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Stories with Nebic is a personal blog for sharing all my obscene fiction. Make no mistake: these works are intended for Adults only! (18+) I write mostly in themes of cuckolding, humiliation, and bullies but I also deal with much darker subjects too. Provided you’re into one of those, and you’re old enough to be here, then I hope you find something you like.

Also, if any of you enjoy my stories enough that you’d like to help support me and keep my writing going, my Patreon is open.

As a final note: I’d like to say that I do not condone hatred, intolerance, racism, sexism or homophobia towards anyone, and you shouldn’t either. These stories are simply fantasies to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home, by yourself or with someone you trust.

July 18th

Another new story! This one is a commission I finished a short while ago, and now ready to be posted here. Interracial Bullies, hope you enjoy!

Also to keep up to date on most things, check this out

1,141 thoughts on “News & Chatter

  1. Whelp, depending on where one lives, it is now the 16th of March. I cannot wait to see how ‘Lights out’ ends.


  2. Regarding word press.

    Go to your plugins and search for word press classic, this reverts it back to the old style. I had the exact same issue and this corrected it in 1 min 🙂


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