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Stories with Nebic is a personal blog for sharing all my obscene fiction. Make no mistake: these works are intended for Adults only! (18+) I write mostly in themes of cuckolding, humiliation, and bullies but I also deal with much darker subjects too. Provided you’re into one of those, and you’re old enough to be here, then I hope you find something you like.

As a final note: I’d like to say that I do not condone hatred, intolerance, racism, sexism or homophobia towards anyone, and you shouldn’t either. These stories are simply fantasies to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home, by yourself or with someone you trust.

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April 23rd

Well, today is technically the start of a new week. The next release of Messy Roommate is on May 4th, however, if any of you wanted to help support me, AND get early access to the next chapter on April 27th, then consider checking out my Patreon!

Also, leave comments on what you thought, because that gives Nebic a happy boner.

April 22nd

Have you remembered to comment on the latest chapter? Because if not, I’m just gonna bug you again tomorrow!!

April 21st

Hey uh, don’t forget to leave a comment on what you thought of the new chapter. Pretty please?

April 20th New Chapter!!

Messy Roommate Chapter 9 is now up!

I know it’s been a while, and I’m sorry It’s taken so long, but I think I’m finally back! I really hope you guys enjoy the chapter, so be sure to leave me lots of feedback on what you thought!

Also, If you’ve been a long time fan, and you’ve always wanted to throw a dollar or two my way, It would go towards paying my internet bill, and I would be so grateful towards you, since I usually get nothing more than a few comments after spends hours writing.

It you’d like to join my Patreon, I’ll leave a link right here.

I hope you guys enjoy the new chapter, and I’ll be posting something new two weeks from now! And every two weeks from now, per my Patreon promise. 🙂

April 19th – SO much news.

I’ve added a new Random Bit this morning, and It’s the first chapter by a new amateur writer by the alias of Snakewrite. He’s still learning the ropes, but I hope you guys will give him a chance and check out his story. Maybe even leave some feedback and let him know what you think. (Constructively) 😛

Oh, I also changed the Guest Stories page last night. I added friends, so you’ll find some extra links to any other good sites that have bully/cuckold stories or themes.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this or not, but I have a Tumblr now, Nebic, (

Oh, Messy Roommate Chapter 9 will be put up tomorrow. I’m going to double check it all today, but I’m pretty sure it’s good to go.

That also means that I will launch my Patreon Tomorrow! And it would mean a lot to me if you guys would check it out. 🙂 Not gonna lie, I’m keeping my expectations low, because I understand how tight money can be sometimes. But if any of you wanted to throw a buck my way, it would go toward paying my internet bill.

Whew, I think that’s all the news for today. (Now to masturbate.)

772 thoughts on “News & Chatter

    1. “Literotica removed the entire series because Part 1 mentioned the kids were freshmen in high school which would make them around ages 14-15, not 18 like the story clearly said they were. They removed the entire series. I’ve decided to take a much needed break from writing for now.”

      He posted about it on the bullyrebuild forumotion forum.


      1. Yeah, he said he’s taking a break from writing now. I offered him to post on the forum instead of Literotica, no age restrictions whatsoever. But yeah, for now he seems to just want some time off.


  1. i really liked the random bit. it would be cool if his teacher would exploit him for his mindset or blackmail him for the porn or if his teacher was included in the story. i think you should continue it. maybe even make it fully gay. teacher could be like “i dont know why but ive always wanted to hurt you. your young and smart but i want you to be miserable and i think you’ll let me abuse you.” scenes where the teacher asks him about his day and the teacher makes him feel like shit. “no jenny doesnt like you back or at least she wouldnt of she knew that you were getting assfucked by me regularly.” just and idea.

    you kept going back and forth between teacher and tutor which was weird. i couldnt decide if there was another student in the class with him who was his tutor.


    1. Uhm, the teacher is the tutor. It’s just another moniker that a teacher can go by, like student and pupil.

      I even mention in the first paragraph that it was just the two of them. Meaning whenever a student and teacher are alone, the student is likely being tutored.

      😀 Sorry for any confusion.


  2. Hey nebic, im about a third of the way done with my story. I thought it was just going to be a quick one off filthy stroker story, but as im writing it, I keep thinking about more stuff accidentally. Im about a third done, the really fucked up stuff hasn’t even happened yet and my story is already at about 3000 words. I honestly dont know how I let this happen lol. If its too long to put on your site, I completely understand and I’ll just scrap it, unless you are cool with that in that case ill try to finish it within a few weeks.

    I have to tell you now though, I am not much of a writer and it will require a bit of editing before I am comfortable putting up my work if you wouldn’t mind helping me with that, because to be honest I go a little bit comma crazy. If you want in a couple days ill send you what I have. If you want, you can put it up what I have on your site and ill just keep adding to the story as i go on, maybe that way I can get some input on it from your audience. Any thoughts?


    1. There is no way it’s longer than Bottom_all_the_ways’s story. His has a total word count of like … 100k right now I think. So no worries there, yes it can go up. As far as editing goes, no problem! I’d love to help! We just need a good way to share it before posting it to the site. Google docs maybe? Something with a password? I’m not sure, but let me know!


  3. Your new story seems interesting. I just hope you actually continue it. Kinda losing interest because of so many stories you say you plan to continue and never do. Still waiting for lights out. Anyway i’ll keep my eyes open and my hopes up.


  4. Dude come on. Once again you’re moving on to something else before you even got past the set up to mother imperfect. You wrote two introduction chapters, but no action, and you’re already writing other stuff. I know you can wright whatever you want, and I’m in no way trying to tell you what to do, but we’d all appreciate it if you could finish your stories. You still haven’t worked on lights out in over a year. I’m not trying to be rude or entitled, but like… bruh come on.


  5. G’day Nebic
    Regarding your statement———————–well I guess this is my fifth year doing it, ———————It’s not an easy and most likely a thankless task, I take my hat off to you. I too at one stage was in the same boat as you currently are.

    it kinda makes you hate life and not want to live————–on the contrary, you should rejoice for now you’re understanding the true value of life. What you’re doing now will help you in so many ways in the distance future. You are learning the meaning of discipline, compassion, even your own believes and most likely even faith.

    spend literally dozens of hours working on a single chapter. ——————Perhaps you should review the way you write. You should write a chapter, check it making sure it reads well and check for spelling and punctuation. When you have time or make time, re-read, adjust and move on. Do not allow yourself to be bogged down in a paragraph or a sentence.

    Since you make time for sleep and eat so too should you discipline yourself in making time for you writing. And you write for your own pleasure. Yes by all means ‘listen’ to what your followers are saying, take it in, utilise it but write to first and foremost please yourself.

    Maybe I should close it, ——————-That sounds more like a cry for help rather than a treat.

    how shitty my life is———————-No mate, you’re wrong, it isn’t.



  6. I’m glad to hear things are moving for you! Whether it helps you write more content or not, it sounds like moving is something you’ve been really needing, so I’m glad that it’s going to be happening for you.
    If you’re not sure how you want to set up your patreon, I know a few authors who’s patreons you might what to look at for inspiration (or you could always shoot them a message and ask their advice). Frocto’s patreons get his stories a month before he publishes them for the general public on Hentai Foundry, which higher tier contributors getting access to polls on which story he should work on next. DocCIS gives contributors access to his drop box so they can read his stories as he works on them, or read the partial stories he’s abandoned. His finished works are then published on Literotica or as Ebooks through Amazon.


  7. “One down.”
    Jesus, I looked in half the stories to check if there any changes, couldnt find any.
    Nebic you Evil bastard 😀

    JK love your work man.


  8. The most common tip for writer’s block is to just put words to paper (metaphorically speaking here). Follow any path, just put something down. After you get mentally oiled up again, you can go back and make changes. When you are stuck in the mud, you don’t care which direction you get out in, you can get back on course once you get free.

    As always, I offer my humble services for pretty much anything you need (proofreading, outline and ideas assistance, even rough draft writing). I really enjoy your stories and would love to see more of them!


  9. I’d love it to end with a gangbang of him getting fucked by other men and being a total cum whore while his gf and mom please his roommate and they admit they are pregnant and that his gf is actually leaving him.


  10. I love sergeres suggestion, but i don’t know. I think it needs to be a little more brutal than that. The GF leaving him has to happen, but I feel like the mom should also betray him in some way in addition to the pregnancy. I would offer suggestions, but sadly I lack imagination.


  11. I think the GF should leave him but it should be on a big day (birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc.). I also think the mother should contribute to her leaving. Maybe conspire with her on the plan so its doubly betrayed. Have him keep going along with everything his roommate keeps suggesting even when it completely ruins him (like that all he has to do is tell her the truth and everything will go back to normal). Please more cheating in plain sight with him pretending to be oblivious. Not really big on a gang bang to ruin him. I think sexual frustration and denial would be better. Maybe have the mother start saying he shouldn’t masturbate to stay true to his girlfriend but his GF is never in the mood because she is sexed out!


  12. I kind of like the idea of the pastor getting in on the betrayal, maybe going as far as to impregnate his mom and really degrade him, his roommate filming the pastor mauling her tits in his childhood bedroom while talking nasty about his father, perhaps his roommate could “accidentally” leak the videos online with a link to his social media accounts so it’ll follow him around for the rest of his life.

    This is by no means me telling you what to write, just some ideas I like the thought of 😉


  13. Hi,
    I would like to see his humiliation by roommate, mom and girlfriend in a more realistic way.
    Maybe four of them can go for a trip. Where roommate, mom and girlfriend enjoy in different sexual situations while he get embarrassed by them and ignored by them.
    I dont want any other male character to be involved and gangbang etc are turn offs.
    Just his humiliation by the threesome.


  14. Awesome to see a new chapter up, for one of my favorite stories too! I’m sure there are a lot of people trying to rush you to post chapters quicker, but honestly your first priority should always be your health. I’m a huge fan of your work, and I love when you post, but I would never think that you posting stuff for me to jack off to is more important than you taking care of yourself. Also, always remember that you are awesome.


  15. Holy crap, the new chapter of lights out was hot. I always liked the original Lights out, because it was way more brutal than the chapter you had on here. This one completely surpassed it in terms of quality. I always thought you had given up on it, but I am so glad i was wrong. Lights out is one of my favorite of your stories and I’m glad its getting more of your love.

    I love how cruel it was, the mom purposely not only messing with him, but permanently disabling him is so beautifully cruel. She took away his eyesight for the rest of his life just so she can fuck his bullies in front of him while torturing him with her fake love. I can’t wait to see what else they do to him.


  16. I am really disappointed that you decided not to continue.
    The thing with most people who read sex stories is that they somehow relate themselves with a character of the story. While readers can have some fetishes. Being humiliated and get bullied are also fetishes. But your stories are totally different game all together. You take things so far.
    Reader who relate themselves to a character enjoy the parts as long as it seem realistic or thing that can happen in reader’s fantasy.
    But things like scat, vomiting, death etc. are somehow ruin his fantasy and he gets turned off. Atleast this I can say for myself.
    I realy liked your story messy roommate because it was the story which was more realistic.
    I urged you to please continue writing and provide us with more stories in this genre.


  17. Nooooo dont leave me 😦 im sorry ive been busy with work lately, that i haven’t even had a chance to read your recent stories. Ill read them by the end of the day, and have all your recent ones commented on.
    What are all the most recent ones daddy? Lol


      1. Oh fuck nebic, you scared me. I went all day telling myself not to fall for anything today. I did not believe anything I read today, but as soon as I saw your post, my heart skipped a beat. Don’t do this to me….but man, you got me.


  18. Lol, I was at work all day so I never saw the post XP We all love you Nebic and we hope that you grace us with more wonderful stories and any other content you decide to share ❤


  19. Hey this may sound weird, but I also think it’s a valid concern. What would we do if you died in a freak accident? If you get hit by a car or something like that, how would we know about it? Have you considered making a backup emergency message if something happens to you? This website is a pretty impressive thing you’ve created, and it’d be a shame if you went away without us ever knowing why.


  20. Confused… wasn’t the lights out chapter already up before? I only remember there being two chapters, but the ending lines are the same from last time. Weird.


  21. That’s really too bad about the ImageFap captions, they were great! I now fear for all the VWD material on there… there’s basically no alternative source for this type of content, except maybe your blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Damn, Nebic. I’ve re-read the latest chapter of lights out like 4 times now. It is seriously amazing. I am very much looking forward to what else they do to him. Do you have any ideas as to where it is ultimately headed? I really enjoy your stories where the ending is massively cruel and it ends in the death of the one being bullied.


  23. Have only just discovered your stories and they’ve awakened something in me. They’re really good and now I’m finding myself getting hard at the thought of being betrayed and humiliated. This is going to be interesting to explore


      1. Well, I’ve just shot a load over the tshirt Im wearing right now, I’ll just leave it on instead of changing


    1. Obvious talent huh? Like what? I’m currently also learning to draw, learning German, and working on my own video game while taking care of two properties, two chickens, and both my invalid parents. What else do you suggest?


  24. Something else like writing a story about a guy who is shy or beta getting lucky for a change and getting the bully Brad to kiss his ass.


    1. It seems I work better when focusing on just one story at a time. So Messy Roommate is almost finished, I’m working on the final chapter(s) right now. Julia will likely be after that.


  25. Hello Nebic,
    I very much enjoy your stories. I’d like to correspond with you privately about something. Please feel free to send me an email at your earliest convenience.

    –Dr. 36


      1. Thanks! I will get to that asap its a bit kinkier than most and only one chapter is done and I do plan to continue it.


      2. Hit a bit of a snag I work on my stories on my Ipodtouch it wont let me get trillian (some bs older version stuff) any other way to send it to you?


      3. Sure, if you can get on google docs, you can make a document and send me the link to view it, or even edit it. Of course, anyone else who sees the post will also be able to click it, unless that doesn’t bother you.


  26. This update is going to be monumental. Very excited. Julia’s Descent is my favourite story of yours but Messy Roomate was the one that made me a fan in the first place. Very interested in seeing how it all turns out. It still has some of my favourite moments in any story. The cereal part and the bit with him hiding behind the couch as he’s flirting with his girlfriend come to mind immediately.


    1. Nice! Do you want me to go ahead and post the first chapter in the guest stories section? Also, would you like for me to edit it, or clean it up at all? Or keep it in it’s originality?


    2. Now that I’ve had a chance to read it, I wonder if you’d consider spending some more time on it. It’s a pretty short chapter, and there is a lot of room for improvement. If you’re interested in really improving your writing, I can send you a link to your own story, but edited, and I’ll point out, and show you ways to improve your writing. 🙂


      1. Hey thanks Neb (don’t mind if I call ya that do ya?) I intended it to be a short chapter a introduction to the characters and set up a side plot and then the main plot I could touch it up a bit but I would like to keep it short cause that was the intent. Much like you I love feedback you can post it in it’s current form but I would love to hear how the first chapter can be improved ❤


      2. I went ahead and posted your story on the Random Bits section, I hope you don’t mind. If it’s okay with you, I’d like for you to improve your story some, and come up with a few more chapters before I permanently add it to the guest stories section. 🙂


  27. Sorry for the late comment nebic 😉 , i was out of town these few days and i came to find this masterpiece. The chapter itself was so hot and the possibilities it opened for what is to come makes me unable to wait. Hopefully it gets darker for the son even by the hands of mom? ( i know the chapters are written but hey , one can hope!)

    I also totally agree with your new way of writing one story at a time. You should finish up one story at a time even if the quality wont be so good , as you have said in the end theyare just some sex stories( so hot tho)

    Good luck with your next stories , cheers


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