The Adventures of John

Contains: Cuckolding and Betrayal

— —


The stands were packed as the crowd cheered and clapped for their team. The high rise bleachers rose above the concrete below, leaving enough room to walk under and hide in plain sight.

Under the seats, looking through the legs of everyone seated above, the football game continued as Paula followed the large, handsome young man. The crowd roared again as the ball was carried for another first down, shaking the structure they sat on.

Popcorn and trash fluttered down as she smiled nervously, kissing her secret partner. His tongue pushed its way inside her mouth, gliding over hers while their lips parted and hot breath fogged her glasses.

With a wall behind them and the bleachers in front, no one could see, or hear, as the aged mother dropped to her knees and unzipped her lover’s jeans. Another loud crash occurred on the field as the defense stopped another rushing play, keeping everyone’s attention focused while Paula yanked his pants down.

“Shouldn’t you be cheering for your son?” John asked the attractive mother, now gripping his erection and wagging it in her face.

Glancing to her left, looking through the metal seats and rows of legs, she could barely make out the players; yet among them, #34, her son, waited for the team to get within field goal range.

“This is more important.” she purred loudly, raising her voice so John could hear her.

Leaning forward, Paula opened her mouth, pushing her soft pink lips over the engorged phallus. Its length and girth were more than she could swallow, but with each attempt came small progress. Her tongue slipped under the shaft, wriggling as the head quickly met her uvula, causing her to gag and withdraw before trying again.

“Damn, you’re getting better at that.” he moaned, leaning back against the brick wall as she continued to squeeze him with her mouth.

Opening the buttons of her blouse, Paula’s breast bounced free, allowing the the slime from her mouth to drool down her chin and into her bra supported cleavage. Pulling his dick from her mouth, she tucked his erection under her chest, putting it under her bra and trapping it tightly between her tits.

“Oh fuck.” John grimaced with pleasure, now humping upward and tit fucking the blonde haired mother, completely unaware of the small group of students watching from a distance.

The spit from her mouth helped his cock glide effortlessly between her large breast, the tip popping into view every second as he used her body like a fun house. Pushing his thumb into her mouth, she eagerly sucked the appendage as he slowed his pace, edging his orgasm carefully.

Squeezing her chest together , tightening the hold on John’s cock, the football game behind her continued uproariously. The clashing of plastic armor sounded again as the crowd cheered, leaving Paula momentarily deafened.

“Fourth down and fifty yards to go, it looks like they’re going to punt.” the announcer said over the crowd.

Turning her head away from John’s cock, she twisted her body sideways, forcing him to step away from the wall so she could attempt to watch her son. The tall, lanky teenager jogged onto the field, pulling his helmet down as he stepped into formation.

“Fuck, I think I’m going to lose it.” John said, the plan to edge his orgasm ruined from all the extra movement.

Turning back to face him, Paula leaned down, attempting to lick and suckle his tip each each time it came through her cleavage. Grunting and swearing, she reached under his cock, taking hold of his heavy scrotum in order to squeeze and rub it, hoping to milk every drop from the attractive young stud.

“Fuck, here it comes!” John roared.

“Here comes Justin Davis, number thirty four-” the announcer shouted.

Paula twisted her head to glance at the field, but quickly turned back, opening her mouth as John pushed himself through her cleavage even harder. The tip of his cock now reached her mouth, the pressure from his hips overwhelming the small bra, causing it rip and pop open, her large tits spilling free.

“Oh and the ball is dropped- and Davis, the replacement kicker, is tackled hard by the defense!” the announcer echoed as the crowd roared in excitement.

Her eyes went wide with horror as the news of her son being hit reached her ears, however, John’s hands held her in place, grunting loudly as he emptied his balls into her mouth, covering her tongue in sperm before it shot against the back of her throat.

“It looks like number thirty four has yet to get up, that was a tremendous hit he took.”

“Swallow it, baby.” John groaned.

Giving his cock a few last powerful sucks, she flicked her tongue against the slit before swirling his load around her mouth, savoring the familiar, musky taste before looking to the football field.

“It looks like they’re bringing the stretcher out. Davis, the 19 year old replacement kicker seems to be unconscious-”

“Fuck yeah!” John cheered as he watched the field.

Swallowing the thick, slimy fluid in her mouth, Paula looked up in shock.

“What? I bet money they’d lose.” he chuckled.

Standing up, brushing the filth from her knees, Paula attempted to fix her bra which remained ruined. Pulling it off, she tossed it to the floor before re-buttoning her blouse and turning to watch her son be carried off the field.

“I gotta go.” she said briskly, wiping the liquid from her lips and giving John’s flaccid cock a few quick tugs before kissing him on the cheek.

“Save that for your son.” he laughed, using his shirt to wipe his face.

Staring at her tight, yoga pants covered ass as it wiggled away, John smiled and stuffed his genitals back into his pants. Leaning against the wall, he waited for the voyeuristic college students to approach him, prepared to brag about what happened.



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