Truth or Dare

Contains: Urine, Cheating, Humiliation and Heartbreak

As the bottle slowed, Frank’s expression turned sour when it stopped on Todd. With Edith unwilling to back down, she gave her boyfriend a reassuring nod before shuffling into the circle’s center.

“Okay, this is the third time, so you two know what that means: you gotta make out,” said the group’s hostess.

“I’m not backing down,” Edith replied.

“Neither am I,” said Todd.

“Well, if you both do it, then it’s a three way tie, and we move on to truth or dare.”

With a perfect side view, Frank sat quietly as his worst enemy held his girlfriend’s shoulders, pulling her face close to his. Silently, the room watched as their lips locked, breathing heavily as the make-out session began. Grunting, moaning, their tongues twisting and flicking against each others, even openly as their lips parted for a moment, showing everyone proof of their kiss.

Two minutes passed before Todd’s hand was moved, and roughly placed on one of Edith’s large breast, to which she quickly slapped his hand away and broke the kiss.

“Alright,” she growled before spitting on the floor, “that’s enough, I did it.”

With only three people remaining, Frank cheered his girlfriend from the sideline, encouraging her to keep going, and not to lose against his nemesis.

“Edith, Todd, and Jack are the remaining three!” Announced the hostess.

“I forfeit.” Jack said suddenly, winking to Todd.

“Hey, that’s not fair!” Frank shouted, suddenly worried for his girlfriend.

“Technically he can do that. So I guess we’re down to just two contestants, Todd and Edith!”

Biting her lip and balling her fists, she looked to Frank, who sighed before giving her a nod, and saying, “Don’t let him win, you got this, no matter what.”

Nodding, the room spread further out, almost as if a fight was about to start.

“Since Edith won the last kiss, she gets to ask the first truth or dare. Also, remember if you dare someone to do something, the time limit is one minute.”

“Why don’t we just skip the truth, and make it dares only, or are you too chicken?” Todd asked, smiling confidently.

“Fuck you, fine, we’ll only do dares.”

“Dare then.”

Winking at her boyfriend, Edith placed her hands on her hips, ready to end the match early. “I dare you to make out with Jack for the full minute.”

The room gave a collective groan as they all looked to Todd, wondering if he would lose.

“Hey wait, can she do that? I quit the game, she can’t do that!” Jack shouted.

“Uh, well technically, yeah she can. You kind of forfeited for no reason,” answered the hostess.

“Well goddamn it!”

“Oh, you bitch,” Todd growled.

“Give up?”

Pacing around the room, Todd looked over to Jack who gave an extremely nervous look. “Dude, come on, you gotta help me out,” Todd said seriously.

“Dude, no way!”

“I’ll make it up to you, seriously,” he replied, glancing and nodding toward Edith.

“Well … You better win, damn it.”

Without objection, but with looks of disgust and revulsion, the two jocks met lips, and painfully kissed while everyone watched and groaned in horror.

“No fuckin’ way,” Frank and Edith both said, horrified of what Todd’s retaliation could be.

“You fucked up, girl,” said Todd after spitting several times, an evil, cruel look on his face.

“We’ve come too far to lose, no jealously, remember, it’s all about winning,” Frank reminded her, giving her the confidence to puff out her chest and take a breath.

“Fine, dare.”

“I dare you to suck my cock, for the full minute, right in your boyfriend’s stupid face.”

The crowd moaned again, shocked at the dare, yet curious if she would go through with it. Biting her lip, she quickly stepped over to Frank and began whispering into his ear.

“Hey, she can’t do that! That’s cheating!” Todd exclaimed.

“It’s not against the rules,” replied the hostess.

“I think I can still win this,” Edith whispered.

“Wh-wait, you actually want to-“

“No- I don’t want too, but I know how to make him lose.”

“Uhm, well, how?”

“Remember what happens to you after I get you off?”

Frank stared blankly, “I.. get tired and go to bed?”

“Exactly. If I can just make him cum, he won’t want to continue.”

“Uh, well, isn’t that a victory for him?”

“I thought you wanted us to win, Frank.”

“I-I do, but- well, I know how competitive you get, and isn’t this-”

“Frank, honey, trust me, I’ll make him tap out. I’m not going to lose to this jerk,” Edith said, looking back at Todd.

“B-but, if you do this, he’s already won, r-right?”

“I accept the dare!” Edith shouted, ignoring her boyfriend.

“Fuck yeah, let’s do this,” shouted Todd.

The crowd suddenly gathered closer, squeezing around the three in a tight circle as Edith dropped to her knees beside Frank.

“Remember, you gotta do it in his face, if he moves away I win,” Todd reminded.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say pencil dick, I bet it’s like- three inches long or something.”

Frank took a breath as Todd stepped up, his crotch inches away from their faces. Taking his time, and savoring the moment, his fly was very slowly lowered, his annoying laugh constant as Frank and Edith both looked up at him from their knees.

“Hurry the fuck up already,” she grumbled, reaching forward and grabbing his pants. In one swift motion, Edith yanked his jeans and underwear to his knees, allowing his large, drooling erection to spring and bounce free, nearly touching her face.

The sudden gasp from the girls in the room gave Frank’s confidence a crushing blow, recognizing how much bigger Todd’s cock was than his own, something Edith had to realize as well.

“Ready, Edith?” Asked the hostess, her stopwatch in hand.

Taking a breath, and glancing at Frank, Edith nodded.

“Aaand- go!”

With her mouth open wide, and her tongue hanging out, she attempted to devour Todd’s entire cock in one movement. However, due to it’s thickness and length, she only made it halfway before the head slammed against her uvula, causing her to retch and gag.

“Ooh, fuck yeah,” Todd groaned.

Working quickly, Edith’s hands had started rubbing and stroking the extra length she couldn’t fit in her mouth, before attempting to squeeze and massage his large, heavy balls. The sloppy, slurping and sucking sounds had aroused all the men in the room, who leaned closer to watch, some even bumping into Frank, causing his face to close distance with Todd’s cock.

Pulling away and creating a loud suctioned pop, Edith gasped for air before continuing to stroke him. “God, it tastes awful, and it fuckin’ stinks too! Do you even wash?” Not waiting on his answer, she opened wide again before continuing her sloppy blowjob- her face, and Todd’s cock, inches away from Frank.

“Yeeah, get a good look, boy,” Todd grunted, putting his hand on the back of Frank’s head before pulling him even closer, leaving him cheek to cheek with Edith as she continued sucking loudly.

“Ten seconds left.” Announced the hostess, much to everyone’s disappointed groans.

“Ughh, fuck, I was almost there too,” Todd grunted, thrusting his hips and forcing more of his cock into Edith’s mouth.

Glancing up at him, Edith pulled away from Todd’s erection before gasping and crying out, “No! Not yet! I know I can do this, give me one more minute! One more!”

The group cheered and clapped as she lowered herself to his balls, sucking one into her mouth while both hands pumped his erection directly at Frank’s face.

“Ooh fuck, yeah that’s it, work those balls. Enjoying the show, faggot?” Todd taunted, pushing his hips slightly forward until the tip of his cock smeared slime onto Frank’s cheek.

“Damn it!” Edith cursed, moving back to suckle Todd’s cock head, but after another minute, she pulled away and growled angrily. “Why wont you cum?!”

“Time’s up!”

“Ohh, shit, that felt good, too bad you don’t know how to get me off,” he grinned.

Still on her knees, and with Todd’s large cock still being pumped by her hand, she scowled at up him. “I’m not gonna lose, I swear I’m going to win this.”

“Uh, honey, you don’t have to.. Uh, keep doing that.”

Shaken from her involvement, she turned to find Frank directly beside her. “Wh-what? Oh, baby, I forgot you were-”

“Y-yeah, but, y-you’re still-”

Only now realizing that her hand had never stopped jerking Todd’s cock, she suddenly pulled it away, shocked and confused as to why she hadn’t quit.

“I guess it’s your turn then,” He said with a grin, still looking down at the couple that continued to sit inches away from his erection.

“Right,” Edith said, standing up and putting her hand to her chin, thinking of what she could dare him to do.

“E-Edith.. Hey, just ask him to cum, and- that way, I mean, wouldn’t that-” but Frank’s quiet words had gone unnoticed.

“I dare you to punch yourself in the balls.”

The crowd laughed and clapped as Edith smirked and nodded confidently.

Shrugging his shoulders, Todd replied, “Sure, I’ll do that,” before balling his fist and lightly tapping himself in the nuts.

“Hey! That’s cheating, you didn’t do it hard!”

“You never dared me to do it hard, you just said hit them.”

When Edith and Frank looked to the hostess, she smiled sincerely before shrugging her shoulders. “Technically he’s right, you didn’t specify.”

“That’s bull-shit!” Edith shouted.

“Hey, hey, hey, calm down, I’ll make a deal with you,” Todd smirked.

“Yeah right, what is it?”

“I’ll hit myself in the balls, hard, but in return, I get three dares, back to back.”

“Isn’t that against the rules?” Frank asked desperately.

“Well.. as long as they both agree to it, I guess it’s okay.”

With his mouth hanging open, Frank desperately attempted to convince his girlfriend to change her mind, however his words were simply ignored.

“Don’t worry, baby, I got this, I know what I’m doing.”

“Okay, here I go,” said Todd, balling his fist again before quickly striking himself in groin.

Bending over and coughing, Todd released his cock and doubled over, supporting himself by holding his thighs and breathing quickly.

“Ha! Give up yet?” Shouted Edith.

“No! Just.. give me a minute..”

After a few minutes of silence, Todd slowly rose, his erection only semi hard as he slowly recovered.

“Jeez- fuck off, I guess it’s your turn,” Edith grumbled.

“First dare,” Todd grunted, adjusting his balls and cock as the pain slowly faded, “Stomp your shit-for-brains boyfriend in the nuts.”

“Hey, whoa! T-t-that’s not-” Frank stuttered.

“You lose if she doesn’t,” Todd reminded.

“F-fine, w-we lose!” Frank yelped before noticing Edith’s stare. “Hey- don’t you-”

But she had already shoved him, making him fall onto his back, and as his legs parted, her foot slammed down between them, causing him to scream out before curling into a ball.

“Next,” she barked, a look of defiance etched into her face.

The crowd gave a collective: “Whoa” before smiles broke out among them.

“Damn, girl. Okay fine, you think you’ll win if you make me nut, then I dare you to give me a rimjob.”

“What?! That’s disgusting you sicko!”

“Oh? I guess I win then, right?”

“No! Son-of-a-bitch, fine, I’ll do it, just.. I gotta go pee first.”

As her words hit him, Todd blinked before smiling brightly, “Hang on! I change my dare!”

“You- he- he can’t do that, can he?”

“Well.. you haven’t started the dare yet, so, yeah he can change it,” said the hostess.

“Ugh, fine, what is it now?”

“I dare you to get up on this table, and let us all watch you piss.”

Edith’s eyes grew wide, her stomach twisting with butterflies. “I can’t- I mean, I..”

“Chicken? You give up?” Todd smirked.

Looking down at her boyfriend, who still remained curled into a ball and unmoving, she took a deep breath before answering, “No, I didn’t come this far, and do this much just to quit.”

With a large, folding table pulled into the center of the room, it was placed purposely over Frank’s motionless body. Focused and determined, Edith climbed up, blushing red as all the men crowded below her, ready to watch.

“You’re disgusting,” she spat while kicking off her shoes.

“You can always quit.”

Hooking her thumbs into her yoga pants and panties, Edith shoved the fabric to her ankles, before pulling them off each foot and tossing them to a nearby couch, making her completely nude from the waist down, and giving everyone a view of her entirely shaven, puffy white mound.

“Dayum, what a nice pussy!” One of the men gawked.

“Oh shut up and give me something to pee in.”

Todd smiled as he extended his arm, handing over an empty red party cup that she quickly snatched.

“This isn’t going to hold it all.”

“So? Just piss on the table, it’s not like anything important is underneath.”

Raising her middle finger, Edith didn’t argue, instead, she simply opened her legs and squatted, placing the red cup below her slightly pale and noticeably moist pussy.

“Bunch-a-pervs,” she mumbled before sighing and relaxing her body.

Todd had moved closer, directly in front as she began relieving herself, the loud hissing creating an echo inside the cup as her clear urine splashed and begun filling it. Her sighs of relief had continued arousing the men, causing a few to unzip and openly stroke themselves.

As the cup neared its limit, Todd smirked and reached toward it. Expecting him to switch it for another, she felt a jolt of electricity run through her body as his fingers pressed against her, and this thumb began stroking against the top of her wet mound.

“Hey!” She hissed, the word dripping with anger.

Smiling devilishly, Todd replied, “Stop me.”

When her breath quivered under the stimulation, she made no move to push him away. Though her look of hate and anger remained, Todd’s thumb continued stroking and rubbing against her slightly exposed clitiorus.

When the cup of urine began to overflow, it was removed, and she simply continued pissing onto the table’s top, the liquid running to the table’s central folding line, where it leaked through, pouring onto Frank underneath.

By the time her piss had trickled to a stop, three more hands had reached out, all of them touching, pinching, pulling and squeezing her muff, leaving both her face, and pussy, red.

“Th-there, I did it, n-now get off me.”

“Hey, I gotta hand it to you, you don’t lose easily,” Todd smirked.

“I never lose,” she replied, her voice uneasy and breathless.

“Well I have one dare left.”

Walking across the room, the unused sofa was pulled from the wall, moving it closer to the room’s center before Todd sat and reclined.

“You want me to lick your asshole, right?”

“I would love that, and you want to make me cum right?”

Edith didn’t reply, she simply stepped over to the couch and dropped to her knees, the look of anger unchanging.

“Hey, I’ll even make it easier for you: no time limit, you can keep going as long as you want.”

Reaching between her legs, Edith gave herself a quick rub before watching Todd recline, lifting his legs high into the air and exposing his large balls and sweaty ass-crack. Now on his back with his ass up, she leaned forward and took a deep breath, attempting to calm herself.

However, the deep breath was one filled with his stink, the musky sent of his cock and ripe ass flooded her nose and senses, causing her to become light headed.

“Well? Get to it, or do you concede?”

Without a word, Edith leaned in, her nose brushing against his ballsack before she opened her mouth, allowing her tongue to drag it’s way over them. Lowering herself, her hands pressed into his cheeks, spreading them, and making it easier for her tongue to get in.

Spitting at the top and watching her saliva drool down, she finally start licking and working her tongue against his ass. Sloppily licking, sucking, flicking her tongue, and pushing it into his exposed brown hole.

“Ooh, fuck yeah, that’s the stuff,” he groaned as the men watching openly stroked themselves. “You’ll make me nut in no time if you keep that up.”

Pressing her lips to his asshole, she licked and sucked in earnest, reaching above and gripping his cock, stroking it as she continued sucking his anus.

“How’s it taste?”

“Fuck you,” Edith gasped before resuming, pushing her tongue as far into his hole as she could.

“Holy fuck that feels good, god damn, do that again, baby.”

Without responding, she pushed her tongue inside once more, her nose pressing into his balls as she wriggled her tongue around inside him, feeling and tasting something that pushed back.

“E-Edith?” Her boyfriend’s meek voice came from behind.

Twisting her body, but never removing her tongue from Todd’s asshole, she looked back to find Frank on his knees behind her. The men beside continued stroking their cocks, their elbows occasionally striking his face, making him wince.

Gasping for air, Edith removed her tongue, but continued stroking his cock as sweat trickled down her face. “I’m almost done, I swear I’m about to win,” she moaned, her voice no longer filled with anger.

Down on her knees, and leaning forward, Edith was practically on all fours, giving Frank, and the entire crowd, a great view of her big ass, and of her pussy which now drooled continuously.

“I’m going to win the dare,” she assured him before turning back to Todd, and running her tongue up his crack several times.

“Haha, I never dared you to do this,” Todd laughed, causing her to stop and look up at him.

“Wh-what? Yes you did!” She looked to the hostess.

“Uhm, no, he didn’t. His second dare was- well..” The hostess glanced at Frank who had been soaked by her urine. “He never actually dared you to lick his ass, you just assumed that’s what he wanted.”

Suddenly aware that she was licking his ass without being asked too, she looked back at her boyfriend, before looking up at Todd who continued to smile.

“I do have one last dare though,” he said with a grunt as he lowered his legs.

Taking hold of his cock, he patted his lap as to offer a seat for her, and after a few seconds of hesitation, Edith rose, and stepped onto the couch.

“E-Edith, wh-what are you doing, why are you doing this?” Frank’s voice had started to break, tears forming in the corners of his eyes.

Squatting over Todd’s lap, his large cock now teasing the entrance to her dripping wet mound, she hesitated and looked back at him.

“I dare you to dump that loser you call a boyfriend.”

Frank’s eyes grew wide as he watched her struggle with the idea. Then, without assistance from anyone else, Edith allowed her body to sink lower, Todd’s long and thick cock pushing it’s way inside, disappearing completely as she gritted her teeth and shut her eyes.

“Oooh, fuck,” Todd grimaced.

Slowly opening her eyes, she looked down at Frank who had now started to cry, tears running down his face.

“Frank,” she moaned, lifting herself before dropping back onto Todd’s erection, “honey..”

Todd’s hands had now moved up her chest, tearing open her shirt and bra, allowing her large breast to swing free.

“I’m breaking up with you,” she finally moaned as groups of hands reached out to grope and squeeze her chest.

“Y-You can’t, it’s not- it’s not fair, this can’t-”

“I’m sorry, but I’m leaving you.” The cock inside her suddenly thrust, pushing her up and making her chest bounce, “I’m not going to lose, so I’m dumping you- I’m dumping you for him.”

“You hear that? Looks like the only loser here is you, Frank,” Todd laughed, “get fucked, you loser,” he grunted as he continued thrusting into Edith’s soaking wet pussy.

“Y- You heard him,” Edith moaned, struggling to keep her composure, “get fucked you loser.”


Jack, who had remained by her side was the first to reach orgasm, stepping closer before firing his semen across her chest, spraying line after line of thick white globs, grunting with primal pleasure.

“Ugh, keep watching, faggot, your ex-girlfriend is gonna win the dare, because I’m about to nut.”

Increasing his speed, Edith’s voice became broken and primal as she moaned loudly, trying to hold on as Todd continued fucking her up into the air. With a loud roar, and several slow, deep thrusts, the large cock inside her spasmed several times, the balls below clenching and drawing up as his seed was emptied into her, causing the room to fall silent except for Edith’s low groans.

“Oh god! Oh fuck!” she moaned, falling backwards into Todd’s chest, breathing heavily as his cock popped free, slinging white strings of cum across the floor, and across Frank who sat below them.

“You win, baby.” Todd smirked, “I’d kiss you right now, but since you just finished eating my ass you should probably spit some.”

Licking her lips and building her saliva, she leaned forward before spitting loudly, the wad striking Frank across the face, to which Todd and Edith both cheered.


Watching the huge load of sperm oozing from his girlfriend’s pussy, Frank was shaken as Edith’s voice made him look up.

“Do you still want to be my boyfriend, Loser?”

Nodding stupidly, and with a teary eye’d expression, Frank watched her moan before she reached between her legs, spreading her pussy and pushing out more of Todd’s thick cum, “I dare you to lick it all up.”

“Here,” said Jack, reaching out with a red party cup that was filled with foamy warm liquid, “this should help.”


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