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Stories with Nebic is a personal blog for sharing all my obscene fiction. Make no mistake: these works are intended for Adults only! (18+) I write mostly in themes of cuckolding, humiliation, and bullies but I also deal with much darker subjects too. Provided you’re into one of those, and you’re old enough to be here, then I hope you find something you like.

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As a final note: I’d like to say that I do not condone hatred, intolerance, racism, sexism or homophobia towards anyone, and you shouldn’t either. These stories are simply fantasies to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home, by yourself or with someone you trust.

October 19th

Julia’s Descent – Chapter 5 is now out on my Patreon for all Level 2 supporters.

This means that Chapter 5 will be released here on the blog next Thursday!(26th) Sorry for the SUPER long wait on this one, hopefully I haven’t gotten too rusty in all this time off.

878 thoughts on “News & Chatter

  1. Hi, I am a recent reader who enjoyed many of your works.
    I really like how you start your stories and build up the tension, the kinkyness and the first steps, phisically and emotionally, in these new exciting realms, but I often get extremely disappointed in the hyperbole you choose to rush the relationtioships towards more extreme and exaggerated fetishes.
    It really feels too much that suddenly you want to reach your destination because, probably, you don’t enjoy the journey anymore and want to move on to the next one.
    But it is such a shame!
    For example, Julia’s Descent starts so well, the first scenes are amazing, the reader really feels the pain Jacobs is getting, his slow arousal witnessing Julia’s growing teases, the pace is just perfect. Then suddenly Julia is a complete whore and he is a complete submissive crossdresser cuckold while a couple of days ago they were fighting themselves to understand and completely rewrite their sexuality and relationship. There should have been, and I would have loved to read, so many chapters in between.
    Hell with some editing it could have the potential to become a very notable book for this category!

    Regarding Messy Roomate I really have to wait for the conclusion because I can’t understand at all the direction you have taken for Paul so far.
    I feel that since having two lovers submitted to his cock isn’t his goal, he clearly went too far ruining their relationship, and since he got mom’s and girlfriend’s pussies already with no real interest left for them, he should just leave and continue his life somewhere else targeting a new prey.
    Even there tho, after all the planning Jenny simply turns whore 0-100 in 10 minutes without evolution, and the complicity between her and Jim’s mother appears suddenly from nowhere.

    Well I really hope you don’t feel insulted or anything by my comments, and sorry for my english if I made some mistakes, it isn’t my main language.
    I hope to read much more here in the future!


    • Thank you so much for your comment! I completely understand where you’re coming from on this subject, and to answer the ideas you put forth, It’s as simply as this: It’s porn. My goal with writing has always been to get better, and I believe I am getting better, but I still have a long way to go. Add to that, that I hardly get anything for devoting myself to this. I get a handful of comments at best, after a LOT of writing. Were I aiming for more of an actual novel, I’d slow it down quite a bit, but seeing how MOST of my readers are just looking to blow a load, tend not to drag them along. Perhaps I’m wrong in this, perhaps they would enjoy much longer, drawn out stories with far more going on and character development, but I’m not sure, since I hardly get enough comments to learn what the readers actually want. I love hearing they enjoyed my stories, but having actual feedback for what to improve is just as important. Thanks for letting me know how you feel, and thanks for taking the time to write it all. 😀


  2. I have to agree with Pariston, I wanted to say something but didn’t know how to phrase it.
    The first chapters of jullia decent are the single hotest thing I’ve ever read, but the chapters after are a mear shadow of the first.
    I would have loved to see more of that story before they break Jacob. And you are correct Nebic we want to blow our loads lol but that place were there still ways to hurt, when the hero still thinks his gf and him might be able to save their rl, that is the place I find most erotic.
    I would love to see a preluge on when and why she started cheating on him.
    I would love to see her slowly taken from him with scenes as amazing as the proposal scene.
    Sincerely yours… Sean
    P.S sorry for my English.


    • This is good! You guys are letting me know what you would rather have! Longer, more drawn out, more serious toned pornography. I’ve been trying to do a little of both, to not be too serious about it, since it is porn, but to also have realism. I guess I should try full on serious, slow, and drawn out next time. 😀


  3. “Longer, more drawn out, more serious toned pornography”
    Just to be a little more specific, having hot scenes were there is sex and stuff -hot enough to get you explode, are awesome and welcomed often. I think my and Pariston issue, if I am not mistaken, is that we rather have our hero believe his loved ones are still his for longer, and him trying to fight for them longer, even if they are already having sex with someone else and betraying him.
    What we get off too is the slow- knife to the back betrayal.
    That what makes Jullias first chapter so great. That he doesnt realize what is going on for so long, and there are allot of hot sex scenes there.
    The second part of Jullia saga he is suddenly a full blown submissive – sissy push over, that accept his situation and his gf is openly doing what she is doing, and not really betraying him anymore or as much.
    I hope this was more clearer.
    And keep up your amazing work, I love it.


    • My plan with Julia, originally, was to go through stages. First he doesnt know, then he knows but doesnt accept it, (Fight with john), then he starts to accept it, (Boss) and so on and so forth, instead of him being unsure the entire time. The story is really more about Julia’s descent, as the name would imply, although I should be able to recapture that original chapter’s feeling soon enough. 😉


    • Personally, I love the focus on Julia as the title implies. In the last chapter, things seem to go a bit far for Jacob and I love that. The story is about Julia’s Descent into making herself nothing more than a sex toy for deserving men. The irony of the title is that for most of us, the path that Julia takes is the most desired, most righteous, and highest path a woman can take. Jacob is merely inconsequential collateral damage as some of us long to be.


  4. I finally had a break in my schedule and tucked into “Messy Roommate” 1-7. I had read it once before, but I wanted to refresh my memory before moving on to Chapter 8 and beyond. The story is even better than I remembered it – plenty of confusion, angst, and powerful feelings of arousal that the characters, with the exception of Paul, become entranced and enslaved by. A most noteworthy effort! After I finish Unit 11, I’ll post another comment.


    • Sure! Provided whatever you’d like to submit is … well it doesn’t have to be professional level, but I’d like it to not be painfully overfilled with grammar and punctuation mistakes. As long as that’s not an issue, then sure! 😀 Just give me a link to the google doc when you’re finished, I’ll look it over, and post it on the guest stories page.


      • Nice! Does it need to apply to any sort of theme? Or do you only take cuckold/humilation/bullying stories? I’m cooking up a bully-themed one currently.


  5. I’m totally ready for more lights out. In my opinion, there’s already more than enough buildup. Just get to the climax. At the end of the day I’m here to read porn, not to read a deep novel with rich characters.


  6. My thoughts about the newest chapter of messy roommate are…

    Well to be honest it feels like it couldnt reach half the potential it had.

    First of all you shouldnt have skipped that graveyard or whatever story for later. We needed that part to see from his mothers perspective so that we could see how she got so cruel. From our point she was just enjoying her husbands death but still she wasnt at the point of wishing her sons death to the point of killing him by her hands(even if he didnt die there he probably wud have if not for his roommate keeping some of his sanity which i really liked , coz if his roommate also immediately wished for his death it wouldnt even be galf as good as it is now.

    Secondly , it feels like we couldnt reach that last bit of satisfactory ending( idk if this sentence makes sense actually) . If his mother and girlfriend killed him while using his roommate(maybe something like making him shove his cock up her sons throat whole assuring him that he wouldnt die coz he can breath through his nose and while one of the girls distracts the roommate the other one closing up his nose like that all the while they keep i/we want you to die like scene you wrote and kill him all together) would have been so much hotter at least in my opinion. I know that you have a epilogue( or was it prologue i honestly dont know and i cant search internet for which one is correct atm) but all i wish now is for you to finish putting both graveyard epilogue and a satisfactry ending so i can re-read the series.

    I might have sounded very negative but even the way the story is truly so good especially since there isnt any proper stories of this level for this particular fantasy. I just wish for the stories to be the best they can be by giving my humble opinions.

    Thanks for your hardworo nebic

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with you, and I’m sorry I let it slide the way it did. Writing has been difficult for me lately, and pushing through anyway isn’t working the way I had hoped. I’ll try to make it up to you guys and either have an alternate ending, or something else to make it better, because i feel like it went off the rails too.


  7. I like your new resolution to write for yourself.
    Writing what you want to see written ensures that you’ll be invested in its creative success to the end.

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  8. I think it’s always best to write for yourself. You’ll enjoy it more and probably be more creative if you’re trying to write what works for you. Plus we’re all here because we enjoy your work so if you’re happy with it, it’s likely we will be too.


  9. I don’t know if you take suggestions, and if you don’t its fine, if you do –
    I heard that song again. “Scotty Doesn’t Know”. I never seen the movie, but I heard the song before. Always thought it was really cruel type of cuckolding, so cruel I got pissed on Scotty behalf 😀
    How could someone do that? I remember thinking about that when I first heard that song. I wasnt yet aware of the whole cuckold – NTR thing.
    But now, when I heard it again, all i could think about was “Wow, that’s totally a Julia thing to do”. And then I thought about you. Its a great idea for a new story, that hits you in the gut.
    Just watch that clip were the guy is in the crowd and his “GF” runs to the stage, and he looks like a dear in a headlight, as she kissers Mat Damon and he sings about how Scotty doesnt know about all the times she cheated on him, and lied to him, and how trusting he is.
    I also googled it, and couldn’t find someone who really made this into a proper story, if you think its an awesome idea, I would love to read about it.


  10. hey bro,

    have you considered tryin your hand at writing positive shit?

    or sci fi shit?

    you should check out xim xom on facebook. his account has an alien face on it. hes my favorite author right now. ill copy and paste a story.

    its not a criticism. do your thing.


  11. heres what im talking about:

    Your dad works for my dad at the cheese curd factory.

    My dad made 10 million dollars last year and pays your dad $30,000 annually because my dad knows your dad has priors and can’t do any better.

    My dad pours himself a highball and drives his yellow Bentley home every day at 3 while your dad stays on the floor til the late evening making sure the curds come out right.

    If my dad gets caught driving intoxicated, the cops just let him go because he’s the big cheese in town – our city’s economy is primarily dairy-based and my dad is like a god.

    Your dad had his license taken away when he was pulled over for a broken taillight and they noticed he had fuzzy dice hanging from his rearview mirror. He had to ride his bike to work for a year.

    Your dad thinks he needs my dad’s money so he can buy you Yeezys or you’ll hate him forever.

    My dad doesn’t think my post-EDM witch house beats are cool – and I tried to show him like 5 times, he doesn’t even feign interest anymore. He just asks me where I see this “going” and I don’t know the answer.

    Your dad wrote your mom bad poems on napkins when she was a server at Applebee’s and he was working the grill. She rolled her eyes in the parking lot when he played her “Drive” by Incubus on his acoustic guitar. She didn’t enjoy it but inwardly appreciated that someone was willing to do something that corny for her.

    My dad bought my mom a chinchilla fur coat, a Mini Cooper, and a condo in one of his buildings and she did the math. Sometimes she tells me my beats are improving. She’s got a lot on her mind.

    Your dad got colon cancer from eating too many hot dogs.

    My dad thinks that’s funny.

    Your dad cries when he’s alone sometimes. You caught him once and he said a bee stung his cornea but you didn’t believe him.

    My dad settled a sexual harassment suit out of court for an undisclosed sum. It was $450,000. My mom told me once when they were fighting. The connection here is hot dogs.

    You are so good at the violin, I really don’t get it. I saw you carrying your case in middle school and called you a pussy. I got everyone else to call you a pussy too. You thought about transferring but your parents wouldn’t let you because they were already spending more than they could afford to send you to private school.

    I believe life is a sequence of consecutive battles for power and I refuse to lose a single one of them. I will die when I’m 33 when a hooker steals my wallet and stabs me with my butterfly knife in the ensuing struggle.

    You will also get colon cancer from eating too many hotdogs, but not until you’re 72.

    I was always jealous of how well you could play.

    I heard you play some crazy shit at the fall assembly. I cornered you afterward and asked you what it was called. You said it was Concerto No. 1 in A minor by Dmitri Shostakovich. I found it on youtube and played it on repeat for 2 hours and it made me hate you so much.

    I don’t regret how things went. If I could do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’d pretend to be your friend so I could take you to a baseball game and buy you as many hot dogs as you could eat.
    I will never change.

    You just have to move past me.

    We will do battle Super Smash Brothers style on top of a volcano on Venus in 150 million years, you will rip my heart out of my chest, and even as I topple backward into the cavern, I still won’t understand. The sulfuric acid pours into my suit, vaporizing my skin and bones and I still don’t get it.

    I don’t have to.

    But you do.


      • hes the first writer ive seen to defy narrative constraints like chronology and the role of narrator in order to make a point. for instance the dead antagonist was the narrator and he wasn’t a ghost.

        its the most viscous antithesis to this whole mindset some of the rich and powerful have that life is just a big pepsi commercial and those who arent rich and powerful who complain are the real enemy.

        so do you fuck with non erotica? what do you read?


      • I’m in a bit of a family crisis, so I’m not doing much at the moment. To answer your question with non erotica, yes, I could totally write some, but not right now. In terms of what I read, I read a little bit of everything, but reading hasn’t been high my list lately.


      • I have no idea what the fuck I just read.——————That’s OK mate, you’re not the only one. Perhaps we should give him a soap box and let him preach to the wind.


  12. Since you’re taking input about projects, I have an idea if you’re open to it:

    Go to Starbucks and chill outside and smoke and write poetry. Starve yourself and do it in the rain so your poetry comes from a place of desperation.

    Light up a cigarette and when someone steps out to ask you to smoke away from the building, put it out, but then when they go back in light up another one and tap on the window. Don’t leave until they call the police and then casually walk away before they arrive.

    Try and make a buddy on this adventure as well. Maybe somebody else writing poetry at Starbucks.

    The poetry should be about the perils of having a small penis with a twist at the end where you wish it was smaller.

    Then go burn down an Applebees.


  13. Do you mind putting tags to the new story so we have an idea of how it will go( more like fantasize by ourselves while waiting for new chapter). So far i like the new story a lot. Good pace


  14. Holy fuck The Bully from Hell was fresh and ho!. I especially loved it when the mom was looking into the room, hesitated a few times, then went in and closed the door. So tense and brutal! Also, I know that you are usually good about providing brief physical descriptions for characters but I don’t recall one for the mom in that story. Is there one and I just missed it?


      • Thanks for the reply! That ambiguity makes it even hotter. Also, keep up the good work. I was hooked on Chapters 1 and 2 of Julia’s Descent and this has some of those same moments of heavily implying without showing. Once again, when his mom gave him those looks, holy fucking shit man, that was some of the most intense fiction I’ve ever read. Can’t wait for Chapter 2!


  15. Hello Nebic! I am a new follower of your blog and I must say I absolutely adore your work! Lights Out is my favorite story of yours. The slow build up and the constant knife-to-the-back she is giving to her son, even though he is oblivious, is a huge turn on for me. Thanks for all the hard work you are putting on the stories. May I make a suggestion for a future story? I recently came across a REAL love story on the internet, specifically 9GAG! It is about a man that fulfills his childhood promise to marry his sweetheart after 20 years. Long story short, they knew each other from kindergarden, liked each other, and he promised to marry her when they grow up. The story mentions how they were separated for a few years because of school/college and when they finally met again he proposed and they married. I think there is noone else in the world better suited than you to tell us the story of what she did while they were apart (and maybe even after they got back together?). All the dirty things she did to him behind his back before she said “I do”. And how he remained oblivious to the slut she is (even until the end maybe? Thinking he married an angel?). I ll post the link to the story in 9GAG, where you can read it (it is really short, dont worry). Here it is: . The hottest thing about this is that it is a real story, where you can even see their names and their faces (in the link I provided) which adds to the perverted fantasy in my opinion. Anyway, thank you for your time. Keep up the good work. Best wishes!


  16. I love the new story, reminds me why I love the Julia one.
    Is there any reason to wait till Monday? ofc your fans want to read your great stories sooner rather than later.


    • I’m with Sean here. Of course, we would all love the story early, but it’s understandable if you want to stick to your schedule. That said, I cannot wait for the next installment!


  17. Hey Neb, I know you’ve already got a ton of stories on your plate that you want to get through, but I was brainstorming after being hyped for the Game of Thrones. Have you ever thought about writing in this universe? Not sure if fantasy is your thing or if you’re even into the show, but I feel the whole Lyanna Stark/Robert Baratheon/Rhaegar love triangle lends itself pretty easily to this type of story. Just wondering your thoughts on that.


    • Actually I have thought quite a bit on it! I haven’t finished GOT yet, in fact I’ve watched none of the show, but I’m working my way through the books, but it’s taking some time.

      But yes, I would eventually like do write some kind of perverted betrayal fan fic of it. 😀


  18. Friday please Nebic, nobody likes to wait for a new chapter on one of the best beginnings of a new story!

    But only when its ready dont put out something less than the first chapter which was amazing like i commented before in the story replies


  19. Great work on your recent works. I’m glad to see you taking time for yourself. You should produce even higher quality work once refreshed. I honestly wouldn’t change much from how your current stories are progressing.

    I’m having trouble finding one of your more recent stories. It involves the bully taking the cuck’s elder sister and mother. One chapter climaxes with the cuck’s dog being run over by the elder sister as he watches.

    Perhaps you’ve taken it down, but I’m likely not looking hard enough. Pointing me to the correct story would be appreciated.

    Thanks, keep up the great work, and I hope you’re well!


    • If i remember correctly it was named “sammys ruined life” . I also really liked that story but sadly it was never finished(i think?) And old


      • That’s my favourite story so I’m glad you’re taking your time with it. I think it’s perfect so far and the last chapter you gave us was the best one yet so I’m sure the wait will be worth it.


  20. I haven’t finished the new story yet, trying to pace myself. One thing is clear is that it’s almost in per with Julia. Really great work.
    One request I have, which I will understand if you will ignore since they are your stories and it’s up to what turns you on, but I couldn’t read messy romate because there were too many bi sexul scenes which turns me off, so I would prefer keeping Julia and this story as hetro as much as you can.
    Again, I am sure some will want even more scenes like that, but it will be better in my eyes to keep some stories with heavy man on man action with a tag to let people know and the others with out.


    • This story will have some man on man, but it’s not something the main character wants, its more in line with rape that consensual. Does that make it better? lol


  21. Hey nebic, sorry if this question is a bit too personal but I couldn’t help but notice that your writing seems influenced a lot by things that might be going on in your real life. If thats the case and writing is a theraputic activity, have you ever considered ending a story on a good note, like maybe the main character doesnt lose everything in his life and die or whatever. I mean i get it, its just porn, but you write specificly in a way to try to connect the reader to the characters to make the scenes hotter. So sometimes i end up feeling bad for the protagonist.


    • I’ve never really considered it therapeutic, but I suppose it could be. As far as the dark endings go, this is actually more of a genre known at NTR, which is a bit different from cuckolding. Cuckolding is generally when the MC (Main Character) is cucked, but otherwise enjoys it. NTR, (Netorare) is when there isn’t as much happiness, rather it’s the sadness and desperate agony that hurts the MC that we enjoy. It’s suppose to be upsetting, you’re suppose to feel bad for the MC, that “pain” is the sick and twisted pleasure NTR lovers enjoy. lol But I agree, there are a lot of similarities between my life and my writing, but I suppose that just helps me create since I use real world events to draw from. Don’t worry about me though, I’m doing fine, and am quite good at separating porn from reality.


  22. The lastest chapter of bully from hell was a pretty good chapter to slow down the pace and give us some “space” to let our imagination to do the work in my opinion. Although chapter by itself wasnt very satisfying when the whole story gets together i have high expectations . They seem to be fucking with his brain in this chapter and i love it .
    Not a very constructive comment but just wanted to let you know 😉

    Keep up the good work nebic


    • Also heres a hentai

      I found it pretty amazing with the betrayal at last page just making me explode. Maybe u can use this in a story about a mom who at first just tries to help her son but falls into depravity and at last just doesnt give a fuck about her son. Maybe her and the sons friend can start fucking up with his life to add some kinkyness to their sex life slowly ruining her son while he isnt aware it can be a pretty long story depending on how you would write it ,iam just throwing some ideas . Or you can just fap to it coz its pretty nice


  23. I’m really sorry to hear about what happened. I to hear that you’re feeling better, but that’s still a really rough thing to go through. Definitely don’t try to push yourself into writing if it’s not what you want, I think we would all much rather see you healthy than see you push yourself back into the saddle.


  24. Hey Nebic, I wanted to say one thing I really like about your stories is often the ambiguity from the main characters’ POV, and the accompanying inner dialogue of shock and disbelief. I wonder if you’ve read this story by one of the bluvelvet forum posters ( ). The first three parts are spectacular imo, and I would love to see more pieces from you that play with this motif. It’s also why I keep rereading the 7th chapter of messy roommate; the dread and betrayal that the son feels toward the sexual deviance of his mother is wonderful.

    I know you’ve got writer’s block, which I’m familiar with, and speaking from experience it’s usually due to boredom because my subject just isn’t exciting to me. To overcome it I have to go experiment and write about something that actually excites/interests me, then go back once I’ve got that other stuff off my mind. Anyway, I hope you don’t quit, your stories give me boners.


  25. First off, thoughts and prayers for your dad. Secondly, DONT YOU DARE QUIT!!!(jokes) we love your stories! Another thing I wanted to mention and it might just be me here but I really liked the start of Julia’s descent. Although I love the story and appreciate all the levels of writing you went through and put into this, I think you are too hard on yourself. You keep trying to improve your writing and there is nothing wrong with that. The desire to improve is a good thing, but I like all of your writing wether it be more relaxed or really edited and clean. I enjoy all of your writing is all Im saying and your are very talented in everything you choose to write. If a story bothers you just think about how thats where you used to be and now you are that much better. Humble beginnings and all that jazz 😉


  26. I definitely don’t want you to quit writing but I don’t think you should force yourself either. It’s just a hobby and something you should do for fun if you’re in the mood and interested. I don’t think you have to label yourself as retired or on a break, I just think you should write whenever you feel like it. Take the pressure off yourself and maybe it will seem easier and more fun. I know Julia’s Descent is the story most people want you to work on, me included, but if you finish re-reading it and you just don’t feel like writing that one at this point in time or you have something else you’d rather be doing then I think forcing yourself to write JD will end up burning you out quicker and the story will probably suffer in the end too. Hopefully when you do finish it though you’ll have loads of ideas on where to take the story and be inspired to write more of it.


  27. Sadly I am giving up on this site, since I discovered it nothing decent was added even despite opening a successfull patreon to support it.
    I really hoped I found a rare talented author for this genre after reading Julia’s Descent and Messy first chapters but what came after said otherwise.

    If it isn’t anymore a pleasure to write then you should move to something else.


    • Sorry to see you go, but I completely understand. Taking care of my dad over the last few years has just really worn me down, and the longer it went on the worse I’ve gotten. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll recapture my mojo, but thanks for at least hanging around when you did.


  28. Why not take your time with Julia, then maybe go do something else? I think Julia is your magnum opus and that you definitely have it in you to finish it. Take your time, do that, and then it could be a beautiful end (or a hiatus) to your writing. You are a very talented person.


  29. Hey, I just binge read about four of your stories and the only other thing I’ve ever see come close to being as hot is the Brad the Bully series. I was wondering do you ever take requests? Like I will literally pay you if you can write a story about high school (with only a senior class so it’s 18+), but the protagonists mom is a hot teacher? Something that includes lots of humiliation, public humiliation, and honestly just everything you’ve been putting into your other works. Much love!


  30. Hey, I have this weird fetish as well and I just found your stuff (then promptly binged most in one session). The only other thing I’ve seen come close is the Brad the Bully series. I was wondering if you took requests or suggestion – I’m honestly down to pay for it if it’s not much money. The idea is a protagonist at a high school (with only a senior class so it’s all 18+) but the protagonist’s mom is a teacher, so the a lot of the story is public humiliation and being tormented by the entire school at large.


    • Thanks for reading my stuff, and I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m currently not taking requests, I’m actually dealing with quite a bit at home right now, but as soon as everything clears up and I can get my head back into writing, I will certainly be taking requests/commisions/etc.


  31. Hey Nebic, just want to say that I’m glad things seem to be looking up for you after all the troubles you’ve been having lately. Looking forward to the next chapter, it sounds like it’s going to be epic!


  32. Regardless of the changes, I hope there are still plenty of nasty sex scene and evil betrayal, I’m also still curious about what happen after Cody sat on Julia’s face lol


  33. Hey Nebic, I was hoping to inquire about your Patreon. It says that I’m blocked from being able to pledge to you due to “suspicious activity”, though this is exclusive to your profile as I’m pledged to several other accounts at the moment.

    This confuses me because while I have discontinued my pledge to you in the past, they were usually because it appeared that you were going to be gone for a prolonged period of time and I didn’t want to spend money for a month when I wasn’t going to get anything in return.

    My perception is that I’ve always been auto-charged immediately after pledging to someone, so perhaps there was a misconception and I deleted my pledge before the month was up, but I honestly didn’t intend to scam in any capacity. I thought Patreon had a new policy this year where it auto-charged after pledging and based on this block, there’s the possibility I was wrong, but if that’s the case it was honestly done out of ignorance and not malice.

    I’d like to apologize for any misunderstanding as well as request that you lift the block if it were done intentionally and I promise to act in good faith. Furthermore, do you have a particular billing cycle so I know not to make this mistake again?


    • Sorry about that, Bobby, I’ll go lift that ban right now. When I look at my history of everyone that pledges, a lot of them seem to stay pledged long enough to see the content but then leave before the end of the month. Tons of people do this, in fact I expect a bunch will do it this month too. I think there’s a name for it, but they’re basically being dicks. Since you’ve actually reached out to me though, I’ll gladly lift the ban.

      And as far as the billing Cycle goes, my understanding is that it’s at the start of a new month. I get no money until the 1st or 2nd of the month. So most people drop off before then so they wont get charged.

      As you might expect, when I see people doing this over and over again, I begin to block them.


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