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Stories with Nebic is a personal blog for sharing all my obscene fiction. Make no mistake: these works are intended for Adults only! (18+) I write mostly in themes of cuckolding, humiliation, and bullies but I also deal with much darker subjects too. Provided you’re into one of those, and you’re old enough to be here, then I hope you find something you like.

As a final note: I’d like to say that I do not condone hatred, intolerance, racism, sexism or homophobia towards anyone, and you shouldn’t either. These stories are simply fantasies to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home, by yourself or with someone you trust.

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5-24-17 – New Random Bit

So I’ve been thinking about why I originally started writing. First it was to write the stories I couldn’t find, the dirty, sick, twisted stories I wanted to read. Then, after trying my hand at a few, I realized I wanted to write more of them; but I didn’t just want them written, I wanted them written well.

So I started looking up ways to improve. I bought a couple cheap books, I read advice online, I practiced and continued writing, and eventually I just picked up enough tips to get to where I am now.

Remembering all this, It dawns on me that I’ve strayed from my original purpose. Now I’m far more obsessed with what you guys think, rather than what I think. I started asking for ideas and suggestions, but started trying to please everyone else, rather than doing what I really wanted.

Moving forward, I’ll be writing for myself again, putting out the content that I want to read. Hopefully I can find ways to push my writing into new territory, and elevate my skill even higher than it is now.

Thanks for following along with me. 🙂

796 thoughts on “News & Chatter

  1. Hi, I am a recent reader who enjoyed many of your works.
    I really like how you start your stories and build up the tension, the kinkyness and the first steps, phisically and emotionally, in these new exciting realms, but I often get extremely disappointed in the hyperbole you choose to rush the relationtioships towards more extreme and exaggerated fetishes.
    It really feels too much that suddenly you want to reach your destination because, probably, you don’t enjoy the journey anymore and want to move on to the next one.
    But it is such a shame!
    For example, Julia’s Descent starts so well, the first scenes are amazing, the reader really feels the pain Jacobs is getting, his slow arousal witnessing Julia’s growing teases, the pace is just perfect. Then suddenly Julia is a complete whore and he is a complete submissive crossdresser cuckold while a couple of days ago they were fighting themselves to understand and completely rewrite their sexuality and relationship. There should have been, and I would have loved to read, so many chapters in between.
    Hell with some editing it could have the potential to become a very notable book for this category!

    Regarding Messy Roomate I really have to wait for the conclusion because I can’t understand at all the direction you have taken for Paul so far.
    I feel that since having two lovers submitted to his cock isn’t his goal, he clearly went too far ruining their relationship, and since he got mom’s and girlfriend’s pussies already with no real interest left for them, he should just leave and continue his life somewhere else targeting a new prey.
    Even there tho, after all the planning Jenny simply turns whore 0-100 in 10 minutes without evolution, and the complicity between her and Jim’s mother appears suddenly from nowhere.

    Well I really hope you don’t feel insulted or anything by my comments, and sorry for my english if I made some mistakes, it isn’t my main language.
    I hope to read much more here in the future!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I completely understand where you’re coming from on this subject, and to answer the ideas you put forth, It’s as simply as this: It’s porn. My goal with writing has always been to get better, and I believe I am getting better, but I still have a long way to go. Add to that, that I hardly get anything for devoting myself to this. I get a handful of comments at best, after a LOT of writing. Were I aiming for more of an actual novel, I’d slow it down quite a bit, but seeing how MOST of my readers are just looking to blow a load, tend not to drag them along. Perhaps I’m wrong in this, perhaps they would enjoy much longer, drawn out stories with far more going on and character development, but I’m not sure, since I hardly get enough comments to learn what the readers actually want. I love hearing they enjoyed my stories, but having actual feedback for what to improve is just as important. Thanks for letting me know how you feel, and thanks for taking the time to write it all. 😀


  2. I have to agree with Pariston, I wanted to say something but didn’t know how to phrase it.
    The first chapters of jullia decent are the single hotest thing I’ve ever read, but the chapters after are a mear shadow of the first.
    I would have loved to see more of that story before they break Jacob. And you are correct Nebic we want to blow our loads lol but that place were there still ways to hurt, when the hero still thinks his gf and him might be able to save their rl, that is the place I find most erotic.
    I would love to see a preluge on when and why she started cheating on him.
    I would love to see her slowly taken from him with scenes as amazing as the proposal scene.
    Sincerely yours… Sean
    P.S sorry for my English.


    1. This is good! You guys are letting me know what you would rather have! Longer, more drawn out, more serious toned pornography. I’ve been trying to do a little of both, to not be too serious about it, since it is porn, but to also have realism. I guess I should try full on serious, slow, and drawn out next time. 😀


      1. I guess I should try full on serious, slow, and drawn out next time. —————–Just keep in mind mate that you can’t please everyone


  3. “Longer, more drawn out, more serious toned pornography”
    Just to be a little more specific, having hot scenes were there is sex and stuff -hot enough to get you explode, are awesome and welcomed often. I think my and Pariston issue, if I am not mistaken, is that we rather have our hero believe his loved ones are still his for longer, and him trying to fight for them longer, even if they are already having sex with someone else and betraying him.
    What we get off too is the slow- knife to the back betrayal.
    That what makes Jullias first chapter so great. That he doesnt realize what is going on for so long, and there are allot of hot sex scenes there.
    The second part of Jullia saga he is suddenly a full blown submissive – sissy push over, that accept his situation and his gf is openly doing what she is doing, and not really betraying him anymore or as much.
    I hope this was more clearer.
    And keep up your amazing work, I love it.


    1. My plan with Julia, originally, was to go through stages. First he doesnt know, then he knows but doesnt accept it, (Fight with john), then he starts to accept it, (Boss) and so on and so forth, instead of him being unsure the entire time. The story is really more about Julia’s descent, as the name would imply, although I should be able to recapture that original chapter’s feeling soon enough. 😉


    2. Personally, I love the focus on Julia as the title implies. In the last chapter, things seem to go a bit far for Jacob and I love that. The story is about Julia’s Descent into making herself nothing more than a sex toy for deserving men. The irony of the title is that for most of us, the path that Julia takes is the most desired, most righteous, and highest path a woman can take. Jacob is merely inconsequential collateral damage as some of us long to be.


  4. I finally had a break in my schedule and tucked into “Messy Roommate” 1-7. I had read it once before, but I wanted to refresh my memory before moving on to Chapter 8 and beyond. The story is even better than I remembered it – plenty of confusion, angst, and powerful feelings of arousal that the characters, with the exception of Paul, become entranced and enslaved by. A most noteworthy effort! After I finish Unit 11, I’ll post another comment.


    1. Sure! Provided whatever you’d like to submit is … well it doesn’t have to be professional level, but I’d like it to not be painfully overfilled with grammar and punctuation mistakes. As long as that’s not an issue, then sure! 😀 Just give me a link to the google doc when you’re finished, I’ll look it over, and post it on the guest stories page.


      1. Nice! Does it need to apply to any sort of theme? Or do you only take cuckold/humilation/bullying stories? I’m cooking up a bully-themed one currently.


    1. this far this story is amazing. im going to start doing this. his story feels like the first time i read a nebic story. im hoping it enters int real life.


  5. I’m totally ready for more lights out. In my opinion, there’s already more than enough buildup. Just get to the climax. At the end of the day I’m here to read porn, not to read a deep novel with rich characters.


  6. My thoughts about the newest chapter of messy roommate are…

    Well to be honest it feels like it couldnt reach half the potential it had.

    First of all you shouldnt have skipped that graveyard or whatever story for later. We needed that part to see from his mothers perspective so that we could see how she got so cruel. From our point she was just enjoying her husbands death but still she wasnt at the point of wishing her sons death to the point of killing him by her hands(even if he didnt die there he probably wud have if not for his roommate keeping some of his sanity which i really liked , coz if his roommate also immediately wished for his death it wouldnt even be galf as good as it is now.

    Secondly , it feels like we couldnt reach that last bit of satisfactory ending( idk if this sentence makes sense actually) . If his mother and girlfriend killed him while using his roommate(maybe something like making him shove his cock up her sons throat whole assuring him that he wouldnt die coz he can breath through his nose and while one of the girls distracts the roommate the other one closing up his nose like that all the while they keep i/we want you to die like scene you wrote and kill him all together) would have been so much hotter at least in my opinion. I know that you have a epilogue( or was it prologue i honestly dont know and i cant search internet for which one is correct atm) but all i wish now is for you to finish putting both graveyard epilogue and a satisfactry ending so i can re-read the series.

    I might have sounded very negative but even the way the story is truly so good especially since there isnt any proper stories of this level for this particular fantasy. I just wish for the stories to be the best they can be by giving my humble opinions.

    Thanks for your hardworo nebic


    1. I agree with you, and I’m sorry I let it slide the way it did. Writing has been difficult for me lately, and pushing through anyway isn’t working the way I had hoped. I’ll try to make it up to you guys and either have an alternate ending, or something else to make it better, because i feel like it went off the rails too.


  7. I like your new resolution to write for yourself.
    Writing what you want to see written ensures that you’ll be invested in its creative success to the end.

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