Damien’s Domain

Contains: Scat, Urine, Vomit and Death.

— —


Everything remained still as the tall grandfather clock boomed. Twelve loud chimes announced midnight as everyone in the house slept peacefully. Moonlight poured through the open drapes while the central heating activated and hummed through the vents, keeping the temperature at a constant 68 degrees.

The urge to pee is what pulled Damien from sleep, throwing back his sheets and leaving the room. Scampering into the bathroom he flicked the switch and flooded everything in florescent light.

Down the hall his adoptive mother had been shaken from her dream. Diane had always been a light sleeper, and constantly fretful of intruders. Leaving her husband in bed and silently creeping down the hall, she could hear the familiar trickle of someone urinating.

When she peeked into the bathroom, it was her adopted son’s fleshy pink butt she saw. Biting her lip, knowing her actual son and husband were still asleep, she stepped inside before quietly closing the door.

“Hello, mother,” Damien said in his usual monotone voice, never turning to face her.

“Hello, Damien,” A familiar cloudiness arose in her mind. Being around the young black haired boy always enthralled her, even more so at night.

“Come to please me again?” his voice carried a subtle hint of enjoyment.

Dropping to her knees behind him she carefully pulled his dark colored pajamas down. His urine continued to pour into the porcelain bowl as her mouth approached his clean, hairless rump. “Yes, please let me do it again,” she begged.

Damien was only days away from being 18, and already it seemed like he was running the house. Only in his absence did the adoptive family notice things were strange, quickly forgetting once he returned.

“Go on, Mother, indulge yourself,” Damien answered as he bent forward, no longer concerned with his stream as it spilled across the floor below him. “Eat to your hearts content.” Releasing his unnaturally large penis he reached back to spread his cheeks while the urine dribbled to a stop.

“Thank you, my Lord,” she moaned, before pressing her face into the sweaty, hairless crack. Refusing to shower the previous night had increased the taste as her tongue lapped hungrily at him, reducing herself to something less than human. “It tastes so good,” she mumbled as her nose rose and fell against him, her lips pursing to kiss at the puckered hole.

“You are a good mother.” A sinister smiled crossed his lips while his penis began to rise.

“Yes, my Lord, I would do anything for you.” Her breathing had become labored as she pushed her tongue inside the teen’s dirty, unwashed anus. Slobbering and moaning as a woman possessed, Diane’s passion reached an all time high as she pressed her lips to him, sucking strongly in an attempt to please him however she could.

“Are you hungry, mother?” he asked while her hand reached through his legs, grabbing the wide girth of his cock and stroking it wildly, slinging pre-cum across the floor.

Damien’s eyes suddenly burned red, his mind focused on his older brother who slept. “I will give you what you desire,” he said before blinking the red in his eyes away.

Diane could feel something warm and soft pushing against her tongue as Damien strained. In the swirling bliss of her hypnotized mind she couldn’t see anything she wanted more. Opening her mouth below him, she moaned lustfully before the bathroom door swung open.

“Mom?” Diane’s biological son Brian had stepped through the doorway. Shock and horror filled his face as Damien’s anus open over his mother’s mouth. The loud crackling filled his ears as he watched the brown rope descend before breaking and falling across her nose and eyes.

“Thank you, my Lord!” she moaned with delight, blissfully unaware that her son was being traumatized by her actions.

Turning to face them, Damien stroked himself as Brian remained frozen in place. “I’m going to reward you now.” Pre-cum dribbled and dripped onto her face as she groaned in ecstasy, no longer concerned by her previous life.

“Mm- mom?” Brian’s body remained motionless, not from fear or shock, but from an unseen force holding him in place. Struggling only seemed to make it worse, his body moving on it’s own as he dropped to his knees and placed his face beside hers.

“Give into the pleasure. Accept my seed.” Damien’s cock erupted across them both. Unbelievably powerful shots striking Brian in both eyes before slathering his tongue. The next volley of sperm painted Diane’s euphoric face as she continued to devour Damien’s waste.

“Thank you, brother,” Brian’s words were not his own, forcing their way from his mouth before his tongue contracted, swallowing the thick, copious sperm.

“Back to bed with you both,” Damien ordered as his cock hung limp, dripping it’s final drops onto the floor.

“Yes, my Lord,” they both answered before standing and leaving the room in a hypnotic daze.

Finally alone, Damien’s mood returned to a state of normality. Cleaning himself up he flushed the toilet and avoided the large puddle of urine below him. Once in his room he slid back under the blanket, quickly falling into a deep slumber.


Diane awoke the following morning with a thick, earthy flavor in her mouth. Albert, her husband, continued snoring as she pulled herself from the bed and walked to the bathroom. Spitting in the sink she couldn’t find any reason for the taste, yet her mind refused to remember what had happened the night before. Brushing her teeth barely removed the taste, and by now she was starting to become familiar with it.

Dropping her panties she lowered herself to the toilet, plopping down with a meaty slap as she sighed. Her urine hissed as she released an entire nights worth, relief becoming pleasure as she moaned and shut her eyes.

Although closed, she could feel something strange happening around her. It was an encroaching sense of vertigo, even dizziness as the sound of her pee splashing became distant. Sound started to fade away as she continued sitting, before opening her eyes to find Damien standing directly in front of her.

She wanted to scream in surprise, but her body didn’t move. The click of the grandfather clock had stopped, and she felt frozen as time appeared to halt completely. The only one able to move was Damien, standing in front of her with his large cock hanging freely.

“Open your mouth, mother,” his words were distorted, sounding far deeper than his normal self. She obeyed as his growing erection, swollen and stiff, drove into her mouth before reaching the back of her throat. He sighed with pleasure and continued thrusting, her wet tongue dragging across the bottom of his penis while the head dipped passed her uvula.

Diane felt like she was made of stone. Looking down his cock and up to his face, she was overwhelmed with horror as the experience was unlike anything in her life. Her mind was clear, no strange fog like before, and it dawned on her that somehow, this was Damien’s doing.

Her gag reflex had stopped completely as her adopted son’s erection began slowly snaking it’s way down her throat. His muscled, hairless stomach coming closer as she felt the wide, bulging cock push deeper. Finally her nose pressed into him as he bottomed out, his hands holding her for balance.

“I love you son,” the thought forced it’s way into her head, startling her while tears spilled down her cheeks. “I love pleasing you,” more words forced themselves into her mind before the image of Brian and Albert lay dead at her feet. “I will do anything for you,” the thought had become even stronger.

Damien now fucked her mouth, withdrawing enough that his head sat comfortably on her tongue, before sliding in and forcing her nose back into his stomach. Grunting with pleasure, he gripped her hair, pulling her lower as he pushed upward.

Fearing she would pass out from lack of air, Damien withdrew and laid his engorged cock across her face. Her body had started responding, but only letting her gasp for oxygen. “Why are you doing this?” she thought when her mouth refused to function.

“Because you want me to.” Damien’s voice boomed in her head, louder than anything she could imagine. It felt like someone shoved a giant bell over her before ringing it. Shutting her eyes as the reverberation slowly faded, she felt his cock push it’s way back down her throat.

With no sense of time, she couldn’t tell how long he used her mouth. Every moment hoping her husband would come find her, but it never came to be. Finally after what could have been minutes or hours, Damien pushed his length entirely down her throat. The pressure from his stomach was intense as his abs contracted against her face, his cock spewing hot jets of semen into her gullet.

When his orgasm finally relented, Diane had hoped her ordeal was over. Only he never withdrew his shrinking phallus, instead keeping it lodged in her mouth. “Allow me to quench your thirst.” The voice rang loudly in her head, creating a panic as scalding hot urine sprayed into her stomach without remorse.

Her eyes rolled back as the liquid stretched her insides, pushing her to the limits as his piss refused to stop. With no more room the liquid pushed up her esophagus, pouring from her mouth and nose, spilling over Damien as his laughter filled the bathroom.

Suddenly, as if being awakened by a deep sleep, Diane jumped in place, rattling the toilet seat she sat on. Looking around the room she found no sign of Damien, no urine on the floor, no evidence that anything had taken place.

Feeling light headed, Diane flushed the toilet before slowly standing up. The room swayed as she struggled to keep her balance, holding onto the sink for support when taking a few steps. “Was that a dream?” she wondered before slowly leaving the bathroom.

The further she walked the better she felt, before realizing her husband was no longer in bed. Walking down the hall she could hear a frying pan, sizzling with food while smells of pancakes drifted up her nose.

Stepping into the kitchen she found Damien and Brian sitting at the table. Her husband smiled as she entered, flipping another pancake into the air before catching it.

“Morning everyone,” she said skeptically, wondering if this too was a dream.

“Hello, mother,” Damien said flatly, his eyes locked into hers with intense attachment.

“Hey, mom,” brian followed, rubbing his face. “Jeez, my eyes are burning this morning,” he complained while memories attempted to free themselves from Diane’s subconscious.

“Probably all those video games,” her husband laughed.

Suddenly Diane’s stomach rumbled, a hot, sloshing sensation becoming stronger as she realized her stomach was filled with fluid. “Oh, god,” she gagged as everyone stared at her.

“Something wrong, honey?” her husband asked while turning the stove’s burner down.

“I … I think I’m going to be sick,” she groaned in anguish. Unsure if she had time to reach the bathroom, she staggered toward the kitchen sink before the liquid rose in her throat.

Standing in the way, Albert had no idea what was coming as his wife approached. “Honey, what’s-” his words silenced as her mouth opened in his face, releasing everything at once. Only simply smiled.




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