asked between thrusts, her face starting to turn red. She moaned and nodded, gripping the sheets again. “Then do it! Give it to him!” David moaned as he grew closer to his own orgasm. The light in Ashley’s eyes had dimmed, his breathing was shallow and his brain wasn’t getting enough oxygen to keep him alert and functioning. Close to passing out, he wondered how much worse it could get.

The room started to fade grey as Ash swayed on his knees, nearly ready to fall. Watching his mother being fucked was too much for his brain, and what she did next completely crushed his soul. The hand closest too him released it’s grip from the bed sheet, and slowly rose. Aiming in his direction, Samantha groaned even louder as her fist unclenched and her middle finger sprang up, flipping off her own son as she started her second orgasm.

“Hahaha, fuck yeah!” David laughed as he sped up, ready to release his load. “Uuughh I’m gonna nut!” He roared, half with laughter at Ashley’s glazed over stupid look, and with pleasure as he unleashed his seed inside the attractive mother. It was the last thing Ashley saw before the room turned black and he fell, the image of David fucking his mom would be burned into his mind for the rest of his life.


6 thoughts on “Betrayed by Everyone Original

  1. This is pretty good and while I know you’re currently busy I have a suggestion for you after you have free time againin that if possible could you show us how Ash’s mother was during his birthday where she was supposedly passed around like blow up doll and how she become lovers with Ash’s boss


  2. Very nice story love it 🙂

    I really like the betraying kind of stuff you do 😛

    And like KNM i would love to see the mother point of view of the birthday.


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