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Stories with Nebic is a personal blog for sharing all my obscene fiction. Make no mistake: these works are intended for Adults only! I write mostly in themes of cuckolding, humiliation, and bullies but I also deal with much darker subjects too. Provided you’re into one of those, and you’re old enough to be here, then I hope you find something you like.

As a final note: I’d like to say that I do not condone hatred, intolerance, racism, sexism or homophobia towards anyone, and you shouldn’t either. These stories are simply fantasies to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home, by yourself or with someone you trust.

February, 26th

Chapter Two of Mother Imperfect is up.

Shorter chapters mean frequent updates.

You bunch of ungrateful bitches. 😛

673 thoughts on “News & Chatter

    1. “Literotica removed the entire series because Part 1 mentioned the kids were freshmen in high school which would make them around ages 14-15, not 18 like the story clearly said they were. They removed the entire series. I’ve decided to take a much needed break from writing for now.”

      He posted about it on the bullyrebuild forumotion forum.


      1. Yeah, he said he’s taking a break from writing now. I offered him to post on the forum instead of Literotica, no age restrictions whatsoever. But yeah, for now he seems to just want some time off.


  1. i really liked the random bit. it would be cool if his teacher would exploit him for his mindset or blackmail him for the porn or if his teacher was included in the story. i think you should continue it. maybe even make it fully gay. teacher could be like “i dont know why but ive always wanted to hurt you. your young and smart but i want you to be miserable and i think you’ll let me abuse you.” scenes where the teacher asks him about his day and the teacher makes him feel like shit. “no jenny doesnt like you back or at least she wouldnt of she knew that you were getting assfucked by me regularly.” just and idea.

    you kept going back and forth between teacher and tutor which was weird. i couldnt decide if there was another student in the class with him who was his tutor.


    1. Uhm, the teacher is the tutor. It’s just another moniker that a teacher can go by, like student and pupil.

      I even mention in the first paragraph that it was just the two of them. Meaning whenever a student and teacher are alone, the student is likely being tutored.

      😀 Sorry for any confusion.


  2. Hey nebic, im about a third of the way done with my story. I thought it was just going to be a quick one off filthy stroker story, but as im writing it, I keep thinking about more stuff accidentally. Im about a third done, the really fucked up stuff hasn’t even happened yet and my story is already at about 3000 words. I honestly dont know how I let this happen lol. If its too long to put on your site, I completely understand and I’ll just scrap it, unless you are cool with that in that case ill try to finish it within a few weeks.

    I have to tell you now though, I am not much of a writer and it will require a bit of editing before I am comfortable putting up my work if you wouldn’t mind helping me with that, because to be honest I go a little bit comma crazy. If you want in a couple days ill send you what I have. If you want, you can put it up what I have on your site and ill just keep adding to the story as i go on, maybe that way I can get some input on it from your audience. Any thoughts?


    1. There is no way it’s longer than Bottom_all_the_ways’s story. His has a total word count of like … 100k right now I think. So no worries there, yes it can go up. As far as editing goes, no problem! I’d love to help! We just need a good way to share it before posting it to the site. Google docs maybe? Something with a password? I’m not sure, but let me know!


  3. Your new story seems interesting. I just hope you actually continue it. Kinda losing interest because of so many stories you say you plan to continue and never do. Still waiting for lights out. Anyway i’ll keep my eyes open and my hopes up.


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